Steve Means

I’m taking a break from the alphabet series for some new music. This time it’s from a guy named Steve Means. He’s from Cincinnati, Ohio and is a singer and songwriter.

This kid is awesome.

Here he is with his full band, sampling his album called “Rescue Me”.

You can buy it here. CD Baby describes the sound as “Acoustic-Pop-Rock. Sounds like sex in the music form. AKA: White-boy soul.” 😆

And this:

Oh, and this too…


7 Responses to “Steve Means”

  1. casualfan Says:

    Thanks Grey!

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    Didn’t care for the first song, the other ones were good. He has a nice style and voice.


  3. Steve Means no more Taylor today!

  4. NolaMar Says:

    I’m still not finished with the videos on the “B” page. LOL

  5. Hey Grey, Steve Means seems like a cool kid! Looking forward to hearing more. I hope you don’t mind me usurping his thrown and highlighting a singer I’ve heard about but have only recently been impressed with. I just finished watching the movie Gran Torino. All I can say is that I was simply amazed by this little movie. Clint Eastwood is an amazing American legend and Jamie Cullum is ….well.. what do you think???

    I’m still wiping away the tears…

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Saw the interview, he must have sung but haven’t been able to find that portion of it, hopefully it will show up.


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