Seriously? Seriously??!!


So, I was considering staying out of the latest Soul Patrol fray…until it got so ridiculous that I just can’t help but make fun of it. I’m not sure how this mess got started but it might have something to do with twitter messages like these:

bella313: Why is the biggest Taylor Hicks fansite following CD and Kat McPee.on their twitter page?

RT@sweetsmoke1 Y is biggest Taylor Hicks fansite soliciting votes 4 other people 4 Mr.Twitter what’s up with that

I mean honestly, after three years, people are still referring to Katherine McPhee as Kat McPee? What grade are we in anyway? And I bet Taylor listens to Daughtry. Hell, most of America does.

It’s unbelievable. Being a Taylor Hicks fan doesn’t mean that you can’t be a fan of other musicians. Taylor doesn’t have the exclusive rights to your musical soul. How boring would it be to listen to the same artist, over and over? There are so many artists out there, just waiting to be discovered. Taylor Hicks isn’t the be all, end all of the music world. And the twitter tattling? Get a grip, people. Taylor isn’t your father and I bet he really doesn’t give a damn about any of it.

Anyway, I’m moving on to this interview:

Just when we thought we knew everything about Taylor Hicks, he throws some more tidbits our way.

Some highlights:

*Hicks knows he helps get Soul Patrol fans into seats, which is why the touring company booked him. “The fan base is definitely there,” he said.

Where? (I kid…ish.)

*Hicks is also unfazed by the fact Web sites such as TMZ mock him for not being a monstrous Carrie Underwood-level success. “If they talk about you, then deep down, they love ya,” he said. “If they don’t, then you have problems.”

I’m not sure love is the word that I would use.

*Hicks said this is the first year since he won that he’s had time to follow the show carefully. He wished he could have played an instrument like contestants can now (an innovation added season seven.) “I had to wear paisley shirts and dance really funky,” he recalled. “I was told if I even pulled out a harmonica, I’d be disqualified. I did it anyway. And they didn’t disqualify me.”

Interesting… if I recall, Taylor didn’t actually play that harmonica. The late, great Paula Abdul asked him what he had in his hand. There’s a scandal for you: Paula Abdul kept Taylor from being disqualified in Season Five!!

*“I have musical Tourettes Syndrome,” he said. “Van Morrison did tagging a lot. Sam Cooke. All the greats. They are all musical enough to incorporate other songs. Let’s face it. Songs come from other songs. And no, it’s not preplanned. It’s spontaneous thinking.”

He finally answered my question!! It’s spontaneous… ; but tell me this TayTay, are you comparing yourself to Sam Cooke and all the other “greats”? Ah well, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

*Hicks is not the most introspective guy. When I asked him another fan question from Michelle in Indianapolis, he was relatively stumped.

What have you learned about yourself personally since winning AI?

He hemmed and hawed, then said, “How about this: I’m happier since I won. I’ve learned to be happier!”

Ok, that cracked me up!! Does that mean no more pissy Meet & Greets??

And this…I am not even going to respond to….

*“A live album is in the works. I’m going to release a DVD called Whomp at the Warfield out of San Francisco. It was taped two years ago.” Why did he wait? “We wanted to make sure we had this second album out, then follow it up with the DVD.”

Or maybe I should… Hey!! That sounds like a song… hmmmm.


44 Responses to “Seriously? Seriously??!!”

  1. pearlpattie Says:

    He answered my big question too, its spontaneous….FINALLY

    As far as Daughtry goes, if you’re living on this planet you’re gonna hear his music…like it or not

    As for me, Taylor has only opened up a world of Soul music, Southern rock and jam band artists that I would never have had the patience to listen to….for that and his ability to keep me interested in him, I’ll be a happy camper for a good long while.

  2. There are factions of the SP that truly, fervently believe that interest in ANY other artist is a slam against Mr. Hicks. Therefore, there should be no discussion of any other artist, nor any other music on a TRUE Taylor Hicks fanboard. For most people, that viewpoint is too limited and the board will suffer as a result.

    Grey, I LOVE that picture!! It’s cracking me up!!

  3. There are a few people on the Taylor boards who cannot let their hatred (strong word, I know, but it seems to fit) of CD and his fans go. What they don’t seem to realize is that their behavior only prolongs the “battle.” Yes, they still refer to the situation as a “fan war.” And they reflect badly on all other TH fans.

    As to the interview, I wonder whether that supposed lack of introspection on Taylor’s part is just a an example of his filter mechanism. I could almost hear him thinking, “What can I say that isn’t going to cause some kind of OTT reaction. Oh; I can tell them that I’m happy.” From the few interviews I’ve read in which he has opened up a bit – usually due to the interviewer asking different and interesting questions – I get the feeling that he actually can be rather intropective. That seems to be a trait of many somewhat shy people.

    I’m happy for the clarification of how the tagging occurs. I always felt that it was spontaneous. It speaks to the musical knowledge and expertise of his bandmates that they seem to know where he’s going with it or that they can at least follow it seemingly without a problem. Taylor might know music, but so do the people he surrounds himself with.

  4. That last answer about Whomp at the Warfield totally cracked me up! What a faker!

  5. I thought it was a pretty good interview. Obviously he does appeal to the theater crowd because the show is doing well and the backers seem to think it is a large part due to Taylor. I think he was refering to the famous walk across the room with the harmonica comment. And I truly believe it is Taylor’s intention to release to DVD. As a business women I can understand how things can get delayed especially in this economy. If the CD had flown off the shelf the DVD would already be out. It just makes sense to hold on and release it later. I think Taylor is doing all he can to take advantage of the opportunities Grease has given him to get his name out there. He’s working his butt off. Will he ever have the career Chris has maybe not? Chris is taking considerable lumps with his own new CD right now so maybe he won’t be in it for the long haul either. Who knows? I wish them both luck in this fickle industry.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    I think any normal person has other artists interest also. I vote for more than Taylor on Mr. Twitter he gets all my votes but do send some others votes too. Since I don’t frequent the BB that often what I took that was going on folks were being negative about Taylor and everyone there. I agree not everyone will like his career choices and I have no problem with that. But what I saw was a couple just coming in with both barrells and attacking, that is not acceptable. Don’t think the CD/TH wars will ever end, CD’s fans feel he was cheated out of the win by Taylor and those wounds will never heal. I have nothing against Chris wish him well in his career and all he does.


  7. Re: the pic…
    I think that’s the closest I’ve ever seen Taylor to a woman!!

  8. spinshack Says:

    I saw yesterday, in the Taylor search thread, that idiot who is constantly in the thread insulting other posters randomly. Even JI. Which was funny in that JI never deserves any ill will hurled her direction. I was proud of myself, held back but if notmyname2 would have said anything else I may have stepped in. I am sick of this asinine fan shit to the point I can’t even bring myself to blog about any of it. lol

    In fact I am currently even following Daughtry and man, he’s an entertaining twitterer. Pics, everything. It’s idiots who continue to call McPhee “McPee” and fools who go on boards fighting about who is the best Idol that make me embarrassed to even show up anymore. ha.

    Taylor is not in competition with other artists for his own success, man, he’s in competition with himself and how he manages his career and his image.

  9. Shadowlesssoul Says:

    This alone is worthy of a blog entry. It’s pure unmitigated love. 😀

    *“I have musical Tourettes Syndrome,”

  10. spinshack, let me set you straight regarding JI. JI is was one who always hurls the insults to notmyname2 (Secret Stare, Josie, hiphop) on the Girlfriends blog. notmyname2 is just defending herself, but JerseyIrish &her gang is the one who always starts it. notmyname2 (Secret Stare, Josie, hiphop) pretty much minds her own busienss, unless she’s provoked.

    JI, Chill, henry8 and the rest of that pathetic gang always say that is Snowstorm. But c’mon, we have no idea who Snowstorm is. It could any one of hundreds of Taylor’s former fans.

  11. I also think many fans are just bored with Taylor. Not too much to talk about so they create all this drama with other fans.

  12. *“I have musical Tourettes Syndrome,” LMAO. Maybe that should be the title of his next CD. LOL.

  13. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Thanks, I’ve learned you really don’t need to do anything to get the insults just be a fan of Taylor’s. As I have said I have nothing against Chris wish him success, just don’t care for his music, to me its just so ordinary. I see nothing wrong with folks following who they want, the war seems to calm down a bit then someone ignits the fire again, same old, same old.


  14. Bo Says:
    August 12, 2009 at 1:35 pm e

    spinshack, let me set you straight regarding JI. JI is was one who always hurls the insults to notmyname2 (Secret Stare, Josie, hiphop) on the Girlfriends blog. notmyname2 is just defending herself, but JerseyIrish &her gang is the one who always starts it. notmyname2 (Secret Stare, Josie, hiphop) pretty much minds her own busienss, unless she’s provoked.

    JI, Chill, henry8 and the rest of that pathetic gang always say that is Snowstorm. But c’mon, we have no idea who Snowstorm is. It could any one of hundreds of Taylor’s former fans.

    Now, Sunny…why, oh why did you go and piss off Bo Bice? 😉

  15. mamaforpeace Says:

    I work very hard at teaching very young children conflict resolution skills. Anyone want to join the class???

  16. To this whole fan drama….


    And I’m pretty sure that would be Taylor’s reaction too, if he even knew.
    Seriously just because you like other Idols too doesn’t make you any less of a fan of Taylor. Funny it’s only like a couple of them that are thinking ‘YOOH MUST LIKE TAYLOR AND ONLY TAYLOR.” which makes the rest of the fan base look bad.
    Tattling on twitter? Whatt?
    Seriously Taylor’s friends with Katharine and Chris, what’s with all the fuss?
    Ughh middle school.

    On a positive note, that’s awesome for all the people who are going to Smith’s. Taylor definitely knows how to entertain.

    As for the DVD, it’s showbiz. Sometimes it takes a while to get things like that out. Maybe WATW will be released maybe not, if it is released I’ll be first in line to get it.

  17. Since you quoted me, I’ll just jump in and say that I was serious about my question. Supposedly 2 people run The BB’s twitter page. The BB is supposedly, first and foremost a Taylor Hicks fansite. So why are 2 people deciding who to follow representing the fansite? Was it put to a vote? Personally, I really don’t care who follows who, but this a fansite’s twitter page not their own personal page. And it really bothered me that when other members of the board were questioning the same thing in a thread…the mod’s decide to lock it and then delete it. It’s like they didn’t give a shit what others thought. I was just asking why, since imho I didn’t think it was right.

    And as for Kat McPhee’s name being wrong….so I didn’t spellcheck first…wtf?

    You might have asked if it was intentional before bashing me about what grade I’m in. But…whatever.

  18. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Jennifer Hudson just had a baby!! Congrats……errr…..uhhhh, does that make me a bad Taylor fan to post this?? (LMAO)

  19. I think you totally missed the point of bella313 and sweetsmokes tweets. This particular fansite, The Boogie Board, has held themselves up as the bastion of all things Taylor. The members of that board have long positioned themselves as THE Taylor Hicks fans. The rules on that site regarding what you can say about Taylor, even words you can use when referring to him, are quite restrictive. Posts are deleted and threads are locked down with great frequency. (Which happened in the case of the discussion of this very subject.) So to see that their twitter page is not purely Taylor was more than a bit of a surprise to those of us on the outside. No one ever said that you can’t talk about/be interested in/follow other artists, we do it all the time on the two TH boards I admin. That wasn’t the point of those tweets. The point of the tweets was to simply pose the question, is the BB really doing this? Seriously? No judgment on whether they should be or not, just that this seems to be totally at odds with the image they have projected over the past three years. Any drama that has ensued as a result has probably been a long-time coming within the BB.

  20. spinshack Says:

    We’re pissing off everyone. Now Bo (Bice) is standing up for some odd reason for that nutter on twitter and the BB folks are running about having hissies. Good Times.

    I’ll be back to read up more later on Mac et al. Putting a twitter show together now and watching recorded Monk and yapping on line with someone else. It’s busy at the Sunny house. lol

  21. I don’t see anything wrong with Taylor’s fans liking other artists. I also don’t have a problem with fans thinking that the boogie should only tweet about Taylor. I think these were good reasons for opening a discussion to reach an understanding and possibly even an agreement.

    But I don’t think anyone was listening or even caring what the other person was saying. I was really surprised to read the level of contempt that was thrown around. I thought that both parties acted very uncivilized and childish. I thought it all rather sad. I am not entirely happy with the Boogie deciding to shut up the opposition by banning. But it may have been the only way at that point to keep the board from going under.

    Silly me.. I really thought SP had the ability to act in a mature manner. It only reinforces my decision to remain forever on the outside of all of this. I check the boards to keep up on Taylor. I make no friends, but neither do I have any enemies. enough said.. back to lurking.

  22. 1 – That thread is still open. In fact, it took a turn towards compassion and positivity.
    2 – The people who were banned had been warned in the past about their behavior (one of them several times).
    3 – One of the posts that was deleted was deleted AFTER the poster decided to take the coward’s way out and not come back in to face people who called her on her lies. She wasn’t banned. I wanted her to come face her opponents and try to explain herself. Instead, she posted the same diatribe on a hate blog. That is unacceptable. She has since been banned. (a total of 3 people were ousted).
    4 – Lies are now being spread about my (and the other Admin’s) character. Name calling is so mature, isn’t it?
    5 – Funny how nobody had any problems with any of the bands that were added as “Friends” on The Boogie MySpace, but dare to follow Chris Daughtry and Kat on Twitter and suddenly I’m a traitor?? I’m sorry, did I fall into the Wayback Machine on my way to bed? Are we in 2006?
    6 – Finally, no. No, the Admins on excoboard forums can NOT read other people’s PMs. The only way to do that would be if those PMs were sent to me or you gave me your password. Shit, even if I could get into your PMs. I barely have enough time to read my own PMs let alone yours.

    All this would be funny if it wasn’t so downright scary. Some of these people are certifiable.

    For the record, I’m not a fan of Daughtry or McPhee (listening to their music makes my ears bleed and my skin crawl). I just think they are decent human beings who are working hard for their own success. My decision to “follow” them was my attempt to mend some bridges between fandoms. I wanted their fans to see that not all Taylor fans are holding onto some ridiculous grudge. How could I know it would spark a powderkeg?

    I don’t know why I bothered with this post since it doesn’t seem to matter to some people what I say, but I had to address some of these issues somewhere. This seems a pretty good spot.

  23. Sometimes I think I should do as you do Sweetay.

  24. All this would be funny if it wasn’t so downright scary. Some of these people are certifiable.

    It IS scary that support of another artist, in your capacity as an UNPAID moderator of a public/no fee site would bring about such seething hatred of your honest opinions.
    I had to laugh over the clarification of how you cannot read PM’s. If I had a dollar for every disgruntled board member who SWORE their personal PM’s were being read and laughed over in a mod-only forum, I would be rich today!
    Like I’ve stated before, I don’t post over on The Boogies but as everyone knows, it is the premiere “go to” site for Taylor news, surpassing even his paid fansite, and in all honesty, to have that responsibility, Amy, you do a fantastic job. Don’t let a handful of loons bring you down, girl.

  25. Amy,

    Thanks for posting the clarifications. I’ve been there…a mod/admin on a Taylor site. It’s a lot more work than people know, especially when you’re dealing with this kind of drama.

  26. SoulOnHold Says:

    The Boogie board is always busy for a reason: the mods make it interesting and allow members to discuss a wide variety of interests. This went against the narrow agenda of one or two soul-less fanatics, and those people got banned. Good riddance.

  27. Thanks Amy for telling us your side of the story

  28. Amy, you and Cali do a great job with the BB. I was amazed at the number of forums and sense of community as well as the number of posts of some of the members. I appreciate not only the efforts of the Admins but many of the members who keep fans up to date and share vids, news , photos and recaps. AI5 is history and Taylor is doing his thing to maintain and build his career. Neither he or Chris has said or done anything to harm one another personally or professionaly, so it is sad that some of the fans of both get so bent out of shape. Amy thanks for all your hard work and you gotta do what you think is best for you and the board.

  29. Amy H…..


    You deleted the thread where people were discussing their opions, ugly or not, nice or not. So don’t say that original thread is still open because it isn’t. It did not go off topic when people are discussing and not agreeing with The BB fansite following other artists. It did not get ugly. You just couldn’t handle people not agreeing with you, that’s all. Then a new thread opened.

    Lacking purpose since 2006

    Posts: 31103
    Registered: Jun 2006 Posted August 8th, 2009 05:29 PM IP
    griz wrote:
    What happened to the other Twitter board thread?

    It went off topic. Extremely so and was very ugly.

  30. bella, do you even bother to check things, for accuracy, before you post?
    Original thread right here, with the original poster’s name still there. The only posts gone are from the banned people because that’s what happens.

    Hi grey! Thought I’d might as well “get in the act” here. Been reading for a long time. I don’t always agree with your opinions but I like the way you state them This is a well run blog.

  31. cali,
    bella admitted earlier she doesn’t spell check, so sadly no.. she doesn’t check for accuracy, either… LOL!!

  32. Hey Cali…you can just call me Switzerland. Everybody’s welcome.

  33. Thanks for the opportunity to answer some questions, IAG. I’d been wavering on if I should address this mess or let it go, and if I did want to say something where would I say it?

    The posters here seemed willing to listen and weigh facts as presented by both sides.

    I don’t know how you do it, but the balance here is refreshing.

    And thank you for the kind words from so many here and elsewhere. I know it’s a scant few causing problems, but sometimes it helps to see someone else point that out.

    YKW wrote:
    I had to laugh over the clarification of how you cannot read PM’s. If I had a dollar for every disgruntled board member who SWORE their personal PM’s were being read and laughed over in a mod-only forum, I would be rich today!

    Really?? So that’s a common complaint? Where did that come from?

  34. Really?? So that’s a common complaint? Where did that come from?

    Amy, that would be one of the gremlins that brought about the downfall of the late, great TaylorMadeSoul. *sobs* 😀

  35. No problem. I admit I made a mistake. I thought it was deleted. I didn’t think it would have been moved to such an obscure location where no one would think to look.

    And this post is very telling. But I’m sure you’ll come up with a good explanation for this too.

    “Looks to me like someone has deleted posts from this thread and then rewritten new sections of their original posts. I have a print out of the entire thread from last night before it was locked. I’m not trying to start anything now but please don’t make up a story and change your posts just because you can and the rest of us on the board can’t. “

  36. Grey said: “Hey Cali…you can just call me Switzerland. Everybody’s welcome.”

    That’s perfect. That’s exactly why I love this place.

  37. jewell earth Says:

    I don’t know who said that Taylor didn’t play thr harm on AI, but he did. Walking into the judges table, he played it all the way across the room.
    How soon we forget.

  38. What about that fantastic group song with all the guys? Was it Tobacco Road? Taylor played harmonica then, too.

    But I think we’re talking about him playing harmonica during one of his songs for the judges.

  39. Amy .. hi

    I’m TrishluvsTaylor on your site. (the boogie).

    Perhaps if you will re-read the original thread, you will see that no one (at least in the beginning) was on the attack against you. The posters seemed to be asking honest questions about the Boogie twitter account.

    IMO (its not worth much)… We all have the right to like other music besides Taylor. But I do agree with the others, that Taylor should be the focus of the Boogie tweets. The Boogie twitter should be expressing the thoughts of the entire group and not the desires of any particular member (mod or otherwise)

    If the board had conducted a vote to decide the matter, rather than allow the mods to take over… I would have voted for the Boogie to only tweet Taylor stuff. However I do not see anything wrong with a member having a personal twitter account that tweeted Chris, Kat or whomever. I think that was the suggestion made to you?

    Of course, I don’t have any idea what was going on in pms between all of you. I can only imagine they were really bad. Perhaps the people were banned because of pms? Is that a possibility? Cause I did not see any reason to bann anyone because of their posts.

    My only questions to you would be… Do you think that you conducted yourself in the role as a mod representing all the members fairly? Or if perhaps you took this all too personal? Is it all more about you, than it is about the board or Taylor.

    I have to say.. that is how a relative outsider saw it going down.

    I hope you do not take this post as an attack on you. I do apologize for any hurt feeling that it may cause. That is not my intention. We are all human.. its just that mods have to somehow set that aside. They have to be able to see outside of their own opinions … no matter how firm of an opinion they have. I know, cause I am a Christian that mods on a debate board between Christians and Atheists.. its really tough.

    The hardiest part is not seeing where everyone else screwed up, that’s easy. Now try to imagine how you may have handled it better.

    BTW You complimented grey on this site and wondered how she was able to carry on with such a wide array of different posters. Its because she (I thinks she is a she) accepts all of us. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no attempt to shape us into sweet pleasing cookie snacks… so she don’t eat us.

  40. I’m not logged into wordpress so I might look differently. Wanted to clarify I’m sure no one really thought Bo Bice was talking on here to defend that Loon we talked about ^^^ up there.

    After reading your follow ups ladies, more the reason I stay away from the heavy fan boards such as BB. Squikky shit.

    Grey’s site by far one the best place to hang on line right now to talk Taylor Hicks – and other musical artists for that matter.

    Once the Darling that is my youngest goes back to school, hoping for more time to chat here. I love Switzerland. lol

  41. Ooo I showed up just fine. Kewl.

  42. Not going to use itsallgrey for a dialogue between myself or Amy and Boogiers. However, if you would like to PM me at the Boogie, I would be happy to answer all your questions, Sweetay.

  43. What the hell?

  44. Thanks cali50

    But I think I already probably said more than I want to about anything and everything. That last post was way out of character for me. I really don’t care enough about all of the backstreet drama to put myself into it. I just wanna have fun and want everyone else to have fun too!


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