F is for Florabama


F is for Florabama

Nestled between the sand dunes and the Gulf, the haphazard structure of ramshackle buildings and tents is “the last great American roadhouse.” The Florabama Lounge and Package is located right on the water on the Florida-Alabama border. Get it? Florabama? Yeah.

Taylor Hicks has said that he has cut his teeth there, learning how to entertain everybody from grandmothers to FBI agents to college kids. It definitely attracts an eclectic mix of people to listen to the live bands that it hosts there.

It also seems to be a good backdrop for songwriting. Taylor wrote “Liming” there, while Jimmy Buffett sings a song called “Bama Breeze”, supposedly written about the Florabama.

I’ve been there a few times and there is no place like it.

This video sums everything up. I don’t know what the purple bus is all about, though..

Here’s a tour of the Florabama. Pretty cool…at the end of the first video, as they pan the ocean, you can catch a glimpse of the fabulous condo I stayed in last October.


85 Responses to “F is for Florabama”

  1. Florabama! *slapping forehead* Of course.

    Nice job. I’ve never been there. Now I wanna go.

  2. Everybody should go to the Florabama at least once. For real. The music, the people, the food (omg, the food is so good), the alcohol. Good times.

  3. Been to the beaches on either side of the border many times, but never to the Florabama. Always with kids so never went out at night after days on the beach. Next time gonna catch it for sure. Looking forward to watching the vids tomorrow. Good one Grey!! (What is “Liming?”)

  4. Monkey paw!

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Florabama interesting place. Lot of activity in one place thats for sure!!

    I think the Purple bus is Katja from Finland, she did the Adventures of the Purple Bus about Taylor being on the road and places he’s been.


  6. F for Florabama….. I was afraid it would be for another word that starts with F that has been beat to death!!

    Looks like a cool place to hang out, drink and listen to music.

  7. I enjoy Katja’s drawings and videos very much! πŸ™‚

  8. The home of the Mullett Toss?
    which has nothing to do with hair?

  9. caryl Says:
    June 18, 2009 at 12:36 am

    Monkey paw!

    Still cracks me up!!

  10. Oh Barb, don’t think hair is not involved. I’ve seen more than my fair share of mullets at the Bama.

  11. hicksaholic Says:

    I saw Taylor at the Florabama right after his Wharf concert. It was great.

  12. spinshack Says:

    Monkey Paw!

    I’ve seen it, The Hallowed Grounds when we were on a road trip to Disney World. :cries Did not get to go inside. Boo.

  13. spinshack Says:

    “Oh Barb, don’t think hair is not involved. I’ve seen more than my fair share of mullets at the Bama.”

    Barb’s from the North Country… You see Barb, the mullet will never go out of style in the South. πŸ˜›

  14. I am ashamed to say I love Mullets (the hairstyle)!

  15. spinshack Says:

    I’m ashamed to say I had one myself once. *giggles*

  16. suze4158 Says:

    lol, spin and sierra.

    The son in law of the Floribama owner in the last clip was sporting a bit of a mulllet, I believe, under the hat. Very McGyveresque.

    Loved the clip where TH is describing the mullet toss! Cute.

    Something in me wants to reverse the clock to that moment…it was filled with fresh promise. But, live with no regrets.

    Random thought: I would never want to see Taylor in a mullet.

  17. suze4158 Says:
    “Random thought: I would never want to see Taylor in a mullet.”

    I never wanted to see him in a pompadour, either!

    gray mullet:

  18. F is for Flowers covering a Furry chest! Never been to the Florabama and doubt I ever will. The noise level is high but it seems like a fun time. Exactly one year before I ever heard of Taylor Hicks, my family was ready to have me commited to the Funny Farm, because I told them I wanted to move to Golf Shores or the Orange Beach area of Alabama. I’ve always been a beach gal and my ex and I were fortunate enough to own properties in Ocean City Md. They went the way of the marriage. Post divorce I’ve humble means but Faboulous dreams. So I spent month on line researching every coastal town from MD. south and found that in 2005 I could possably afford a place Bama. I researched the entire state of Alabama and the Chamber of Commerce loved me since they sent me every thing on Alabama. I fell in love with the State and became obsessed with moving there. I checked out the lake properties in Tay’s area. Something in that state was calling me a year before I ever heard of Tay. Since I knew no one there, had no job prospects although a realtor can get a liscense anywhere, my family and friends thought I had lost a FEW marbles! Well I came to my senses and stayed put and don’t live near grandma Joni. Still have a Few loose marbles over that Fantastic singer and showman.

  19. haha! Just kidding. Here’s your gray mullet:

  20. Hope you all got to check out the photo of Taylor with the couple dining in Bham, Monday afternoon. He was wearing an expensive looking silky soft, flowered patterned, powder blue tight fitting shirt. Keeping on topic, the shirt is anti Florabamian wear, but would go well in an upscale club, very Hollywood!

  21. Or very…? nah, we’ll save that for ‘G’.

  22. Rosie, where did you see that pic? Can you bring it over here?

  23. Oh caryl…oh no you didn’t. AHAHAHAA!!

  24. What? I was thinking gorgeous.

  25. Oh yes, of course you were. hahahahah

  26. NolaMar Says:

  27. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Here is the picture Rosie is talking about:


  28. spinshack Says:

    The red eyes are skeery. I can’t imagine DMan wearing that shirt. lol

  29. NolaMar Says:

    Rosie, I agree AL a really nice state! If we don’t’ go all the way to Pensacola or beyond, we stay in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. (They are the first decent beaches. Don’t like MS beaches!!) But I am surprised you would have considered moving there in ’05 since they were both wiped out by Ivan in ’04!

  30. Fairhope Says:

    Rosie: It’s Gulf Shores not Golf Shores..typo? I just have one thing to say about FB…..bushwacker!!!!

  31. Fairhope, yes I know Gulf, as in the water. You live near there don’t you? Don’t get what you mean by bushwacker.

  32. spinshack Says:

    Is that a Florabama term? Bushwacker? LOL
    Hi Rosie, we were talking about balls on twitter last night. Caryl had this pic that upon my first glance looked like a huge manspread. Caryl where did that photo go?

  33. When Taylor wore the jacket with piping I started to see lots of celebs wearing that, so maybe we will being seeing other guys wearing the blue shirt. Wasn’t there some singer or actor who saw Tay on AI wearing the purple jacket and then he bought one? Was it Kid Rock? The woman in the photo was touching his shirt as she had her arm around him. I have such an urge to feel that shirt.

  34. Hi Spin, I don’t need another adiction so I’ve avoided twitter. Tay will be performing on Sept. 25th and 26th at Workplay and I’m thinking maybe I should go and see him and Bham. There are music museums there and great restaurants and well the bars are open late at night with musicians.

  35. spinshack Says:

    oooo Rose that’s right at my birthday! hmmmm. I love B’Ham.

  36. No, spin, that’s MY birthday!

    I deleted that photo after what you said. It clearly looks like 2 arms to me, but I didn’t want to wind up on I.T, so I took it down.

    I’ll let Rosie decide what it looks like:

  37. spinshack Says:

    It’s OUR Birthday!

    I was hoping you’d put it up again. ha.

  38. spinshack Says:

    Oh yeah, def 2 arms. Holy Grr animals.

  39. Yeah, one arm is smooth and the other is FURRY.

  40. spinshack Says:

    Should’ve seen it on my little Acer laptop. hahahal

  41. I like the shirt.

    and yes, Bushwacker is a drink served at the Florabama. They are dangerous.

  42. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Yeah found out about those bushwackers the hard way. I’m not a drinker but they went down so smoothly and hit hard!!! πŸ™‚


  43. I can’t believe we’re still talking about Caryl’s hairy arm.


  44. Hey, hey!! That’s not MY hairy arm!

    Though I’ve never been to the Florabama, I have the impression that if T showed up there in that disco shirt, he’d never survive the parking lot.

  45. spinshack Says:

    I know Caryl gal, NAIR. hahahaha The shirt is nice and soft looking. Like jammies.

  46. Yeah, Caryl…you have a good idea of what the place is like.

    A disco shirt? hahhahahaa…I just wonder where Bill bought it at.

  47. That came off a little harsh. He’s adorable no matter what he wears!

  48. Harsh? Harsh is not something that I’ve ever thought of regarding you, Caryl.

    God, that was the weirdest sentence structure ever.

  49. Am I the only one old enough to remember the disco era? It was a crazy time. A SHAMEFUL time full of promiscuity, drugs and worst of all …*deep breath*… POLYESTER. yes, I did the hustle with many a man wearing a shirt not unlike the one T’s wearing. I’m not proud of it, but there you are.

  50. Seriously? That is just not what I picture when I hear the term “disco shirt.” I’ll have to say I was in diapers for part of the disco era.

  51. I’m so paranoid lately, iag. Ever since a ‘friend’ turned us over to I.T.

  52. spinshack Says:

    Could you guys see the Workplay event? AND it’s My & Caryls’ Birthdays?

    Rosie, JI, Grey, YKW, Caryl and Moi at the B’Ham event. We could hook up with Chill and the gals, I think they’re going. Man this would be an Excellent Adventure. hahahah Ah Hell Gray Charles needs come too.

    One rule. No glitter. Wait, two rules, no bedazzled t-shirts. (for Smartie *waving* )

  53. Oh, who cares about IT? What’s funny about that is how much they obsess over people who obsess? Irony, anyone?

    Water off of a duck’s back, babe. Not worth the angst, ya know?

  54. Spin, could i wear a disco shirt?

  55. spinshack Says:

    Exactly Grey, I could give a shit about IT. Man, it’s just a freakin website /Tarding over percieved ‘tards. Their definition. please. :eyeroll:

  56. Dammit, I forgot, I can’t go to the Workplay thing. My husband’s taking me on a trip for my birthday. (London!)

  57. Shut up. You’re going to London? I’ve always wanted to go there. Can I stow away?

  58. spinshack Says:

    I like satin. Let’s do disco satin! (it’s non glittery yet Shiny)

  59. spinshack Says:

    Can I go too, Caryl, I could go smack Stuart. hahahah

  60. spinshack Says:

    Ah hell we’ll have to do it without Caryl. πŸ˜›

  61. suze4158 Says:

    Just getting to see the grey mullets….hahahaha!

  62. Give me his address, spin. I’ll do it for you. My husband travels a lot for work (that’s why we’ve lasted so long!). He’s in Spain right now, in fact! Anyway, we’re using up frequent flyer miles before they expire.

    So, should I ask him to use the miles to go to Brimingham instead?!! They have funny accents there, too.

  63. No way. Skip Bham…hit London. Awesome.

  64. Aw, I was just kidding. I’ve never been to London. You guys will just have to tell me how it goes at Workplay.

  65. Eh. I’m saving my end of summer vaca for the beach. Yes.

  66. Is “G” for “glitter”??

  67. “Glo-Sticks for sale”??

  68. spinshack Says:

    Well hell, I might just have to go solo. I think I’m doing it. Wait, I’ll haul that new pal I met in Mabank TX along, we’re talking about skydiving in August. If we live, we can do this too.

    Yeah, Caryl do London, I’ve been there and LOVED it. Could have relocated. Travelled So. England, Brighton, Southhampton, hit Stonehenge (of course).

  69. spinshack Says:

    I still don’t think anyone turned us over to IT, likely was lucky happenstance. But Caryl, not a Big Deal, at all.

  70. I’m heading to bed. I’m hoping for a show in Texas. Yes, I’m talking to YOU, Taylor! Schedule a show in Texas or I’ll share more furry photos.

  71. No Glow-Sticks.


    I honestly don’t know yet. Or maybe I do. I have to check the master list..because I’m all organized that way. Ha.

  72. spinshack Says:

    Caryl, I’ll have to find the addy for the London office he’s out of . He lives actually in Maidstone Kent. What he’d tell me, 2 trains and a short bus ride. Seriously tho my tirade at him on twitter was likely sufficient.

  73. spinshack Says:

    Man, what is wrong w/glo-stix? I like em, they’re shiny. lol

  74. But do you like the Taylor Hicks glo-stix?

    (Oh, there are so many things I could say about that) Have you heard the new crap song about taking a ride on some dude’s disco stick? My ears are still bleeding.

  75. spinshack Says:

    O-KAAAY, I get that – NO haven’t heard about any of THAT. gah. lol

  76. NolaMar Says:

    LONDON!! Awesome! Did you pick it? Never been, but we were given 5 trips in a row through DH’s work – all expenses paid or we never would have gone – Ireland, Tahiti, Argentina, Kauai, then Paris last year. They had other trips other years to London and Rome, both places I would love to see, but the mean bosses took the trips and didn’t’ give them to us. LOL We also did Greece and Hawaii (Big Island) in ’90’s. All AWESOME trips – 5 star hotels! Sadly those days are over but feel so lucky to have gone on those trips for FREE!

  77. NolaMar Says:

    Bushwacker sounds like a Hurricane from Pat O’brien’s! Must be a lot of wild craziness at the FB. What did your friend do at Martyr’s Caryl? !!

  78. NolaMar Says:

    Oh, no back to the “furry” photo last night! AND glo-stix! Disco stick? Good thing I went to bed early or would have been disturbing the neighbors again laughing out loud…

  79. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Would love to go , but my brother is coming in for a visit that week, has a wedding to attend on the 26th. I’m sure you will have a blast, Chill and the gang lots of fun!!!

    Caryl, Wow thats really nice London. Went there once on a business trip, didn’t get to see much but it was fun, we did get to hit quite a few pubs at night!!!


  80. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m going to Workplay- can’t wait. My college roommate lives in Vestavia Hills so I plan on going to Grease Thursday nite, Workplay Friday nite and Auburn for a football game Saturday. Be a busy weekend. Now I just got to get my Atlanta plans firmed up. I hope there are still good tickets to Grease in Bham.

    Rosie I’m a realtor in Bama. I have a gulffront lot in Fort Morgan I’ve always dreamed of building on. We still have the lot but my husband loves Fowl River so we built our dream home there. I love it but it would be great to have a beach getaway. I wanted to get partners to build on the beach lot and share it but I’ve never pursued it.
    Oh well off topic- I don’t really care for Taylor’s shirt but he looks good anyway.

  81. hicksaholic Says:

    Speaking of disco- does anyone remember leisure suits?

  82. jerseyirish Says:

    hicksaholic, I remember when the leisure suits came out. My Mom bought two for my Dad can still remember him standing there laughing at them, don’t think he ever wore them!!!


  83. I’m so very pleased! I get to go to Workplay! I’ve never been to Birmingham before so I’m excited. πŸ™‚

  84. Fairhope Says:

    Hicksaholic: I can stand on my front porch and see the DI bridge. We are “right” across the bay from each other.

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