My Taylor Hicks journey…

Thanks to NolaMar for these great pics!! Seeing them reminded me of my TH journey.

This is like the beginning of my journey, so full of optimism and hope for the future, waiting to see Taylor on American Idol every week. Reading all the blogs, listening to all the pre-AI music that Taylor had done.

Then I partook in the excitement and the music, loving every minute of it. The American Idol tour, the shadow gigs, traveling around the country going to concerts, making great friends.

Then came the bitterness of the Soul Patrol, the fan site wars, the competition of who was the better fan fueled by speculation of who Taylor was really dating. The excitement and the music were still there, but the drama of the fandom took it’s toll.

But yet, with a smile on my face, I keep coming back for more. Drawn by the music, perhaps drawn by the potential that I see. Maybe I’m still waiting for that “something”…

And then this:

Thanks to Candy for getting this!! Gotta love Spoonful James. These guys rock!!


47 Responses to “My Taylor Hicks journey…”

  1. Last fm has Spoonfull James’ album Seven Mile Breakdown:

    Some good songs on there. 🙂

  2. Since I stressed my own self out yesterday by posting my worry over Tay’s music career, I was going to take a 24 hr. break. But then I viewed some fan pictures elsewhere and had a thought. The small venues that some favor sure do allow some fans with great cameras and their own dedication to get up close and personal with Tay. I got online viewing up his nostrils, in his ears, the roof of his mouth, under his tongue, the back of his throat and could check out even his back teeth. It was a bit too much for my taste and seemed his privacy was violated. I hope he has a hit song or other success so he can play arenas before camera technology progresses.

  3. I agree Rosie. It’s too much. I’m just as guilty though. (Delete, delete, delete….)

  4. I don’t like arena concerts that much, unless the seats are good, and those cost BIG money. I liked them when I was younger for big rock concerts, but now I prefer the intimate clubs/bars. And definitely like it better when they are full.

  5. Sierra, was looking at the Spoonful James CD myself last night. I don’t know why I’ve never bought it before. I’ve looked at it several times online in the past. I want to get that and the new Front Wheels one. And Josh Smith’s when it comes out too. So much music, so little $$$! Actually, I looked for a SJ’s cd at the merch table in Smith’s but there were none. They were selling Ben D’s though. I was tempted but didn’t get it.

    Speaking of Josh, I wonder if he will play with Taylor in Biloxi, and Brian G too? I’m REALLY hoping for that! Very excited this one will be full band. 2007 since I saw one.

  6. I seem to be the only one posting but had to come back. Check out Taylor’s new My Space page.

  7. Wow! His new myspace page is gorgeous!

  8. Speaking of the recent photos, I was uncomfortable seeing the WALL of women in front of the stage. To be honest, that makes me not want to go to a show. Can’t we give the guy a break? (she said smiling sweetly, not meaning to offend!!)

    What if we all agree to have one show, just ONE (*cough*houston*cough*), where nobody stands in one spot in front of the stage all night? Yay! We can do it! Are ya with me??

    *stony silence*

  9. casualfan Says:

    The ones up in the front are usually the same ones that go to every concert and do the same thing.

  10. “Speaking of the recent photos, I was uncomfortable seeing the WALL of women in front of the stage.”

    There were other people in the photos besides Taylor?????? Didn’t notice. LOL.

  11. Gracias senorita for saying what I’m too chicken to say… All I’m gonna say about that is that I’m really glad Biloxi is reserved seating. Well, I will say one more thing – I would rather hang back and not be so close at the next show than have to stand 6″ behind the person in front of me so that someone doesn’t worm their way in. That is ridiculous. There was lots of room at Smith’s. EVERYONE could have have backed up 2 or 3′ and had more space to move/dance/breath whatever without rubbing elbows and purses. See, I’m learning as I go….. I’ve whizzed through yet another stage of my TH fandom at lighting speed!

  12. Dee, there WAS one but guess what? It was taken by the professional photographer (I believe) and not a fan. LOL I like to take other pics besides just the “star”, but didn’t at Smith’s (see Senorita’s comment)

  13. Hey, Grey, just realized. You’ve gone through the 4 photos over a 3 year period. I’m already on #3 after only 6 months! 😉 Good use of the pictures BTW.

  14. Did you see the Beau Rivage billboard? I hope that is out on I-10 with all the other casino billboards in the Mississippi corridor!

  15. mamaforpeace Says:

    Very cool, Nola!!!

  16. hicksaholic Says:

    It is.

    Regarding the wall of women- that is exactly why I stood on the steps in the back for the first half. I moved to the floor on the left for the second half, because it seemed a little more orderly. And even still one women literally almost shoved me down trying to get closer. There were two ladies, the calendar ladies, that were so nice. I was afraid I was getting in their way and kept asking them if I was but they assured me I wasn’t. People should just be polite. I mean it’s not like anyone is getting in line to “get” Taylor. There is plenty of room there for all to see him. I do worry a little about Workplay. I went the first time to Workplay and it was sold out and crazy. My group got there early and were first in line to get in the bar to wait to get in the venue. The guy opened the door at the appointed time and we started to walk in. Some woman dressed in pink shoved us out of the way and rushed past us to the table closest to the venue doors. I was so mad, she was forever known as “pink bitch” from that point forward. This was not a young kid either, it was a middle aged woman. She should have been embarrassed.
    After that incident I don’t try to be in the fray as much so I won’t stress myself out if someone doesn’t behave in what I consider to be a civil manner. It ain’t worth it.

  17. Well, the other thing I noticed was that every woman up front was holding up a camera. It looked to me like they weren’t there for the music. That must make Taylor feel bad.

  18. I’ve decided to not even bring mine for the next show.

  19. Shadowlesssoul Says:

    I used to spend my whole time watching a show through the eye of my camera. No more. It’s just not that important to me anymore. I’d rather watch the show.

  20. NolaMar- I hope you don’t think my comment was directed at you! It’s wasn’t. You’re new at this. I think we’ve all done it but at some point you get it out of your system. I don’t know, I saw that photo and felt sad for Taylor. He’s up there pouring his heart out and they only seem interested in what he looks like.

    *shutting up now*

  21. Well, my photo page is done. Rosie’s post convicted me and I tried to remove all the ones where you could see the fillings in his back teeth. I might have missed one or two. I did include lots of shots of the other artists, and group photos.

  22. hicksaholic Says:

    Shoot, I wanted to revisit “F” in the alphabet as “fillings”.

  23. senorita, I know what you are talking about… and you are right. I was a part of that and I’ve emailed you how I feel about it. As I said, I have now zipped through another stage of fandom. I learn fast. I’m a photo bug, you know that, and much as I love getting stop you in your tracks photos, Shadowlessoul is entirely correct. I’ll not diminish my enjoyment of the music again. If I thought I could control myself and only take one or two, and no video, I would but I know myself and might not even bring a camera at all to Biloxi or B’ham. I do love the videos I and others got from the Magic Bag. I still want to watch the Smith’s ones and am looking forward to it. The taper’s recordings are awesome of SJ and the joint encores! Also, those who don’t get to attend get to enjoy the show from these vids and pics. But Rosie is right – it is overkill to have a wall of women flashing off 100 cameras right in your face. I don’t know the answer.

    Too bad the “fandom” can assign certain people to the photo/video collecting and ask everyone else to just leave it and enjoy the music. ?? I bet Taylor would love that. I did honor the no flash request at the MB but hardly anyone else did. I wish he would just say it himself at the start. Please give me a break!

  24. wow, now I’m starting to wonder if all of this had something to do with the media ban earlier in the year?

  25. Shadowlesssoul Says:

    NolaMar my comment wasn’t directed towards you either. I just came to the realization that for me personally, to watch the show and listen to the music is more important.

    But, do whatever it is that makes you happy! 🙂

  26. Have two pretty decent vids of Wynn and Quinn but can’t upload them! GRR. They are huge. Too big for YouTube and I’m over my limit at Vimeo for the week. Does anyone know how to convert these AVI’s to a smaller format?

  27. Nolamar, I didn’t mean your photos. Does Tay even have fillings? His sinus looked clear on the up the nose shots, and he doesn’t have an ear wax problem. His tongue is smooth and I couldn’t detect any oral cancer, or skin lesions or ingrown hairs. We are all thankful for the videos. BTW, I was thinking of trying a jagerbomb but noticed RedBull cost $2.50 a can. Can one substitute just caffeine cola and is this drink more potent than Long Island Ice Tea? Anyone know!

  28. LOL! I was serious Rosie!! I had several where you could see his teeth perfectly. They are pretty perfect BTW. I did not really see fillings. Was just joking but he probably has white ones that don’t show with Dad being a dentist and all. If he had silver ones, I would have spotted them easily. LOL on the sinuses etc. My camera is so sharp and clear though, that I now believe T had chicken pox at sometime in his childhood, and can perfectly map every little mole and freckle.

    I have never tried a Jagerbomb and not sure if I want to! But I have developed a taste for Romanian moonshine called Tuica, so maybe Jager Bombs are next for me? 😉 Hubby and older boys hated it so that leaves it all for me. Yea! I guess have “new Tuica.” It’s clear. I wondered why another pic I saw of it was sort of yellowish.

  29. I believe the point of the Red Bull is that it has MUCH more caffeine than other drinks, like Coke etc.

  30. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Beautiful pictures, loved them! I’m not a big photo person. Taking really good pics is a gift, which I do not have, knowing the right time to click and angles takes practice.When I went to see Taylor I took maybe two pics cause for me it took away from my enjoyment of his music I know many were upfront and center taking lots of pics, but I was there to hear the music.


  31. hicksfan7 Says:

    I don’t get to many concerts at all – so I have not taken pics or vids – at one of them my daughter took pics on my camera for me – I couldn’t NOT look at the stage for the time it took to look at the camera! Anyways, of course I appreciate so very much when others do, and I hope EVERYONE doesn’t quit doing it….at least someone who will share….so very generously!

  32. hicksfan7 Says:

    ….and thanks again for these Nolamar! and It’s All Grey for arranging them here so thoughtfully too!

  33. I’m in a funk and back to Grey’s #3 pix mood. Guess it was the tattletales on Twitter, people chastising Sweettay for being bored with cone twitters, someone going off on Caryls blog the other day and the usual suspects back to talking about the haters. Since almost all of us have done it or been a recipient of others dishing it out I should be used to it by now. There are a few SP who get off when a blog closes or when someone rips someone a new one. These few think they are the true fans of Mr. Hicks and like to post they are and bring up how others are haters. They drive fans away and prevent new ones from posting. They hurt Taylor’s fan base and thus him. They say they love Taylor over and over again, and that he is a success, and post over and over how hot, talented and gorgeous he is and how brilliant and congratulate themselves for knowing this, but meanwhile feel free to berate any and all free speech, as in others thoughts and opinions. Their mean spiritedness almost kept me from posting online. Had Nola run across this bunch first she may have been less inclined to be herself and act herself. On line fans need a tough hide and that is a damn shame. One should not have to feel they can only fit in by agreeing with this one or that one, here or there or anywhere. We can disagree without name calling, insults or shunning.

  34. Ha ha, Hicksaholic, you made me laugh even in my funk. F for fillings! How fun it would be to go back and rename Grey’s abc’s according to The most recent and upclose photos. Heck, I want to do it.

  35. Rosie, the public s*** flying last week (of which I’ve only seen very little, thank God) is ONE reason why I said I am now at stage 3 (photo) in my fan journey, which only started 6 months ago. I followed a link from Caryl’s block yesterday or the day before, and thought it was a fabulous resource site and would send the link to my friend in ATL. But then I looked further down, and there was the fan world’s dirty laundry flying in the breeze for all to see… I was slightly horrified, found it embarrassing, and can’t imagine how it would make the man himself feel if he saw that.

  36. Yay! Finally success! I got 2 Spoonful James vids up at YouTube! Better late than never, right? The first is 3 minutes of “You’re All I’ve Got to My Name” and then almost all of “Too Late.” Forgive the shake on “Too Late.” It was too hard not to dance LOL Also, the camera is heavy and I had to hold it up over people. (My camera might take kick-ass photos, but video NOT. You can’t zoom while recording. Must zoom and focus prior to recording and I don’t have the knack for it yet. I have footage of other songs that are total blur. LOL)

  37. I was thinking of you the whole time I was taking those Grey. 😉 You asked, I delivered. I hope..

  38. Nola I’m only about 6 months ahead of you online. I was innocent but a tad more outspoken than you and got beaten up as a so called troll and a fraud and found a few of the most so called Taylor fans antagonistic and then visious towards me. I felt like a Taylor fan with good intentions who ventured online but stumbled into hell. You’ve done good with posting on the BB and here. You are generous, kind, fun and enthusiastic. Just be yourself and enjoy. Never censor your thoughts. So many will get what you do or say and the few that don’t just do not matter.

  39. Nola!! Those videos are fantastic! Thank you so much for getting them. I know it’s a pain in the ass to take them, and I really do appreciate it. 🙂

  40. hicksaholic Says:

    Your idea of only a few people taking videos and pictures is a good one but I don’t know if people would comply. I for one really appreciate the videos particularly. I like the pictures too but after 3 and half years of Taylor following I now don’t feel I have to see every picture of Taylor. That is progress I guess.

    By the way, I am loving my new Ben Deignan cd. He is a talented singer but especially a talented songwriter. All of the songs on that cd grab you the first time you hear them. He is coming to LuLu’s next Wednesday and I am dying to go. He starts early, at 6 PM, unless there is an opening act.
    But I am about an hour and a half from there so unless I can drag someone with me, I’m not sure I can make it. I actually will buy at least 2 more of his cds. I noticed he is playing at Workplay too in a couple of weeks.

  41. Glad you liked the Wynn/Quinn vids IAG! I’m an even bigger fan now after this show… I already liked them from my Taylor journey. WDLGTBSS was one of the first “GRAB ME” videos back in March, but never bought the CD. I’m going to for sure now.

    Oh, I know what I said was not practical hicksaholic. I was just talkin… LOL I should probably duck for even suggesting such a thing. I still have not watched my Bed D videos. I will when I finish the SJ and TH ones. Glad you are enjoying the CD. I almost bought it but I wanted SJ more.

    Here is a little story about Brian. I also have put up Gonna Move, SMB, and am working on getting that WDLGTBSS to YouTube that I already put at Vimeo. Still have Runaround and maybe another Bits and Pieces to work on.

  42. casualfan Says:

    rosie says:

    One should not have to feel they can only fit in by agreeing with this one or that one, here or there or anywhere. We can disagree without name calling, insults or shunning.
    Wonderful post rosie and I completely agree. Some are stuck in that hate vortex that is driven mostly by jealousy and they refuse to get out of it. They will take the attention and not caring how or where they get it. I learned a long time ago that it’s best to just walk away and not bother responding. 😉

  43. casualfan Says:

    Nola-Your pics and vids are great-thanks for sharing. Regardless of where T plays-he always puts on one hell of a show.

  44. hicksfan7 Says:

    Nolamar – that a hilaroius clip – Leave it to “Little Memphis”….hahahha

  45. hicksfan7 Says:

    guess I am the ‘typo’ queen this morning – cripes.

  46. Very cute story about Brian Less! 😀

  47. spinshack Says:

    More good vids, but Grey, I do love your comments with those photos in the post. Very fitting and very funny.

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