Show me the money!!

Seems like it’s time for Season 5 on American Idol Rewind. Finally. I’m going on record saying I don’t really like this show since I can only view it on the TV Guide channel. I have a real problem watching a program while the viewing guide is scrolling below it. My attention span is short enough without any help, thanks.

It seems some members of the Soul Patrol are already in an uproar over The Wronging of Taylor, Redux. Of course they are viewing the Season 5 rewind from the fandom point of view. But, let’s look through the eyes of a corporation, namely the Evil Monster (FremantleMedia), the massive company that has such a huge impact on American culture, the megacorporation that can make or break an artist in a matter of seconds. Fremantle has a wildly popular show, one that makes them a lot of money. So, what does one do with great shows? Replay them, and not just for the fans viewing pleasure…. oh no. Replay them featuring the performers who have already made (you guessed it… ) MONEY, those artists who appeal to a mass audience. Artists like Daughtry, and even Pickler.

While Taylor Hicks was the winner of American Idol, Season Five, he is not the contestant who has made Fremantle the most money. Thus, he’s not going to be the one featured. Fremantle replays AI to remind people of these artists, so they’ll go out and spend … say it with me now everyone…  “MONEY!!”

Speaking of Season Five:

And just in case you haven’t seen this enough for a lifetime:


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  1. OK… but is the bulk of AI money coming from the TV show itself?

    Or does the money come from the individual artist it produces?

    If it comes from the show then wouldn’t it be best to keep the premise of the show alive… America Idol. What is the point in a reality show that picks an idol … and then backs the loser? Why even get involved.. why vote?

    Sure.. make the money off all of them. Money is good. But don’t shoot yourself in the back by destroying the Idol. That’s just plain stupid.

    If the reruns show the truth. America will see that Taylor out-performed and out-charmed all his competition. It is what happened.

    I wonder… does Tay make money from rewind? Will they have him on? Or is this going to be a Daughtry show…ugh

  2. Great post Sweetay. Taylor will be on but I doubt any of the contestants make a dime from the rewind show. This whole thing mega sucks.

  3. Quick question, sweetay. How exactly did Idol shoot themselves in the back by “destroying” Taylor? I’m a little confused by that statement. And what do you mean by “destroying” Taylor anyway? I thought he was living his dream, playing gigs, starring in a broadway show? What? Now I’m even more confused.

  4. Love that Jerry Maguire clip! Loved those commercials, too. I must have rewatched those a hundred times after season 5, they were so cute.

    I have not seen the commercials for Season 5 rewind, but I can only imagine the dissing. I am sure the fremantle/19 execs have spent laborious hours figuring out how to package this one.

    It will truly suck big time if they mess with the actual show re-airing to misconstrue the true series of events of that year that lead to the winner.

    I will never understand how/why they could not have been more true to the integrity of the process and the public that voted to have supported the winner with a bit more respect and promotion of at least one single.

    And I know….it’s all about the money… but to me, the integrity of the show’s meaning went out the window with how things turned out for Taylor. I feel duped and used. And stupid. Obviously that doesn’t matter to them.

    And it isn’t that I begrudge Daughtry/Pickler’s successes….it is just that I think that the winner of their talent contest should be treated as such. .. A talented winner.

  5. Thanks for posting the link, Caryl. At least they listed him second in the list of performers.

  6. Well …try as they may they can’t change the outcome. TAYLOR HICKS WON !!!! so AI can kiss my a**.

    They could care less what any of us say..but the people who watch Season 5 rewind will have the priviledge of seeing the talent of Taylor Hicks and know the American public got it RIGHT !!!!

  7. And I know….it’s all about the money… but to me, the integrity of the show’s meaning went out the window with how things turned out for Taylor. I feel duped and used. And stupid. Obviously that doesn’t matter to them.

    I can see where you’re coming from Suze. I get that. But honestly, it doesn’t matter to them. Because for everybody that feels used, there are probably hundreds or thousands that are just in it for the entertainment. They don’t care if the SP is pissed off. They are in the game to make money, just like everybody else.

  8. Did the American public get it right? Or would Taylor had been better off not winning? What if he hadn’t been tied down to AI? Maybe he could have recorded something he really wanted to…instead of what he had to.

  9. No one — I repeat No One watches these rewind shows but the hardcore die-hards who already have their favorite Idol. This doesn’t amount to anything. Just gives the Soul Patrol something to bitch about and discuss while Taylor is doing nothing else but dropping, yet again, out of an ice cream cone in Peoria — or wherever the hell he is right now.

  10. Yes they did get it right. Taylor has had some amazing experiences as the winner of AI. And he does seem to be happy with the way things are going. He has long term plans for his career and HE will make them happen. AI brought his name to the american public thats ALL they did for him, but it will help him out and he will do it his way.

    American idol couldn’t give a sh** about the contestants or the public, so don’t let them stress you out. I say f**k em.
    And I agree they are going to back the money maker and squeeze the life out of them,,but a little respect for Taylor and the public that voted for him would have a least shown a little class,

  11. Well if no one watches em then cool. We got nothing to worry about. I’ll watch because I missed several weeks of the beginning the first time. Plus I’m hoping they show us more of what went on during “hell week”.

  12. The problem is people are still clinging to the fact that he won a popularity contest three years ago. It doesn’t matter anymore, if it even ever did. What matters now is how his career is going…and I bet nobody in the SP thought Taylor would be doing what he’s doing now.

  13. But Taylor’s career is where it’s at BECAUSE of what happened in the past. He didn’t get the backing that Daughtry did. AI had the NERVE to use a Daughtry song as the exit song on Season Six. Week after week his voice was pumped into the heads of millions of viewers. That alone was huge promotion for Daughtry and a HUGE slap in the face to Taylor.

  14. Snowstorm Says:

    My goodness, all this bitching! Bwahahahahaha!

    It was up to the fans to make Taylor Hicks a success… it’s not up to 19 Entertainment. Truth of the matter is, after the show ended, people that voted for him, didn’t buy his cd. AI only gets you short-term popularity and then it’s up to you, the label and your management. If you want to blame someone, blame The Firm and JRecords. Taylor got totally screwed by them in more ways than one.

    Again, I have to remind you… Taylor did not sign with 19 Management.. their obligation toward him is a big fat zero!

  15. Snowstorm – “Again, I have to remind you… Taylor did not sign with 19 Management.. their obligation toward him is a big fat zero!”

    This. This is the most over-looked fact of the past 3 years. This bit of history falls on deaf ears though. It shouldn’t. It’s a very important part of the equation.

  16. Hi Grey!

    First… I never said that Taylor was living his dream… no, I’m sure that wasn’t me.

    Second… Forget Taylor and Daughtry for a moment.

    Just think of a reality show that allows the audience to take control and pick an Idol. We all get involved thinking it important that we vote each week to give our choice a chance at the grand prize! Only to find out later that winning means nothing… unless you were the pick of the machine. You, the audience are just a prop. All your votes can be flushed away.

    Now I am not saying that the machine can not ALSO back another contestant. But the chosen Idol SHOULD be promoted or at least treated with respect.

    As it is … I am fully expecting a large potted plant to be superimposed on Taylor during his rewind performances.

  17. It was up to the fans to make Taylor HIcks a success

    No it was up to Taylor Hicks to make Taylor HIcks a success and by all that he has achieved over the past 3 years I would say he is well on his way to doing just that. Real,long lasting success takes work over a long period of time.
    I think, as is the way of the world these days ,instant gratification has clouded our expectations of what real success is. It has been a short 3 years since Taylor Hicks became a well known name. Sure Daughtry has sold a lot of cd’s but I wouldn’t want to gauge my future on the flash of public support which comes today and tomorrow it’s someone else they adore. I am betting that Taylor will be working in the music/entertainemnt field 10 years from now in some capacity..maybe record producer, maybe actor, but always a musician with many hats….but he’ll be there and respected, I just don’t see the same for Daughtry or some of the others. My Opinion only..but Taylor is a get things done will serve him well

  18. Snowstorm Says:

    sweetay, you put way too much significance in a REALITY show. It’s entertainment.. that’s all it is! It’s a game show and that’s how MOST people look at it.

    AI cannot make or break anybody. All they do is open the door a crack.

  19. Snowstorm Says:

    It is up to fans… where do you think the money comes from… heaven?

  20. Snow.. I agree with you. Unless there are reasons that we are not aware of, it was stupid for Taylor not to sign with 19. They know there business and are great at promoting and getting good material for their clients. Heck.. they even made a star out of a no-charisma nickleback wanna-be. Incredible!

    Taylor breaks from 19..Not positive of the truth in it all.. Taylor was trying early on in the competition to re-write contracts for the contestants to give them a better deal with 19. It did not work. However he was able, at that time, to get out of being signed to 19. They had no problem releasing a Grey haired dude that had almost zero chance of becoming the idol… give him what he wants and he will just go away. The problem came when Taylor did not go away.

  21. Sweetay…I agree..I do not remember them saying call or text ( at an emormous cost) to vote for your favorite idol that will be treated well only if they sign with who we say… or for the next artist of 19 entertainment. If they said that up ,so be it …but that is not the claim they make, or at least I have never heard them state that fact.
    If , in fact, they are going to decide who they will promote based on them signing with 19 then why is there any options given..they should say you sign with 19 exclusively right from the start. and let the judges pick the winner and not ask the public to vote at considerable cost to them.

  22. Snow.. If you really want to know what I think about AI? Yes they can make or break a performer. Just a few words can send people out buying their album… or get them on the bandwagon to put down an artist. Simon alone has this power.

    But.. I doubt if that is all it amounts to. I also think that record sales info is fudged. Payola is in full bloom. And fan clubs upset that their guy did not win pushed the early sales by buying tons of duplicate albums for themselves.

    Now we have a new day… AI fans AND the AI MACHINE have a few new boys.. Cook, Chris, and Adam. Especially ADAM! Attention is going to be taken away from Daughtry.. and he is going to have to make it more on his own. I do not expect him to continue at the level of success that he has enjoyed in the past.

  23. Snowstorm Says:

    anne, what are you talking about? Nobody forced you to pick up the phone and vote.. that was your choice! You chose to spend money!

  24. Snowstorm Says:

    Sweetay, you’re only as good as the music. That applies to any artist. It doesn’t matter if they were an Idol contestant or not.

    If Adam’s cd is crap, it won’t sell either.. it’s as simple as that.

  25. Snow.. Its funny I seem to agree with the jest of everything you say.. its in the details that we separate.

    I have not yet seen GOOD music from any AI-er.

    I was hoping that Taylor would have the sensitivity and musical knowledge to write or choose material that could live on past the performer. As it is .. all I got from him was a weird whomp. I am still hoping that one day he will put all fear aside and sing from the soul. IMO When Taylor quits trying to please, he will become very pleasing.. very pleasing indeed!

    But to say that Daughtry has Good music… uhhh…… NO!

  26. Snowstorm Says:

    Sweetay, music is subjective. The fact of the matter is, you are in a minority. Millions of people LOVE Daughtry’s post Idol cd… myself included. There’s a reason it sold millions… those are damn good pop/rock songs, combined with an excellent radio voice. That combination did not exist in Taylor’s cd.

  27. Snow.. right again. Music is subjective. And Daughtry is not bad. But ..IMO If you have heard one Daughtry song.. you have heard them all. They are very formulated.

    How much fun can that possibly be in concert?

    Taylor may have not put it all on the vinyl.. but he does lay it all out on the stage floor. There is nothing that will change my mind that the right man won!

    Rewind be damn!

  28. Perhaps snowstorm would like to explain why people like Brittany and Justin Timberlake sell in the millions.
    Sorry snow, its not about good music. Its about image and promotion, There are hundreds out there who have put out wonderful cd’s that never see the light of day.
    Its image and promotion and money, pure and simple.

    Crap sells all the time, in fact crap sells very well.

    And now I am gone, I promise, I just had to say that.
    These silly old arguments are just time consuming and I’m busy.
    But Crap sells, big time and don’t forget it.

    Oh, and Taylors going to be just fine. 🙂

  29. Snowstorm Says:

    People go to concerts to listen to music… that’s what it’s all about!

  30. Snowstorm Says:

    “Perhaps snowstorm would like to explain why people like Brittany and Justin Timberlake sell in the millions.”

    Because their audience is primarily teens and tweens. Music has ALWAYS been youth oriented. ALWAYS AND FOREVER! You can never ever win this augument. Same goes for Miley Cyress and the Jo Bros and every single teen act out there today.

  31. was hoping that Taylor would have the sensitivity and musical knowledge to write or choose material that could live on past the performer. As it is .. all I got from him was a weird whomp. I am still hoping that one day he will put all fear aside and sing from the soul. IMO When Taylor quits trying to please, he will become very pleasing.. very pleasing indeed!

    This is the truest statement I’ve read all day.

  32. Snow says..People go to concerts to listen to music… that’s what it’s all about!

    If I only wanted to listen to music I could stay home and turn on the radio. I go to a concert to experience the music. Taylor is an extremely good live act.

    From what I have seen in reviews.. Daughtry is not. right?

    OK… this is my last post on this thread. I have no desire to tear down Daughtry or anyone else. Just wanted to speak the least as I see it. Thank you Grey for providing a site where we all can have are say.

    Snow.. thank you and hope you have a great day! Its always fun to speak with you here. Are you on any other sites? What name do you go by? I am also TrishluvsTaylor and Stormy on other sites. See you around!

  33. hicksaholic Says:

    I had never heard that about Taylor getting out of the contract with 19 before he even won the competition. I assumed it was after he won.

  34. ifyousayso Says:

    Yes, it is up to the fans to buy the music. It is up to the record company, however, to spend the money to promote the product. Fans can’t do this in any measurable way.

  35. People go to concerts to listen to music… that’s what it’s all about!

    At today’s ticket prices people go for more than to listen to music, They go to be entertained. Have you seen the productions that have become part of these shows? That’s because very few are entertaining enough to warrant the price of admission without the glitz and the bands don’t have the personalities & emotion to connect with the audience without the production.
    Taylor Hicks is at his best with just a stage a few guys and his TALENT. worth every penny

  36. I had never heard that Tay didn’t sign with 19 Management until about 6 months ago. I still think they should have promoted the winner. Does the fact he didn’t sign excuse AI from not putting him front and center on the wall, but behindpotted plants? Does it excuse them from not introducing him or interviewing him at the season 6 finale? Did it give Simon liscense to diss him both on AI and in the press? They lack class and these ads attempting to rewrite history is just one more example. Even non fans have noticed how they diss him and try to rewrite history. Tay has class but I hope he says something about these ads.

  37. Snowstorm Says:

    If people don’t like the music.. they are not going to bother to see the act. That only makes sense!

  38. I strongly disagree with those of you who say Taylor didn’t get radio play because none of his songs on TH or TD Cds were good songs or radio format friendly. Also you don’t have to be a singer under 30 to get radio play. If one is dissed by powerful people in the business radio play is hard.

  39. Snow, have you visited Tay’s new site? I’d love your honest opinion of it.

  40. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree with everything you have said. Bottom line Taylor was the winner Chris came in 4th doesn’t matter who bought in the most money or who they signed with. Taylor not Chris should be upfront on those ads it gives the impression that Chris won not Taylor and thats just wrong. I could alsmost go along with it if they noted that Taylor was the winner of season 5 but they didn’t, geez they didn’t even include Elliot in the pic for the top winners he came in #3.



  41. wow, jersey, you’re right! Elliot isn’t even in the photo- Pickler is! didn’t she come in…I don’t like…sixth?

  42. Just home and only read the blog post and first two comments so far. (Good points.) My opinion? Yes, of course it is all about the money but I still can’t help but be pissed off that they can’t at least show the winner some respect. Not just Taylor but Katherine McPhee and Elliot Yamin, who also beat Daughtry during that season. It’s just not right, and Sweetay makes a great point – Why bother to watch the show at all or vote? This type of behavior by AI leaves it all meaningless. I’ve said it before and I meant it. I’m determined not to watch the show this year at all. Not once.

  43. I did a blog post a while back titled, “American Idol doesn’t care who America wants.” It’s true. Why bother voting if they’re going to back whoever the heck they want to in the end?

  44. I wrote about this a lot and talked to friends about it and you know what I found out? NOBODY CARES. Let’s face it, everyone is busy with their own lives. When they watch TV they just want to be entertained and most people forget about the contestants when the season is over.

  45. Snostorm: “If Adam’s cd is crap, it won’t sell either.. it’s as simple as that.”

    I don’t agree. I think Daughty’s CD was about 30% good, 20% OK and 50% not good at all, and it sold millions. Even the good songs are not really GREAT songs.

  46. Oh, and I as voting for Chris & Taylor both until Chris got sent home. I like his voice. Not as much as Taylor but I like it. It’s the formulaic songs that I don’t like on his 1st cd. Have not heard the new one yet. I think they did a better job with David Cook’s AI CD than they did with Daughtry.

    Taylor should be front and center in that ad. They really suck for doing that. I would feel that way no matter who won if they treated them that way.

  47. How did the topic about Freemantle and 19 doing a dastardly thing by approving this AI5 Rewind ad campaingn turn into a discussion of D’s music versus Tay’s music? Seems some refuse to grasp the reality of how unjust these ads are for Taylor most of all, but also for Elliot. These ads should have nothing to do with who made the most money for TPTB, they are supposed to be about the 5th season of Idol. Taylor won and was first in the voting every single week, except for one week when Pickler edged him out. Why did you vote for Taylor? I voted for him because I wanted him to win the thing. He won and yet TPTB can’t even advertise the rewind show in a manner to show he won. All fans should feel anger.

  48. The print part of that ad uses the word shocking. In the photo Taylor looks like he is the third backup singer for Daughtry, since he is back there with the two women. Taylor is positioned behind and low in the frame, you need to scroll down just to see his face. This is just shitty.

  49. I agree 100% rosie. Screw the money, they are getting it left and right anyway, and just show some respect. Maybe though, people will watch and be reminded of how good it was and why Taylor won. It could turn out to be OK. Do they re-air the show in it’s entirety on rewind? Do they show the trips home and all? IF so, shitty ads aside, it can’t be bad for Taylor in the long run.

  50. Yet, I am pissed off. I would like to send an email. Just do right by the winner of your show assholes!

  51. When Rewind season 4 ended… Carrie had a special broadcast.

    Guess who gets the special this time…

  52. I’m not shocked by that Sweetay…are you?

    Maybe I’m not a good enough fan, but I just don’t feel any anger over this. It’s not surprising..and does it really matter? I will never understand the whole Taylor/Chris thing. Taylor may have won the competition, but Chris has the better career, based on the actual number of CD’s sold and awards won. There it is, right out in the open. He sells more CD’s. Ok. Now, let’s move on from the bullshit.

  53. I think it would be really satisfying to send an e-mail or a letter simply voicing an opinion about this. Not an attack, just an opinion about what they’re doing. I know, it’s pointless. Again, I KNOW, IT’S POINTLESS, but it would still be really satisfying.

    But who do you write to? Here’s the address at the bottom of that ad, but who actually makes the decision about how AI Rewind will be presented, what angle they’ll take? This feels like a big ‘screw you’ to Taylor.

    Trifecta Entertainment
    3575 Cahuenga Blvd. West
    Suite 595
    Los Angeles, CA 90068

    (323) 850-3000 phone
    (323) 850-0526 fax

  54. Nola they show the performances and some of the judges comments. Some of the top ten comment about their performances, song choices, what they wore and how they felt. They show some never before seen clips but I don’t recall if the homecomings are shown. Each show features the weeks performances plus the elimination and it all fits into the hour because there is less Ryan and few commercials and fillers.

  55. I guess we can agree to disagree. insert smiley face -my keyboard is crapping out on me.

  56. wanna see a video add?

    Grey, No, I am not at all surprised… neither am I angry. Maybe a bit sad that things didn’t work out a bit better for Tay.. but all in all … I am looking forward to seeing chubby Taylor on TV again. He lights up the screen. So I will take him anyway I can get him.

  57. Huh. I watched that promo ad. Interesting.

  58. Iag you posted Taylor may have won the competition. There is no may have, he did win .

  59. I guess I should have put a “While” in front of “Taylor may have won”…It really doesn’t matter if he won it or not. First of all, it was three years ago. Secondly, it’s a popularity contest, not really a singing competition. Where did winning get him? It got him a couple of mediocre CD’s and a spot in Grease. Wooo.

  60. Oh I know i said I was gone but what a small minded thing to say.
    I think its got him a pretty damn good life myself.
    And there is not one thing mediocre about Taylor Hicks. But I can’t say that about everybody.
    Good God Almighty.
    Why do I drive by here?

  61. taylorfan06 Says:

    Wow aig ” It got him a couple of mediocre CD’s and a spot in Grease. Wooo.” That’s some commentary about Taylor.

    I think both post AI CD’s are great, as well as IYT and UTR, and Taylor knows how to sell these songs LIVE! I wonder how many times you’ve seen him live? He is a natural performer who deserves better. He gets too much scrutiny here which is why I don’t visit as often anymore. Just give him some “slack”, like the song says.

    Regarding Grease, whatever your opinion, the critics have been VERY favorable regarding his performance, as well as the audiences. Who really knows what this experience can bring to his future? I plan to stick around to find out and will definitely remain a fan.

    His music, live performances and positive posts about him, from those who really “get” him definitely brings a lot of joy to my life. His musical influences are so impressive to me. He has introduced and re-introduced me to many, many, many great musical artists over the past 3 years. I’m am very indebted to him for that on a very grand scale. We both love music and he has really helped me to open my eyes and ears. Literally! The man knows good music! He possess lots of depth!

    Regarding Rewind, Taylor’s picture should be front and center. He had a huge impact on Season 5, and the ratings for S5-8 have all failed to reached the heights, and the fun, that S5 provided. If Taylor had gone home earlier in the show, I do believe that the ratings would have been significantly less. I for one would have stopped watching after his departure, and I know many people (fans) that felt exactly the same way. He was good for ratings and look how they repay him. Classy show that AI. NOT!!!

    It kills me that that a-hole Simon so much money on that show. I hate how he is put on such a pedestal. I’ll stop there because he doesn’t deserve any more space. (Ditto for Doltry) The judges ALL suck actually. Randy’s a joke and that new judge (who the hell is she?) has the worst speech impediment. Why is she on tv? At least Paula appreciated the Talent of Taylor. I give here some kudos, but I’m glad she jumped ship. I just hope the ratings to continue dropping. I wouldn’t miss it being off the air. Good riddance I’d say. Taylor is the only one whose cd’s I bought. He will always be my favorite. I don’t think I’m alone on that one!

  62. taylorfan06 Says:

    oops – a few typos. it’s late.

  63. hicksaholic Says:

    When does AI Season 5 Rewind start?

    I wish Taylor was front and center. He won and deserves it IMO. But I can understand the moneymaker was Daughtry. I doubt Taylor worries too much about it one way or another though. I think he is focused on the future and AI is the past. It opened a lot of doors(maybe not as many as he would have liked) but from the time he did not sign with 19 he was all on his own and he knew that I am sure. It’s really just us mega Taylor fans that get pissed that everyone doesn’t fully appreciate Taylor’s talent.
    I still wonder if Taylor had it to do over again if he would have signed with 19. But then again, if he pissed them off when he tried to negotiate more money for the top 12 or 24 or whatever perhaps he didn’t have the option to sign with 19.

  64. This convo is making my head spin. Henry and TF06, I swear… PLEASE put all your passion into something that could actually impact our world positively… maybe you do. Maybe you teach, or volunteer….

    It just kills me that all this went down over 3 years ago!! Mr. Hicks has moved on, but the SP has not. How surprising!

  65. Groundhog Day

  66. Why is it the SP is always spoken about in such a negitive light on this site. Taylor”s fans are no different than any other fanbase. It seems there are a lot of holier than thou attitudes here. Do you know how crazy some of the Daughtry fans are. You should they are right here in our midst. Now that’s nuts..being a fan of someone and hating another singer and hanging out on that guys fan site .

  67. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    The music buying public are sheeple…tell them an artist or song is wonderful and force feed it to them 24/7 for a couple of weeks and they buy it….how else can you explain Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus? While Daughtry , Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson are talented, they aren’t more so than hundreds of lesser known artists..they were promoted relentlessly. That generates sales. They were cooperative and rewarded. Taylor wasn’t.

  68. I’m with you YKW, darling. Wow.

    I left a mini novel on the blog prior (making up for my absence) but in a nutter shell (lol) I copied what I wrote on Ms. Caryl’s Taylor Tues. blog:

    To repeat:
    As far as AI 5 Rewind, doubt I’ll watch it as limited time to do TV anymore and have some other favorite shows coming into play like Sons of Anarchy and Dexter. I am considering taping it on the DVR to hit as I can. Only so much time in a day. I have to say in all my years watching that bloody “unscripted reality” show, season 5 still the best for me. Reason, Taylor Hicks of course and his brilliant win. NOT watching it because the show is playing up their version of success stories is rather like snipping your nose from your face. You liked that season? Loved seeing Hicks do what he did on the show? Then watch the damn thing. lol

    I had more to say on this over at Taylor Tuesday, Caryl’s blog: She focused on it seeming more like The Daughtry Show.

    Basically I wrote: “…the show will focus, as the ads show, on which contestants reflect the most positively back on it. The success of the contestants in today’s music industry provides A.I. with bragging rights to help propel this next season’s new show, sort of a ‘look what we can do for you’ self-promotion.

    Regarding Taylor’s lack of backing from the show that’s no surprise either; they never (they being the producers, and of course, Simon Cowell) wanted him to win. He was simply this guy who was savvy enough to maneuver himself into a runaway train they could not stop. We, who watched the show, saw Cowell repeatedly do what ever he could to put the cabosh on Hicks.

    Regarding the details on the show and management not fully promoting Hicks, there are a few different stories behind that which to date, we’re not privy to. I’m thinking too, Taylor’s shadow tours that year lead to some issues as well.

    Blaming the lack of fiscal investment in his eponymous CD and absence of promotion fully on 19E’s shoulders might not be the fair and accurate path to take, but certainly did not aide him in any way whatsoever. He was basically on his own during that ‘unscripted reality’ show and has been ever since.

    What has always held my interest in Hicks is his ability to dust himself off, pick himself back up and get back on that horse. Certainly some fans have disagreed with the current sparkley horse he’s riding, but man it’s the horse I think he needed to mount to ride further up the road to his goals. He’s certainly inspiring.”

    Anne, what is wrong with being a Daughtry fan? I’ve actually come to enjoy him very much. We still playing my idol is better n yours and tossing sand at each other in the box about that? Let’s grow past that, really. I don’t see any so called Daughtry fans slinging hate at Hicks. I see opinions.

    There, now that I’ve worn everyone I have other things to tend to – Cheers everyone.

  69. Typo because I suck at typing *worn everyone out* not worn you guys like a shirt or gown. lol I kill me.

  70. The music buying public are sheeple…tell them an artist or song is wonderful and force feed it to them 24/7 for a couple of weeks and they buy it….how else can you explain Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus? While Daughtry , Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson are talented, they aren’t more so than hundreds of lesser known artists..they were promoted relentlessly. That generates sales. They were cooperative and rewarded. Taylor wasn’t.

    Amen, poke salad annie. Amen.

  71. I don’t get the hurling insults at Chris D either. It’s childish, and everyone, including Hicks fans, needs to move beyond it. I don’t care how idiotic CD fans might act, we should stay above all that. The competition seems to never end. But even so, I believe AI has done a terrible, disrespectful deed not only to Taylor Hicks but to all those who voted for him, Elliot, and Katherine. (Although they did put Katherine’s picture up there pretty prominently.)

  72. Well, I’ll get dumped on for this, but I actually think Daughtry should have won. He’s what that show is looking for. American Idol isn’t looking for a serious musician who cares about musical integrity, etc…

    BUT he didn’t win, so these ads annoy me. I’m not trying to stir up a Daughtry vs Hicks debate, it’s all about fairness. If Idol Rewind showed ads for Season Two with Clay up front, over-shadowing Ruben I would feel the same way. Show the winner some respect. The contestant who actually sold more CDs after the fact is the footnote to the real story.

  73. Spin…You must have misunderstood..I didn”t say there was anything wrong with being a Daughtry fan…not at all…I don’t mind his stuff.. not my musical taste but , hey, different strokes…What I’m saying is his FANS and there a lot of really crazy ones..(read on any positive press of Taylor’s ..daughtry fans come out in full force spewing crap. ) All I’m saying is that Taylor’s fans (call them SP or whatever) are the only ones pointed out in a negitive light here. Every artist on the planet have some strange fans doesn’t make them bad fans or good fans ..just strange. I’ve been to quite a few Taylor shows and met fans from all over the US, Canada & England…nice people who just love Taylor and his music..out for a good time and I don’t like to see them put in a bad light. There is no shame in being a avid Taylor fan or finding passion of any kind in your life.

  74. Shoulda said: “The contestant who sold more CDs than the winner is the footnote to the real story, not the other way around.”

  75. Anne, the reason that Taylor Hicks fans are being pointed out in a negative light is because this is a Taylor Hicks blog. I am a fan of Taylor Hicks, but I don’t profess to be a fan of the Soul Patrol. Because of a few eccentric fans, the term “Soul Patrol” has a negative connotation for some fans. Doesn’t make them any less of a fan, just means they don’t want to associate with some of the community. That’s their right.

    And to answer TF06’s question, I have seen Taylor in multiple concerts, in numerous towns and states. Yes, I have followed him across the country, and I had a great time doing it. If he ever tours again, yes, I’m sure I’ll try to see him again. He puts on a fantastic show…the best performer that I have seen live. However, I stand by my OPINION that Taylor’s cd’s (Taylor Hicks and The Distance) are mediocre. I am a huge fan of Under the Radar and still listen to it.

  76. Now caryl, I’ll try to be gentle but I disagree with what you implied in your post. I agree that CD was more of what AI would like to have in their winners because he was/is more marketable and profitable for them. But you really insult the man by implying he isn’t a serious musician and has no musical integrity. While I think his first cd was too formulaic, and after the first 4 or 5 songs they all sounded the same, I still believe he has a great voice and is a talented musician. The song-writing was mediocre, but that is different IMO. To me the musical integrity stops when they turn a show into a circus act instead of music, ala Britney, Ga-ga, etc.

  77. Hi
    just wanted to add my 2 cents worth – first, I don’t know why anyone is insulting people for their comments here (like this was 3 years ago, etc) becuase THIS is the subject of IAG’s blog so people are just commenting on it because it was presented here as the subject matter.

    Second – not every member of the Soul Patrol is eccentric, weird, or deserves negative connotations. It’s too bad. I still consider myself a proud Soul Patroller, maybe we should say the ‘weird arm of the Soul Patrol” wen referring to the ones who earned the rest of the S.P. the bad rep. LOL

    About AI Rewind (and the obvious Daughtry favoritism in the ads) – it is like Anne said Taylor is “always a musician with many hats….” and I truly do not think Tay will be tossing his ‘toboggan’ down anywhere near AI Rewind.

  78. like others – sorry for the typos

  79. Caryl.. I have to disagree with you on thinking Daughtry should have won AI.

    IMO Taylor won the show fair and square. He not only got his fans to back him… which is what AI credits his win to. He also out performed and out charmed all the competition. It was not just the SP that voted Taylor to his win.

    I believe the factors that pushed Taylor to a win .. Taylor was never boring. Taylor is a performer. He thrives on stage! Taylor is very lovable and yes.. different.

    Chris Daughtry.. before “DAUGHTRY” was boring. There is nothing different about Chris. Chris needs his guys. Don’t get me wrong. Band or no band Daughtry is still nowhere near the strong performer as Taylor. IMO If Chris had tried to go solo he would have crashed and burn.

    The right guy won AI!

    No one knows the future. No one knew how easy it was going to be for Chris after the show. Nor did we know how hard it was going to be for Taylor. All we could go by during the talent show, was the talent. Taylor has it in spades!

  80. oh, NolaMar! I thought I could slip that by you! LOL!

  81. taylorfan06 Says:

    i LOVE every word you said above sweetay. I totally agree.

  82. taylorfan06 Says:

    Caryl said: .” If Idol Rewind showed ads for Season Two with Clay up front, over-shadowing Ruben I would feel the same way. Show the winner some respect. The contestant who actually sold more CDs after the fact is the footnote to the real story.”

    GREAT perspective that rings true here. Shame on AI for the TH diss.

  83. I thought everyone agreed that Daughtry being voted off was a fluke. I’ll bet even Taylor thinks that. He was probably thinking, “Wow! Now I really might win this thing!”

    Don’t forget, I’m a Taylor Hicks fan. I’d rather listen to his music than Daughtry’s. But American Idol is a spin-off of “POP Idol” in England. Wait, let me go get my quote from Simon about what they’re looking for. I kept it because it blows my mind. BRB.

  84. taylorfan06 Says:

    And Anne said: “…nice people who just love Taylor and his music..out for a good time and I don’t like to see them put in a bad light. There is no shame in being a avid Taylor fan or finding passion of any kind in your life.”

    This holds true for ANY artist that moves you and that you connect with. Well said Anne! I am proud to be a TH fan and will shout it from the rooftops (ok maybe I don’t have to go that far)

    I JIUST LOVE TAYLOR HICKS! That shouldn’t be a bad thing. Great entertainer, vocalist, and hard working guy. I think he has what it takes to continue to go “the distance”. (couldn’t resist.) He may never be a mega star, but I just dig the guy on many levels.

    I hope that MYS is recorded by that “mystery female star” and becomes a major country hit. Some icing on the cake for Mr. Hicks. We’ll see how it all unfolds…

  85. Well, hell. I’ll have to do a little more digging. But you can read a blog post I wrote a while ago about Simon:

  86. As far as being a member of the Soul Patrol!!! I am not qualified. I cannot leave my opinions behind, turn off my brain, and become a star-eyed yes-sir.

    I do luv Tayor! But I do not worship him. IMO Taylor has made mistakes.

    And he is about to make a huge one again! He needs to keep the faith in himself! Release… MAY BE YOU SHOULD!! Make it the next single! It is perfect for any radio format! Its the best he has ever done!

    Now a “good” Soul Patroller will come on here and shame me for even thinking that I just maybe might be right.. let alone speaking up!

  87. oh oh
    I hadn’t heard that particular definitation of Soul Patrol….I thought it was just fans that voted for Taylor on AI5 from the beginning. The fans he thanked on the night he won.
    Hmm – I don’t do any of those things so maybe I am not qualified either?

  88. I need to leave, (been saying that for 2 hrs) but had to say that I agree with Sweetay – I would love to see Taylor release MYS himself first.

    And that was a good post about Simon, Caryl. (Way back before my Taylor Hicks days. 😉 ) His own words speak volumes about what AI is all about.

  89. IAG, something you said above caught my eye – something like you will go see him if he ever goes on tour again?? Has he not done at least 10 shows recently, and is doing 4 more in September alone? It may not be “full time” touring, but you can’t say he’s not doing any shows.

  90. I don’t turn off my brain…or become starry-eyed and I do think I qualify to be a Soul Patroller..a TH fan…all of the above. I love Taylor’s voice, think his concerts are second to none.. he inspires me to search out new music..he is totally unselfish in his admiration for other musicians (big names or bar singers or his buddys..doesn’t matter to him he gives them respect as artists) that to me speaks volumes of who he is as a person.Taylor has made mistakes and will make many more (what a world it would be if any of us had a life without mistakes to learn from)He is a young man with a lifetime of music to make and he’ll do some good stuff…some bad stuff.. That’s life. but I have no doubt that he’ll make that music for years to come.
    Giving MYS up to another singer might be a big mistake might not be.. but it is his to make. He needs to get his music noticed, if they won’t play Taylor , he has to get it out however he can. In my opinion SMB should have been a mega hit…but they didn’t play it. What’s a guy to do!!!

  91. Nola, I didn’t say he wasn’t doing any shows, I said when he starts touring again. A few shows here and there don’t really constitute a tour, IMO. But it doesn’t matter…if he comes around, I’ll probably go, because there is nothing like a TH concert.

  92. In our opinion SMB was a country song. Country seemed the best fit for it. But is it the best fit for country. Most country songs tell a story. Have a beginning a middle and an end. MYS.. does that. SMB does not.

    If Taylor releases “Maybe You Should” and the radio stations do not accept it with open arms. Then I will accept my lobotomy and scream with the loudest of them… Conspiracy!!!

  93. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Taylor had come in second to Daughtry? Maybe he could have done even better without the
    damn baggage of comparing him to other winners and the snipes he takes for winning over Chris. Just wondering. I’ve never watched rewind and doubt that I will. Only watch AI close to the end of season if it’s a year worth watching.

  94. Sweetay you are too funny. lol Lobotomy.

    Anne, apologies if I misread you. No problem.

    Caryl how dare you say our man shouldn’t have won. ha. Really though, Hicks should have won because he was the most unique and charming contestant that show had ever had on – and that carries forward to the present with gLambert pulling up a close sexond.

    Thing is did you guys notice nothing about sweet Elliot? He was a fave back then finished 3rd. But you see, he’s not had that commercial success either, has he?

  95. OMG typo *second* not *sexond*. Wow I am hanging at The Darla Show way too much. haha

  96. Kat finished 2nd and now she’s down to dying her hair blond to get attention

  97. *sigh*

    This is awesome.

  98. Makes you wonder what might have been if THIS had been Taylor’s first release.

    Something tell me… its not too late.

  99. It’s kind of the same thing with The Right Place. Except this song is better. I never understood why they didn’t release that one either. And I will never understand why WRIR was released before MYS.

  100. Maybe because MYS was on hold for this mysterious woman who might record it. There may have been some stipulation that he couldnt’ release it as a single.

  101. Do any of you ladies even bother listening to popular radio? They do not play songs like Maybe You Should.

  102. IAG, I think WRIR is a good song, and the video is totally awesome. But you are right, MYS is better. I’ve thought about this – and this is PURE conjecture on my part – Simon C has credits on WRIR. Perhaps (and again, I’m just “thinking” of possibilities) there was some deal between them for Simon to produce the record and his song being the first release? Possibly a reduced fee? TOTAL speculation on my part…. Taylor probably just thought it had the best potential for radio. Who knows why?

    I think ILOAB would be a great single too. It’s my favorite song after IAOK and MYS.

    Spin, RE: Elliot I mentioned that up above somewhere. I bet his fans are even more livid than Taylor’s! And I would not blame them.

  103. He’s so good. (I’m in a MYS daze) His voice is pretty and I love how he knows when to keep the volumn low. I think his voice may be more powerful when it’s quiet.

    *waah!* I TOLD you sometimes I feel music TOO much. Now I’m feeling all squochy (no, I don’t knwo what that means!) and vulnerable. I feel like I should be looking out a window wistfully.

    Instead, I’m off to buy groceries. *sniff*

  104. If a slow song ever gets played, it always has an R&B flavor to it.

    Also, Maybe You Should sounds almost exactly like the Bonnie Raitt song, I Can’t Make You Love Me. It was written by the same person!

  105. Maybe You Should.. should never have been put up for sale!

    I cannot for the life of me understand how everyone, including Taylor, does not see how this music just pours out of his veins. He literally bleeds this tune. Its a perfect marriage of music and artist.

    In my heart, it would be a crime to hand it over to another… but who am I

  106. Caryl, I think the hold thing is something new, but I don’t know for sure. He did not sing it in concerts for the longest time so maybe there was a hold. Not until The Magic Bag. He never mentioned a hold until Smith’s. Someone posted some very informative and enlightening info about “holds” on Boogie Board.

  107. taylorfan06 Says:

    Well to that I say, Maybe “THEY Should”.

  108. Caryl, you crack me up!

  109. taylorfan06 Says:

    i’m refering to the comment from that snow person

  110. Ah, snow. I think all the gents over at my “All Lawrence Welk, All The Time” radio show would think that songs a humdinger! Sunday’s Bingo in the rec room. I’ll have my nurse ask around.

  111. Did you see my tweet a while ago? I was at the Y, and just as I stopped running and started cooling down on the treadmill my MP3 player rotated to MYS. Wow, talk a bout a perfect way to end a workout. Walking slow, trying to bring my breathing and heart rate down…. I just closed my eyes and let it wash over me. LOL And that was the only Taylor song that played the whole time.

  112. People, I have a small crisis on my hands. My iPod is missing. This is not good.

  113. SS, I listen to popular radio when forced to by my 17 year old in the car. LOL

  114. I thought he mentioned that there was interest in one of his songs way back when he was still on Broadway in NY. I could have sworn he said it during an interview with that MTV guy, but I can’t find it.

    Seriously have to go!

  115. The point is the most popular, highest rated TV SHOW is American Idol. This is American Idol Rewind of Season 5. Sponsers pay huge bucks to advertise AI and year 5 sponsers were rewarded with the highest ratings ever. The sponsers were happy. The sponsers of season 5, don’t give a rats ass that D sold 5 mil or what any contestant sold. People watched the show to get to know and see and hear some singers. As far as I’m concerned SWEETAY said it ALL in her first post. The show AI is different than the music business and interest of those signed to 19. The promos all all kinds of wrong and a slap in the face to viewers of AI5 no matter if they never voted for anyone and a huge slap in the face for Tay, his fans and Elliot. There is AI the TV show and producers directors, camera people, stylists, make up artist, and backup singers, lighting folks, judges, and Ryan all made a good living from that due to the sponsers and viewers. These sponsers have nothing to do with post AI or the music business. Greedy, small minded big whigs may shoot themselves in the foot by their greed and power games. I’m going to watch and if and when I see blantant twisting, prejudice, favoritism, unfair editing or other wrongdoing I’ll post about it somewhere.

  116. NolaMar, well that explains a lot.

  117. taylorfan06 Says:

    with music we like what we like. popular does not mean it’s always good.
    today’s charts proves that in spades. very generic is my take on it.
    thank god for green day!
    they prove that there is some great music still being made. their new cd, 21st century breakdown is great from start to finish. i hope that adam lambert steers in that direction for his debut cd.
    as much as i love taylor, i just love real rock! (among so many other genres) music can just take you away – it adds so much to my life.

  118. I like a station that plays a mix of current rock music and semi-older stuff too. I like blues. REALLY like blues. I like classic rock. What I hear on the pop stations I dislike intensely for the most part. I would rather listen to 40 year old Pink Floyd much than today’s pop. I AM trying to find more current music. There’s a lot of good stuff out there. It’s just not on the radio.

    Oh, no IAG! I hope it shows up.

  119. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Your right about the interview it was with someone from MTV, it was a guy and they were sitting on a couch and Taylor played the harp at the end.

    Don’t listen to radio much at all, it is all so repetative just a different name on the song, no creativitiy. The rock, punk whatever they all sound the same, nothing that would spark my interest.


  120. I don’t listen to radio either – except for baseball games (Go Twins!) so to be truthful I wouldn’t know if Taylors music is played on radio at all – unless I heard about it from fans online.

  121. Well, I think pop has it’s place. I listen to it for fun. I like Pink in particular. When it gets too annoying, I switch to a contemporary rock station. I like Hinder, Linkin Park, Kings of Leon…my KIDS listen to classic rock. My 18 yr old said today’s music is forgettable.

  122. Here is the interview, given to me by a megastar in Taylorland. I can’t say who it is cuz I don’t want to jinx it. (You’ll understand, after you listen to the interview. LOL!)

  123. What’s going on? I put in the link, but it’s not showing up. Hang on…….

  124. Caryl, I just read thru all the posts and somewhere you mentioned that you thought we all thought D being voted off was a fluke. He was in to bottom before and Simon had critiqued him for getting boring and for doing too much rock. A few of his song choices were poor such as Queen week when he chose some obscure song. Many think, including me that Kat was the worst Elvis week but Dial Idol showed she beat D by a hair and Tay had the most votes. Elliot was great that week. The rewind show will fill you in. Some weeks I voted for D, some for Tay and sometimes for both and a few times for neither but I voted every week that season. D was never the top vote getter all season.

  125. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, That was the interview I remembered.

    Rosie, It will be interesting to see what Idol does with this rewind, can’t much more insulting then the adds, ya think?


  126. Rosie, I didn’t watch the season! LOL! I didn’t know all of that. I guess that was the vibe I got whenever the subject came up- that everyone thought it was some kind of voting fluke that got D voted off.

  127. mamaforpeace Says:

    Not good AIG. You got to find that Ipod ASAP. I know it would be freak out time for me, so good luck.

  128. I Love Elliott and Taylor singing together. Workplay was some of the hottest music ever!!!! I would love for them to do a whole concert together some day.

  129. Grey, I hope you have located your iPod.

  130. Dee – I LOVE “Woman’s gotta have it” on The Distance – with Elliott – GREAT song!
    Caryl – I remember that interview too – Tay looks so dang cute at the end when he says ‘she’ – what a cute look on his face!
    Rosie – I think a lot of Daughtry fans just didn’t vote – either they are ‘too cool’ to do that, or they became complacent thnking he surely had the win wrapped up. (I personally know at least half a dozen people who kicked themselves later over that)

  131. side note – World Ultimate Twitterer – just checked it and if it weren’t for all the Thailand Twitterers Taylor would be no. 3 worldwide – hahahhahahh

  132. hicksaholic Says:

    Very interesting comments. I always enjoy when spin comes by.

    I hate to say it but while I would love for Taylor to release MYS himself I hold out NO hope that radio would play it. I think Taylor’s time for commercial success as a recording artist has passed unless he comes at it from a different direction(like acting). If he can be successful in some manner in acting I think people would notice and he could get his music back in the limelight.
    I’m like Spin and admire Taylor for his perseverance. I think it was his dad that said once that it does hurt when you hear some of the bad things the press has to say about Taylor. But Taylor keeps plugging away with a positive attitude. That’s the one good thing about Grease- he is getting positive press for it. I wish it was more for his music but whatever, at least it’s good for a change.
    I think Taylor thought he could have it all- commercial success and creative control. Just didn’t turn out that way, at least not so far.
    Only Taylor knows if he would have made some different decisions given the chance again. And I know someone will say that he has already said leaving the record label was absolutely for the best but what else is he going to say? Would you tell your fans anything different?

  133. I agree Taylor has a positive attitude – he seems to be a ‘glass half FULL’ kind of person – I also believe he is realistic – in that he knows not everyone is going to like him, his style of singing, his songs, whatever – and is totally fine with it.


  134. Nope, no iPod yet. *crying*

    Love, love, love Elliott and Taylor together. Good stuff.

  135. Taylor should have stuck with the R&B/Blue-Eyed Soul/Modern Soul he did on Idol – that’s the reason people liked him. The Stevie Wonder/ Michael McDonald/Ray Lamontagne songs he did were awesome. I don’t understand why he chose to do adult contemporary/lounge music that wasn’t very good. So many “blah” songs on his post-Idol cds. His earlier stuff is pretty good, though.

  136. Just watched a video of Taylor tagging “My Home’s In Alabama” during The Maze at Orange Beach 2 years ago. I’m in a state like Caryl was yesterday after watching MYS! I feel like such a tard, but this is just unbelievable. I swear, I need a drink to calm me down now. Whatever Taylor does when he tags is what he needs to do all the time! He goes into a zone and takes everybody along with him. The joy on his face in this is just incredible.

    Here is it is on Vimeo – even better. Taylor Hicks – The Maze – Orange Beach, AL from Stacy on Vimeo.

  137. **** T better be for Tags!!! 😉

  138. Nolamar, I just love when he is in the zone. At one point he looked orgasmic.

  139. I did some sceenshots, hoping to catch that “look” on his face. I got a couple but most were blurry. I tweeted this one. I’m going to 4 concerts in Sept if all the stars and planets align. Hopefully after that I’ll have gotten this out of my system and can go back to a normal life. You think? (I WILL NOT FLY, I WILL NOT FLY, I WILL NOT FLY! Good thing I don’t have the money anyway.)

  140. omg – Nolamar – thank you for the video links – holy sh*t he smiles a lot during that last part – so freakin’ CUTE – and nice screen capture too!!

  141. The Maze is one of his songs that should have been on the radio.

  142. I really liked the Taylor Hicks album. I was shocked when it wasn’t popular. To me, it was a quality album with quality songs. JMO

  143. OMG! I was at that concert. ABout 3 rows back from the stage. Was super fantastic!!!!!

  144. He was having a great time. I remember at one point he danced around in circles saying “It’s Labor Day, it’s Labor Day!”.

  145. Seems he sure does know how to enjoy himself – whatever he is doing!
    (Wherever he lays his hat…)

  146. Sierra I really liked the first CD too. But I like everything he sings. LOL. I think maybe the fact that he doesn’t pick one style and stick to it, holds him back. To get fans they need to know what to expect. Without a clear brand it’s hard to market him. But then again that’s what some of us love best about him that he has a wide range of styles and is full of surprises. But the world as a whole wants to be able to pigeon hole an artist in one genre. After they gain success they can branch out but sometimes even a successful artist will get slammed for stepping outside the box.

  147. Dee – as a fan of Taylor I DO know what to expect – and you nailed it – “he has a wide range of styles and is full of surprises”, so far (to me) they have been wonderful surprises!
    I enjoy his voice/the SOUND (tone, quality, timbre) of his voice, on any genre and I am so happy that I am not one of the people that have the desire to ‘pigeon hole’ him or any other artist.

  148. Yeah I have to say I love how he does different styles and doesn’t stick to one thing. All my favorite artists are that way too. I just like variety. I love how he is so creative! He designed the Teen angel suit, and he makes up new names for things sometimes (modern whomp). To me that is a wonderful thing.

  149. exactly – and I love his arrangements for songs he performs too, and his skills as a band leader…

  150. Snowstorm Says:

    September 2, 2009 at 10:23 am
    Taylor should have stuck with the R&B/Blue-Eyed Soul/Modern Soul he did on Idol – that’s the reason people liked him. The Stevie Wonder/ Michael McDonald/Ray Lamontagne songs he did were awesome. I don’t understand why he chose to do adult contemporary/lounge music that wasn’t very good. So many “blah” songs on his post-Idol cds. His earlier stuff is pretty good, though.
    Wow Snow-You hit the nail right on the head! I agree 1000%

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