G is for Gray Charles


G is for Gray Charles

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he was an integral part of Taylor’s online fanbase during American Idol, and was a voice for Taylor after the win.  Gray, the original, was the first to make it “all about the music”.  When other fan sites were “thudding” left and right, Gray banned the fangirls and catered to the blues and soul fanbase, the music afficiando, though his detractors would call the regulars music snobs.  Gray led many of us back to Taylor’s roots, back to “real” music, and gave us insight into the blacklight world of indie artists and small labels. 

“All about the music” maybe, but he was so much more:

* For Taylor’s fanbase, Gray was the originator of the “audio blog”. 

* His post AI interview gave us greater insight and let us know what was cooking deep in our “American Idol’s” soul. 

* He leaked the vids to the rehearsals.com site, leading to the infamous f-bomb apology.

*We heard the first clips, then the full audio of the major label CD “Taylor Hicks”, prior to its official release date.

*It was the gathering point for all of us who made our way to MardiGras and joined the Krewe of Endmyion, where Taylor served as Grand Marshall.

*The fanbase rallied for (and against) Gray Charles, as Taylor and his management hammered out a marketing plan.

When all was said and done, these two went their separate ways, but still the story continued:

* Admirers and detractors alike stopped by during the last days of www.graycharles.com to give their two cents, speak their mind, and/or say their peace.

* Gray chose this site to release previously unseen video of Taylor and the band rehearsing, adding once more to the mutual buzz and (dare I say it?) allure of these two gentlemen doing what they do best:  Taylor performing his music, his way, and Gray Charles being his enigmatic self.

It may seem self indulgent, but this seems like a good time to make something clear.  When I was thinking up a name for this site, I never imagined that I would become the successor of the “Grey” name.  I make no claim whatsoever to attempt to follow in the footsteps of the original, nor have the same impact on this fanbase.


57 Responses to “G is for Gray Charles”

  1. How is it that I’m always the first poster? Maybe we have the same schedule with kids the same age?? Not having much free time either with the kids being out of school, still loving all the quality time with them! Grey, I love this and previous posts. In the little time I’ve known you, I sense that you’re level headed and in no way compare yourself to the original Gray. I am glad that you have taken on his esoteric sense of humor and straightforwardness that will slap a fantard when they get out of line. I don’t envy the task of blog master, but cheers for doing such a fabulous job!!.

  2. Thanks, Momo…:)

  3. mamaforpeace Says:

    Very, very good choice, AIG. Gray Charles was the very first blog of any kind I ever went on. It was great fun, and I learned a lot about music. It was sad when it closed down. In your house, grEy, I found another place where I can laugh and relax and learn and feel part of a nice on line community. So, thank you:)

  4. Sorry that I rarely get to post, but life has to come first, as I guess Grey has been grappling with. I have learned about so much incredible music from you guys, my favorite lately being James Morrison. It takes me a long time to digest and really appreciate a musician, which is why I don’t alway have a quick response to suggestions. As Taylor would say, music should be organic (totally paraphrasing)..so as I watch my literal garden grow, I am slowly listening to the suggestions made here. I don’t always have an opinion about things. Sometimes they just have to mature with time…I’m looking forward to a work-free summer and time to savor your music suggestions Grey, that is, after I take a nap 🙂

  5. Gray Charles was my first blog too. I don’t even know how I found it. I’m sure I was Googling Taylor Hicks LOL. The only think I had used the Internet for up to that point was business and research. Little did I know that I would get caught up in this online fandom and even become obsessed with Twitter. LOL. GC was a great site. It’s a shame it kind of ended on a down note but it is what it is. Can’t take the memories away though.

  6. hickasholic Says:

    Gray’s was my first too and I loved it. Nothing can compare to the original Gray’s but I’ve found this place to be the closest thing to it as far as discussing Taylor. I loved MJ’s too back in the day when Taylor was the biggest topic of discussion. I still miss Dingo although she shows up at MJ’s occasionally and still loves Taylor(Adam may be her flavor of the month though)

  7. GC was initially responsible for my need to check the internet even before my morning rituals.
    GC made me feel smarter than I was and dumber than I am.
    GC exercised my adult thinking muscles.
    GC reluctantly introduced me to “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  8. pearlpattie Says:

    I only caught the tail end of GC and mostly for the Taylor vids and info….but I still have the bumper sticker on my car…LOL

  9. Gray Charles was a fantastic site and I really miss it. Thanks for that excellent post Grey- it was worth waiting for! 🙂

  10. jerseyirish Says:

    Wasn’t around for gc have read alot some loved him some not so much guess just depends on your experience with him.


  11. spinshack Says:

    I think he’s tired of twitter. Boo.

    I have a photo of him having cold bevs, the man do like to party.

  12. mamaforpeace Says:

    MN, loved your post, especially the smarter dumber part!

  13. With GC I often felt as though I were in over my head concerning the music discusssion. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it and learned about some artists I had never heard of before. My best memory, however, is finding Taylor’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” on GC. It’s still my favorite Taylor performance.

  14. Grey, am so glad you chose GrayCharles for the G part of your alpha-journal. As you state the blog and the blogger were an integral part of Taylor’s journey – one I still miss very much.

    Realize there were some who for whatever reason did not care for the site or the man . . but I was around as a reader, then gradually a poster, from shortly after the site went online to the day it went dark for good and found Gray to be an incredibly hard working advocate for Taylor. As you’ve seen on this blog, he still does speak up for him at times.

    (Meg . . I wrote this off site before saw your post . . this next part is not in response to you but thanks for the unintentional segue :] )

    The complaint I’ve seen most often and would like to address is that people felt unwelcome or felt the conversations were somehow only for a select few. I don’t think it was any different than any social site with a group of regular posters who tend to dominate the conversation with topics that interest them. That is not in any way a criticism . . just an observation of what is completely normal and expected when groups of people come together . . not only on- but off-line as well.

    As to “music snobs” . . guess my interpretation was that I was grateful for a chance to reactivate my love of music after a very long period of life on auto-pilot by drawing on the knowledge of some intelligent and articulate people who could help me fill in my gaps.
    I will acknowledge that it was intimidating to jump in and post at first . . and my ego did get bruised a few times . . part of that was learning to “read” the dry wit of many of the posters and not take everything personally. But I also found that most people were more than willing to answer my dumb (sometimes seriously!) questions and help me find my way . . and that included Gray.

    GC-1 and GC-2 had different characteristics . . most of my nostalgia is for GC-1 but a large part of my respect for Gray as a person grew out of the situations and people he had to deal with during GC-2.
    My opinion of Gray has never changed . . he may have a sarcastic dry wit that annoyed some and amused others . . but he also has a great deal of integrity and a reservoir of patience that I think went far beyond the original thought expressed in the About section. Those characteristics and his determination to give us as much information as possible helped make Gray Charles one of the most successful single artist fan blogs and a definite asset for Taylor. Have often wished he had remained in charge of Taylor’s online marketing even if only as the wizard behind the curtain.

    I have one sticking point with your list Grey . . it has to do with the “fuck apology” . . but need to access a different computer to get to something.

  15. I’m on a borrowed computer and need to be brief. I learned a lot at Gray’s. Not just about Taylor’s musical background or about music I had never heard before. I learned to be an awesome commenter!! Here are the keys to contributing to a great online discussion (let me see if I can remember them):

    1. Don’t objectify Taylor
    2. Don’t comment if you have nothing to say
    3. Don’t attack other posters
    4. Don’t use smilies, type ‘Bwa-wa-wa’, or type in ALL CAPS.

    Hmmm…I may think of more later, but following these simple rules has made ME AN AWESOME COMMENTER! Bwa-wa-wa!! 🙂

  16. Caryl you are indeed “AN AWESOME COMMENTER” . . I remember complaining when Gray allowed the smilies because I thought they would become a substitute for the effort people made to express themselves . . then I got addicted to the little beasts myself – LOL


    Grey . . I could most definitely be wrong but I don’t remember Taylor apologizing for saying fuck during “Hollywood Nights” from Rehearsals.com

    The only apology I remember … the one that set off a bit of a fan war … was after this part of his interview with Gray was posted.
    Kept an email in an external hard drive . . .

    June 24th, 2006
    The one very specific question I have for Taylor surrounds his choice of “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne. I suggested to Taylor that this might have been his “riskiest” choice of the competition. Why did he choose to sing a song by an obscure artist in front of a pop culture audience of fifty million people?
    “I’ve been listening to that record forever and just loving it. I consider Ray a modern day Van Morrison/Astral Weeks kind of guy. I wanted to hone in on the songwriting aspect of the modern performance because I think that Ray is just an amazing songwriter and performer.
    I had fallen in love with that album and thought, what a great way to bring that music and that point of view to that many people. I wanted to say – Here’s a Fucking SONG.
    I’m such a lucky person, I don’t know what you call it to be honest. My whole goal is to let people see about that music that’s real and not to let it slip. Before Idol I had a really small capacity to do that but now I can do that on a worldwide stage – it’s great!”

    Followed by

    June 25th, 2006
    There has been some small controversy surrounding Taylor’s use of the F-Bomb during our conversation about Ray LaMontagne. While many who read the piece responded very positively to this “real” view of Taylor, a few others (mostly at other sites to be fair) were offended.
    Taylor has chosen this interview to connect with his fan base and, as you might be aware, he’s been following the “action” both here and elsewhere as folks respond to his thoughts about American Idol, his new career and his musicianship.
    Long story short, I just got off the phone with Taylor and he wanted to offer an apology to anyone who was offended by his choice of words. Here is what he had to say:
    “I’m sincerely sorry if anyone was offended by the language I used in describing my thoughts surrounding the Ray LaMontage song. While I stick by the emotion I was trying to convey I’m sure I could have chosen different words to describe what I was feeling. It came from a positive emotional connection to an artist and his music but I understand that it might have been considered inappropriate. I’m not a person who typically curses in day-to-day conversation so I feel badly for anyone who was bothered by this.”
    So there you have it. I can tell you from the tone of Taylor’s voice that he really didn’t mean to offend and he was even apologetic about asking me to go through the steps to post this. Personally, I don’t notice the odd curse word here and there in typical conversations but for those of you who do, here’s hoping you can be accepting. Taylor’s trying to reach out.
    more interview stuff on the way . . .

    I’m turning off comments on this one – I’ve think we’ve said all there is to say.
    Author: Gray Charles Posted in Idol , Taylor, Analysis | 294 Comments »

  17. What I most remember about GC was that he called his kids Thing 1 and Thing 2 (ala Dr.Seuss). We did that too!!! I think he’s just a regular guy with fantastic taste in music.

  18. I stand corrected, AH. 🙂

  19. NolaMar Says:

    Great choice for “G” IAG!

    Even though I don’t have much to say on this subject, I’m going to comment anyway. 😉

    It was actually the posting of the new rehearsal videos a few months back that brought me here and I’ve enjoyed it daily ever since. (So, thank you for that GC.) Just from what I’ve read here over the past few months I’ve developed a real respect for Mr. GC. I wish I had been in on it from the start! I REALLY regret missing all the good things that went on online during AI and after Taylor’s win. I hope it is all archived somewhere for posterity. I would love to delve into it someday.

    “Thing 1 and Thing 1” – that’s cute. We have our “A” team and our “B” team.

  20. NolaMar Says:

    After reading the record of the f bomb and apology I am incredulous that that simple incident cause so much ruckus in the fandom!! Wow…

  21. No problem Grey . . that particular item is stuck in my otherwise not so great memory because I was so ticked off by the whole thing . . first that people made such a big deal of it . . then that Taylor apologized – even though it probably was the wise thing to do at the time.

    Actually I’m glad you sent me hunting in my old stuff . . the entire interview was in that black hole of a hard drive.
    I wanted the ability to preview and adjust when doing so much pasting so have used my insomnia attack to do a thread on NESP where it is still open reading for everyone.

    Link to the June, 2006, Gray Charles interview with Taylor

  22. NolaMar . . I thought of you in particular while I was putting up the interview.
    Think you will find the lead in post of GC’s of interest too.

  23. hickasholic Says:

    Thanks so much for posting that. It brings back the memories.
    And MN Sue- I want to meet you one day.

  24. spinshack Says:

    Nice link AH, saved it. Nice little trip back in time. Much of my old material from Gray and the earlier days were lost in a horrific computer crash that occurred in early 2007.

    Somehow my old computer caught a bad bug – even with all the protection we had on it and crashed. Lost pictures, both fan related and family related and a great deal of other material. Taught me to back up and copy information onto CDs and utilize ‘store sites’. I appreciate it when someone like you, AH, and others who still have this sort of material, post it.

    Life goes on and interests come and go and time, time always has a way of affecting and sometimes erasing, or at least misting over memories. Reading past material like that refreshes your mind like a small reboot to remind you of the Why of perhaps you might have taken an interest in a person or a cause to begin with – which ties into the time aspect I began rambling on about in the first place.

    Gray Charles, back then and now, for me, remains the iconic marker in how to design, run and create a mystique on-line, how to properly run a fan blog. The GC site had it’s own star quality apart from Mr. Hicks, this owing to the man behind its personality and intelligence. I wasn’t a regular poster, but was a regular reader. Much of the time what occurred to me to write was already written by someone else on the site, so rather than seemingly parrot or copycat, I remained mute. Now, that said, it wasn’t because I was following any ‘rules’. I’m not a follower; and regarding rules, (flashing up to Caryl) I’ve never been good at sticking to rules. 😉

    I am a creature of habit, and here I sit like every morning with my coffee reading this site along with my emails.

    Happy Fourth.

  25. I have a lot of respect for the man and know that despite all the hours and effort he put into the site, he took a lot of crap from people. He also had to deal with fans cozying up to him to get closer to Taylor. It hurts me that some of the fans turned the experience into an ugly one for him. And even now, we don’t get to enjoy his sense of humor because he stays under the radar. I doubt he’ll pop into this thread. He likes to turn up when it’s least expected.

    Every chance I get, I beg to get the archives back. Fans like NolaMar and jerseyirish would appreciate it. But then I wonder if he’s got a plan for them. Hmm…

  26. I too was a blog virgin until GC. I didn’t do the AI boards either. I believe i found GC by searching for info on Taylor.

    I was just a looker for the longest time. If something struck my fancy I would eventually post a short comment. I never felt intimidated by anyone posting on there. There are a lot of people who know more than me.

    I liked all the music talk. I found “The Sounds of Birmingham” cd from his site. I really enjoyed the story of the whole sound thing. One group that sticks in my mind that was a GC fave is Grace Potter and the Nocternals. I still haven’t investigated them and their sound yet.

    Thanks GC for all the info, music etc. Thanks IAG for all that’s to come.

  27. Seven Days Says:

    I think my favorite GC moment came on an ordinary Sunday while Taylor was still working on the first album. Gray posted some random James Brown YouTube vids that day that generated a lot of discussion and appreciation of JB. Later in the day, Taylor himself weighed in (in a separate blog post with some info about the album), and he also added his own comments about the James Brown music. It was really cool because it was so ordinary — just like any chat about music you’d have among friends.

    And that I think was one of Gray’s gifts — he recognized the necessary boundaries that have to be set between an artist and his fans while still providing an avenue for Taylor to be accessible in a pretty unique way.

    IAG — thanks so much for your alphabet soup. I’m really enjoying the series so far.

  28. NolaMar Says:

    Caryl said: “Every chance I get, I beg to get the archives back. Fans like NolaMar and jerseyirish would appreciate it. But then I wonder if he’s got a plan for them. Hm”

    I wondered that myself last night Caryl, but didn’t include it in my post. Thought they might make a great book or something someday.

    Trixie said: “One group that sticks in my mind that was a GC fave is Grace Potter and the Nocternals. I still haven’t investigated them and their sound yet.”

    Because of that very subject being brought up here, I checked out GPN and have become a big fan. Saw them at HOB just a few weeks back. Just received two of their CD’s from amazon. So I have GC and IAG to thank for that too. (AND AH!) In honor of Mr. GC, here is one of my videos from the NOLA HOB:

    GPN HOB5 from rajrae on Vimeo.

  29. NolaMar Says:

    And one more:

    GPN HOB2 from rajrae on Vimeo.

  30. NolaMar Says:

    Don’t know why those didn’t embed. Oh, well…. sorry

  31. Okay, TMZ is at it again. http://www.tmz.com/2009/07/04/tople…s-taylor-hicks/

    People on the Boogie are saying it isn’t him.

  32. NolaMar Says:

    Looked like him to me. What do the rest of you think? I’ll have to go read what they are saying on BB. Mexico would make sense too since he has the concert in CA today.

    TMZ are such assholes though! UGH!

    Another article today in Birmingham: http://www.al.com/business/birminghamnews/news.ssf?/base/business/124669533518130.xml&coll=2

  33. casualfan Says:

    Good for Taylor! He’s able to relax and enjoy himself for a few days of r&r. Hope he’s got a hot chick with him and sipping on some margarita’s. 😉

  34. NolaMar Says:

    He’s not there any more (Mexico). He’s in CA about to perform at the Red, White and Cruise 4th of July event. 6PM PST. He was interviewed a while ago by KFROG and they played SMB.

  35. NolaMar Says:

    And you know if there was a chick with him they would have for sure gotten pictures of that too.

  36. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, I agree if there was a young lady with him they certainly would have gotten that. Looks like he was just relaxing and chilling in the sun, good for him!!!


  37. There could have been a woman there but she could have been inside. Then again he tweeted the other day– don’t play with fireworks play with yourself and talked about drinking smoked margaritas while listening to J. Garcia and the grateful dead. The fact he is in a corner next to a stone wall says privacy and chilling out are priceless. I suscribe to publicity is a plus. OMG Tay’s legs!

  38. I wasn’t around for GC so I can’t comment on him or his blog. It does seem most were very enthusiastic about him and his site. It seems he went out of business just about the time when he and many Taylor Hicks fans realized Taylor was not going to be a super star in the music business. So was it Taylor’s music, the TH CD, his 07 tour that caused many to leave or was is his lack of fame and huge sales? Some people just grow bored and move on to someone new, some new cause or interest. I doubt any real fan of Taylor’s music became uninterested just because GC no longer blogged. The chicken did come before the egg and always will but now with artificial insemination the rooster doesn’t have to be in the chicken coop. What is the most valuable of the 3? Is it the chicken, the rooster or the egg?

  39. hickasholic Says:

    Perfect setup for GC, rosie

  40. hickasholic, I like you and I do confess to having a bit of the devil in me, but I just proposed a 4th of July question in keeping with the freedoms we celebrate on Independence Day. Heck I eat chickens and eggs and enjoy both and especially enjoy tom turkeys on Thanksgiving and the cockadoodle do, doos made by roosters. Why it is as Americana as apple pie, July 4th fireworks, Hot Dogs, and American Idol winners!

  41. Here’s another interview

    What really struck me with this one is that it is the first time I have ever heard him say he is weary of the traveling. I’m sure he’s really getting burnt out. All the travel, sleeping in different hotel beds, all the interviews, sucking up to the radio people, the Grease & shadow shows and all the rehearsals seems like he has been on this roller coaster ride for a lifetime. Even though he loves what he is doing there comes a time for anyone when it all gets to be too much. He definitely needs some R&R. More than just a day or two in Mexico. LOL.

  42. rosie . .
    the Gray Charles blog shut down during Taylor’s Spring tour in 2007. Excitement was pretty high at that point . . if anyone was already deciding Taylor’s future it sure wasn’t apparent from the sold out shows and activity on the boards. Not to mention how many of us were running all over the country to catch TH’s concerts.

    Besides Gray made it very clear to anyone who was willing to read and pay attention why he was ending his run. Realize you are trying to bait him into answering that himself so I’ll stop there in case he decides to play.

    And in case you missed it up thread . . since you weren’t around at the time you might enjoy reading Taylor’s view of things shortly after his AI win and get a look at what was basically the beginning of GC and Taylor’s relationship.

    Link to the June, 2006, Gray Charles interview with Taylor


  43. hickasholic Says:

    I noticed that in that interview Taylor said he was tired of the traveling. He has always referred to himself as a touring (working) musician and it is the first time he indicated he was getting tired. I can’t imagine traveling nonstop like that for so long. I can imagine waking up and not knowing where I was. I guess that’s what happened with Bill. Someone (I think casualfan) said Bill had a new love interest but I bet regardless if that is true or not, he too probably is sick of all the travel. In the beginning I bet there are a lot of perks for young single guys but after a while I bet the excitement wears off. You never know maybe Taylor will settle down. I can’t imagine where though. I guess possibilities include NYC(if he does another Broadway stint), Bham (if he gets the nightclub, music producing thing going) or LA(if the acting thing pans out). At any rate he is signed up for touring Grease through sometime in 2010 right? He’s got a lot more traveling to do and I bet he really will be ready to stay someplace for a while at the end of it.

  44. NolaMar Says:

    Gonna Move from the Speedway!

  45. NolaMar Says:

    I too would love to see him buy a house, and my guess it will be Birmingham because you can tell form his interviews that it is “home” to him and always will be. He’s basing most of his business connections out of there too.

  46. al.com has always been very good to Taylor.
    Even though this isn’t her piece think Mary Colurso had a lot to do with that – it seemed as though they’ve had a connection for a ong time. Think we first saw her name when Taylor sat in with LiMBO during City Stages just after he won. Remember people wishing we could clone her and plant her in newspapers around the country – LOL

    Agree hicksaholic . . the constant traveling with no base to return to probably is getting pretty wearing by now.

  47. NolaMar Says:

    I do it EVERY TIME! “form” instead of “from.” LOL

  48. Just saw your posts NolaMar . . thanks for the video.
    Think you are right about Birmingham or nearby . . . of course there is still the house lot at the lake that was part of the big promotion. Rats can’t remember the name and don’t have time to go hunting.
    Am sure someone will remember . . or find it though.

  49. spinshack Says:

    It (the house/property) is out at the Lake Guntersville development, I believe. Have friends who built a house out there, it’s a lovely place.

  50. Just out of curiosity… Whatever happened to Snowstorm? Did she get bored of being so negative all the time?

  51. casualfan Says:

    Even though this isn’t her piece think Mary Colurso had a lot to do with that – it seemed as though they’ve had a connection.
    Taylor has alot of respect for Mary Colurso because she does her homework before she interviews him. She actually “gets him” and he loves that concept. He doesn’t care for stupid people.

  52. NolaMar Says:

    Thanks for the link to the GC interview AH!! Read it all last night. No time to comment now but it was interesting and I’m glad to have finally read it. Surprised me that GC closed in June’06. I had the idea that it lasted a lot longer than that. TTFN

  53. NolaMar . . that was the first run.

    GC-part 2 was when Gray Charles became an official blog for Taylor in the fall of 2006 . . that lasted until mid April of 2007.

  54. taylorfan06 Says:

    I loved GC very much. It was informative, fun, and I learned so much about good music. My music library increased so much then as it still does today thanks to current TH sites (you’re part of that also IAG).

    I remember seeing Taylor for the first time at The Grove in Anaheim, May 6, 2007. The GC site had been shut down just weeks before. I met him before the show (dumb luck) and remember asking him to do his best to bring the site back. I wasn’t sure if the site close down was actually permanent at that point. I could have been in denial. I still miss it and have MANY pages of various articles I saved from way back when.

    Great choice on “G”, aig, with Gray Charles. I think he is missed by many. Same goes for righthicksave. Another former site favorite.

  55. NolaMar Says:

    Just thought I’d post this home page of KFRG radio with a nice picture of Taylor on it. http://www.kfrog.com/pages/4590687.php? Now off to the new music….

  56. littlewing Says:

    Spinshack: Gray Charles, back then and now, for me, remains the iconic marker in how to design, run and create a mystique on-line, how to properly run a fan blog

    Yeah, this. Very eloquently stated. GC was my “first” blog too. I found the site in March 2006 when someone linked to it on the AI board. Then GC introduced me to MJ’s, another standard bearer blog, and I’ve been hooked on blogs ever since. Thanks! (I think).

    I remember fondly in the latter days of GC when Oliver Wang popped in on the ‘what is the definition of soul’ thread. It was a fascinating discussion. One of many had at GC.

  57. suze4158 Says:

    Enjoyed reading everyone’s musings on the great GC site.

    That site was many things, but for the most part, just great entertainment of its own! It smacked of wit and sharp repartee about music and life. I particularly liked the way Gray kept the discussions corraled and the fact that his enigmatic personality was never far away. I also went there for the latest news…as it would break there before the forum I frequented.

    I think GC also gave a smart coolness to being a Taylor fan. To me, that was lost when it went away….and another reason why its passing is still mourned. We became a bit more factious and nerdy for being a TH fan when it ceased to be.

    One of the greatest musical gifts on GC for me was the Nashville sound sets. It was there that my fan appreciation grew from the AI Taylor persona to him as an interpretive artist.

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