When is enough enough?


The Idol tour has started. People are throwing sex toys at Adam Lambert, much like Taylor had panties thrown at him. Where are the limits for fans of musicians? Or are there really any? I mean, panties are one thing, but sex toys? With kids in the audience? Should this kind of behavior be saved for shows at nightclubs and/or bars?

Check out this video around the 2:18 mark.

Take a look at this video. David Cook is out signing autographs after a show. Listen to how he talks to his fans, as he has every right to do. I swear, these people must think he’s a trained monkey. Geez.

I also came across this pretty interesting blog. Lots of interesting fan violations on there…how many of those have you been subjected to? Shouldn’t there be some kind of fan guide? πŸ™‚


24 Responses to “When is enough enough?”

  1. All I can say is after watching the David Cook video- soul patrol is a hell of a lot calmer (most of the time) then these fans! I saw Grease this past weekend and was in a meet and greet and everyone was respectful and for the most part, calm. They didn’t ask Taylor to do a bunch of stupid stuff and they waited patiently for their turn to talk to him. What a huge difference between that experience and the David Cook video!

    I have to say I enjoyed Adam Lambert’s performance of the Led Zepplin song- he was great! And I’m glad he kicked the stupid sex toy back at the dummy who threw it up there.

    The musicians ganging up on the cell phone talker- priceless! LOL!

  2. casualfan Says:

    Kuddos to David for telling the fans to knock it off so that little girl wouldn’t get hurt.

    I too enjoyed Lambert’s rendition of Led Zepplin-Adam definitely commands the stage when he’s performing and the rest of the “idols” are overshadowed by his presence. I feel bad for Kris because Adam seems to be the showstopper and not the American Idol.

  3. The Idol tour seems to attract some, (many), over the top people. Seems some attend the tour every year and go from worshiping one guy after another. They should forbid throwing anything. Cook has decided enough is enough and found his balls. Lambert is doomed with his over the top legions of psychos, but given he pushed the buttons and sex and glam, he shouldn’t be surprised. He has all ages and both sexes in a tiz. I hate people talking during ballads and soulful songs, especialy at Tay’s small acoustic gigs. These are older women, many of which have seen him several times and begged for an acoustic performance, so there is no excuse for there loud comments. I’m just not into standing venues and people pushing and shoving to be up front, nor would I wait in line more than an hour to see Taylor. But I have bought tickets to see him as soon as they are available.

  4. Adam gave me the creeps from the first time I saw him – not sure why, he just did and still does. And I think his act is too suggestive (not much left to the imagination) for a “family show.” While I don’t wish the guy any bad luck, I have a feeling that his crazy fans, probably the craziest fans Idol has yet seen, will be a huge liability to him. We’ll see.

    Good for David Cook; I just wonder if any lessons were learned. Some people are beyond it.

    As for Taylor, I think he has found a pretty good place in terms of fan interaction. He seems to have become more comfortable with his fans, and the crazies have either calmed down or transferred to Cook and/or Lambert. If he ever gets that “one big hit” maybe it’ll happen all over again, but I don’t see either of those things occurring any time soon, if ever. That’s OK with me. As long as he can maintain a career, I’m just as glad not to have to deal with the hysteria of old.

  5. Yeah, I thought that David Cook vid was interesting. It definitely takes some kahunas to stand up to the people who are paying you.

  6. Meg, great post. Taylor had more years trying to make it in music than anyone else who has made it to the top 24 of AI. He let anyone interested know in his book that he cried from happiness, could have been relief and pride, on his flight home from just making it to Hollywood. I take him at his word that he may have continued on as a broke performer while knowing that his upbringing and the practicalities of life whispered to him to get real. Bottom line is we are still fans and he is making a good living, and given all of it, he is way more together and happy, smart and successful than most.

  7. I thought the prop fit the act.

    Kick it back at the fan? Yeah, I’m sure he was able to do that… It probably actually landed on some kid’s lap.

    If you haven’t guessed it yet.. I am not a fan.

  8. hicksaholic Says:

    I really like Adam. Like Taylor he is a “performer”. I have read a lot of the AI tour reviews at MJ’s and he seems to be the showstopper. I went to one AI concert and that was Taylor’s in Bham. Would never pay to go again but seeing Taylor come home to Bham to that soldout concert was definitely worth it. Taylor came from the top of the balcony down the aisle right next to where I was sitting. I was beyond thrilled. Also before the concert we wandered into a special soul patrol room or something and we were up there with the Hicks family and some of the LIMBO band. It was a fun time.
    I don’t get the people talking during Taylor’s slower songs either. I hung to the back at Smith’s for the first half but you do miss out on his facial expressions. I like the standing venues if people were more polite.
    Beware of Workplay!

  9. hicksaholic Says:

    I think Taylor is much more comfortable with his fans. He may think they are crazy but I guess he figures they are harmless and they pay the bills. I still don’t get flying all over the country and buying meet and greets in each city but heh, whatever floats your boat.

  10. hicksaholic:

    I haven’t been able to do the “flying all over the country” thing for a number of reasons, but I wish I could do a little bit of that. Before Taylor, I was really into a classic rock band and did fly out to Vegas a few times to see them. Here’s the “but”, though. It isn’t just about the performer for me; it’s also about seeing some of the country, enjoying the beauty of some gorgeous theaters, and meeting people that become friends beyond online acquaintances. Good times!

    I’d love to be going to Workplay; the Taylor history there would be something to experience. But duties call and money is always an issue. I’ve always been a bit of a fiscal conservative, although my politics…nah, I won’t go there. I don’t begrudge others the opportunity to go to multiple shows. My family has recently been slapped in the face, so to speak, with the reminder that life can be very short. More power to those who want to and can afford to do as they please while they can.

    The meet and greets? I had one when Taylor was on his solo tour, but I don’t feel the need to have another. Maybe it’s because I felt like an idiot when I was there? But again, if others like to do that, I won’t hold it against them. Everyone has a life story, and I sometimes think that if we knew more of those stories, it might be easier to understand why people do what they do.

  11. I’ve had one meet and greet. I got his autograph and the picture with him and I’m happy with that. If I get another chance to meet him later on, fine. If not, I’m happy with what I got. He was very nice- it was a good experience. πŸ™‚

  12. Did anyone see the article or blog about Lambert kind of dissing his fans? It was very ungenerous. I know they go over board with stupid gifts and all, but to publicly mock them , and complain that they are “sweaty” when they probably stood in line in the summer heat for hours to see him, was very poor of him. OTOH, I’m glad to see David Cook say something about the bad behavior. I like DC! I think he will be at a music festival here in early Oct. that we are planning to attend. His name was in the article in the paper, but not on the festival web site so I don’t know. The DC AI show is the only one I’ve ever seen. (About this time last year, in Houston.)

  13. I’m a little worried about Workplay too. I hope everyone behaves. I got whacked in the head at Smith’s for accidentally blocking someone’s view for a sec. My friend and I also got elbowed out of our really good spots. We were in the early group that got to go up first. I guess it was inexperience, but a bunch of people somehow ended up in front of us. I still don’t know how it happened. It’s just a shame that to keep our spots we would have needed to stand practically on top of the people in front of us. But obviously people crept in the little space we might have left when we weren’t looking. We even somehow shifted way over to the right from where we started. Then she ended up behind ME and I don’t think she could see very well. She told me which fans I should avoid standing near at my next show. LOL

  14. Dildo’s!!! What in the hell was the fan thinking? I wasn’t a panty thrower, but I was not offended by others throwing them as Taylor seemed cool with it. (and it was not at the AI concerts) But a dildo is an entirely different thing. And Adam obviously did not appreciate the gesture!
    I am one of the lucky Taylor fans, I have never been shoved or wacked, I am tall and have been asked if someone shorter could stand in front of me…. sorry but if I did that I would end up on the last row..lol.
    Nolamar, you just have to stand your ground to keep your spot and then have a good friend keep your spot for you if you need to go to the restroom. Or a nice stranger! The photographer hired for the Smiths event held my spot for me, even grabbing my hand and pulling me through the crowd until I managed to return to my 3 row spot. I did notice a couple of women who tried hard to move to the front… but you just do not cross the soul patrol when they have front row seats!!!
    I had one meet and greet which was a gift from one of Taylors fans who could not attend. It was fun, and Taylor gave me his entire attention, including “the look” , a hug, and he called me darln’ . I think I would now like to have that drink and chit-chat with Taylor that we all fantasize about! I have some questions to ask!

  15. hicksaholic Says:

    Sorry Nola about you and your friend getting elbowed. You know it is not worth elbowing them back but I am sure you felt like it. I don’t get it really- Smith’s was not that full. There was plenty of room for people to stand close yet with a respectable distance(an inch or two) between them.

    You are right about live being short and enjoying the things you do enjoy while you are able. I think it’s wonderful that some can afford to travel to see Taylor a lot of times. I try to make mine with friends that I don’t see often and it is a way to reconnect. However, I think I am going to have to jump in with some Taylor fans I don’t know for some future gigs because some of my friends are rebeling against our reconnection always being at a Taylor event.
    I had a meet and greet once, felt like a total idiot, could not get a word out of my mouth. I even started walking off before Bill Will took the picture and he asked”don’t you want a picture?” I think I nodded.
    I thought this is totally ridiculous. I also saw Taylor at Auburn and happened to have an “In Your Time” cd in my purse. He was signing autographs and I decided to get it signed. Most people had Auburn programs and when he saw the cd he made a sound like”ohhhh” of appreciation. Again, I stood there in total awe. I will have to say on that day in Auburn he glowed. It was almost like he was surreal he looked so good. Other times I have seen him he looked a lot more normal.
    Anyway, needless to say you get the picture, I think I must need a 30 minute Taylor meet and greet. Than after maybe 15 minutes I could loosen up enough to say hello.

  16. You know throwing things on stage is nothing new. Elvis anyone? Is it appropriate? probably not but I think it’s just part of the whole idolizing someone. Thinking that they will know and care who threw it up there.

    kudos for DC saying “No my team is the Royals” Im from KC too. Also, him saying no to the hug. I think the person needs to set the limit on what they deem is appropriate or not, especially if safety is an issue. If the fans don’t do what is asked I think the performer has the right to walk off the stage.

  17. Wow so strange. For me the meet and greet was cool because I was so calm- he was just another dude. Yeah a very handsome and talented dude, but just a guy. He even looked me in the eyes and I knew he was listening to me; being attentive. There was no sense of “eyef**k” happening, at least not with me.

  18. “”There was plenty of room for people to stand close yet with a respectable distance(an inch or two) between them.””

    That’s exactly what we did but that’s how people ended up displacing us. You try to leave a little space and someone squeezes into it when you turn your head. That’s all I can figure out.

  19. mamaforpeace Says:

    Good for Adam! He kicked the damned thing back, and yet didn’t miss a beat! I still think he can be an arrogant ass in his communication with his fans, but I’ll give him credit where credit is due. + I think he is very talented.
    I feel so lucky I was at Cafe du Nord when Taylor was there. I was pretty close to the stage, but there was minimal shoving and pushing. And Taylor was able to come out afterwards and mingle with those of us who had stayed around, shared some birthday cake a fan had brought for her bday, talk to people. Everyone was very civilized and respectful, and you could tell he was feeling comfortable.

  20. hicksfan7 Says:

    wow Adam didn’t seem too appreciative of that ‘gift’ did he? ha
    glad he kicked it back too – but dang, I sure hope it didn’t hit anyone, or land in a pre-teens lap!!

  21. Funny thing about that supposed dildo. It was actually a stuffed toy, in the shape of a dildo, that vibrated when you pulled the string. I have no idea who makes toy dildos, but that’s besides the point. It was thrown by a 16 year old boy who was there with his parents. Those facts are from a poster at MJs who was sitting right next to him. She reported the incident, during the concert, via Twitter. Then later expanded on it when she posted that night. She said the boy felt really bad about throwing it because he is a huge Adam fan and felt he made Adam angry. You think!
    Adam commented, in an interview, that things being thrown need to be kept low and not be hitting him, which is what that thing did. It hit him in the leg, while he was singing. I thing his anger was directed at being hit, not at what it was.
    So now I need to go in the loony bin because I not only know too much about Taylor Hicks, but now also Adam Lambert!

  22. mamaforpeace Says:

    Toy dildos!!!! Is that like chocolate cigarettes???

  23. casualfan Says:

    Cali-WTF is a 16 year old kid doing throwing a dildo up on stage! It doesn’t matter if it’s a toy or not. And to know that his parents were there obviously allowing this to happen is bothersome. What kind of an example are parents setting for their kids these days?

  24. mamaforpeace Says:

    Seriously disturbing!!!

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