If I were a fisherman…


…my favorite day would be out on my big ass boat, trolling for Soul Patrol, because they always take the bait. This dude even states in the article that he is hoping that the SP will comment. Just face it, there are people who are never going to like Taylor Hicks, just like some people despise Disney, or Matt Damon even. Not everybody has the same taste in music, cars, love interests, hobbies…and thank God for that. I will never understand the Soul Patrol’s relentless need to have everybody love Taylor Hicks. But then again, there are those that look at this as an unmoderated hate blog. Yes, I’m talking to you, L.


63 Responses to “If I were a fisherman…”

  1. mamaforpeace Says:

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I have never considered this blog a hate blog, very strong opinions yes, but not hate. I would not post here if I thought that, you have your opinions I have mine as long as mine are welcomed then its all cool. Sometimes the varying opinions make for interesting conversation. I do enjoy coming here and talking with everyone!


  3. casualfan Says:

    The same ones defending him are usually the same ones trashing the hell out of his friends from AI and marketing any negative reviews that people like Daughtry and Lambert are getting. I don’t get it-Daughtry is Taylor’s friend.

  4. That’s just an online blog, anyway. Who’s gonna see it?

  5. Crazies abound in every fan group. It is aggravating when they “take the bait” posted by bloggers who don’t care for TH. But in this particular case, with the vitriol so OTT and even somewhat slanderous, I’ll admit to having been tempted to respond to it. Happily, I didn’t. What I noticed, however, is fewer of the “Taylor is the best ever; you’re a bad person” responses and more of the “Taylor’s great, look at this video from a recent performance….” responses. Anyone with even a passing interest in Taylor might just click on some of those links and like what they see. That becomes positive PR, surely not the intent of the writer.

    I wonder what else Houston has in store for Taylor? Tampa has been so positive….

  6. It’s not a hate blog, its a solipsistic blog.

  7. lol I thought this guys blog or whatever it was to over the top to mess with. but I was wondering if you have this same citicism for other fans. I was reading a fairly bad review for a recent Daughtry show from the Oakland Trubune and the guy was flooded with people defending Daughtry. Seems many do that.
    But then I read in the posts that Chris twittered for his fans to do that.
    Does anyone know if thats true? Seems a little sensitive.

  8. hicksaholic Says:

    You’re exactly right about the posts- there were much better than some I have seen where the individual is attacked for having a different point of view. These were very mature responses IMO( well at least as mature as you can call any of us that follow Taylor on a daily basis).

  9. casualfan Says:

    That Houston article was pretty bad regarding Hicks but all musicians get negative reviews at one time or another. Most take it with a grain of salt, try to find humor in it and move on. What I don’t understand is while Taylor is getting bad reviews, some of his “dedicated” fans are busy highlighting the bad reviews of other contestants. Then again, they have to direct their anger somewhere don’t they?

  10. jewell earth Says:

    Well, this is a free paper in Houston, and doesn’t have that many readers.
    A lot of people on the net are reading it, and it is not a review of Taylor, it is a mans rantings about Taylor. He has not seen Grease. Therefore he is snarking about Taylor.
    All singers get bad reviews, I’ve been reading some very bad ones about Chris D and Adam.

  11. That review was really over the top…inciting others to respond. That’s why it’s crazy that people are responding. Although I will agree with those who said that the posts are more mature. A whole lot less “Taylor is the greatest musician to ever grace the earth.” 🙂

  12. casualfan Says:

    IAG-Of course they aren’t because some have figured out to pull the article link onto Twitter then post their response. That way they get more views.

  13. hicksfan7 Says:

    I am not sure how it can even be called a ‘review’ either – seems to be about Grease but apparently the blogger has not seen it and does not plan to. However it WAS fun to watch a couple of the old Tay videos again! ha

  14. I did find out that it was true . That Chris did ask his fans to deluge the reviewer and tell him “how they really felt'” about the concert. And they certainly did. Seems hes not used to much criticism.

    Theres always a part of me that wonders if no one responded to an article like the Houston one, if everyone wouldn’t think that the whole fan base was gone and no one cared anymore. Maybe , sometimes, they just want to see if anyone cares. Is it good if they think the person doesn’t have anyone left that cares?
    Chris certainly wanted that guy to know that he had fans. In my travels around the internet its always seemed that its a good thing when fans show they still exist , that they are there and that they care even if they often make an ass of themselves in the process. What good is a dead fan base that no one knows exists?

  15. Seems like this guy was a fan of AI and was pissed when Taylor won. It was a critique of Taylor on that show and even his looks and personality. I didn’t comment but I’m glad some did including some men. Don’t let Idletard, which mocks fans of all the Idols influence your decision to jump in with an opinion if you get the urge. The man did have a sense of humor, albeit at Taylor’s expense. I doubt it will keep anyone from seeing Grease.

  16. I read it a couple of days ago and laughed. The man obviously is going for the title of Mr. Snark and chose Taylor as his object to bait the fans. It was too OTT to be taken seriously, or be called a “review.” You know he has never seen Grease or even a Taylor concert.

    I was glad to see he used so many videos, and the responses (at that time) had been not so hysterical and impassioned as to make TH fans look foolish. I had wanted to go back and add more links. He said he was showing videos from AI till “now” but he did not put anything newer than 2 years ago. Just have not had time..

  17. Yes, he was gross about his dislike for Taylor. I didn’t respond.. better to ignore.. but I’m glad some put up links to songs. Chis D has really been getting bad reviews with his new CD but i’m sure it’s still selling like hot cakes so I guess it doesn’t really matter what the reviewers think..

  18. I decided to respond on his blog a little while ago.

  19. You guys, it’s not an article, it’s a BLOG. It was not printed in The Houston Press. Nobody’s going to see it except those of us who get google alerts. Yes, it’s a Houston Press blog, but a blog is a blog is a blog.

    Worrying about random people reading it is the same as assuming a random person would find my blog. Ain’t gonna happen.

  20. I don’t think I will comment after all and give this guy any more attention than he already got.

  21. I’m still trying to visualize Frankie Valley singing BSD!!
    Laugh out loud comments to this douche’s blog, too funny!

  22. Just want to make sure everyone sees the video of WRIR from Smith’s! GAH!!! I can’t take any more…..

  23. The snarky blogger needs to watch that. The tag!! So awesome…

  24. I love his little boy look in the above photo and the length and sheen of his hair. Why oh why is it that he looks 15 yrs older on TV, and vids and photos then he does when you are standing next to him?

  25. blueberry Says:

    NolaMar Says:

    August 24, 2009 at 11:37 am
    Just want to make sure everyone sees the video of WRIR from Smith’s! GAH!!! I can’t take any more…..


    I’m being completely objective here, that is an incredibly sexy performance!

  26. Since this topic is about some of the SP and those who called this a hate blog, I’ve had some experience with that the past 48hrs. First to the person who once again called me a troll, well I’d be the lamest ass troll ever, given what little rucus I cause here and on Chill’s and the BB. One of the most infamous self proclaimed A#1 Tay lover, supporter and fan, has been talking peace and love on a blog where she likes to hang out. This same fan often talks about the haters who hang out here as she believes we are whiners, who are miserable with our own lives, near suicidal she thinks. While yaking about us in general, this self proclaimed gun toting Tay supporter, just stated President O’bama is the pre anti-christ. She also wishes to use a megaphone to shout out “jump” to anyone standing on a ledge or bridge looking as though they may comit suicide. Why? Seems she thinks suicidal people waste tax payers money and tie up traffic. You can’t make this stuff up and I didn’t. She and others on the blog she wrote this are always congratulating themselves for being Taylor’s true fans and for having such a peaceful loving blog. They profess they feel free to call out anyone and even name names of those fans they feel hurt Taylor in anyway. They don’t like me at all, especialy the permit to carry gun toting gal. Supposedly since so many haters gather here, they don’t read here. Well we shall see, since it has always seemed to me they pursue, many sites since they are the self proclaimed SP police, who then go back to their whole in the wall, to berate other fans. They believe Taylor reads their blog and knows them and that he is so grateful they are his true supporters. Could be, or maybe he’s just read about the gun!!!

  27. hicksfan7 Says:

    Blueberry – I will ‘call’ your dose of objectiveness and ‘raise’ you an ounce of impartiality. – LOL LOL – not.

    I could watch that all day (night?) and still for the life of me cannot understand how anyone would want to talk or yell during a performance like that rather than drink in every note and soak up every soalful sound….

  28. hicksfan7 Says:

    rosie – it sounds like this ‘fan’ you wrote about is a real nutcase – almost as if she/he DELIBERATELY wants to come off as weird as possible in order to get noticed. sad.

  29. “I could watch that all day (night?) and still for the life of me cannot understand how anyone would want to talk or yell during a performance like that rather than drink in every note and soak up every soalful sound….”
    I came to love live WRIR at the Magic Bag. This was another fabulous version of it. I could not take my eyes off! Was standing there shaking my head in disbelief, especially during the tag. This is only the 2nd time I’ve ever seen him up close like that. Great as all of it is, the tagging seems to be when he exposes his soul the most to everyone during his performances. “Incredibly sexy” indeed….. and incredible singing.


  30. I don’t care who likes who, and who hates who. I don’t care about any stupid blogger.

    All I NEED… really, really, really NEED! Is to get my a$$ to a Hicks concert!

    WRIR vid… love it! Thank you.

  31. Casualfan.. Whatever makes you think Daughtry and Taylor are friends? Not saying that they aren’t.. but how can you say they are?

    ON twitter Daughtry follows quite a few AI contestants.. Taylor isn’t one of them. I really don’t see the friendship.

    And.. Why do you care if they like Daughtry or not?

    I don’t get it. I wish I could wrap my mind around why everyone is into controlling and demonizing everyone else. I though it was all about the music. I thought it was about having fun. Now it seems, there are rules upon rules to being a fan of Taylor Hicks.

    Some rules.. in-fact most rules.. contradict other rules. Its all so confusing!!

    Could someone make a list of rules for Soul Patrol Dummies like me?

  32. She also wishes to use a megaphone to shout out “jump” to anyone standing on a ledge or bridge looking as though they may comit suicide. Why? Seems she thinks suicidal people waste tax payers money and tie up traffic.

    Obviously she’s never experienced the complete tragedy of suicide. As someone who has, that statement completely disgusts me.

    Sorry, Grey, to go so OTT, but I couldn’t just sit here and read that without responding.

  33. Let It Be was wonderful! Thanks for posting that. Also What’s Right Is Right is wonderful- one of my favorite songs from the Distance. 🙂

  34. littlewing Says:

    Hi IAG, I’m not posting much these days, but this site being dubbed a hate blog is pretty laughable. If allowing a free exchange of differing opinions and ideas comprises hate, then I’d hate to see what a real “hate” blog looks like! This is one of the few Taylor-centered blogs that I bother to check. All of this fanwar stuff is silly and I believe casualfan has it right…it seems there are some with unvented anger who need to lash out at someone.

    After reading Rosie’s travails of late, I wanted to know more so half-heartedly checked and found where she was talking about (yes, I had to go there, why I don’t know). It’s so easy to brand someone whom you don’t even know a “troll” on the net. Kind of boggles the mind. Rosie I’ve reading these blogs since ’06 and it was pretty clear to me when I first “saw” ya at Morphs that you were new to the blogosphere and like me were trying to figure out when, where and how things broke down with the whole ugly MF site…..anyhoo, I always appreciated your candor and have no idea why some peeps are so quick to brand you a troll. “Troll”….damn overused word in my opinion.

  35. littlewing Says:

    ^ETA, disclaimer – never followed the whole MF/girlfriend deal, so didn’t become involved in the hysteria back then. I was having too much fun blogging for Taylor at MJ’s. Only later, out of sheer boredom, did I backtrack in an attempt to figure it all out…again, Lord only knows why I cared. LOL.

  36. hicksfan7 Says:

    littlewing – I cared back then – it all just seemed so ‘unjust’ at the time – now I have learned to relax and IGNORE. Even more than that – ignore and AVOID – I just go to fansites that don’t stress me out – LOL LOL

  37. littlewing Says:

    ^hicksfan7, I hear ya! sometimes we just have to learn stuff the hard way, and the things that once seemed important, really don’t matter in the long run anyway. (btw, I could’ve easily fallen into that MF/gf stuff but there was a huge Taylor fan contingent at MJ’s and that’s where my friends were:)

  38. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, man, Nola! Thanks for posting WRIR. TH totally in the zone, couldn’t care less about those hyenas making their noises in the background. It’s sending me to look at the price of air tickets for Birmingham!

  39. Mamaforpeace, Friday is sold out but I believe there are still tickets for Sat. Hope you can work it out!

    If the “gf” you are talking about is the beach stuff, can’t tell you all how silly it all looks to me. I spend one evening reading at some site that seemed obsessed with the “conspiracy.” Is that what you are referring too? It’s very strange to read that way after the fact and think that is caused a huge ruckus or split it he fandom. Unfathomable to me and just ridiculous.

    If MF/gf is something other than that then I don’t know anything about and and don’t care to, thank you very much….

  40. Oh, I just re-read that and it sounds rather snobbish. Sorry. I just meant I don’t want to get involved in all the waring. I don’t think I want to know who did what or said what etc. Of course that probably means I sometimes fraternize with “the enemy,” but I can’t help it when I don’t know who is enemies with who. I just want to have fun sharing a common admiration for music, especially you-know-who’s. 🙂

  41. Wow… just watch WRIR video…have goosebumps all over. Taylor get your ass closer to KC… I can’t take the drought any longer!!

  42. hicksaholic Says:

    God, watching that video brings back memories of Smith’s again. I just hate I was in the back. You really need to see Taylor’s facial expressions. I have gotten to where I can watch and anticipate when he is getting ready to get in the zone like he did in that video. I never get tired of watching him. Thanks so much Nola.

  43. I should have given credit for the vid. It was taken by JenniJaco. There are other goof versions too. Ragsqueens is really nice too! GREAT sound.

    Here is a little gem I just found in my files. I was going to make another “Bits & Pieces” like I did for the Magic Bag but this was too great to wait.

  44. LOL I meant “Good” versions, not “goof” versions. LOL

  45. mamaforpeace Says:

    Goof works too!

  46. LOL! That was a good one. What was all the arm waving about?

  47. He ran outa there like he had to go to the bathroom Fun clip, thanks

    my exclamation point won’t work. Insert exclamation point after each sentence.

  48. yeah, does anyone know what the arm thing was supposed to mean?

  49. I think his arm thing was just a silly direction for the band, you know just Tay being a “goof”. He is one of a kind and I love him.

  50. I think he was doing some of his Grease moves. I was zoomed in very close but I’m sure it must be on another vid somewhere. He had said before the song started that they were going to be taking a break after it. I just love that “be raght back.” When they came back Wynn and Quinn were on stage with them for the last two songs. I gotta quit watching these vids for a while. I’m feeling all fangirly. Haha.

  51. The chatter in some of these videos makes me crazy.

  52. hicksfan7 Says:

    Hey NolaMar – ‘fangirly’ is a FUN way to feel once in a while! Certain pictures and vids cause that same thing in me! hahahhah

  53. You mean the SP are freaking out over something someone did on purpose to FREAK THEM OUT?! No!! I don’t believe it!

    haha….oh how I love the crazies. ❤

    Do you know how long it took me to catch up here? Didn't realize I've been MIA that long!

  54. Actually, the last time I looked no one was freaking out. The responses were mostly very thoughtful and level headed. It could have deteriorated since then though. 😉 I’m tempted to go take a peek…

  55. After looking at it for the past few days, I’ve decided I love the expression on Taylor’s face in the above pic. I think that’s how he would look if someone handed him a little baby.. “What am I supposed to do with THIS??!!?” LOL! 😀

  56. RebelRouse Says:

    I think the arm thing is supposed to be like some sort of human metronome or gage for the audience. I never could figure it out. lol

  57. I think there used to be a talent show years ago that had a gage where the arm moved up with applause. Think it was an applause meter and that’s how they gaged the winner.

  58. hicksaholic Says:

    I may be late to the party but Taylor has done the applause meter stuff for a long time, pre-idol too I think. It’s just a way to get everyone excited and to participate. Taylor has been working in front of audiences so long I am sure he knows when he needs to recapture their attention. Now, of course, he doesn’t need to recapture ours but I am sure he has it as “something that works” and uses it whenever he decides to. I think Taylor is much more comfortable just doing things he feels comfortable with now than he was a couple of years ago JMHO.

    No one is going to Ben Deignan at LuLu’s tomorrow are they?

  59. Taylor works it everyway he can to be noticed. Sometimes I feel sad he hasn’t done better post AI but he has been noticed and won status, approval and even fame and money. His future is in his hands.

  60. That arm thing didn’t look like that applause meter he does. This was different, imo.

  61. Hicksaholic…I wish I were going to Lulu’s tomorrow. Love that place.

  62. hicksfan7 Says:

    iag – it looked more like (going on break) “Smoke ’em if ya got ‘ em” kind of a charade thing LOL

  63. When I was 32 or 33, going on a ciggie break was more awesome and important than anyone or anything. Now couple the jagerbombs with that urge and well someone else could change the diapers, or the TV channel, or do their thingie…

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