I is for In Your Time


I is for In Your Time

This was Taylor Hicks’ first studio album, recorded in 1997, when he was 21 years old.

Here’s the story behind “Son of a Carpenter”

The Fall

In Your Time

Somehow (Rajrae…I actually filmed this video at the Pageant. 😉 I know you were looking for the person who filmed it.)

On Broadway. How prophetic.

Tighten Up – Taylor Hicks


There’s no embedding on this one, but this version of Georgia is my absolute favorite. I don’t know if he was drunk, high, or just in the zone, but this is awesome.


13 Responses to “I is for In Your Time”

  1. hicksaholic Says:

    I was at Smith’s. I agree he was either high, drunk or in the zone. That was a fun night. Can’t wait for August 16th!

  2. taylorfan06 Says:

    In Your Time is a masterpiece. I love the raw, soulful sound of a very young Taylor Reuben Hicks. WHAT a debut!

  3. Yeah, In your time is by far my favorite of his two pre AI CD’s. The songs In Your Time and Somehow are my favorite Taylor original songs. The music style, arrangement and the vibe of the tune In Your Time is so Taylor. In fact if someone who never heard Tay would ask me to explain Taylor as a singer, musician and song writer, I would give them a listen to that song. It has a good and catchy sound and the funk he loves. If it were shortened and tightened up it could fit radio. I think he wrote Somehow when he was 18 and The Fall when he was 19. Well at least that is what he told me.

  4. For those of you on HQ Tay answered a few new questions that dealt with “In Your Time” I never knew it was the first song he heard on the radio.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    Sierra, wow I didn’t know “In Your Time” got radio play.

    Taylor’s early works are just raw passion emerging from within. He was young and struggling and you hear it in his music.

    Georgia at Smith’s drunk, high whatever that was pure magic!


  6. I never have been a fan of “Son of a Carpenter”. But I do love the other songs off of IYT. I couldn’t really understand his explanation on the vid about it. But I’m half deaf from loud music.

    I remember I bought the cd at the first TH concert I went to. I couldn’t believe my ears on the way home when I listened to it. I was totally hooked after that.

  7. WOW, I was listening to IYT album as I opened this page! Eerie… Georgia was on… Also, at HQ today Taylor answered some questions asked by members, and one was about the song IYT and whether he would be singing it at upcoming concerts. Also, he mentioned it was the first song of his he heard on the radio and what that was like. (Really cool interviews and worth membership IMO!)

    IAG, so happy to know it is your “Somehow” video. Will give you credit now – that is if you don’t mind me having it up. It’s one of my very favorites! I hoped he would do it in Detroit but didn’t. I hope he’ll sing it at one of the upcoming concerts that I’m going to.

    Will have to watch these videos later. The empty pantry and refrigerator trumps watching TH videos for now. (Boo hoo….) As we say down here, time to go make groceries.

  8. Rosie, I agree 100% with your two song choices!! I recently made a TH playlist on Imeem of my favorite Taylor songs from all 4 albums for my friend who will go to Smiths with me. (She has not heard Taylor since AI other than the Ford commercials.) I put Somehow FIRST. Not sure where I put IYT, but it’s on there and it is my 2nd favorite IYT song. Oh, I love Tighten UP! I exercise to that all the time. That, Fishwater, and Stop Breaking Down Blues. Sort of like a cross between exercise & dancing – my version of jazzercise. LOL

    Grey, how do you want me to credit you for the video???

  9. NolaMar, glad someone agrees with me. I’ve watched the Georgia video twice as I never saw it before. I think he is just in the groove and trying hard to channel Ray because Ray did all that bobbing around and swaying. But whatever, high, drunk or grooving, I find him sexy as heck singing it. Didn’t care for the long over worked version on the CD. Loved Ray’s version and it was one of his big hits.

  10. Damn, that Smith’s Georgia is awesome! I especially LOVE the harp in the middle!! The whole thing just so f’ing fine!!! Had not seen that one.

    Had seen this one before, and since the other did not embed……. This is a really jazzed up version. Very different from the other but also FINE as hell IMO.

  11. casualfan Says:

    “In Your Time” is by far my favorite cd of Taylor’s. It’s raw, untouched, passionate and full of his soul. THAT IS TAYLOR HICKS!

  12. I is for “itsallgrey”.

  13. In Your Time was such a great CD! It is sort of what I expected from the post-idol CD, but my hopes were dashed with that one.
    I love Son of a Carpenter, as well as In Your Time, heck they’re all really good.
    Great choice for the letter “I”, grey!

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