Yay!! Vids from Smiths!!


This is a great vid…


I don’t know…maybe people should have talked louder in this one. They almost drowned him out.

There is something about this video…something about the way he sings, the expressions. Just reminds me of the old shadow tours.

The Distance

Get into the wayback machine with me…the last time Taylor was at Smiths.

Any Spoonful James vids out there? I couldn’t find any. *crying*

So, I’ll just have to post this one.


48 Responses to “Yay!! Vids from Smiths!!”

  1. Iag, thanks.. I have a yen to confront unknown strangers who were yaking mindlessly as Tay sang MYS. Eyes closed, touching his heart moments, and a great song he co wrote, heck any deep soulful love song deserves respect. All the posts about Tays drinks had me a tad on edge about his performance, but he did himself proud. I only heard the higher octave gaggles of females on the vids. Some people should stay home or be escorted out with a GAG. Drinks, etc. he was into his music.

  2. mamaforpeace Says:

    Can you blame Taylor for not singing slower, more intimate songs more often when his audience is so disrespectful???

  3. If anything, the drinks just got him even more loose and into his music! It was total awesomeness for lack of a better word. Almost the exact same songs from the Magic Bag, but totally different in many ways. Not as much harp as Detroit. But both fantastic shows! He was AMAZING. The voice, the expressions, the happy-buzzed mood he was in… he was THRILLED to be there. I loved every minute of it!

    Well, except……
    Yes, the talking was extremely irritating and so was someone absolutely SCREAMING “WHOOHOO”s directly in my ear. We got there kind of early so we could eat dinner in the restaurant. They passed out tickets to the first 20 people who came, and we got them. When we went up to the music room we had very good spots. But “somehow” (and I know how) we ended up being pushed farther to the right with others in front of us who came out of nowhere. Very frustrating. I could have a lot more to say on this matter but won’t in a public forum. My friend liked the concert (her first Taylor concert) but was very turned off by some stuff….. OK, lips zipped….

    I have some videos, and IAG, I shot some of Wynn and his guitarist (Quinn?) just for you! (And, me of course.) But I have not even been able to watch any of mine yet. I’m not expecting them to be anywhere near as good as these here (which I have not watched yet either – damn!) because I only learned how to even turn ON the video a couple of hours before the concert. LOL Don’t expect much! My new camera might take awesome photos but the video feature has much to be desired. And I’m pretty sure I totally screwed up my recording of MYS.

    I really should be asleep. I’m just dreading the drive back to New Orleans today! Think of me on the road. I hope the Claudette weather has cleared out and it does not take me more than the 8 hrs it took to get here. Send me some tweets to keep me company on the road please.

    Oh, my friend bought TD at Target and brought it to the concert in case Taylor was signing. She asked me if I was going to be going to more concerts, and if so would I get it signed for her if I had the chance. I’m leaving her with my burned copy in the mean time. It’s been great to catch up with her this week. She doesn’t want to see me go. Moved here from NOLA, where she was born & raised, 10 yrs ago. Misses home. I’ll miss her too.

  4. OH wow, I should be sleeping and I’m watching these now. GAWD! That Don’t Let Me Down video is SO hot. So nice to have an instant replay of what I just saw the night before last. LOL Yea, it’s like re-living it but from a different point of view. I was (ended up I should say) over more to the right with a couple of heads blocking part of my view. Thanks whoever shot this. It’s not easy to hold the camera for an entire song. It takes away a little of your own enjoyment of it. No, not “enjoyment,” but you just can’t concentrate on it as much when you are trying to film. I wish I had not bothered. Not sure if any of it will come out now anyway……

  5. casualfan Says:

    The sad part is that the idiots doing the screaming are active posters on specific blogs. They know how disrespectful it is but don’t give a crap. No doubt they will claim that Taylor gave them the infamous eye f*** and took notice of their super shiny sequined shirts they made just for him.

    ****rolls eyes****

    PS….Glad your friend enjoyed the show. 😉

  6. casualfan Says:

    It takes away a little of your own enjoyment of it. No, not “enjoyment,” but you just can’t concentrate on it as much when you are trying to film. I wish I had not bothered. Not sure if any of it will come out now anyway……
    Nola, I totally agree with you on this. The film I took at The Roxy took away from the enjoyment and didn’t allow me to fully get into the moment. I have learned to not take any pictures at shows and just enjoy what I’m seeing and hearing.

  7. casualfan Says:

    The mystery of “where’s Bill” has been solved:


  8. hicksaholic Says:

    Smith’s was great wasn’t it? My friend and I were almost 9:00 getting there so we got the last couple of spots sitting/standing on the steps in the back. We stayed there for the first half of Taylor’s show then moved to the left front. I wish we had gone up there earlier but I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to see as well. But in the back you miss his expressions, something not to be missed. I knew better than to go to the right as I saw that was where most of the hard core traveling Taylor fans were. There was a cute little blonde in cowboy boots who tried to edge up on the right side and was complaining after the show about the incredibly rude Taylor fans. I understood her frustration but at the same time the people who get there first deserve the spot they got. There was woman who came to my side and started elbowing me out of my spot and I was pretty ticked off. By the way wasn’t Claudia there?
    Did anybody else love Ben Diegnan? I bought his cd (which is incredible-better than the live performance because he has his band backing him). Check it out on bendiegnan.com or myspace.com/bendiegnan. He wrote all the songs on the cd and I started thinking Taylor should really check him out for future songs.
    What can you say about Taylor? I’ve never seen him interact so much with the audience. I know Taylor’s voice is not the most technically perfect voice but listening to no other artist gives the pleasure Taylor does. It’s like a euphoric drug or something. I stayed up til three AM(something I never do) because I was still on my Taylor high. And unlike the last time I was at Smith’s I didn’t have a little too much to drink. That place is dangerous, way too many steps and stepups and way too dark.
    One funny thing- when we went to the back we sat next to an older couple who had been there since 7:30 or so. The next day was their 46th anniversary and all the wife wanted was to come see Taylor. The husband was so sweet to come with her. Unfortunately they didn’t understand Taylor wasn’t coming on at 8 and didn’t know there very little seating. They stood during the first half of Taylor’s set but I guess they left at the break because I didn’t see them anymore. I guess it might have been nice if some of the younger people who had seats would have offered them to them but no one did.
    I will definitely be at Smith’s again if Taylor comes back. He is so worth the 5-6 hour trip.

  9. NOOOO!! I DO NOT want to see anything about hurricanes! Please let THAT Bill die a slow death. I HATE EVACUATING! Had to last year for Gustav & Ike so we deserve an evacuation free hurricane season in NOLA this year. Texas certainly does not want or need another storm either!

    Well, I’ll be on my way soon. Just had to say, in case anyone didn’t already hear about it, that after Taylor’s set with his three guys they took a “break” and the curtain was closed. When they came back, Wynn and Quinn had join them all, and the six of them performed Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad and then Seven Mile Breakdown, which was all really fantastic. (Understatement!) At the end of WDLGTBSS Taylor was just ROCKIN in that chair, and I don’t know what kept him from getting up and dancing around the stage. He sure looked like he wanted to. I guess it’s not allowed at an acoustic concert. 😉 (Not to mention no room.) I have a partial video. I don’t know, someone else might have filmed it too. I hope so.

    By the way, the WRIR video has made it’s way to the #1 music video spot on muvids.com. SMB was there for a while. it’s still #1 in country and #7 overall. SMB is still #1 at the AOL music video site. It bounces around between 1 & 3 but was back to #1 for the week, day,and month last night. It is #40 overall most popular video. It has moved up significantly.

    Bye now. By the time I get to the “wrong side of Mississippi” I’m going to be pretty lonely. LOL Send me some tweets to keep me company.

    CF & HaH, I want to say some things but am not going to… really biting my tongue…it’s hard…..

  10. One last thought.. HicksaH… re: Ben Diegnan. Yes he is extremely talented and I can see him making it. I was very tempted to buy his CD but had to resist spending any more money. I have video but not sure if it came out.

  11. hicksfan7 Says:

    RE: “There is something about this video…something about the way he sings, the expressions. Just reminds me of the old shadow tours” – ha – do you mean like mixing up his lyrics? like the old shadow tours? he has never QUIT doing that! lol – I love him.
    Thank you so much for posting the videos.

  12. Nola…must.see.vids. Please? When you get home and get a chance…send them this way!! Awesome.

    So, what happened? Spoonful didn’t open? I got an email from Quinn saying that he was opening around 8:30. Wonder what happened…

    I am so glad that somebody got video of them, though.

    Hicksfan7…yeah, he did mess up the lyrics again!! ahahhaha…I kind of expect it from him now. 🙂

  13. casualfan Says:

    CF & HaH, I want to say some things but am not going to… really biting my tongue…it’s hard…..
    Now you got me curious but I can only imagine, especially if it’s regarding some of the crowd.

    I’m glad you had fun though. 😉

  14. Thanks so much for putting these all in one place. Makes viewing them much easier. 🙂

  15. I listened to Ben Diegnan…he reminds me of Kris Allen a little bit.

  16. hicksaholic Says:

    He reminds me of Kris Allen lookswise at least. He is very short just like Kris. But maybe you meant soundwise. All of his songs really have a hook at least in my opinion. I really believe he is on the way up and will be very successful.
    CF I do believe Nola was referring to some of the crowd when she said she was biting her tongue.

  17. casualfan Says:

    CF I do believe Nola was referring to some of the crowd when she said she was biting her tongue.
    They were just getting warmed up at Smith’s. All the freaks will be in B’ham.

  18. CF said, “all the freaks will be in B’ham.” Whaaaat!

  19. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    August 18, 2009 at 1:25 pm
    CF said, “all the freaks will be in B’ham.” Whaaaat!
    I didn’t say everyone going is a freak Rosie, so please don’t misread. 😉

  20. I like the humor and freedom of speech here.

  21. hicksfan7 Says:

    Casualfan – I just finally clicked on your ‘where’s bill’ link – LMAO!!!

  22. casualfan Says:

    So do I rosie, so do I 😉

  23. hicksaholic Says:

    I like the freedom of expression here too. It is a lot more real than a few other places.
    The good news is Taylor is more comfortable with “all the freaks” now than he used to be. I guess he figures they spend money on his stuff and as long as they aren’t a danger to him it is ok. I would love to hear him talking candidly to some of his friends about people that fly all over the country and purchase meet and greets in every city. But heh, if they have money and it makes them happy then it’s all good.

  24. A little Quinn and Wynn action for you IAG

  25. Oh, gosh, I don’t feel like I can say what I want because I don’t want to hurt feelings, or get on the “bad side” of this or that group or person. I’ve tried to avoid it. It’s harder now. I might have already done so unintentionally, maybe by associating with this or that person/group/blog/board? How do I know who hates/loves who? Which group is taboo to be/blog with? I do know that even the traveling SP has been very nice to me for the most part. I can’t mention specific things that happened without it being very identifying. My friend was a bit freaked out by some of it. If I could only tell you what she said. LOL

    IAG, IMO “Spoonful James” technically did not perform. It was a Wynn/Quinn acoustic set. Then Ben D performed. I said you would probably like him because of he way he emoted so expressively while singing. Yes, he did remind me of Kris Allen but was way more expressive. So which vids are you begging for first? Wynn, Ben, or Taylor in WDLGTBSS? Like I said, I don’t know how good they are! Kind of dark and not too close up. And this crazy camera, will not refocus if you try to zoom in during recording. AND I think when I tried to zoom and refocus during MYS it totally shut of the video recording. So I don’t know WHAT I have. I do have some VERY good photos I know that. But one woman from the BB who has the same camera as I do took some absolutely stunning photos from a primo location. They are amazing. I had to try to zoom between and over heads, so most of mine are close up face shots, not with the guitar and all. Or wide angle group shots. I should get off here and go work on them. Kids are wanting attention too. Hubby went to a Zepher’s game with his bosses who are in town. So what do you want first??

  26. Oh, well Sue, beat me to it. LOL Hi Sue. Were you there?? Is that your video?

  27. Hi NolaMar! No it’s not my vid. I was just surfing YouTube and found it.
    In reference to your quandry: Follow your heart and, as I suspect, it’s already telling you what to reveal. I’m a free spirit. I bounce from board to board, soaking in the Taylor atmosphere and rarely get caught up in the drama. It’s just not worth the wrinkle producing stress. I have my opinions of the various factions of fandom behavior but I chose to keep them to myself. I figure you can’t get a gaggle of women together without creating a little shit along the way. I just avoid stepping in it.

  28. That’s what I’m trying to do. So I thought, but I wonder now if I have already inadvertently stepped into some shit. LOL

  29. I’ve given more thought to your post.

    “I might have already done so unintentionally, maybe by associating with this or that person/group/blog/board? How do I know who hates/loves who? Which group is taboo to be/blog with?”

    Represent yourself, NOT a board/blog/group/whatever.

  30. NolaMar, have fun, I visit a variety of boards, and for different reasons, I love the music, and there are 3 very good board for that, I enjoy a little raunchy and can be a little racy on some days so I have found a couple of sites to satisfy that urge when it hits, I try to keep to the flavor of the board I am writing on, and if someone doesn’t like me or think I hang with the wrong people I am sorry, I am here to have a good time learn a few tid-bits about Taylor and play with my friends!!!
    I have found a handful of fans that creep me out and a handful that I wish I had never met, but for the most part many of the fans (once you get to know them) are lots of fun.
    I have decided I am a little disappointed that the young lady who wanted to show Taylor her boobs was talked out of it by her friends……. I think ta-ta’s for Tay-Tay would have made a great caption for those pics!!! I know — I am evil!
    This concert plunged me beneath the surface once again and I am quite a happy soul today. Some days it is hard to be a Taylor fan, but after a concert like that I find myself grinning like a coon-ass, when ever I think of the evening (being from La. I know you understand that term!!)
    And I was on the right side of the stage about 3 rows of people back, so I am sorry I did not get to meet you, maybe next time. I was standing next to the professional photographer (he did manage to get next to the stage when some folks left for potty breaks or to get a drink but I think his pictures will be worth his grabbing that real estate).
    I also live in Louisiana and being a southerner I find the crazies absolutely fascinating, and as long as they don’t pee, poop, or vomit on me I am ok with them… it is the ones who talk and scream I LOVE YOU TAYLOR during the music that make me want to walk up to them, give them my best go to hell look and say Shut The Fuck Up!!

  31. See what I mean, this is a freedom of speech blog where people from other blogs and boards can drop in and say what they can’t say elsewhere. Nola, you aren’t christened into Taylor fandom until you piss off a few. It doesn’t take much to do the trick. I was pissing off a few just last night. My advice is we have all run into some nuts here and there but it is best not to name names or talk about them on blogs. It is learning by trial and error in SP land. It is definately Not all about the music or even all about Taylor despite what some fans claim over and over again.

  32. Yes!! A Quinn/Wynn video!! Thanks for posting that!

    Nola, give it all to me…however you want to!

  33. casualfan Says:

    This is off topic, but I found this article to be very interesting. Looks like cyber bullying is finally being taken seriously and laws are being passed.


  34. hicksaholic Says:

    Perfect post Legacy. Damn, now I wish I had moved up to the right front just to hear the boob quandary. I would have voted yes to as long as they weren’t my boobs.
    Nola, I know what you mean about your friend’s comments. I have friends/ family who have accompanied me before that were quite descriptive in their comments about certain fan behaviors.

  35. hicksfan7 Says:

    YES Legacy – especially your last paragraph is exactly how I feel too.

    and hicksaholic – your last sentence too – haha – that reminds me of ‘back in the day’, I had taken my 20-something daughter to O’Gara’s – we got front and center spots standing by the stage, eventually so many women had crowded around us that we were literally belly-flat-up to the stage with human body pressure from all sides, purses and elbows jabbing us from every direction and the ‘closeness’ was was almost unbearable – as we left my daughter (who likes Taylor) said something like this: “I hope I never see, hear or SMELL another middle-aged woman as long as I live, except you Mom of course” – hahahhah I had to laugh but I got her point!
    It was crazy and, sadly, there were moments in songs that Tay’s lovely voice was truly drowned out.

  36. hicksfan7:

    I was at O’Gara’s too, and I can fully appreciate what your daughter said. My non-Taylor fan friend and I were about half-way back in the crowd and obseved some embarrassing behavior by certain fans. But however much it is off-putting to other people who might otherwise come to a TH concert, it isn’t likely to stop. For those fans, it isn’t about TH at all; it is entirely about themselves – but they’d deny it vehemently if anyone called them on it.

    It’s not something unique to Taylor fans. I’ve seen the same behavior at other concerts by other entertainers. Sadly, it is a fact of fandom everywhere.

  37. hicksfan7 Says:

    Oh that’s funny Meg – do you live in the Twin Cities – what is also amazing and a little funny too is my daughter also agreed and accompanied me to his next MN concert – at Mystic Lake – where we had assigned seats and enjoyed it VERY much!

  38. No; I live in WI, but I was at Mystic Lake with my sister, again not a Taylor fan, but who enjoyed the concert. I, however, was disappointed with the seats we had (ordered through the fan club). We mostly watched the show on the big screen. Anyway, while we didn’t have to worry about rude fans, for the most part, we were both unhappy with the lack of response to the show. People sat and politely applauded, but that was about it. It’s something I’ve seen often in the Twin Cities area. Fans are polite but not demonstrative. I remember reading a book by a writer who traveled all across America and wrote about his impressions of the land and people. He wrote that in the Midwest, people were much more reticent than elsewhere, and he felt it was due to the strong Scandanavian ethnicity in the area. (Blue Highways, by William Least Heat Moon)

    A side note: I sat next to someone who had her phone on for the entire show – someone doing a cellcert maybe? I attempted some friendly conversation after the show but was responded to with a dirty look. Sorry if that offends anyone who reads or posts here, but that’s the way it was.

  39. “where we had assigned seats and enjoyed it VERY much!”

    hicksfan7, that is something I’m looking forward to at Beau Rivage on Sept.11!

    But I still want to know what happened to those floor seats! I was online buying presale tickets almost immediately when they went on sale but somehow they were only seats in the balconies available.

  40. Has anyone watched my video yet? I finally, after 3 failed tries at youtube (LONG TRIES) got it uploaded to Vimeo, but have not been back since to see if it finished converting.

  41. Not sure if it’s done yet or not. Getting those stupid stripes.

    Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (Partial) Smith’s Olde Bar from rajrae on Vimeo.

  42. Oops. Forgot to say watch it full screen. This new camera I have- fabulous camera but video has much to be desired. Once I focus and start shooting I can’t zoom in or out without loosing focus. So I was trying to get in as much of the group as I could. This is late in the song-the harp and the ending. I still don’t know if someone already posted this whole song or a better vid of it somewhere.

  43. hicksaholic Says:

    Don’t know if you will get this or not since the topic changed but I called Beau Rivage and inquired about the floor seats. She indicated they hold some for the high rollers and some for the entertainer’s family and friends. I was thinking the entire theater was about 1500(I could be wrong) All the floor seats for Taylor’s family and friends and a few high rollers seems like too many.

  44. casualfan Says:

    Don’t know how many high rollers will be there, but Taylor has a lot of friends and family that will most likely be there-especially ones from the Mobile, AL area since it’s not that far. Now this is a cool venue.

    Too bad T didn’t book the Alabama Theater instead of Workplay in B’ham as he did during his 07 tour-another nice venue.

  45. Nice videos from the show. Looking forward to B’Ham for the music and for the fan watching. ha. Should be well worth the journey.

    NolaMar I have no idea why you angst over who and what to hangout with regarding Taylor. lol I saw your confusion on twitter and here. Besides there is one person here who, from my past association history who can be quite belligerent and is (goes back years) nasty to me whenever possible.

    Do I let that stop me from posting here or shy away from the fanbase? Hell the f*ck no. It doesn’t bother me what anyone of the Hicks’fans think of me no matter the number that follows their on-line name. 😉

    Just be you, enjoy the man as you see fit and all the rest is water off a duck’s back.

  46. Sunny, you misunderstand! I am not fretting over who to hangout with or where. Guess I’m not very good at explaining it and no time to try now. Sorry..

  47. CF: Just a hunch on my part – Choosing to book Workplay for two nights may have been Taylor’s way of honoring those that supported him back in the days before Idol. I have a feeling loyalties run deep with him.

  48. hicksfan7 Says:

    MN Sue – I so totally agree – and would add that he loves being back in the south – loves his old ‘haunts’ and never forgets where he came from, and who helped him out along the way….I mean, at least that is the perception I get from him.

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