We were the ones who saw you first of all…

One day your story will be told.
One of the lucky ones who’s made his name.
One day they’ll make you glorious,
Beneath the lights of your deserved fame.
And it all comes round.
Once in a lifetime like it always does.
Everybody loves you ’cause you’ve taken a chance,
Out on a dance to the moon, too soon.
And they’ll say told you so.
We were the ones who saw you first of all.
We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars.
One day they’ll tell you that you’ve changed,
Though they’re the ones who seem to stop and stare.
One day you’ll hope to make the grave,
Before the papers choose to send you there.
And it all comes round.
Once in a lifetime like it always does.
Nobody loves you ’cause you’ve taken a chance,
Out on a dance to the moon, too soon.
And they’ll say told you so.
We were the ones who saw you first of all.
We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars.
And they’ll say told you so.
We were the ones who saw you first of all.
We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars.


72 Responses to “We were the ones who saw you first of all…”

  1. Wow, I’ve never liked James Blunt, but those lyrics are beautiful.

    I’m not sure I feel like getting very deep at the moment. somebody else go first….

  2. casualfan Says:

    well…hmmm…huh….ummm…nope-me neither

  3. One day you’ll hope to make the grave,
    Before the papers choose to send you there.
    And it all comes round.

    Oh, that’s it right there. At first, you’re brilliant, innovative, taking chances … but then, how “they” (the anonymous “they”) love to “critique”, to second guess themselves, to explain “what went wrong” … even if nothing actually has “gone wrong”. It’s the way of not just media, but society in general … let’s build up the hype just to see how far they fall.

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    Not a big fan of James Blunt, but the song is beautiful and the message came through loud and clear!

    YKW, So true!


  5. Wow, those are some lyrics!
    Spooky, don’t you think?

  6. NolaMar Says:

    Wow, that song is very nice! I have not really listened to Blunt because I thought “You’re Beautiful” was way overrated and overplayed, but that was awesome – both the singing and the lyrics. Very poignant!

  7. NolaMar Says:

    (I hate the arm waving! Drives me nuts!)

  8. Nice, YKW.

  9. Well this is off topic and another rumor- it is rumored on HQ that Gypsee will leave at the end of July

  10. casualfan Says:

    Sierra Says:

    July 21, 2009 at 11:42 am
    Well this is off topic and another rumor- it is rumored on HQ that Gypsee will leave at the end of July

  11. spinshack Says:

    Say it ain’t so. Miss Manners is leaving? Perhaps she’s grabbed a position with another Idol of some sort. LOL Who did she favor last season anyway? Do we really care though, that’s the question.

  12. casualfan Says:

    Well if that rumor turns out to be true I know 4 people who will renew their memberships.

  13. NolaMar Says:

    I have no idea who gypsee is or why some of you dislike her. Honestly I don’t. But if that will help bring some life back to the HQ forum I think it’s for the best. Things have run pretty well for me over there since I joined. The only problem I had was a couple of times some comments I made were stifled and the thread was “steered” back on track. It left me a bit disinclined to leave any more, but I have been. Love the thing where Taylor answers our questions, and the time before last he did it by audio which was very cool. That and the opportunity for the M&Gs pre-sale tickets is worth membership IMO. Honestly, not trying to pimp HQ, just expressing my opinion!)

  14. back on topic- I like James Blunt’s music. Some of it I love and I like this song.

  15. casualfan Says:

    Nola-I’m glad you get the benefits of HQ. As for the M&G’s-those aren’t important to me. I was never comfortable meeting Taylor in that environment so I never pursued those. If HQ manages to turn into a hip hopping spot with new members and not the same redundancy, I might consider rejoining.

  16. NolaMar Says:

    Sorry, OT again, but the Pocket Full of Soul harmonica documentary aired in LA yesterday. It was a shortened version of it – 45 minutes. Taylor WAS in it briefly a couple of times but in this part he did not play. It’s cool he was included though!

  17. casualfan Says:

    A close friend of mine went to the documentary screening last night in Santa Monica. She met the producers of the movie and said they were very nice and has plans to release the doc at a later date-not confirmed date. I think they are having funding issues. The doc isn’t fully completed.

    Jason Ricci plays a HUGE part in this documentary so to the JR fans out there-WOOHOO!

  18. I like James Blunt (You’re Beautiful was overplayed, but Weird Al’s version “You’re Pitiful” was great).
    James Blunt reminds me of Al Stewart from the seventies. His album, The Year of the Cat was HUGE back then!

  19. “You’re Pitiful” is absolutely hilarious! I’m sorry Tay was only in Pocket Full of Soul a little bit- they should have shown him playing too. Oh well.

  20. casualfan Says:

    Taylor’s not specifically known for his harp playing skills out in the real world. I think they focused on the musicians who have made the harp their primary career choice and who have carved out their own unique style-jmo of course.

  21. Pet peeve- one thing that really irritates me are the fans who think there’s no one better looking, no one is more talented, no one is more wonderful, and on and on and on…. Really gets old after a while, you know?

  22. I completely agree, Sierra. While Taylor is very talented, there are more talented out there. Somebody is always better than you…remember that old saying?

  23. Oh my. So Taylor is doing a FREE show next week in Fort Lauderdale?? Oh boy.

  24. Now, how to get free airline tickets to Ft. Lauderdale………..scratches head.
    My mom always said, “Walking ain’t crowded”……..if I start now…….

  25. Nothing like giving people notice, huh? A whole week!!

  26. OT–For those history buffs!
    The detailed service records of 250,000 medieval soldiers – including archers who served with Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt – have gone online.

    I couldn’t find my family there, although surnames have changed since

    I’m such a nerd! *sigh*

  27. Oh, I’m a total genealogy nerd. Love it.

  28. That’s why my daughter & I were on “vacation” near Ottawa. Cemetery crawling! LOL Our ancestors were United Empire Loyalists that came up after your war of independance. We drove the Loyalist Highway, entered into “Mohawk Territory” and had a great time together. Mom & daughter bonding……..it was over too soon.

  29. Sounds like you had a good trip!! Good memories!

  30. casualfan Says:

    Sierra Says:

    July 22, 2009 at 7:47 pm
    Pet peeve- one thing that really irritates me are the fans who think there’s no one better looking, no one is more talented, no one is more wonderful, and on and on and on…. Really gets old after a while, you know?
    Be careful or you will be considered a non-fan for thinking that way 😉

  31. casualfan Says:

    Another example of why I LOVE American Idol and how it get’s voices heard!



  32. Taylor could have kept all about the music…if he played music that sounds like all the rest of the stuff out there. I’m not against Daughtry because of the fan wars, I just don’t like that type of rock.

    Congrats to Chris… but i’m still not buying it.

  33. Casualfan: Too late, and too bad. Nanny nanny foo foooo! LOL Oh and I agree with Trixi. Congrats to Chris but I ain’t gonna buy it.

  34. casualfan Says:

    Trixi Says:

    July 23, 2009 at 7:12 am
    Taylor could have kept all about the music…if he played music that sounds like all the rest of the stuff out there. I’m not against Daughtry because of the fan wars, I just don’t like that type of rock.

    Congrats to Chris… but i’m still not buying it.
    I did buy it along with his first CD and I really enjoy them both. I was jaded in the beginning because I played into this Chris vs Taylor nonsense and didn’t want to give Chris a chance. I’m glad I wised up because I was missing out on some great music. It also made me appreciate Idol even more.It is because of that show that BOTH musicians got their voices heard. Both guys are great and have their own special talents.

    I hear that Adam Lambert has a track on the upcoming movie “2012”. Once again…..another voice heard thanks to American Idol!


  35. casualfan Says:

    Did y’all hear that Rick Astley died of heart failure? He was only 42. What is with all these people dying lately?

  36. casualfan Says:

    OK-maybe that’s just another rumor….WTF!

  37. Were you Rickrolled Casualfan? Why do they do that?

  38. Yeah, congrats to Chris. I’m a fan and bought the CD. YAY for him.

    The lyrics about are awesome and the people criticizing do stop and stare or they’d have nothing to criticize. On the other hand, I completely agree with the comment that there’s always someone more talented. No one’s favorite is untouchable or superhuman and to set someone up that high makes it impossible to actually see him clearly.

  39. spinshack Says:

    Have you guys heard Daughtry’s cover on U2″ “One” on aol? It’s really good.

    I listen to all sorts of music. I don’t understand some who will only listen to one type or just proclaim to listen to Taylor’s stuff over and over again. That’s weird to me.

  40. I also listen to all kinds of music- I just never cared much for Daughtry. Some of the fans say they listen to Taylor’s albums EVERY DAY. If I heard the same albums every day, no matter who they are, I would be completely sick of them in no time.

  41. spinshack Says:

    Same here Sierra. Sometimes I’ll find a song that I just love. I will play and play it for days, then poof I am sick of it. lol I’ve not listened to Taylor’s CD now in a few weeks, but it is still in the CD changer.

  42. Oh yeah, I met one lady who says she doesn’t listen to anything at all except Taylor and sometimes her husband gets irritated with that. Ya Think???? How silly. I listen to all types of music depending on my mood. How can you appreciate something when nothing is ever compared to it?

  43. I listen to all different types of music. My ipod has, rock, jazz, blues, 70’s pop music, disco, country, folk, soul etc.

    I just don’t care for modern rock, whoever is playing it. I bought David Cooks cd and was disappointed. Once again congrats to Daughtry I’m sure he has worked hard for it.

    I don’t listen to Taylor everyday or every week. I usually just keep my ipod on shuffle, so I get a little bit of everything. One reason I don’t listen to the radio is you can set your watch by what song is playing. I don’t care to hear the same song 2-3 times a day.

  44. There are some good internet radio stations that play a great variety.

  45. I don’t see why Chris is all about the music and Taylor isn’t? Why, because Taylor put Musical theater into the mix? Harry Connick has done musical theater, movies, TV, etc. I’m perfectly alright with Taylor following on that kind of career path. I don’t think it makes him any more or less about music. I’m happy for Chris but don’t listen to his music much. To me it sounds like so many others on the radio. I really have a hard time recognizing his voice. My daughter does too. We always think it’s Nickelback. I really liked David Cook but the CD he put out sounds like everyone else too. I guess that’s why I like Taylor so much. His voice does not sound like everyone else. If a song has to become homgenized to be a hit I’m glad Taylor is going his own way.

  46. Dee…..I agree 100%. I’m also happy Taylor is doing it his way. there have been a few talented singers who haven’t had huge #’s only because the radio stations want to play the same old POP rock and nothing else. I have been doing some music survey rating for a while now and have recently told both stations to take my name of the list because the music is all the same and that gets pretty boring .

  47. I was listening to David Cook the other day. Yeah, it was okay. Pleasing but very very familiar. sounds just like everyone else. I would get bored real quick of a whole album of that stuff.

  48. I like Chris’ music, too. Just like sometimes I want to hear happy, upbeat stuff, most of the time I’m into acoustic, angsty music. I think it’s good to have a variety, but I’m just speaking for myself here.

    However, I will agree that Chris sounds like Nickelback…but that’s ok to me, I like some of Nickelback’s music.

  49. casualfan Says:

    Yeah he does sound like Nickelback and looks like Vin Diesel. Taylor sounds like Joe Cocker, Michael Mcdonald and even other musicians himself at times.

    Guess if the music is popular and well liked, then go for it. Either way, I’m proud of everyone of the Idols. They enjoy doing what they are doing and it’s an extra bonus when they are able to support their families and have a comfortable life. 😉

  50. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, Thats right they are all living their dream, producing and supporting their families with the music that makes them happy!


  51. Eight day vacations are overated; came home after just five. Snow, I also missed ya, you young thing! Sallyanne get well. I saw a pic of Tay meeting Canada’s Prime Minister. Tay looked humble and honored and impressed, but his hair looked sparse. Daughtry sells well because he has a good voice, was on AI and does those songs that sell and are played on radio in 2009. Tay has a great voice and talent and works hard and yet is under the radar Still. You all have provided me with a fun catch up read, because you sometimes write what you are thinking or feeling. Thanks! But still, while hooray or good for Daughtry, Ouch for talented and ever striving talented Mr. Hicks. J. Blunt and Soulja Boy are almost IMO in lottery winners status. I do have a soft spot for Taylor in my heart, and while I could type letters which could help a reader understand somewhat, I’ll just say He did take advantage of one huge medium and won the contest. We fans and I bet he, expected way more from, Damn It Winning a huge contest, the 5th of AI. Taylor was and is a huge winner, and a talent and person we enjoy. But in reality, a big SIGH, for me.

  52. One more tiny thing: CF, we’ve gotten to know tollerate and even sometimes agree and like each other since way back when, less than a year ago. I’ll grant you that many do not consider Hicks among the great Harp players. You know way more about who is who in the world of harmonicas. I watched many of the vids of harp players and must say who looks as good or as sexy, moving, grooving and singing and playing as does Tay? As an AI winner and what he does on stage, be it only with his part in Grease, he has drawn attention to that talent. Some were first aware of him, due to his walk to decide his fate of the top 24. Like I stated, it is a tiny point, but I do think Taylor has done more for the harp and those who are proficient on the instrument, due to him being on AI.

  53. NolaMar Says:

    I bought Daughtry’s first cd. Really like 4 or so songs… then they all start to sound the same. Will want to hear this new one first to determine if I want to buy it. Was not all that impressed with the AI performance but will give it a chance. Do like his voice! Also like many of the songs on David Cook, but again many are kind of generic. Might go see him here at HOB. I’m also happy for both of them on their huge success, but part of me is jealous of that for Taylor because I believe he deserves to have it as much as they do. (Yes, Rosie, a big Sigh for me too.) I don’t believe they are more talented, just that their music style appeals to a wider audience. I would choose Taylor’s voice hands down…

    LOVE Taylor’s harp playing! (Did you know that? LOL) But love being exposed to these other players now too – real experts, and wow, makes me love the harp even more. Two things I’m discovering more and more every day – I love harp and I love the blues! Think I’m staring to love blues even more than rock. (Especially today’s rock which had everyone sounding the same.) Blue and harp – both DAMN sexy IMO! Was listening to AOL Radio “Electric Blues” station yesterday. Loved it! They actually have 4 or 5 categories (stations) just under “Blues.” Wish I could get those kinds of stations in my car. I guess you can, but we don’t have it.

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree Taylor may not be the best harp player out there, but the passion he puts into his music makes him a standout in my book! 🙂

    Glad you are back, sorry things made you cut it short.


  55. casualfan Says:

    Interesting article about Taylor incorporating “SMB” into Grease….


  56. NolaMar Says:

    I understand that writer is not a fan and has been quite negative towards Mr. Hicks in the past. This is pretty good coming from him… Only one snarky comment towards the end… Taylor and grease continue to get mostly positive reviews wherever they go.

  57. casualfan Says:

    I don’t usually read T’s interviews so I don’t know anything about snarky comments on the writers part. My interest is his views on the marketing concepts.

    Grease has always been and will remain successful with or without Taylor. As the writer points out…..in this day of economic woes, people are wanting the nostalgia of when times were good and life was simple-back in the 50’s…Grease creates that world for them. And the fact that the 70’s is very popular and Grease was released in that time.

  58. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Not so sure Grease would have survived without Taylor. The NY Broadway show closed three months after he left even Ace couldn’t keep the ticket sales up. Taylor is the draw to the touring show, saw that myself when I went to see Grease in Philly The lobby was filled with folks wanting to see Taylor and Taylor only.


  59. casualfan Says:

    JI-Grease would survive without Taylor. The play has had multiple runs and will continue being a culture icon because of what it represents and not who plays in what roles-Hicks is simply an ingrediant and not the whole pie.

    I know many people who have seen Grease and enjoy the play for the cultural experience alone.

  60. casualfan Says:


    “Grease, in particular, is about the ’50s, and there’s this notion that that was a simpler time, a Leave It to Beaver time, more traditional homes,” Kahn says. “You see it now with the economic crisis. People want to think back to . . . when life was happier.”

    Hicks, born in Birmingham, Ala., in the American Bicentennial year, agrees.
    Same analogy with “Happy Days”. People want and need to be reminded of these times. Wish I had grown up back in the 50’s. I think that’s the only decade where families actually ate together and communicated as a family.

  61. casualfan Says:

    OFF TOPIC-but interesting….


  62. JI…I have to agree,,,I have seen Grease wih Tayor twice in NYC & once in Baltimore and most of the crowd according to the conversations were there to see Taylor Hicks. I think the producers even know that by the treatment Taylor gets from them. Taylor is the draw.

  63. casualfan Says:

    “But producers, perhaps recognizing the name value of a former American Idol, upped Hicks’ part so that Teen Angel gets a little more face time on stage.”

  64. jerseyirish Says:

    Anne, I too believe Taylor is the draw for Grease.

    cf, I believe the producers saw the type of draw Taylor had while on Broadway and they are extending his draw throughout the country. The show could not sustain itseft was near closing when Taylor took the role last summer, I remember reading before Taylor was even in the mix the show just wasn’t doing well. I would have never gone to see it if Taylor was not in it.


  65. hicksaholic Says:

    I agree, jersey, everything I have read it seems like Taylor is the one driving the ticket sales. And I must admit at least that gives me a little bit of satisfaction given his lack of cd sales.

    By the way, anyone catch Whomp at the Warfield last night? It started right about my bedtime but I skipped the wine and was able to see the whole thing. I should have recorded it but I didn’t. Taylor really is so good live but nothing compares to being there. The only thing I had a problem with was although you could tell the crowd was really into it you could never “hear” how much they were into it. I thought in looking at it that Taylor has really grown as a performer since this was recorded though.

  66. Wow to bad I don’t live in Britian and I’m not Diabetic. I would volunteer for the chocolate study. Although eating it twice a day for a year might be too much.

    I believe that Taylor is most of the reason that Grease is doing so well. What was the increase in sales after he started, wasn’t like 150 grand?

  67. jerseyirish Says:

    Trixi, Yes tickets sales at the Broadway show jumped to almost capacity the whole time he was there. Before Taylor sales were less than 1/2 per show. When Taylor left and Ace came in ticket sales again dropped wasn’t even filling half the theatre.


  68. hicksaholic Says:

    And Ace had a much bigger role I think.
    Oh well at least Ace found a fiance.

  69. hicksaholic Says:

    sorry, fiancee

  70. LOL, he found finances too. 😉

  71. casualfan Says:

    It’s great that Ace found someone to share his life with. He’s successful in both his personal and professional life and that’s more than what some can say. 😉

  72. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, My son knows Allison through a school friend of his who is also an aspiring actress. He said Ace is a lucky guy she is a sweet girl. Hasn’t seen her in awhile, but knew she got engaged to Ace.


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