Reverse mojo


Tomorrow, the Taylor fandom will be in front of their computers, salivating for a chance to chat LIVE!! with their American Idol. The problem is, this is Taylor and it’s live. The chances of something going wrong are numerous, especially since, as my friendly neighborhood astrologist tells me, mercury is in retrograde. I really don’t know what that means, but I don’t think it’s good. So, in order to avert the evil eye, bad mojo or the Brady Bunch Tiki doll of doom, I’m throwing some ideas out there.

1. This is live and this is Taylor. Wait, I already said that. Taylor and technology don’t exactly go together. Do I even need to remind you what happened when he wanted to have a “chat” and it got postponed 843576 times before actually working?

2. Taylor will sweat profusely, necessitating a shirt change in the middle of the video chat. Some people might like that though.

3. Taylor will rely on the interview standby’s for answers, such as “I’m running a marathon, not a sprint.” and “Grease is a great opportunity for somebody breaking into the acting field.”

4. Once again, he’ll mention how many roles he was offered before accepting “Grease” or worse yet, how he was in the middle of eating a barbecue sandwich while accepting “Grease”.

5. Taylor will proclaim himself Mr. Twitter and is taking over the universe.

6. Taylor will refer to all his fans as “twats” because they twitter with him.

7. He’ll talk about how Bill found the perfect cheeseburger and that’s why he’s no longer working with him.

8. Let’s just hope Taylor doesn’t pan the webcam down and show a glimpse of Clay rubbing his feet.

9. Taylor’s allergies will act up, causing there to be technical difficulties with the webcam. Perhaps a particularly potent sneeze will topple it from the stand.

10. He’ll refer to himself in the third person, but only as “Cone Ranger”.


49 Responses to “Reverse mojo”

  1. Taylor will utter 38 “ya knows” and offer up a few answers of “maybe” leaving his fans not knowing and thinking maybe not.

    I like the reverse mojo thing, IAG.

  2. You always make me smile IAG. Funny stuff.

  3. taylorfan06 Says:

    it’s like you have a crystal ball.

  4. I don’t care if he sits and repeats all of the above…I”ll be tuned in with a big smile on my face.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    Anne, I’m with you, I’ll be tuning in for whatever happens with a smile on my face!!!


  6. ME too. There is just something about Taylor that causes me to act like a love sick puppy listening to my master’s every word.

    I can talk about Taylor behind his back.. no problem. I know everything that he has done wrong and the right ways to set it all right. Yeah…I am a complete know it all ! Snow is the only one who knows more than me! LOL

    But then Taylor comes around smiles that smile with that twinkle in his eys and its like… Wooooooooooo!
    I am lost in his presence.. and for that moment in time …the whole world is goooooooooood!!!!

  7. Funny stuff. I haven’t been in any chat with fans, no cellcerts and doubt I’ll be involved in this. From reading around I gather fans believe they have prepared some good questions and so the chat shouldn’t be geared toward his usual interview topics. Perhaps it will be along the line of which shower gel, hair products and where and how long his back has been hurting. His answers will be along the line of boxer briefs. Just kidding fans!

  8. LOL Great post IAG! Too funny. Let’s hope the predictions don’t come true and it’s just a good fun time with no technical glitches.

    Do we have to post our questions before hand are will there be live questions? I have a couple….

    Did you hear about Caryl and havingfun’s personal free M&G at the book signing today?? 09/09/09 was SURELY their lucky day! I guess I’ll let her tell you about it – something funny about the picture.

    I came to post this in the previous blog. Was surprised it has moved on already. It’s just another little “talk” clip from the Smith’s show. I love when he does his thing with his eyebrows. You see again in this how happy he was to be there and was having a great time.

  9. #5 killed me- Great post IAG!

  10. The eyebrows and hair were so out of control back then. To his credit he has gotten smooth with the interviews, looks great early am on Weds mornings despite little sleep. He grasps his celebrity/fame well and the local news stations accept him as a winner of AI and then I think they actually come to like him as a person and a good interview. Despite what some fans think I doubt he reads blogs and boards and he recently stated that such things are for the fans. Therefore him interacting with the diehards and the ardent fan Tay obsessed promoters goes way beyond those he refers to as the Soul Patrol. He will have an online chat with those who have made him, his AI 5 appearances and songs, his background, schooling, likes, childhood, life , friends, music recordings and taste, his interviews, fashion and hair their hobby. SOOOO TAY, these fans, 97% female, really do want to know your scent and boxers or briefs despite it being all about your music.

  11. Grey and friends, did I dream it or can it be fact that Ellen De Generes is replacing Paula?

  12. I think Ellen will be a hoot on AI. She’s funny as hell and will breathe life into it. I think her NOT being in the music business will work well. She’s in the entertainment business and can offer up unbiased advice. Will be interesting to watch-especially the banter between her and Simon.

  13. hicksaholic Says:

    I thought for sure you would have a question for Tay about his balls.

  14. I’m not sure about Ellen on AI. If she has no musical expertise, how can she offer any good advice?

  15. Well, Ellen is in the entertainment business. Remember, AI isn’t about music. It’s about entertainment.

  16. You’re gonna watch it now, right? That’s the whole point.

  17. Well I understand IAG but I still don’t “get it”. How can a comedian comment on how people sing?

  18. At least Paula was a singer.

  19. What a neat tidy box some of you have placed Ellen. I, for one, am thrilled to have her on the show. I’m going to enjoy her perspective – a lover of music with no personal music business agenda.

  20. AI doesn’t give a crap about the singers. It’s all about ratings. Getting people to watch. Selling air time. That’s what every TV is about. Ellen is an intriguing personality and obviously entertaining. People who have never watched the show before will watch just to see how this will pan out.

    AI is jumping the shark. It’s a desperate move because the show’s in trouble.

  21. have no clue where or when to find this ‘live chat’….oh well

    I think bringing (funny funny) Ellen onto AI is all about trying to boost ratings again – I am a tiny bit more interested in watching it now this coming season.

  22. MN Sue – you are so right – Ellen said she is coming on to the show as one of the ‘fans’ of the artists – she has never missed an episode and loves the show. I think she will add some humor sure, but also a sense of the general public’s opinion on the entertainment value of the contestants.

  23. Who’s watching the live chat today?

  24. MN Sue Says:

    September 10, 2009 at 10:08 am
    What a neat tidy box some of you have placed Ellen. I, for one, am thrilled to have her on the show. I’m going to enjoy her perspective – a lover of music with no personal music business agenda.
    Exactly! That is what they need. Now they will be more rounded out as a team. She thinks outside the box which is what is needed.

  25. I’ll be watching the chat today. 🙂

  26. Wow, I really sounded like a biotch up there!! Just take what I said and tone it down a notch. LOL!

  27. Aww you sounded just fine to me Caryl. And I happen to agree

  28. Caryl, I agree with what you said 100%!!

  29. jerseyirish Says:

    Read that a bit ago that Ellen D will be replacing Paula. She will be entertaining like Paula but will lack music knowlege and guidance of the folks. I agree with you Caryl, AI does not care about the end result its all about how much money they can make off of these kids.


  30. AI will jump the shark when they have Ellen dance, Randy and Kara singing a duet and have Simon sit there shirtless.

  31. hicksaholic, There is NO Question about Tay’s balls. They are hefty.

  32. LOL Rosie! When Simon sits there shirtless I will barf and turn the channel!

  33. Here is the link for the video chat at 5:00 CST. You may have to sign up. So get going~

    As far as Ellen .. not a fan.

  34. mamaforpeace Says:

    Well of course AI is in the business of making money! Why should that come as a surprise to anyone?
    AI, where do you find those pics of Taylor??? I really love this one. Very cute!

  35. mamaforpeace Says:

    Ha, ha! I meant AIG!!!!

  36. That pic of Taylor I had in my photobucket…I’ve got lots of ’em.

  37. He did a 20 minute audio video chat and said he wants to do one every week. He answered some pre asked questions but was scrolling the chat questions and also answered some of them and made comments. He said he wouldn’t answer what cologne he wears. He will be interviewed on the CBS Morning show tomorrow about Ellen on AI around 7:30 a m eastern. I wasn’t on the chat but read along. He will be busy Beau Rivage tomorrow, Houstan gig Mon. night and grease all weekend. Best news of all he is eagerly persuing a movie role. It was fun and hope he does this every week. He ignored the repeated question of was he wearing pants, and no I didn’t ask it.

  38. That pic was when he was waiting to see if he made the top 40 in Hollywood. He said his hair would turn white from nerves. I know way too much Taylor shit.

  39. Embed?

  40. The video is on the Boogie if anyone missed it. That was fun. A bit short, but fun! 🙂

  41. MN Sue:

    Sorry, but i have to disagree with you on this one. I’ve tried to like Ellen, but I just don’t see what so many others seem to see in her. Furthermore, she has been incredibly biased in her opinions of the contestants in the past. She has her favorites who can do no wrong, and she can be cruel to those she doesn’t like or who might pose a threat to those favorites. Oh, and she was horrible when she guest “judged” on SYTYCD.

    I see this as solely a ratings grab by the AI producers; the show is less and less about the contestants. (There could be some backlash; I know some people who won’t tune in just because of Ellen’s sexual orientation. Sad, but true.)

  42. The few idiots who may not tune in because she is a lesbian won’t be missed and think how many will want to watch to see Ellen. I have a friend who never watches AI but loves Ellen and she like others may watch this season.

  43. I think that Ellen is a poor choice for a judge. She’s very entertaining, fun, likable; but “judges” need to have a knowledge of what they are judging IMO. I’ve vowed to not watch the show any more, and unless Taylor himself comes on the show or some other artist I really like, I’m sticking with it.

    BTW, she went to the high school my three youngest kids went to. (Still have one there.) But I understand she didn’t graduate from there…

  44. I do not disagree with those of you who believe Ellen’s appearance is a ratings ploy. More people watching = more exposure for the wannabe artists. Win win. Will some boycott the show if *gasp* a lesbian is judging their favorite? Give me a effin’ break. Oh, and make sure you shield your love ones from watching the audition rounds with Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry. We don’t want their opinions seeping into their narrow minds.
    As far as Ellen’s passion/bias for past contestants she was not under contract with AI at that time. She had all the right in the world to express her thoughts and root for whomever she wished.

  45. As far as Ellen’s passion/bias for past contestants she was not under contract with AI at that time. She had all the right in the world to express her thoughts and root for whomever she wished.

    Definitely agree…

  46. I agree that she shouldn’t be a judge cause she has no expertise, but Taylor seems to think she’d be a great fit. He’s supposed to talk about that on CBS early show.

  47. Love him or hate him . .Mr. Slezak is always an interesting read.

    I like Ellyn but agree she was pretty bad on SYTYCD … big difference between inane and funny. I cringed for her more than once.

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