A little Spoonful…

New music!! Yes!!

I love this one…

These guys are awesome…truly.


5 Responses to “A little Spoonful…”

  1. Aaaack!! I only got through the first one and now I have to run off and play the piano. But since I suck, I won’t be gone long………

  2. LOL Caryl. At least you can play at all. I “might” remember chopsticks or Heart & Soul from when I was a kid. Haha!

    Thanks for the Spoonful links. Wynn and Quinn were so great in Atlanta! I hope to see them again some day. With the whole band too next time.

  3. I have not seen them live yet, but I have every intention of making it to one of their shows. Awesome…

  4. Spoonful will be at Rogue’s Tavern on Friday in B’ham. I’m going to try to get there after Workplay, since, I’ve never seen them live, either.

  5. I have never seen them perform live, but sure do enjoy the videos I have seen in the past, as well the ones posted here from Smith’s – I remember seeing some of them in the audience during Tay’s run on Idol.

    Thanks IAG!

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