“I hope everybody can hear me…”

Taylor Hicks Webcast 09/10/09 03:19PM

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Some random observations:

1. Distracted much, Taylor? Dude, Ritalin can be your friend.

2. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually smell the person that was talking? What? Might be a good thing…might not be.

3. So, I guess Taylor is now an Idol expert since he’s talking on the Early Show. Guess what? The Early Show is on in the morning. Ha.

4. Taylor does not want to be on COPS. Damn, that could have been fun. He could always be on Entourage. That can’t be too far from the truth. They just did an episode at a celebrity golf tourney!

5. How many times is he going to say “You guys!!”?

6. “Let me read some of this chat stuff. Ummmm…..cool.” ahahhahahahhaaha

7. 1976-1982 That’s what he wants to go back to? Oh boy. He wants to be the next Tom Jones. Well, he’s already got a drum full of panties.

8. Limin’…gotta love that song.

9. You can tell that he is definitely having a hard time focusing. And he’s cracking himself up too.

10. ” Hire a good mouthpiece.” “Don’t date a musician and don’t mess with anybody’s dogs.” Ok, is it just me or does it seem like Taylor talks in sound bites?

11. It seems a little odd to me that he won’t mention the cologne he wears. Is it because it’s too personal? Or because he doesn’t want 4908574 bottles sent to him? Or is it because it’s really Love’s Baby Soft Musk? ahahaha

12. Well, that was…interesting.


64 Responses to ““I hope everybody can hear me…””

  1. 1. Distracted much, Taylor? Dude, Ritalin can be your friend.

  2. sallyannlady Says:

    I wanna be his “love interest” on “Californication”………

  3. At the tone, the time will be 8:07am EST. BEEEEP.

    He’s 30 minutes late on The Early Show. Just sayin’.

  4. Can you be late on the Early Show? ahahaha

  5. Maybe Clay needs to tuck T in bed earlier from now on. Ya think?

  6. Clay’s got some big shoes to fill. Poor guy.

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    I enjoyed Taylor being Taylor all twitchy and chewing on his lip. He seemed to enjoy doing it, hope it happens again soon!! 🙂


  8. Ok, I watched him on GMA. You can totally tell when he’s got something funny to say. He starts jumping up and down in his chair. ahahhaha

  9. He says he’s gonna do these once a week. Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

  10. GMA? I thought he was going to be on the Early Show?

  11. I thought he did a good job with the video chat. He didn’t answer a lot of questions, but that’s OK. There seemed to be a lot for him to read, but he’ll get the hang of it. I enjoyed it.

  12. Sierra Says:

    September 11, 2009 at 8:26 am
    He says he’s gonna do these once a week. Hmmm, where have I heard that before?
    ROFLMAO!! sorry…..

  13. You guys, you guys are bad.

  14. Okay well now he changed it to once a MONTH. Much more believable

  15. A Houstan press reviewer said the roar of the crowd when Tay descends in the cone is like The Beatles landing on American Soil. Caryl was worried he’d get bad press in her fair city but he hasn’t. Hicks fans who have avoided the show are missing the fun. Who is going to his gig tonight? Wish I were taking off for a 10 day vacation following the Mississippi River, starting with tonights gig. That is a trip I’ve always wanted to take.

  16. Yeah, it would get stale if he did it once a week. But I enjoyed it and thought he did a good job. The live chat was wild….no wonder he was distracted. About 300 were represented. Not bad. You’ve got to be a pretty rabid fan to take time out to do this. (sigh, I was there)

    Now for being picky… I do wonder why his hair is so danged short.

    And lastly…remembering those lost 8 years ago in the terrorist attacks on the WTC. God rest their souls.

  17. Now for being picky… I do wonder why his hair is so danged short.
    Because his hair is full of cowlicks. That’s why it always looks so wild when he lets it grow out.

  18. Just watched the vid chat again on full screen. LOVED IT! Loved that 5:00 shadow especially. He’s so fun. “You guys….” LOL It was pretty crazy. Don’t see how he even found the questions in the chat box. Looking forward to the next one.

    I’m going tonight Rosie! And then leaving for Houston in the AM.

  19. I think his hair is short for Grease. The longer pompadour did not look as good back at the beginning. That’s just my guess….

  20. Rosie, I’m not as worried about Grease as I am about Warehouse Live. Crossing my fingers that he has a good crowd.

    I think he’s a good guy. What does that have to do with anything? I don’t know, but I believe he makes a sincere effort to make his fans happy and I like to see him rewarded for it.

  21. I know this a place for honesty, so I will honestly say that this post really bothers me a lot. You complain that he doesn’t interact with his fans enough and then when he does you mock him for it. Sorry, wanted to get that off my chest.

  22. I have a different theory about the short hair: when it was longer it was mostly white. Now that it’s short you can see the darker hair- more pepper to balance out the salt?

  23. Nola have fun tonight!

  24. NolaMar…Ditto!!!!

  25. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, He is danged if he does and danged if he doesn’t, its a no win for him sometimes!


  26. Sierra Says:

    September 11, 2009 at 9:55 am
    Okay well now he changed it to once a MONTH. Much more believable
    That makes more sense Sierra. With his busy schedule, doing a live chat weekly would be stressful.

  27. Sorry, but I don’t see where Grey is “mocking” Mr. Hicks. Maybe in the first point, in relation to his jittery nature? Most of the points here are just pointless commentary on what was said.

    Maybe the same holds true for the few folks who blog about Taylor, in that they’re “danged if they do, danged if they don’t”. If you’re not all out FOR Taylor, then you must be against him. *shrugs*

  28. I believe he makes a sincere effort to make his fans happy and I like to see him rewarded for it.

    Nicely said. Agreed.

  29. I would like to know just how many actual tkts were sold for tonight’s performance in Mississippi. I know that a majority-if not all the seats on the bottom floor is reserved to family, friends and special guests at the casino. When people say the show is “sold out” does that include the seats reserved as freebies? Interesting….

  30. I take “sold out” to mean that no seats are available, but I see your point, CF.

    “Point” … I like that word a lot today!! LOL!

  31. Just saw this comment on the taylorhicks.com chat..
    Hey all…went to the Box Office to see if we could upgrade tickets..We were told the show was sold out. Exact words: SUPER SOLD OUT, he said it twice!!! So GREAT for Taylor…

  32. Just had this pop up on FaceBook. Guess he’s not sold out for the 14th…

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tickets for Monday’s (9/14) show at Warehouse Live in Houston, TX is now running a “Buy One Get One” free special from today through Monday.

  33. If I was as busy as Taylor I would not want to have to fool around with my hair. I’m sure as late as he gets to bed some nights and as early as he has to roll out for some of these news shows and interviews, short is way better.
    I really like it short.

  34. Either way, I’m sure all will have a great time.

  35. It seems to me that Only #’s 1,5,6,7 and 10 are in anyway mocking Taylor. We know he did well and the chat posts zipping by at 25mph were enough to distract anyone. If you noticed he spent the most time talking about music, so the next time forget the body wash, hair, pants and clothes questions. However the thought of him sitting there pantless cracks me up. Then again him saying the word Californication also cracks me up, so I’m easily amused.

  36. I don’t see any of it as mocking Taylor. It’s all said in good fun and in jest. To take things too seriously and personal-especially when it has no direct effect on ones life is just-well too serious.

  37. CF, I know that. It is Grey’s style and I was just going over the list to see how some took offense. It would be boring if every place had the BB atmosphere.

  38. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Hey friends, checking in…..saw the video…..lol *snooze*
    Got the insta-message Warehouse is buy one get one. Somebody needs to buy up the tickets. Hope everybody is well. 🙂

  39. OMG, I need help! My Taylor addiction is getting worse not better. How do I know? Got so excited over the news 1500 seat sell out, photos of the gorgeous venues, the sound system, and the $299 room pricetag and Taylor will be making some money off this one. Hi Jumped!

  40. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Just read that a bit ago. It says the seating is 1500 and sold out!!! He must be very happy with the ticket sales for this one!!

    Heard about the buy one get one, hopefully more will sell.


  41. I thought it was a cool thing for Taylor to do and he didn’t make one dime off it. Really nice for the fans.

    The ritalin thing I did not find funny.

  42. hicksaholic Says:

    I was there third row last night and it was great!!! It was sold out and there were probably 300 people around Taylor’s merchandise table after the show. I waited at least 30 or 40 minutes to get a cd signed. Clay was exhausted or so he indicated. Lots of love for Taylor at the Beau Rivage.

    Saw Taylor up close and his hair looks the best I have ever seen it. It is short but not too short. Taylor believe it or not does not always photograph well. Sometimes he does but sometimes his features come across as too big or something in some(not all)photographs. But I have NEVER seen Taylor live that he didn’t look great.

  43. He looks awesome with short hair! THe longer his hair, the more he looks like Moe. Remember when we all first saw him? Now look at him today. Much more polished.

  44. Hicksaholic: I’m so happy for you! Were you the one who yelled out “I’m not leaving”? LOL

  45. Well, since I started the hair discussion…I will add some further (oh so important lol) comments. You know, after seeing the Beau Rivage pics and the book signing pics, I am agreeing about the hair. It does look pretty good. My earlier comment about Taylor’s hair had to do with the distortion of the live chat video, I think. It gave a pinhead effect, but it does that to anyone. Thanks, hicksaholic for scouting out the hair situation 🙂
    …glad you had fun!

  46. hicksaholic Says:

    No MN Sue but I certainly felt like it. I’m still floating. I’m not sure what it is Taylor’s got that gives me thay feeling of euphoria but he has it. Fun is way too understated a word to describe a Taylor concert. I feel like jumping in the crappy car I’ve got and heading to Houston but I guess I can’t. I really envy Nola. She is currently on her 10 day Taylor extravaganza. The good thing is I did meet some boogiers(all very nice I might add) so I am setting myself up for a solo trip in the future just meeting up with other Taylor fanatics.

  47. I wish everyone one of you could have seen that show Friday night! Taylor the “Entertainer” had everyone one in that audience, men, women, children, eating out of his hand. Did you like the vids of Maybe You Should from Detroit and Atlanta? Think – imagine ifyou can – 10x better. I’m not kidding. It was incredible and the audience was aplauding his voice (and delivery) in the middle of the song. Shortly after he started the song a woman yelled out (I think) “I’m not leaving!” HORRIBLE TIMING of course. He just stopped beifly and raised his eyebrows and grinned, glanced her way with a “look” … then picked it right back up like nothing had happened. When he finished the chorus after the first verse everyone started clapping. PLEASE please please let there be video! He CAN NOT give that song away!! The whold concert was incredible and worth the drive in pouring rain. (I got back home at 4:20 am. Myfault for hanging around the casino till after 2:00. )

    I was on the 3rd row in the center aisle end seat. Took a few pictures before they told me I had to stop because they had professionals there. I was not flashing. Don’t know how I mighthave been interfering with them. But I took a ton at the stage during Feeling ALright. Was able download my pictures and upload 6 before I left for Houston yesterday morning. You can see them here. I’ll post more on my photo site when I get back home Tuesday or Wed. Can’t wait to hear the audio! You can get it at BB.

    Here are the photos so far. If you repost anywhere please give me credit. Thanks. http://twitpic.com/photos/raj6

  48. Oh, and I did not see a sign of those photographers down in front again after that. Made me mad. I hope they were busy taking pictures from elsewhere. It was KILLING me not to be able to take more pictures during “special” moments – especially the tags during WRIR.

  49. Nolamar you rock and thanks for the pics. Have fun at the Warehouse.

  50. Nice recap! I’m so glad he had a good crowd. I’ll see you tomorrow night, NolaMar!

  51. hicksaholic, were you with “havingfun?” I just read where she and some others were in the lounge talking witht he band after the show. I was in the lougne until 2:00. Saw the band members talking with women but figure they were firends of the band. Never got the nerve to say anything to any of them. I can’t believe I was right there and never got to meet her. (Or you if that was you.).

  52. hicksaholic Says:

    You were on the same row as I was! Maybe You Should was definitely a moment. I was it could have been professionally videoed. I swear it could be released.

  53. I know! How can we describe it to everyone so they understand how incredible it was??? They are going to have to see/hear it. Have you heard the audio yet? I can’t wait.

    How did you get on the 3rd row?

  54. hicksaholic Says:

    No Nola
    I put two vodkas and sodas in my big cup to mix with my sugarfree lemonade to last me through the concert and by the time the concert was over and I stayed around til the bitter end of Taylor signing I was fortunate to get a cab the short ride to the Palace where my friend and I were staying in a comped room. I would have loved to hang out with band but my memory would be pretty fuzzy if I had. I did talk to Clay briefly and he was exhausted. Can’t imagine how tired Taylor was! And then to have to fly in that God awful weather.
    Talked to a casino driver though who talked to Taylor at the airport and he said he got to go see his grandmother in her room after the concert for a little while.
    I swear if I didn’t think I would be divorced(which could be good thing on some days) I would pick up and go to Houston. I was telling someone something that is legal that makes you feel that good should be experienced whenever humanly possible.
    I envy you Nola. Have a ball in Houston. Sounds like he needs the fan support there tomorrow night.

  55. hicksaholic Says:

    I had seats in that first balcony(like all the other avid fans) but immediately began asking all my friends to find someone who was a high roller at the Beau. Thursday a close friend surprised me with the third row seats. She is expecting a dinner at Ruth Chris. After seeing him Friday night it is probably worth it.

  56. hicksaholic Says:

    I heard Legacy did a cellcert but a lady next to me named Lynell(?) did one too. I don’t if it was Boogie Board or another board.

  57. hicksaholic Says:

    uhoh I think I am hijacking this thread. I will dial my excitement down a notch.

  58. Don’t worry, hicksaholic. It’s not hijacking when everyone wants to go where you’re taking them.

  59. jerseyirish Says:

    hickaholic & NolaMar, Enjoying your expeience from Friday night, can never hear enough about a fantastic show!!! 🙂 Listening to the cellcert was awesome, can only imagine what it was like live!!! 🙂


  60. hicksaholic Says:

    I can’t wait for Workplay! I almost wish I hadn’t commited to go with my college roommate who likes Taylor but I know is not going to understand the level of excitement I will be feeling. I am beginning to think you need to cluster with those that have the same level of Taylor interest(in my case a very level of interest).

  61. I’ve enjoyed reading the dialogue between hicksaholic and nolamar. Wish all the naysayers could see him in a full band concert. I recently read that black makes people with gray hair look older but I guess Tay hasn’t heard that. Guess he dressed up for the occasion by wearing a belt. Please let there be some video…

  62. It’s hard to not have a good time at T’s concerts. I have enjoyed each one I’ve attended.

  63. hicksaholic Says:

    The other thing that made this one so good was to see it sold out and so much excitement from more than just his hardcore fans. Seeing several hundred people surrounding that merchandise table as you walked out told you immediately how much everyone enjoyed the concert.

  64. great pics nola – thanks
    do his pants look a little baggy? is he losing weight again?

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