Help!! I’m being sucked back in….

Every once in a while, I think to myself…Ok, I’m done. I don’t need to hear every little bit of Taylor news. I don’t need to know where he is 24/7. I don’t care who he’s dating. I just am going to back to my normal life and leave Taylor in the past. Every time, Taylor then does something to pull me back in. I knew that the Mecca weekend would bring some pretty good videos. I knew Taylor would be on his best behavior and put on a hell of a show. I don’t think he disappointed anyone. Not even me.

Here are some of the videos responsible for my inner fangirl seeing the light of day:

Wow. Tons of emotion in this one…

I haven’t listened to this song in a very, very long time…and hearing it brought back some memories…good and bad. I can’t say enough about Brian Less. He is seriously awesome!!

Josh Smith. AMAZING. If you’re like me, you’ll skip to about the 4 minute mark when the magic begins. What can I say? WRIR is not one of my favorites…but damn, the ending is fantastic!!

Whew. I’m about spent. But this one…is very cool. Love, love, love the original ones.

Shut up and sing. I voted for you.



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  1. hicksaholic Says:

    Only thing better than the videos—- being there. I told my Bham friend that if Taylor opens a club up there that he is just going to drop into I may have to move to Birmingham.
    I want someone to do a scientific test on some of us and measure the good endorfins(?) that are created at a live Taylor concert. I swear it is a natural high that takes a few days to come down from. You just want to go around telling everyone you see how incredible it was.

  2. cendrillon0308 Says:

    Just got home after a wonderful weekend in Birmingham. Friday & Saturday nights were amazing with Taylor, Brian, & Josh tearing up the Workplay stage! I was reduced to jello by the end of Friday night’s show.

  3. Haha glad you’ve been sucked into the vortex and noticed you stole Frenchy’s line. My favorites were The Runaround and MYS from Fri. night and Dust My Broom and Sat. he and Ona sounded great and I loved his drama with NFF. He is one of a kind and damn ballsy for doing all he did last week and working it out with Billy Earl, The choir and Ona. The freaking choir was in a nightclub having a revival with Tay and the audience. Brian is special and it seems lots of guys who know and or work with Taylor like him and enjoy and respect him. Don’t fret Grey, he will get his music out there and has so improved since his 07 tour, well he just amazes me. Also I need to mention I saw him do some damn sexy pelvic thrusts on some of the vids. He has been using his looks and sex appeal to his advantage and I like that.

  4. Rosie, what line of Frenchy’s did I steal?

    If you’re talking about the “Shut up and sing, I voted for you”, Taylor said that in the last vid. 😉

  5. Oh, well Frenchy says to teen angel, “I voted for you”, and it gets a huge laugh. I saw all the vids posted elsewhere but haven’t yet memorized them. lol

  6. Okay girls, don’t freak on me but….Am I the only one who noticed all the nose twitching, tugging, whatever you want to call it during the dust my broom vid? I saw it live and was very distracted by it. Just saying…nervous habit or another kind of habit???????

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Great videos, knew the shows would be fantastic on his home turf and the folks of Alabama cheering him on along with his fans from all over. It had to be a wonderful feeling for him to see the house packed both nights.

    Rosie, You are right, he has come a long way from Idol, he is polished, gets a hold of the crowd and doesn’t let go til the end.

    For all of you that went I have been reading the same thing over and over, the Taylor high is a hard one to come off of, not that you want to. So glad everyone had such a great time!!! 🙂


  8. Fairhope, you are getting bold! Didn’t DMB come rather late in the concert? Someone on the BB said Tay was wiped out and shaking at their M&G Fri. night and could barely stand so I just think he was beat. They overheard him telling Clay that if he talked anymore he would be no good for Grease shows on Sat. or Workplay. So no, I think he is too smart for that and to into the business end of his career to Blow It. He had a cold all week and missed the prior Sun. Grease performance, a rarity. So my opinion is no, plus given all his other nervous habits. Allergies anyone!

  9. Let’s hope allergies. No the nose thing started about half way thru the concert after he ran off during WRIR. He may have needed a little pick me up. Who nose (knows)?

  10. I’m LMAO because I read the last paragraph of JI’s post which I’m sure she wrote before reading FH’s post. Now some will call this not only a hate blog but scandalous. My taste runs to freedom of discussion and that is why I like this blog. We love you Tay, lip sucking, nose rubbing and ear picking unbuttoned chest fur revealing music man.

  11. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that he’s been accused of that. Honestly, I have no idea if he is or isn’t. But it’s not like it’s an uncommon occurrence in his profession.

  12. Grey, I agree with all you wrote. I did notice the nose thing when I first watched the vid but I saw it out of sequence, and thought nothing of it. I must say FH was brave to bring it up. She was there Fri. night and she watched the vids and I know she is a fan, although an uncircumised fan, non SP groupie. Who knows. It is the high pressure music business plus the factor of AI fans and demands to succeed and reach expectations and he does work his ass off. I did watch again and won’t comment further or judge. Hope no one goes off the deep end because we few discussed this.

  13. My spelling above blows and sucks!

  14. I just thought he was snotty ~ up close at Marty’s you could tell that he was stopped up and had trouble breathing through his nose…
    Don’t know if he could inhale air much less entertainment through his nose! Too many boogers!

  15. Yeah, and it wasn’t cigarette smoke at the Waffle House, it was the AC. So cold we could see his breath. Remember that?

  16. It was not “brave” to bring it up. It was ridiculous. Can’t the man have a cold or flu for Gods sake? Why would anyone jump to that conclusion and spread a rumor with no evidence? And what business would it be of anyones anyway?
    Hes had a cold or flu ever since Houston. 🙄

  17. Can’t we discuss it, Henry? Nobody’s spreading rumors. Fairhope asked a question and now we’re having a civil discussion about it. That’s what we do here. Discuss things.

  18. Hi Legacy, where were you at Marty’s? I didn’t see you.

  19. I don’t think he would have been so exhausted at the end if he had been using something. He probably would have been flying at the end not ready to fall down. He did seem hoarse when he spoke so I’d guess his allergies were acting up. My nephew has allergies and he fools with his nose too when they are acting up. Drives his Mom crazy. LOL.

  20. Discuss what? The fact that Taylors got the sniffles. Thats the only fact you have. Discuss away. But you will be spreading a rumor at the same time. You can’t have one without the other.
    Discuss things. 😆 Piss and moan about things would be more like it.
    I will leave you to your “discussion” .

  21. hahahahaha…ok, and I’ll leave you to your semantics.

  22. You are so right about WRIR and the way he ended them both nights grey. Everyone was blown away by that! Where is NFF??? I MUST WATCH before I go out of town for three days. I fly out in the morning….

  23. Here ya go, Nola.

  24. I think you’re right on this Henry. Seems like all it takes anymore is a whisper and it’s all over the internet. An innocent question can become a fire storm.

  25. I like to discuss things. 🙂 I don’t care if he does or doesn’t. I really think his nose was dripping from the end of a cold. But if he did that night, he would have been cleaning the tables and mopping the floor, lol, instead of putting on a show like that! The man can entertain!!

    IAG, can I tell you, you sounded like Nurse Ratchett in the above post. 🙂 🙂

  26. Nola, yes, I was next to Ona for most of Taylor’s time there, and then was over visiting with Leif, and Zippy…. stayed in that one area most of Sat. night. I was all over the place Friday.

  27. Henry, she was brave to bring it up and my friend, and you know I respect your opinion, you have just proven how brave she was to do so. No rumors have been spread. Legacy, of cellcert fame and a true fan like me hasn’t freaked out. I do think it was his cold and tiredness and his nervousness of doing the long song with less than ideal rehearsal. It would be no one’s business but his, you are 100% correct about that. We are just fans who like him, hope for the best for him and enjoy his music. Believe me when I say that I think fan sites such as this are good for Taylor in the short and long term.

  28. Legacy, I bet Ona is a really cool dude!

  29. WaitForme was as funny as all heck with the Nurse Ratchette comment. That is real comedy and great way to break the ice in this new fan thingie. I predicted once he went on vacation there would be a meltdown. We have all Flown Over The Cukoos Nest. Period.

  30. taylorfan06 Says:

    iag – there are much worse things you could be “sucked” in by these days. seen the music charts lately?

  31. mamaforpeace Says:

    Grey, I told you you would see all that emotion you’ve been asking for in MYS. Definitely a highlight of the night for me.

  32. mamaforpeace Says:

    His voice was hoarse. I was afraid at first that he was going to have real trouble getting through the show. But he is a “bete de scene” as the French saying goes (loosely translated as a “stage work horse). Definitely a cold, or allergies, or exhaustion, or a combination of those. In the end, though, his business, and I don’t care.
    And I have decided that he can do Grease as long as he wants/needs to as long as we get those shadow tours!

  33. Here’s another two cents worth….he was sick. Sat. nite he remarked that “Ya’ll are gonna kill me” (then –paraphrasing–“we’re gonna rock this house tomight”!)

  34. Fairhope Says:

    September 28, 2009 at 7:45 pm
    Let’s hope allergies. No the nose thing started about half way thru the concert after he ran off during WRIR. He may have needed a little pick me up. Who nose (knows)?
    Have I told you lately that I heart you? LOL!

  35. hicksaholic Says:

    For what it’s worth I was there Friday night and noticed the nose wiping all night. The next day when I was at Auburn a friend said she had mentioned that I was seeing Taylor last night and whoever this person was called Taylor a cokehead. I hope it was a cold but like someone pointed out above it’s not that unusual in Taylor’s line of work. If ever he did need a pick me up it would be at the end of Bham week. Bottom line, he’s not my husband, my son, my boyfriend or even my friend- it’s his life and his business.
    That’s why I like this blog too. Freedom of discussion. No one is accusing Taylor of anything.

  36. hicksaholic Says:

    I forgot about him running off Friday night. That was the first time I have ever seen him do that. I thought he might have been sick. I was worried he wasn’t coming back.
    There is one thing that should not be debated however and that is that Taylor put on one hell of a show this past weekend. I just wish some of the naysayers regarding his career could have been at either show and then given their opinion of Taylor.

  37. hicksaholic Says:

    Are there any more shadow tour events scheduled? I am debating on Orlando but I doubt it will be a great venue for Taylor. I am getting spoiled by venues like Workplay and Smith’s.

  38. mamaforpeace Says:
    September 29, 2009 at 1:59 am e

    Grey, I told you you would see all that emotion you’ve been asking for in MYS. Definitely a highlight of the night for me.

    Yeah, I was pretty impressed by that. It used to be a pretty rare event for Taylor to sing songs like that. Now, not so much…and I love it!

  39. Bottom line, he’s not my husband, my son, my boyfriend or even my friend- it’s his life and his business.


  40. OMG, look at this picture! LOVE IT!

  41. Nola…I love that pic!!

  42. I wish all the fans would stop the “I think” and “she said”. You sound like a bunch of old gossips.

    Can’t you just be happy with the great concerts that Taylor gave you?

    You are pathetic! What is your problem!

    Didn’t he give you all he had and a bit more to boot? Enough already!

    You do know that this blog is open to everyone. Don’t you think that someone just might pick this up and run with it. Great way to start a smear campaign.

    On a lighter note.. Thanks so much for all the great video! Taylor did himself proud!

  43. I have no doubt that Taylor put on one hell of a show. He was on his home turf and with his family and close friends there-that’s to be expected. Rarely does he ever not deliver.

    I’ve ventured onto various blogs reading recaps and they are all fantastic and I’m happy for the ones who got to see the shows. It was not surprising to read about the peace pipes that were passed between the various individuals who have trashed each other in emails to other people, IM’s-saving of the IM’s because of paranoia, chat rooms, private chats, phone calls and on blogs-then all come together like they have been the best of friends from the start. Them regaling their stories of how well they all got along and how happy they were to finally meet face to face has provided me with hours of entertainment and it’s greatly appreciated. 😉

    Sounds like Taylor’s allergies were acting up pretty bad-anyone who has allergies and goes into B’ham should know this. If Taylor wants to snort laundry soap up his nose, his ass or his Mr. Winky-He’s a musician and “bad boy” behaviour goes with the territory.

    Oh the BTW-I did indeed finally watch some of T’s video’s and I heard MYS. I have to apologize for my comment about him not singing slow songs very well. He poured his emotion into that song as he does all others. Whatever the future holds for Mr. Hicks, I hope it involves his music because that is clearly his calling in life.

    Ok, babble time is over. 😉

  44. True about Brian Less being seriously awesome! He makes it look so damn easy.

  45. If he was a cokehead, wouldn’t he be a LOT thinner?

  46. None of us would say he’s a cokehead. All I’m reading is some light-hearted banter about it………’s obvious he’s not feeling 100%

    as an aside, I usually fast forward thru MYS on the CD, it’s just…boring
    BUT listening & watching him sing it at this show, it virtually brought tears to my eyes!

    Damn, that boy needs a live album!

  47. You’re right, Barb. A live album would be fantastic. That’s why when I listen to Taylor it is very rarely a track off of the album. It’s usually from a concert. 🙂

  48. I worked with a cokehead once. He was skeletal- frightening looking, and he was ALWAYS in the bathroom.

  49. Wow, you women are very naive or have you been away from music so long, that you don’t what goes on? Don’t tell me you bought into the AI manipulations that Taylor is a sweet Goober-like southern gentleman, with no vices?

    Most (but not all) musicians and entertainers have, at one time or another, has done recreational drugs.

    On a side note, a very good friend of mine was invited to one Taylor’s after shows and she told me Taylor was heavily drinking and smoking weed. This person has no reason to lie.

  50. On a side note, a very good friend of mine was invited to one Taylor’s after shows and she told me Taylor was heavily drinking and smoking weed. This person has no reason to lie.

    ===============================================Can’t help myself: So what.

  51. So, he ran off in the middle of a song? How long was he gone? Then he came back and finished the song? Did he offer any explanations?

    A singer does not run off stage in the middle of a song, unless there is something wrong. That is odd.

  52. “help myself: So what.”

    This is what happens when fans become over-invested. Fans think the one they admire is as pure as the driven snow (no pun intended).

  53. Snowstorm of course Taylor is pure as the driven slush, I saw him getting a eagle scout award they forgot to give him just recently.
    🙄 🙄

  54. Snow who cares. I think small quantities of pot should be legal. Isn’t it ironic that no one from his past is ratting him out for attention or describing his Wet Willie, but you Snow feel a need to report what someone told you? As for the running off thing, I saw vids that showed him way off in the wings in order to give attention to the other players. Depending where one was seated it looked like he had left the stage but I do believe he was in the left wing.

  55. henry8, over-invested much? Please lady, you are in serious need of a life! Taylor Hicks 24/7 is not healthy. Lady, don’t you have a family? Anybody?? Something tells me you stab family members in the back, before you would stab Taylor Hicks. I think you are a sick twisted mental case.

  56. Rosie, just setting the record straight. Musicians do drugs. Why is this so shocking?

  57. BTW, Snow, you are the only one acting like an old bittie with your gossip and “That is odd” comment. Just thought I’d point that out to you.

  58. What gossip? These are facts! Running off the stage in the middle of a song means that something was wrong. When was the last time you been to a concert? I have never seen anybody run off the stage and I have been to many shows.

  59. Snow–Watch It! I can be as mean and snarky as the best and do so with humor, but I like fans getting along so I refrain. You are trying to stir the pot and you just might get burned. Cut the crap…

  60. rosie, stop being so naive. Admit it, you put Taylor up on a pedestal and now you don’t like it when some facts come out that are not up to your expectations.

    I have some advice for you… GO. GET. A. LIFE. Stop being so over-invested in this guy, who does not care the least about you.

  61. Hey ya’ll Sunny was in the hospitol. I think she could use some cheer from those who know her.

  62. I believe the drinking and the weed smoking, just not the coke because as I said, I worked with someone who was a cokehead.

  63. mamaforpeace Says:

    I don’t know Sunny, but I wish her well! Get better soon!

  64. mamaforpeace Says:

    Snow, I have been refraining from saying anything back to you b/c I think you thrive on the attention, and sometimes you are actually pretty entertaining, but let me tell you this. When I picture you in my mind (since I have absolutely no idea who you are), I see an old, bitter woman with a scowl on her face, who drinks and smokes too much. Now you may be nothing like that at all, and if you were, that would be ok. I have friends like that, though I don’t spend too much time with them as I find their negativity hard to deal with. I’m just saying that’s the picture that comes to my mind when I read your posts. Lighten up, girl:)

  65. taylorfan06 Says:

    I wish all the fans would stop the “I think” and “she said”. You sound like a bunch of old gossips.

    Can’t you just be happy with the great concerts that Taylor gave you?

    You are pathetic! What is your problem!

    Didn’t he give you all he had and a bit more to boot? Enough already!


    Well said sweetay!!!! Taylor gave 100% and entertained the hell out of the crowd.
    That’s enough for me.

    It appears that the speculation and overanalyzing continues….


  66. mamaforpeace, FYI, what you described is the total opposite. I’m a health nut in my late 20’s. I have never smoked in my life and only a social drinker. I was never part of the Soul Patrol and never posted on fan boards, but I do lurk for entertainment. so I not someone you or anybody would know.

  67. Sierra, I also don’t know of any coke problem or hard drugs abuse. But, he does drink and smoke weed. Unless, there’s real evidence the coke is a unsubstantiated rumor.

  68. Snowstorm you are such a contradiction! But I have to admit you are always entertaining.

    I think I read that the man in question is on vacation and scenes like this always start when he away from the public. I think I didn’t believe it when I read that, but now…wow, it sure didn’t take long! The good feelings from all those wonderful videos must have already worn off – and I’m not through all of them yet!

  69. Word was, he was feeling badly as soon as he hit town. His allergies tend to ramp up, every time he’s back home, and, he’s always fiddled with his nose when they do.

    What song did he run off in the middle of? I remember him running off at the end of a song, then coming back to do the 3 song encore on Friday. On Saturday, he ran off during the last song, My Sweet Lord, but that was the old pretend you’re finished, then come back on stage trick. He went off and came back on 3 times, none of which were long enough to do anything more than stand stage left.

    Taylor admitted in his book, that he did recreational drugs during his bar days. He also drinks during shows, sometimes. He asked for a beer Friday night. If there are fans who truly believe Taylor was, is, or will always be pure as the driven snow, they probably make up 1% of the fans, if that.

  70. All I have to say is.. if a Very Good friend of mine was invited to a Taylor Hicks after-party and he or she didn’t bring me along … WELL…He or she would no longer be a friend of mine. LOL.
    On a further note if I WAS ever invited to something like that, I would know how to keep my mouth shut. Everybody deserves a private life. Enough SAID.

  71. On Fri. night when he was singing Once Upon A Lover, he casually walked to far stage left to give the bongo player and drummer the limelight. Some there thought he left the stage and while that was reported on the BB from the cellcert it wasn’t true. He sang one more song and then sang Dust My Broom. So he was definately not off snorting anything before DMB. He did fiddle with his nose a lot during DMB but I’m sure it was allergies, but i don’t think Fair did anything wrong by posing the question. So Snow you can stop with the running off in the middle of a song nonsense, since he did not. Some of you act like the National Enquirer and TMZ read here.

  72. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, At work today I got a request and the last name of the client was “Ballsey” couldn’t stop laughing thinking of you and all your comments!!! 🙂


  73. Sunny posts here and she has the blogs Idol Blues and Sunny’s Spin Shack, link above right. She was looking forward to going to B’ham to see Tay.

  74. One more thing. Snow I said you were the one acting like a gossipy old bittie because you were spreading gossip from your so called friend. Any you come of as creepy by continuing to claim many or most of his fans are naive old women who aren’t in reality about drugs and think he is Mr. Clean.

  75. Should say ^ And you come across as creepy———

  76. Snowstorm Says:

    September 29, 2009 at 12:31 pm
    henry8, over-invested much? Please lady, you are in serious need of a life! Taylor Hicks 24/7 is not healthy. Lady, don’t you have a family? Anybody?? Something tells me you stab family members in the back, before you would stab Taylor Hicks. I think you are a sick twisted mental case.
    ***seriously spit Crystal Lite all over computer screen***

  77. OK, almost everyone on this thread sounds like batty old nut jobs, me included. Hope everyone got to see the vids and hope Fair saw WHTHI with Ona because they sounded great and Tay did some sexy moves. I want Nils to come over and speak her mind and I hope we can get off this bitching crap and nose rubbing. One thing I’d bet on is Taylor will never hook up with anyone who has ever posted one word or any blog or even remotely know anyone who has.

  78. You people are hysterical.
    And snow, try to pay attention. NO ONE CARES.
    You don’t like being challenged much do you. 😆

  79. mamaforpeace Says:

    Help me! How can the discussion about such a great show degenerate into this crap? Can we get back to the music, pleeease! I still am feeling so good after Saturday’s show (though a bit tired after going back to work today!). I can’t believe that anyone seeing these videos, or like those of us lucky enough to be there couldn’t take Taylor as a serious musician, and a very talented one at that! The man has been working hard to perfect his craft. I was watching an older video from Workplay, and the quality of his voice, the control he has over it, the comfort level with the audience says it all. The raw talent was there, but he has really grown as a performer.

  80. Kathy, my friend lives in NYC. I don’t live anywhere near NYC. He was drinking and smoking at his private party, but it was held in a public bar. He made no attempt to hide what he was doing, neither were any band members or his friends.

  81. How anybody can eat, talk, sleep Taylor Hicks 24/7 is beyond me. I’m sure Taylor would rather have his fans have REAL lives and not make him the center of their lives.

  82. OMG…now I’m really worried….when I was in Birmingham this weekend my allergies where horrible and I sniffed and wipe my nose continually..oh shit now everyone is going to think I’m a cokehead .I even occasionally left the room to blow my nose OH NO!!!big rumors are going to spread

  83. The raw talent was there, but he has really grown as a performer.
    Moma-I totally agree with this. Taylor has indeed grown as a performer and as much as I hate saying this: Grease is responsible for much of that growth.

  84. You’d have to be deaf and blind to not see how much better he is than he was in 2007. He also talks more with the audience and the praise he gets from his Grease role has boosted his confidence and thus he handles the press interviews with ease. Coming off of his AI win he seemed shy and afraid in interviews. Even on Larry King he held back and didn’t joke or smile much. I think he is happy with the way things are going and feels free to take new risks.

  85. It was his best show ever I think and the videos coming out ot it are outstanding.

  86. rosie-I think Taylor had to adjust to all that was given to him which is not surprising. It had to have been overwhelming for him seeing the sensation that he caused. I really feel like Taylor just wanted his voice heard and was not prepared for what he got. Being compared to the likes of Elvis Presely and other legends is scary and can be very intimidating.

    I also feel that all the controversy has helped him grow as a musician and as a person. When one faces such travesties there are only 2 choices-either one can walk away and fold or one can stand up, learn from what has happened and become a stronger person. I think Taylor took the latter.

  87. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF and rosie, absolutely agree about Grease! And I was one who was really unhappy with the icecream cone choice. Now, I do think it has helped him grow in confidence, and b/c of it, he has been able to do these shadow tours. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to deal with the sudden fame AI brings, but he has moved on. He may still be singing in some small clubs (some not so small!), but he has moved way beyond being a bar singer.

  88. So many posts and now I’m lost. Whoever said he did 3 encores on Friday night must not have been there. It was just one. I was right in the middle on the floor and couldn’t see where he went but it was during the bongo solo.

    Honestly guys I think it was a nervous tick or maybe a habit when he gets in the “zone”. Didn’t mean to bring Henry8 out!!!!!

  89. I agree with the Grease thing Mama. I was one of the first to speak out against that idea but it is what it is and can’t be changed. If anything it has been a good learning and seemingly fun experience for him and has provided an invaluable platform for him to build on. From what I have learned about Taylor, his mind is always turning and he is continuously planning. It will be interesting to see where the next door that opens leads too.

    Taylor may have a lot of quips and vices (we all do) but the man is smart and highly intelligent. I think he has a lot of people to answer to and it’s not always easy to make the right decisions and to please everyone.

  90. chuckle 😆

  91. Keep it nice, folks.

  92. Okay, let’s change the subject.

    Who was the cute litle bass? player in the back by the drummer? He looked like a deer in the headlights all night.

  93. All you have to do is go to Taylor’s ning site and look at the picture he posted of him on the stage at Grease. He is not the teen angel in the picture. He is Taylor being Taylor. The entire huge.. and I do mean HUGE.. audience is on their feet and honestly loving him! Can’t see a darn thing wrong with that picture! It is how it is, and IMO that’s pretty darn good.

  94. LOL! FH at first I thought you were talking about a fish-Bass LOL!

  95. mamaforpeace Says:

    Sweetay, I think we were saying that we had come to agree with you:)

  96. I am confused on ST’s post. To my knowledge-no one is disputing what she is saying. ***scratches head***

  97. CF…I can’t tell if it was a bass guitar or a regular guitar…what the hell, the little dude was cute.

  98. mamaforpeace Says:

    AIG, about being sucked back in… at the beginning of the show, I thought,”why am I here? I don’t really need to see yet another show”. I was totally ready to be disappointed. Now, I am wondering when the next show will be that I can find an excuse for attending. Ha!

  99. Know doubt one of our many wonderful sleuths will have the answer to your burning question soon my sweet friend. 😉

  100. Anne, I love you to pieces!

    Jason “The Kid” Parker is the bassist.

  101. Holy shit. That’s all I’ve got to say about this.

  102. He’s finally decided to move his hips in THAT direcction. Yay! 🙂

  103. Fairhope, I was there, and said he did a 3-song encore, not 3 encores (I wish LOL).

    There’s no denying much of his improvement has come from the Grease gig. Guess every cloud does have a silver lining. There were some truly stellar performances by him this past weekend & WGHI was one of them.

  104. hicksaholic Says:

    It is amazing to see how much Taylor has grown as a performer. I think it also helps that he is in his hometown in a familiar venue playing with people he loves and trusts. In addition he had to have known he would have a truly appreciative audience.
    Mama, I know exactly what you mean- Workplay was supposed to be the end of my three fold Taylor trip beginning at Smith’s, then Beau Rivage and finally Workplay. Now I am trying to figure out where he might be doing another shadow tour and seeing how I can attend. Taylor truly does suck you right back in.
    Did you see the New Found Freedom video? I missed Saturday night but it is up on the Boogie. Brian is even more fun to watch than Taylor. It almost looks like he has one hand tied to the keyboard trying to pull loose to go out on the stage and dance. He really gets into it.

  105. I am announcing the start of a new sub-group of the SP…
    The Official Brian Less Is More Groovin’ Chair Dancers of the SP!!

    I LOVE Brian, he’s fantastic!!

  106. Holy shit is right, Grey!
    and man, can Jeff Lopez EVER PLAY that sax!!!!!
    Having a blast watching these vids.

  107. New Found Freedom from Workplay:

  108. Sorry Grey, didn’t notice you posted NFF already…………..blonde moment!
    Feel free to remove, OK?

  109. There is a better, more frontal view of Tay WGHI floating around. Watching him using all his talents gave me warm fuzzies.

  110. hicksaholic Says:


  111. hicksaholic Says:

    Already found it!

  112. What is even more amazing is how well he does with different musicians. You always hear about a group needing to play together ALOT to mature as a group but Taylor is not able to do that since his gigs as spread out. Granted he has some history with a lot of the people he plays with but history doesn’t replace practice plus alot of time there is a totally new member. Not to mention that Taylor would not be an easy one the play for given the fact that they never know what he is going to do. LOL.

  113. Dee, girl you said it! He is quite the band leader and leader period. Even the regulars keep their eyes on him looking for his impromto changes. I get a kick out of watching the young guy Fairhope mentioned because he seems in awe of playing with Tay and the guys. I could see how Ona and B.E.M. liked and respected Tay just from watching their body language. And Snow Tay has risen on my Meter gage as a musician and talent and next time you would serve yourself better if you’d watch some of the vids before coming over to howl.

  114. Taylor is a professional on stage-no doubt about that.

  115. the videos, the songs and the talent level all impressed me greatly. Just wish I coulda been there

  116. itsallgrey Says:

    September 30, 2009 at 12:18 am
    Holy shit. That’s all I’ve got to say about this.

    Incredible! Okay song by itself, but perfection with Mr. Watson! This is why I am a fan. And the sax – all who attended this show are fortunate indeed!

  117. Grey, he just has the best instincts when it comes to how to best interpet the words and music with movement. Bet his parents think how in the heck did they produce this music man. So many who make it come from musical family backgrounds and are given lessons and even pushed, but Tay was just born to do it. His first week on AI, after Levon, he said he just loved music. Now I know he meant it.

  118. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, man! Can’t I do all over again??? Watching all the vids makes me want to roll back time:)

  119. hicksaholic Says:

    I know- I keep looking to see if any more shadow dates will appear.

  120. The Parker kid on the guitar…who else does he play with? Where is he from? Just looked very familiar to me.

  121. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Thanks so much for these vids…reminds me all over of why I am such a a fan. WGHI…Holy shit indeed! Mercy!

  122. FH-try googling him. You can also youtube his name to see if anything comes up.

    All right everyone….as Taylor would say: BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. I don’t know If I said it already but …I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  124. hicksaholic Says:

    I wonder if mj would put up a couple of these videos if I sent them to her?
    Also did anybody notice coming out of Workplay on Friday night the girl with the photo album hawking “Beautiful Taylor Hicks pictures, get your beautiful Taylor Hicks pictures here!” It reminded me of the beginning of the “Pretty Woman” movie when the guy is on the street corner selling Hollywood stuff. I thought it was funny.

  125. OMG! That was me!!!

  126. hicksfan7 Says:

    just thanks to everyone who filmed and shared.

  127. CF: “Oh the BTW-I did indeed finally watch some of T’s video’s and I heard MYS. I have to apologize for my comment about him not singing slow songs very well. He poured his emotion into that song as he does all others. Whatever the future holds for Mr. Hicks, I hope it involves his music because that is clearly his calling in life.”

    I tried to tell you after Biloxi!! That song is his song 100% and he put everything into it.

  128. Guess what? I’m posting in mid-flight on the way from Atlanta to New Orleans!

  129. I agree with hicksfan7, thanks to all. I’ve also seen some dang hot photos of sweaty, grimacing, emotional sexy Taylor caught in the moment of him delivering in person his take on a song. So many found him entertaining on Idol and how sad it is that most of those have no clue to how good he now is in a live concert. We who follow him know what he did at Workplay but 800 attended and perhaps 2000 others saw the vids. Damn that is a shame. That is why he needed Grease and why he will need some other venue down the road. While it doesn’t seem just, given his win, and his talent I think it is reality.

  130. Just read what NolaMar posted and I love it when fans apololgize for not appreciating Taylor’s talent. So good going CF. Taylor does need to be seen and heard live at a concert or on film and his Cd’s just can’t do it for him. It isn’t just about his charisma or appearance that puts him over the top live, it is his knowledge and love of all types of music and artists and some sort of other world 7th sense instinct of how to bring it all together. It is a rather creepy thing to be any kind of a performance artist and for not only the artist not be able to understand where it comes from but creepy also for his family.

  131. Nola…so cool!! Isn’t technology amazing?

  132. mamaforpeace Says:

    Nola, you can do that????

  133. For shits sake! With Nola, Raj and Nils along on the flight, well that is one powerful force in earths atmosphere. Given all of that plus a Hicks connection equals, well we just get the drift!

  134. hicksaholic Says:

    I wish I had known it was you. I kept on expecting you to say “Welcome to Hollywood” just like in Pretty Woman. Did you sell a lot? I swear if I had bought a picture of “beautiful Taylor Hicks” (regardless of how true it is) I think my friend that was with me would have kicked me. She was already watching for any overt signs of craziness. She actually said she was going to enjoy watching me as much as watching but I was very calm. I think she was a little disappointed.

    Nola you are the technical whiz. Meanwhile, I haven’t ever tried to burn a cd.

  135. Fairhope you were selling pictures of Taylor?? I’m confused. Do you work for his management co or were they your own? I brought one of mine that I had printed to an 8×10 to get him to autograph, (the “Taylor & Taylor” one) and actually gave Clay my spare when he admired it, but never considered trying to sell any. Can we do that?

  136. Turned around the day after getting home from B’ham and flew up to DC. Just got home again last night. Can not wait to watch all the videos! Damn, just started WGHI and whoever filmed that got a GREAT capture with a good camera. After NFF with the choir, it was my 2nd best moment of the entire weekend. YUMMY!!!

    RE inflight Wi-fi: Many airlines are starting to offer it for a fee of course. I was sitting waiting for my flight and a lady came up and asked me if I was on AirTran, and when I said yes she gave me a little card for a free trial on my flight. Worked great! I had bad seats on both of my return flights – middle seat yuck – so I did not really have any privacy. LOL

  137. OMG! I have to deal with so much real world stuff and WGTHI is just sucking me away! LOL

  138. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    October 1, 2009 at 6:33 pm
    OMG! That was me!!!
    LOL! FH-You were selling pics of Hicks? ROFLAO! Be careful-the “UN” blog will accuse you of profiting off T. ***nervously looks around and biting nails***

  139. FAIRHOPE: “The Parker kid on the guitar…who else does he play with? Where is he from? Just looked very familiar to me.”

    i looked up Jason Parker after the Magic Bag concert in June. All I could find was a site for the “Wayne Mils Band” with a bass player named Jason Parker bio. The photos are inconclusive weather this is the same Jason Parker, but I thought it was. The last link here clinched it for me….

    Taylor’s JP is a doll! He looks 15 but he’s in his early 30’s. He is usually not very animated when playing but I got some shots of him at the end of the 2nd concert…. Want to get them posted… need to do the DC ones first. Need to not have to sleep!

  140. Y’all are sooooooo naive! BUt, If the person was young and beautiful it was me. Otherwise…reality check women!

  141. UMMMM Did I just loose a whole post about Jason Parker??? Where is it?

  142. LOL FH… Yea, I’m TIRED and naive… I figure it out though, before you posted again. 😉

  143. From a newsletter from the Houston Blues Socitey:
    (Note that PFOS will be screened at the Austin Film Festival in Oct. I will be in that area but am going to miss it by a few days!)

    “With so much going on, it’s hard to know where to begin …

    Do you know what a “Keeping The Blues Alive” Award is? Each year, The Blues Foundation presents the KBA Awards to individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the Blues world. And, awards are not necessarily presented in each category every year.

    The Blues Foundation will present the 2010 KBA Awards during a recognition brunch Saturday, January 23, 2010, at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The KBA ceremony will be part of the International Blues Challenge (IBC) weekend of events.

    Unlike the Blues Music Awards (the award recognizing the past year’s best in recordings and performance voted on by thousands of The Blues Foundation’s members), the KBAs are awarded to non-performers strictly on the basis of merit by a select panel of Blues professionals.

    Noted educator, author, journalist, and KBA Chairman Art Tipaldi notes “The KBA may be awarded for the recipient’s work in the past year but most often reflects a lifetime of work; we do not view the recipient as the winner of a ‘best of the year’ category. Consistent with this philosophy, the committee generally refrains from awarding the KBA to an individual or organization more than once. Rather, we select a new deserving winner each year, except in rare cases when a significant period of time has elapsed since the first award.”

    OK – so now that you know what it is, did you know that HBS received a KBA in 1996 for “Blues Organization of the Year”! Also, in 2006, HBS nominated Roger Wood who received a KBA in Literature for his book, Down in Houston – Bayou City Blues, as well as KPFT Radio, who received a KBA for public radio.

    After viewing the film, “A Pocket Full of Soul – The Harmonica Documentary” at Discovery Green in early Spring, we were sure we wanted to nominate it for a KBA. When the inspiration for their documentary began to take shape, the creators, Marc Lempert and Todd Slobin, had an inkling they were in for an amazing journey. But even they were further amazed at the depths in which the musicians would go to ensure that the impact of this simple, yet powerful little tool of the trade – the harmonica – was recognized.

    Their work led to interviews on three continents with harmonica dignitaries and lesser-known players alike who provided insights that helped illuminate the instrument’s influence on the blues better than anyone could have dreamed. The narration, provided by Huey Lewis, was threaded with matter-of-factness and tremendous passion coming from both the player and enthusiast’s perspective. From James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite and Lee Oskar to Kim Wilson, Magic Dick, and Jason Ricci, along with everyone in between (Gary Primich, Delbert McClinton, Jerry Portnoy, Gary Allegretto, Rod Piazza …), there were consistent themes throughout.

    Our special recognition goes out to Boyd Bluestein, HBS Director, for putting together the nominating package. We recently received the following info from Marc & Todd – Pocket Full of Soul will be screened at the Austin Film Festival in October. This is a great festival with many industry insiders expected to be in attendance. Ron Howard will be receiving an award this year. The festival runs from October 22-29, 2009. Pocket Full of Soul has a plum spot on Saturday night, October 24, 2009, at 7:45pm, and then an encore performance on October 29, 2009, at 10:00pm.”

  144. casualfan Says:

    Gary Allegretto is being considered for 2 Grammy nominations for his work as an indie artist.

  145. I don’t know who most of these guys are, including Magic Dick.

  146. mamaforpeace Says:

    Rosie, you really crack me up Girl!

  147. Where is my Jason Parker post?? Damn! Guess I’ll do it all again. OK, after the Detroit Magic Bag show I looked him up. I figured out he played with the Wayne Mills band. I THOUGHT it was him but the photos were kind of hard to tell for sure. I saw one today on the site and now know it is him for sure. He is such a cutie! He looks 15 but is actually 31. He is not very animated when he plays but I got a couple of nice pictures of him showing some expression at the WP concerts. Am working on getting them posted. Taylor has used Jason at every concert I’ve been to this summer.. six of them.

    I’ll put the links in a separate post because I think that is why my post never got posted.

  148. Who are the Wayne Mills Band?

  149. I’ve put up links twice but they won’t post.

  150. hicksfan7 Says:

    So when I read Jason Parker’s Bio it said as secondary instrument – Tuvan Throat Singing

    of course I had to ‘google’ that…and listened to the first two videos of examples of this ‘instrument’ –

    um…I was a little grossed out.

  151. I think maybe he was just joking. Seems a little odd for a guitar player from Tuscaloosa to pick up Tuvan Throat Singing. Or any kind of throat singing. LOL

  152. casualfan Says:


  153. casualfan Says:

    “Magic Dick”

  154. hicksfan7 Says:

    LOL – well Nolamar – that makes a whole lot more sense!

  155. NolaMar . . . thank you for the Pocket Full of Soul article.

    Have been following this since first learned of it because of Taylor’s connection to the project. Think at one time there was mention of WATW and PFOS being released concurrently . . seems both have been a long time coming.
    Wish they would release PFOS to DVD . . realize they want to sell the distribution rights, but realistically have to wonder if it would ever make it into any theaters beyond some art houses in larger cities.

    Sidenote: . . Charlie Musselwhite was mentioned in the piece Nola posted . . saw him earlier this year . . he is still an amazing performer – in fact I think I prefer his sound now. ( a la Leonard Cohen he has only improved with age )

  156. I see THe Wayne Mills band is at Bay Fest tonight.

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