13 Responses to “War”

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    Wow, what a powerful song and video. One of my old bf’s served in Vietman the stories he would tell me reduced me to tears of what they actually go through. I am very grateful for every man and woman that serve our country to protect all of us, they all have earned their wings.


  2. hicksfan7 Says:

    I also am very grateful, and I hope and pray (unrealistically) that they ALL make it home safely. The times don’t seem to be changin’ that much since Dylan first released that song back in the early 60’s.

  3. hicksfan7 Says:

    ..and yes – one of the most powerful videos I have seen on the war on terror…

  4. blueberry Says:

    Amazing song and video. Difficult to watch, but we all should. I have a hard time wrapping my head around what our soldiers have to do and see. Not sure I could, but then you don’t always know what you are capable of doing until pressed to do something. I am so very grateful for the soldiers – they deserve so much.

  5. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, man! this breaks my heart. Will we never learn?

  6. casualfan Says:

    Mama-The answer I believe to be is “No”. As long as there are pissing matches between governments/countries on who wants to rule the world-war will always be there.

    Not wanting to insult anyone’s faith or religious beliefs, I will only say that I believe that war and hate will end when this system ends and the Higher Power takes back His charge.

  7. littlewing Says:

    The times don’t seem to be changin’ that much since Dylan first released that song back in the early 60’s.

    hicksfan7, my thoughts exactly, cept now it’s like to the 1000th power. God Bless our men and women in arms.

    I tried to check out Will Hoge, vids load ridiculously slow so I went to Napster but it wouldn’t load (damn dial-up + virus-laden computer = POS). Im bout to try it again, anxious to hear this guy!

  8. littlewing – keep trying, it’s worth it. sorry about your POS computer….

  9. Thanks for sharing the video. God Bless our troops, they do so much for us its unbelievable.

  10. mamaforpeace Says:

  11. My son fought in this battle. He was a 22 yr old Cpl at that time and a squad leader. His friend and fellow squad leader Cpl Roberto Abad was one of the Marines killed in Najaf. Another was Sgt. Reynoso, also in his Platoon. I’ve watched this show with J a couple of times on TV. Below is a video I just found but had not seen before. OMG, I can hardly watch it knowing he was in the middle of that!

  12. jerseyirish Says:

    Nola, Wow those videos were intense, so glad your son survived that, I’m sure it is all etched in his memory bank and will live with him throughout his life the memory of that battle.


  13. I’m trying to work on a video for the Vets Day campaign thing that Taylor is doing. Not sure if it’s going to work. But I’m going to talk a little about this. I’ll NEVER forget how J’s voice sounded when he called me when they came out of there.

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