Did not expect that…

Ray LaMontagne…Mr. Anti-Establishment, who sells himself as a simple songwriter who lives in the woods with his wife and kid, who seems to disdain modern conveniences…has sold himself out to corporate America.

If you watch this:

You will discover that not only is Ray hard to interview, he seems to be very quiet and reserved. He rarely gives interviews, so it surprised me to see this commercial with a song of his displayed so prominently.

This discovery led me to wonder what songs of Taylor’s would be good for product endorsement. Maybe “The Runaround” for a cell phone company or “Limin'” for Corona Beer?

“New Found Freedom” for feminine hygiene products? “I’m gonna spread my wings and fly!!”

“Woman’s Gotta Have It” for chocolate or dessert products?

How about “The Distance” for a social networking site? You know, to get the younger generation involved.

Just throwing some ideas out there…

Oh, and this:




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  1. hicksfan7 Says:

    maybe WRIR for some political group…or MYS for a deoderant ad….The Deal for a Vegas package! LOL sorry lame ideas – but I know any one of you cold do better right?

  2. hicksfan7 Says:

    wonder if Tay has seen the Travelers commercial – bet he would get a big kick out of it – with his love for pups (and that EFFIN GOOD SONG)!

  3. No getting around it, if you want to keep your family fed and your property intact , everybody needs to make a buck.

  4. And wouldn’t that be a nice thing to remember the next time Taylor disappoints the fray with his business/career decisions.

    I guess I’m feeling pissy this morning. I need another hit of friday night Workplay audio.

  5. LOL Sue. I’m getting mine in very small doses here and there, and neglecting my “real life” even then. (AND a very good point about Taylor’s business decisions…. !!)

  6. And isn’t that 2nd photo fabulous??? Just love it!

  7. casualfan Says:

    “New Found Freedom” for feminine hygiene products? “I’m gonna spread my wings and fly!!”
    Now this deserves the full monty of SERIOUSLY LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. casualfan Says:

    MN Sue Says:

    October 2, 2009 at 11:06 am
    And wouldn’t that be a nice thing to remember the next time Taylor disappoints the fray with his business/career decisions.
    Well I guess Sue with our “New Found Freedom” we all have the right in continuing to express our opiniona. I for one will not give “The Runaround” when it comes to something I don’t care for because in today’s world regarding opinions, a “Woman’s gotta have it” right?

    For those who don’t like these opinions, then “Maybe You Should” go to a place and keep “The Distance” because here, I think this is “The Right Place” and we are “Keepin’ It Real” 😉

    ***No part of this message was intended to harm Mr. Hicks in way***

  9. The second photo shows him making a smart money move. More people will buy the shirt because he wore one. I too laughed at the NFF jingle. Stop bitching guys, Tay will be back on Tues.

  10. It looks like a nipple in the first photo! Nah, can’t be.

  11. casualfan Says:

    The second pic looks like (dare I say it) an Elvis move.

    I do like the shirt in the second one too. I always found his merch to be somewhat campy but I like this one.

  12. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    October 2, 2009 at 2:17 pm
    It looks like a nipple in the first photo! Nah, can’t be.
    Rosie-You have heard accounts of T when he’s on stage under the hot lights and the fans screaming right?

  13. Yes, I saw pics on RHS, but, but, but he is wearing a shirt and vest. Shh, I have to be discreet because someone tweeted to Tay that I talk about his balls all day long. I’m still laughing about that one.

  14. Did ya’lll hear he had special limited edition merch at WorkPlay? T-shirts & posters. I bought both of course. LOL I’ve never bought a t-shirt before because I don’t wear them, but I felt bad because I’m always getting him to sign my stuff but never buy anything. Since I was having him sign an 8×10 of one of my pics, and my Birmingham Mag with him on the cover, I bought a t-shirt. http://twitpic.com/k08ng Saturday night wanted a last chance to say hi/bye (my last concert for a long time probably) so got a poster. I really DO like It – it’s a “Shadow Tour” poster. Great picture of him.

  15. Here, you can partially see the back of the t-shirt here. http://twitpic.com/k0aic Poster is too big to scan….. cant find it online..

  16. So, I guess the question is, if Ray LaMontagne himself can do it, why not Taylor? (And Rosie, I’m not so sure you are actually being “discreet” just by switching from balls to nipples! 😉 )

    I think Taylor should have had professionals video the Workplay concerts!! Such great shows… Some of the best fan vids I’ve seen so far, quality-wise for some of them, and some are really good about showing the other band members and not just staying zoomed in on Taylor the entire song.

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, I agree folks have to do what they need to do to provide form themselves and their families. May not be what they exactly want to be doing but it is income.

    iag, Surprised me, but he is doing what he needs to do.

    NolaMar, Love the pics and the shirt!!


  18. WaitForMe Says:

    This was in music magazine. I ripped it out and now don’t know which one.

    $35 for a T-Shirt?
    Ever wonder why a concert tee costs $35? Greed, obviously. But also, says one top manager, “There’s just too many hands in the pot.”
    $3.98: Taxes and fees, like paying secutiry to bust conterfeit parking-lot T-shirts.
    $7.76: Venue fee, split betwen vendor and promoter.
    $9.26: The merch company takes a big chunk for expenses
    $14.00: In the end, the band winds up with about 40 percent.

  19. The Magic City t-shirt was only $20.

  20. Well said Sue…cf if this is such a ”Keeping it Real” kinda place to express our opinions..why is it you have a problem with Sue expressing hers.

  21. WaitForMe Says:

    Obviously Taylor is not greedy.
    At Workplay, he can skip steps one and two. 🙂

  22. Anne and MNS, gee I didn’t know there were a whole bunch of people posting negative things on this blog about Tay’s career/business decisions. You must be searching a lot harder than me for such posts. Where and when were these posts made? I can’t recall the last time I read one. Last thing I recall people being disappointed about was his no cell cert policy and the BB had one anyway.

  23. mamaforpeace Says:

    Agreed that there should have been a professional video of Workplay. The best of the TH shows I’ve seen, in part b/c the sound was much better than in other venues. You could actually hear Taylor’s voice, instead of it being drowned out too often by the intruments. Anybody else think so?

  24. rosie…there is more discussion here about Taylor’s career choices than I’m sure there is around the Hicks dinner table. He should do Grease ..He shouldn’t do Grease….He should do ballads..He shouldn’t:do ballads.etc..etc. Are you kidding me…this is the Taylor should do or shouldn’t”t do Mecca…I’m not saying everyone is not entitled to say whatever they want including Sue without being jumped on.

  25. mmmm rosie, check in the corners of your mind. 😆

  26. I am not an argumentative person nor am I a debater. My statement was directed to those who are often disillusioned by Taylor’s choices (Grease, nondescript music genre, not choosing major label backing, etc…). Whether they post on this blog or on any other blog or forum, the fray exists. Rosie, with the rose colored glasses, they hit a lot closer to home than you realize.
    And CF, I will take your post as sarcastic wit masking your desire to belittle my opinion. I’m a big girl. I can take it.
    It is one thing to disagree with an opinion and another to condemn it. I will leave you to your inbreeding of thoughts and your thinly veiled freedom of expression.

  27. mamaforpeace Says:


  28. Well, I do recall a few people saying in passing that he doesn’t sing ballads well and one of those CF later changed her mind. Also a few including Grey have stated they were against him doing Grease in the beginning but seems like everyone is on board with it now. I just read awhile ago someone on the BB saying they don’t like his short hair on the AI rewind show and that he looks heavier and his face looks too full. And really what in the Hell difference does it make who discusses what, when where or why. Some people act like he sits and reads the blogs and forums and will have his feeling hurt. He said he doesn’t read and that the blogs are for fans. Some even act like the The News papers are reading Hicks blogs. Henry, you know I HATE the fan shit of good/bad fans and talk about haters. So yes Anne and MNSue you are free to give your opinion but try not to look to so much into trivial banter posted by fans. I’m not into arguing either, just discussing.

  29. Just for the sake of discussion, I still hate the Grease gig. 🙂

  30. mamaforpeace Says:

    Though I wouldn’t go and see Grease myself, I think it’s been good for Taylor’s growth as a performer, and it’s allowed him to do the shadow tours. So I say Praise the Ice Cream Cone!

  31. Well I do not like the song Wedding Day Blues and think he could have found a more mainstream and meaningful song to put on the CD and left that one off. There Grey, we are keeping current with two, count them two, criticisms of Tay’s career choices in this thread. But I respect him and think he was ballsy for taking such a small role and putting it over the top with his talent and insight.

  32. casualfan Says:

    MN-You are wrong. I was having fun with the song titles and it had nothing to do with you. I captured your post because of your seemingly sacasic comment.

    You and your friend “anne” always go on the defensive when you post and can’t seem to take anything said about Taylor in jest.

  33. casualfan Says:

    That would be sarcastic and not sacasic…sorry

  34. hicksaholic Says:

    I think Workplay should have been recorded for a cd also. I can’t imagine a better concert.
    Nola I’m glad you bought the t shirt- I noticed it was better than the ones he’s had before. I would never wear a Taylor t shirt(I don’t know why but I guess I never have worn any kind of fan t shirt except Auburn). But it’s fine for those that do. I still remember the little harmonica on a string I was sent by Headquarters or whatever because apparently they were supposed to send you a little gift upon joining. They must not have and someone complained because all of a sudden I got the little harmonica and a little picture of Taylor in the mail. I opened it and was like WTF?
    I think the t shirt was at least an upgrade from the little harmonica on a string. I’m still laughing over the “beautiful Taylor Hicks” pictures.
    Love the NFF joke. Very clever as usual IAG.
    I like open discussion and haven’t really noticed any Taylor bashing (other than when snow comes on but that just livens the place up a little bit, at least to me)
    I doubt Taylor is at all concerned about our bantering back and forth. I think all of us on here are paying fans (paying over and over) and that’s probably all Taylor cares about.

  35. hicksaholic Says:

    Oh yea- love the second picture too. Whoever took that should get a prize.
    Not sure about the accounts of Taylor under the lights with the screaming fans but it must involve a picture of Taylor “being excited to see somebody” I guess.

  36. CF…there is a difference between sarcastic humor and rudeness very few can do it well…maybe it should be left to those that can. You can certainly say anything you like about Taylor but I thought the point of discussion was that I could reply with a positive opinion if I choose to. Guess not!!!
    Oh well..whatever.

  37. hicksaholic- I took it. 🙂

  38. casualfan Says:

    Anne-You should take your own advice. 😉

  39. casualfan Says:

    hicksaholic Says:

    October 3, 2009 at 6:13 am
    Oh yea- love the second picture too. Whoever took that should get a prize.
    Not sure about the accounts of Taylor under the lights with the screaming fans but it must involve a picture of Taylor “being excited to see somebody” I guess.
    Oh my yes.

  40. Don’t be so sure that Taylor doesn’t know what goes on on the blogs and boards. After a critical blog recently about his tweets, he tweeted something about not being able to please everybody and stopped the Cone Ranger tweets. IMO that was more than a coincidence. That is one reason I was upset at what I saw as mocking him on this blog after the live video chat. That was something many here are always critical of – “Taylor needs to interact with his fans more….” etc. Then when he did it he was made fun of for it, which is OK, but not one positive thing was said in that post and it bothered me. I thought he deserved kudos for what he did.. But if that is the kind of reaction he gets why should he do it again? I’m not a “Taylor walks on water and can do no wrong” kind of fan, but I do admire the man and wish to support him and not do anything that might actually harm his career, such as the speculation above that I refused to acknowledge by commenting on at all.

    I would never call this a hate blog, but Anne is right it is the “Taylor should/shouldn’t do” mecca. Nothing wrong with jesting or discussing or expressing opinions, but don’t jump on those who try to counteract what they see as continual unjustified criticism by belittling them or calling them names. Thought we are all supposed to be able to say what we think here. I only wish that those who call themselves fans would be careful how they word their criticism and consider the possible fall out from what they say.

    I appreciate IAG’s positive reaction to the WorkPlay videos. Just imagine how great it was to actually be there! I want a Do Over!

  41. MamaforPeace, I did not think I would like Grease very much but I had a great time with it in Birmingham on the 2nd row. The whole show was fun, & Taylor is very fun to watch do his part. If nothing else, it’s so exciting to watch/hear the crowd go nuts over him every time he appears.

  42. hicksfan7 Says:

    I had a GREAT time at Grease too in MPLS. Went with my two daughters and two good friends of mine. We all thought it was a really FUN performance with upbeat singing and dancing to many familiar songs.

    Taylor wowed the crowd – we loved him in it. And this was just one week before he started adding his own song performance at the end of the show – that was the only thing that bummed me out a little.

  43. casualfan Says:

    Of course Taylor reads blogs and goes onto fanboards. Taylor is savvy and is up on what is going on. “Ear to the ground”~Taylor Hicks (2006)

  44. hicksaholic Says:

    I guess that’s good if he does although I would bet he doesn’t read it often. Wouldn’t you think somebody on his team would cull through all the bs and just let him know if there was something important. I don’t know- maybe he just randomly checks the boards. I’m betting it would be the Boogie Board if that’s the case since that’s the largest contingent of Taylor fans.
    I think Taylor is probably pretty tough skinned. I doubt IAG’s obviously sarcastic humor was lost on Taylor. Again remember it’s all fans that are doing the posting. If you really like someone you feel comfortable kidding around with them. I had a boss one time who told people the way he could tell if I liked somebody was if I gave them a hard time. He said if I was straight up polite and all kidding aside, I didn’t think much of them.

  45. casualfan Says:

    I’m betting it would be the Boogie Board if that’s the case since that’s the largest contingent of Taylor fans.
    Interesting. I see him as more of a NESP board kind of guy myself. NESP stays with the news, small community, dedicated followers and they do an awesome job at keeping the drama off the board. They are also dedicated in charity programs and do many, many things UTR which I’m sure T appreciates.

  46. Snowstorm Says:

    Take it from me, Taylor is great in Grease. He steals the show and I’m not kidding. Acting might really be his calling afterall. If he can score a role the way Jennifer Hudson did in Dreamgirls, that would be a dream come true for him and put him back on in the limelight where he needs to be.

    Taylor’s problem might be is that he’s not very proactive when it comes to these things and let’s his manager or agent run his career. You have to be a fighter in this business and Taylor comes across as layed back.

  47. Snowstorm Says:

    I also agree with NolaMar because it looks like he stopped with the ice cream flavors and the Cone Ranger stuff. I believe that was Sunny’s blog, so yes, I think he definitely reads that blog for sure.

  48. Just saying he told an interviewer last month that he doesn’t read the blogs as they are for the fans. The more types of blogs out there means it is more likely a fan will find one or two where they feel comfortable posting.

  49. Snowstorm Says:

    I don’t believe that Rosie. You mean to tell me there are blogs about you and you don’t read it? Who does that? Didn’t he ask Caryl about her blog when she had a M&G with him, so he knows (and reads) about her blog as well.

    I agree that he might have someone scan the blogs and fan sites for him to capture really good stuff, otherwise I don’t think he bothers with them.

    Just my opinion btw, so don’t get all crazy.

  50. I read the BB to find the latest news about Tay. Since he already knows his schedule and it is mostly a site to gush and not discuss, as well as to keep up with his latest stats and plays on AOL, well there just isn’t a whole lot for him to read there. He could view lots of photos of himself and watch vids of his performances there from several angles and read one fan thanking another fan and all the declarations of it is the best concert ever. He could go there to get a glimpse of the presents he is going to be receiving or to keep track of who saw Grease the most times. Lots to do there for sure but not a whole lot of discussion.

  51. Snow I just repeated what the man said. I have never once made a post with the thought in mind that Taylor would read my words. Guess that is just how I like to post and think and feel free. Since I don’t know him and am just a fan, I want to feel free to give my own fan opinion on all things Taylor. Btw when have I gotten all crazy?

  52. Snowstorm Says:

    One thing about Taylor, there’s an air of mystery about him. I’m not sure if he does this on purpose or he keeps to himself because that’s the way he is. But, he somehow thinks this is a way of holding on to people. I don’t think this method has worked for him, but whatever.

    I personally like entertainers who are refreshingly honest and don’t make their fans play guessing games. JMO, of course.

  53. Snowstorm Says:

    Rosie, was I talking about you specifically? No, I wasn’t. Your name was not mentioned at all.

  54. hicksaholic Says:

    Since he already knows his schedule and it is mostly a site to gush and not discuss, as well as to keep up with his latest stats and plays on AOL, well there just isn’t a whole lot for him to read there. He could view lots of photos of himself and watch vids of his performances there from several angles and read one fan thanking another fan and all the declarations of it is the best concert ever. He could go there to get a glimpse of the presents he is going to be receiving or to keep track of who saw Grease the most times. Lots to do there for sure but not a whole lot of discussion.

    Hilarious Rosie and pretty much right on. At least if he came here he could hear his body parts being discussed. I would think he would find that more interesting.

  55. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    October 3, 2009 at 11:11 am
    Just saying he told an interviewer last month that he doesn’t read the blogs as they are for the fans. The more types of blogs out there means it is more likely a fan will find one or two where they feel comfortable posting.
    I think most of us know to not always take what T says at face value.

    Having that said-I agree with finding one or two blogs that meet a poster’s comfort level. I personally enjoy a well balanced blog such as this one where I find humor, introduction to other Artist’s music and the difference of opinions offered up by various posters-which I feel is perfectly normal and healthy.

    IAG-I think you have a gift for writing and the insight to see Taylor as a real person and not just as a celebrity. 😉

  56. Nola, I’m sorry if you only found criticism in my post regarding Taylor’s video chat. And this:

    I think Taylor is probably pretty tough skinned. I doubt IAG’s obviously sarcastic humor was lost on Taylor. Again remember it’s all fans that are doing the posting. If you really like someone you feel comfortable kidding around with them. I had a boss one time who told people the way he could tell if I liked somebody was if I gave them a hard time. He said if I was straight up polite and all kidding aside, I didn’t think much of them.

    That describes me to a T..no pun intended. If I like you, I’m gonna give you shit, that’s just how I am. I’m not a very serious person, especially when it comes to Taylor. There was a time when I thought it was sacrilegious to say anything bad about Taylor, but those days are gone. Taylor is a person. He puts his pants on the same way all of us do. He has faults, he makes bad decisions, just like I do. He also makes good decisions and is a hell of a musician. I do give Taylor kudos when I think he’s done something good. There are plenty of blogs where it’s all positivity all the time, and that’s fine, if you want that sort of thing. I just have a more sarcastic view of the world. I just like to keep the bullshit out and say what I feel. It’s everyone’s decision to read it or not.

  57. Thanks, CF 😉

  58. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor was a big fan of Grey Charles blog. We all know that. He even posted there and contributed to many blogs. So, taylor says the blogs are just for fans is a crock.

    So, Rosie, don’t take everything Taylor says at face value. CF is right.

  59. The sleuths have found Taylor. He is in the Grand Cayman Islands. News and photo on the BB tweet thread. Tay now knows where he is.

  60. casualfan Says:

    It’s not sarcastic views Grey. It’s realistic views which many find very refreshing and greatly appreciated.

    Taylor has always come across to me as someone who lives outside the box and gets bored real fast on redundancy. He likes hot sauce and lots of spice-which lends room for flavorful and meaty conversations. 😉

  61. (Even though I gush sometimes) I don’t want gushing all the time. That’s one reason I come here. LOL And I too appreciate your humor, I hope you know that. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse – I just saw nothing positive at all in that particular post. You usually have a combination, and at least give credit where credit is due mixed in with your kidding & humor. That’s all on that subject…

    Now I’m getting ready to head out for another afternoon/evening of good music I hope. Here is my last tweet:

    “Ready to go to the Gretna Heritage Festival to see Los Lonely Boys, Allen Toussaint, & Chicago! Or should I see Eric Lindell & Soul Asylum?”

    I missed my chance to see Marc Broussard last night. Just didn’t have it in me but really wanted to go! Would love to park in NOLA and ride the ferry over but parking is not free. Guess I’ll drive across the river & do the free parking/shuttle to the festival site.

    Here is my fantasy for the day – Taylor shows up and sits in with Allen Toussaint and does Yes We Can! LOL In my dreams, in my dreams……. I DO love how he sings that!! I don’t think he has done it at any shadow shows, has he? Not any I’ve been to but maybe he did it in the earlier ones before I was paying as much attention?

  62. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    October 3, 2009 at 12:26 pm
    The sleuths have found Taylor. He is in the Grand Cayman Islands. News and photo on the BB tweet thread. Tay now knows where he is.
    LOL! Poor guy-he never has to worry about being lost somewhere. He has an SP beacon up his ass and will be found eventually.

  63. Oh, well that shoots down my dream of him showing up in New Orleans tonight. Shoot!! 😉

  64. casualfan Says:

    Well at least him being in the Caymens provides him with a natural defense line between him and his fans-A sea full of hungry sharks. 😉

  65. Snowstorm Says:

    That’s a great vacation. I was there on a cruise a few years ago and it’s just beautiful.

    Did he tweet about his whereabouts? Or how was this found out?

  66. casualfan Says:

    That would be Cayman and not Caymen’s …sorry

  67. Nola, you missed Marc Broussard? Damn…I love his music.

  68. casualfan Says:

    Snowstorm Says:

    October 3, 2009 at 12:42 pm
    That’s a great vacation. I was there on a cruise a few years ago and it’s just beautiful.

    Did he tweet about his whereabouts? Or how was this found out?
    Snow-You know how this works….A cousin’s friend of a best friend who is a travel agent knows someone who is related to the hotel night manager who passed on the info via a secret email.

  69. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL @ CF

  70. casualfan Says:

    Either that or TMZ is stalking the Islands for a big find and found Taylor.

    Ok, I’m off to Disney Land to ride the brand new swanky Ghost Machine at Space Mountain. Have a great day all!

  71. hicksaholic Says:

    Funny CF! Sadly I don’t believe TMZ is stalking Taylor.

  72. hicksaholic Says:

    Do we have bathing suit pictures yet?

  73. hicksaholic Says:

    Did they already remove the thread? I don’t see anything about the Caymans on the Boogie.

  74. hicksaholic Says:

    Sorry I’m an idiot. Now I see it is on the tweet thread.

  75. casualfan Says:

    hicksaholic Says:

    October 3, 2009 at 1:09 pm
    Do we have bathing suit pictures yet?
    That’s just downright cruel……***runs over to check the TMZ blog***

  76. I was just watching TV last night and heard Trouble come on, I was like WHOA!! Lol.

    Taylor endorsing a product wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. 😀

    “New Found Freedom” for feminine hygiene products? “I’m gonna spread my wings and fly!!”

    Btw Workplay vids, soooooo awesome thanks to all who captured what was obviously an amazing concert.

    Caymans? Awesome but wow, people seem to always find out where he is.

    Off to go watch Toy Story in 3-D with some friends… one of my favorite childhood movies. I’m such a kid.

  77. casualfan Says:

    That sounds interesting Christa. I actually enjoyed that movie. I’m waiting for my cell to charge then I’m off to see Micky.

    I find it interesting that Taylor is in the Cayman’s again-he was there this time last year. Remember the harmonica jam that went on at Marty’s on the pool table? That was exactly a year ago today-I think.

    He must go down there to deep-sea fish and snorkel. If this proves to be a pattern I’m sure Cayman Island vacations will be on the rise this time next year by avid SPrs. Maybe there will be a Soul Patrol cruise for the occasion.

  78. hicksaholic Says:

    The Caymans are wonderful. It’s been a while since I was there but it’s very upscale and quite expensive compared to other island resort areas. I’m sure the diving is incredible so I guess it’s a perfect spot for Taylor to get some well deserved rest.

    I wonder if he ever just sits back and thinks about his life since he won Idol. He’s traveled all over the country and some places overseas, met at least two presidents, been on Leno and tons of other big tv shows and takes great vacations. Back when he was at the Florabama he probably did his scuba diving off the coast of Florida if he was lucky. As much as everybody says he is not as successful as other Idol winners, I guess it’s all relative. He seems to have a great life.

  79. hicksaholic Says:

    Actually Taylor would be great for a Soul Patrol cruise. There would only be so many places he could hide on board ship. Taylor sightings would be tweeted all day long.

  80. hicksaholic Says:

    I wonder if he will continue partying like he did last year or if he will ease off. Last year he was feeling pretty good by the time he got to Marty’s wasn’t he? He probably has to straight back to Grease but he could stop in Bham.

  81. IAG: “Nola, you missed Marc Broussard? Damn…I love his music.”
    Yes, that’s why I wanted to see so bad, for your sake. LOL Sorry, was just SO tired last night.

    I told Taylor before – he needs to go to the south pacific to REALLY get away! Most awesome place on the planet!! Caymans are NOT far enough!!! I don’t have time to find out how he was discovered, but it’s too bad. I hope he’s not being harassed. That pool table thing was in the Caymans? Didn’t know that.

    OK, I’m off to the festival. Hope I’m not gonna be too hot in jeans. :0 Will be sending some tweets from over there. Should be fun!! Will try to video some of the music too. I hope Chicago is still “Chicago” a least a little, and that they play a lot of the earlier stuff.

  82. The guys who tweeted his pic said they were chillin in a bar with him. Maybe he would like to go into a bar and be unrecognized and try to pick up a girl by using just his wit and looks. Doubt B.W. is with him this time. Should he ever wish to raise more money he could book a SP cruise and the cruise could charge an exorbitant rate and give Taylor his cut. He wouldn’t even have to sing as fans would love just being able to snap pics of him in his swim trunks and follow him around on the ship and post what he eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They would be lining up at 3:am outside his cabin door so as to be able to post first what he was wearing when he exited his cabin. Heck, they may even clean out the ships shops buying him all manner of shit. I see a big money maker and he could always stay underwater with his scuba gear if the going got too rough.

  83. AHAHHAHAAHH Rosie!! You have a moneymaker on your hands!!

  84. o.m.g. rosie . . I can’t think of anything to say except roflmfao !

  85. mamaforpeace Says:

    You missed Marc Broussard??? Nola, will you adopt me so I can move to NOLA?

  86. casualfan Says:

    Good one Rosie! For an added bonus, They can have Taylor swim around in a huge fish tank in a wet suit while everyone is dining in “The Right Place” lounge. For a fee, he will swim past your table and do his famous RC lean with tiny bubbles floating around him that says “Soul Patrol!”

  87. hicksaholic Says:

    I hope Taylor is reading now so he will have some good ideas to run by his management team for a future gig.

    Just think if Taylor is in a wet suit Rosie will have a different perspective of viewing Taylor’s balls to comment on.

  88. hicksaholic Says:

    Pool table was back in Bham the night he returned from vacation if I remember correctly. Such totally useless information I have clogging up my brain.

  89. hicksfan7 Says:

    Edited by IAG

    Snowstorm Says:

    October 3, 2009 at 11:45 am
    Rosie, was I talking about you specifically? No, I wasn’t. Your name was not mentioned at all.

    and that is B.S. because the first sentence of Snowstorm’s post to which Rosie responded was:
    Snowstorm Says:

    October 3, 2009 at 11:21 am
    I don’t believe that Rosie

    I do think that is ‘mentioning’ her name – LOL

    Also this one:

    Snowstorm Says:

    October 3, 2009 at 12:24 pm
    Taylor was a big fan of Grey Charles blog. We all know that. He even posted there and contributed to many blogs. So, taylor says the blogs are just for fans is a crock.

    So, Rosie, don’t take everything Taylor says at face value. CF is right.

    My own response to this is that Grey Charles was different – that was actually a site that was worked out with Taylor himself – they had an ‘arrangement’…

  90. BTW, I hereby declare I neither find male balls or nipples to be an attractive or sexy part of a mans anatomy. I use the term ballsy, brass balls and even hefty balls to define Taylor as gutsy, manly and even driven and wise with regards to his life and career.

  91. LOL I can’t adopt you Mama4Peace, I’m working at pushing my last one out of the nest and one other one has come back to roost for a while! Sorry hon. 😦

    All three concerts were great!!! Really, so glad I went early and got up close. Three very different groups/styles of music, all f’ing awesome!

    Thought it was funny that Los Lonely Boys did “I’m A Man.” (Great job of it too!) Then Chicago did it in their set too.

  92. hicksfan7 . . .
    Just to keep the time line straight . . the GrAy Charles blog appeared in Feb 06 and ran 24/7 until late June 06. The official status happened when it went back up full time in Sept(?) of 06. It seems highly likely Taylor was reading during that first Feb – June run given the famous post #80, the excellent interview Taylor did with Gray in Jun 06, and that GC did become official. Gray Charles was different, especially GC I . . music conversation was plentiful – both Taylor’s and other artists’. It’s not hard to understand why Taylor would have been drawn to it.

    Re: Sunny being Snowstorm . . anything is possible but I would be surprised.
    I don’t know Sunny and only occasionally read her blog back when life in TH/SP-land was “interesting”. We sort of stumbled over each other on Twitter and from what I’ve seen it just doesn’t seem like she has a problem standing behind her thoughts and feelings with her own name. She didn’t hide when her ideas got her a lot of heat from just about everyone – so why now for pretty mild poking at people ? Plus if she has an ageism issue she certainly hides it well. Could my reasoning be all wet ? Sure could . . it’s just another perspective.

    Snow annoys the crap out of me sometimes but I don’t have any need to find out who she is – to what purpose ? It’s not like it would change anything. And it sure isn’t worth making a big stir-the-pot deal over . If the reason is personal then it doesn’t belong on a public board.

    Just offering my opinion too . . .

  93. I actually came back to clarify my roflmao comment on Rosie’s “cruise” since I got called out on it – in private, thank you.
    I don’t want anyone thinking I was laughing at any of the post concert euphoria over the media coming out of Workplay – or any other show. Have been there and done that . . I love recaps and seeing what others experienced . . and understand it’s even better when you were there and can relive the fun.
    It was more the timing after reading that – yet again – Taylor has been unable to do anything in his personal life without being watched. Plus the fact that Rosie’s scenario was just damn funny ! . . . should write a screenplay of that cruise . . probably would work for a lot of celebs.

  94. Rosie, you crack me up! Taylor doesn’t need Grease anymore. We have great ideas for him right here from product endorsements to swimming in a fish tank.

  95. hicksfan7 Says:

    Edited by IAG

    Also – I know at first GC wasn’t ‘affiliated’ with Taylor at all – and Tay most likely DID read it, or Sean did and told him about it – ha – but remember that was back when there were not NEARLY as many fansites and blogs as eventually were created for Mr. Hicks.

    I agree that NEITHER snowstorm or sunny has a problem standing behind her thoughts and feelings with her own name(s?). Like you I have no need to find out who she/they are. I don’t know her/them and it is not personal, just an interesting (to me) observation.

    I didn’t mean to say something to make a big stir-the-pot deal over, but sometimes in Taylor-world it doesn’t take much for that to happen. LOL

  96. hicksaholic Says:

    Rosie, I know your “ballsy” means guts. Just kidding around with you because you reference them so often.

  97. Snowstorm mentioned Sunny’s blog because I mentioned the blog that possibly influenced Taylor to stop the CR/IC tweets. I did not mention whose blog it was – SS was just saying it was hers.

  98. Sunny is Snow like IAG is Henry8 and like I’m Taylor. WTH!

  99. hicksfan7 Says:

    I apologize to everyone for voicing my random and totally hypothetical and incorrect theoretical thoughts. I will stick to thanking folks for the wonderful pics and vids.

    IAG – Please feel free to remove my post.

  100. Snowstorm Says:

    Rosie is Taylor….I knew it!

  101. RebelRouse Says:

    How can Rosie be Taylor? I am. I have the balls to prove it. 😉

  102. Edited by IAG

    Thank you Rose and AH, appreciate the support.

  103. Deleted by IAG

  104. Snowstorm Says:

    This craziness sure does amuse me!

    Sunny, MWAH…I love you too! Always assertive and telling it straight. You have so many outstanding qualities about you. I admire you.

    Rosie – you might not believe me, but you sure are a funny guy…oh, I mean girl, women or whatever you are. MWAH for you too!

    I’m out!

  105. This blog has certainly taken a weird turn… can we go back a page???

  106. hicksfan7 Says:

    deleted by IAG

  107. RebelRouse Says:

    hicksfan7- You insulted and accused Sunny then you come back and ask why she has to be mean?

    You’re still throwing innuendos out there in your last paragraph. Who cares who anyone is?

    Does it enrich your life in some way?

  108. hicksfan7 Says:

    deleted by IAG

  109. NolaMar, My thinking is this thread would have him laughing out loud in his beach chair or on his flight to Durham. I’m sure he’d enjoy reading IAG’s suggestions for product endorsements and the posts and bickering would give him insight into his fans. Hell he may even come away thinking it is just one insane poster talking to herself and pretending to be everyone else.

  110. Point / counterpoint . . question / answer . . seems like topic has nowhere left to go . . and as Rebel said – Who cares ?

    So . . can’t resist posting a nod to Gray’s way of saying that – now with music even 😀

  111. Ok, I’m getting rid of a few posts. While I believe in allowing everybody’s opinions here, what I don’t allow is posting of other people, specifically. Hicksfan, if you would like to think out loud about another person, do it in an email or on the phone. This blog is not the place to start/continue personal wars.

    Before anybody gets going, I do make observations about fans, but as a whole. I don’t single anyone out, unless it’s positive, and I expect my posters to follow that same rule.

  112. casualfan Says:

    May I ask why it’s so damn important for some people to know who a screen name is posting here? Sorry, but that is really irritating. People can speculate all they want but accusing someone of doing something or being someone doesn’t make it so…and if it was or is WHO GIVES A FUCK! Come on people! This is cyberspace and we are all on here to pass the time and escape real life for awhile. I don’t give a damn who is who and how many sn’s they use. There is NOTHING on this blog or any other blog, fan-site or anywhere else in cyberworld that should personally be effecting your life. If it is then I strongly suggest that you seek professional help because this is only blips on computer screens and nothing more.

    Sorry, but this is highly agitating.

  113. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    October 4, 2009 at 12:08 pm
    NolaMar, My thinking is this thread would have him laughing out loud in his beach chair or on his flight to Durham.
    I totally agree rosie. Unlike some of his fans-Taylor DOES indeed have a sense of humor and no doubt that he would appreciate the fact that some of the fans can actually have fun, even at his expense because he knows it’s not out of malice. 😉

  114. Grey, I hope you know I was joking and being a goof. But I’m glad you deleted it as a few would take me seriously. Hicksfan07, Sunny was my first online friend and buddy and has always been fair with me. She was seriously ill just last week so she doesn’t need any nonsense right now.

  115. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Me too Sunny was one of my first also, and has always treated me well, enjoy her sense of humor and great writings!!! 🙂


  116. CF Was not talking about the teasing Taylor stuff. Was talking about the fan vs fan shit. I agree – who cares who is who? Just bored and a little disgusted with this whole discussion. I don’t see the point in bringing personal baggage onto fan boards and blogs and it makes me want to not come back when I see it.

  117. hicksfan7 Says:

    Nolamar – it really was nothing personal, no personal baggage with me – just stupidity in commenting…sorry and I hope you don’t let it affect your visiting this site – you will never hear anything like that from me again.

  118. Snowstorm Says:

    No one has taken more abuse than me on this blog. I was never a troll and I am not Sunny or anybody else. All I’m doing is expressing my honest opinions, which people can’t understand. They think a fan MUST love everything an entertainer does and fawn and praise. Any kind of criticism is not allowed. That’s the reason why I never bothered posting on the Boogie Board or other fan boards. Everything in Taylorland is not rainbows and unicorns… that’s just not being realistic and deluding yourself.

    Yes, I was a very big Taylor Hicks fan in the beginning. I’m still interested in the guy, but a lot has faded for me as well. It would be nice to see someone with that much talent have some real success in the business and the people making fun of him on Twitter be proven wrong about him.

    I also wonder if Taylor would like to be signed by a major record company. I am not sure which interview he did, but he talked about that some things could change. Does anybody remember this interview?

  119. It wasn’t just your comment hicksfan7. It all really just cascaded from there… Grey got everything under control again. All is well… 🙂

  120. Interesting point, Snow. I don’t remember that interview…but I can’t imagine Taylor would want signed to a label again. My opinion is that he doesn’t take well to people telling him what to do.

    I just think he’s always going to be known as an AI winner, or a Broadway Boy. It’s just unfortunate.

  121. Oh, and Rosie…I know you were just messing around.

  122. Oh, snowstorm, please!! You? Taken abuse? I would say no one has been more insulting to other people than you since I started coming here a few months ago. It’s not your opinions I object to, though I don’t always agree. It’s your opinion of your own opinions – that you know everything and are always right, and your personal attacks on others. Don’t act all innocent and hurt. You know it’s true.

    Now, having said that, other than the first sentence in your post above, I find it very reasonable and inoffensive. If you were always that respectful of others when you posted I would not cringe when I see your name pop up here.

    I like discussion of differing opinions a lot, but some like to just see what shocking thing they can say to stir up the pot. For attention? Amusement? I don’t know…

  123. SS I don’t remember seeing an interview where he said that. That’s interesting. I wonder what he meant? Did he specifically mention labels? Do you remember the context of the interview, like was he talking about his record? He has repeatedly say he is already making post-Grease plans. And I believe he said just the other day the part of those plans involve property. He wants to settle down and have a home base I think.

  124. Snowstorm Says:

    The interview was fairly recently and I think it was one of those TV station interviews, but I just can’t place it. He clearly said that things could change and he could end up signing with a major record label.

    Someone else has to remember this interview, besides me.

  125. Snowstorm Says:

    NolaMar, I’m a very outspoken person. If you take offense to that, that would be your problem. I’ve been like that my whole life. I’ve always been direct and to the point. I don’t mince words. I am usually right when it comes to music. I am a student of music and a music snob. Music is my life. I know music… I know what sells and what doesn’t sell. Music is art..sure it is. Music is a business – PERIOD.

  126. There were tons of interviews in Houston and B’ham that I never watched. Just never found the time. I’m sure they are all posted over at BB. Wow, that he might sign… what would happen to MW???

  127. Snowstorm Says:

    The demographics of a singer’s fanbase matters a lot in the music biz. A lot of you want to bury your heads in the sand regarding this… so be it. I’m just telling you it’s absolutely true.

    Granted, AI attracts a TV audience and I believe Taylor still has the same TV audience as fans. He just has not cracked the barrier of reaching music fans.

  128. Okay fine . . . I confess. I am the walrus, koo koo ka chu.

    But in reference to the original topic at hand, I wonder if Ray LaMontagne owns the rights to his songs? I remember he didn’t seem thrilled about Taylor singing Trouble on AI. So, it makes me think it’s possible that his label might be making decisions that he’s not always totally thrilled about.

    Not to say that Ray LaMontagne isn’t a bit of a douche, because I really think he is. Way too invested in having the image of the dark and troubled artist and all that fun stuff . . . but he sure is a talented douche.

  129. Snowstorm Says:

    “Wow, that he might sign… what would happen to MW???”

    Are you serious? Modern Whomp failed! You see, this is the thing… YOU HAVE TO MAKE MONEY!

  130. Snowstorm Says:

    Perhaps Taylor came to the realization that indy record labels are having a very touch time. They don’t have the money for promotion. In a bad economy, many are folding. Those are the facts.

  131. casualfan Says:

    I agree SS. Promotion is the main ingredient and also the most expensive part of the process. It’s a hard climb-especially if one doesn’t already have an established name. The musicians that have gone indy and have success have the financial resources and backing because they are already established. It can take millions to effectively promote a cd and that doesn’t guarantee success.

    I also agree with what Grey says about Taylor being known as an AI winner. If this weren’t the case, Grease would be promoting “Taylor Hicks” and not “AI winner Taylor Hicks” which I have been saying since the beginning.

    It is what it is and this is business.

  132. I recall that interview and it was one of dozens posted this past month on the BB. He was asked if he’d ever consider a major label and he said yes and still have Modern Whomp and sign other artists on Modern Whomp. He’d be foolish if he would have given a different answer. He doesn’t want to close any doors.

  133. I had an interesting conversation with someone who was in the radio business. (he is no longer in radio) He feels that radio is now dead in the water, and the only thing that is keeping it alive is car radio’s, He also feels that satelite radio is a failure, and the majority of the people who listen to satelite are listening to shock jocks, or comedy ~ but not music, and is losing money and will disappear soon. He said that internet “radio” will be the future, and that a device to put into auto’s is in the production stage for internet in our cars. Once that is accomplished radio will be a thing of the past. The artists who will be successful are those who are courting their fan base via internet now, and have a plan in place for getting their music on an internet program that will be a good fit for them, or even create their own site where they can feature their music heavily along with other artists.

    I am quite ignorant where this is all concerned, but wanted your thoughts on this Snow… or anyone else who has an opinion or insight.

  134. Since we are confessing and mending fences, I have some explaning to do. It seems my rant a few threads ago upset some people. I didn’t mean fans should refrain from going to as many shows as they can or take numerous photos and vids. I was concerned about those who bug him in his off time or semi off time. Also when there are long lines to have things signed after Grease and a person has already seen Grease several times and had several thing signed, I’d prefer he’d have time to chat briefly with someone new. I saw him once at an indoor concert in Balto. and once at an outdoor concert in Northern Va. Both times not knowing the ropes I ended up being way back in the crowd. Given also that back then in 2007, I wasn’t online and viewing vids, I hadn’t had a chance to see how good he was live or how handsome he was up close, or hear that soft spoken voice of his. It wasn’t until Broadway, out by the rail that I got to be close to him, talk to him and have my playbill signed. I just wish newcomers would have a better chance to get a good seat and have something signed, because That is the only way to get the real woo.

  135. RebelRouse Says:

    Rosie- That’s all well and good, and I couldn’t agree with you more. But, sadly the same bunch who claim they want to help further his career by making more people aware of him, are the same ones that will sit in lawn chairs from 9 AM at a venue. Or go get their hands stamped to be first into the venue etc..

    They don’t allow newbies the chance to get up close and get the full experience.

    As far as picture taking goes. To each their own. Don’t forget, a few SP have digital DSLR’s which take 20 plus pictures per second, so yes, they do take tons, but in actually they get the best of both worlds because they have good cameras.

  136. Legacy that is the best news I have read all day! I would be ecstatic if radio died and internet radio took over!

  137. casualfan Says:

    Rosie- That’s all well and good, and I couldn’t agree with you more. But, sadly the same bunch who claim they want to help further his career by making more people aware of him, are the same ones that will sit in lawn chairs from 9 AM at a venue.
    LOL!-I’m sorry, but I have to laugh at this. This reminds me of the Portland, OR concert when they opened the doors to the venue. I swear it was like a cattle drive and wild horses stomping as fast as they could to get to the front of the stage. It was the same people who had seen the man all thru his tour. I know of one group that drew out maps of the venues and planned their routes to the stage. I’m not kidding! LOL!

    Legacy, I agree with your friend regarding the radio. A close friend of mine is really close friends with someone who use to DJ a station out of Houston, TX. According to him, stations are going under because of the Internet. I only listen to the Net myself because my favorite stations are streaming live 24/7. They also have the music programmed into genre’s so I can listen to what I want. It will be cool if they put that kind of access into cars. I’m a New Age music fan and can listen to that all day long.

    There are many, many musicians who have gone Indy and having their own sites designed to accommodate their fan base. A friend of mine is a web designer and her roster is filled with musicians wanting their sites designed. She has a waiting list up to a year now because of the demand.

    The Net is the way to go.

  138. Snowstorm Says:

    Legacy, I completely agree with you. The majority of people listening to radio is during their commute back and forth to work. Myself, I only listen to hear what’s new, otherwise I only listen to my i-pod. There’s some good songs on Top 40, but equally some of the crappiest songs ever. Most of it geared to teens because that’s their audience.

    I don’t think radio is going to die anytime soon, as long as the big record labels have control. Labels and radio work hand in hand and scratch each other’s back. Believe me when I tell you, the music business is hard-core, nasty and cut-throat.

    I think in the future radio will definitely change, but I doubt it will ever go completely away.

  139. RebelRouse Says:

    CF- Funny thing is.. they all waited and waited for hours in Birmingham. The party I was with, came late both nights and almost all of us still got near the stage. lol lol

  140. “The Net is the way to go.”

    The internet is a dead end.

  141. mamaforpeace Says:

    “The internet is a dead end.”
    Should I know better than to ask Charcoal why?

  142. I have stood in line and had an absolute blast with everyone. In Atlanta during his 2007 tour. We lined up, had a rock and concrete wall to sit on, the buses were within view and Taylor was conducting an interview showing off the inside of the busses. Another fun line was at WB in New Jersey we were sitting on the floor in a long hallway and that is the first time I met many people who have now become good friends. Those good memories help me to understand the reason why many do stand in line. Recently in Houston when I arrived from driving in from Louisiana, I think I stood in line maybe 5 minutes with less than a dozen people and I did not have a hotel room or a group to meet up with so why not line up? and the venue arranged for us to go inside to an icy cold bar, with liquid refreshment, and big screen tv’s and comfortable couches …. The venue walked us in first and I sat on the floor with the stage at my back and visited with friends until the concert began. I was at the stage, I took my first pictures of Taylor (lousy pictures I might add) and I loved the view and the detail I was able to see that I have not been able to see in the past. It was such a neat experience I might just line up again for that reason. In Birmingham I wanted a spot to plant my butt and good accustics… I achieved this with a worthless number on my hand and being nearly the last person to arrive. Personally I love the concerts where we are assigned seats and we can have a nice dinner and arrive knowing where we will sit and there are no hurt feelings with people jostling to get the best view.

  143. I’ve been to both kind of Taylor concerts…seated and general admission. There is nothing quite like being in the front row. It really is a lot of fun.

  144. casualfan Says:

    charcoal Says:

    October 4, 2009 at 7:10 pm
    “The Net is the way to go.”

    The internet is a dead end.
    Thanks for the info Charcoal. I stand corrected with my statement. Hopefully the musicians, banks, retail and other commerce are aware of this travesty.

  145. mamaforpeace Says:

    I’d heard for a while about pandora.com, but it wasn’t until recently when I was at a friend’s house who was playing it that I decided to try it myself. I love it, can pick by genre or artist. What I really like about it is that I can have it playing while I am sitting at my computer doing work (and I spend a lot less time than others doing that). I’ve already discovered a couple of new singers and purchased some of their stuff on iTunes. So I’d say the net is alive and well!

  146. Got to weigh in on the waiting in line bit. I arrived at WP right as the opening act was finishing and stood on the floor in the center. Great spot. Could see him great. There was a woman in front of me with no shoes on and her lunch box between her feet. Had she waited all day for that spot? Was it worth it?????? That to me is weird. Sorry.

  147. RebelRouse Says:

    A lunch box? lol

  148. Mama, last.fm is also great! I love it! I listen to that all the time. I have discovered tons of indie artists by just listening. It’s fantastic.

  149. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thanks, AIG, will try that. So much good music, so little time!

  150. Legacy . . thank you for sharing your friend’s input. I’m not all local radio is ready for the morgue but do agree that is has become relegated to drive time for most people.

    It seems reasonable to think there will have to be changes in the way they operate . . maybe the pendulum will swing back to more local control . . I hope.
    The station still doing well in our area is locally owned and operated with the old fashioned philosophy –> listen to the community and meet their needs.
    They play a mix of music with Live DJs who get a say in what they play so they develop a following. They do bare bones national news but go heavy on local and state news. They also do above & beyond the requirement for PSAs and jump at any chance to do things for the community. They even do birthday and anniversary shout outs ! In other words they operate like most radio stations did when many of us were growing up.

    If a business has limited radio advertising $$ to spend where do you think they are going to spend them . . that station or the Citadel trio that does nothing for the community and won’t even talk to a caller much less take a song request. The Citadel trio is rumored to be up for sale if that’s a clue.

    That said I do use online radio when I’m working . . It’s easy to control from my keyboard for one thing.

    This is actually a collection of stations … http://www.93xrt.com/
    When you click on Live listen the screen that opens will give you a list of choices by genre . . also by city. Once you start a stream the song, artist and even the album is displayed. They do guest DJ spots.

    Also like … http://www.thesoundla.com/
    Mostly rock – usually play a mix of old and new . . displays the song and artist playing. You probably know they have a guest DJ program since Taylor was one a while back.

    Do visit others but mostly for specific shows or information not general listening.

  151. hicksaholic Says:

    Legacy funny thing- when I saw your post about radio on the internet being the wave of the future my first thought was if that was true then Taylor really screwed up not working out something with Gray Charles on that website. Then charcoal posted- weird. I think there was a large, invested fan base there that would have stayed intact rather than separating into numerous different fan sites and resulting in a lot of lost fans. I think Gray’s site would have increased Taylor’s exposure. Of course, I know nothing about what all went down so this is just my opinion with the little I have observed.
    Radio on internet in an automobile makes sense to me. But before long they are going to have to program cars to drive themselves as there are way too many accidents caused by drivers having numerous distractions from concentrating on driving.
    I have to agree it is better to see Taylor up close. The question is whether it is worth whatever it takes to get there. If I bring a non overly invested Taylor fan with me, no way will they wait in line hours to get the best spot. I on the other hand might be more willing to wait a reasonable amount of time to get a decent spot. That and the fact that I have met a few online fans who seem like they would be fun to stand near at a concert make me want to go solo my next concert. I still haven’t figured out how those people that get in the front row at 8 and Taylor plays til 1 go to the bathroom though.

  152. Meaning . . .

    The internet is way down on the list of what a musician needs to succeed. First, top of the list, way way way ahead of anything is the question.

    Do they have the talent?

    Everything else pales in comparison. Radio, Internet etc. are a small percentage of a percentage of the key to success. Great if they are there (especially the ‘net) but without “the goods” it’s BFD.

    I will say one thing Live DVD performances time and again have been shown to be loss leaders – they’re simply collectibles for fans. Nothing wrong with doing them but don’t expect to reach new people or make money.

  153. Being a newbie, my first concerts as a “hard core” fan just started this summer at the Magic Bag. There I got in line at 5 for a show that started at 9 and was over at 11:30 (if I remember correctly). I was tweeting and just before he came on I tweeted “I sure hope this is worth it!” then about halfway through the show I tweeted “It is SO worth it!” LOL The bathroom question was funny. About 10 minutes before he came on I realized I should not have had that 1.5 liter bottle of water outside plus 2 beers inside, as there was no way in hell I was going to make it through the show. I shrugged my shoulders and said “excuse me” and a very sympathetic guy and girl behind me asked if I wanted to come back. I perked up and said “YES, I sure would love to!!” so they all held my spot for me. Smith’s was different. I did not want to make my friend wait out there like that but they had it where you could go inside and eat so we had dinner inside and were some of the first to go up. There, we started off with really good spots but sort of got shifted out of them by not being diligent about it. But it was still pretty good. Ended up AT the stage in Houston, but off to the right. I can say that from a photography point of view, there is NOTHING like the pics that come out when you are that close with a very good camera. I chose not to press the stage at either concert in Birmingham and the quality of my pics is not there like it is from the Houston show. But I really enjoyed those shows A LOT being at a table on the side both nights, and the sound and view were fabulous.

  154. Charcoal, I understand what you are saying completely. But it’s a crazy mixed up world and it seems like there are some mega-“successful” people who have very little talent. I think their huge levels of success are more from their marketing. OTOH, you have a very large number of super-talented people who have not and might not ever be considered super-successful. MANY!!! I’ve seen so many of them just in the past few months, in NOLA and Texas…. They do find local and regional success to a certain extent if they are really good, but they are not “package-able” so won’t likely ever become super popular or mega-stars.

    So tell us, do you believe TRH has the talent to find that success? Does he have “the goods” IYO?

  155. There are always outliers aren’t there? Still, the vast majority of those who “make it” have either some level of talent or appeal. On the other hand the music industry is littered with people who have talent but no mainstream success.

  156. Since Charcoal won’t answer the question, Nola, I will. Not that my opinion means much..but anyway.

    I don’t think Taylor has the talent to be a mainstream success. I think he puts on a great live show, he has a really good stage presence, but that doesn’t translate to record sales. He could still be a great regional performer in the south, but his style of music isn’t popular with radio.

    I think he’s a great cover artist, and I think he showed some great promise on Under the Radar with songwriting, but I haven’t seen anything remotely close to that since. Well, maybe Maybe You Should is pretty damn good.

    I think Taylor has failed on every attempt with the internet. I mean, look at Matt Nathanson or Will Hoge. They blog often…and about interesting things. They let the fans in and for whatever reason, Taylor won’t or can’t do that.

    Do you know what Taylor has to hope for? Success along the lines of Billy Vera and the Beaters. He had one song, recorded live that made it to radio.

  157. That being said, I have never been to a concert as good as Taylor’s. I really think that’s his strong suit…and he seems to love doing it. So, if success is measured as doing something that you love, then Taylor seems very successful. Just not from a “radio” perspective.

  158. It’s a little early to be giving up on Taylor IAG. All it takes is one song to turn things around sometimes. Plus if he does get any success in TV or movies then that takes him to another level. He is getting better on the internet so that could keep improving too. Right now he needs a larger fan base and a younger fan base, I think Grease could be helping with that and TV and movies could help too. As far as the GC web site. I used to think that if that had been kept and developed it would have been better for his career. Now I’m not so sure. Seems to me online communities take on a life of their own and it’s hard to direct them sometimes. They seem to start getting cliques and squabbles break out and some they just run their course and die out for various reasons. It may be for the best that there are many fan sites then there are a lot of flavors to chose from.

  159. I’m not giving up on him, Dee. If I were, I wouldn’t be running this blog.

  160. Maybe it would only take one hit…so then he could be a one hit wonder. I just don’t believe that Taylor Hicks is cut out for radio, and that’s not always such a bad thing. Turn on your radio, what do you hear? You hear what some label has paid money for you to hear. The good music is out there..just waiting to be discovered.

    Check out this article. It’s the founder of Pandora talking about radio and listeners.


    Just as admirable is Pandora’s bucking of major record labels. Westergren says that “77 percent of our artists are independent.” As a touring musician himself for years—he played in a band called Yellowwood Junction—Westergren hasn’t forgotten the musician’s struggle to make a living. Through Pandora, he says, he can offer a new revenue stream for artists.

    And this:

    According to Westergren, Pandora’s biggest competitor is traditional radio. “Those are the listeners we want,” he says. “Most of our listeners are in their 20s and 30s, but our fastest growth [is with listeners who are] far older. And they’re no longer being served by the broadcast industry.”

  161. Again, from my perspective as a newbie, I would love to see a more united fan base behind Taylor. I see too many of those squabbles and personal feuds taken precedence over the goal of supporting him in his career. It’s sad. I have no doubt that other fan bases end up like that too, but I think it hurts him more than others. Not sure why I think that… It seems like there has been another split recently and things are already “different” than they were when I first started this 7 months ago.

    Oh, don’t think I didn’t notice Charcoal evaded my question. LOL Thanks for your honest opinion IAG. I also agree that it’s too early to give up on him! Way too early… I can’t think back on these 6 concerts I saw since June, each one managing to top the previous one, and think he does not have what it takes. I think the right song or album will skyrocket him.

  162. I used to think that way, Nola…that the right song or album will put him on top. After AI, I just knew that the Taylor Hicks album was going to blow me away. I listened to it..and was not blown away. So, I thought, oh, it’s just because he didn’t have artistic control. I know when he has control, then that’s going to be the album that will show everybody what I see. Then came The Distance. Um, ok…that wasn’t so hot either. I sat and watched him sing “The Runaround” on every major talk show in Nov/Dec 06. Then I watched him release “Just To Feel that Way.” Didn’t make much sense to me, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I watched as The Right Place got passed over for a single. I’m sure that are tons of variables that I don’t know about, but his whole marketing path has been a little strange.

    So, I’m not giving up on him, but alot of us have been waiting 3 years for a hit…three years for an album that showcases who he is on the stage, when he is at his best. So, forgive me if I’m not as patient as everybody else.

  163. As to NOLA’s point above – I continue to be amazed by the amount of time TH fans spend discussing each other rather than TH or music in general. Perhaps that say’s something about the dearth of actual “news” – perhaps it doesn’t.

    “Supporting an artist in his career?” How does posting on the internet help that? Isn’t it astronomically more valuable to bring a potential new fan to a show? Even when GC was at it’s peak one question that always nagged was – “Is this site contributing in any meaningful way to this notion of “success” or is it simply a voyeuristic observation of it?” While the internet helps make it easy for fans to be fans I’m not sure that necessarily translates to the artists one success – if it does at all.

    The continued existence of the GC website would have neither helped, nor hindered Taylor’s career in any meaningful way. It would have significantly hindered the life of the person running it I suspect.

  164. I’m back from my undisclosed location. (I love saying that even if it is lame. haha!) Lots to catch up on, where to begin?

    Kinda surprised by charcoal’s statement about talent being the number one criteria for success. Anybody heard of Tiny Tim? (Wow, where did that old reference come from?) Simon Cowell alone has made tons of non-talented people (and a few puppets) rich and famous with some savvy marketing.

    I read his book. Shocking. Really, his take on the music business is shocking to me. He would take popular TV personalities and have them put out a record. They sold millions. He signed the effing Power Rangers!! I hate the fact that he’s rich and famous in the music industry when he’s really just a good salesman.

    whew! that felt good. Good to be back.

  165. I’m not waiting for a hit. I haven’t been for a long time. I’m just going to enjoy Tay the way he is. I’m going to enjoy his concerts and albums. If he ever does get a hit, great. If not, I’ll still be a fan.

  166. Oh and glad you are back Caryl! Hope you had fun in your “undisclosed location”- LOL! 😀

  167. hicksfan7 Says:

    RE: Sierra Says:

    October 5, 2009 at 9:50 am
    I’m not waiting for a hit. I haven’t been for a long time. I’m just going to enjoy Tay the way he is. I’m going to enjoy his concerts and albums. If he ever does get a hit, great. If not, I’ll still be a fan.

    I am with you on this Sierra – and I would add that I am thankful that he was on AI5 – I am certain I would not have heard of him, or enjoying his soulful talent now, if not for that show.

  168. charcoal, not fer nothin’, but GC turned me from a casual fan to a money spending mega fan. I wasn’t around during AI, but did a lame-ass search for Taylor Hicks after seeing him on TV during the holdiays. That search lead me to gray charles. I got caught up in the intelligent discussion, the excitement as tour dates were posted and became REALLY interested in what this musician was going to do next.

    I bought all kinds of stuff through GC with the click of my mouse, including Taylor’s first two CDs, the Workplay CD and concert tickets. Before GC, Taylor was just that gray haired guy from American Idol who I saw in commercials. After discovering GC, he became one of my favorite musicians. I first heard “The Fall” at GC, for instance, and was reduced to a sobbing mess. I gained a new respect for this guy when I was shown his deeper side.

    Gray Charles mattered, you pompous ass (she said, affectionately)! Deal with it. 🙂

  169. There is some interesting and intellegent discussions going on here. The online fan base is so small. In fact he no longer has many fans anywhere because unlike when he was on AI and the 6 months after he won, he has fallen under the radar. He either has to have a hit song or make a splash in some film or TV show to get back in the general publics thoughts. He knows this fact. Should that not happen, he knows he can tour in the South and up the eastern seaboard and get some parts on Broadway and thus make a decent living. Many more musicians now know him and respect him and are willing to work with him or lend him a hand , another plus. I’m over trying to figure out what went wrong or whose fault anything was in the past. Having been declared the winner of AI5 is a plus. Who knows, he may pick up new fans who watch the rewind shows.

  170. Thanks, Sierra!

  171. Talent is the number one criteria for making good music, for success I think it is the least important in todays world. How else do you explain Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, etc.
    GC was enjoyable at times, but I never bought anything there, never was introduced to anything in particular there, that I already knew or came from elsewhere.
    Some discussions seemed intelligent, many seemed to leave Taylor disembodied.
    Did it matter in a good way? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Thats probably true of most of us.

  172. I have to disagree with you too Charcoal. While that is a very valid point about bringing people to his shows (which I have done several times this summer) I also think that the posting of media and there being an active, thriving fan base online is very helpful. (Or WOULD be if the fans were more united and not so splintered.) And the news and discussion are just plain enjoyable for me at times as a fan. Does that help him? I don’t know. I do know many of us have been trying to play his videos and hit his sites, and it has kept them (the videos) in the forefront for a long time. That can NOT hurt him as far as exposure goes.

  173. Talent is the number one criteria for making good music, for success I think it is the least important in todays world. How else do you explain Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, etc.

    Agreed. Although I’m not sure why I have a secret love for Taylor Swift’s music. Must be my seven year old’s influence. hahahhaa

  174. If you don’t think Justin Timberlake is talented – well, I got nothing. He may not speak to you musically, you might be holding a misplaced grudge at an offhand comment directed at a TV show or something else. But to deny the dudes talent is sticking your head in the sand.

    While Taylor Swift doesn’t have the best voice, or the best music or the best . . . . she’s doing a few things very well. She speaks DIRECTLY to her fanbase in a way that other artists can only wish for. Of course, it helps that her fanbase is exactly her age and demographic. She writes honest, straightforward music in a country music world that is increasingly full of gloss at the expense of those qualitites.

    Hell, Mister Cynical man himself wrote a big piece on Taylor here:


    and here:


  175. I survived being a Taylor fan without reading any blogs boards until the summer of 08. I knew what he was up to by checking out TH news on the net. There was liitle TH news from Jan. 08 when he parted with Arista to May 08 when he announced Grease. I was for Grease because I wanted to see him do Something, see his name back in the news. I jumped on some discussion and fans were going back and forth on some unknown bloggers piece. Recall Bertha was saying nasty things and Tay fans were calling her Jovi and I thought WTH is this. So I checked around and the only truly sane person seemed to be Sunny, who wrote so well but didn’t seem to have many posters. So I made some comments and wasn’t insulted. I ran across Daughtry bashing, other fans bashing, TPTB bashing, all manner of personal gossip, 4 letter words, and the words loons, fanatics and haters as I read different places and saw pics of Tay wearing a clown nose. I thought all of these people are nuts and what does this have to do with Taylor. Funny thing is as a newbie I could see the cliques and how each group thought they were vital to his career . I blamed their collective nuttiness on being isolated for over two years as online fans. And the beat goes on………..

  176. NolaMar – what exactly are you disagreeing with? Hitting his sites? Playing his videos?

    Do this search: http://www.google.com/search?q=taylor+hicks

    Which is what 95% of the people who don’t know Taylor but are curious enough to find out about him will do. Are you happy with the results? Can you influence them? Realize that 80% of the 95% above will never make it past the first page of links on Google.

  177. Snowstorm Says:

    GC is correct… you must have talent, plus good packaging and marketing and a team of professionals working for you. The most important factor.. you must have good songs. Internet presence plays a small role. It’s mostly for established fans, but does very little to attract potential fans.

    The most important factor holding Taylor back is the fact that he went on AI. Music snobs and music purists look down on AI because it’s nothing more than corporate manufactured music, only in it for $$$$$ and ratings. It’s a reality show full of drama, designed to manipulate its audience. In eight seasons, AI has a poor record in churning out superstars… who has gone on this show and made it.. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry. Although Clay Aiken had initial success in the beginning, he made shitty music that nobody bought, so he’s been more or less forgotten. I also think Chris Daughtry will be forgotten in a couple of years as well. His new album is terrible and is no where near the success of the first cd.

    At 33 years old, Taylor is considered too old to be a pop star, so he needs to drop that. If Taylor still wants a career in music, he needs to find himself and pick a genre. For heavens sake, stop with the terrible AC/pop tunes… his voice is not suited to that type of music. He could be a very cool Lyle Lovett type of singer. He needs to find and define himself. He’s all over the place… does not work.

  178. Oh Dear Lord, that article on Taylor Swift made me think of people drinking kool-aid and caught up in an “experience”. Give me a break, I’m just not that gullible. Shes pretty. I’ll give her that. And shes no more country than Simon Cowell. I am very disillusioned with country right now for playing her as they do. It must be very lucrative, thats the only reason I can come up with. It has me baffled. For the pre teen, bubblegum pop crowd, shes fine. But that ain’t country.

    I’ll give you Justin , Charcoal. I almost took his name out of my comment. I don’t personally care for much of what he does, he doesn’t have much voice IMO but he does have some talent, you’re right.

  179. Charcoal, this was the statement I was referring to: “Supporting an artist in his career?” How does posting on the internet help that? Isn’t it astronomically more valuable to bring a potential new fan to a show? Even when GC was at it’s peak one question that always nagged was – “Is this site contributing in any meaningful way to this notion of “success” or is it simply a voyeuristic observation of it?” While the internet helps make it easy for fans to be fans I’m not sure that necessarily translates to the artists one success – if it does at all.

    The continued existence of the GC website would have neither helped, nor hindered Taylor’s career in any meaningful way.”

    I agreed about bringing new fans to his shows. I was disagreeing that your site, or a good active fan site, or fans posting on the internet discussing his music & career, does not or could not have a positive affect. I think they can and should. I “came aboard” by googling Taylor’s music videos back in March. I found out he was touring in Grease, had a new CD coming out, watched tons of videos that got me hooked, found the boards and blogs, etc etc. It’s not all useless or ineffective….

  180. It’s not all useless or ineffective….

    We’re presuming here that your existence is “valuable” correct?


  181. casualfan Says:

    The most important factor holding Taylor back is the fact that he went on AI. Music snobs and music purists look down on AI because it’s nothing more than corporate manufactured music, only in it for $$$$$ and ratings.
    This is very true-especially in the blues community. I hear fans saying all the time that Taylor would do very well in the blues world but in truth the blues community views him as a sell out because of his AI ties.

    I’ll stay out of the conversation from here on out because one or two alleged experts here seem to be holding a captive audience.

  182. Plus, Snowstorm says I’m right so game over.

  183. Snowstorm Says:

    Yup, Charcoal is right… game over.

  184. “We’re presuming here that your existence is “valuable” correct?


    Smart ass.

    My point was not about “me” but about the effectiveness of the internet in drawing fans in. I only used my own personal experience as an example. Maybe I don’t have any value as a fan…. But I have tried to be a supportive one by bringing people to shows, exposing them to his music, promoting his videos and music in my own lame ways… All I have is anecdotal evidence. My friend I took to see him in Atlanta went home and started looking for online videos etc herself. She bought his CD, and asked me to get it autographed for her if I had a chance at a later show. My sister came with me in Houston and she had never even heard Taylor SING before. She was impressed, especially with SMB. I’m not saying all this to toot my own horn. I was simply arguing that the internet does not draw in fans. I think it can and does, even if they are not very valuable ones (like me.)

  185. Why are the clouds growing dark outside and the wind starting to churn? The ground outside my window just split into a deep crevice! I hear screaming! It’s the end of the world as we know it! Hold your loved ones close and pray for your salvation!!

    charcoal and snowstorm agree.

    I’m scared!!

  186. I agree that the Internet can be valuable – I’m just implying that it’s not the driver. Endless push on the internet side won’t necessarily generate people walking in the door.

  187. Lets see, will Ray lose credibility because his song is in a commercial? I doubt it. Most people in the music world understand the need to make a buck and respect it. If they don’t let them remain pure and poor.
    Any one who has known Taylor did not lose respect because he went on AI after years or trying it other ways.
    Did Billy Earl lose respect? Did Ray Charles people lose respect? There are many more but I have to go to work now. It seems to me the only people disrepecting Taylor are the Hollywood crowd and many of his own fans that buy into it. JMO

  188. Snowstorm Says:

    “Any one who has known Taylor did not lose respect because he went on AI after years or trying it other ways.
    Did Billy Earl lose respect? Did Ray Charles people lose respect?”

    Taylor never had respect in the first place. You mean to tell me that someone that goes on a reality TV show and wins gets instant respect? It’s a TV show to find talent, but has so little to do with music, it’s not even funny.

  189. Henry, I have to disagree. Taylor is disrespected by alot of people. He’s become a punch line, honestly. And it really is too bad…because I think he’s a hell of a musician.

  190. OMG. Snow and I agree now.

    The four horsemen are coming…

  191. Very good point Henry. I’m not sure Ray, the brooding artist, is all that well known and respected by serious musicians. Susan Boyle was discovered on a talent show as was Clarkson, and Underwood and few diss them. Blues is just not all that popular with the masses. Most who disrespect Taylor either never heard him and just got caught up on the bandwagon of he shouldn’t have won hype. He won because had a good voice, vast music knowledge and experience from years of figuring out how to grab and hold a crowds attention. In a recent interview he said he studied performance singers including Sinatra. He is using all those same learned skills and lessons in his Grease role. Performance artist is his genre.

  192. Gonna disagree, rosie. Ray LaMontagne is a very well respected artist.

    Taylor won because he’s a good entertainer, not necessarily because of his musical skills. You don’t have to have a lot of musical talent to win AI.

  193. Snowstorm Says:

    I’m convinced the only reason Taylor won is because he was the lesser on the two evils. As I recall, didn’t most people hate Katherine McPhee? I think the reason they hated her was because she was still in it and she caused the elimination of favorites Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin.

    JMO, of course, so don’t get all crazy.

  194. Grey, I just said I’m not sure. I think he is a great song writer but I haven’t conducted a poll. One can win AI without knowing how to play any musical instrument, without knowing how to read notes, and without having been a band leader or performer and without being aware of decades old music. Taylor not only had a heads up in all those departments but he had vocal chops and charisma.

  195. My point is that you don’t have to have the best singing voice to win. You have to be likable and have a good personality. You have to try and connect with the audience, which Taylor did quite well, actually.

  196. Snow, Dial Idol shows he led in the voting every week from the top 24 except for one week when Pickler edged him out by a fraction. Don’t by into the hype he was a mistake. But as I said performance artist is his genre. It was TV and he had the chops and all the rest that America loved and people voted for him. Daughtry, Elliot , Kat and Paris had the vocal chops but lacked most of the rest.

  197. You definitely don’t have to have the best voice to win. Plenty of incredible singers were passed up because they weren’t attractive enough or whatever.

  198. Snowstorm Says:

    No, Rosie.. that’s not what happened. When Daughtry and Elliott were eliminated their fans threw all their votes to Taylor because Katherine was disliked. That’s what happened, dear.

    Dial Idol is a complete joke.

  199. Snow I think it was actually a combination of both things that helped Taylor win. It’s true he was never in the bottom 3- even after Country Roads. Tay was very popular AND the fact that people hated McPhee because she laughed when Elliott was eliminated also contributed to Tay’s win. So I think there were a lot of factors involved.

  200. Snow, one could say that about every season. I know a few Elliot fans who voted for no one once he left and there are hoardes of Chris fans who voted for anyone else but Tay when D left. Kat had fans and made it to # 2. Under your theory, one could say many of Paris fans were lesbians who wanted a girl to win and threw their votes to Kat, when Paris left. Suppositions are silly foder. Tay did well all season.

  201. hicksaholic Says:

    I have to agree not that it matters since it’s all past history. Although Taylor benefitted from the Elliot and even possibly Chris elimination, he was the front runner from an audience perspective from the beginning. remember Simon saying at top 24 or top 12 that he had more people talking to him about Taylor then any of the rest of the contestants?
    Charcoal, I still think if Grey Charles had remained active it definitely would have helped Taylor. I don’t necessarily think it would have led to his success as a recording artist because I think it is so genre driven but I think having a one stop fan site could possibly have hurt him.

  202. Snowstorm Says:

    rosie… what? Were you even on the boards at that time? Kat McPhee was disliked by Elliott fans, by Daughtry fan, by Taylor fans.

    She was disliked.. no if, ands, or buts…. she was disliked.

  203. I didn’t watch AI and even I didn’t like Kat! I got the impression she was conceited. Where did I get that from, though? I must have seen previews or something. I dunno.

  204. I was not on any boards. Are AI boards what rule the world. Don’t you get it that 200,000,000 people world wide saw Tay win although many in other countries, after the fact. Thirty six million Americans watched. Millions of votes were caste each week during AI. The vast majority of voters who voted for any contestant never have been on a board in their life. You proved my point Snow. Boards and online fans take on a life of their own and posters and readers come to think boards, forums, GC are that singers reality. I’ve been doing this for a year and a half, yet I can see that Nolamar is stuck back where I used to be, still in the why can’t fans unite for Tay, and why can’t we all get along phase. She, like me may find all this GC respect odd to say the least. Sorry Charcoal, but I’m sure you know there are many who like Taylor Hicks, but never heard of you.

  205. Sorry Charcoal, but I’m sure you know there are many who like Taylor Hicks, but never heard of you.

    Shit, now I agree with Rosie. It’s a weird day folks . . .

    Although I would change “many” to “most if not all”.

  206. charcoal: and you DON’T agree with me and NolaMar. Who ARE you, man? *weeping*

  207. Dipped nuts, anyone? 😀

  208. O’kay, I’m outta here folks. The wizard has spoken and agreed with me. I really have to start using smilies so less people think I’m an ass.

  209. I think you’re awesome, rosie. In fact, I think you’ve got balls! 🙂

  210. LOL Caryl!

  211. “”Henry, I have to disagree. Taylor is disrespected by alot of people. He’s become a punch line, honestly. And it really is too bad…because I think he’s a hell of a musician.””

    I’m not sure we are disagreeing. What I meant to say was that Taylor is not as a rule disrespected by people who have worked with him. It seems to be the entertainment media that for some reason wanted him to be a joke and people who have never worked with him , know almost nothing about him do jump on the bandwagon at times.
    But muscians that have known and worked with him for years or have come to know him since AI almost always seem to have respect for his ability. I’m trying to think of someone who has worked with him and then turned around and bad mouthed him and offhand I’m not coming up with anyone. Its almost always someone who knows nearly nothing about him as a musician.

  212. Snow, you completely misunderstood me and that was my fault, I was hurrying and not being clear. There were good musicians that had respect for Taylors ability before AI. And I think most of them still do, plus some others.
    Just because we never heard of Taylor before AI doesn’t mean there weren’t a number of people who were familiar with him.

  213. mamaforpeace Says:

    How refreshing! A long interesting thread with almost no bickering:)
    Idol is a two edge sword. Had TH never been on it, most of us would most likely not have heard of him (and what would we do with our time then???). Yes, it may have cost him in credibility, but I doubt he would want to go back to being a “broke musician”. And as we’ve discussed before, he has really honed his skills as a performer. From where he was to where he is now, I would call that a success.
    IAG, lots of people without talent are great recording artists (wonderous things you can do in a studio!). On the other hand, I am constantly amazed by the artists (and it applies to all the Arts, really) who aren’t mainstream, but have loads of talent. I am sure it’s a combination of luck and marketing, being in the right “place” (style wise) at the right time… whatever. If you are an artist (musician or otherwise) and you can make a living off your craft, you are lucky indeed.
    Most of the musicians I have discovered lately have been through some kind of internet connection, and GC was what got me started in that direction, too bad Charcoal, you’re just going to have to take some credit for running a site that encouraged that. Now, internet radio I am sure will help further deplete my wallet. There’s even be the occasional chance discovery on Youtube while looking for someone else.
    Taylor may never have a big hit but I think he will keep performing for a long time. His talent as a live performer will keep him there, along with many others who aren’t mainstream successes.

  214. mamaforpeace Says:

    On a personal note… my husband is an artist. Yep he was a teacher, a construction worker, a computer programmer, but throughout all this he’s kept making beautiful photographs, not mainstream I should add. Some of the people he was with in the rather prestigious MFA program he attented became famous. They may not have been more talented, they were mostly better at marketing, and had more confidence. Meanwhile, he kept making art in “silence”, which mostly friends and family looked at, and the occasional show came along. He asked me a few years ago, “why do I keep doing this?”, and I told him, “b/c you can’t help it”. That is the truth, and if you are lucky enough to find out what you were put on this planet to do, you are blessed indeed! I am glad he is getting more recognition now, mostly local, but I doubt it will translate to $$$. It would be nice, but it’s not what matters most. What matters most is that he keeps following his vision. I have great respect for all the artists out there who keep going in spite of lack of commercial success. John Boutte, anyone? (I know!.. I’ll give him a plug any time I can!).

  215. casualfan Says:

    I don’t mean any disrespect to the GC site or to the people who were and still are fans of GC, but I don’t feel that GC’s site had that much of an impact on TH’s career as is claimed. Sorry, but I know many, many people who didn’t follow GC’s site and were and are fans of Taylor.

    For me at least, the credit goes to Taylor Hicks himself and not to any fan-sites.

    Different strokes for different folks I guess….

  216. You are probably right CF. GC may not have had any more impact on Taylor’s career than any other site or blog about him. BUT those of us who were there at the time look back on it fondly.

  217. Think I need to revise my schedule to work at night and be online during the day . . . I always miss the good stuff.

    Great read with many good points … it’s left me both smiling and a bit wistful. This type of conversation was once quite common . . thoughts shared and perhaps defended but all opinions respected.

    By the time I got to mamaforpeace’s 9:02 post I felt like I was reading a version of what I was already writing in my head. Like her, I find almost all my music via online sources including internet radio. It is nearly a musical wasteland where I live .. I don’t have the luxury of going to shows or even clubs to discover new artists. And I too owe that to Charcoal’s influence. When I stumbled over the Gray Charles blog I hadn’t spent much time on music for years – just too busy and tired to care. GC and some posters on that site quite literally changed my life by renewing my interest in, and love for, music. At times I suspect my husband is not quite as grateful for that as I am . . . .

    Did the GrayCharles blog have any appreciable effect on Taylor’s AI win / career ? . . Did any of the sites ? . . Do any of the current ones have a significant impact ?
    Not sure how you measure that . . it’s a bit like trying to prove a negative – if X never existed would Y be significantly changed.

    Something I do know is I was not alone in saying that finding the GC blog kept me interested in Taylor’s progress on the show . . and in what might happen to him afterwards.
    If I hadn’t become fascinated with Taylor’s story and pre-Idol music , I probably wouldn’t have voted and encouraged (occasionally bribed) other to vote, I definitely wouldn’t have set up an email group for feeding news to people who didn’t want to be online themselves (a high of 31 and only recently weaned the last 3), or done all the other things I have to promote Taylor. But that’s only one person you’re thinking . . yup . . but the people I influenced also talked to people they knew . . who talked to people . . who . . . you get the drift. My home base was GC . . but those of you who were on other sites undoubtedly influenced people in your RW too. And still are by taking new people to shows with you .. or gifting a CD.

    And then there are the “lurkers”. I’m certain that there are many more readers for any open site than there are posters . . and closed sites have members who never , or only infrequently, post a comment. Only site administrators know what the actual traffic is for their site. I suspect the Gray Charles blog was seeing some pretty big numbers. So unless someone has a magic extrapolator, it comes back to how do you measure the total effect of an influential online presence ?

    And there I go pontificating again . . . sorry.
    Final thought . . .Kudos to Grey and everyone else for creating an atmosphere where people feel comfortable expressing themselves.

  218. Great post AH. You reminded me of something. As I mentioned, my Atlanta friend went looking online for Taylor info after the Smith’s concert. She came across BB and seemed not to like that it was ‘private,” and was asking me why you had to join to read there. I don’t believe she ever took the trouble to join. In fact, now that I think of it, she told me that you had to be “invited” to join. That was new just from when i started going there a few months back. So here she is, a “new” fan sort of turned away by the way some things are being done. The new ning site was not up yet – I could have directed her there but now I’m reading that fans are setting up “private” pages and cliques are forming. It’s really too bad…

  219. Stats:
    At it’s peak GC was seeing +20K unique visitors per day. Average page views were an astounding 7.3 per visit as I recall. At the time GC was the second most trafficked AI website in existence – second only to americanidol.com. I would be surprised if current numbers – even at taylorhicks.com – are anywhere near that number.

    I still haven’t settled on where, in the spectrum of an musicians career, the importance of a website lies. One thing I do know is that if you haven’t got the goods (go ahead and read that as “if you don’t SPEAK to someone”) it doesn’t matter how good your web property is. I also know that fans are fickle – if you don’t give them something to love they’ll drift away. There is only so much a blogger or a label can do to make that happen. It takes the artists direct involvement to maximize the benefits of that relationship.

  220. hicksaholic Says:

    So Charcoal, basically what you are saying is Taylor could improve on his web related fan connection? Wouldn’t be the first time that’s been stated.

  221. I don’t think we need Charcoal telling us that. I think that’s pretty evident.

  222. I don’t know if he can improve or not. Does he want to? When I said “maximize” what I should have added was “with minimal disruption to the artist”. Wouldn’t it be great if our favorite musicians spent hours a day telling us what they’re up to? Maybe. But at what cost to the person? I don’t think Taylor’s DNA is such that he would spend lots on time online dealing with fan requests etc. He’s got twitter, does a chat every now and then. Hey, it’s more than many do and it’s less that most.

  223. Charcoal, I’m going to have to disagree. I don’t think anybody is asking for Taylor to spend hours a day responding to fan requests. The problem is he says he’s going to do something, then doesn’t. He’s going to blog, he’s going to video chat, he’s going to do audiocasts.

    But, then I guess he doesn’t have anything to talk about. “Hey, I’m in another city. The cone made it intact.” or “Come see my shadow show in 6 weeks.” Although I would think that an artist would want to share the creative process with their fans. Why wouldn’t he want to tell a story about how a particular song was written? I mean, I think he needs to realize that not all of his fans care whether he wears boxers or briefs.

  224. The problem is he says he’s going to do something, then doesn’t. He’s going to blog, he’s going to video chat, he’s going to do audiocasts.

    At some point, aren’t you going to have to stop caring?

    I would surmise that if TH were doing a multi-stop concert tour no one would give a shit whether he showed up online or not.

  225. At some point, aren’t you going to have to stop caring?

    If I stopped caring, what would be the point of having this blog? Every artist needs fans that “care.” It’s those fans that “care” that create revenue and buzz, generating interest. Isn’t that the focus of any artist that blogs? They are creating their own buzz, their own interest.

    Maybe it’s a sign of his career in independent music that his fans seem to care more than he does. It just seems odd to me that this hardcore musician would go on this tv show, do whatever he had to to win it all, only to end up on Broadway? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

  226. “Caring” – in reference to online presence.

  227. That’s the whole problem. Disappoint fans enough- they DO stop caring and then they drift away.

  228. casualfan Says:

    Nola says:
    I could have directed her there but now I’m reading that fans are setting up “private” pages and cliques are forming. It’s really too bad…
    Nola, Cliques have been in this fandom since the beginning and will continue on. It all started with the GC vs AI board thing and is still lingering on today. These factions have splintered off to their own boards, private forums and private blogs and the beat goes on.

    In defense of private pages being set up on .ning-I can’t say that I blame them. There are people who love signing up to sites and go rooting through profiles, digging up pics and finding anything they consider juicy info to bring back to their lair for conversation. The beat goes on….

  229. mamaforpeace Says:

    For me, it doesn’t matter if an artist has a personal presence on his website. I’ve never been in on a chat, and got very minimal thrill from any audio blog I’ve heard. I think the smartest thing that Taylor did was to allow his shows to be taped. I think that would attract more new fans than any other web “presence”. And more live shows, more live shows, more live shows….

  230. CF Personally, I have been glad BB was “private” because I want to be able to say what I want without being subjected to mockery by a certain group – you know who I’m talking about. But then I saw my friend looking for the online fan base and wondering why she had to be “invited” and approved, and I think she lost interest in participating because of that. So I see both sides of that issue.
    The ning site, being the official fan site, should be different.

  231. IAG: “Although I would think that an artist would want to share the creative process with their fans. Why wouldn’t he want to tell a story about how a particular song was written?”

    Why would you assume that he would? Everyone is different. Just from the few moments I’ve met Taylor, I have come to the conclusion that he’s a little shy and uneasy around people he doesn’t’ know. I don’t think he’s comfortable at all sharing his inner self with thousands of strangers who “think” they know him and expect him to act like he know them. It’s got to be really weird for celebrities. I’m sure some adjust to that and like it more than others. Some might become comfortable with it but I’m sure many never do.

  232. casualfan Says:

    Nola said:
    Just from the few moments I’ve met Taylor, I have come to the conclusion that he’s a little shy and uneasy around people he doesn’t’ know.
    I totally agree with you on this. I can think of several instances where he has tried sharing things only to be torn apart by certain factions hell bent on making a mockery of him and anyone personally attached to him.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that some-not all only want to know what makes Taylor Hicks tic….that can be a very scary thing.

  233. I’m always hearing about how important it is for Taylor to attract non-AI fans (in ADDITION to the AI fans). Hellooo! I’m here! And that’s because of graycharles dot com. I don’t even know what the AI boards are.

    GC was interesting and entertaining. The site made me think and made me curious to learn more about music and the music industry. I’m not saying this to kiss charcoal’s ass, I’m trying to make a point that it was the Internet that got me hooked on following Taylor Hick’s career- partly because I wanted to see how it would all play out.

    But I also became invested in wanting to see Taylor succeed. When you “get to know” an artist you’re more inclined to support them (if you like them! ha). You start to find yourself rooting for them the way you would a friend. Right or wrong, it just IS.

    I remember reading something Tayor wrote on GC about driving to the studio to work on his album and how (I think he said) he was the happiest he’d ever been. It was sweet. It touched me. It was a glimpse into how it feels to make your way through this tough industry. I found myself wanting to help him make it.

    That may sound really sugary and nauseating but it’s a fact. The Internet turned me from an extremely casual fan who wondered if that gray haired guy had a CD out to well…whatever the heck I am today. Bottom line, I’ve spent a lot of money on him since becoming plugged in. LOL

  234. Just so I’m not misunderstood- I really don’t give a crap about Taylor’s personal life. That’s not what I’m talking about. I think it’s interesting to hear about the industry and how a record is made, how songs are chosen, etc…

    carry on

  235. Caryl and I are truly in tune with each other on this one. LOL You express it a lot better than I do.

    “When you “get to know” an artist you’re more inclined to support them (if you like them! ha). You start to find yourself rooting for them the way you would a friend. Right or wrong, it just IS.”

    This is the root of all fan bases I believe, not just Taylor’s. I don’t believe in blind worship of any artist or celebrity. THAT is nauseating to me. But I also think that constant repetitive demands, criticism, and expressions of disappointment from “fans” is not helpful. Feel free to express it, but then rather than keep on beating that dead horse, either accept what is, or move on.

  236. And what I was mainly agreeing with Caryl on is that internet CAN influence a person on to further interest and action, or can turn them away. I mainly found my way to the BB after I started watching vids and seeking more information about the current status of Taylor’s career. Then Charcoal posted those behind the scenes rehearsal vids here and that sparked even more interest on my part. (Haha, that was the first time I ever heard of Gray Charles. At first I thought it might be Taylor himself. Was SO green! Still am I guess.)

  237. Oh NolaMar, I’ve got hundreds more of those kinds of videos . . .

  238. Well, give it up then, Mr.! 😀

    Or you can include a disc with your tell-all book. 😉

  239. Snowstorm Says:

    The minute you stop communicating with fans, is when fans lose interest and walk away. I think GC provided a way for Taylor to communicate to fans comfortably. Once that went away, perhaps he just didn’t feel comfortable anymore. I think he tries to make an effort with Twitter, but I don’t understand his tweets. He is not clear with his communication skills or it’s some kind of guessing game… I don’t know, but I don’t get it. His tweets lack substance… it’s all fluff.

    If you want to compare Taylor to other Idols… there’s no comparison. Other Idol contestents are always twittering and therefore communicating and engaging their fanbases and keeping their interest – something Taylor does not do … Jordin Sparks, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, David Cook, Danny Gokey… they all out Twitter Taylor by miles and miles.

  240. Snowstorm Says:

    I’ve all seen Twitter parites being done by various contestants. Why can’t Taylor do something like this? It’s definitely not something difficult to do. He would be able to reach so many people, other than his regular fans.

    I just don’t get it. Maybe he’s given up.

  241. And what did they do before Twitter? It has not been around that long.

    I did love the last Daughtry Twitter party. Thinks it’s great! Maybe Taylor is just really too busy with the interviews and Grease and moving all the time? The video chat was really good. Hope he’ll follow through and do more of those.

  242. Snowstorm Says:

    So, Taylor Hicks is busier than Adam Lambert, who I think has done three or four Twitter parties so far. That’s laughable.

    The video chat is ONLY for his established fans… they don’t reach anybody outstide his fanbase. People who have left, are not coming back and I don’t blame them. Why should they make the effort when the “star” does not make the effort. It’s a two-way street.

  243. hicksfan7 Says:

    this is just a guess on my part, but I would easily believe that Taylor IS busier than Lambert….he handles a lot of his own business decisions, future plans, all while doing Grease, putting on other shows, rounding up excellent backing musicians, etc. jmho

  244. hicksfan7 Says:

    it would be cool for him if he has a little bit of family and personal life now and then also.

  245. I get on here and the Boogie Board every once in awhile to see what is being angsted over in the TH fandom world. I used to be involved in the discussions. I used to even occasionally angst. I don’t care anymore. I really don’t, but for some reason (habit?) I do find some enjoyment in listening to the conversation.

    Taylor is not ever going to be a big communicator with his fans. I’m sorry, but it is not because he is too busy with the interviews and Grease to do so. He just doesn’t do it much for whatever reason. Twitter is perfect for him because he can throw a few lines out there and his hardcore fans gobble it up and act like it’s amazing. I wouldn’t expect much more from him. This has been a constant theme since GC shut down. It’s just not going to happen. You must accept it.

    Everyone is pretty happy in the TH world right now with the Birmingham shows. Just wait a few more weeks when it settles in that for the next year or so, there will be……Grease…….and a shadow show every couple of months.

    I think that it’s not easy being a TH fan. For some it’s still worth it, and for others it has become too tiresome.

  246. Snowstorm Says:

    Absolutely no way is Taylor busier than Adam Lambert, who just came off the AI tour. Adam Lambert is in the middle of recording a cd, shooting a video, doing media interviews and on and on AND still has time to do Twitter parties. Twitter parties are not brain surgery and only take an hour of time.

    What the hell?? Taylor has a five minute role in Grease. His travel is all taken care of. Grease mgmt. schedules all his media interviews.

    Face it, Taylor is a little lazy!

  247. LOL Snow! Lazy? That’s crazy. Sorry, but it just is. The man could barely stand at the end of the Birmingham week.

  248. And what did they do before Twitter? It has not been around that long.

    It really doesn’t matter what they did before Twitter. The point is…it’s what people do now. That’s the thing…marketing is changing right before our eyes.

  249. hicksfan7 Says:

    ouch – guess she told me, and my ‘guess’ was really wrong

  250. Snowstorm Says:

    Give me a freakin break… he does a few shadow shows every few months and this tires him out? He has a freakin 5-minute role in Grease.. then he sings ONE song at the end.. THAT”S IT!

    What would happen if he went on a actual multi-city tour when it’s one city per night?

    Stop making excuses for him.. it’s ridiculous.

  251. Good point Grey. They need to stay on top of the current trends to market themselves and keep people’s interest. I also agree that Taylor could use Twitter much more effectively.

  252. I’ve always wondered if something happened to Taylor that we don’t know about that’s made him keep the fans at arms length. It’s just a gut feeling. He was so closed-off the first time I met him, I went away thinking, “Good God, what did they do to you?”

  253. I don’t know Twitter, video chats ,,etc. I guess for some they are important, I could care less if Taylor Hicks ever twittered or chatted…I am also a big fan of Elvis, Solomon Burke. Jerry Butler. Jackie Wilson etc,,,,never heard a twitter or a video chat from any of them and here I am years later still a fan..go figure.Not one of the had to “communicate” with me.
    Taylor Hicks put on amazing shows in Detroit & 2 in Birmingham..I have enjoy all of his shows, but these were magic. He just keeps getting better and that’s enough for me. and it seems to me the crowds are getting bigger and there were a lot of young people and men…so I do think the word is getting out that Taylor is the real deal and a musician to be reckoned with.

    Snow..the last thing anyone can call Taylor Hicks is LAZY!

  254. blueberry Says:

    I might be the only one, but I don’t want to follow Taylor on Twitter, hear his audioblogs or participate in the online chats etc. Most days there is not enough time for people who are actually in my life. I don’t care that other people do like those things, they just don’t do it for me and I won’t be any less interested in being a fan if those things don’t happen. On the other hand, I do enjoy the blogs that I frequent – probably because I have a short attention span and get bored with all Taylor all the time. I love the videos and the conversations (well, most of the time). As a fan, I think all I can hope for is that the music never stops. And, of course, some way for a concert schedule to be made public.

  255. Snowstorm Says:

    caryl, his standoffish behavior was clearly noticed on the AI tour. People said he had scowl on his face, didn’t say hi to people after people said hi to him, signed autographs for people like he was a robot going thru the motions. I clearly remember reading this on the AI board. People said he was shy to make up excuses for him. Who knows why?

    All I know is if you are an entertainer, you have to engage people and he failed to do this.

  256. SO this just all goes to show that the communication thing is important to some, not to others. I mean, I’m a big fan of GPN, Derek Trucks Band, Susan Tedeschi, and now Los Lonely Boys. Plenty of others too. But I don’t need to have them communicate with me on a regular basis to stay their fans. I like their music and would pay to see them perform if they came close to me. I only follow GPN besides Taylor on Twitter. Face it – the hard core fans want it for selfish reasons. They want to feel a connection. I don’t need it to remain his fan though. This has been a great discussion. Thanks everybody!


  257. “The man could barely stand at the end of the Birmingham week.”

    I read these stories about how Taylor was physically shaking during a meeting with fans. About how he was so exhausted he was trembling and could barely stand.

    Give me a break. If this 33 year old otherwise healthy guy is so physically spent after his 5 minute Grease appearance and a concert the night before……there is more to this story than being “tired.” Sorry, but that’s a little fishy to me. Maybe the stories are exaggerated by fans that like to feel like they can mother him, or maybe something else gave him the shakes. But I”m not buying that it’s exhaustion.

  258. Snowstorm Says:

    NolaMar, Idol fans are fickle. You do realize that every year there is a new season of American Idol and that people will drift off to other Idols? The Idols have a short amount of time to get fans attention and keep it.. once that attention is lost, it’s over. It’s the nature of going on this show.

    Those acts you listed have nothing to do with AI. Those acts have credibility… Taylor Hicks does not. Most people only think of Taylor Hicks as the American Idol winner and Grease performer… and nothing more than that.

  259. hicksfan7 Says:

    I am proud to admit that I am a FAN of an American Idol Winner and Grease performer.

  260. Now you are being patronizing and repetitive and I’m out of this discussion for now. Sorry!

    Onemore, maybe I’m too gullible about stuff like that but I saw him after the show last show too, and he was spent. Also talked to some friends who met with him who do NOT “mother” him. He had been sick earlier so that probably contributed to it too. I wish I had not even mentioned it now. Wow, we have to argue over weather he’s tired or lazy or whatever? Gee…

  261. Snowstorm Says:

    NolaMar, I’m not being mean to you, but you need a healthy dose of reality. That’s great that you a hard-core fan, but everyone is not like you. If you don’t hold on to people’s attention, they will drift away. You also have to remember that Taylor has had no success in his music endeavors.

  262. hicksfan7 Says:

    “no success in his music endeavors”??????? what?

    He is a LOT more successful than many….he may not be ‘huge’ but he sure has had a good share of success, seems to make a pretty nice living off of those unsuccesful music endeavors of his.

  263. Snow, maybe immature tweenieboppers and fickle AI fans need to have their attention held by gimmicks like twitter. People who appreciate talent and good music don’t. That was my point. I wish you would stop talking to people here like they are stupid! So irritating.

  264. Snowstorm Says:

    NolaMar, NO, it is no immature tweens! Taylor NEVER had tweens!!

    AI fans are notorious fickle…what are you talking about? Every year is a NEW season.

  265. Snowstorm Says:

    deleted by IAG

  266. I’d like to see Snowstorm’s resume.

  267. hicksfan7 Says:

    Snow – while it is possible that you are the most ‘well informed’ of any of us reading here, I have to say I find it very discouraging, disheartening and negative reading your posts.

  268. Snowstorm Says:

    What can I say… I like to be real and set people straight. I have a knack for it.

  269. Snowstorm Says:

    If it’s any consolation… Adam Lambert is in the same boat Taylor Hicks was in three years ago. Right now, Adam is the buzz, but if he doesn’t do anything, he will also be forgotten. In fact, the Idols that get the MOST buzz, have the most to prove and can’t live up to the expectations.

    It’s the nature of American Idol.

  270. hicksfan7 Says:

    Maybe you didn’t watch the finale this year, but Adam did not win.

    Also – I already have forgotten him, never thnk of him, except when a more knowledgeable person brings up his name.

  271. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh please, it doesn’t matter anymore who wins American Idol. Chris Daughtry anyone? Jennifer Hudson anyone? Clay Aiken anyone?

    American Idol is one stupid show… on it’s way down.

  272. “on it’s way down”

    Only because you’ve been so quick to question people’s intelligence and pick apart everthing that has been said….that would be “its” without the apostrophe. You know, just for the sake of educating everyone.

    And there’s just one way to go when you’re the #1 show on television.

  273. Snowstorm Says:

    Touche! But, still petty because if something can’t be argued back, grammer errors are pointed out…big deal!

  274. Good riddance. I hate American Idol. We’re so worried about bullies at school and the consequences of bullying (Columbine) yet we applaud a show that encourages viewers to laugh at people. WTH?

    no, I don’t feel like getting into a debate about it, I’m just in a mood.

  275. Snowstorm Says:

    I’m with you Caryl. Why are people humilating themselves going on this show for some attention and short-lived fame?

    I’m sorry but Simon Cowell is the biggest asshole there is. Did anyone hear about his birthday party in the UK? He spent a couple of millions on his party. What the hell??

  276. Snow, you’re right. My last post was petty. I thought the same thing as soon as I hit the submit button. And I’ve actually agreed with much of what you’ve said lately. Not with you and caryl on American Idol though — I love that cheesy show!

  277. Snowstorm Says:

    I think AI has lost its focus. In the beginning, it was about finding fresh, new talent. It’s turned into a mean-spirted comedy show. Letting Paula Abdul go is a big mistake. I think Ellen will fall flat on her face and the critics will be relentless. JMO, of course.

  278. He got a back rub and motherly advice from the fan who went into details about his shaking, tired eyes and barely able to stand condition. Then too she told we fans that with all he gives of himself to us we shouldn’t complain about our aches and pains trials and tribulations. He had 10 years of having groupies before AI, all musicians lead singers have them. Bet he had no clue he would gain groupies of mothers, grandmoms, spiritual advisers, quack doctors and amatuer psychiatrists and even physical therapists as a AI winner. Don’t fret Tay, it was all worth it just to get all the free business/career advice and grooming tips and gifts. (Insert the entire menu of smilie emoticons)

  279. Rosie, are you serious about this? “He got a back rub and motherly advice from the fan who went into details about his shaking, tired eyes and barely able to stand condition. Then too she told we fans that with all he gives of himself to us we shouldn’t complain about our aches and pains trials and tribulations.”

  280. casualfan Says:

    There are a few fans that Taylor seems to genuinely like for one reason or another and the lady that you are referring to is one of them.

  281. I have no clue to what fans he likes. Yes Caryl she had a M&G after his Fri. night Workplay gig and posted Pics of her with him and gave of recount as I described. Would he want her relay such info back to the fans? Before I made my above post I was in such a good mood from reading all the interesting posts for the 2nd day in a row, until I got to the posts saying Tay is lazy and the 5 min Grease NONSENSE as well as the implication something must be wrong with him to be so wiped out at 33. I wanted to address those posts but my words would have been delete worthy as I was so angry and also angry about Snow’s nonsense and his scowls and not saying hi to fans during the tour. How easy it is for someone to sit on their ass for hours while being critical of Hicks. I need to leave for awhile to compose myself but I have more to say on this subject. CF well damn rubbing on his back is a bit much. Small wonder his body guard told those of us at the rail in NY not to touch him.

  282. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Caryl was on vacation she was not at workplay, couldn’t have been her that wrote that.


  283. Weird. I hope he does like her. She put her hands on him in a personal manner. IDK…I tend to tense up when people touch me. Ew.

  284. WaitForMe Says:

    jerseyirish, rosie left out the comma after Yes Caryl, she didn’t mean Caryl had a meet and greet. I think.

  285. I think invading his personal space is a bit much, too. Have you seen those photos of fans draping themselves all over him? It’s like he’s not a person.

    Relax, Rosie. Deep breaths…in through the nose…out through the mouth. There ya go. btw, I agree with you. I wouldn’t describe Taylor as lazy. He seems to be just the opposite.

  286. Snowstorm Says:

    rosie, every single word I posted is true and people here who were on the AI boards knows I’m telling the truth. First time I saw him at the Idols Live tour, he didn’t make eye contact with anyone, he didn’t smile, he didn’t talk and he looked kinda pissed off. He signed autographs, but kept his head down the whole time. Some women were asking for photos with him and he said no.

    Even caryl said he was “closed-off” the first time she met him. I don’t think he likes fans.

  287. Snowstorm Says:

    I think Taylor is very lazy. I think he wants everything to come to him, without him making any kind of effort.

  288. Taylor’s real personality is definately not the one he portrays on stage. I would hate people swarming all over me too but then again I’m not in show bidness.

  289. I can’t spell well or punksuwait. Haha, the thought of Caryl rubbing on Tay has made me more merry along with two Coor Lights and Malted Milk BALLS, that melt in my mouth. Snow does not seem to be much of a fan of Taylor or his fans. I’m going to skip the long rant that formed in my mind concerning her relaying reports by others of him scowling during the AI tour. It was mostly about stalkers of his parents, fathers office, grandma, all his band members, his hotels, old apartment and the pressure fans had put on him by declaring him the new Elvis and disecting all his body parts. It was a 5 song a night 59 city tour, after gigs, and the dilemma of where to store hundreds of bags of crappy and repetive gifts. Tay is not lazy and the 5 min Grease gig is not 5 minutes. He lives out of a suitcase. There are rehearsals and makeup, travel, sometimes 8-10 interviews a week, signings, M&G’s, 8 shows a week, trying to keep it fresh, singing his single afterwards, wardrobe, shoping for new duds, handling his label thingies, all the business aspects, the payrole, trying to find a dining place where the asses haven’t stalked him, keeping his staff and musicians happy, and the fans. He is involved in planning the shadow gigs that fans demand and involved in what his next career move will be and making sure he gets his hair cut and back fixed and bills paid and his lawyer is on top of things as well as his pr team. then there are gifts to get family and friends and calls to loved ones at home. I hate to think how many personal phone calls he must make to other musicians and fitting in the planning and rehearsals he did for Workplay. He is a handsome 33 yr old who feels he needs to be under the radar and a blanket as far as him seeing any female. At workplay, to have a good look he wore a lined vest over a long sleeved shirt and jumped around for over an hour an a half to put on a good show. The hot lights, his emotional involvement with the band, the special guests, the choir and the energy he put forth made him sweat buckets. Plus he had a cold and I feel like shit with a cold. Has anyone heard of dehydration and exhaustion? Sorry for this gospel type rant, but lazy ass fans with no talent calling him lazy or implying he shouldn’t be wiped out did me in.

  290. Fairhope …how well do you know Taylor’s real personality. I am a fan and have followed him since he opened his mouth and sang A Change is Gonna Come, have been to quite a few shows and I have no idea what his real personality is nor do I think I need to. I would more tend to look at the long time loyal friends he has and that speaks more to me about him then what fans perceive from reading encounters from online posters.Even ones like Snow who know everything!!!

  291. Snowstorm Says:

    Wow, Taylor has a tough life, doesn’t he? How does he do it all? No wonder he has no time to communicate with fans. A single 33 year old man on the road, who has a bit part in a musical and does a few shadow gigs a couple times a month, sure has lots to do. *sarcasm on*

    Oh, and Ro-Ro, his parents pay his bills.

  292. Fairhope, I recall Paula saying Taylor was different off stage. Have you ever seen Harrison Ford or William Hurt on a late night talk show? Taylor comes across now as an extrovert when he does interviews. I couldn’t get thru even half of the Ray interview Grey posted without thinking about starting a campaign for people to send him their old antidepressants or looking up a meth lab near where he lives or arranging a call girl for the guy.

  293. casualfan Says:

    rosie said:
    CF well damn rubbing on his back is a bit much. Small wonder his body guard told those of us at the rail in NY not to touch him.
    I think it’s great that he allowed OBG to get that close to him. He’s went out of his way in the past to show fans kindness and hopefully will continue doing so.

  294. Snowstorm Says:

    I think Rosie’s on meth.

  295. OMG, Snow knows that people call me Ro-Ro, it’s my nickname. I just knew she was a big fan of mine since when I posted on Morphs. Insert the winking smily, not the shocked looking one.

  296. Snowstorm Says:

    No, Rosie.

  297. Snow makes me laugh!

  298. mamaforpeace Says:

    Snow is in that mood for attention. Must be a slow day on the home front. Just ignore, b/c most of this thread was really good until it took a turn towards bickering again.
    I posted earlier that one of the smartest thing Taylor did IMO is to let fans tape his shows. Great PR, don’t you think?
    And IAG, lots of talk about GC and what a great site it was, and it was indeed. But I really do like it here a lot too, so thank you:) I’ve spent this late afternoon listening to last.fm internet station while doing desk work. Great recommendation!

  299. Snowstorm Says:

    No, No, Ro.. you get that honor of being the comedian.. I would NEVER take that honor away from you.

  300. Time for the normal fans to post opinions. Snow and I are going to Wegman’s grocery store to stock up on Nightquil and batteries.

  301. Snowstorm Says:

    Who’s bickering? It’s fun reading Rosie’s posts. I honestly don’t know what to make of them.

    Rosie have you been hitting the sauce, hon?

  302. Snowstorm Says:

    OK Rosie, HAHAHA!

  303. I smell a sitcom!

    “Snow and Ro.” The misadventures of two zany Taylor Hicks fans who disagree about everything!! Can this unlikely pair share blog space without driving each other crazy?

  304. I love good discussions and different opinions and Taylor Hicks. For those who do not read his interviews, he said in that long B’ham interview that he cried so much on his plane trip home from Vegas that he couldn’t even get off the plane. He mentioned his crying from joy in HFOS. Don’t know what he expected from his golden Hollywood ticket. I do know he was estatic for making it that far and perhaps he thought he could go back home and get more and better gigs just from that. How many men admit in interviews or in their memoir to crying over anything? He brought his game to Hollywood and to the top 24. He has me as a fan and like Caryl said I feel for him like I would a friend. This blog and other fan sites are fun, but as a fan and person I just can’t inhibit myself from stating my thoughts in real time. I also enjoy the fun and other fans. Somehow, I do think he gets it that fan sites are for the fans and I hope he laughed if he read the tweets about his old hag crazy fans and and rosie posting about his balls from morning to night.

  305. mama4P did you get the torrent files from the B’ham shows? I’ve been trying to figure it out. Can not WAIT to get them decoded or downloaded or whatever UTorrent does with them. LOL I think it’s wonderful that the show was taped!

    Rosie, you are such an enigma to me soemtimes! LOL!! But mostly you make me smile a lot – just love the way you express things.. 🙂

  306. CF said: “There are a few fans that Taylor seems to genuinely like for one reason or another and the lady that you are referring to is one of them.”

    That is the impression I have gotten over the past several months and why the things Rosie did not seem to like did not bother me when I read them. (Well, they kind of did but not as much as if it had been anyone else saying them…)

  307. That fan described herself as Taylor seemed to trust her. Who could not blame him for not trusting me and my hefty balls comments and wishing to feel up his forearms? He has hired an extra bodyguard just to protect his jewels from the infamous rosie, since Notmyname2 tweeted him about my obsession. He once long ago in a far away place, on a Broadway street, received friendly mail from me- well wishes and humorous quips and Since I left out his balls he even sent me a birthday card and an autographed photo. Taylor, we spoke about Early Works, In Your Time, The Fall, and Somehow and I never touched you or looked down THERE. So shouldn’t we still be good Tay? Rosie (Insert the giggle smilie, the most innocent one)

  308. mamaforpeace Says:

    nola, haven’t figured out how to do that yet. NEED HELP!!!!

  309. hicksaholic Says:

    Some of what snow says are valid points. Taylor did seem very uncomfortable meeting fans during the AI tour and even during his first album tour. I was at HOB in NO and went to the ropes or bus or whatever after Taylor performed and he was signing autographs and he was pretty much as snow described, looking down, very little eye contact, hurrying, in general very uncomfortable. In fact my daughter mentioned he looked miserable. I think he is more comfortable with the fan attention now, for one thing there is a lot less fans. Who knows? Maybe some things happened right after AI that made him act that way and he is just now getting past it.
    I can’t possibly in any way agree that Taylor Hicks is lazy. After watching him perform Friday night at Workplay knowing he had already done Grease and had two more performances of Grease the next day and then Workplay, I was physically exhausted thinking about it. Snow, did you go to Workplay? Maybe you don’t know how much Taylor puts into his performances.
    Anne, I’m a huge Jerry Butler fan too and although I follow him if there is any current news on him I certainly don’t follow him like I do Taylor on a daily basis. I guess the difference is when Jerry Butler was popular there wasn’t all the real time communication there is now. Plus AI obviously allows you to get to know an artist’s personality at the same time you get to see their talent(even if the personality is a fake one). So all the fans think they know a little bit about their favorite. The contestant doesn’t have the same experience. It must be kind of weird to have a fan act like they know you and you don’t have a clue who they are.
    I do want to know. What is a twitter party? Everybody twittering back and forth including the artist?

  310. hicksfan7 Says:

    Missed all the friendly discussion last night – busy watching our MN Twins win the AL Central. Probably a good thing I did.

    I do however have a couple comments to add – if that’s okay.

    Snow you are actually quite a bit like Simon ‘Scowl” yourself – he seems to deem himself the official authority on everything and doesn’t give a rip when he hurts others feelings.

    and this comment is the single most ridiculous thing I have heard from you:

    Author: SnowstormComment:I think Taylor is very lazy. I think he wants everything to come to him, without him making any kind of effort.

    WITHOUT HIM MAKING ANY KIND OF EFFORT????? Are you effing kidding me?

  311. Hicksfan7, and everybody, though I agree 100% with what what just said about it being “the most ridiculous thing” SS has ever said, PLEASE stop commenting on it!! You’re just throwing fuel on a dying ember. Have we not learned by now that the best way to respond to stuff like that is just to ignore it? PLEASE??? I’m begging….

    Mama4Peace, If I figure it out I will let you know. Gonna go check now and see if what I did yesterday was the RIGHT thing. It’s funny because the guy or guys that tape the Grace Potter concerts put up the actual MP3 downloads along with the others. But this taper (who did the WP concerts) might be more typical. Lots of people seem to know how to handle this type of thing. I’ll get back here with a report…

  312. Happy Birthday Taylor


  313. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    October 6, 2009 at 11:49 pm
    That fan described herself as Taylor seemed to trust her. Who could not blame him for not trusting me and my hefty balls comments and wishing to feel up his forearms? He has hired an extra bodyguard just to protect his jewels from the infamous rosie, since Notmyname2 tweeted him about my obsession.
    LOL-I doubt you have anything to worry about Rosie. The poster you are referring to is a deep troubled soul and it’s well documented-by her own actions.

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