Oh, who the hell knows what happened? *sigh*

My two youngest kids love watching the Ford commercials from AI5. They found the dvd today and put it in. My son looked at me, while he was watching the “Taylor coming home” part, and said, “That’s how famous Taylor is? He has police in front and back of his car when he goes somewhere?” I replied, “That’s how famous he USED to be.”

Watching that made me long for that time again, a time which represented hope, uncertainty, promise and excitement. It was fun back then, but it makes me wonder, what went wrong? Did Taylor’s self fulfilling prophecy of failure come into play? I mean, Taylor filled a mall with 12,000 people, but now has a hard time filling a 300 seat venue.

Was it the cheesy music on the first cd? Was it the rumored attitude that he knew better than the professionals? Was it too much exposure? Was it too many tour dates in a short period of time? Was it bad management?

I don’t know the reason why Taylor isn’t way better off in the music industry today than he is. He sure got a hell of a head start, though. Oh, and I know, people will say he’s doing just fine, this is the only way he can tour, blah, blah, blah. I’m just not buying it, since there are musicians busting their asses in clubs every night, just to get their music heard. And yes, I know, this topic has been beat to death. I just keep hoping that somebody comes up with an answer that makes sense.


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  1. If Taylor stuck with the roots music he always loved, he would AT LEAST be in the same place he is now, except with a shitload more respect from people. Trying to please all the people all the time seemed to water down his sincerity and he came across as a caricature. I still love the guy, and it’s sad to hear he’s become weary of travel. Who the hell wouldn’t? I just hope he gets off the gerbil wheel soon and can enjoy life. Take a long rest Taylor, and get back to us when you’re ready

  2. Oh, so much agreed, Momo.

    I’m in a little bit of a ranty mood. Don’t even get me started on the Michael Jackson thing.

    So, Taylor’s tired of traveling? Took damn long enough.

  3. Rant on Grey, rant on… It’s your blog 🙂

  4. I’ve liked everything Taylor has recorded from his Early Works to The Distance. I don’t think straying from his roots had anything to do with his current position. If AI had put out the Early Works instead I really don’t think he would be any further along. Wish I had a crystal ball because I think that’s what it would take to really know why his career has not sky rocketed. JMHO.

  5. suze4158 Says:

    It truly is the promise of those moments in those clips that are so poignant.

    It seemed the world was Taylor’s oyster. He just had to pluck out the pearl. But when he cracked open that puppy…the gem was misshapen…and not as beautiful as expected.

    Sometimes, though as I look back at those times and where Taylor is now, I wonder if my sadness about him in the smaller clubs, etc., is about my own ego and how it is bruised because I thought that I had attached myself to this exciting, different rising star….and it just did not happen.
    I don’t like being ‘wrong’, you know? And the only wrong I have committed as a fan is liking someone that wasn’t promoted.

    The definitive answer to your question is, then, “radio play”.
    TH’s story would be wholly different if he’d gotten a single from TH on the stations back then.
    The irony from AI to the lack of play is song choice won him the AI title. Seems that song choice would be a natural skill for choosing what singles to release, right? I personally would have liked The Maze for the TH release, and MYS for The Distance.
    An old saying…
    If “ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a merrier Christmas”.

  6. NolaMar Says:

    An article today used the same adjective – cheesy – to describe the TH cd, but I totally disagree. I love 80% of that album, and I like the other 20%. Could it have been better? Probably, but IT IS NOT BAD IMO! (Just a note, the article WAS a very positive one for Taylor except for that remark. That and saying he “only” sold 1 million copies of it.) http://www.philly.com/philly/entert…_in_heaven.html

    Someone suggested that Taylor’s own fan base’s criticizing and calling the CD cheesy and lame and picking it apart were partially responsible for it’s lack of success. I would say that is possible. Who is going to buy it when his own fans are saying it sucks? That, and the lack of promoting it and radio play. But more than anything I would say it was the latter. I’ve found out just in the past two weeks that 2 of my best friends and two other casual friends LOVED Taylor on AI, then never knew what happened to him. My best friend (the one who went to see GPN with me) was over here today and said after AI she heard him a couple of times on the radio, but never again. She also said she was for him from DAY 1 after she saw his audition. He was not promoted. The people like her who liked him on the show but who weren’t actively following him lost track of him and “forgot” about him because his name was not “out there.” The ones who did follow him (many of them from what I hear) tore his cd to shreds.

    You’ve got Simon (who hates him) and AI who probably resented him for not “playing the game,” so they didn’t promote him anywhere near what they could/should have. You’ve got the pop crowd who don’t want to hear blues or soul music (as Snow repeatedly reminds us) and then you’ve got many of the fan’s saying he’s not soulful or bluesy ENOUGH. So there you go..

    Yeah, things are not like we wish them to be, but I don’t think they are as dark as some. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. I don’t know. I still see some positive stuff. I don’t think the story is over yet. I hope not anyway. It won’t be unless Taylor gives up.

    (NOTE: When Taylor “filled a mall with 12,000 people” he was being seen on TV twice a week by millions. As has been said a million times, many of them were show followers but not necessarily music lovers or buyers.)

    (One More Note: I would personally rather see him at a 400 person venue like the Magic Bag than a stadium with 20,000!!!)

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Totally agree with all you have said. I also loved the TH CD when I first listened to it, it wasn’t what I was expecting but after sitting and really listening to it I could hear his style, and flavor throughout, just had it on the other day in the car.

    Whatever his reasons were to take Grease are his. For me he has found an inovative way to promote his music through the show. He probably saw this as something different no one has done before why not. IMO he wants steady money coming in can’t always guarentee that with shows with all the releated costs with them. Hell he isn’t even doing a shadow date in Philly one of the larger cities on the Grease tour. Grease is guarenteed income the shows aren’t.


  8. Nolamar…. totally agree with what you said.

    I think it comes down to air play, and his lack of promotion from AI. His genre of music isn’t bad, it’s just not the hot one right now.

    Taylor has said from the beginning…. he is most comfortable in small venues. If he can make a living at that…more power to him. I prefer small venues for most of my concerts.

  9. blueberry Says:

    I never put much importance on the size of the crowds at those AI homecoming weeks. While it probably was a much needed/appreciated boost to the contestants, it obviously wasn’t a testament to the contestant’s longevity or potential success. To me, it seemed more like those who attended, not all, but most, probably just wanted to be a part of something or even just be on television.

    I don’t know that any one thing really contributed to where we are today –
    I just don’t think that his music lends itself to sold-out stadiums. His music is very, very good, as we all know, but it just doesn’t appeal to huge masses of people. It is like many other things – you either like it or you don’t. If I am not interested in something, no amount of publicity or marketing is going to make me consume it. While I do hope he has success, fame does not necessarily mean talent, as evidenced by many artists now. In my book, I’ll take talent over fame. I can’t speak to the radio play issue because I don’t listen to music on the radio – somehow (thanks in part to sites like this one) I find music I like and buy.

  10. Seven Days Says:

    When you step back and look at it, American Idol is really a weird phenomenon. Out of the winners (and some of the non winners), you have those who are already built for radio play in various genres (Chris Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, David Cook). Then you have those who explore other avenues such as Broadway in order to build an enduring career — Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson. And lastly, there are those who were wildly popular on the show more as “novelties” — Ruben, Taylor, even Clay Aiken to a certain extent — who then fall off the radar screen of popular culture after the show is over. I admit to being attracted to certain “novelties” and then completely forgetting about them after AI is over — Blake Lewis, I’m talking about you. I’ll be quite interested to see if people are even talking about Adam Lambert two years from now (I hope they are, I like him).

    So — is it Taylor’s “fault” that he’s not more popular than he is? American Idol’s? The big boys in the corporate music and radio world? Our weird and fickle popular culture that moves from one act to the next? (I can guarantee you that no one will know who Lady Gaga is in five years.) Who’s to know, really?

    The one thing I do observe is that Taylor seems intent on describing success on his own terms, and he has the tenacity to try to keep making a go of it, wherever that may lead. And as a fan, I know I’ll be there for some parts of it (Magic Bag show was indescribably good) and not there as much for others. But that’s not unusual — heck, I love Kevin Costner the actor….Kevin Costner the singer?? Gack. LOL

  11. Sometimes, though as I look back at those times and where Taylor is now, I wonder if my sadness about him in the smaller clubs, etc., is about my own ego and how it is bruised because I thought that I had attached myself to this exciting, different rising star….and it just did not happen.
    I don’t like being ‘wrong’, you know? And the only wrong I have committed as a fan is liking someone that wasn’t promoted.

    Wow, Suze. This is exactly right on. Maybe part of the reason that I’m so frustrated with Taylor is because he didn’t “explode” on to the music scene like I thought he would. Interesting viewpoint.

  12. Seven Days, I’ll have to agree on Kevin Costner the singer….definitely gack. 😆

    Here’s the other part I’ve been trying to figure out. I’ve loved lots of music, but I never have been as attached to an artist’s career as I have with Taylor’s. Must be because of the AI thing, or being on the ground floor of something great. Of course, the AI board was the first time I ever visited, much less posted. I guess it was what I saw when he was really good, really on his game that kept me coming back.

  13. NolaMar….I agree…you said it very well.
    The home town visits are soooo hyped of course there is going to be a crowd. There was for all the AI contestants from every season.but really how many of them keep the momentum going…not just Taylor’s fan base dwindled after the show ended. Kelly Clarkson…and Carrie UNderwood are the only 2 out of all the contestants & winners that really keep the momentum from the show. Jennifer Hudson had a huge break in a movie, Daughtry sold big on his cd (but that is one cd not a career) Kellie Pickler attached herself to the biggest thing in country music to make her breaks come along. Daughtry & Kellie both got a lot of air play, that was not in the cards for Taylor. People a spoon fed what the radio wants them to hear rock & kiddie pop (Jonas Bros & Hannah Montana). I think music lovers especially of blues & soul have got to realize that we have to dig a little further for our music and our favorite artists have to struggle a lot harder. Not that they don’t have the talent…they just aren’t spoon fed to the masses. I don’t know if it is anyone’s “FAULT” least of all the artist.
    But anyone at the Magic Bag knows the man oozes talent> I would love to see Taylor sell a sh*t load of cd’s, but without airplay (and the lack of still baffles me) no one knows the cd is even out there. I liked David Cook on the show but his cd is awful, but because it’s rock (kinda) it got airplay and sold lots….the music sucks. When Daughtry did No Surprises on Ai I thought it was boring as hell but it will be played to death. I don’t get it. IMO SMB is a far superior product . OH well I’m not adding anything new to this discussion so I’ll end now and just see if others can come up with anything new. Just to add, I love Taylor’s music, his shows are fabulous and I’m a fan for life if he fills a 300 seat bar or a 12,000 seat venue makes not one iota of difference in my appreciation of the man’s talent.

  14. And here’s the other thing that’s been bugging me. It’s like he stopped working. Now hang on a minute before people freak out. He stopped working towards the ultimate goal of being a traveling musician. He took the paycheck with Grease, which lost him a shitload of respect. And while he may be working every single day…is he really working on his music every single day? It’s just disappointing.

    After AI, I kept thinking…ok, one day everybody will see what I see in him..and I’m still waiting for everybody else to see it.

    I remember that his band tried to dissuade him from entering AI. Why? Because they knew the music would be comprimised? Or because they didn’t want him to throw his principles regarding the music out the window?

  15. NolaMar Says:

    Grey, this is like a Ferris Wheel – we just keep going round and round! LOL Nothing I’m going to say will be any newer than what you just said. No, he’s not a day to day traveling musician, but he certainly does travel and perform.

    There are many reaasons his career sort of crashed, and we might not ever totally understnad it hard as we try. But now he’s put out a stellar CD (IMO) and is working hard to promote it in a new and creative way. He has said again and again that he wanted to take the part in Grease not only for a paycheck but to break into musical theater. And it was the perfect part to do that for him. He has a sweet deal there! He went on AI as an almost last ditch effort to get some name recognition. He was setting an age limit for himself, and was getting close to just giving up if he didn’t make it by then.

    He had many reasons of his own both for going on AI and for taking the Grease part – you just don’t want to accept any of them. I’m getting more of a feel for all that went down and I think that you and many others from GC still can not accept that Taylor didn’t do what YOU wanted him to do or thought he should do. He didn’t make the CD YOU wanted. He took a part you think is a sell out and cheesy and lost him musical respect. I get all that and understand your frustration and need to vent it.

    My frustration is not that Taylor did not meet my expectations, it is that he is not recognized for the ultra-talented person that he is. But he’s doing things his way, he’s running his own career and working his ass off. I totally enjoy the man’s music – all of it – and only wish him more and more success. But even more than that, I mainly wish him happiness and contentment with the way his life and career are going.

  16. IAG…I am curious as to whose respect Taylor has lost a shitload of…a few fans? The media…they gave Taylor NO respect before Grease, if anything I would say their respect has increased.. Other musicians??….I’m sure that most of them have done anything and everything for a paycheck along their way and their OK with that. I’m sure they measured the respect level by not selling out to the record labels by a much bigger yardstick then doing what it takes to pay your bills. I’m sure most people would.

    Anyone who had the privilege to see Taylor at the Magic Bag knows
    without a doubt that this man is serious about working on his music and his goal of being a Travelling musician…On June 22 he left no Fucking doubt of that.

    Why is it so important to you that everyone else sees what you see in him.There are a shitload of us that do and those that don’t , may someday may never see it. Their loss…

    I’m also sure that even if the band didn’t want Taylor to do AI they are living a better life because he did..I’m guessing their damn glad he did it now.

    Taylor’s principals have not gone out the window..they are strong ones.
    But try to remember the ideals you had at twenty something with stars in our eyes to the grown ups with responsibilities and some readjusting we had to make and even compromises in order to move forward in our grown up lives.

  17. NolaMar Says:

    Anne said: “But anyone at the Magic Bag knows the man oozes talent”

    That he does, Anne! And that is why we are all still here. LOL

  18. charcoal Says:

    Via FuelFriendsBlog on Nick Hornby’s new book “Juliet, Naked”.

    This book is a pitch-perfect look at the lives of music obsessives (within the first thirty pages we have a British guy on the Berkeley-bound BART, scouting out the house of his favorite reclusive musician’s muse, “Juliet”) — and what that kind of fandom looks like as you get deep into the world of message boards, theories about the epic album versus the just-released demos that preceded them, and what we think that can tell us about the artist on the inside. It underscores emphatically how little we know about our musical idols, and how in dissecting them down to minute detail, on some level we’re truly just hashing out stuff about ourselves. Something in the unfinished narratives of our own lives finds solidification and beauty in the way our favorite musicians write about theirs.

  19. casualfan Says:

    The Magic Bag isn’t the only show where Taylor’s star shined bright. All the shows he puts on are great and he goes above and beyond on all of them. Considering the same people at the Magic Bag are the exact same ones who have been going to all of the other shows…I don’t see anything different.

  20. Well, when Taylor gives us something new to talk about, I guess we can talk about something new.

  21. casualfan Says:

    IAG-I always enjoy reading your blog and appreciate what you have to say. Up till recently I felt the same way in questioning “what went wrong” I am coming to realize that nothing went wrong. Taylor is in a better position than he was before AI and many doors have opened for him. His opportunities are abound, but maybe not to our liking. The important thing is that he’s happy and successful in his measurement of what success is. What we want doesn’t matter.

    I’ve moved on and will just enjoy what he gives me (still not wild about Grease) but I do understand his reasons for doing it.

  22. cf….I have attended quite a few of Taylor’s shows , I guess about 8 or 9. I can only speak for myself ..the Magic Bag was ..well..magical!!! The fact that it was Taylor with only 2 guitarists & keyboards & the VOICE, it was incredible. I can compare it only to ONa’s last May with Winn Christian, the intimacy of the venue. Taylor slow & easy and enjoying every minute of the gig.

  23. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Totally agree with you its his path we accept what he gives or just not be involved anymore. His live performances can’t be matched he gives it all up there, myself perfere the smaller venues he just such a stage presence.


  24. hickasholic Says:

    I agree wholehardly that some of the disappointment is that we as Taylor fans want affirmation from the masses of his talent. There was an interesting discussion on mj’s blog the other day about Adam Lambert changing the face of music. There was a lot of discussion that you could replace Adam’s name with Taylor after Season 5 and the comments would be very similar. I agree, I was there. We as fans got affirmation of Taylor’s talent when he won. I know I for one expected Taylor to be very successful commercially due to his wild success on the show. Daughtry fans were convinced their guy should have won and if you are to only measure success by post AI album sales they would be right.
    I think a couple of things happened to Taylor and it is only speculation on my part based on some things I’ve read from people in the know. I think TPTB were always planning on promoting Daughtry more than taylor since he was in a popular genre and required no adjustments prior to releasing an album. People knew him, his genre of music was popular and I bet most of his albums songs were picked long before Taylor even started discussing his possible songs. In addition, I think Taylor was much more difficult to deal with partially because he did not want to be compromised artisticly and felt he knew what songs he should be singing rather than TPTB. I also think coming off of what must have been a very heady experience winning AI(as an older guy) he felt invincible and wanted to be in control. That created a thought that he was difficult to deal with. The combination of the two hurt him IMO.
    That being said, I have been to see Taylor numerous times, have bought numerous copies of all of his cds and enjoy them and him as a performer like no other. I am definitely a supporter and will continue to be.

  25. Charcoal: very interesting!

  26. NolaMar Says:

    Casualffan said: “The Magic Bag isn’t the only show where Taylor’s star shined bright. All the shows he puts on are great and he goes above and beyond on all of them. Considering the same people at the Magic Bag are the exact same ones who have been going to all of the other shows…I don’t see anything different”.

    I promise I’m not trying to pick a fight, but I’m not sure I agree with you on the part about it being “all the same people.” Sure, there is a hard core group that goes to his shows, but certainly not 400 of them. Maybe 50?? Max? (I could be wrong about that.. )It was only my 2nd show ever, and that after 2 years.

    Also, and more importantly, neither Anne (I don’t think) or myself were trying to say “My show was better than your show” if that is how you read it. I really can’t even be the one to judge that for the same reason I just mentioned – I have not been to multiple shows to compare it with. But the people I’ve talked with who HAVE been to many have said the Magic Bag was phenomenal and they’ve NEVER heard him sound so good. And again, this NOT to brag that “my concert was better!” Multiple concert goers were AMAZED, and I can say that I personally was stunned by the power of his voice, and it was not just powerful it was beautiful.

    We are just making the point that Taylor is getting better and better at his craft! His talent is off the charts IMHO. He was EXTREMELY comfortable interacting with the audience and they loved him. There are some things performance wise he needs to work on, like lyrics, but I would say he is moving upward all the time based on what I saw and heard and what others have said.

  27. NolaMar Says:

    IAG, I hope you didn’t think I was being snarky earlier! I love your blog and your thoughts and the discussions that go on here, even if we all (especially ME!) tend to be repetitive and cyclic at times when it comes to Taylor and his music and choices.

    I also agree with those who have said we all have a need to be affirmed in our support and choice of Taylor. I bet that book Charcoal brought up deals with that issue. I feel that need much less since seeing the concert 2 weeks ago. No matter how popular or “successful” sales wise, I know that man has GOT IT and I hope one day the rest of the world will know it. Even if they don’t, WE know it. And we are right. 😉

  28. casualfan Says:

    Nola-they know it but most just don’t get it. His music has a different flavor and is not mainstream…Taylor isn’t mainstream and I’m thinking he prefers it that way.

    As I said earlier in my post- Taylor’s measure of success is that he is already successful and he’s right. His outlook on life seems complicated to some but it’s very simplistic and that’s one of the things I love about Mr. Hicks. It took me awhile to actually “get it” but now that I do, I’m at peace with Taylor.

  29. I’m also at peace with Taylor but felt real grief when he did not become the huge star I expected and I believe he expected he would be when he won AI. I got carried away with wanting him to win and be huge, due to his back story, his talent, charm personality and charisma. He just had something special and the twinkle in his eyes, his smile and facial expressions gave me the feeling he was somone special. I felt he was destained for fame as a singer and entertainer. I still get frustrated over such things as SMB not getting radio play but not nearly as much as I did when none of his songs on his first CD. took off. I just try to ease on down the road and enjoy him and know he is working hard and doing all he can to make good music and keep his name out there. He enjoys entertaining people and I think he has the balls and drive to work it. I’ve given up even wanting to know inside details of what when wrong in 06 and 07 between him and TPTB, because that is the past. If he made unwise decisions I’m believe he knows what they are and has moved forward. Ya just gotta go with what is now and work with that reality.

  30. I think Charcoal just rapped us on the knuckles again. I hate when he does that. LOL.

  31. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I don’t think Taylor had any illusions about being a “big star”. Sure after awhile all the coddling went to his head (which is expected) but I do know there were people in his camp who were able to bring him down and remind him where he came from. I believe they used the term “Taylormade” as a reality check code word.

    Taylor is a true visionary thinker and his thought processes are always churning. He’s not in the fog as to what he wants out of his career like some seem to think. Most fans will remain in the fog because of the high expectations that were placed on him from the fanbase.

    Taylor only wanted his voice heard and to help pave the way for individuality in music and I think he’s doing just that. Taylor won AI because he got the concept of the shows meaning which is to showcase one’s true “taylorized” vision.

    Sorry for the rant, but it’s very simplistic when one thinks about it. 😉

  32. yeah, Dee, and I was all fired up to give an opinion! Now I’m afraid that opining about Taylor’s career will only expose something lacking in my own life. 😉

    I will say that we just don’t know what what went on behind closed doors and Taylor will always put a positive spin on everything.

  33. NolaMar Says:

    You’re so good Caryl. LOL!

  34. NolaMar Says:

    Dee said: “I think Charcoal just rapped us on the knuckles again. I hate when he does that. LOL.”

    Yeah, me too but he’s good at it, isn’t he? 😉

  35. Christa Says:

    It does suck that Taylor didn’t become a huge superstar a while after Idol, but rarely do most of the Idol winners. The only winners who have met whatever dumb standards Idol has, are Carrie and Kelly.
    Honestly though, how many of these superstar people on the charts can you say are actually talented, that don’t need autotone or overproducing? Very few.
    And with Taylor it’s hard, because his style isn’t mainstream. It hasn’t been for a while. Plus it didn’t help that the record label didn’t really do their job in promoting him. He got screwed which might happen to Kris Allen too, that sucks because I love him as well.
    Taylor will be fine in the long run. I wasn’t all that pleased with Grease either but Broadway opens up other doors. And I’ve seen video snuck into those theaters, the crowd loves him.

    “If you wanna lose your sense of discovery, sell millions of records of your first 2 albums.”- John Mayer

  36. hickasholic Says:

    Speaking of John Mayer- anybody see him on Larry King last might talking about the Michael Jackson memorial? He played an instrumental tribute during the memorial. It was really good IMO. He was one of the more interesting guests.

  37. Charcoal, thanks for the linkage to the book review (that applies so perfectly). That book looks good! I’m looking forward to reading it when it comes out.

  38. I enjoyed John Mayer’s performance and how about Jennifer Hudson! She is an example of it ain’t over til its over and until the fat lady sings. Had she not gotten the role in Dreamgirls who talent might still be overlooked. It is by no means over for Taylor and he like she may be rediscovered by the masses and who knows when or by what means. Thats why I don’t knock him doing Grease or taking on a bigger and better role. The exposure he gets is a plus, his reviews have been good and it surely helps him fund his music. He seems to have been using his free time to improve his guitar skills and may be writing new songs. Even doing the National Anthem in various cities keeps his name out there and showcases his excellent voice to some who may never have followed him and others who have forgotten him. I tend to look for the positives and even gave hits to TMZ as I view them using the caption Taylor Hicks topless as attention for Taylor.

  39. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I so agree whatever he needs to do to keep his name and music out there in a positve light I’m all for it, it can only help him not hurt.

    I go to see Grease Sunday with hubby and daughter!!! 🙂


  40. mamaforpeace Says:

    Can’t wait for the letter H. I hope it’s, well, you know, the H word!

  41. NolaMar Says:

    I’m hoping it’s my favorite thing that Taylor does. (*Hint, Hint, look at one of my shorter, overlooked posts above with several links in it. 😀 )

  42. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Did you see him on Fox Philly today the close ups of him playing the harp, OMG!!! 🙂


  43. NolaMar Says:

    Just now! WOW! Love those screen shots too. LOL Now, I know it’s about the music, but I can’t help it – he’s a beautiful man too. It’s like extra icing on the cake. Or maybe sprinkles on the icing. Or….. Oh, just shut me up…. 😉

  44. While waiting for a mamogram today I was glancing thru People Magazine 2009 hottest bachelors. Some of the guys did nothing for me and Taylor is hotter than all of them. I had just watched videos of both his morning Philly TV appearances and it was fresh in my mind how hot he looked. Everyone should check out the clips and also Sturgess went to Grease last night and has great video and audio of the curtain call and him singing SMB, playing the guitar and harp. For those who don’t belong to the BB. you can view them on Chill’s. I notice he has yet again changed up and improved on Grease Is The Word. I give him props for improving his interviews and doing a bang up job with his Grease role and solo performances.

  45. pearlpattie Says:

    IMO Perception is the key word here….in the last Rolling Stone the Jonas Bros. complained about the EXACT opposite problem…how mega success with the pre-teens can be turned into credibility for them musically….when the media creates the “perception” its a really hard road to change that….Taylor has got to have a hit record at some point and this won’t happen without the radio….so back to square one….

    I’m in for the long haul, thats all I know….he’s young and the public is very fickle and forgetful….REALLY touring this album would help IMO….

  46. maybe soon radio will die and all this won’t matter anymore. At least, I wish that would happen.

  47. NolaMar Says:

    I really is bad!! I was taking DD to the doctor yesterday and I could not believe how bad the radio sucked.

  48. spinshack Says:

    Charcoal, that is a really brilliant work to submit here. It completely says what this whole thing has been about for many, many people.

    Too, it’s finding that hero to believe in, that guy who can take you away from your everyday situations, whatever they may be and transport you to that Land of Hope. Through them live vicariously while yourself inserted as a prop to – in your mind – continue to propel them and so then yourself.


  49. I’m late to this discussion, so I’ll keep it brief. In many ways, it IS all about the fans and our wants and needs. And what Charcoal referenced was exactly what I’ve felt for some time now. Therefore, I’ve been able to let most of my personal feelings go and just enjoy whatever Taylor has to offer. We all change as time goes on; our hopes, wishes and dreams change. I would suggest that so have Taylor’s. If we keep pushing forward rather than sitting back and letting our disappointments rule our lives, then changes in our plans or expectations can become new avenues to new goals – which may prove to be more rewarding than what our initial goals ever could have been. The proverbial glass is definitely half full. That’s the way I see things where Taylor is concerned. I look forward to following wherever he chooses to lead.

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