Maybe this is what Taylor has been talking about concerning a new label…

It could be…interesting.


68 Responses to “Hmmm…”

  1. If it works out it could be REALLY cool!

  2. hicksfan7 Says:

    Oh I bet Paula would LOVE to get her hands on Taylor, oh – I mean on his recordings…ha

  3. Although I’m not sure that a new label would really solve any problems.

  4. Paula has name recognition and money but I don’t know how much power she has in the business or if she has much business sense. It is an interesting concept to sign failed idols and I would think she and they would get a lot of press. Would everyone be looking for them all to fail again?

  5. casualfan Says:

    This comes from a “close source” of Paula who spoke to the “National Enquirer”….hmmm, call me a skeptic on this one.

  6. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    October 9, 2009 at 3:04 pm
    Paula has name recognition and money but I don’t know how much power she has in the business or if she has much business sense.
    I completely agree on this one. As much as I like Paula, I find that in many ways she lacks common sense let alone business sense.

  7. I like Paula But I think I’d say Thanks But No Thanks.

  8. jerseyirish Says:

    I don’t see Taylor involving himself in this one. I agree with Rosie also.


  9. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Paula Abdul is a powerhouse. Not only did she shoot to number 1 in the 80’s, but she was also a choreographer for some of the biggest artists, including the Jacksons., along with choreographing for movies and tv. She also has a jewelry line that has pieces that always sell out on QVC. She’s doing a perfume line too. She has an excelent business sense. This woman knows how to market herself. If she can market herself to the point of success, she can market others.

  10. casualfan Says:

    PBF-I disagree with your findings but that’s my opinion. Paula is a hot mess today. She had success in the 80’s but those days are gone.

  11. Even Paula couldn’t help Taylor dance. LOL. Anyone who let herslf get cut loose from a job that paid as much as AI…… well…. maybe her business sense is questionable.

  12. I’m not so sure on this one if it would even happen. I see Taylor, Katharine and Blake running, not walking the other direction from this. Lol for a good reason too!
    Paula’s a great choreographer and she’s entertaining but I think this would hurt more than help the Idols.
    I could be wrong though *shrugs*

  13. I agree with everyone who doesn’t think those 3 idols would go for it. She shouldn’t be throwing their names around unless she talked to them and knew they’d be on board. That is one example of her not having great sense , plus she had her own reality show a few years ago and it was a disaster.

  14. PurpleButterflies Says:

    ” Anyone who let herslf get cut loose from a job that paid as much as AI…… well…. maybe her business sense is questionable.”

    She made 2 million a year. AI offered her a 30% pay raise. Simon makes 50 million. Some reports say that Randy makes the same, some have him at less. Ryan Seacrest got a huge pay raise at 45 million. She quit because she didn’t like what they were offering her. I’m glad that she had the guts to leave. It’s women like her who make it better for all women. The men were getting paid more, and it’s not fair. It’s women who have the guts to stand up and make a statement that women should be paid the same as men that make it better for all women. I admire her for what she did.

  15. PB, I agree with your woman rights thing but I have no idea if she made more or less than Randy. Seacrest is one of a kind, although last year was not at his best due to the 4 judge thing. The whole concept of the show was Simon’s and he is by far the main draw of the judges and deserves the most money. AI would be hurt if Simon or Ryan left. Randy and Paula were the most knowledgable of music, but I just don’t care for the idea of Paula having a label and since Blake and Kat have new CD’s coming out and Tay has TD, their 3 names I don’t enjoy being connected with failure at this point in time. I’d bet my house on Randy making about what Paula made and none of us knows what went on behind the scenes with Paula or anyone.

  16. Paula Abdul isn’t the only Lady who can market herself….


    OMG LOL. Thats just disturbing.
    The Simpsons is still one of my favorite shows though

  17. I’m still into Tay saying he had a coldstone in front of him. BTW, the pics I’ve seen of the HB Monroe singer shows her to be a slim hot young woman. Also still concentrating on the ease at which a pretty young woman could approach him. The other angle is for the so called by chance meeting and pretending ignorance about who he is. Then again he told the DJ it’s been fun. I related to both Tay’s sense of humor and the DJ’s and half expected Tay would respond that a penis Doc was one doc he didn’t need. Guess I’m a thread behind in my mind.

  18. hicksaholic Says:

    Although we have no idea what happened behind the scenes with Paula, I would say she is way more valuable to AI than Randy. I agree that Simon and Ryan are both worth considerably more. I don’t believe the show would last a year without Simon. If they didn’t offer Paula what she was worth I’m with her and purplebutterflies – good for her having the guts to leave.
    Jury’s still out for me on the Paula record deal. If Taylor wants big celebrity success(don’t have any idea if he does) he needs something major to get his name back in the spotlight. On the other hand, he must be sure that whatever it is that does it allows him to maintain his dignity and he not be made out to be a media laughing stock.
    I still think the idea of an idol “failure” comeback could be a big success. Whether Paula can accomplish that I don’t know.

  19. hicksfan7 Says:

    If Paula’s concept is what I interpret it to be, she should be signing NON-AI winners, those who were NOT given a record deal after the show…. jmho

  20. hicksfan7 Says:

    ‘media laughing stock’ – to me the media ITSELF in this country is a laughing stock. I don’t believe the media accurately portrays what the majority of people in this country really think and feel.

  21. I hate to break this you, but Taylor Hicks is already looked upon as a laughing stock.. partly due to his own behavior. The SOUL PATROL silliness should have been dropped ages ago. It’s OK to be a laughing stock if you’ve delivered the goods, but in his case, he didn’t deliver the goods.

    If the Paula Abdul thing is true, I would say go for it.. what does he have to lose? His last cd bombed and it doesn’t get much worse than that. Perhaps that was what he was talking about when he said if the opportunity should arise to sign to a record label, that he would.

    Nothing is cast in stone… things are always changing.

  22. Snowstorm Says:

    October 10, 2009 at 10:12 am
    I hate to break this you, but Taylor Hicks is already looked upon as a laughing stock.. partly due to his own behavior. The SOUL PATROL silliness should have been dropped ages ago. It’s OK to be a laughing stock if you’ve delivered the goods, but in his case, he didn’t deliver the goods.
    Well said Snow.

  23. Well IAG, I have a compliment for you. I’ve been reading all the other boards and was boooorrrreeeedddd to tears. At least you have movement going on and a little controversy. I really do miss the good ole days of specul;ation, controversy, infighting and so on. I got in on it too late and then it was over.

  24. Damn! I don’t want to get up and clean house!!!!!!!

  25. Taylor Hicks is not looked upon as a laughing stock.

  26. casualfan Says:

    Glad you are here FH. IAG has the creed of not censoring unless it’s a direct attack on a poster which is not tolerated.

    There are steps that one must take when detoxing off the wooo dust.

    * Denial and Isolation-(How can he do Grease? Am I the only one who feels this way! Why aren’t we allowed to discuss this on the boards?)

    * Anger-(It’s all TPTB’s fault for not promoting him and that damn Payola. Simon Cowell and Clive Davis suck!)

    * Bargaining-(Ok, this can work because he’s doing a shadow tour, providing us with great YOUTUBE coverage and pimping his single at all the Grease shows-free PR! GO FOR IT TAYLOR!)

    * Acceptance-(Taylor is going to do what Taylor wants to do-either accept it or move on taking it all in jest and light hearted banter)

    Of course we still have the ones who are perfectly content in swimming in the waters of the kool-aid and basking under the sun in the warm wooo-dust.

    IAG turns no one away and we are grateful. 😉

  27. Thanks FH and CF. 🙂

  28. I just wish he would do something, anything for us to gossip about! Be seen with a woman, dance on another pool table, buy a new shirt! Come on Taylor…quit being so boring!

  29. casualfan Says:

    I like the buy a new shirt idea! I can email you a pic I think you will enjoy 😉

  30. Shirtless??????

  31. Are you on that ning thing…Taylor’s site? Can you send it to me there?

  32. Excellent post Casualfan. 🙂

  33. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    October 10, 2009 at 7:33 pm
    Are you on that ning thing…Taylor’s site? Can you send it to me there?
    Nope-Don’t belong to ning….sorry

  34. So how’m I gonna see the naked picture of Taylor???

  35. It’s NOT a naked pic of Taylor….LOL

  36. Half-naked?

  37. hicksfan7 Says:

    Sunday morning and I am ‘swimming’ and ‘basking’ and have no problem at all with Taylor being ‘boring’….due to the fact that I will NEVER run out of online videos to watch and pics to look at – big thanks to all who post them!

    I love T.H. FANS!

  38. I am always amazed at the negative posters. Why focus on the negatives? How many musicians in the world who would love to be in Taylor’s place right now? He is making a good living and he’s getting to do what he loves.
    In comparison to ALL the aspiring artists out there relatively few are getting radio play and selling huge amounts of CD’s. Sure I’d love for Taylor to be in that group. But as an Indie he is doing well, he is happy and seems to have long range plans. If I choose to think that is OK I don’t see why that would make me a Kool-aid drinker. I know some will jump in to say that Taylor is not doing what he loves because he is doing Grease just to keep his name out there so he can do what he really loves the Shadow Tours. Well, none of us really know what his true thinking is on that. He seems to be having a great time on stage in front of appreciative crowds. So I really don’t know why one form of entertainment is viewed as the bastard child. I guess I look at this from an artist’s frame of reference that all creativity is good. Just because I might paint in Oils better than watercolor does than mean any time I paint in watercolor that I’m selling out? Some people might actually prefer my watercolors. And if I decide I want to sculpt for a while that is my choice. We all have to make ourselves happy first. I think Taylor has fans diverse enough to enjoy all his talents wherever it leads. I think his name is getting more and more out there in a positive way. Sure he got kicked around some and there is still some of that out there BUT I think it is slowly turning around. Will he ever be huge? Who knows. If he were an actor instead of a musician he would be seen as successful just because he has name recognition and is getting jobs and supporting himself. So excuse me, while I go mix up my Kool-aid. LOL.

  39. I agree with Dee.

  40. hicksfan7 Says:

    I love you Dee.


  41. yea, but I keep asking myself what it would be like if Van Morrison signed on to play Teen Angel? Wouldn’t you be disappointed? I only say that to make a point about why some fans weren’t happy about it.

    I’m OK with Grease now. Taylor’s really very good in it and the crowds love him. I’m also impressed that he makes time for the shadow shows. As he said to somebody, “I could NOT play my music live. But I don’t want to do that to my fans.”

  42. hicksaholic Says:

    I hope I didn’t come across as negative. I definitely think Taylor is way more successful financially than he ever dreamed he would be and is possibly a lot happier artistically than a lot of so called “idol successes”.

    He is not, however a big celebrity, at least not by Carrie Underwood standards. But he may not want to pay the price for being that type of celebrity even if he could. But if he does want that level of success he has to get back in the public’s eye. And Grease has done that at least to a degree. I was skeptical of the Grease decision but it seems to have been a good one from both a financial and public relations stand point.

  43. Who knows what Van Morrison might do if he was just starting out facing today’s economics and the music business in melt down? Let’s face it, if Ray Lamontagne, Bono and many others can sell out to commercials and do cruise ships etc., the so called rules have changed. Those who don’t change and re-invent their careers, risk getting left behind. JMHO.

  44. jerseyirish Says:

    Dee, I agree, in this ecomony folks need to do what ever it takes to keep the money flowing. Some may have said they would never “sell out”, but you got a family and bills to pay anything that comes their way, they make it work.


  45. Caryl & Hicksaholic, I think you two are very level headed TH fans. I always enjoy hearing what you two have to say. As Fans we don’t always have to agree with each other or Taylor and that makes for some good discussions.

  46. hicksfan7 Says:

    There are always pro’s and con’s regardng every decision any of us makes, and the person making that decision needs to weigh those to make the best decision for him or her…not as if Taylor has a crystal ball…but so far he seems happy with his own decisions.

  47. Thanks, Dee. I agree.

  48. casualfan Says:

    There are many fans who were not happy about Grease. They didn’t post their disappointment for one reason or another, but I’m guessing mostly because they knew it would bring about controversy. Eventually, we all had to accept Grease as the reality and move on.

    Meanwhile, anytime I say something that is meant as light humor, some posters act like their are being victimized and that Taylor is a victim too. You are only a victim if you choose to become one and Taylor is no victim and he never was. The fans are the ones who have created much of the drama and have made more of an issue of things when they know nothing about the background. All we know is what is reported in the media and what Taylor says. Most of us know what Taylor says is to be taken with a grain of salt and his history shows this.

    Having all that said, I was told that one of the reasons some posters who use to be regulars here have stopped posting is because of me. You can come back now because I will leave the blog. I never meant to run anyone off and I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone.

    IAG-I love your blog and have learned alot. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

    To all the haters out there: GET A LIFE!

  49. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, what the hell are you doing??? You got to be a bit tougher, girl! Don’t take this to heart, it’s only an internet blog, albeit a good and fun one. I never find what you say offensive. You have a right to your opinions. If everybody had to agree, how borrrring would that be? Seriously. THIS is the first time you are making me MAD! In real life, I am a liberal, I have friends who are right wing nuts (ok, just kd… sort of). We manage to stay friends, so surely we can disagree about TH without having to run people off.
    Van morrison as Teen Angel…. Ha, ha, ha! I’d love to see that!

  50. And I have left-wing nuts for friends. Go figure. 🙂

  51. Better than having wingnuts for friends! lol

  52. Well, CasualFan If anyone left because of something you said… too bad for them. You have as much right to an opinion as anyone else. Sorry if my Kool-aid reference made you think I was saying you were too negative. You do have a sense of humor to your posts. You were not really the one I was thinking of as being always negative seemingly just for the heck of it.
    Posters who just seem to jump in to stir the pot get a little boring and add little to the well thought out converstaions.

  53. Cf whatcha talking about woman? I thought we all liked the discussions and sometimes debates on this blog. When someone sounds like they are over the top either with the rainbows or negative it’s all over for Tay as a singer others jump in to give balance. Pay no attention to nonsense heard thru the grapevine.

  54. CF! Huh???? You and Snowstorm make it interesting. And I’ve never read a negative post by you. And Dee, I am glad there are folks who “jump in” to stir the pot because without those posters it would be boring reading!

  55. So what was said about CF thru the grapevine anyway?

  56. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, Your posts are always well thought out and fair, you are never offensive to anyone, you will be missed if you leave.


  57. [blockquote]Having all that said, I was told that one of the reasons some posters who use to be regulars here have stopped posting is because of me.[/blockquote]
    CF . . . WTH ?
    If someone actually did leave for such a foolish reason . . why is it Your problem ? … wouldn’t that be Their problem ?

    This site works because of all the different personalities and different viewpoints. Have never understood why some seem to have a need for a homogeneous community – seems like the formula for boredom to me.

    I don’t have a clue who you think left . . but hope you aren’t misinterpreting lack of posting as being truly MIA. For example – I’m usually so late getting here that everything has pretty much been said so I rarely post . . but I read whenever I have a minute even if can’t take time to comment. Seems unlikely I’m the only one who does that. Also hope someone isn’t planting ideas in your head for their own reasons when the truth is most likely that people just get busy – or don’t have anything they want to say.

  58. Rats . . well at least it’s obviously quoting CF – LOL
    forgot have to use < instead of [ on here

  59. hicksaholic Says:

    please come back. We can’t have all rainbows and kittens.

  60. CF, don’t let the random gossip scrooges run you off this playground. You add so much to the discussions.

  61. CF The best thing about this place, besides the host, is the fact that we do not have to pretend. We can all be ourselfs, and if someone is not able to handle that.. then it is them, not you, that needs to find another sandbox to play in.

  62. Many of you may have already read that Coder’s 5 yr. old grandson was hit by an SUV, yesterday and is in a coma. Many are praying for his recovery and for the entire family. Coder’s name is Brenda.

  63. hicksfan7 Says:

    oh rosie – thanks for letting us know, I will include them in my prayers as well. Poor little guy, hope he comes out of the coma soon.

  64. Benda and her family have had so much tragedy to deal with…they are in my prayers and God Bless little Samual and the whole family

  65. She’s had more than her share of challenges to deal with that’s for sure. Had the pleasure of meeting her at the Oakley shadow concert. Very Nice lady.

  66. hicksaholic Says:

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Coder’s grandson. I will pray for him. What a sad thing for her family.

  67. casualfan Says:

    Coder has always shown me kindness and respect. My prayers are with her and her family. She is indeed a very nice lady.

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