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60 Responses to “Mecca 2009”

  1. Well hell….I saw MECCA and misread it as DECCA thinking we were going to discuss Clay Aiken’s new record deal. I then realized that I’m on the wrong blog. **hangs head in shame**

  2. You visit Clay Aiken blogs??!!!? Well, CF, bless your little heart.

  3. ***hangs head in double shame***

  4. Found these on YouTube, courtesy of Diane:

  5. Okay, I SWEAR I heard some “shhhhhush-ing” going on, but then the SP takes over… hahahahhaha

  6. omg I LOVE Hey Pocky Way – I remember the first time I had ever even heard of the song was some older recordings of Taylor, back when he was on AI, I started googling the song title to find out more about it and where it originated etc. Such FUN memories!

  7. I thought it was called “Hey Pocky Way”. I have always loved the Neville Brothers.

    T looks like he had fun last night-to be expected.

  8. Art Neville originally wrote Hey Pocky Way back in 74 I think. The Nevilles were then called The Meters. They have recorded some great Mardi Gras music and continue on their work. They are true Masters and highly respected. Taylor has played with them on several occasions and really likes them. It’s easy to see why.

  9. Hi everyone, I’ve been feeding my Taylor addiction judging by the vids last night was his best yet. Rumor is tonight he will have a full gospel chorus and sing New Found Freedom. Hope Sunny is o’kay and that she is in B’ham. I haven’t noticed her posting much lately. Guess you all heard about the girl who showed Tay her tah tahs last night and was escorted out of workplay.

  10. HAHA-T always said that he likes a woman who can be equally entertaining.

  11. Oooh, I hope it was Sunny!!! Hahahahhahaha

  12. Oh boy. Sounds like the crazies were out.

  13. My hope is that one day..some of these fans will mature enough to be able to listen to a song without screaming through it. Geez.

  14. Grey-U got mail 😉

  15. mamamforpeace Says:

    After what I thought was a bit of a shaky start, it turned out to be a fucking GREAT show. I am so glad I was there! Just to see MYS live was worth the trip. Grey, all that emotion you want to see from Taylor was right there in that song. There were some great moments tonight!

  16. The girl bareing her “soul”was a young local lady…not SP.just setting the facts straight,

  17. Missed the boob show! Did hear all the sshhing. How ridiculous that was. The old bats that were sssshhhing should have been asleep at the retirement home instead of at a bar at 1:00 a.m. There! I said it.

  18. Fairhope Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 4:53 pm
    Missed the boob show! Did hear all the sshhing. How ridiculous that was. The old bats that were sssshhhing should have been asleep at the retirement home instead of at a bar at 1:00 a.m. There! I said it.

  19. mamaforpeace Says:

    I tried to find you, Nola. Sorry I missed you!

  20. Fairhope . . and at exactly what age are you planning to stop doing anything you enjoy and order your rocking chair ? Just wondering . . .

  21. AH-I doubt FH meant anything by that. Her nature is a happy-go-lucky person with a quirky sense of humor. I enjoy her sparkle.

  22. Thanks Casual Fan. Yes AH I was there and heard the sshhing. I am not in grade school! I was at a bar at 1:00 am in downtown B’ham. I do think I saw the right before and right after of the boobage. I remember a girl in her twenties push by us real quick, looked drunk and was dancing. Went straight to the stage. If Taylor saw it there was no reactionon his part!

    And AH: Not making fun of the grannies but…..this was a bar and there are drunk, loud people in bars! Just saying….Were you the one shushing everyone? Huh????

  23. Yeah AH, that ‘old bats’/retirement home comment was just a ray of sparkly, humorous, sunshine!

  24. I think that was the one and only time Taylor will have a gospel choir in a night club. How did it sound in person? From what I’ve seen he was at the top of his game on Fri. night and not last night.

  25. Taylor is taking a vacation this week so I expect there to be some fan fights. It happened the last time when there were no sightings of him and no news.

  26. t&jam Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 5:41 pm
    Yeah AH, that ‘old bats’/retirement home comment was just a ray of sparkly, humorous, sunshine!
    Good grief! Why does everything have to be taken so damn seriously all the time? I realize the age thing can be a touchy subject but give it a rest already.

  27. You thought the comment was funny, I didn’t. I have as much right to my comment as anyone else has to theirs.

  28. I’m 46, Tjam. So I’m not so young. But at least I wasn’t being the shush police!

  29. Was anyone there on Saturday night? Haven’t heard any re-caps? Who was the special guest?

  30. A real pro taper was there Saturday and already has the show up for dl:

  31. Fairhope . . I wasn’t there . . if I had been I would have been lmao . . think anyone who knows me would vouch for that.

    casualfan . . I haven’t said anything before . . in fact think most, if not all of the age snark has been aimed at older fans . . sometimes it just gets . . wait for it . . old !

    Have always had friends of all ages and know very well that attitudes are not age related.
    At the moment one of the “prissiest ” (is that even a word ?) uptight people I know is 27 y.o. . . and one of the craziest, most fun-loving just turned 66.

    I guess you just happened to be the one who hit the one too many comments blaming something on the age of fans . . we all get older – if we’re lucky.
    Went to see The Decemberists last weekend on a university campus . . amazingly no one seemed to have a problem with the scattering of silver hair in the crowd . . in fact one young man told me it was f’ing awesome that I like their music.
    Now that’s the type of ageism comment I don’t mind at all. 😉

  32. If any of the ‘shushing’ was going on during “Maybe You Should” I would have wanted to shush the shushers AND the folks getting shushed – just so I could hear that tbeautiful voice sing that beautiful song! :>)

  33. Friday was soulful, bluesy, & funky – just what the Dr. ordered! A perfect show for the traveling fans with fab tagging, cheeky dancing, and gut wrenching.

    Saturday was rousing, rocking, & homespun – cool to watch him cater to his hometown fans, friends & family. With the UAB Gospel choir & Ona Watson as guests, and his family, Zippy, local pals, the Grease cast, & Charles Barkeley in the audience, he was all about B’ham, being home, and having fun.

    Although, my taste in music runs a little more toward Friday’s setlist, I enjoyed both shows for what they were. Worth every penny I spent to go, for the music & the friends (as old as we are, you never know which time will be the last time, to get together to see him LOL).

    And, a shout out to Josh Smith for doing these shows – damn that man can play!

  34. I’m glad Dancin came in to comment on the content of the shows. The off – hand age comment riled up the SP masses, resulting in 1/3 of the comments thus far defending one side or another. Typical.

  35. In fairness I’ve read many complaints over the past year about some of the SP wooing and or making loud comments when Tay is singing ballads. So now there are complaints about shushing. It was a nightclub and from what I read last night there were lots of college age people. They don’t know the SP rules and most likely they’ve never seen Taylor in concert. FH the Hicks family had a table last night and reports are Mr. Hicks was in heaven. Charles Barkely was there and Ona Watson sang with Tay on A Womans Gotta Have It. There was a 10 member Gospel choir from the University singing with Tay on NFF and My Sweet Lord.

  36. YKW .. so let’s all take casualfan’s suggestion and give it a rest – deal ?

    Don’t know if Vimeo embeds the way YT does but this is well worth the click-thru if it doesn’t. An enormous thank you to Diane for this fantastic vid of ” Dust My Broom ”

  37. Sounds like Saturday night was the better night! I tried to get my sister to go back with me. I wanted to hear him sing A woman’s gotta have it and was dissapointed he didn’t. Charles Barkley? No way? Can’t believe I missed that.

  38. Thanks for the link, T&j…awesome. I love when I’m able to hear great audio. 🙂

  39. hicksaholic Says:

    Please tell me Friday was the best night. I went Friday night. Went to Auburn on Saturday but was at WP in spirit. I wanted to see Taylor Saturday night so bad but had to go with my predetermined plans. I thought Taylor was on fire Friday night and can’t imagine him being better Saturday night. He had Donna Hall on Friday night. Missed the boob flashing- at a booth in the back. Thought the crowd was better behaved than normal. Met NOLA, MN Sue, Diane. Had a blast. There is NOTHING like a Taylor Hicks concert and missing one is an experience you can’t get back. Trying to figure out if there is any way I can go to Orlando(if it’s a big venue I’m not sure it is worth it). My roommate from college thought it was great but was floored by all the blog stuff I explained to her. She thought it was a little cult-like in a kidding sort of way of course(I think).
    I thought Taylor was a little out of breath but she could not be believe how much emotion he puts in every song. I want to hear more details about Saturday night but please don’t let it be any where near as good as Friday night or I am going to cry since I missed it. Taylor needs a week off after this week. He wore me out just watching. Sorry for all the random comments, coming down from my Taylor high. Wanted to meet mamaforpeace but didn’t have a clue how to find her.

  40. hicksaholic Says:

    Charles Barkley????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn it- can’t believe I missed that either.

  41. AH said:
    I guess you just happened to be the one who hit the one too many comments blaming something on the age of fans . . we all get older – if we’re lucky.
    I do want to apologize to both TJ and you. Please don’t think I was supporting any age related comment. I just know FH from another blog and know that she has never displayed anything but light humor with a sense of innocents. But if a person doesn’t understand someones humor it can be misconstrued. Again I do apologize.

    On another note-I’m glad that everyone had a great time and it sounds like all got along and really enjoyed themselves. It was the shot in the arm that his fan base needed and hopefully it will last until the next magical moment.

    Rosie-Taylor loves it when his family attends. Hopefully his grandmother was able to be there. She has always loved watching him perform.

  42. I always visit this blog, but rarely comment only because I usually don’t have much to add to the conversation, especially when the topic is numbers related or leans to the more technical side of music. But I always enjoy what I read. Having said that, I would be remiss if I did not voice a big thank you to all who shared the videos (I truly don’t know how you do it!) and your thoughts on what seems to have been an especially magical weekend! I have a bad case of the green eyed monster this Monday morning and I am really, really hoping that there will be a similar event in April when Grease is in my area!

  43. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m looking at the info on the Orlando event and I’m not sure it’s worth going to. Looks like he does a bunch of mini concerts three times a day for two days. Probably a big stage. Taylor won’t even be warmed up and it will be over. Any idea when or where Taylor may play next at a smaller venue? I guess there is little chance he will head down to the Florabama during his week off.
    Thanks so much for all the videos. At least anyone who can’t attend has those to watch.
    I am so ready for another concert like Workplay. Still mourning missing Saturday night.

  44. mamaforpeace Says:

    A few comments about Sat. night. Can’t compare it to Friday since it was the only night I went. For one thing, I thought the sound was great, better than in any of the other clubs where I saw Taylor. He seemed a little off at first, rushing the first few songs a bit, a bit out of breath. Then he did MYS. Said something like “oh, boy” (does anybody remember exactly) before he started, almost like he was a little nervous at the prospect of doing the song. But then… magic! I got goose bumps! After that he seemed to find his groove. The duet with Ona Watson was superb. It amazes me how some songs I really don’t care for on the cd, like Once Upon a Lover ot WRIR are so totally different when he does them live. And the band, can’t forget the band, they are great! At the end, the audience didn’t want Taylor to leave, and he seemed not to want to leave either. I think he was having a great time! It must feel good to be back in his home town. From where I was sitting, I had a good view of his family. They were happy, proud I imagine, and smiled all the way through. You can tell Taylor’s father is a dentist… his teeth are so white, I think I could still see them shining in the dark.
    I met some women in a restaurant where I went with my friend whose daughters went to school with Taylor. And last night, at the sidewalk film festival showing of Alabama Moon, I was sitting next to a woman who is Jeff Lopez hair dresser and friend. My friend assured me that this was just a coincidence and that not all of Birmingham is somehow “related” to Taylor:)
    Off to the airport now on my way back to California.

  45. mamaforpeace Says:

    Nola, know also as Rajrae, posted some great pix on the BB. Reminded me of another fabulous moment when Taylor was singing NFF, spreading his arms as did the audience when he sang “Gonna spread my wings…”, and Brian Less on his knees in front of the choir!

  46. Raj/Nola’s pics were super.

  47. Then he did MYS. Said something like “oh, boy” (does anybody remember exactly) before he started, almost like he was a little nervous at the prospect of doing the song. But then… magic! I got goose bumps!
    That’s not surprising MFP. The subject who inspired MYS was in the audience. 😉

  48. Okay CF..spill it! Who was in the audience? It was me wasn’t it?????

  49. “The subject who inspired MYS was in the audience.” You are such a tease CF.

  50. Fair, I’m thinking she is thinking of his pre AI girlfriend. But whoever, he seems to be over ALL of them.

  51. Hicksaholic: If you hear anything about Taylor being down at the FB, let me know. I am closer then you are. I think I can beat ya there!!! Also, don’t forget Bayfest is this weekend. Hmmmmmmmm…

  52. Oh no didn’t even hear about the boob show! Must have been the other side of the theater. LOL

  53. I got two really nice pictures of Charles Barkley as Taylor was leaving the stage after the final encore. Didn’t post them yet anywhere. Just neat to see him holding out his hand to shake Taylor’s as he’s walking off. Taylor had to be totally exhausted by the end of it all! I mean he gave it EVERYTHING and had been sick earlier in the week.

    Went to Marty’s at 2:30 am and Taylor and the band members (almost) all showed up. (Most of them) I was surprised he came at all. Clay, Jason, Brian, Leif, and then Sam Gunderson and Zippy D. from LIMBO. I don’t think Josh came. Or Jeff Lopez – who I now LOVE even more after Once Upon a Lover on Sat night! Wow, that man is amazing. And Brian – oh, my during NFF! I think he was almost reduced to tears at the climax of the song. I need to watch the vids but in my series of pictures it sure like like he is overwhelmed.

  54. Thanks for remembering us nolamar. Love your pics and impressions. Read you and Chill hooked up and about Marty’s and The Hat. Wish I went this time but I lived it second hand via the vids and pics. It was great to see fans come together in enjoying Taylor but know it won’t last all that long. He deserves this vacation as well as more fans and praise from the press and those in the music business. He is one of a kind and hell bent on trying to prove it.

  55. I missed the “oh boy” before MYS. He’s done that song a lot now, I don’t know why he would be nervous. It could have been because it’s such a special song for him. Or again, I believe he was on the border of total exhaustion. If you read one of the M&G recaps, you would see what I mean. He could hardly stand. I’m so glad he has a week off now to rest and recover.

  56. Yes, chill took me in when I was going to have to stay off by myself somewhere. She was so great and made the weekend really fun!

  57. I know Vimeo won’t embed here but I have two HD vids up of SMB on Friday night. Some fun banter between Josh and Taylor in the first one.

  58. Fairhope Says:

    September 28, 2009 at 7:01 pm
    Okay CF..spill it! Who was in the audience? It was me wasn’t it?????
    Yes! You got me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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