Happy Birthday Hawt Stuff!!

Here’s a few of your favorite things…well, a few of the things you have professed to like. I won’t pretend that I know you.


Oh wait…that might not be the right kind. Try this:


Please, please have one for me. Hey, I live vicariously. What can I say?

Wish you had time to relax and visit here today…


or here:


or especially here:


And I hope this one can come visit you…


At your next shadow stop, sing this song for me:

Here’s a little present for me, since it’s your birthday and all…


30 Responses to “Happy Birthday Hawt Stuff!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Taylor πŸ™‚

  2. casualfan Says:

    Great Birthday page for Taylor!


  3. Oh and Happy Birthday to Josh Smith AND Ugly Sad Unhappy Birthday to Simon Cow head

  4. casualfan Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday to Simon Cowell too.

  5. Wait…this post was supposed to be for Simon Cowell.


    Oh, alright, not really!! πŸ™‚

  6. casualfan Says:

    I know some despise Cowell and view him as the second coming of Satan, but I love the guy and have a lot of respect for him and his opinions. I don’t take what he says personally and I don’t see that Taylor has a huge issue with him either. I respect the fact that T takes what Cowell throws at him with dignity and lets it roll off his back like a duck to water. Kuddos to Taylor for being mature and to Cowell for telling it like it is!

    Again, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both men!

  7. I just hate Cowell. Not because he was mean to Taylor, but because he’s mean to everyone and he’s way crueler than he has to be. He said “when someone’s down, you kick them”. When he said that I lost what little respect I had for the man. He’s horrible and I hope his birthday is horrible too. Sorry, JMO

  8. hicksaholic Says:

    Another down hill thread.

  9. Simon’s a douche bag.

    Recounting his days as an A&R consultant at Arista Records in his book, “I Don’t Mean To Be Rude,” Simon writes, “Other people at the label wanted credibility. I wanted hits, and I couldn’t have cared less about credibility.” And, “Would these records touch people the way John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ had? No.”

    Sorry, Simon. I Don’t Mean To Be Rude but, at the end of the day, I think being proud of what you contribute to the world is more important than convincing the world to contribute to you.

  10. Grr!! I should have let that go. Sorry!

    Happy Birthday, Taylor!!

  11. Happy, Happy Birthday to Taylor and Josh!

  12. hicksfan7 Says:

    IAG – Great Birthday ‘card’ to Taylor! (and I enjoyed it too thanks!)

  13. mamaforpeace Says:

    Looking to see if there was a video of “Ray Charles a l’Olympia”, the last concert RC did in France (2001, I think), which resulted in a fabulous live cd (only available in France), I found this vid of the guy who won the equivalent of AI in France (don’t know when).

    Ok, and this I found too:

    Very touching I think! Will I ever stop missing Ray?
    So that’s what I do if I stay home sick!
    Anyway, if you ever can get a copy of “RC a l’Olympia”, get it… you won’t be disappointed. I gave one to Taylor at Cafe du Nord, just put it on the stage. He nooded a thanks, but who knows if he ever got it? Well, someone got it!
    Oh, and…happy birthday, Taylor:)

  14. casualfan Says:

    hicksaholic Says:

    October 7, 2009 at 2:27 pm
    Another down hill thread.
    Birthday threads can NEVER be downhill threads-especially when it’s TAY-TAY’s Birthday! wooohooo!

  15. hicksfan7 Says:

    birthday SUITS can be though…AAHAHAHHAH

    I quack myself up.

  16. Happy Birthday Mr. Hicks!!!!!!
    And many more!

  17. taylorfan06 Says:

    … happy birthday, dear Taylor, happy birthday to you. and many more!
    Cheers, Taylor, Cheers!!!!

  18. taylorfan06 Says:

    Happy Birthday to Josh also. A true master on guitar.

  19. casualfan Says:

    ***passing Jagger Bombs to everyone***

  20. casualfan Says:

    John Cougar’s birthday today also! T’s in good company. πŸ˜‰

  21. mamaforpeace Says:

    “Cheersing”! (Was that it???)

  22. Even American Idol is in on the party, with an article allabout Taylor and his season, nothing NEGATIVE, no mention of CD. There is a slide show from Taylor on Season 5 too!

    Wishing a very happy birthday to both Taylor & Josh! (But I refuse to acknowledge the other guy, and Caryl understands why. We are SUCH kindred spirits!)



  23. Happy Birthday Big Boy. Today is also Fox news 13th Bday.

  24. Naughty birthday boy’s interview: Wed Segment 11-15


  25. Tay guard that Coldstone and it is best a little hard but not frozen.

  26. See Nolamar posted the link to my all time favorite Tay interview. Taylor has a quick and great sense of humor. Make sure you all check out that one for a good smile and birthday cheer.

  27. casualfan Says:

  28. casualfan Says:

    Well-that’s not cool! =(

  29. Haha! Have not listened to Put the Lime in the Coconut in a long time. πŸ™‚

  30. Coldstone cake!! He’s hilarious!! (And naughty πŸ˜‰ )

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