K is for Krispy Kreme….wait, what?

How is that, you ask? Simple. I’m referring to Taylor’s yo-yo’ing of weight. Remember him on Idol? All pudgy and cute?




After AI, he started slimming down…



Then we had the “dating” Caroline Lyders stage, where he got too thin:


Then we had the post-Caroline phase, where he started eating again… obviously attempting to sate his sorrow in food.  It’s okay, Taylor.  We’ve all been there.  *sigh*



And then, Work arrived.  Yes, Work will Save Us All!!  In this case, “work” equals “Grease”.  I mean, how many calories do you think he burns during the hand-jive?!? Problem is, no matter how many calories he burns, that wig still makes him look twenty pounds heavier….and the glitter adds another ten.


Go Taylor!!  Shake it, Bones!!


Not to mention, I bet there aren’t Krispy Kremes on every corner of Manhatten.  So, Taylor was down again, and getting jiggy with it for his video.


With the stability of “Grease” and the healthful influence of his entourage (oh come on, you know Bill Will and Clay Connor are practically the Vegans of Greenpeace…  ), Taylor has maintained a healthy weight for the past year now.


Just remember Taylor, “moderation” is the word.  Not “Grease”.


55 Responses to “K is for Krispy Kreme….wait, what?”

  1. hicksaholic Says:

    I applaud your creativity. Great use for the letter K. I got to say though, Taylor looked great during the “dating Caroline Lyders” stage. Also I don’t believe Taylor was ever really too heavy(well maybe 10 lbs or so), he just wasn’t in shape and the camera adds a few lbs to anybody. It is amazing though given America’s obsession with skinny celebrities that Taylor exhibited the confidence he did on AI.

  2. Yep…. just proves he’s human. Struggles like the majority of Americans. He’s still fine…. either way. I do have to admit, prefer him on the slim side.

    Oh by the way…. Krispy Kreme right off the belt…does it get any better?

  3. LOVE the pictures. He’s a total doll at any weight but I must admit I did enjoy the “more of him to love”. Very very yummy!

  4. Maybe the weight on Idol made him more relatable and helped him win. I dunno.

    He’s a guy who enjoys food, no doubt about it. I remember when he was on his solo tour he said something about food being their entertainment. But he’s been looking fit, so I guess he’s keeping it under control.

    I know itsallgrey didn’t ask for a vote, but I’m gonna ‘weigh’ in, anyway. I vote for fit Taylor.

  5. He has that body type where he actually looks good with a few extra pounds, in my opinion.

    I just can’t wait until he’s done with that damn nudie suit.

  6. off topic: I came here cause I can’t post this anywhere else without getting hit over the head with a chair (and maybe a table too)

    Tay is tweeting to let his fans in on his Psyche. Is his psyche that boring?

  7. casualfan Says:

    I totally agree IAG-I think he’s adorable in the “Idol” stage. I love the fullness in his face in that time. He looked healthy.

  8. AHAHAH Sierra….it’s possible he is that boring. Although I don’t think Taylor will ever let fans in on his “true” self.

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I think he looks good with or without a little weight on. I love when he has that little pudge in the belly!!


  10. mamaforpeace Says:

    Trim and fit… there’ll be time to put the pounds on as he gets older.

  11. I noticed a bit of belly in the Rouge Tavern pictures. I think he always has a little bit, but he’s able to hide it well.

  12. I need to see the “Naked Facts” to be able to judge exactly how he looked at any given time. His face looked cute and pudgy on AI but he looks more sexy and handsome slim. When I scrolled through the above clips I had a yikes momement when I viewed the pompadore teen angel Taylor. Makes him look older and not like a rock god or soulman. Makes him look—— ?

  13. casualfan Says:

    he’s kept his weight down because he’s been away from the south and that good cookin’. Now that he’s back in the south expect some pudge to show-especially with all that ice-cream pimpin. =)

  14. hicksfan7 Says:

    Is that REALLY a wig in Grease?? I actually thought they slicked his silver fox hair back for the part.

  15. hicksfan7 Says:

    Oh – HAWT either way too – his weight I mean!

  16. Observation: He bites his wedding ring finger nail, see photo #7. I’ve noticed this in other photos and often he hides this finger and fingernail. My background is psych but sometimes that is psycho babble. Who knows. Good luck thin or chubby Tay in finding someone who loves you as a person and can deal with the music passion and celeb. Donuts and Krispy Kreme do nothing for me. I’m an ice cream, candy and beer and chips and onion dip gal, plus 3 balanced meals a day. But could get into the percocet thing and traveling 1st class and 5 Star hotels.

  17. I recently read HFOS and Taylor said he gained weight DURING the AI season. I think he said he regretted not keeping it under control better. I like the fit and trim look the best. Though he was “cute” with the pudgy face, I think he is a lot hotter now. Yes, a very handsome and sexy man indeed! The only time I thought maybe he was a bit too thin when he first got to LA.

    His pompadour is way tamed down now compared to that photo you have up. He keeps his hair shorter so the “do” is not so dramatic nor does it add as many years. Have you seen any of the most recent Grease photos IAG? I’ll try to find a link and bring it back. I hate the early Grease pics. Looks much better now IMO.

    I do LOVE Krispy Kreme or any kind of donuts! All this food talk is not nice for me as I’m on a diet (thanks Rosie 😉 ) and not able to have anything like that at all. It’s making me hungry as I’ll get out so I’m outta here. Gonna grab some “fat free” Pringles. 🙂

  18. hicksaholic Says:

    I am on a diet too- lost 32 lbs so far. I have a few concerts lined up and have weight goals for each one. I might be labeled an old fan but I damn well am going to make sure I’m not labeled an old fat fan.
    It sure is a lot more fun gaining the weight than losing it. We moved to the river about three years ago and the combination of more beer drinking and no walking with my walking group resulted in a lot of extra weight.
    I feel Taylor’s pain trying to keep the weight under control.

  19. Why is it with the yo-yo thing that we gain back more than we lose? I’m counting points with weight watchers (again!). I don’t like diets because they make you feel so HUNGRY and the guilt of having anything is unbearable. But for health reasons I must get the weight off. I figure it took 45 years to get this big, so I’m gonna take my time and enjoy my beer! Just gonna stay within my points limit this time.
    I like both the pudgy and slim Taylor, love his voice mostly (and have a thing for grey haired fellas) so it’s all good! 🙂

  20. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    August 4, 2009 at 8:14 pm
    Observation: He bites his wedding ring finger nail, see photo #7. I’ve noticed this in other photos and often he hides this finger and fingernail.
    LOL-Maybe he’s married Rosie and he’s scared the SP will find out. 😉

  21. Boy if he’s married I’d hate to be the secret wife who never gets acknowledged. That would piss me off royally.

  22. Reasons to go to the Houston show:

    (I’m pimping the show, not myself!)

  23. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, cf, Thought I remembered reading someithing about that finger how it got the way it did. When him and some of the guys snuck out in Vegas during Idol his finger got caught in a door remember something about an elevator door. I remember seeing pictures when the nail was about to fall off, sometimes they never grow back right. Hubby is going through that with one of his thumb nails got it caught in something at work we will see if it comes back when it grows in.


  24. Thanks JI, I had never heard that story!

  25. casualfan Says:

    Sierra Says:

    August 5, 2009 at 11:26 am
    Boy if he’s married I’d hate to be the secret wife who never gets acknowledged. That would piss me off royally.
    I was joking of course but if it were true and given what has happened in the past with his relationships made public, I would want to stay hidden myself. It’s not uncommon for wives of musicians to remain a secret including children.

  26. hicksfan7 Says:

    Well I just read that Paris had a baby (‘Egypt’) and is engaged but not saying who the daddy is……just sayin’……hahahhah Well they WERE very good friends.

  27. casualfan Says:


  28. Hope the baby was not named for the song ‘Little Egypt’. Taylor is on vacation and I hope to see some pics of topless Taylor since I wish to keep scientific tabs on his weight. JI, like your story about the finger but I still think it is his favorite one to chew on.

  29. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Hello, just stumbled across this cleaning out my book marks. OMG, I totally had a blast being a Taylor fan. Made such good friends. But I’m just not in that place anymore. I just wanted to say hello to everybody. I wish you all love and happiness. Give Taylor a big kiss for me when attending his shows. I, myself, just needed more of a connection being a fan and all. I know most of you will understand. God Bless! 🙂

  30. Taylor IS cute when he’s a bit chunky though, kind of like a teddy bear. One of those guys who are good either way.

    I do prefer him slimmed down myself though.

    Caryl so glad you get to see Taylor when he comes to Houston!

  31. PS did anyone hear that Paula’s not returning to Idol? Bummer! I dislike Kara lol.

  32. jerseyirish Says:

    Christa, Read that earlier that Paula made the announcement that she wasn’t coming back. To me Kara just doesn’t fit in with everyone. We will see how season nine goes.


  33. Will miss you JTS. Take care.

  34. Thanks, Christa. I was SO disappointed when the Houston show was cancelled during his solo tour. I’ve been a good little fan, traveling to a show here and there, but it’s really not practical. FINALLY, I can leave my own house in my own car and go enjoy a show. yay!

  35. Jumpedtheshark- I’m sorry to hear you aren’t a fan anymore, but I guess I can understand. I hope you stop by now and again just to let us know how you are. 🙂

  36. casualfan Says:

    Sierra-Sounds like JTS is stepping back from the fandom and Net chatter which doesn’t make her any less of a fan. There are many who has done-and doing the same thing which is a wonderful idea!

    Congratulations Jumptheshark! 😉

  37. Off topic BUT funny as hell, and, hey, maybe Obama can have a beer with the AI powers-that-be and Paula and work this out!

  38. hicksfan7 Says:

    ROTF LMAO!!! That video is awesome! hahahhahahahh

  39. jerseyirish Says:

    Barb, That was hysterical!!! Thanks for posting.


  40. Oh wow, hysterical! 😀 Thanks I needed that.

  41. I like the lean Taylor best. The thinner he gets the better those lonely eyes show off and I don’t like the extra chin on him at all. It freaks me out in a bad way.

  42. LOL!! Love that video!!! 😀 😀

  43. I like the lean Taylor, too. I think he looked great during his relationship with Caroline. He has a natural double chin and a rather jowly face. The leaner he is the more well defined his features become. Of course, it’s all about the music….

  44. mamaforpeace Says:

    I was hoping I would have recovered from surgery enough so I could fly to New Orleans to see John Boutte, then drive to Atlanta to see Taylor. Recovery is going well, just slower than I would have liked. I can’t believe this is the THIRD time I tried to see JB and won’t make it. First time, our flight was cancelled, 2nd time we drove there but JB had taken a gig somewhere else, and now..! I’ll just have to try again. And I am really bummed about missing TH, especially since it seems it’s going to be an acoustic concert. I do have a free ticket for grabs if anyone is interested: mjradin@yahoo.com.

  45. hicksaholic Says:

    I am so sorry you can’t make both concerts! You’ve had some really bad luck. I hope your recovery goes well. I’m sure you will see both John Boutte and Taylor before too long.
    You are really sweet to offer a free ticket.

  46. Really sorry to hear the your recovery is going slow and you can’ make your trip mama4peace! That stinks! Hope you keep getting better steadily though. John B will be here I’m sure, when you get the chance to do it next time. I can ask my girlfriend if she knows anyone who might want the ticket. I’ll email her. Don’t hold it for me though. She is not real fast about replying.

    Get well soon!

  47. jerseyirish Says:

    mfp, Hope you feel better real soon!! Take your time and let your body heal at its own pace. Sorry you will miss two fine shows, but I’m sure more are in your future. Keep smiling! 🙂


  48. Back from mini vacation and catching up with Taylor fans. I give props to Taylor for trying to keep his weight down and his sense of style and his various efforts to keep his career going. I have the exact same natural double chin and have learned to live with it. I do know two people who have had chin lipo and were pleased with the results. Taylor looks mighty fine for never having had any plastic surgery or proceedures. It isn’t really all about the music but about him being able to make a decent living as a singer, musician, and performer. Then too he found out he has to come across as an American Idol, please and impress the press and cater to his ardent fans and try to get new fans. He has to maintain credability with musicians, singers, and more recently musical theater folks. I hope he does what is best for him personaly and professionaly. Even if I had his talent, I know I would not have his discipline and drive. Being a fan or a critic is easy but I haven’t a clue what it is like to be him.

  49. hicksfan7 Says:


  50. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thanks, guys! I do hope someone can use the ticket. It’d be great if the show was sold out!

  51. casualfan Says:

    rosie, Taylor himself coined the phrase “It’s all about the music”. It’s not something that we made up. That came directly from him. 😉

  52. “It’s all about the music”. LOL For me it’s all about Taylor. The whole package. His music , his charisma and the paths he takes. I’m there for the whole ride. LOL.

  53. Dee, for a minute there, I thought you wrote, “The whole package. His music, his charisma and the pants.” LOL! (there was a glare on my screen.)

  54. Email for you Mama4peace!

  55. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thanks, Nola. Ticket will go out in the mail tomorrow.

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