Ok, sit down…

…get a drink, and clean off the computer screen. I want you to watch these videos of the Triple Door, BUT I want you to watch them in HD, then hit full screen. I have never seen clearer videos on YouTube. Big shoutout to Lh1100, whoever you may be..these are very much appreciated.

Have I mentioned my love of tags?

Harp. Yes.

Are you doing what I said? HD and full screen.

Um. Taylor speaks. And this: “This is the most words I’ve said since I’ve been here in Seattle. Something about the weather.” Oh, he’s trying to be funny..and actually does a pretty good job of it. Then, he explains why he’s not playing the guitar. Ok, he needs to act like this in concerts all the time. And for all you Bill Will fans out there, there is a glimpse of the fair haired wonder boy. More tagging, too. GAH!

Turning the dinner theater into a roadhouse…and I’m liking the way he’s handling that guitar. There. I said it.

I Live on a Battlefield…Great solo by Josh Smith. What’s up with him wearing ties now?

Woman’s Gotta Have It. Taylor wanted to turn the lights down low, but the lighting guy didn’t want to, I guess.

My Sweet Lord…playful Taylor on stage, actually encouraging the audience to participate. Very nice.

All in all, those videos have to be the best concert footage that I’ve seen of Taylor. Thanks again for putting them out there.

Finally, finally the man speaks on stage. Yes.


44 Responses to “Ok, sit down…”

  1. Christa Says:

    Lh1100 is my hero.

  2. rjcharris Says:

    Love the great videos. Wish I could have been there.

  3. That title, “OK, sit down…” had me scared! I thought you had some bad news. LOL! As usual, can’t listen right now but I’m very anxious to watch them!!

  4. Rosie, I just noticed a message for you from purple a few threads back. The “better to be pissed off” thread.

  5. mamaforpeace Says:

    Wow, those are great! I can hear Taylor better than from where I was sitting at TTD. Which may explain why I only caught the last part of his statement about guitar players, which I mentioned in an earlier thread. I guess that’s how rumors get started… sorry… my bad! But there is hard evidence now. I am SO glad Taylor lets people tape his shows now, which is probably why we are getting better quality. It’s the best advertisement he can get. Don’t you think we can put to rest the wondering if he is still in this for the music?
    On another board, there was a discussion of whether Taylor should stop tagging b/c a lot of people wouldn’t “get it”. In my opinion, that would be a great mistake. That’s one of the things I love most, and I certainly don’t get all the tags!
    And, True, I am curious… don’t these rekindle a bit of your interest in Mr. Hicks’ music?

  6. Taylor, quit tagging? Dear God, I hope not. That’s one of my favorite things about him. What is there to “get” about the tags? I have always wondered if they just flow out of his head, or if he plans them beforehand. I have seen a couple of set lists though, and they are written down to be done in the song, but the lists that I have seen were never right. I guess it’s just a guideline to go by.

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    Haven’t been able to sit and watch, everytime I start to watch I’m getting called away, hopefully later. Got to listen to a little of the Maze,great. Getting called away again!!!


  8. Seven Days Says:

    The footage between 7:00 and 8:30 on “Gonna Move” is priceless. The look of utter joy on Taylor’s face as he is listening to Josh Smith’s guitar solo……nice.

    I think it’s ok to say that I really miss seeing that part of him more often, without meaning that I want to direct his career or run his life. I just love the music, and that is all. Watching Taylor in concert makes me almost unbearably happy.

    Thanks so much to Lh1100.

  9. NolaMar Says:

    I downloaded all these last night and only got the chance to watch one so far – Gonna Move – a couple of hours ago. I agree. They are fantastic! Can’t wait to get some alone time and see the rest.

  10. NolaMar Says:

    I think Josh looks great with the tie!

  11. NolaMar Says:

    The Maze is just TOTALLY fabulous!!! Wow!!! Just – no – words….

  12. Yes, I watched them in HD, full screen! (you’re so bossy! lol) Wow, almost as good as being there. Very, very nice.

    He was adorable talking to the crowd. Charming.

    You know what I hate about going to his shows? When they end. I’m not kidding. They just seem to go by too fast. I wish he could play for like…three hours. Wonder if that would be long enough?

  13. I don’t know how long this one was..but I agree, they are never long enough. Ever.

  14. I wonder if we can convince lh1100 (denv) to go to Detroit.

  15. I bet it wouldn’t take much convincing.

    I just hope that a) the crowd behaves for the acoustic show and b) somebody is kind enough to get hella good recordings. 🙂

  16. So why aren’t more people turned on to his shows? I took a friend to one of his shows and at one point, I snuck down the center aisle to take pictures and wound up standing there like I was hypnotized. My friend said I had a look of total peace on my face.

    OK, that was really queer, but…well, it happened. I don’t understand why more people aren’t swept away like that.

  17. NolaMar Says:

    This concert was pretty rushed. I don’t think it was even 1.5 hours. It started at 10:18 and they had to finish by 11:45. First they told them 11:30 but the band said no way. The parking garage was closing at midnight. How stupid!

  18. Well, I think there are various reasons. I think some people are really just attracted to his “brand” of music, and I’m not talking modern whomp, either. I think another factor is where you are in your fandom journey with him. I have friends that are so over him that they don’t want to even look at a picture of him…all the way to you guys, who, thankfully, are still on the journey. For some people, all the bullshit gets in the way of the music, ya know?

  19. Well, I just don’t get it. I’m really talking about new fans. I know some of the reasons why his AI fans have dropped off. It’s been discussed ad nauseam. I seriously don’t get why more people aren’t moved by his music the way we are.

    When he sang “Bring It On Home To Me” with Wynn Christian at Ona’s it was so excruciatingly beautiful, I felt it in my chest. I could weep right now just thinking about it.

    OK, I’d better stop before I wind up on Idletard. But everyone reading here knows what I mean. He’s got the power to evoke emotion, whether it’s joy or sorrow and that’s every musician’s goal, isn’t it? He makes it happen.

  20. hicksaholic Says:

    I know just what you mean. I took a couple of friends to HOB in New Orleans and one of them told me she had never seen me so happy. I can’t think of anything that is more enjoyable than watching Taylor in concert live(well maybe a couple of things but not much)
    That feeling watching him perform should be bottled. I can’t understand how everyone isn’t rushing to every concert he does.
    And one thing that bothers me is when people act like it’s a primarily a physical attraction and if he wasn’t so good looking I wouldn’t enjoy him so much. I agree he is damn good looking and Taylor is a total package(serving one up for you, rosie) but I really get irritated when people act like you are a dirty old woman because you love Taylor’s music. Hell, I love Jerry Butler’s music and no one acted like that was weird.

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    Finally got to sit down and watch all the video’s, wow, they were fantastic both audio and picture quality, thanks!!! 🙂


  22. NolaMar Says:

    I’m so glad Taylor is letting his fans record his concerts like this! Since he is not doing so many of them now, this is the next best thing. The quality of these just blows me away. There are even more coming out now. Some have good visual and some have good audio, but this group here is about as close as professional as you can get. (Maybe the person IS a professional in real life?) I almost feel like I went to see Taylor Hicks at the Triple Door in Seattle! LOL

    It’s a shame but I’m getting the feeling that we are starting to repress things we would like to say because we are afraid to end up on the IT website. I know it is me anyway.

    I agree with IAG about the tags. You all know that I have compressed 3 yrs of Taylor performances into about the past 3 months. (There is still tons of media that I have not watched or listened to yet.) One night I listened to ALL The Maze tags in a row… It was so cool! It starts off with the beginning of the song, then dozens of different tags he did on his 2007 tours, then the end of the song. It took almost 2 hours I think. I was blown away by this man’s talent as an artist that night and just could NOT understand the lack of recognition for it! I would like to know his thinking on this… How it came about, his personal reasons for doing it etc. (Is this a common thing for performers to do?)

    The Maze video above is probably my favorite. I love the two I have seen of The Distance also. That is a GREAT song! When is Taylor’s breakthrough (on radio) going to come? It drive me crazy sometimes! He deserves it so much.

  23. When he sang “Bring It On Home To Me” with Wynn Christian at Ona’s it was so excruciatingly beautiful, I felt it in my chest. I could weep right now just thinking about it.

    OMG……that was the most amazing few music moments I can remember for years. It was…. well you said it…BEAUTIFUL. He got right inside you soul.

  24. spinshack Says:

    Fantastic videos. *cheersing*

  25. Finally got through these one at a time between getting some work done. Excellent quality . . agree should send denv to all the shows – and t&j too.
    Made it to a lot of TH’s shows in 07 and a lot of Grace Potter & Nocs shows in 08 . . so far 2009 is looking like the year of mostly vicarious music thrills so am counting on good media.

    NolaMar . .
    I’ve given up trying to keep people I know interested in TH – at this point they either are or they aren’t. I don’t mind that someone doesn’t like Taylor’s music . . I may not enjoy some of their choices either . . but I’ve run into two non-music issues that relate directly to AI.
    This took me a while to comprehend since it was all new to me in 2006 – seems the majority of people I know who are fans of the show are just that – fans of the show. There is only short-lived interest in Anyone beyond the AI tour and maybe first album – but some don’t even buy that.
    The other problem I’ve run into is that many of the people I think would appreciate Taylor’s live work can’t get past their strong dislike of the show. Again it’s not specific to Taylor – it’s the perception / label.

    Personal opinion is that adding new fans like yourself who become interested because of his sound are TH’s best resource for sustaining / building a long term fan base for his music. Truly think that a renewed interest from the AI audience so many hope for is simply wishful thinking.
    As always, just one person’s perspective . . .

  26. casualfan Says:

    I love the way Taylor tags his music. He’s opening us up to different types of music by doing that and introducing other Artists. For me at least, he’s willing to “share the stage” which says alot about him as a performer.

  27. I had one experience taking a newbie to a concert and she liked it but wasn’t blown away. She noticed what some of the rest of us have that he didn’t talk and the concert was paced the same throughout, fast and faster. She said it felt like he was rushing through the concert and she would have loved for him to slow it down here and there, talk some and tone the band down a little so she could hear his voice better. On this last concert he added talking so maybe the the slow songs are still to come. LOL. I do wonder if the fact that the music on his CD’s and his concerts are so different from each other, might be a drawback to gaining new fans. I think some who have only heard the CD and weren’t all that turned on by it, have no idea what a power house he is on stage and might really like that side of him. Then there are some who prefer the CD’s over the concerts. These people I think are the ones who would respond the most to having some slow songs added. JMO…..I really don’t know and I’ve thought about it alot.

  28. The only online thing I feel comfortable doing today online is watching videos of Taylor. Hopefully he will continue to have sold out venues everywhere but CA. I can’t pick a favorite but notice he did a few songs in yet a different way. He can do that because he is a natural raw talent. He even sings the National Anthem a bit different everytime. Those weeks when I voted for him on AI and it wasn’t every week until the last three, I had no thought of buying his CD or following his career. I became so happy when he won and stood there smiling and singing DIMYP. Then I had to watch him on Leno and all the shows and became more and more enchanted. The overwhelming majority who watch AI and even those who vote multiple times don’t purchase their favorites CDs. Many of those who do purchase that first single and CD, fall by the wayside especially if their gal or guy doesn’t make it big. So Tay finds himself having to rebuild, maintain and boost his fanbase. Since he is ballsy and driven and knows and loves music and has been around the block a time or two, I’d put my money on him to do so. Still say Grease and his big paycheck is just his way of getting his music out there, now and in the future. Go see him in Grease if the show comes to your city. His part is rather electrifying.

  29. spinshack Says:

    Dee you’re right, he needs to temper his shows with some variety. The manic fast paced shows until the shirt drips every single time needs revamping. I’d love some slow down some “Here Comes the Sun” some MYS or yeah, IAoK but it is up to the man. He’s gonna do it his way.

    I do like his jesting and playing around, it’s nice to see some of who he is inside.

  30. Believe it or not, I think at times Taylor gets nervous about making an impression and over reaches. Week one on AI, he did Levon fine, made an impact and Simon mentioned he heard the most positive comments about him. The next week he sang first and did Easy, and was a mess with overkill, woos, and most likely a case of nerverousness born out of his desparation to succeed. Don’t know, but it could be nerves and trying to make the biggest impact that motivates his song choices now and his concert pace. He must read reviews and wants success. When I saw him in Balto. April 17, 2007 his concert was good. When I read the review that he had charm, but lacked the polish of a seasoned performer, as in turned his back to the audience and gave too much attention to his band, I agreed. He still does that, but on the vids I see he does it with more flair, and now shows how much he is into their talent. Should he concentrate less on them and more on his singing and performance talent? I don’t know. He is making little, very little if any off of these shadow tours. Don’t know how much money any of the band members receive.

  31. These are really great video’s …. thanks for bringing them to my attention.
    Dee, I agree with your friend… Taylor would do well to show off some of his personality and sense of humor, and for him to move into a slower mode during his concerts would be a great way to hear “the” voice.
    I think he is learning a great deal about being a professional… I hear it in his music, and the way he is handling his most recent interviews. I remember during his first shadow tour I would become so frustrated because he would be singing and then turn away from the microphone and we could not hear him. And the same tired answers he had for interviews were predictable (granted the interviewers did not help with their same tired questions). I do have to admit I miss hearing him use the “F” bomb. That one little word made him so believable, and endearing to me during the GrayCharles interview.
    He has the voice, the talent, the looks and when he really gets caught up in the music … he has the moves… will we ever forget that Shake and Bake move from Orlando… I keep thinking with the right song, the right place, the right time it will all come together for Taylor and others will see and enjoy what I do .

  32. NolaMar Says:

    Just want to comment on what Legacy and many others have said about the interviews. Yes, same answers and same questions, but stop and think that it’s only US who hear every interview. LOL He’s not doing those interviews for US but for each radio or TV market. The people in those audiences are NOT hearing those same questions and answers a dozen times like we are, Just keep that in mind…. it’s sort of like a political stump speech. It’s basically the same at every campaign stop. 🙂

  33. NolaMar Says:

    At the Triple Door Taylor did WRIR and the Deal. Those are slower songs. Certainly he dropped the pace with the Deal. (I would say the tag in The Maze slow things down a bit too.)

    Start: 10:18 The Distance
    10:24 – What’s Right Is Right
    10:29 – Heaven Knows – “Ain’t it Funky”
    “Inner City Blues”
    10:38 – The Maze – “That’s Where It’s At”; “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoe”(Paul Simon)
    Lots of talking from 10:42 – 10:45
    10:45 – Gonna Move – “Old Weakness”
    10:54 – Woman’s Gotta Have It
    11:01 – The Deal
    11:05 – Hide Nor Hair – Harp! More harp!
    11:10 – I Live on a Battlefield – killer Josh Smith solo!
    11:18 – Seven Mile Breakdown – “Holy shit —– Taylor’s burning the place down!!! ” (Linda T)
    Main set ends 11:28

    Encore: 11:30 – My Sweet Lord
    Ends: 11:40

  34. NolaMar Says:

    LOL I just noticed the comments in there.

  35. NolaMar, Thanks for Lifting UP Taylor.

  36. Hey, rosie, are you on twitter?

  37. Caryl, no I’m not on twitter following Taylor or anyone? Thanks for asking. I think I signed up when it was posted he was on there. But since I joined the BB I can read his tweets. I’m quite busy enough online. Lately, the past 48 hrs, I feel like I’m in TH’s fandoms hell, a sad place to be. Will hell be just gossip and meaness? I just have to strive for heaven!

  38. suze4158 Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed that HD experience!
    Many thanks for the vids and the suggestion of viewing.
    Amazing how “Battlefield” came to life on stage. The Maze + tags will probably always be my favorite Taylor experiences… until he does MYS onstage :-).
    Hope YKW got to take these in.

  39. casualfan Says:

    My favorite will always be “Compared To What”. He can tag that with anything and I’m on the floor dancing.

  40. NolaMar Says:

    AH SAID: 1) “– seems the majority of people I know who are fans of the show are just that – fans of the show. There is only short-lived interest in Anyone beyond the AI tour and maybe first album – but some don’t even buy that.”

    MY SISTER. (And it’s because of people like that that I said AI is “smart” to be pre-selling the Kris Allen CD NOW, before it’s even recorded.)

    2) “The other problem…. is that many of the people I think would appreciate Taylor’s live work can’t get past their strong dislike of the show. Again it’s not specific to Taylor – it’s the perception / label.”

    MY DAUGHTER (This is probably the more frustrating of the two different cases IMO. These people like indie music but won’t give anyone associated with AI a chance.)

  41. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Agree most only see these interviews in local areas where they air. We see them because folks post them, he can’t change them up a whole lot, or he would be accused of saying one thing here and another there. He is better off just sticking to the standard answers, it works for him.

    Rosie, Twitter is fun, have to say what you want in 140 characters or less. Its not all Taylor talk, life in general.


  42. Rosie, I asked about twitter because we’re having a pretty good time with it. Drama-free! I think you’d be a fun addition. (BTW, you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t feel bad about it.)

    And because I don’t want to be misunderstood, I think everyone should sign up and join the fun. I’m not trying to be clique-ish!

    I was completely wrong when I said Taylor should forget about twitter (twittering?). We fans are sharing music and laughs and every now and then a tweet comes through from Taylor. it’s fun.

  43. Celestial Soul Says:

    You could hear a pin drop. This is the kind of respect an artist should get when they sing a heartfelt song.

    Ray LaMontagne sings “Winter Birds”

    It’s the Widow now that owns that angry plow,
    The spartan Mule and The Crippled Cow
    The fallow field that will yield no more,
    As the fox lay sleeping beneath her kitchen floor

    The stream can’t contain such the withering rain,
    And from the pasture the fence it is leaning away
    The clouds crack and growl
    Like some great cat on the prowl
    Crying out, “I am, I am” over and over again

    The days grow short
    As the nights grow long
    The kettle sings its tortured song
    As many petalled kiss I place upon her brow,
    Oh, my lady, Lady I am loving you now

    The winter birds have come back again,
    Here the sprightly Chickadee
    Gone now is the Willow Wren
    In passing greet each other as if old, old friends
    And to the voiceless trees
    It is their own they will lend

    The days grow short
    As the nights grow long
    The kettle sings its tortured song
    As many petalled kiss I place upon her brow,
    Oh, my lady, Lady I am loving you now

    And though all these things will change,
    The memories will remain
    As green to gold, and gold to brown
    The leaves will fall to feed the ground
    And in their falling, make no sound

    Oh my lady,
    Lady I am loving you now

    I’ve gathered all my money and I’m goin’ to town,
    To buy my lady a long and flowing gown
    ‘Cause come tomorrow morning
    We’re off to the county fair
    I’ll find a yellow flower
    And I will lace it in her hair

  44. You’re right, CS. Maybe that’s why Taylor doesn’t sing those kind of songs. Maybe the crowd isn’t ready for him to do that yet. When they stop screaming “I love you, Taylor!”, maybe then he’ll do one? I don’t know.

    Ray LaMontagne is a genius. There is just something about his voice.

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