Warehouse Live Houston

Another show, another review…boy, the Houston press doesn’t take too kindly to Taylor, do they?

Even though I don’t agree with a lot of what this guy says, he did hit the nail on the head with this:

We couldn’t tell if the crowd was excited to hear an obscure Nawlins track or if they just enjoyed being able to smell the man’s dry cleaning. You could stick out your finger and taste the sexual charge in the air.

and maybe this:

After watching Taylor Hicks last night in the studio last night at Warehouse Live we now know why these hallowed blog halls have been strewn with bitter words from angry Soul Patrollers. Hicks is a modern day Dan Fogelberg, a one-man Bread, and an American Idol anomaly.

As for this part:

It’s his original work that gets overwrought and clunky, with every song either rhyming “love” with “above” or “hand” with “man.”

I completely disagree. I love his original stuff.

Although, this vid is great:

and this:

I love Battlefield, too…

This is a great version of Don’t Let Me Down

I haven’t heard him sing this in a long time…


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  1. What a screw with his original songs comment. Seems this reviewer thinks Hicks is a sex symbol and he seemed to be determined ahead of time to make fun of the fans and discount Taylor talent. Houstan is a strange city, lots of transplants due to the oil business. They are behind both the East Coast and West Coast in fashions and it is so hot, humid and flat that some have fried brains. Since they are one of the largest cities some think their opinions really count, sort of like LA. Sorry Caryl and other Houstonites!

  2. I’m going into hiding now since I got so frustrated with that ass that I wrongly insulted the citizens of Houstan.

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    This guy has wronged Taylor since he got to Houston, never gave him a chance. Seemed to me he had made up his mind long before he got there to try and discredit Taylor any way he could. I agree Rosie the guy is an ass!!


  4. I have to agree that maybe this guy should have used some tact but then again that’s the media. They have the right to their opinion same as we all do.

  5. Rosie, you made me laugh! haha.

    I’ve thought about it and I have no clue what Houston’s problem is. I could understand Texans turning up their noses at a guy who is known for soul music suddenly calling himself country. But I doubt that’s what it’s about.

    Houston is very diverse, just as you said, Rosie. People live here from all over the world. I’m a NYer, for instance. The northeast seems to love Taylor, maybe that’s why I do. I didn’t grow up listening to country music at all, it was rock, soul and blues that was on the radio. Funky stuff. (And btw, in Texas the definitiion of funky is “bad, ugly, yucky”. That’s not how I mean it. I mean funky like “coooool.”)

    I’m been expressing my opinion online for a couple of years now and have held back with what I’m about to say. I mean, I’ve skirted the issue in the past, but I’m just gonna come right out and say it.

    Some of you fans are killing him. I would almost go so far as to say you’re the reason some people don’t want to go to his shows. You make me embarrased to be a fan, in fact.

    Not all of you, SOME of you. The ridiculous things you yell out, the “sexy” dancing at the stage and all the stupid cameras. Jesus, how many photos do you need?

    Someone was video taping Taylor while BRIAN was blowing our minds with his piano playing. That was the only time during the show I wished I could video tape. I would have gotten Brian’s hands flying over the keyboard. Fantastic.

    Wow, what happened to nice, little Caryl? I’ll tell you what happened. A few obseesed fans almost ruined the show for me last night. And I may not get to see another show for a very long time. And I hate to say this, but I’m not sure I even want to go to another show.

    I haven’t been able to write a recap for my blog because I’m still annoyed. The band was great, Taylor was funny, it was everything you could want from a show, but I had someone pushing me from behind, yelling “Say Soul Patrol! and someone else in front of me leaning way over towards Taylor and blocking my view.

    Maybe in the future people should pass a psychiatric exam before they can buy a ticket.

  6. Was I harsh? LOL!

  7. Caryl, first allow me to spell Houston correctly. Keeping this short, I’d say you were right on target.

  8. Caryl – Epiphany or Apocalypse? I knew you were going to a “show” so I tuned in for your specific review – you did not disappoint!

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I only got to listen to the cellcert, I could hear how loud and rude some were and I mentioned to raj in a tweet last night. Took away from the enjoyment of listening to Taylor.

    You have a right to feel the way you do, you paid to see his show not for the rudeness of some.


  10. charcoal, I may be joining you, Shelley and c2what on your remote island soon..

  11. That was a walk in the park compared to what will happen at Workplay. I consider that venue the Devil’s Playground and all the little demons will be coming out for that show. The cauldrons have been fired up with potions being prepared-let the par-tay begin!

  12. And before anyone gets their panties in a tizzy over my comment-please take it in jest. 😉

  13. charcoal: I wouldn’t say it was an epiphany, more like that final straw.

  14. THE final straw.

  15. Well come on now, calm down. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and all that stuff. 🙂
    I haven’t even been to a show and yet I can see and hear that there is SOME truth in what you say. But I can’t say that I don’t appreciate the videos since I can’t go.
    But for Gods sake do not punish Taylor for what you feel about some fans. Do you want to leave him with nothing but the ones you speak of. Just not fair to him and don’t you think it factored into his decision to do Grease.
    As far as this paticular blogger is concerned he did put up some damn good vids for someone that hates him.
    I get a very strong feeling that he sees some good in Taylor but just loves to poke the crazy fans.
    I can’t say much, because as I say I don’t go, but maybe the ones that do go should speak their mind and not let the over the top fans take over.
    Just not fair to Taylor to just hand him over to them.
    And the Houston papers were quite fair to Taylor in the Grease reviews, so Houston wasn’t all bad. It really turned out much better than expected I thought.

  16. Caryl, You have every right to be angry and don’t let anyone tell you different.

  17. Caryl, I can feel your frustration. As usual, Henry has come up with some good thoughts, especialy the part about fans speaking their mind about the over the top obnoxious crew. When I first posted on Morph’s a little over a year ago they were posting about the SP in negative manner. Having only been to one 07 tour concert and to Grease twice, I don’t have much experience, and it wasn’t until I read all around that I understood that some are over the top. But looking back to my Balto. 07 tour venue, by all that is holy my daughter and I, given our position in line should have been downstairs and up close to see him. Had no clue people with experience and nerve would rush the stage and we ended up upstairs and far away. I agree with Henry that this reviewer has a fascination with Taylor but it is a shame when the fans become part of the center piece. I curb my opinions on the BB as Tyme but perhaps I should be more outspoken and take some risks. Playing the nice person doesn’t always work and doesn’t help Taylor. Hope you blog about your experience Caryl and let the chips fall where they land.

  18. mamaforpeace Says:

    Damn! Now you make me rethink my decision to go to Workplay. Did I just get lucky in SF and Seattle? The fans were pretty good there.

  19. haha-go mama! For a true Tay experience, that’s the place to go. 😉


  21. I too have seen some strange fans at his concerts. Those who are dressed like seventies disco queens or throw backs to Woodstock dancing around in front of the stage or down the aisles. I know they would say they have a right to enjoy themselves but seems to me they are getting just what they want, attention for themselves. Unfortunately it takes the spotlight off Taylor where it needs to be, especially when there are reporters there. Not to mention the other fans who would like the focus to be more on Taylor and his beautiful voice.

  22. Here we go again….why is this targeted only at Taylor fans or the so-called Soul Patrol …..I have been to alot of concerts, varied artists and ALL ( even Michael Buble & Josh Groban) have fans that behave horrendously. This behaviour is NOT exclusive to Taylor and his fans. I know it can be annoying as hell..no matter who the artist is. But it is what it is…if people are badly behaved it shows at concerts ,movies. m resturants, NOT only Taylor Hicks shows. If one doesn’t want to see bad behaviour best to stay indoors and DON”t turn on the TV…Kanye West might show up.

  23. Best to look on the bright side and enjoy the fans that are there for the music and let the rest roll off your back.

  24. mamaforce,,,,,I have been to concerts in different locations and for the most part the fans were just fine…alot of them extremely nice and just out for some fun and great music.

    cf…if WP is the devil’s lair…HELLLLLLLLLLLLo Lucifer, I’ll see you in B’ham

  25. LOL! Ann-“Lucifer” will be leading the pack on stage-HAVE A BLAST!

  26. I have to agree with anne, it just is not possible that Taylor Hicks is the only person in the world with some over the top fans.

  27. Of course this isn’t the only fan-base with this type of behavioral problem but since this is a Taylor based blog and his concert, it stands to reason why the sp is being singled out. The same holds true for other fan-bases.

    I think most of the posters on this blog get what Caryl was saying and won’t internalize it. She expressed herself perfectly.

  28. I think you’re all missing the point, but it’s OK. I’m just giving you MY view from the concert (or should I have called it a ‘show’? Hmm..) I”m feeling frustrated and needed to vent.

  29. caryl….the only point I’m trying to make is that bad behaviour is all around us these days …..just look at the icons chosen by the youth , it seems the worse the behaviour the more adored they are….it’s sad .. .but it is what it is…but others bad behaviour would not make me miss out on anything…but seeing the talent that is coming from the above videos up close and in person is worth putting up with a few jerks.IMO.and some of the writers and bloggers are going to be negative even if we sat there like nuns.

  30. Caryl, thank you for voicing what many of us have been feeling for a long time. But I’d hate to see you stop going to Taylor’s gigs just because of the behavior of some of the fans there. As others have said, the only person that would ultimately hurt would be Taylor. And the only way to fight back against the lunacy seen at his shows is to call these folks out on their behavior.

    I think the most important thing to remember is that for these fans it’s not even about Taylor any more, it’s about them. Taylor has become secondary in their goal to attract attention to themselves. It doesn’t matter whether that attention is positive or not. Don’t let them shove you away from the magic of his music performed live. Don’t let them win.

  31. Fact is Idol breeds unique crazies not found at other singers concerts or on their fan sites. The voting and thinking you get to know someone is the factor. Then the diehard fans get on line and the competetion continues as to not only who was the best from that season but which fans are the best. With the Idols it never was and never will be all about the music. Some, like Taylor, Adam and I don’t get it Cook, and Gokey, have many females in a tiz do to looks and or perceived sex appeal. Guess I should put Daughtry into that category and all the single male contestants. Some of the fans feel they have to be noticed and some forget the concerts are about the guys, not them. I have no problem with pics taken or vids, just with the pushy assholes, the stalkers and story tellers and woo’s and comments during his songs. Also may I add those who go to dozens of gigs, be it concerts or Grease, should not meet him over and over again and have pics taken with him. We know who you are, have seen your pics and enough is enough. Let someone new see him up close and personal. You do drive some new fans away. Is Taylor grateful for your presence at yet another gig and is he happy you want something else signed and another photo of he and you and wish you one more time to tell him he was great? Perhaps, but maybe Not. Did he stalk Ray Charles before his death or did he just enjoy his music?

  32. The reason I won’t be at a show for a while is because I won’t travel to see one. I know I said I might not go because of the fan behavior, but truth is, if he announced a show here in my town tomorrow, I’d go.

    I don’t really want to go around and around with a discussion that has no solution. It is what it is.

    Oh- but I did want to ask why people are so afraid to voice an opinion? You wouldn’t believe the number of e-mails I’ve gotten from people who agree with me. Don’t worry, kind souls, I won’t rat you out. I love that you took the time to write to me.

  33. I think Caryl was trying to express that some, or many of Taylor’s fans contribute greatly to the perception of him thought of as a joke and less of a talent than he is in reality. Some fans can have it thrown in their face but will deny they are part of the problem. You know who your are, unless you are deaf, dumb, blind or ignorant. Should you NOT KNOW, well WE KNOW………

  34. Caryl asks: “Oh- but I did want to ask why people are so afraid to voice an opinion?”

    I can only speak for myself, but I hesitate to say anything on any board but my own because voicing my opinion in other places usually leads to getting large amounts of shit flung my way. I don’t mind healthy disagreements, but the personal attacks get old.

  35. THANK YOU, Rosie. Well said.

    And thanks for your support, wonder.

  36. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I haven’t/won’t travel to see anyone. If I want to see an artist I wait until they are in my area, the most I’d travel is 2-3 hours thats it. I understood that and your frustration with some of the fans at the show. You shouldn’t feel bad pointing out some behaved poorly which took away from your enjoyment of the show.

    Like Anne said we have seen this behavior with other artists too, it is not unique to Taylor but seems his fan base is pointed out more.


  37. OMG!!!!! Caryl! The Boogiers are gonna get you! I can’t wait for Workplay. I don’t which is gonna be more fun to watch: Tayor or his crazies! I’m sorry but waiting out on the side walk all day so they can get up close??? They are gonna eat at all his favorite restaurants and probably stalk out his dad’s house. It;s just so weird! Women my age and older???

    I saw Amos Lee at the Soul Kitchen in Mobile and there were no freaks pushing for the front, no old ladies dancing and wearing sparkly outfits.

    Workplay is gonna be a hoot!

    I miss Morph’s!

  38. Oh and the show Californication??? How many old ladies just got Showtime added to their cable?

  39. One last thing…who are the “special guests” for Saturday night’s show?

  40. pearlpattie Says:

    I agree with Anne….lots of crazy behavior goes on with all different kinds of acts….if some women get a little tipsy and have a wild night, I’m sure Taylor could care less….many of his core fans were at the Magic Bag and that show was pure perfection, with all the focus on him and his music, you could hear a pin drop at some point….you all have to just give up on this hatred of the “Soul Patrol” and let Taylor lead the way….and on that note I’ll be following Anne and Lucifer into the Devil’s lair….

  41. I don’t know what’s up with that Houston press guy, he’s not forced to like Taylor or anything but he has some type of fascination with him.
    I heard he did a great job last night but…
    Caryl sorry you had to deal with some obnoxious people at the concert! 😦

    Every fan base has their share of over the top people who tend to well, somewhat ruin the fun if you’re standing next to them at the concert and they’re shoving you around and trying to get attention, etc. It’s annoying

  42. It’s too bad a few have to spoil the pot. Yes, it can happen with other artists. I was at a christian concert with performers I have seen for years and was surprised to have people sitting behind me drinking pop and munching on popcorn and talking like they were attending a Lakers game. Concert manners don’t always exist anymore. I think the crazy fans stand out more at the smaller concerts. No one said much of anything happening at the casino show so maybe there’s hope that the bigger the shows the less the fringe will stick out. LOL.

  43. One last thought. A casino venue is a fan seated venue. One can only be so obnoxious in their assigned, payed for seat. A first come, fight for front row space standing venue for A Taylor concert brings out the uglies and fruit cakes for all to see; critics, reviewers, Tay, the band and other fans. Can’t see puffy paint or real fools so well when they are seated.

  44. Finally getting here after the long drive home today, then open house immediately when I arrived! I’ll start with Rosie – Thank you for the apology. I was disturbed you insulted the whole city based on what this one man said. I grew up in Houston and still consider it my “hometown.” Much family there. Now to go read some more. 🙂

  45. I’m thinking that chicken wire on the stage might not be a bad idea.

  46. Well, Caryl, I thought your criticism was rather tame. I came expecting more fire and brimstone, like what I have been saying since last night. I was PISSED, and still am. I still enjoyed the show immensely, but it was definitely rendered a less-than-perfect experience by some fans’ behavior. I am nearly ready to NAME one such obnoxious fan publicly, that’s how incensed I am, because it is a repeat of Atlanta, but 5x’s as bad. This person offended my friend in Atlanta and my sister last night, both who were at their first ever Taylor concert. Caryl is right – she did not mention the worst of it. AT ALL.

    (I guess I must be the fan you were talking about leaning in your way to take pictures, and I am VERY sorry. I DID try to take fewer last night believe it or not… 😦 )

  47. Rosie, absolutely LOVED the reserved seating at the casino! What a totally different experience than the small venue shows I’ve been too. But again, I loved the intimacy and being so close to the band at those smaller venues too. All were great experiences for me, if I exclude the OF’s (“obnoxious fans) part.

  48. Oh, Rosie, I absolutely love your 7:10 post. You say what I have dared not say… And maybe many will say I’m being hypocritical because I have now seen 4 shows since June and plan to go to B’ham. But that WILL end it for me. I’ll not travel endlessly or fly around the country. On one hand, I don’t have a problem with people doing that if they have the money and want to. OTOH, I sometimes wonder if it doesn’t freak the artists out though… particularly the OF from last night. (After last night, I really think Taylor’s management ought to ask – TELL – her not to come to any more shows.)

    ANNE SAID: “but seeing the talent that is coming from the above videos up close and in person is worth putting up with a few jerks.” That is how I feel about it. I’m mad & irritated, but not letting it ruin the whole thing for me.

  49. NOOOOOO..I wasn’t talking about you leaning in front of me, NolaMar!!! It was that whack-a-do who kept leaning in front of you (and hence, ME)trying to get Taylor’s attention.

  50. And by the way, NolaMar, if she was such a fan then why did she talk all the way through Taylor’s slower numbers?

  51. henry9 says: “I can’t say much, because as I say I don’t go, but maybe the ones that do go should speak their mind and not let the over the top fans take over.” & Rosie agrees fans should speak their minds.

    OK, then, I’ll speak mine. I’ll add to that and say fans should maybe even DO something about it….I was timid and nearly afraid of OF in Atlanta. She shoved her way in and my friend ended up behind many rows, when we were originally only 1 person back. (We got the “golden tickets” for being there early – we had dinner in the venue.) I got whacked in the back of the head at one point. Not 100% sure if by OF but thought it was. Last night, said fan was TOTALLY TOTALLY OTT obnoxious drunk, and she and another drunken friend acting wild and crazy splashed wine all over my sister’s clothes (she had come straight from work in a downtown office). She (sis) and another first timer, a guest of another regular fan, were also pushed out of their front spots by said OF, who again shoved her way in front of people who had been there a long time before her. I was TOTALLY disgusted but all I did was give dirty looks. But if this person EVER tries to stand near me again, I will tell her I don’t want her near me, and if she yells and whoohoos – SCREAMS – in my ear and spills drinks on me and my camera and my sister, and leans and waves and yacks at the top of her voice during 19, I will tell her to shut the fuck up and get the hell away from me, (even knowing she would probably deck me for it.) And I will not let her shove her way in front pushing out people who are seeing Taylor for the fist time and had been there first. There, I said it publicly and will probably regret it later…. I promise you, there is something even worse that we aren’t saying…

    Now, having said all that. I agree that this is probably not a problem limited to Taylor concerts. Other concerts were mentioned, and I’ve had beer spilled all over me at sports events by drunken over-enthusiastic fans too. But if someone’s coming to enjoy a concert, why not enjoy it and not just come to get drunk and act like a raving lunatic? Sure, I enjoy the music and atmosphere more when I’ve had a couple or few, but people, learn you limits please for everyone else’s sakes…

  52. *clapping*

  53. Sorry, I must have all this pent up energy from the travel and the anger but I want to add something. “19” is a very special song for many of us, and me in particular because I have 2 sons in the military. One is a Marine who had a very close call in a battle on his 2nd tour in Ir. He lost a friend & another man in his platoon that day. His friend was where my son was originally supposed to be. He left an unborn son. Taylor does a great honor to our servicemen and women by singing this song at all his shows. I wanted to hit those women last night for their screaming and high-fivin each other during 19 and MYS. Not only for my own sake, but out of respect for the band – SHUT UP while slow songs are being played, especially during “19” and if you are standing near the front. Go back to the bar and yack away if you can’t contain it.

  54. Caryl, I think you started an important discussion with a well worded and reasonable post about a problem many of us have experienced.

    Rosie, I also like your post at 7:10 . . particularly this . . “some forget the concerts are about the guys, not them. “ Bingo !!

    Have been through this thread twice and this comment still has me going WTF ???

    you all have to just give up on this hatred of the “Soul Patrol”

    How does pointing out and complaining about the over the top obnoxious and selfish behavior of a few rogue fans translate into hating the Soul Patrol ?

    Have been at other concerts where people will say something to those who talk constantly or push others around in their “All about ME” stupors. Maybe that is easier when you’re packed in with mostly strangers, but the Taylor fans (are they ? really? or is he just an excuse ) who qualify for NolaMar’s “OF” label shouldn’t be tolerated either.
    But I suspect not calling them out on their behavior goes back to the reasons people use email and PMs instead of openly posting their opinions / thoughts, or in this case – support for Caryl’s comment.

    I know I posted this somewhere before not sure if was here . . if so I apologize . . but it definitely fits this conversation since it gives the artist’s perspective on rude fans.

    Jeff Tweedy of Wilco talks directly to the audience about People Talking During Concerts

  55. This blog was not his first. He already was making fun of the fans and Taylor before he ever went to the concert. Here is a link http://blogs.houstonpress.com/rocks/2009/09/we_are_not_making_fun_of_taylo.php

  56. NolaMar . .
    was off hunting for the video and didn’t see your posts until mine went through.
    Seriously want to send you roses right now. ❤

    I'm hearing a line from an old movie adapted slightly to . . We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore !

  57. AH someone also recently put up a link on Twitter for a YT video (Warren Haynes I believe?) where the fan talk during the song was VERY noticeable. Outrageous in fact. Wish I could remember what it was. If I was not so exhausted I would try to find it because I think I “favorited” it.

  58. AH, have I told you lately that I love you? What a fabulous video that was.

    I propose that Taylor hold a concert only for people who want to hear the music. Wait, wait, this is good, hear me out. At the next show, those who seem to actually be paying attention to the performance will be rewarded with a ticket to this very special concert. Taylor will remind everyone often, in between songs, or maybe even DURING songs that if a person is noisy or disruptive in any way, they will not be invited to this very special concert.

    I can see it now:

    Taylor, pointing to a fan in the crowd: “Oh…too bad, so close! But do you see what you did? You spilled your drink on that nice woman while trying to take a photo of my nostrils. Sorry, no ticket for you!”

    Or perhaps in the middle of “Maybe You Should,” Taylor stops and says, “Now, what did I say? No talkie during the quiet moments, right? No ticket for you!”

    And, “You there, the 50 yr old in the halter top. Dancing wildly to ‘Indiscriminate Act of Kindness’ is inappropriate. No ticket for you!”

    It’s good, right?

  59. Shoot. People can’t help that they get drunk and ruin other people’s night. Can they?

  60. Oh Caryl…that’s such a good idea!!

    I’ll have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the route this thread has taken. Nola…you always say you just started your TH journey. You’re already getting frustrated, right? Multiply that by 3 years and more concerts. It just gets old, ya know? I’m glad you’re not letting it ruin everything for you, though.

    I’m glad Caryl has finally spoken her mind, and I can only encourage everybody else to do the same. It can be a pretty freeing experience!

  61. (hee hee, no ticket for you! I amuse myself. *chuckle*)

  62. BTW, about the topic of this one… is that is the same guy that wrote the snark blog article? If so, then I would not exactly say “The Houston Press” as a description…. LOL Not even close…. What’s funny is him putting up all the vids of Taylor. Me thinks he is just too proud to admit he likes him and is worried about his smart-ass reputation so he insults. but he puts up his stuff… lots of it. 😀 Think I’ll go to the blog and be a smart-ass back to him. That’s what he wants. I don’t go to defend Taylor, but to tell the guy he’s an idiotic jackass.

    (Wow, I’m in a mood tonight, aren’t I??? I’m mean when I’m tired and angry.)

  63. Haha Caryl, yes, ticket idea very funny! I would amuse myself if I was you too. Hey, that sounds like a good song lyric for Taylor’s next country tune!!

    Speaking of THAT, my sister was very impressed with the concert. She understood the OF (and others) were drunk as hell and acting like idiots. We were talking about some of the songs after and she particularly brought up SMB as being a really good song, and she also said that Taylor should put a lot of the songs he played in the show on country radio. She thinks he should make a country album. I found that interesting.

  64. Why not turn one of those cameras filming the 2,432nd version of an up close and personal TH performance on said fans? A nice video or two of questionable behavior posted anonymously to YouTube would do more than the endless whinging about it in written words.

    Shame is a powerful tool – make it work!

  65. hicksaholic Says:

    Great idea, charcoal. Sounds like a new Bill Will/ Clay assignment. Can you imagine the confused look on some of the more avid fans as Clay comes out with a video camera and begins filming? Plus maybe a little red carpet filming earlier to capture over the top fashion statements. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Nola, I went to Atlanta and having been the first time knew not to venture into the mob on the right side of the stage. Stayed in the back til the second half and then moved to the other side. Even still a wacko fan came and almost knocked me down trying to move in front of me.

    Bham is going to be WAY OTT. I think the only way to survive is to get the more sedate fans to gather together. The first time I went to Workplay I along with two friends were standing in line to go in the venue and I’ll be damned if when the doors opened this woman (approx my age) pushed me out of the way and rushed in first. I am afraid if I had had a gun I might have shot her. Now I just try to avoid these situations. If it means I can’t get as good a spot so be it. Life’s too short for such stresses.

    I still think Clay videoing from the stage is a great idea. Maybe once some of these fans saw their nostrils posted on You Tube it would change some behavior.

    Charcoal, you coming to Workplay? Promise if you do we will surround you to protect you from the crazies.

  66. pearlpattie Says:

    You know something, there are people on this site that have met me, and because of that I’ve got wonderful memories of fabulous shows….at this stage of the game to meet such cool fun people, hear great music, feel free and sixteen again is a blessing in this recession plagued time….

    I don’t know all you naysayers, somehow maybe I’m just smelling a green monster here….its uncomfortable to me to try and defend myself to a bunch of names I have no relation to, so adios amigos….

    Life is for livin, and I’ve got to get back to mine.

  67. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m not sure I understand the naysayer statement. I think most just want those who attend a concert to show some respect for others around them. If someone stands in line they should not be shoved out of the way because someone else wants to get closer. That’s just good manners.

    I have mixed feelings about those that travel and do multiple meet and greets. It seems a little odd to me but at the same time if it makes the individual happy and they can afford them then ok. But regardless, it does not give that person the right to act like they have special privileges to act rudely toward other fans at the next concert.

    Taylor is in a tough spot. He doesn’t have a broad fanbase but he has a small core of very avid fans. He doesn’t want to run away those he has but some of those avid fans who behave inappropriately may be preventing him from getting new fans.

  68. Fabulous idea to turn the camera on the whack-a-doos, Charcoal, maybe a dose of reality would help them understand the way the majority of the fans feel.

    Sometimes, traveling is the only way to see Taylor, if he doesn’t do a show near, or if you live far away from the cities he does go to. Even knowing that Workplay is going to be crazy, I decided to go. If I can only go to one show this year, that’s the experience I want to have, Taylor at home, plus it’s the place most of my friends can join me for protection (LOL).

    Nola & Caryl – I would love to know who these nuts are, just so I can avoid them. Unfortunately, I can think of at least 10 off the top of my head, who might be the ones.

    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with a little dancing, that’s what music makes me do, as long as I’m not making a spectacle of myself.

  69. “Why not turn one of those cameras filming the 2,432nd version of an up close and personal TH performance on said fans? A nice video or two of questionable behavior posted anonymously to YouTube would do more than the endless whinging about it in written words.

    Shame is a powerful tool – make it work.”

    Not to just kiss your ass O Gray Guy but that’s the very thing I was thinking about writing. Why hasn’t this been done? It certainly would make an interesting series. “The S.P. Freaks & Geeks” might be a nice title.

    You’d just have to treat it as a Wild African Safari & keep the filming on the down low. You know, the beasts can turn unexpectedly savage. Perhaps wear some form of camoflage to fit into the swirling clouds of glitter and slinging wine…

  70. One more thing, why is there no form of internal security to intercept some of the more rowdy fans? It seems there might be a need for a few fascillitators positioned within the crowd to either net and drag perpetrators out or at least slip ’em a nice Tranq shot. lol

  71. Caryl and Nolamar- I can understand your frustration. It’s been going on since the dawn of time, in every fanbase.

    Maybe when the fans start getting out of control, Taylor should simply stop abruptly in the middle of a song, and sit there. Scold or treat them like the children they’re acting like.

    Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

  72. sallyannlady Says:

    I’m just reading this now, and I think that video is the greatest thing I have seen. I would love to see Taylor doing the exact same thing at some venue where the OF or the OTT crazy drunk fans were disturbing the enjoyment of thoses who really want to listen. I think it was a vid from the Magic Bag where he was doing 19 and there was chattering and WHOO=ing all thru it- it really annoyed me just to watch it- I probably would have hollered out “Shut up!!” if I had been there. Me, I would love to sit and watch him perform, but since the only time I’ve seen him so far was during his solo tour, where you were expected to get up and dance and shout (and he would tell you to get up if you weren’t) I haven’t had that pleasure. If he does a Shadow gig in Toronto in April, you can bet I’ll be there, and on my best behaviour……. cuz I want a ticket to the “special show” too …………….

  73. sallyannlady Says:

    Here’s a video of Taylor doing MYS at Beau Rivage- beautiful rendition- don’t know why people had to cheer thru it- and I don’t know what was said at about the 1:15 mark, but he stops dead and looks at her- I think he may have been amused, but he could also have been annoyed- this is a beautiful song, and I don’t understand all the noise- why can’t people just sit (or stand) and listen?


  74. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Your video idea is a gem. Maybe if the cameras were turned on these out of control/drunk fans and they see themselves as others did the night before, maybe just maybe they might think before they drink way too much. Some don’t even need to be drunk they are just very aggressive to get to the front, don’t care who they push or shove to get there. Its like some of them feel they have an entitlement to Taylor that they have more power/influence at these shows.

    When I go see a performer I want to do just that enjoy/abosrb their performance not the performance of some over the top fans! 🙂


  75. Charcoal, I don’t have a video of the OFs but this I do audio….. I forgot to turn off my video cam after St. Dominic’s Preview ended. It’s filming the floor but you can hear the outrageous behavior even between the songs. I’m considering not editing it out and uploading it as is. Was just about to email Caryl and ask if she thought I should do it. (I actually did try to upload the entire unedited version during the night but just woke up to see that it failed. Might have been too big, even for vimeo.)

  76. Sallyanne RE: Maybe You Should in Biloxi.. The OF there shouted out either “I’m not leaving” or “I Can’t” when Taylor was singing the first Chorus and said “If you can walk away tonight………….” It was idiotic but his response was pretty amazing. He just stopped dead.. the whole band did. He raised his eyebrows and sort of glanced that way… paused 2 seconds and then they all just continued on with the song without missing a beat…. And the reason people cheered in the middle of the song was because they were so impressed with his singing at the end of the first chorus, they were applauding him and the song itself. I’m telling you that was the performance of a lifetime. It was incredible. I just kept saying to myself “He CAN NOT give that song away! Not after hearing him sing it like that and seeing/hearing the audience’s response. This was NOT a typical TH audience, it was a casino audience and I beleive people who remembered him from Idol or just recognized his name. 1500 mostly well behaved people in a beautiful theater with 2 big screens. Wonderful, wonderful atmosphere. I loved it, and they loved him.

  77. Nola, maybe you hit the nail on the head. As long as Taylor continues to book gigs at bars, he’ll have more than his share of OFs.

  78. Caryl asks: “Oh- but I did want to ask why people are so afraid to voice an opinion?”

    I can only speak for myself, but I hesitate to say anything on any board but my own because voicing my opinion in other places usually leads to getting large amounts of shit flung my way. I don’t mind healthy disagreements, but the personal attacks get old.

    Amen, Wonder…amen.

  79. hicksaholic, great post at 6:09. “but at the same time if it makes the individual happy and they can afford them then ok. But regardless, it does not give that person the right to act like they have special privileges to act rudely toward other fans at the next concert.” AMEN!!

    Dancing says: “Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with a little dancing, that’s what music makes me do, as long as I’m not making a spectacle of myself.” It’s not just the spectacle part. If you are gonna pack yourself in at the stage, there is not room for DANCING. I love to “dance” and enjoy the music too, but not where I’m gonna be hitting people and spilling my beer or wine all over them. They should move to the back where there is room if they want to actually DANCE. That does not mean bounce, tap your foot, clap.. Who can just stand still listening to it? Not me, but I’m not gonna “dance” in a tightly packed crowd and knock everyone else around, wave my arms in front of their views, spill my drink, etc.

    Pattie, I don’t believe anyone is talking about you here! Were talking about those whose behavior practically ruins the joy of the concert you are describing that you travel to experience!

  80. IMO turning video onto the crazies in the audience would only create the illusion in their minds that Taylor is giving them his personal attention therefore making the situation worse. Taylor can’t see what’s going on from the stage because of the lights blasting on his face and I doubt he cares. And as long as he plays in bars he will attract this type of behaviour.

    I find it all interesting that this same subject has been blogged about and talked about by myself and others in the recent past but was met with harsh criticism, bashing and called haters for it. Now that two seemingly “respectable” fans have spoke their opinions, they are receiving praise. No disrespect to Caryl or Nola intended-but they are not the first to approach this but everyone is acting like they are.

    I guess it’s who you are and who you know that gets the attention in this fandom. ***back to real life now***

  81. I find it all interesting that this same subject has been blogged about and talked about by myself and others in the recent past but was met with harsh criticism, bashing and called haters for it. Now that two seemingly “respectable” fans have spoke their opinions, they are receiving praise. No disrespect to Caryl or Nola intended-but they are not the first to approach this but everyone is acting like they are.

    That is interesting, isn’t it?

    Caryl and Nola, you know that I mean no disrespect either. I admire both of you for your loyalty and perseverance regarding Taylor.

  82. Well since there is no one associated with this blog that has ever, ever been drunk or obnoxious at a show then I guess its allright to give advice on the subject. 🙄

  83. Everyone does realize that this type of shit happens at bars all across the country?

    Taylor has played bars his whole life and could probably tell some stories that would make your hair stand up at what he has seen. I prefer ‘bar’ Taylor myself because it’s just what I like. It just sucks when you get stuck next to a mental case. This is the crazie’s way of ‘flirting’ with him. In that one interview, I forgot where, he said, “The best way to flirt, is to not flirt at all.” Or something like that. He was putting it nicely.

    This is all they can do to get his attention, it’s all they know how to do.

  84. CF: “Seemingly respectable fans?” Maybe we won’t be considered that after this? But I don’t know why anyone would think this discussion in any way makes any of us “haters.” Just ask Grey if I don’t defend Taylor here when I think he’s being unfairly criticized or mocked, and often. I spoke my mind about it just the other day a few pages back. I don’t believe discussing this type of behavior reflects badly on Taylor or even just his own fans in general, just the obnoxious ones. (OFs)

  85. WOW, I was at the Houston show and I guess I missed all the comotion. I was so caught up in Taylors passionate singing, I didn’t hear anything else. I was right in front of Taylor and didn’t have any crazy peeps around me. The only one I noticed was a tiny blonde who was to my right, the one that gave Taylor the beer. She was dancing and having a blast. I’ve been lucky all but one time and haven’t noticed the crazy behavior.

  86. This bad behavoir at concerts is all attention-seeking. They want Taylor’s attention and they will stop at nothing. Push you out of way, knock you down.. sure they will.. they don’t give a crap about you because it’s all about them. Do these foolish women really think Taylor is going to run off with them… it’s not going to happen EVER. The only way I could see this happening is if you are 22 years old, slim and gorgeous, because afterall he is a musician and they all fuck around, so don’t be naive about that either. But, a middle-age woman, who is trying to act young??.. NO, he will never hook up with you. Just because he has gray hair, doesn’t mean he wants someone old. What wil it take to get that thru their thick heads?

    The ones who are traveling on planes to see every gig are nothing but stalkers. These women are not in their right minds. Taylor is in terrible position because I’m sure he would like tell these crazy stalkers to fuck off, but he can’t.. that’s money in his pocket and no struggling musician is going to turn that down.

    Finally, some of the photos I’ve seen of Taylor, where I’ve seen his nose hairs and the back of his tongue.. why are these photos, with the camera in his face, necessary? That is disrepectful and these women are idiots!

    end of rant.

  87. Jerseyirish: Thanks for giving me praise for the video idea, but charcoal came up with that. My idea was the, “No ticket for you!” thing. LOL. (I keep picturing the “Soup Nazi”-“No soup for you!!”) Charcoal thinks realistically, while I’m in my own little world writing sitcom scripts in my head.

    I love being called a “seemingly respectable fan.” Thank you. I take no offense, CF, because you’re right.

  88. Nola, can you link that St Dominic’s Preview?

    I love Taylor covering Van Morrison. It’s like Van’s music fits Taylor perfectly.

  89. jerseyirish Says:

    well snowstorm, I agree with you about these fans. I actually get embarressed when I see woman my age making fools of themselves not just with Taylor but other young performers. They are out of his league by decades he is not going to give them a second look. Dear lord he is 32 why would he want or need to hook up with someone in 40’s or 50’s. When I say I am there for the music and watching him perform thats it for me, I wish he would find someone to share his life with that would compliment being by his side.


  90. If you are sure you want me to. It’s out of focus (Damn!) Last 3.5 minutes of the song. Then I forgot to turn off the video and got 1.5 minutes of the floor and a loud fan. Not sure it it’s “MY” OF or another. LOL

    St. Dominic’s Preview Partial (Harp & Ending) Taylor Hicks @ Warehouse Live Houston from rajrae on Vimeo.

  91. This will get me in trouble. Some long time members of the BB and a few other places think they are the backbone of Taylor’s fandom. They have voted in polls and followed and posted his every career and even non career moves. They’ve spent money on multiple CD’s, road and air trips and conduct cellcerts. Some of them are the first to call out “haters” and put down anyone who in anyway doesn’t bless Tay 24/7. You can’t suggest to most of these people that their behavior at a Taylor gig could be off putting to the random person attending, the more casual fan and those who don’t post online. You can’t suggest that they refrain from lining up after Grease or a gig, one more time to shake his hand and have things signed and be seen by him, so that those meeting him for the first time won’t have to wait in line. Well I’m suggesting just that right here.

  92. Anyone want to buy me a PLUS membership on Vimeo so I can put up my other two videos from Houston? LOL They are NICE! Partials of WRIR and Circles. And in focus….. Will have to wait a week for each one if I don’t buy it. Damn… more money spent. oh, well…

  93. I don’t care about Taylor’s personal life.. he’s a stranger to me and I have no clue why a fan would be. I don’t care who he dates, has sex with, or marries. This has no affect on my life.

  94. Nola – I definitely meant the bounce/sway/clap type of dancing for close quarters, not the arm waving, drink spilling type. Guess I should have used swaying, since, dancing belongs on a dance floor.

    Most of the original BB members came from GC’s and feel the same way about this topic as CF, Nola & Caryl do. It’s the people that came on board about a year after it started, that have issues with hate. That’s why most of the originals have gone their own way, or like me, don’t post much – not worth the aggravation.

  95. Well, the ranting continues…My question is this,,, for those of you who are getting jostled and pushed from your spots up front that you waited for….if it is just about the music and listening to it and enjoying it go further back…take a table… I had a lovely table in Detroit a little back from the “floor” good view of Taylor & could hear the music just fine,even with some overly enthusiastic fans .WTH would you venture to the front if that’s where the “crazies” are. I like to just take it all in and enjoy the talent.
    You people are taking like only the OTT fans are going to be flying to B’ham …Well I’m flying in from another country to B’ham and I think I can behave myself just fine…even thought I’m “obviously crazy” enough to spend my money to do it. If I don’t mind…hubby doesn’t mind and my kids don’t mind..who the fuck is anybody else to have a say about it. That’s the beauty of being OLDER….you can afford to do it…you have no responsiblities to kids and you don’t give a shit what others think.

  96. Anne, but perhaps some fans are there to see Taylor for the first time and have never seen him up close. Anyway it has been fun having a place to vent about this but things won’t change. Snow I don’t think the women expect him to hook up with them, they just want him to know they are his special true blue fan.

  97. I guess I’m a loon too, cause I’m flying to Birmingham too. I know it will be wild and crazy at Workplay and am looking forward to it.

  98. But, how many shows do you need to see? It’s not like he changes them up very much. They are all basically the same songs over and over again. Why are Idol fans so obsessive? It’s really baffling.

  99. Rosie, given the opportunity to hook up, you think these women would turn that down? Would anybody here turn that down? C’mon now, let’s be realistic.

  100. Van’s music fits him perfectly, Michael McDonald’s fits him perfectly, Ray LaMontagne’s… you get the picture. Who thinks Hicks would do better with an entire album of covers, than any original material?? I mean, could it hurt at this point?

    Push you out of way, knock you down.. sure they will.. they don’t give a crap about you because it’s all about them.
    I couldn’t agree more with Snowstorm. I’ve seen everything from these OF’s on cell phones, screaming at their absent fellow OF’s about ‘what to post on the boards’, monopolizing M & G’s with stories and multiple pics, not to mention the most common offense of shoving the “less worthy” fans aside to get up front against the stage. It’s ridiculous, especially considering that once you see one of his shows, you’ve pretty much seen them all. There’s not much new material from show to show.

  101. Monday night was the first show I’ve been to in over 2 years, except for seeing Grease. I’m using the Birmingham trip for a chance for me and my sis to have a fun weekend.
    I have no other plans unless he does a show in my home town.
    I don’t see why it matters how many shows people attend. If it makes them happy, then I say go for it!

  102. omg, I just quoted Snow before ever reading her comment!! LOL!!

  103. patay, if you haven’t jumped on planes to see every gig, then I’m obviously not talking about you. The women who do this, have a real problem and I don’t care what anybody says. They are stalkers!

  104. YKW: “It’s ridiculous, especially considering that once you see one of his shows, you’ve pretty much seen them all. There’s not much new material from show to show.”

    I have found that to be totally NOT true for these 4 shows I’ve attended since June.

    Anne, surly you know that watching Taylor and the band perform up close is a wonderful experience. Maybe I should not have complained how an OF nearly ruined my sister’s first Taylor concert, 1st time not only to see him, but to ever hear any of his music? I should have kept her in the back in case a crazy drunk fan might spill wine all over and all the other garbage? I don’t think that is the solution. The last thing I want is to ruin anyone’s fun. I just hope that perhaps by talking about it like this the offenders will watch themselves the next time and not get so drunk and act so obnoxious. I said before, have fun but know your limits and don’t ruin it for others. Enough said……

  105. Patay, you go ahead and have yourself a good time in B’ham and don’t worry what anyone thinks about you flying there. I flew to see Jimmy Buffet one time because when I hear him I think of sand and drinks. LOL. When I hear Taylor’s music, I think of depth and soul, because that’s what you feel when you see him play live. That is why you keep going back for more. And Snow, he IS ‘different’ every time you see him. I always thought he wears his mood at his shows. You never know what your are going to get, and it is always fabulous and unforgetable.

    As far as these women acting like this for his attention after a multitude of shows, if he was going to ‘pluck’ you out of the crowd, you would have been ‘plucked’ already.

  106. Taylor is a sex symbol to these fans that scream in the middle of songs, profess their love for him at inappropriate moments, and generally ruin concerts for others. That’s the problem. He’s a sex symbol to them, not a musician. I wonder how he feels about busting his ass in his twenties to get somewhere based on his talent, and then to realize it really didn’t have anything to do with musical talent, it had more to do with his pretty face.

  107. NolaMar….talking about it is not going to make anyone change when they get to a concert…this has been going on since Elvis and down through the years..and the people who continue with this behaviour will never see themselves as the offender…drunks in any bar… concert or not get obnoxious, I just don’t understand when people are surprised when it happens. I can’t stand going anywhere when people get drunk and want to be the centre of attraction, but it sure as hell wouln’t stop me from going..I’m not that delicate.
    As for why people would go to a concert they have already seen because they are all the same ( which in Taylor’s case they most definately are NOT) …does that mean that once you have listened to the songs on a cd once you should throw it out,,,hell you heard it once why bother to listen to it again.

  108. Taylor is a sex symbol to these fans that scream in the middle of songs, profess their love for him at inappropriate moments, and generally ruin concerts for others. That’s the problem. He’s a sex symbol to them, not a musician. I wonder how he feels about busting his ass in his twenties to get somewhere based on his talent, and then to realize it really didn’t have anything to do with musical talent, it had more to do with his pretty face.
    Grey….really..come on don’t you think that is what happens to most musicians…. even some of the not so good looking ones .
    Sometimes it’s the song ,lyrics or a certain riff in the music that you find very sexy and people just relay it to the messenger of the music. Good example—Barry White and Solomon Burke they made women swoon.with their deliverence of the music… both extremely large men…that is a good musician

  109. Interesting commentary here! Just saying that I’m going to Birmingham….and, yes, I’ve traveled to a few shows and think that if that’s what makes ME happy and I can do it, then it shouldn’t matter to anyone else. From what I’ve seen, the over consumption of alcohol is often the biggest contributing factor to making people obnoxious though, face it, some people don’t even need that to act like jerks. And, you don’t have to go to a concert to find people acting stupidly or rudely. I also heartily dislike the fact that people talk and yell out when Taylor is performing and if telling them to “zip it” works…then perhaps us non-offenders should dare to do that more often. I don’t know the ages of some of the posters here but I get a hint some feel if you are over a certain age, perhaps you shouldn’t enjoy certain things or “think” young. May I just say that everyone ages but your thinking remains YOUNG for the most part. Having said that, I hope to “feel” young and enjoy the heck out of any of Taylor’s shows I am able to see, including WorkPlay. I don’t drink and promise not to wear any puffy paint or glitter or snug satin halter tops. Hey, I was at Wilkes Barre….I have vivid memories! But, on the other hand, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world…..

  110. The issue is not about how many concerts you’ve gone to, or even if you travel on a plane to do it. If it can be done, and that’s how you want to spend your money, good for you. Go ahead and do it. Don’t worry about what anybody thinks. I think the issue is that there are a select few fans that can ruin a good time for everybody. Taylor has concerts at bars because he can’t fill bigger venues. That’s how it is. That’s really how it’s always been. I’ve been to a lot of Taylor concerts, even at one point going four nights in a row (during a particularly crazy period), and I wouldn’t say his shows are exactly the same. I think the material is the same…but as somebody said, dependent upon his mood, you’re either in for a fantastic show…or a so-so one. And yes, I’ve been to both kinds. But, hey, we all have our off days…nobody’s faulting him for that.

  111. Anne, I see what you’re saying about the lyrics and such. Problem is that people saw Taylor before they heard him sing. It’s American Idol. It’s not about music. It never has been. So, for a musician to go into AI, they have give up part of the music…and I don’t know if Taylor’s ever going to get it back, especially traveling around in a pompadour.

  112. Oh please, he’s always singing the same songs or type of songs from the late 70’s! How many times has he sung “Don’t Let Me Down”! A song he has sung since the AI tour from three years ago! Isn’t it time to retire that song? Doesn’t he know more modern songs???

    Always singing Billy Preston and Bill Withers songs. Christ, change it up a little bit! It’s possible to mix old and new! He won’t attract new fans singing these OLD songs!

  113. Grey, what you said at 1:29 has been running thru my mind for months. I’ve almost posted about it several times and sadly he has to know that many of these regulars are into him due to his looks and sex appeal more than his music. I mentioned how he was most animated and talkative in his chat last week when he was talking about music and the music business. All the Idols are cursed somewhat due to the fact they were discovered on a reality show.

  114. I was just reading on the BB the list of those who are going to Workplay and it is quite a lot. I know others, Spin, Chill and several others going who aren’t on the list. I now wish I were going and I am definately going to fly somewhere this year to see him because I’ve only seen him once in concert and life is too short. I may go solo and I will definately remain incognito, not that my looks would gross anyone out. I just like my privacy and like to leave it up to others to give recaps. That way I can tell someone, anyone to zip it and not be gossiped about.

  115. Not all of the Idols are cursed…there are a few who have dropped the AI title (or sometimes just the term “AI contestant”) from their resumes. Taylor, for some reason, just can’t make that leap.

  116. Hey jonibug…welcome to the discussion!

  117. And welcome to Dancing, Waitforme, and patay. Hope I didn’t forget anybody.

  118. Well personally, I like the music and the sex. 😉 Would be a hypocrite to deny it. I guess any of you who only like the music need not bother looking at this one. You won’t appreciate it. http://twitpic.com/hsug6

    But now having joked about it, I would like to add that I would not be a fan of a man just because of his sex appeal if he had no talent. I like music a lot and like Taylor’s music A LOT, and him being so sexually attractive is just like icing on that cake. His voice is just incredible to me, and has been since I first saw him on AI.

    Read my lips snow: WE LIKE THE SONGS TAYLOR SINGS. If you only go to one concert now and then why would care if he sang DLMD at every show? Grey, my 4 shows have been very different but I would not say any one of them was an “off” night. (Although I know that must happen.) They were different “moods,” him playing the harp more, or less, the arrangements, and for Houston a very different set list. Not completely different but several songs I had not seen him sing before.

  119. Anne, re you 1:31 post. It almost sounds like you were saying either just put up with the OF’s or don’t go or stand in the back. No way. Sorry if my expressing my disgust seems pointless and useless to you. Perhaps you are right, the only purpose it will serve is for me to vent my anger and frustration. I guess I have not been to enough bar concerts to know I’m supposed to just expect and put up with that shit without complaining about it. Maybe I won’t complain next time since it seems to be a common thing at Taylor and other concerts, but I won’t timidly put up with it again.

  120. Read my lips: HE’S NOT GAINING ANY NEW FANS! He’s got the same AI fans from three years ago. When his run on Grease ends, is when I’m worried for him. You’ll see.

  121. Snow…that isn’t exactly breaking news.

  122. Thanks for the pic, Nola. Hope you don’t mind if I save that for a later post…;)

  123. BTW, I don’t mean I’m going to start a brawl or anything like that. LOL That’s not me. But I will speak my mind about it.

  124. I think you older women are making total fools of yourselves. If you want to know why Taylor is not more popular… you are part of the reason. Not being cruel here… it’s just the truth.

    But, on the other hand if Taylor didn’t have you, he would have nobody. Of course, so many fans have dropped off too and are now David Cook fans or Gokey fans or Adam Lambert fans or Kris Allen fans. That’s just what happens when you go on a show like AI.

    So, it’s Taylor’s fault. He failed to increase his fanbase beyond the Idol audience. And you are just fooling yourself if you don’t think his career is in trouble.

  125. snow, he filled that casino theater. The box office was telling people it’s “Sold out – WAY SOLD OUT.” The audience LOVED him, honestly LOVED HIM. Very different than the 3 bar concerts I’ve been to. (Different performance, different audience.) He should do more of these casino-act type shows. I think he would be very successful at it. The exit to the theater was blocked for 45 minutes because people could not get enough of his CD and autograph after the show. It was actually dangerous. They obviously did not expect that kind of reaction or would have had things set up differently. I’ve got to find time to watch those videos! Would give anything for a great quality one of MYS and WRIR. SO amazing. And Nineteen too, blew everyone away and he got a standing O. Did you read Snow, where I said they were so impressed with MYS they applauded his voice in the middle of the song, after he sang the chorus the first time? It was powerful, that performance. Way beyond any of the other times I saw him sing it. He sang it like the “career song” he claimed it was going to be for him, and after seeing it and seeing the audience reaction I truly believe it could be.

  126. NolaMar, what was the age group of that audience? I’ll bet it was older people? Right?

    I’m sorry but MYS & WRIR are terrible songs. If they were good songs, they would have gotten airplay. Taylor’s voice is not suited to these ballads. MYS sounds exactly like the Bonnie Raitt song and was written by the same person. Sorry, but I’m right, as usual.

  127. WRIR is a terrible song with lame lyrics. THe video was good, but could not save that song.

    Taylor needs to stop this AC crap he does. It does not suit him at all.

  128. WRIS does have lame lyrics. I’ll give you that. Buy MYS is a really good song.

    As for the casino show being sold out…was the front part of the theater saved for high rollers (free tickets)? When I went to the casinos, that’s how it was. They were claiming it was sold out, but probably 25% of the seats were empty.

  129. I’ve worried in the past about his music career post Grease should he not get a movie, TV role or good Broadway gig to fund his next CD. However the Beau Rivage set my mind at ease quite a bit. Being the AI winner of season five does help keep his career going. Casinos are a good match for Taylor and the full band. The audience is there and has the money to fill the house. Bet he picked up new fans there and he did sell quite a few CDs. Snow he ain’t listening to ya!

  130. Casinos are a good match for Taylor and the full band.

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, baby!! I kid you not, I would bet cold hard cash that Hicks makes his next “home” in a casino type venue, count on a 12 month run. I don’t think it will be in Vegas, he doesn’t have the fanbase close to that area of the country to sustain that region for a year. However, down in the Mississippi Delta, on the riverboat casinos and the like… mmm hmmm. I’m telling you, I would put money on it. Either that, or he’ll go overseas for awhile.

  131. Yeah, obviously he’s not listening. If he was listening, he wouldn’t be so ridiculed all the time.

  132. Oh great, cruise ship entertainer is what his fans want for him. Yup, Simon Cowell will have field day with that one and so will everybody else.

    He’s not going oversees… how is that possible? He’s not popular in his own country.

  133. After Grease, Taylor will get a another Broadway gig. Mark my words.

  134. Oops! Forgive my temporary lapse – I forgot you were omniscient Snow! So glad you reminded us all once again. 🙂

    I don’t know Taylor’s mind but my opinion is he knows he’s never going to be a mega Pop Star and I doubt he wants to be in the first place. He would have to compromise the kind of music that moves him and that he likes to perform. (That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to have some successful radio play if possible of course.) He’s definitely already planning post-Grease.

    WRIR video was awesome to me, and not a bad song but not the best on the cd musically. I do like the lyrics. Sent them to my Atlanta friend before I went there and she LOVED them. (Of course, we are “old.”) It’s been wonderful live because he sings it different from the record and the tags are wonderful. Was best IMO at Smith’s and Biloxi. Awesome! Oh, Magic Bag was great too, with the harp and Copperline tag. Houston.. not as moving for me but then I had some aggravation I was contending with at the time. I am uploading my video of the “Mandolin Rain” tag from Houston right now.

    Snow, you are very WRONG about MYS. I KNOW. (Did I ever tell you you remind me of my mother? She was always telling us how smart she was too.)

  135. I am not wrong. He doesn’t have the voice to pull off a song like that. He’s smart to sell that song to a female singer with a BIG voice.

    Yup, success is over-rated. Who wants that?… nobody!! People who DON’T want success do not go on AI. Nope, they want to be struggling musicians. HA.

  136. Snow I would have used up a brand new marker had I marked all your words. He isn’t ridiculed all the time, just a tiny fraction of the time. A Riverboat Casino is not the same as a cruise ship. I have great faith that he could knock people socks off in a bigger broadway show and cut himself a lucrative deal. He seems to think he is popular in SE Asia, so he could know a tad more than you about such matters. Since you don’t like MYS, is there any song he has recorded that you do like?

  137. jerseyirish Says:

    He couldn’t pull off a song like MYS, goodness have you watched any of the video’s when he does the song. Don’t think anyone could do more justice to it then him!!! 🙂


  138. hicksaholic Says:

    I was at the Beau Rivage- third row seats. The casino was full. I bet there weren’t 25 empty seats in the place . There were people there of all ages, not just old people. Everything Nola said is exactly right. My friend was one of many in the audience that night who couldn’t keep her excitement down on MYS. The theater entrance was blocked as Nola said for 45 minutes to an hour. I would estimate three hundred people all taking pictures and waiting for autographs on their merchandise.

    I have been to see Taylor 13 or 14 times, never flown but would have to certain shows if I had the money and my husband didn’t pitch a fit.
    I think Taylor is different in every concert. He never performs a song the same way twice.

    I think Nola’s problem was she did do what she was supposed to at Smith’s, ate at the bar, waited in line, got her good spot up front until some rude person who didn’t do all of the above came and pushed her out of the way. I stood in the back for the first half at Smith’s and I will admit it is not as much fun as being in the front but that assumes you are in the front not being physically assaulted. The drinking is part of the problem but I drink have a great time but don’t yell out during Taylor’s songs. The slow songs are the main ones that I wish everyone would quiet down.
    I am going to Workplay, unfortunately first night only.
    I just appreciate we can talk openly. I think Snow had a lot of valid comments not that I agree with all of them but discussion is good IMO.

  139. His earlier recordings were 100x times than the crap he’s done after Idol. With a little more polish, those songs could have been great. That’s what modern blues/soul is supposed to sound like.

    On his recent recording, the only songs I like are 7Mile and A Women’s Got To Have It. The rest of it is just boring crap.

    Taylor’s biggest problem is that he hasn’t picked a genre. There is no way he can be a success being a jack of all traits. Country will not accept him, unless he does a purely country album.

    Although 7Mile is a good country song, many people thought he fell back on country because he failed at being a pop singer and country doesn’t accept posers.. he has to prove himself.

  140. OT, Omg, I just watched a fan vid on Idletard of clips of Adam on the the tour. I’m no prude but I’m shocked AI allowed this at a family venue. Guess I know where Adam’s taking his career.

  141. hicksaholic Says:

    Taylor is absolutely wonderful on MYS. Nola is right again- if you weren’t at the Beau Rivage to witness it you can’t imagine it. It really was a great performance.

  142. Snow: “On his recent recording, the only songs I like are 7Mile and A Women’s Got To Have It. The rest of it is just boring crap.”

    I just totally lost respect for your musical taste…. oh,wait, I don’t think I had any in the first place. Seriously, have you been to any concerts this year? I would agree with you that he excels when he does the blues. I think he should do a pure blues cd or a pure country.

  143. Oh, and snow, I never said Taylor didn’t want to be successful. I said I thought he probably didn’t want to be a “Pop Star” if he had to compromise the music he loves.

  144. Thanks for the welcome, IAG!

    I absolutely agree that Taylor doesn’t do the same show twice. Does he sing a lot of the same songs, sure, they’re from his new CD. I’m pretty sure that’s what every artist does in concert, sing songs from their newest CD, toss in some from their older CDs, and maybe do a few covers. The thing is, the covers have to suit the artist, and Taylor’s do. Sorry, Snow, but I just don’t see him singing covers of Lady GaGa, Jay-Z, or Nickelback and feeling them. He does the covers that resonate with him, and that’s just fine by me.

    What Taylor has up his sleeve for after Grease, who knows? He did say he’s planning, so, we’ll find out when he’s ready to tell us. Whatever it is, it will be what he thinks is the best move for him at the time, whether we agree or not.

  145. LOL IAG. I just realized – were you seriously wanting to use that photo for a future blog or just joking about it because of what happened before? I really thought you meant you were going to use it until a sec ago when re-reading. A bit SLOW today. Hope I recover before I turn around and have to drive to B’ham!! Oh, my.

  146. Music is subjective. You’re entitled to your opinion, snow. No biggie. Well, sorry to leave the party but I’m off to find a blog for a musician I don’t like so I can lurk every day and occasioanlly insult him. Have a good one!

  147. Snow hangs around because Tay is so damn fine and sexy.

  148. Nola, I was serious about using the pic!!

  149. No, Rosie.

  150. “Well, sorry to leave the party but I’m off to find a blog for a musician I don’t like so I can lurk every day and occasionally insult him. Have a good one!”

    LOL that was great Caryl. 😀

  151. Awww, I think Snow likes to come here and rant and rave and say negative things about Taylor so that we will start saying positive things about him. I really do. Snowstorm is a very very interesting poster. 🙂

  152. NolaMar…I totally understand you being upset with those jerks that spilled the drinks and acted so badly..those typs piss me off too… all I’m saying is that the older I get (which to snow..would be ancient) the more I let things roll off my back , ignore the jerks of the world so I can get to and enjoy the good stuff…like Taylor Hicks!

  153. Heres a novel idea. How about leaveing it up to Taylor. If he wants to do something about any fan , he will. He has done that.
    If he doesn’t he won’t. Its his business.
    I doubt starting a fan war would be helpful or anything that he would want.
    Right or wrong he will do what he wants to do. Period.

  154. henry8, if she fucks up YOUR next concert..well, nevermind.

    And can you tell me what he has done? I missed it. Maybe he can do it again. Thanks.

  155. Two things I’ll comment on from Snow.
    1. Not all the fans who fly from concert to concert are nutty. Many of the recaps I read sound like they are having a blast just meeting with each other and seeing the concert. Seems like they enjoy getting together with each other as much as they enjoy Taylor’s music.
    2. The reason Taylor throws in the older songs is often times he is not playing with the same band. Doing what he is doing using what ever musicians are available for the gig is no easy task. Having some songs that they can count on to throw into the mix of newer songs can help a lot. The fact that these concerts go as well as they do is a testament to their talent. It can take years for a band to gel together.

  156. I want to know what he did to a fan, too. Did he … spank her?? Was Big Bill the Security Guard there?? Is there video????!!!???!?


  157. sallyannlady Says:

    Taylor has future plans. For those of you who saw his video chat on his NING site, the question was asked if there were any movies or TV shows in the future. He said they are working on some things that he can’t talk about yet, but there is definitely something in the works. That excites me. The possibilities for Taylor are endless.

    Now, tell me if this makes me an OF or an OTT wierdo. At B’Ham2, Sunday March 11,2007, I was 2nd row. I was leaving to go home to Ontario the next day, and i wanted to do something before I left that I considered “Annie-worthy”, so when he came out to do “My Home’s in Alabama”, I waited till a quiet spot at the beginning, before he started to sing, and I shouted at the top of my lungs, “We love you, Taylor!”. The whole audience roared and he got the biggest grin on my face. It was caught on video for all time. That was it for that song from me- from the moment he opened his mouth to sing, I stood there in silence with tears streaming down my face listening to this incredible man. It irritated me no end when I saw the video, of the number of people who couldn’t keep quiet… when I was in the midst of it, all I could hear was Taylor.

    If that makes me an OF or OTT, then so be it… I apologize for nothing.

  158. YKW, hillarious!

  159. Don’t post here often but my approach to this aggessive fan problem is to just stay out of the fray in front. You can still have a great view, as none of these venues are arena sized. I actually get much better sound quality by backing away from the front of the stage.
    Also thought this would be a good place to mention that my videos of Wynn Christian and Quinn Borland at Smith’s are being woefully neglected. Watch here:

  160. Kathy, your statement number 2, seems right on to me. We begged for shadow shows. He puts them together long distance. I ‘think’ they practice without him till the very end and he just jumps in upon arrival at soundcheck.

  161. Aw gee, YKW, it might have been a small request or something really, really big. Who knows? Why, what would I know?

    And I doubt if anyone will fuck with my next concert. LOL

  162. Jenni Jac, thank you thank you thank you for posting that vid of Spoonful James. I love those guys. They really don’t get the credit that they deserve!!

  163. I’m one who looked JJ, I should have commented. I love SJ.

    It just dawned on me, how could anyone fuck with MY concert. I’m not having one. They are Taylors concerts last time I noticed.

  164. henry8, as Taylor would say, “You never know.”

  165. WHAT?? Henry, speak up… I can’t hear you when you’re whispering!!!

  166. whisper whisper whisper
    not even with a glass to the wall?

  167. Finally someone mentioned Idletard (Rosie). That’s the site you need to go to see the freaks! I read it everyday. Keeps me grounded. I am sure there is video of crazy Taylor fans somewhere on Idletard. I’ve been around a while and wished like hell I knew who y’all were talking about.

    Just can’t wait for all hell to break loose on the 25th. I will be in the back watching all of the fun…

  168. Seems some folks been sharing the Hennesey with Kanye.

  169. Jeni, my Spoonful James vids from Smith’s have not gotten many hits either.

  170. It will be easier to see at these B’ham shows since they are full band. But at the last three acoustic concerts, Taylor sat down the entire time. Hard to see him when his head was about level with the whole audience’s.

    Sallyannie, I don’t think yelling We love you Taylor before he started singing is being an OF or OTT, but could be depending on the song and the timing. I kind of thought the lady in Biloxi saying “I can’t” or “I’m not leaving” whichever it was, when Taylor said “If you can walk away tonight” was kind of comical, but probably not the best song to do that in. I kind of wish Taylor WOULD request silence during 19 out of respect for what the song is about.

    Oh, man I can see the party is already starting! LOL This is gonna be so fun. I’m coming for sure now – both nights. I’ll scream my “Whoohoos” now.. LOL

  171. here it is …. the middle of the damned night and ya’ll have me in your clutches reading every post! I met Nolamar and Caryl for the first time in Houston and they are normal wonderful people!!! Hope they can say the same about me! I have wanted to meet both of you for some time now!! I agree with what they are saying about the over the top fans… There were a couple there that night that screamed, poured their drinks all over you, and were so bent on Taylor paying them some type of attention that their behavior became very intruding and they went beyond annoying and spilled into the pathetic. At one point I thought that if I hear “Taylor you are soooo hot” one more time…. and then it got funny, because when she would yell it, he would squench up his eyes, close them tight …. and I thought, he did not want to be caught on tape rolling his eyes at a fan.
    I have a great time at the concerts, have made some friends who I spend time with when there is no Taylor in sight, and to add one of his concerts to our time together just increases the fun. I love doing the cell-certs and sharing my concert with those who can not attend, and love to listen in when I can’t be there.
    And hell yes, the man is sexy, and yeah there have been a few fantasies where he is concerned…. I ain’t dead yet!!! And I do have this wicked streak in me … and it spills into my sense of humor. But when all is said and done there is something about his voice that connects with me on a very real, deep, emotional level. Without that voice he would not have the charismatic charm that has enveloped so many of us.
    The woman who yelled out during the middle of MYS in Bilouxi was sitting behind me. When she did that and Taylor stopped to look at her she turned to her companion and said something to the effect … ” I told you I could stop the show” She made a similar attempt during 19. She wanted attention, nothing more. She did not ruin the show for me …. but she put one hell of a dent in the moment I was having during that song.

    I have a good time, and I want all the fans to have a great time as well, but I try very hard to be respectful of Taylor and his fans …. one of the reasons I spent the majority of the concert on my knees at the stage in Houston… I am very tall and those who are standing behind me would have a problem with that. And I would appreciate it if others would have the same amount of respect. And being mindful of other fans does not mean you can’t be “you” so if you want to throw panties on the stage do it! I think Taylor gets a kick out of it. And if you want to take crotch shots of Taylor …. do it… enjoy them …. and show them to me!!! If you want to gossip about the latest main squeeze … come sit by me! And if you want to woo and scream …. woo and scream when he has completed the song!!!! and I will scream right along with you. And if the song carries you to that place where you need to moan and pant… try sucking your thumb… It keeps your mouth occupied and you can suck as fast or as slow as the music requires! And when the spirit moves you dance, even if it is in your chair, or you develop a butt wiggle standing in place repertoire. Just don’t hump on your neighbor (unless you have humped each other before) that is a very uncomfortable position to put a complete stranger in… I know …. I have been humped upon… eeeek. I want everyone to have fun, make a memory, have an adventure, and then if the spirit moves them, share that good time with a recap , share the pictures, and videos with all of us who will add those memories to our own.

    But if Taylor is having a moment with the song, and everyone around you is into that moment with Taylor…. SHUT THE FUCK UP …. and let us have our moment …. and then get cute and we will all laugh with you!!!

  172. I forgot to thank Grey for allowing me to have a little happy dance, and a little rant here on her blog! I appreciated the conversation here…. And Snow…. as scary as it sounds…. sometimes we agree with you!!!

  173. hicksaholic Says:


    I enjoyed meeting you at the Beau and your posts are as always spot on. By the way you seemed pretty normal to me. Hope to see you friday night in Bham.

    I like having Snow back. Much more interesting discussion. And like it or not he/she brings up some valid points even if we don’t want to admit it.

  174. hicksaholic Says:

    There was one particular thing that Snow said that we wouldn’t want to admit that I think could be true. Snow said Taylor would probably like to tell some of the OTT fans to fuck off but he can’t because that’s money in his pocket. I’m not sure he would tell them to fuck off but I bet he would not be as accomodating if there were more fans.

  175. Yeah Legacy….Love your post. You jsut have a way of laying it out. Thanks,

  176. Thanks for posting that, Legacy. You have very valid points. But this…this needs to be the motto for the SP.

    But if Taylor is having a moment with the song, and everyone around you is into that moment with Taylor…. SHUT THE FUCK UP …. and let us have our moment …. and then get cute and we will all laugh with you!!!

  177. Legacy, you have such a gift in incorporating humor with very valid points.

    Legacy = Love.

  178. Wait a minute…Taylor’s problems might be fixed. Did anybody see this?


    Kara DioGuardi wants to start a new reality show that gives ex-Idol’s another chance at stardom. There are so many things I could say about this.

  179. Taylor cancelled his m&gs for B’ham? Wonder what happened.

  180. Okay.. that Kara thing could be a very cool thing for Taylor.

    He cancelled his M&G’s? Maybe he just feels it’s to much with so many places to go, people to see. I dunno. Just a guess.

  181. Well, it could be cool for him…unless he doesn’t want to take advice again or compromise at all. Then, not so much.

  182. Well, yeah.. Hopefully, he’s learned a few things on his slow boat to China, because it’s a marathon not a sprint, rocket ship journey. Like stop being so God damned stubborn! 🙂

    *rant over*

  183. I wonder if the M&G’s got canceled because of security issues in his hometown.

  184. Legacy . . thank you for reminding me what an absolute treasure you are !!

    Adding a quick concert T-shirt design to Caryl’s “tickets” and Charcoal’s video ideas.

  185. Ahahahhahah, AH!! I love it!!

  186. Hicksaholic it was great meeting you!!! Can’t wait to see everyone in Birmingham!

    AH I want that Tee-shirt!!!! I would wear it with pride and my tongue in my cheek!!!

  187. AH: “YOU get a ticket” Perfect! LOL

    I’m just guessing here, but I think Taylor’s making more money signing CDs after Grease than doing M&Gs. I saw Grease last Sunday afternoon and there was a HUGE line of people waiting to get a CD signed.

  188. He’s not charging to sign, is he? Or do you just mean making money off of the cd sales?

  189. oh, no, he’s not charging to sign CDs. At the book signing he said he sold 400 CDs in one day in Ft Worth.

    Good for him.

  190. Love the T-Shirt, AH!

    Legacy – no wonder we all love hangin’ with you at these shows! You’re almost as much of a star, as Taylor! Getting down to a week to go. Make sure all of your zippers are in working order LOL!

    Maybe, Taylor found out the M&G’s are with the same peeps he’s M&G’d with 100 times. Or, he just has too much going on.

    IAG – he’s not charging to sign.

  191. Maybe he just cancelled to give himself time to get prepared for the witches brew he’s conjured up at Work Play. 🙂

  192. Here’s an interesting snippet from an article I just read:

    “One of the strongest attributes of this particular collection of songs is that they all possess wildly diverse musical styles.”

    That’s from an article about Van Morrison. Just wanted to share.

  193. jerseyirish Says:

    In Philly after Grease you had to buy a CD ($20) or a poster ($10) to get it signed. The lobby was completely packed with folks buying the CD/posters and getting them signed.


  194. Wait, I want to rephrase what I wrote. I think he’s making more FANS signing CDs than doing M&Gs.

  195. hicksaholic Says:

    Yea Caryl
    Even two new fans at the CD signing might be more than at the M&G. I hadn’t heard the Bham M&G’s were canceled. Are people mad or ok with it?

  196. I’m sure the people who purchased them were excited and looking forward to it and are probably disappointed.

  197. The show sounds REALLY interesting and I sure would love seeing Taylor on TV again every week.

  198. Do you guys really think Taylor would do a show like that? I have strong doubts about it. I see more risks than positive aspects. While I love seeing the man, I’d prefer it to be in a more positive light. A show like Kara is shopping just reeks of fodder for the haters and tmz’s of the world. Ugh!

    No thanks….

  199. Hey everybody!
    For all those going to Workplay, have a blast and hope you don’t get shoved around or anything! Some people get way out of hand.

    I’ve never seen Taylor live he hasn’t come near my town, but from the videos I’ve seen, all his concerts aren’t the same. Sure he sings the songs from his new album at each show, which is something that happens with any artist that has a new CD out. But that’s expected and plus, he always does something interesting.
    And as for him doing covers of more recent music, like pop music. That is not his style, so why would he do those songs?
    If he wants to keep singing Don’t Let Me Down in concert for years and years, that would be awesome. The Beatles songs are TIMELESS. Unlike most of the stuff on pop radio these days, which is forgotten after a few months.

    That new Kara show seems interesting, it would be awesome to see Taylor on it and for people to be reminded of what a talented guy he is.

  200. I agree. I do not want to see him on any kind of reality show.

  201. jerseyirish Says:

    Thought the same thing, not a good thing for him on a show like that. Wouldn’t surprise me if Idol is behind it and they wouldn’t even have him on.


  202. Something that makes me wonder. Why do people complain that Taylor is stubborn and won’t take advice but everytime he does they accuse him of selling out?
    I think a t-shirt that says “when at a concert, don’t hump your neighbor” would be nice. 😆

  203. Snowstorm Says:

    September 16, 2009 at 3:02 pm
    I’m sorry but MYS & WRIR are terrible songs. If they were good songs, they would have gotten airplay. Taylor’s voice is not suited to these ballads. MYS sounds exactly like the Bonnie Raitt song and was written by the same person. Sorry, but I’m right, as usual.
    Snow, I somewhat agree with you on this. I was listening to Jackson Brown’s “Running on Empty” today and it reminded me of Taylor. That seems to fit T’s style and a better fit for him. He’s not a ballad singer.

  204. Now THIS is how a ballad is sung:

  205. henry8 // September 18, 2009 at 12:37 am


    The two world renowned music critics Snowstorm and CasualFan have announced that TH does not sing ballads well.
    This is a prime example of the continuing crapola that goes on in this fandom. Posters like this come over here to read and only post when something doesn’t fit into their perfect criteria of what a fan should feel regarding Taylor Hicks. If the criteria is not met, they drag it over to their home blog to further gain attention for themselves and to stir up the drama.

    Henry, I don’t talk about you, post about you or discuss you in anyway on this site or any other sites. I am asking that you do the same and kindly knock the shit off. It’s clear that you strive on creating drama and apparently take pride in calling people out, following them to other blogs and posting tasteless comments about them either here or elsewhere. Go play your games with someone else and leave me the fuck alone.

    IAG-I’m sorry to bring this here and I mean no disrespect to your blog, but this is a form of intimidation and I’m sick too death of it.

  206. Sorry, totally disagree with you CF and snow..If you had seen/heard Taylor do MYS at the Beau Rivage, there is no way you would say that. That is HIS song. It was mind blowing the way he performed it.

  207. If we all shared the same views of Taylor’s music then life would be boring 😉

  208. My grandmother used to say something very similar all the time. (Just not about Taylor’s music ha ha.) Bless her and thank you for making me think of her. 🙂

  209. You are welcome my dear. Please don’t get me wrong…there are many, many songs that I love Taylor for. MYS is a special song for him and holds a deep meaning and I respect that. It’s just not my cup of tea. But then again, Taylor always creates life into his music when he performs live. The CD version just didn’t melt my butter.

  210. Pushing, shoving, yelling, spilling drinks, is part of most general admission concerts. The rowdier the musical group, the rowdier the audience. I am an avid concert goer & this is nothing new. It’s gonna happen. Doesn’t make it right, but it happens. Tay’s concerts are tame compared to others I’ve been to.

    For those who hate it, maybe they should find a spot further from the stage or only attend seated venues.

  211. That’s why I only go to seated venues. The concerts that I’ve been to that is standing room only is like going to a cattle call with everyone rushing to the trough. It’s like if they can’t get up near the stage where they can lay their boobs on they can’t survive the night.

  212. PurpleButterflies Says:

    “I haven’t even been to a show and yet I can see and hear that there is SOME truth in what you say. But I can’t say that I don’t appreciate the videos since I can’t go.
    But for Gods sake do not punish Taylor for what you feel about some fans. Do you want to leave him with nothing but the ones you speak of. Just not fair to him and don’t you think it factored into his decision to do Grease.”

    Many of the fans who have busted their butts and put in a lot time helping to promote Taylor have left the fandom. For the most part, I am one of them. Maybe I will come back and help actively again, and maybe I won’t. Don’t know yet. I was told about this thread and came by to read it, and there are some things I would like to address in your post. Unlike you who has not been to any of Taylor’s concerts, I have been. I’ve bought concert tickets and missed the concerts because I was outside doing the collection box for the troop drive, which consisted of collecting CD’s at the merchandise table so those CD’s could go to the soldiers.

    You posted on a blog some time ago that you could get more CD’s going door to door than I have collected for the troop drive. Actually that was probably what sealed the deal for me. Well that and the nonsensical stuff about you doubting that Annie really received a phone call from Taylor. He did. I personally asked him to do a favor for me and call her. I was never one to walk away because of something someone said, and I am what one would call outspoken. I always post under the name people know me by and I speak my mind. What you said wasn’t hurtful. I considered the source. What you said had me thinking that I really don’t need that kind of crap any more, because I have children to raise, a business to run, and a life to live. Who needs to be the subject of blogs with nonsensical rants in the comments section all the time?

    I have told myself not to punish Taylor and stop doing what helped the soldiers, helped other charities, and helped Taylor get the CD’s sold. But it is people like you, the sisters who post lies about others, and those two blogs, that made a lot of good, hardworking people walk away. Even if some of the good ones weren’t the recipents of the hateful comments on those blogs, it still turned them off because it was their friends who were being bashed. Good people who have helped since Day 1 no longer had any desire to post on boards, or even help promote Taylor because they saw how their friends were being treated. I tried to say more than once that just because a blog talks nice about Taylor doesn’t make it right to turn the comments into an email loop where what should be said privately is commented about.

    Taylor knows how I and others feel. He knows why we find it so difficult to continue to help promote. And for anyone who says that Taylor has paid people to help promote him, these people doing the spewing are brain dead. A fan base can do a lot to help promote an artist, and fans have been very successful in doing so. Everything from voting for him in polls to setting up Twitter accounts and spreading the word helps promote an artist.

    At any rate, henry8, you are right when you say that Taylor is being punished because of how people feel about some fans. I agree with that. And it’s sad because Taylor is a good guy and he needs all the help he can get when it comes to getting his music out there. I do have a question for you, henry. Have you gone door to door yet to collect more than 6,000 CD’s? That’s how many were collected. Since you can do better, put your walking shoes on and get to it. And when you do finally make it to a Taylor concert, buy the ticket, but don’t watch the show. Stay outside and collect CD’s from the concert goers.

  213. PurpleButterflies Says:

    NolaMar, just wanted to say that some of my friends went to the concert in Atlanta and told me the same things about the ones who were drunk and obnoxious. I am sorry you were there for that. I remember when you used to post as raj and I really liked you and enjoyed posting with you. I wish you had a better experience at the concert.

  214. Okay Purple, if you are going to write about me, at least get your facts straight. First of all, I never for one minute doubted that Sally Anne got a call. In fact, I spoke up to say that I was sure she did. You are confusing me with someone else. And I believe that you are the one that helped that phone call happen. That was nice of you.
    And I believe when I said that I could get more going door to door , you had only gathered less than a hundred. Now if you have reached 6,000 , fantastic, I am thrilled to hear that.
    And this is just for your information, I have done and still am doing many things to help promote Taylor. I have worked hard to find the things that will help the most and I have seen good results from my efforts
    But I prefer to remain in the background on those things, I do not toot my horn and let anyone know about them or how they have helped or advertise my own business at the same time.
    I know what I do and thats enough.
    But sorry, if I ever get to a show , I’m damn sure going in to listen to Taylor. I wouldn’t miss him for the world.

  215. One more thing after rereading your post. Anyone that would quit helping Taylor because they weren’t “treated right” . Well thats just sad.
    I couldn’t care less how I’m treated. Its not about me .

  216. PurpleButterflies Says:

    henry, if it wasn’t you who said that about Annie, I apologize. A lot goes on at those blogs. Regarding the CD’s, over 6,000 were collected before you even made that comment about going door to door. If you read the troop drive page instead of spewing, you would have known that.

  217. I did read it Purple, and when I read it I saw 60 some. Perhaps I misread it but I looked at it more than once so I don’t think so , so maybe it was a typo, I have no idea.
    But I am very glad you got that many.

    And it definitely wasn’t me that said that about the phone call, I like sally anne and was very glad she got that call.

  218. Ok, now that that’s out of the way..let’s move on.

  219. Believe me, I’m moving on. But I just want PB to know after looking again that shes done well since 2006 and thats great. But I was never talking about anything but “The Distance”

  220. PurpleButterflies Says:

    “But I was never talking about anything but “The Distance”

    henry, why didn’t you email me and tell me that you could get more CD’s going door to door? My email address is right on the troop drive page. I would have discussed it with you.

    Grey, thank you for allowing my post to go through. There is no other way to address this with henry8. If I had her email, I would have taken that route.

  221. PurpleButterflies Says:

    henry, who said that they stopped helping Taylor because they weren’t treated right?

  222. I thought that was what you said. I will reread tonight.
    I have been hurrying this morning , too much to do. And now works calling.

  223. Purplebutterflies, do not think for one minute I didn’t have a totally wonderful time at every concert I’ve been too this summer! Detroit, Atlanta, Biloxi, Houston. The OF’s are really irritating and piss me off, but I would never say they kept me from enjoying the shows or having wonderful experiences.

    Having said that, I do like Charcoal’s idea of getting them on film so they can see just what asses they make of themselves and how ridiculous and obnoxious they are when so out of control drunk. I said up in an earlier post that if people would just learn their limits it would make things nicer for everyone… I love to drink and listen to music and party. I drank a whole bottle of wine myself last Sunday night at blues concert at a vineyard south of Houston, but managed not make a fool out of myself. Yea, I was feeling really good, happy, relaxed, loose… had a GREAT time, but still knew when to slow down, stop, keep my mouth shut, etc. I don’t want people to not have fun. Just exert a little self control for their own sake and everyone esles.

  224. I’ve never said a negative thing about the fans before because I hate to give other people fodder (“They can’t even get along with each other!!”). Fodder is a mutha.

    So, I’m a little sorry I started this because it’s true, this kind of crap happens at a lot of concerts, not just TH’s. The thing is, NolaMar and I haven’t told the whole story. What happened was beyond rowdy behavior, it actually got scary at one point. But we probably shouldn’t have come here to talk about it.

    We finally told the right people, so let’s just move on.

    New topic, please!

  225. Of course it’s not just TH concerts as plenty of people have pointed out. Yea, I’m glad we DIDN’T tell all here and went to the right people about that part. But I disagree Caryl, that OF behavior in general is something we shouldn’t talk about. I just want people to show some respect for Taylor and the band and the fans around them. I was mad after Houston, and then glad to have a place to vent about it. But you are right about movig on. Not much more anyone can say on the subject.

    OK, so what letter are you going to do next IAG? LOL Where were we? (I hope not “O” for Obnoxious Fans. 😉 )

  226. I despise seeing fans personal dirty laundry flying in the breeze out in public on blogs. This was different because no one was named and no back and forth attacks or quibbling. Well, almost…

  227. Smokeyden, your post made the most sense to me.

    I went to a show one time, and was about 6 deep from the stage. Both myself and a girl that I did not know, started dancing as soon as Taylor came out. She hit me a couple of times by accident. She turned to me and said, “I’m so sorry, but a soon as I see him, I get like this!” I just looked at her, gave her a high five and we continued on like that for the rest of the night. You never know who you will end up next to at the SRO shows, it’s a gamble.

  228. I wanna go to Taylor’s myspace or place so he can twitter all over my yahoo and google on my face, or was that my facebook. That sounds like a good time and better fun than any of meet & greet.

  229. Now to be serious for a minute. I was away since yesterday morning so I just read from where I left off. It was I who was the doubting Thomas on Chills about the fan pnone call. I knew nothing about Sallyanne or her condition and Henry set me straight and I think I posted I was wrong to have doubted. Other than that I don’t have a canary in this particular cage. We who post on any Hicks site have so much in common. When we read something negative about us as a fan or an opinion we posted it can hurt our feelings. More damaging to one psyche is to read something mean about our character or something untrue. Nolamar has been fortunate not to have been a recipient of someones mean comments, and misinterpetation. Just keep in mind that many fans read many sites and so there is no such thing as discussing another fan in a private fashion unless you use email. If you make hints on your blog of choice about someone else, there will be others who get the hints and clues.

  230. The fans who post on blogs may not be his best fans as in money spent on him, or words written or deeds done to promote or defend him. There is no such thing as his 10, 100 or 1,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 best fans. Even if there was such a difinitive thing, it could change next month or year. So why would any of us who do enjoy the comraderie of giving our internet input want to search for and write comments about others we think in some way do him an injustice? Most of us know Snow is just a part of the group posting and no more wish she go away than we did Britelite. CF is as respectable a fan as Carol or nolamar. The so called loons make mistakes, and the so called haters have, as have the diehard frequent concert goers, and truth be told, I think those that woo at the top of their larnyx capacity, think they are being supportive of Hicks. Every blog owner I have read is a Hicks fan. Some days we feel up, others down and somedays we just don’t give a shit. Most of the real fan problems have had nothing to do with Hicks but with other fans.

  231. Being quite ancient, I have gone to many ,many ,many concerts. What happens at Taylor’s shows is no different than what happens at other shows. There are always drunken idiots, many of them women who think they are a lot hotter than they are(or ever were). They are determined to attract the attention of the star, whoever it may be, hoping that he will notice them and perhaps find them irresistable. In the process, they make asses of them selves and annoy the other concert goers. It has always been this way, and no one is going to change it, so you can either go to the shows and accept that there will be idiots around you or stay home. Because you are NEVER going to change anyone elses behavior.
    I’ve had people throw up on and around me, I’ve been hit with a beer bottle throw from above me in a large arena….concert goers aren’t the best behaved group you’ll ever meet. If you want decorum and polite behavior, try opera.

  232. I’ve had people throw up on and around me, I’ve been hit with a beer bottle throw from above me in a large arena….concert goers aren’t the best behaved group you’ll ever meet. If you want decorum and polite behavior, try opera.
    If going to concerts subjects me to this type of behaviour-I would much prefer the opera. 😉

  233. I just found this blog today so I have not had time to read all the post but the one thing that stands out from what I have read is that instead of calling these fans out in the way everyone is doing it is okay if you want them to continue. If it was me calling them out I would name names. Insulting fans without naming them is not going to get you anywhere. All the fans that go to the concerts/shows and don’t no who these noisy fans are have to go and then be disappointed because they end up standing next to them without even knowing it. Publish names so that all fans can go to concerts/shows an have a good time without ending up not knowing who these people are.

    The guy that wrote that blog has insulted everyone he has ever written about. Do so research on his blogs and you will see. I personally found that out the first time I saw his blog. & I would not ever comment on his blog because after the research it is apparently his wish to blog only for his own ego.

  234. Susie, publishing names could cause a hugh fan war and become the Macarthy Hearings of 2009.

  235. Right. We are not naming names on this blog. It’s really not necessary anyway. These people know who they are and so do a lot of other people. What good is that going to do? Shame them? Doubtful.

    Thanks for posting, Susie!!

  236. I’m not that involved with the fans and have only met a few in person, so how the heck am I supposed to know what their names are? I wouldn’t post them, anyway.

  237. I think the mystery has been solved. Tweedledumbass gave herself away elsewhere. 😉

    “The man who acts humble in order to win praise is guilty of the lowest form of pride.”~Nachman of Bratslav

  238. Wow, I have FINALLY read to the end of this blog! (took me a week!)
    Good points made by all 🙂

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