The theory of cougars…


While there’s been much noise made on this blog (Snow) because of the apparent age of Taylor’s fanbase, he’s not the only Idol that this happens to. I was directed to this very interesting article about Adam Lambert and the cougars that follow him.

The reasons run from scientific:

In terms of biology, Adam Lambert’s attractiveness is kind of bizarre. Some research shows that women like square jaws and deep brows—iconic masculine traits—when they’re looking for a fling. But we like more feminine traits when we’re looking for The One, the long-term mate. Lambert has a little bit of both going on for him, as anyone who saw his version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” can attest.

to sex:

Part of the Lambert allure is that some women find his onstage lack of inhibition a powerful aphrodisiac. According to psychoanalyst Dr. Gail Saltz, we all have a little touch of the voyeur inside of us, but it’s often repressed. Then along comes Lambert, and those voyeuristic floodgates open. “Here’s a guy who is a maximum exhibitionist, molten hot, can sing anything and is screaming, ‘Look at me,’ and for some women, that’s an incredible turn-on,” says Saltz, author of The Ripple Effect: How Better Sex Can Lead to a Better Life.

to our childhoods:

It may also go back to our childhood, as all things psychoanalytic seem to do. According to Saltz, buried deep inside all of us is the childhood desire to be able to have everything and anything, whenever you want. So part of our fascination with Mr. Lambert is that we may want to be like him. “[Lambert] is the poster child for having it all,” says Saltz, associate professor of psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell School of Medicine. “Men want him, women want him, and that ambiguity is as hot as hell.”

And then, this:

“There’s something very wonderful about someone who can say, ‘Accept me or don’t accept me,'” Maltz says. “We tend to lose that as we get older.”

Once I thought about that statement, I realized that that was part of what drew me to Taylor Hicks. He went on AI and didn’t give a shit what anybody thought about him, at first. He danced his way, sang his way and behaved his way…until he decided he wanted to win. Then, it became all about pleasing his fans and not pissing any of them off. The apology on GrayCharles for saying “fuck” on the videos was the start. Seriously? The man was 30 years old. The “smoking” video on AI. Why was it such a big secret? Why did he stop being himself? He could have just said, “Yep, I smoke. It’s a horrible habit, and I’m trying to quit” even if it was a lie. Hell, that would have only been the first of many lies he’s told his fans. But he didn’t. When he started that, he lost a part of himself…the part of himself that didn’t care if people accepted him. Maybe, in doing that, in trying to keep his fans pleased, he actually lost some of them. In reality, maybe his fan base didn’t want somebody who was so willing to conform. Also, doing that has now put a wedge between him and his fans, almost placing himself on a higher pedestal. That might be why we don’t get the weekly blogs as promised, or the twittering of anything remotely personal. Go to the Adam Lambert fansite (which is free, by the way) and you’ll be greeted with a personal video of Adam welcoming you to the site, encouraging you to become a part of the community. Maybe that’s the allure of Adam. Hopefully, he’ll keep that attitude in his journey to stardom.

Here’s Taylor performing yesterday.


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  1. Ahhh! He snuck in the Ray sway at the end! Great harp and (surprisingly) guitar playing. Thanks Grey 🙂

  2. The Cone Says:

    Embrace your inner Mrs. Robinson and who cares what others think.

    I do believe that we’re simpatico today.

    I tweeted “Never screw up an apology with an excuse.”

    That apology for being himself was uncalled for, and may or may not have been the split in the fandom. It’s beyond the realm of comprehension how people bought into the AI persona. He cut his teeth in roadhouses for God sakes.

  3. Lambert just doesn’t do anything for me but that was a very interesting article.

  4. Sierra, my intention in writing this was not for people to become Lambert fans. I really don’t care if people like him or not…it’s just interesting how he’s starting out his career by being himself and making no apologies for it. I just think Taylor would have a lot more respect out there in the music field if he would have continued running his career that way.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    I agree he shouldn’t had to appologize for being himself, I think at some point in our lives we all have applogized for doing/saying something that what was not considered in line, he probably felt the same way. Taylor and Adam are two very different personalities, Taylor seems to care what the public thinks, Adam on the other hand just lets it flow, don’t feel either is wrong, its just the way they conduct themselves.

    Saw the vid of him singing yesterday, thought he did a great job.

    momo, saw the bend at the end, loved it!!! 🙂


  6. spinshack Says:

    OMFG The Cone inspired a cougar type article out of me too. Ahahahahaha

    Regarding Taylor’s approach to issues and gLambert’s I have a certain preference for the In Your Face approach. grrrrrowwlll.

  7. spinshack Says:

    BTW regarding behaviour and apologies, Got That Down Pat.

  8. Um, so are we to assume that Taylor is going to be at Fan Fair? Is that what his tweet means?

    Why does everything have to be a fucking mystery? omg.

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, thats what i got out of the tweet, down to nashville then back to detriot, who knows!!!


  10. I don’t think Taylor needs to apologize for anything. I would like to think his fans would be open minded, but of course his fans have sometimes proved that wrong. No matter what he seems to do he gets attacked by some of his fans, media, whoever. So he may as well be himself, what the hell.

    Adam has an advantage that Taylor did not. When Taylor won, he had to take the blame for all those mad Daughty fans quite soon. And also the media (not all, but alot) that were backing Chris. It may be that Taylor felt like he had to become a bit cautious. The media seems to be embracing Adam, that’s a huge difference. Things are going to be easier for Adam, (even though he did not win), the critics will be much easier on him. And that’s just the way it is.

  11. JumpedTheShark Says:

    Hold on……Before you guys run out and buy your tickets in Nashville, Taylor will be at fanFARE not fanFAIR. Just a little FYI 😉

  12. jerseyirish Says:

    jts, what is fanFARE and where is it and when does it happen?
    Buying tickets didn’t even cross my mind.


  13. The Cone Says:

    Thinking CMA fest.

  14. casualfan Says:

    jerseyirish Says:

    June 11, 2009 at 3:21 pm
    jts, what is fanFARE and where is it and when does it happen?
    Buying tickets didn’t even cross my mind.

    JI-It’s held every year in Nashville, TN for the fans of the country artists. They use to hold the actual event at the Fairgrounds but not sure if that’s where it’s held now. Fans purchase tkts, get a wrist band for admittance. Anyway, fans come from all over the world to meet with their country icons and celebrate country music. The musicians are really personalable with their fans, meet and greets, free music…it’s really a load of fun! It usually lasts about a week…or at least it did.

    If Taylor is going to be at fanfare week it will be interesting. I just hope that he doesn’t attract the same mob of fans and is able to get some new ones.

  15. charcoal Says:

    The apology on GrayCharles for saying “fuck” on the videos was the start.

    You’ve got the story wrong.

  16. casualfan Says:

    I didn’t know Taylor felt he had to apologise on GC for saying the word “fuck”….I personally feel that slip of the tongue was priceless!

  17. Seven Days Says:

    I think the “fuck” came out during Taylor’s interview with GC, as in — “now that’s a fucking song….”

    Either way, I was sorry he felt the need to apologize.

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Thanks for taking the time to explain to me, I hope if he goes he doesn’t get mobed either.

    I never flet he needed to applogize for saying “fuck”, just like most men it is part of their sentence structure, they say it without even thinking about it!!!


  19. Hey we all fuck up. I for one will admit to that! Taylor’s fuck was priceless, I’ll agree with CF. After all, the guy was barely 30 when he said it. While I have no authority or right to, I forgive the dude and encourage his Freedom of Speech. He’s still trying to figure things out. While he looks much older, for got sakes he’s not! Maybe when people stop analyzing his every move, he’ll be more comfortable to let it all hang out again. I too miss that Taylor 😦

  20. casualfan Says:

    Thanks for clarifying that Seven Days.

  21. Jersey, for some reason my husband never curses! If I even said shit when we were first dating, I felt soiled! Don’t know why, cause he’s just a regular kind of guy! He still never curses unless something truly pisses him off. So there are always the exceptions!

  22. casualfan Says:

    jerseyirish Says:

    June 11, 2009 at 5:42 pm
    cf, Thanks for taking the time to explain to me, I hope if he goes he doesn’t get mobed either.

    I never flet he needed to applogize for saying “fuck”, just like most men it is part of their sentence structure, they say it without even thinking about it!!!

    Most welcome JI

    The attraction for me in him dropping the “f” bomb was for the first time I really saw him get into his music and he just let his emotions take over. His walls went down and Taylor showed us the musician he really is. It had nothing to do with the actual word….for me it was a display of raw emotion. That’s the kind of performer I know Taylor is and want to see more of….that’s why I love the guy.

  23. NolaMar Says:

    From the tweets it sounds like Taylor went down for a day trip to Nashville, but is having difficulty getting back to Detroit. His 2nd tweet was a beaut!

    “Delta-Northwest..Its all the same..ObamaAirlines…Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?”

    😀 😀 😀

  24. NolaMar Says:

    I for one like the sound of “cougar” better than the way Snow describes older women fans. LOL

    Face it everyone, even on the show Adam DID NOT truly let his real self all out there. Just check out some of his You Tube videos. He played a part too. He might be all “in your face” now but he was not on the show. BUT, his fan base is probably very different from Taylor’s. Taylor attracted some that were most likely not in Adam’s camp and then he worried about losing fans when some of them got all bent out of shape over the f bomb. I don’t know, I was not around then to see what happened. Just guessing. Who knows what was in his mind or why he felt the need to apologize? Maybe the AI people wanted him to? Maybe he WAS sorry for offending some people? I’ve said before, my Marine son can be crude as all get out around his budies but he’s polite to the general public. Wouldn’t want to offend a more conservative person with crude vocabulary. Whatever..I don’t know. Taylor may feel the need to maintain a certain “image” more than the edgier Adam’s and Lady GaGa’s do.

  25. NolaMar Says:

    Gray Charles – you have to come back and tell the “real” story since you said IAG got it wrong….

  26. Taylor attracted some that were most likely not in Adam’s camp and then he worried about losing fans when some of them got all bent out of shape over the f bomb.

    Too damn bad he didn’t lose those fans a long time ago. Call me disillusioned.

  27. And GC won’t come back to explain. That’s not his way. It’s where Taylor learned it.

  28. My girlfriend just called me to tell me about this article. I just said to her that people need to leave Taylor alone about his older fans. I said that Adam, and David Cook have them also. She’s also a big Adam and David fan. Her answer was that I’m sure they like them, especially when they spend their money on their stuff.

    Although I’m sure someone will say that Taylor’s fans aren’t cougars because all of them aren’t slim, tight and exciting.

    But just like the article states…. I don’t give a shit what people think… I just enjoy life.

  29. charcoal Says:

    Right, Fuck came from a comment about Ray LaMontagne.

    “Here’s a fucking SONG”, thankfully not, “Here’s a FUCKING song” then we would have had real issues right?

    After that was published Taylor received more than one phone call from Alabama based journalists who thought it was a bad idea.

  30. charcoal Says:

    And yes, I know you were baiting me.

  31. “’Here’s a fucking SONG’, thankfully not, ‘Here’s a FUCKING song’ then we would have had real issues right?”

    hahahaha! (Sorry, but I think he’s funny, IAG!)

    “After that was published Taylor received more than one phone call from Alabama based journalists who thought it was a bad idea.”

    Give me a fucking break. Really? Who the fuck cares?

  32. After that was published Taylor received more than one phone call from Alabama based journalists who thought it was a bad idea.

    And based on that, he made his explanation and apology? Wow. That really floors me. Was it b/c of the “nice Southern boy” persona?

    What would you have advised GC?

  33. charcoal Says:

    He was sincere when he talked about AI being a “family” show – bring everyone around to listen to music – including kids.

    He had just won, and didn’t want to offend anyone I don’t think there was anything wrong with that. In fact – I totally agreed with it.

    Using that story as some justification for “fan breakups” or as some failure to be a man is, i think, incredibly short sighted. He was just trying to be a nice guy – it’s the endless over-interpretation that makes it something else.

  34. casualfan Says:

    My question is why is this such a big fucking deal? He said the word FUCK….extremist-get over it already!

  35. charcoal Says:

    Was it b/c of the “nice Southern boy” persona?

    If you think he was playing a “role” at all times then I can see how you might read it that way. I think it’s a mistake though. He was sincere about it – not calculating.

    And no, he didn’t do it “because” he got the phone calls. He paid attention to it because of that and then did what he wanted to do on his own. He certainly wasn’t trying to “hide” the fact that he says “fuck” from time to time. He was just trying to be a little bit cautious. Probably unnecessary, but that’s about it.

  36. “Here’s a fucking SONG”, thankfully not, “Here’s a FUCKING song” then we would have had real issues right?

    Funny the difference a strategically placed accent makes! LOL

    It’s also funny how people still are upset over it. NOT just what he said but the fact that he apologized. Doesnt’ bother me.. Not that big a deal to me that he said f’ing OR that he said sorry. But some people are offended by that kind of talk. Apparently he thought he offended some people and the polite thing to do is say your sorry. I don’t get why that upsets some of you so much. There is a time and place to say whatever the hell you want, and other times to show discernment.

  37. OK, Charcoal said it better than I did while I was typing.

  38. I now like Charcoal… He said something!

  39. CF why do you call people who don’t go around saying “f” this and “f” that extremists? There are a lot of people who find it offensive. What is extreme about that? I find throwing the f word around constantly “extreme.” I might say it myself occasionally, but almost never in front of another person, even my husband. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna run out of the room covering my ears if I hear it, or “gasp” in shock when someone says it. Or think less of someone who says it now and then. But I would think less of someone who would say it intentionally to people or in front of people that they knew were offended by it. That’s just rudeness IMO. So if in fact Taylor’s apology was based on the fact that he didn’t like offending people, I don’t find that hypocritical or something to become disillusioned about. It makes me respect him more.

  40. casualfan Says:

    Nola I’m referring to the subject being played too death. Seems like we are going on and on about where the controversy started regarding where Taylor and his usage began and it’s getting ridiculous. I don’t care who uses the word or how many times they use it. You misunderstood my post.

  41. You know what would be great? If Taylor would give us something else to go on and on about.

  42. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I have to agree with one Grey but all indications point to NO on that.

  43. spinshack Says:

    I recall when the conversations began about Mr. Hicks’ using the word; there were many on-line ladies denying he used ‘such language’… There are several fans in the on-line parameters that actually find that word offensive, have written about anyone using it as being “crass” and deem it “vile” language. I’ve ‘experienced’ them. *chuckle*

    That’s part of where this conversation finds roots; the denial issue wasn’t so much on Mr. Hicks’ part, as it was fans arguing whether he said the word at all. He says it, so what.

  44. casualfan Says:

    How you doing Spin-haven’t seen you in awhile.

    I’ve been snooping around on Twitter and seriously laughing my ass off at some of the Tweets Taylor is getting. All the bantering back and forth on Twitter is getting more entertaining than the blogs.

  45. spinshack Says:

    I’ve been around, CF. Love twitter. Just haven’t had a great deal to add about Mr. Hicks lately; read here everyday though.

    I’ve been writing on my project taking up a lot of my so called ‘spare time’. Have been involved in a certain “issue”, which has played out and of course, getting into trouble of one kind or another. You know, The Usual.

    It’s quite fun just hitting the ‘search’ and seeing who writes what, toward and about Taylor on twitter.

  46. As usual, I was being flippant in my earlier remarks on the subject but since everyone seems to want to really talk about it, I have a question. Where did this interview appear? I wasn’t around at the time. Was it on GC? I assume the apology was also on GC?

    I appreciate charcoal’s explanation and think it makes good sense. Taylor has talked about how he likes the fact that AI attracts viewers from 8 to 80 so I can see that he’d want to keep his comments family friendly. He probably forgot who his audience was. He was used to the bar crowd.

  47. spinshack Says:

    He also dropped the F-Bomb on that television special, can’t recall what year now… it was something like a 4th of July deal and he did a Springsteen song. Anyone remember? Much talk went on about that too. I have a blog post about it someplace, might look for it later.

  48. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, There are folks that get offended by the “word”, not long ago my son was in a Home Depot, had a hand full of stuff in line and dropped an item and said “mother f—-“, saying oops excuse me it slipped. This lady in back of him went nuts got the store manager and demanded an appology from my son. He said if you had listened I appologized when I did it. He appologized again, paid for his stuff and waited outside for her and called her and f— bit– as she left., he said it did his soul good!!! He is not a direspectful youngman but felt the woman went way overboard, to him they are just words in his vocabulary.


  49. NolaMar Says:

    LOL JI. Now THAT is extreme – the lady calling the manager. Like what was HE going to do about it unless your son worked there? I understand that to a lot of people its just like any other word in their vocabulary. That’s not the issue. It was respectful of your son to apologize initially and recognize that other people feel differently about it. But she sounded like a crazy lady and deserved to be told off in the end.

    The only place I have ever seen this incident still being talked about is here. But I must add, how ridiculous for anyone to “deny” he said it or think he’s so perfect that he never cusses or smokes. With his background? Someone is living in dream-land.

  50. Do you know what’s funny? After the RS interview with Lambert yesterday, this was some stuff that was collected on the scary boards. Three years ago, the same thing was said about Taylor…

    From the scary boards:

    A lot is being said that the article overstated things, that the article was poorly written, that the article embellished the truth—-does anyone think that Adam had some sort of approval over the content before it was published? I would hope that with a provocative, controversial, and in-depth article, that Adam would have had the final rights to approve the text and photographs before publication. Maybe someone out there is savvy as to the way these things work.

    Planting ideas that Adam really didn’t do this interview.

    I did not like the cover photo. Of all the thousands of gorgeous pictures online of this man, and that is what the photographer came up with? It looked rushed and like the photographer did not really know Adam at all and it did not capture his good looks. Just my feelings as I look at it. Disappointing. Terrible photo. I don’t mind the idea of the shoot, but……………….

    Very unprofessional cover photo also, I might add.

    They can’t take pictures oh him like we can.

    How flippant he was about having done drugs, or still doing drugs, and how he wants a hookah room, and how he “went crazy and lost his virginity”. These do not sound like anything mature to me!

  51. The whole fandom experience with AI stars is the same bullshit, over and over. Everybody plays their part.

  52. Does the term cougar describe an attractive woman, no more than 20 yrs older than a guy, who actively pursues and or dates the guy? In other words a knockout with a chance for romance. If so Adam has no cougars, just crazies, and Taylor has a limited supply of possable courgars. Now dirty old women and dreamers are a different story.

  53. Iag, Taylor fans said he was the next Elvis and would be a mega star and truly believed that. People having him on the cover fostered that belief. Adam fans say he is the new Elvis and will be a world wide mega star, and the RS cover helps foster their beliefs. The thing is I don’t see Adam’s appeal just as so many did not see Tay’s appeal. So AI has created some delusional fans. They have built up Adam so much that he is bound to fall and I wonder if he believes all the hype. Wonder if Taylor did the same .

  54. That’s all quite interesting IAG! The world of fandom is pretty crazy all around I would say, not just in Taylorland.

    Rosie, I had typed up a similar paragraph about “cougars” and how would that actually be defined? It certainly connotes the idea of being sexy or svelte. So I guess you are right – there are “cougars” and then just “dirty old women.” LOL

  55. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Thanks for the pics, your quick!!!


  56. Rosie, good post! The night before last I was reading t&jam’s diary from AI5. It was SO fun to read. I had no idea that was all going on. That, along with just seeing the videos from Taylor’s visit home during Top3 week just had me scratching my head. I had no idea the he became so famous. The People cover and all! The hysteria over him online etc. What I don’t understand is where are all those fans now? I just don’t get it. The media moved on? Bad publicity? Fickle fans? It’s like night and day! I know, I know, a lot of you will say “Grease” happened. But didn’t things start fading before he even took the part?

    I don’t know when the Relix article was written but it sounded to me like Taylor already knew by then that the AI hype was fading and he was going to be on his own. Only the idols that sell mega records will be continually supported by AI. They are pre-selling Kris’ album. I expect they will drop him even sooner than they did Taylor unless he has some huge hits and remains popular. I think whoever signs Adam will market him like they do GaGa and the other flamboyant artist and he will be a huge success at least for a while. I don’t believe Adam will be as widely popular as Elvis because Elvis’ fan base was so all-encompassing. Too many in that spectrum won’t accept Adam….I might be wrong.

  57. IAG, I re-read some of those excerpts again and it’s just hilarious! Really! – That the photo does not realistically represent who Adam is? Shock, and denial that he really said those thing? What shocks me is that people can be THAT naive.

  58. Let me tell you when Taylor started to fade…with the release of his first post AI album, so incredibly different from his others. He started fading when he started making promises that he couldn’t, or just wouldn’t keep. He started fading when he started to make himself inaccessible to his fans.He started fading when he forgot the music and just wanted the attention. Grease was just the dealbreaker for a lot of fans, who moved on to find artists who put the music first.

  59. IAG, I re-read some of those excerpts again and it’s just hilarious! Really! – That the photo does not realistically represent who Adam is? Shock, and denial that he really said those thing? What shocks me is that people can be THAT naive.

    Exactly Nola Mar, yet there are still Taylor fans out there who are just as naive. It’s actually pretty funny.

  60. Rosie wrote: ” Does the term cougar describe an attractive woman, no more than 20 yrs older than a guy, who actively pursues and or dates the guy?”

    I think a cougar is ANY older woman who pursues a younger man. (and FYI, my husband is 3 whole months younger than me! Grrrowl!)

  61. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Got you beat on that one, my hubby is 2 yrs younger than me!!!!


  62. Just because I have a thirst for knowledge:

    The Urban Dictionary


    “An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man. The cougar can be anyone from an overly surgically altered wind tunnel victim, to an absolute sad and bloated old horn-meister, to a real hottie or milf. Cougars are gaining in popularity — particularly the true hotties — as young men find not only a sexual high, but many times a chick with her shit together.”

    Ah, learning. Gotta love it.

  63. JI: we rock.

  64. casualfan Says:

    I think the major cracks appeared in the fandom when MFOYA’s site sprouted up. A small group of “fans” had a serious ax to grind with Mr. Hicks and his SP. It caused a mound of other blogs to pop up and the bashing got started between the fans out in the public.

    When people use blogs as weapons against each other it’s going to cause a rif that can’t be repaired and the hate still continues on today.

  65. When I was going thru my divorce and two yrs post divorce, I dated a slew of younger men, up to 23 yrs younger. My divorce circumstances were hellish and I had married my ex at 19 and he had been the only Man I had “known”. I had to sell our properties on my own, was the only acting parent, the only one supplying fact to lawyers and was being grossly swindled. Rather than getting depressed, my brain chemistry caused me to go on a high and I felt like I could do and be anyone. I bought great clothes, lost 20lbs overnight, and was looking good and a lot younger than my age. Young great looking guys were interested. It was all fun and a defense mechanism from getting down and the reality, but since it wasn’t me I eventually came to my senses. Then for a year I dated an older multi millionaire regionaly famous man and traveled by yachts and limos, and co hosted lavish parties for the rich and famous. Since then I’ve been “back to normal”. This story is somewhat on topic since I have had experience being a cougar. It seem that Ashton Kushner was the one who pursued Demi More and it was the young guys who pursued me, so perhaps I wasn’t a cougar afterall. PS. No one comment on the “back to normal”……

  66. Wow, Rosie. You’ve really lived. Here’s my story:

    My husband and I met as freshman in college. I kissed him goodbye this morning as he left for work.

    The End


  67. charcoal Says:

    Eloquent use of the word “Fuck” – over three minutes of conversation riffing on one word and you can understand it all.

    WARNING: Bad language, nudity and dead corpse – courtesy of “The Wire”

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    The whole episode of the woman on the beach, to the bad press he got in the magazines because he stole another man’s woman, to the whole MFOYA stuff, to the incredible bashing attack on Caroline Lyders, to the rumors that the woman on the beach is a high-priced hooker, was the most bizarre stuff I had ever seen. I think that was incredibly damaging to Taylor’s character and it came at a bad time when the label dropped him and Jordin Sparks was the new Idol.

    For Taylor not to say anything to clear his name or defend himself was such a huge mistake. I think most fans just stopped being fans and moved on.

  69. casualfan Says:

  70. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Stories are similar only we didn’t meet in college!!!

    Rosie, Wow!!!


  71. NolaMar Says:

    Wow, Rosie, you’ve BEEN there. I know firsthand that sometimes things that start off as fun end up not being all they are cracked up to be.

    LOL Caryl! I can relate….

    Looked up “Never Been to ME.” A One-Hit Wonder… Interesting to read the history.. and the lyrics….its seems kind of familiar to me now…

    Hey lady, you lady
    cursing at your life
    you’re a discontented mother
    and a regimented wife
    I `ve no doubt
    you dream about the things you never do
    but I wish someone had a talk to me like I wanna talk to you

    Oh, I’ve been to Georgia and California and anywhere I could run
    Took the hand of a preacher man
    and we made love in the sun
    But I ran out of places and friendly faces
    Because I had to be free
    I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me…

    Please lady please lady
    don’t just walk away
    Cause I have this need to tell you
    why I’m all alone today
    I can see so much of me
    still living in your eyes
    won’t you share a part
    of a weary heart that has lived a million lives

    Oh, I’ve been to Niece and the isle of Greece
    when I sipped champagne on a yacht
    I moved like Harlow in Monte Carlo
    and showed them what I’ve got
    I’ve been undressed by kings
    and I’ve seen some things that a woman ain’t s’pose to see
    I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me…

    Hey, you know what paradise is?
    It’s a lie
    a fantasy we created about people and places
    as we like them to be
    but you know what truth is?
    it’s that little baby you’re holding
    and it’s that man you fought with this morning
    the same one you are gonna make love to tonight
    that’s truth that’s love

    Sometimes I’ve been to crying for unborn children
    that might have made me complete
    but I, I took the sweet life
    I never knew I’d be bitter from the sweet
    I spent my life exploring
    the subtle whoring
    that costs too much to be free
    hey lady I’ve been to paradise
    but I’ve never been to me…

    I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me…

  72. Iag, I’m responding to your 12:59 post. My belief is most fans who voted for Taylor did so because they like how he sung on AI and never heard his earlier CD’s. Many of those fans wanted him to win but had no intention of buying his CD. His CD started off selling very well. By April Fools Day 2007, it was obvious he wasn’t getting radio play, the CD stopped selling and the press was talking about how well Daughtry was doing. The Ai finalists who have sold well have all had radio play. Most people do not know of any lies Taylor told or any false promises, because most people are not online reading blogs. As for Grease many on line fans had already moved on before he did Grease. Grease, in my opinion has saved Taylor from near obscurity. I have been a huge fan and yet I did not know of any lies he told or false promises because I was not into the nitty gritty of the blogs and fan sights. In fact I only got involved because I read about Grease and was pleased he had something going for him. Jan. 1, 2008 to May 16th 2008 was his low point and I think he is on the come back trail.

  73. casualfan Says:

    rosie, I respectfully disagree with your post. Most people are aware of the lies told and that is exactly why he’s lost a big portion of his fanbase. True, after AI most who voted for him walked away only because they were caught up in the moment of the AI craze and Hicks charmed his win. But his first cd didn’t live up to the hype that Taylor himself put out there. Daughtry overshadowed Taylor because his music was better and more radio friendly and he had a better image….Daughtry had the fan base to gain him radio play. Of course AI, his recording entity and management PR’d him-they knew they had a hit maker and was willing to front up the money it took to market him.

  74. casualfan Says:

    As for Grease many on line fans had already moved on before he did Grease. Grease, in my opinion has saved Taylor from near obscurity.
    This I do agree with. However, Taylor’s career is still in peril and it remains to be seen if he can climb his way out of it. In the eyes of his most dedicated fans life couldn’t be better! But in the real world, that is another story.

  75. quote: Sunny
    “I recall when the conversations began about Mr. Hicks’ using the word; there were many on-line ladies denying he used ’such language’… ”

    LOL. Those kind of fans are everywhere. I remember when a large portion of Clay’s fans refused to believe he was gay. LOL.

  76. CF and Grey, I understand where you are coming from, but Taylor’s life and career is a whole different thing for the general public and those who liked him on Idol and those who have purchased his first CD. The on line fans, blogs, forums and fansites seem to have a life of their own. I don’t know if he considers the active fans as his only fans. Gosh, I hope not. He will continue to do what he believes is best for him. His career as a singer who can sell CDs and as a celebrity, who can garner radio and TV interviews and fill venues does seem to be in peril. He is way better off for having gone on and won AI. He has stated he has reinvented himself. Had just one of his songs off his first post AI CD hit big on radio, thus sales, he’d be in a different place. Now he is using the reinvention angle to maintain his livlihood. It may work well. Who knows. I feel no anger towards him as he has given me much joy, and more importantly for me I am not at all disappointed in him or his choices.

  77. . Daughtry overshadowed Taylor because his music was better and more radio friendly and he had a better image….Daughtry had the fan base to gain him radio play. Of course AI, his recording entity and management PR’d him-they knew they had a hit maker and was willing to front up the money it took to market him

    I must disagree with this statement. Music is subjective. You may think ‘daughtry’s music is better, howwever I think his genre is more radio friendly NOT his music. His music is not at all distinctive, same old .same old IMO. I personally like Taylor’s MUSIC better,but the masses are so conditioned to being spoon fed by the big money backers they just accept everything that is shoved down their throat. There have been a few pop rockers on AI but they have NEVER won but that is who the continually support. That is who gets radio play….oh we are so easily lead.

    I have followed a few different singers and they all exaggrate the truth…I don’t think it is necessarily intentional..things are promised to them …they relay the info to fans then the PTB renege and the celebrity takes the heat. Is it lying or trusting the wrong people?

  78. Tain’t this fun? Nite all. What will E be? Gotta love IAG.

  79. HMMMMM………



  80. casualfan Says:

    Anne-I’m referring to the masses here. Daughtry’s sales clearly indicate that he has a good cd and yes-good music. His music does indeed fit into the pop/rock genre which appeals to the masses. The music industry is all about the money. It’s not about who has the most talent, charm or personality. It’s about what the public likes as a whole. They saw dollar signs with Chris because they knew he would deliver, which he did and in spades. I also think things went well for Chris because he was coupled up with a headlining Icon band to open on the road for. That alone gave him the exposure needed and no doubt boosted his sales.

    Taylor is a different animal and is not willing to bend to “their” rules. I give him mounds of credit for that. Him creating his own label is a huge plus in his corner.

    I know that I haven’t been fair to Taylor in the past but I will admit that because of posters like rosie, Jersey and others who help to balance out this blog I don’t have the bitterness I once had with him doing Grease. I’m still not crazy about him doing it, but I’m beginning to understand his reasons for it. But more importantly-Taylor doing these acoustic shows is definitely a step in the right direction for him and hopefully as rosie said earlier-he will find a comfortable niche and be happy and make good music. All I want is for Taylor to be true to who he set out to be…and that’s to make good music, have fun and have all of his dreams come true.

    There are alot of internal changes going on around Mr. Hicks right now-hopefully all for the best.

  81. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, it’s so wonderful when someone says exactly what you are feeling, and expresses it so clearly. I am in total agreement with everything you said.

  82. NolaMar Says:

    Charcoal, I’m so shocked and offended! I think you should apologize….

    What the heck is MFOYA? Who is Caroline Lyders? (Maybe I don’t really want to know. Is this stuff just better left dead and buried?)

  83. NolaMar Says:

    NM! I typed that 3 hrs ago but forgot to “submit.” After that I looked it all up and to answer my own question, YES. Please don’t resurrect that subject. Forget I asked.

    Great post CF. I agree about CD! I think a few of his songs are really good and those are the ones they smartly released as singles. Yes, it does all sound alike (and many of his songs have terribly weak lyrics) but it is what the masses want, and is successful. It’s amazing what even ONE big hit can do for an artist! Two is even better. Here’s hoping Taylor gets his big hit one of these days. In the mean time, I’m glad he’s seeing success at what he’s doing. He really DOES steal the show! I don’t know if this is what you were talking about CF, but the forum at HQ is pretty nice. (Now that I can actually get in and use it.) It just needs a lot more activity. I LOVE being able to buy the pre-sale tickets there too. (But they went really fast for the Workplay concert.)

  84. hicksaholic Says:

    I got mine thank God!

  85. casualfan Says:

    NolaMar Says:

    June 13, 2009 at 3:05 am

    What the heck is MFOYA? Who is Caroline Lyders? (Maybe I don’t really want to know. Is this stuff just better left dead and buried?)

  86. File this coming comment under, “Who cares?” I just feel like typing, typing, typing before I start my day.

    I personally know fans who left the fandom when:

    A) GC shut down.

    B) The photos in Hawaii appeared. (I know someone who threw his CD out her car window! Overreact much?)

    C) The Grease hit the fan. I really have to start my day now? Maybe I can think of another comment.

  87. Oh yeah! Radio play. The whole business is suspicious. How did James Blunt ever get on the radio? Many of Taylor’s songs are better than his.

    When the subject comes up about genre, I have to scratch my head because I hear music on Hot AC that (to me) doesn’t fit the format. I’m not a music expert, so feel free to educate me here.

    Jason Mraz’s song, “I’m Yours”, for instance, has a reggae sound, but it’s played with pop songs. (Is my dumb-assedness showing?) I like the song, btw, but if you’re talking strict genres it doesn’t fit on Hot AC, right?

    Wish I had a better example. My point is that fitting into a certain genre CAN’T be what’s keeping Taylor’s music off the radio. JTFTW would have fit right in on Hot AC and the young girls would have swooned.

    OK, now I want to start my day. I’m boring myself. ha!

  88. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I agree some of his songs woufd have fit an AC format, but just didn’e get played. This morning I was doing some errands and had the radio on an AC station played Taylor Swifts’s “Love Story” a bit later put on a Country station what are they playing Taylor Swifts’s “Love Story” so she is being played on both. Then I put on TD while listening thought to myself alot of these songs are radio friendly, Battlefield, Woman’s gotta have it, The Distance, they would all fit both AC or country. Wish I knew the answer for his lack of air play, but I don’t. He is getting played but not as much as he could be.


  89. suze4158 Says:

    I thought about the same thing when I heard James Blount on the radio yesterday….if him, then why not Taylor?

    Pop culture took its turn…away from TH when it very well could have embraced him as something new and different.
    Not really what AI is about, although I think they would have liked to with Adam Lambert. Or maybe they are?

    I just saw the cover of RS online today. Woah. There Adam is and he hasn’t even cut an album yet. What does that exactly say about the state of music business today?

    Lastly, I appreciated charcoal’s take on Taylor’s stance with the f-word. Makes a ton of sense.

  90. No one has ever answered my questions about how a single gets “promoted heavily” so it gets played. ??? What makes a radio corporation initially decide to start playing a song, thus getting it heard, and even ABLE to take off? Is it just bribery? What else could it be? Some of the DJ’s have told fans requesting SMB that it needs to be “promoted harder” by the label. Others say they will play it when it becomes “a hit.” I DO NOT GET IT! To use Caryl’s word, someone help me with my dumb-assedness!

    And I know I said I didn’t want it discussed, and I DON’T, but I just can’t BELIEVE fans left Mr. Hicks because he was in Hawaii with a girl in a bikini!!!! Oh, my….. It all just sounds so CRAZY. I have no idea what the boards were saying – i read mostly on the crazy “Enquirer-esque” sites last night about the whole thing….) But I’m finding craziness in all fandom, not just this one, so I shouldn’t’ be so surprised. I see people who practically worship him, and others who hate him with an illogical passion. Why can’t everyone just be “normal?” LOL

  91. Great article about music/music industry here, thanks to a tweet from AH. It’s an interview with Scott Tournet, the lead guitarist for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

  92. spinshack Says:

    “young guys who pursued me, so perhaps I wasn’t a cougar afterall”
    Well if that is what separates you from being a Cougar, then I’m relieved. I then am Not a Cougar. I did not initiate the situation with my ex-friend he was the chaser, I just did not run very fast. lol

    Back a few years DMan and I took a break; the youngest guy I’ve ever gone out with was 17 years my junior and then too he was the aggressor.

    Rose it sounds like there is good reason I ‘felt’ a connection with you from the start, your background and mine have similar lines. Divorce from spouse number 2 had me pretty wild for a while…

    Regarding Mr. Hicks’ lack of radio play, I just don’t understand it either. He is played on various dept. stores sound systems, such as Kohl’s and a few others. He’s had several tunes that should have received airplay over some of the junk that you do hear getting lots of attention.

  93. LOVE THIS! I think this is part of Taylor’s Problem. He does have a great appreciation the old music, but if he wants to be played he’s going to have to embrace and live in the NOW world of music. (Well, I think he DOES appreciate it but needs to let it influence his own music more.) And those early ’70’s yes! It’s music I still listen to all the time. It’s nice to hear young, current artists who appreciate the music from that time.

    Interviewer: “Personally I can’t stand about 90% of modern music- one of the things that intrigued me about GPN is the fact you intended to make the latest album sound as though it was from 1973 (successfully I believe) Why/How did that idea come about?”

    ST: “Frustration with modern music and that so many modern bands seem to not realize that music has been around since before Nirvana and Green Day. Matt (GPN’s drummer) and I were also in a HUGE Little Feat, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, JJ Cale, soul and blues (too many artists to name Aretha, Otis, Muddy, etc.) phase. Since then we’ve opened up a lot more to modern music and realized that it is NOT 1973 and you have to live in your own time. It was a period of study and we’ve kept a lot of that influence, but we’ve also embraced the “now”. ”

    Interviewer: “It is 1973! It always will be. Was 1973 the best year in rock history? It did produce a hell of a lot of great records…”

    ST: “Tough question to answer. It’s definitely one of the best. It’s definitely better than 1983 which I had to endure. ha ha. I’ve always wanted to be part of that time more than my time. Only recently have I finally accepted that I can’t afford a time machine.”

  94. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor’s problem is that he’s not in any defined genre. He has a southern voice with a twang in it. His voice does not fit into the AC genre, yet his songs are AC. Plus, his songs are not very good… that’s the reason radio doesn’t play him.

    But all this discussion doesn’t make sense to me because it’s obvious Taylor is going in the direction of country rock/pop or Americana (John Mellencamp, Kid Rock, Bruce, Sheryl Crow). So, if you don’t like that type of music, then maybe you should stop being a Taylor Hicks fan, because it’s obvious to me that he’s dropped the soul/blues stuff.

  95. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Read that interview AH put up, found it very interesting the guy made alot of sense about the whole industry.

    As far as airplay what I have been told by a few station is that Taylor is looked at as a “new” artist for Country genre. Most newbies go by request only until they become a part of the playlist. What was also explained to me is that some newer artists will get hardly any airplay for their first sinlge then the next one could go straight to the playlist. I guess it just depends on whose pushing what to get results.


  96. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if his first CD sounded they way it did on tour. I just don’t get why he thinks the CD and playing live has to be so different????? Jamming on stage I Get. What I don’t GET is why the record and the song live are practically in different genres.

  97. Snowstorm Says:

    “And I know I said I didn’t want it discussed, and I DON’T, but I just can’t BELIEVE fans left Mr. Hicks because he was in Hawaii with a girl in a bikini!!!!”

    It wasn’t because she was in a bikini.. it was because it looked like they were having foreplay on the beach. I really think that Taylor has a lot of “bible belt” or fundies, whatever you want to call them, and these particular fans, most likely, dropped him when they saw those photos. The magazine articles saying he stole this lady from her fiance was probably damaging to his character. These fans don’t want to be fans of someone who’s a playboy. Idol fans place their Idols high on that pedestal, unfortunately.

  98. Well, I’ve been told that payola doesn’t exist anymore, but I find that hard to believe.

    NolaMar, I’m not saying I agree with this, but I remember what people were saying when the photos from Hawaii came out. Obviously, some people couldn’t handle seeing Taylor with a woman (who wasn’t them!) but others just felt lied to. He said over and over again, “No, I don’t have a girlfriend… but I’m looking!” Being on vacation in Hawaii obviously wasn’t their first date. He would have been better off saying that he preferred to keep his private life private.

    Eww…I hate going back there. It was an ugly time in Taylorland. Hope that clears it up for ya, NolaMar. Now I need to scrub my skin until I feel clean again.

  99. spinshack Says:

    I’ve been trying to download that stinking player ^^ and my system isn’t allowing it to go through. I FAIL. :cries

    Our AT&T U-Verse has Bonnaroo on tonight at 9 so I’ll check it then.

    Caryl, dramatic much? lol “scrub my skin until I feel clean again”. In retrospect that whole period is highly overrated for it’s impact, drama and whatever else attributed to it. Thing is I really never cared who T was with or what, true story.

  100. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor’s Idol persona was one of a sweet southern guy.. the guy next door, not your typical musician, but a breath of fresh air. People liked him and voted for him and that’s how he won. But, little by little the truth comes out.. Taylor is your typical musician…he swears, smokes, drinks, and is a womanizer and a bit of a diva. People were fooled by him and stopped being fans…that and along with his post-Idol cd sucked and had no radio hit songs. People left…that’s what happened.

  101. spinshack Says:

    Got it to go, had to step back on my firefox version. Go me.

  102. NolaMar Says:

    Wow! They knocked it out of there. What a finish!! Wish I could sit here and watch the festival all day….

  103. spinshack Says:

    DMAn’s a fan. He hooked us up WebTV, now he says we should go next He’s imagining a biker road trip likely. ha. Heartless Bastards sounds good too but not as dynamic as GPN.

  104. NolaMar Says:

    Sometimes it’s like a broken record in here. Repeat, repeat, repeat…….

  105. NolaMar Says:

    Was that DMan’s first GPN experience Sun? Looked like 98% men in that audience. LOL I liked my intimate setting at HOB for the show. Of course I was about 3′ from them all. It was awesome!

  106. NolaMar Says:

    Show DMan my clips on vimeo… My pics are private again but I will give you password if you want it…

    Just clips – no whole songs. First one dark but almost the whole song; last one not worth watching. (Just turned on camera to try to catch the sound.)

  107. Ouch, spin! I felt dirty and gossipy bringing up that whole saga again. Fans behaved badly. People were downright mean to Taylor. Call me a Pollyanna, but I prefer to focus on the positive. SO…I wanted to wash myself clean of the negativity. Smudge my chi. (I have no idea what I’m talking about!)

    Why you being mean to me? and after I left such a nice comment on your blog.

    It’s all good. Oooommm…

  108. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, Nola, first time I’ve got him to sit and listen.

  109. spinshack Says:

    I’m just giving you some Hell, shit I can’t talk drama hahaha I’ve been nothing but a gooey smack puddle of drama lately. You know I love you. XXX

  110. spinshack Says:

    ^^to Caryl. I’m on the netbook hellish to type sometimes.

  111. NolaMar Says:

    I like Heartless Bastards…. (Wait, I mean the band!) Live webcast now…

    Bio here too:

    I’m gonna go broke buying music..

  112. SS, I think Tay can drink, smoke, swear and act like a so called typical musician yet still be a breath of fresh air. I don’t know your definition of a womanizer or why you think Taylor is one. One more time, many of those who voted for him have no idea he smokes, swears or drinks and since there have not been mag articles about Taylor and women why would the general public think he is a womanizer. I could begin to see last year when I came on line that all you long timers have had your brains fried, or slanted by being part of the online fandom and thinking that is all there is. I thought I would just be free to comment as I wished anywhere. Found out very quickly there were cliques and if I posted somewhere, no matter what I posted I would be branded a hater. If I posted somewhere else I was branded a fanactic. I read the words Myofa and spinoff of Myofa and had past names of who went by whom in 2007 or even 2006, tossed around. Some of it still goes on that is why online Idol fanbases , while helping their artist, can come across as bags of nuts. What caused Tay to loose fans was lack of radio play and what will gain him fans is radio play. I’m going to go to an outdoor Beetle concert tonight, held in a wine vinyard: food and wine will be served to go with the Beetle imitators. Should be fun…

  113. NolaMar Says:

    Ha ha Rosie! Beetle imitators. Sounds like a lot of fun – IF they are decent. Saw a HORRIBLE, laughable, corporate show in Tucson in March – tribute to Elton J and Billy J. JUST AWFUL!! So bad when hubby’s boss asked me to dance, I almost just couldn’t do it. Didn’t want to tell him “I’m just not feeling these guys” so I tried. I guess everyone had enough wine to just have a good time but no amount was enough for me. LOL

  114. Snowstorm Says:

    ro, there were magazine articles after the beach photos appeared. The articles said that Taylor stole the woman from her fiance and the fiance didn’t know that she went on vacation with Taylor. Who knows if any of it is true, maybe it was a huge publicity stunt. Ro, all musicians are womanizers… all of them, hon. Taylor is no different. I’m sure he gets plenty of action, so let him… he’s single and free and not any of his fans business anyway. I’ve always said fans should be interested in the music and his personal life is off limits to fans.

    It was his lack of radio airplay, but it also was his image and character.

  115. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree that Taylor is just a nice guy that happened to be a bar musician. Dated quited a few bar boys back in the day and can say from experience they are gruff, heavy drinkers out to get what they can, however, one on one they are just like you and me can be ultra polite and talk as sweet as sugar. I remember my folks came to see the drummer I was dating one time and couldn’t believe he was the same nice guy that would come to take me out. After putting down his drum sticks he was just a nice guy!


  116. Meg Collins Says:

    I’ve been enjoying this discussion. Wish I were at Bonnaroo — ah well but you guys are fun!

    There were two things that hit me and almost knocked me off me feet when I saw Taylor audition. The first was that voice. The second was a sense that his life depended on winning the contest. That sense never went away — only ripened. Every year when that Show has whittled down the contestants to two or three the same things are written and said. ” Doesn’t matter who wins here they both will get record deals and a career.” You know I think in all the other cases this is true. But — for Taylor WINNING really mattered. It was somehow and end in itself. Like some type of heart trophy that he desperately needed.

    I think the single most damaging thing he did was not lucratively courting GrayCharles and there by that fan base after it was the official Blog. There was a cold sterility to his HQ -poor construction on the MYSpace and lack of support for some of the other independent sites that were put up as labors of love. It was too easy for people who had burned themselves into exhaustion trying to launch his career to feel exploited. Or SOLD OUT. There was an adequate CD kind of like canned spinach when many of the fans wanted it right out the garden.
    Amid a paucity of information just like when kids draw those connect the dots pictures, Taylor supporters tried to create a logical ‘WHY’. I don’t think there were/are enough dots to really answer most of this.
    All the sour grapes and obfuscation aside…
    The real killer is Taylor remains a totally magnificent live performer. And …. he’s even great in Grease amid what that world is all about — he still has the stage presence and the voice and the magnetism.
    I have no idea if he feels like he sold out when he looks in the mirror. Some fans and friends might say he sold out their expectations but only he can say he sold himself out.
    Maybe Teen Angel and the Bunny Suit at the mall and the Purple Jacket are all part of him being true to his own hunger to perform to “…entertain people”. It’s like the stage is his oxygen – that’s where he lives. And on the stage — you just can’t find a more mesmerizing entertainer than Taylor.

  117. Christa Says:

    Who cares about age… a fan is a fan. A lot of musicians have ‘cougars’ or ‘frau’, whatever people call them. Michael Buble, Josh Groban, the list goes on and on. They’re older, they’re not zombies. =P

    As far as Adam coming out in Rolling Stone, honestly who was surprised? lmao. And no offense to Lambert fans but I don’t think he should be on the cover of Rolling Stone, especially over the one who won Idol, Kris Allen. Even then neither should be on there. Both haven’t even made a record yet. Just shows what little credibility RS has left.

    As for Daughtry, I don’t care if he sells millions, he in my book isn’t even half the artist that Mr. Hicks is. JMO.

    And radio, I don’t get the resistance against him there. Then again, he’s an indie so it’s harder to get on there if you don’t have huge back up. I wonder if he’ll release Maybe You Should, that to me is the most radio friendly and could fit multiple formats. Radio play or not though, I’m still gonna support the guy and his music. He’s a great artist and seems to be a pretty cool guy.

  118. NolaMar Says:

    Man! Been watching Gov’t Mule and really digging it! Grace Potter and Scott Tournet just did “Southern Man” with them. Incredible.

  119. Great post Meg Collins. I agree with the beginning of the end being letting the GC connection go…as well as the paucity of communication on HQ. This is something Iag has said quite eloquently herself for some time now.

  120. I’m home from the fun times at The Mahoney Brothers Beetle concert. There had to have been 1500 people there. It cost 17 admisission and people bought bottle after bottle of wine and there was great food. I brought a lawn chair as the picnic tables were few. This band of 4 guys who each resemble one of the Beetles have a huge following in Md. Pa. Va. Delaware, NY and NJ. but travel elsewhere in their own tour bus. They performed 3 sets with short breaks and the concert lasted 3 hrs. They wore costumes for their 2nd set, the psychedelic period. But the big news is I met a guy just a few yrs. younger than me who is a Taylor Hicks fan. The guy was normal, nice, fun, intelligent and straight. I was with girlfriends and one of them knew this guy and that is why he sat with us. We were talking about visiting NY and I mentioned I dragged my friend there to see Grease last summer. The guy said did you see Taylor. Then he brought up Taylor was his favorite ever on AI. He mentioned You Send Me, Trouble, Something, well he knew it all. He said he bought his first CD but was disappointed and expected more blues type music. He had no clue he had a new CD out, so I said he’d like The Distance. I thought OMG, Snow, Iag, and others were right. This man knew as many details as Me about Taylor on AI. loved his music, could even quote Simon, knew about Grease and NY and even knew he is touring with Grease, but was disappointed with his first pop style CD. One of my girlfriends who has only seen Tay on Martha Stewart and 1 or 2 other TV shows said she is sure Taylor is gay. This man jumped in to say no way and both he and I did our best to assure her he is not. My story is boring but the point is I do see that each of us have a bit of the puzzle of Hicks and we all can be right some of the time and wrong on other things. I learned tonight that there were AI fans who purchased the TH CD and were disappointed. I’ve been humbled. Meg Collins and Christa loved what you said.

  121. Ditto on the Meg & Chrisa posts!

    Rosie, sounds like you had a really fun time tonight! And it is very interesting (not boring) about the Taylor discussions that came up.

    My last band of the night for Bonnaroo was the Decemberists. (Might have misspelled that.) VERY unique, very creative. Spin loves them, I’m still not a 100% believer but did enjoy the last 4 songs a whole lot! Finished off with a great rendition of “Crazy On You,” which didn’t really seem to fit with their other stuff, but was fabulous all the same. Last streaming show is a DJ. Not that interested and had enough for one day anyhow. AT&T will be streaming the festival again tomorrow so check it out.

  122. spinshack Says:

    The Decemberists have got to be one of the most incredibly talented ensemble of musicians I have seen in forever anywhere; we were beside ourselves. Fluid, able to do anything, play any instrument. Irish ballads meet Black Sabbath, Yes, U2 just a band made of Love.

    Glad to hear you started liking them Nola. Man, blew me and DMan away.

  123. hicksaholic Says:

    Great discussion. I think just like Taylor had everything fall into place perfectly for his amazing run on AI it all fell into pieces afterwards.
    I think lack of radio play is the number one problem Taylor had after AI. I don’t think lack of a genre or poor songs were the major problem either. I think for whatever reason he was not supported by the label.
    I also agree that letting Gray’s site shutdown disappointed a lot of his more avid fans. I know I really miss it.
    Amazing to me that people would react to the bikini pictures so strongly. All I saw was a guy that I like to be entertained by having fun and getting a well deserved rest. I guess as someone said above perhaps Taylor could answer some questions with answers that don’t say anything but don’t leave him open to criticism for telling lies but to me it is just the way it is when someone is in the public eye. He shouldn’t have to explain his personal life.
    Saying that I remember a discussion on the Boogie after the 4th of July concert and Taylor slipped up and said “fucking” in the song and there were a number of posters that insisted he was saying “fooling” or something else. It didn’t even fit the context but they were adamant he didn’t say “fucking.” Plus I think I weighed in saying I heard “fucking” then I got semi attacked. Absolutely crazy!

  124. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Have seen the Beetles several times, they put on an awesome show, hubby and I recntly went to see them at the school my daughter goes to. In that show they had a guy who was a Jose Felciano impersonator he was fantastic.

    Christa & Meg, Very well said.

    hicksaholic, I was with you never got all the fury over him relaxing on a beach with a young lady, he is entitled to a private life, to spend time with who he chooses without it being invaded. He has a right to keep things to himself doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for his personal time.


  125. spinshack Says:

    Grey what you wrote ^^ up there on Idol and fans, it’s what the worster site has been talking about for some time. Seems every season same sort of issues crop up. Only the faces change.

    Meg Collins, why your moniker is familiar to me, have no idea, anyway, your comment,
    “But — for Taylor WINNING really mattered. It was somehow and end in itself. Like some type of heart trophy that he desperately needed.”

    Exactly how I felt that year about Mr. Hicks and the show. Made me do all sorts of crazy in supporting him and voting. It became like a personal mission for me as well, to see him win. I know thousands of people were driven just like I was, he was completely compelling in his drive to win.

    One reason I am still interested, still follow him. To be able to influence so many different people with the intensity level that he was able to on that reality show says a great deal about the man.

  126. Personally, I feel that the vast majority of fans that feel disillusioned, set themselves up for that. I have always not had any pre-conceived expectations of Taylor. He won a POP music contest. So what are the chances that his cd is going to contain some pop music?

    He is a single, very attractive, free, male. What are the chances that he is going to appear with a woman from time to time? Who cares if he calls her a girlfriend or friend? I don’t.

    He lived on the bar/ music scene for how many years? Hmmm… let’s see.. he’s going to be a straight laced, god fearing, goody two shoes? I don’t think so.

    In my opinion I don’t feel that Taylor portrayed himself as anything other than a performer. He was on a mission to win a contest. He did what he had to do to win it. Do I feel like I’ve been lied to from him because he didn’t change the music world? No I don’t.

    Taylor is a survivor. He is going to do whatever it takes to be able to entertain people. How many times has he said I am an entertainer? I feel that anyone that wants Taylor to be a musician only, is setting themselves up for disappointment.

  127. jerseyirish Says:

    Tirxi, I agree. I know some have said he lied about a girlfriend. But I remember back in like Mar 07 their was an article in OK magizine, where he was asked if he was dating someone and he answered he had met someon and there was an initial “spark”, then May the beach pics showed up. I was thrilled, didn’t know is she was the spark he spoke about, but happy he had someone to spend time with.


  128. Snowstorm said, “It wasn’t because she was in a bikini.. it was because it looked like they were having foreplay on the beach.” I must have missed this and a few other posts last night. Snow say it isn’t so. Is it true that there were fans who found the photos of CL and Taylor making out on what looked like a deserted beach objectional? And these fans dumped him due to those photos! I don’t know anyone that backward and ignorant. I need to go look at those photos again cause I don’t recall seeing foreplay. Maybe I need to look up the defintion of foreplay.

  129. JI, I also was thrilled. I recalled Randy had asked Taylor the night of the AI6 finale, if he’d be available to play some harp somewhere and Tay didn’t answer. He had a break between his spring and summer tour and went off to have a private vacation with Caroline. I googled and noticed that her news station were getting lots of inquires about her because fans identified her as the girl in the photos. Later that summer I was aware of the Myofa and Radar nonsense but didn’t bother getting involved. I thought some people had lost their minds and the general public was never aware of anything. It was my proof that his online fans were in a world of their own. But one year later, I became a part of that world.

  130. NolaMar Says:

    I HATE PAPARAZZI! Truly I do. What an invasion…. can’t imagine having to live such a guarded life as can’t even go on vacation without all that garbage being the result of it. I guess some celebrities eat it up. Others determine to live secluded and out-of-the-public-eye lives. Can’t blame them.

  131. Proper English

  132. Christa Says:

    People actually left because of the beach pics with Lyders? What??? And have you noticed, these reasons for leaving or whatever, have nothing to do with his musical and entertaining abilities. I have a feeling some people wanted too much out of him.
    I mean how dare a really good looking grown man in his thirties get caught spending some time with a girl on the beach! The outrage!
    And then blogs such as MFOYA pulled BS out of nowhere.
    He’s a big boy, he can handle himself. Expect him to cuss, to date, and to have fun. He never claimed to be some perfect angel, so don’t put him on a pedestal.

    Nola Mar I hate paparazzi too, I mean what’s the point of snapping a few photos of someone walking down the street, really? I know that they’re famous and such but they’re human too.

    Forgot to mention some thoughts on the video of him performing SMB acoustic, love that. He did great.
    I heard somewhere that he’s gonna start performing Maybe You Should, that would be cool. My fave!

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