Video from Triple Door…

Thanks to 4Tay and Ragsqueen for these!!


We need more of this…

Oh yes.


52 Responses to “Video from Triple Door…”

  1. Those close ups are unbelievable. Wow

  2. taylorfan06 Says:

    What an entertainer! Taylor SO shines on stage!!!!

  3. MidnightSoul Says:

    Thanks for posting these vids–and thanks to 4Tay and Ragsqueen for providing them. I haven’t heard much Taylor lately, so it’s nice to be reminded of what I liked about his music.

    I was just listening to Keri Noble’s CD as I read in the other thread that she had opened for Taylor. She’s a great artist, too. Must have been an amazing show!

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    Saw them over at the BB, thought they were great, he was perfection!!!! 🙂 Thanks for posting.


  5. I’m commenting as I listen:

    I LOVE ‘Woman’s Got To Have It.’ Brian is soooo good. I stood in front of him at Martyr’s and I never realized before how hard he works. He did that little running in place thing that Taylor does and when he wasn’t playing, I saw him singing along like he was really enjoying the music.

    Oh my, in SMB when Taylor sings, “Let me get right down to it, I can’t get enough,” (the first time) it was sort of breathless and sexy. Not gonna get super fangirly, but there I said it. Josh’s guitar-wow! This is a great band.

    This is the first time I’ve heard ‘My Sweet Lord’. Not digging the arrangement so far. Hmm, I’m surprised- a lot of people raved about Ts version, but I don’t really like it. that’s OK, they can’t all be winners. But it’s very cute the way he’s playing with the crowd. Funny and a little odd facial expressions around 8:35. He’s waiting for Josh to say his name, I guess?

    ‘The Distance’ sounds good. I really like that song. Shoot, son just came home, gotta wrap this up.

    Who was it that said his music just isn’t good enough? Got to disagree. Dammit! I want to see him in concert!

    I see he wore his ‘Bruce Springsteen’ outfit. Hot. (yes, Rosie, I said he looks hot!)

    Nice job in the videos, Ragsqueen!

  6. Snowstorm Says:

    A Woman’s Got To Have It and 7 Mile – very good songs, best songs on the cd, IMO. The Distance is good, but not great – something is missing, maybe not the right key, or too slow. Needs to be a bit faster.

    My Sweet Lord is a trainwreck! He’s trying to make it into a jazz song.. so, so wrong! Never, ever take a classic song and try to change it. Does not work! Terrible! Somebody needs to tell him.. that sucks! George Harrison is rolling in his grave, lol!

  7. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thank you so much, Ladies, for capturing those great moments. My vids have horrible sound, so I am glad you were able to get good ones. So nice to be able to relive this. It was a wonderful time, indeed. Caryl, you’re right, you need to see him live. It’s an experience, really. And for anyone out there, that is the best way IMO to support Taylor. Try to make it to one of his shows. You won’t regret it.

  8. NolaMar Says:

    OMG! The Distance!! I love that song even more now! That was a great performance. Caryl you mentioned Bruce – that song is so “Bruce” to me. Wow!! Loving this. The first couple I watched in Vimeo, but I downloaded TD first and watched it in WMP, and it’s even better. I have always liked it a lot anyway, but even more after seeing it live. Must go watch the others again on the computer instead of Vimeo.

    (Uh, oh, I hope its only my DL but the audio is not in sync with video on 7MB. Redownloading and trying again..)

  9. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, and just to make things clear… I don’t have loads of money, and I did have to take time off work to go to Seattle. You only live once! So if you can, treat yourself, really!

  10. NolaMar Says:

    Nope, the audio separates from the video about the middle of the song. Maybe someone will fix that later. Awesome recording though! WOW! Well, life calls again. Hope to watch more later!! There are also now two more videos at BB. THey are on youtube. MSL and HNH from a different perspective. I think….

  11. He is one damn fine singer and performer and he is now more polished than ever. He likes that vest.

  12. What’s the word? Thud?
    (Oh no she didn’t!)

    Yes I did!

  13. Thanks so much ladies for these great videos! His voice sounds so strong. Just noticed a new tic of Taylor’s!!! Look at SMB at about 1:48, he turns his tongue sideways! Haha! I think I did that in 4th grade when I also stuck my tongue to the side of my mouth when I concentrated! Just kidding! But really, who would ever want every minutia of every movement analyzed. I know if I were examined like him, I’d be a blubbering glob of nerves! It takes a certain something……not sure what…to be able to put yourself out there like that. Gotta admire the courage 🙂

  14. mamaforpeace, I saw him live at Martyr’s and it was the best I’ve ever seen him. What a great show! But when was that? *thinking* It was in January. Damn, I need to see him perform again soon or I’ll die. (<—I said that just for snow.) I SO hope he books a show in Texas.

  15. Paging caryl…Detroit paging caryl…

  16. NolaMar Says:

    I’ll be seeing him in any and ALL Texas concerts Caryl! I have family in Houston, New Braunfels (only 1 hr from Austin), and DFW. I’ve already informed them that they will be seeing Taylor in concert with me if he comes to their area. LOL I’m determined to make him some new fans, and I know that all it will take is one concert. Wouldn’t it be great if he did one in all three cities? But I’ll be happy with ONE. So far there is no indication on the schedule. He is not going to be performing in Grease the 2nd week in Houston and I’m wondering what he will be up to.

    If no TX concerts I’m hoping for Atlanta. But that’s BEFORE TX so it will be hard to decide. I have a friend I can stay with there. I am also within driving distance of B’ham. Can’t imagine him NOT doing one there. I know some people but not well enough to ask to stay with. Will do a hotel if necessary. Keeping fingers crossed for Texas!

  17. Sometimes I forget just how good he is. He changes the songs one way or another in just about every concert. Even though he has a busy schedule with Grease, does the early morning interviews and his off day most weeks is a travel day, and we know he smokes and drinks, his voice is not only strong and clear but keeps getting better. The critics praise his voice and delivery when he sings BSD. Perhaps the negative press and his lack of music sales and national acclaim as a great singer and performer has begun to wear down some of his active fans. Reading the BB, I see there are a few who are growing weary because he doesn’t get radio play. Whoever said if he had a good enough song he’d get radio play does not hear what I hear. I enjoyed his TH cd but none of those songs got stuck in my head. Now I find myself at times singing 7MB, it is that good. WGTHI with Elliott, and The Distance are also catchy and hit worthy. All I can say for those of you who feel they want more Tay concerts, is you can request 7MB on medibase stations. It can’t hurt and it may help. The stations seeking requests are on the BB and Henry posted them on Chills.

  18. I just read the later part of the last thread. It is true that from 12 inches away Taylor does not look a day over his age. His skin is gorgeous. Some of you get on Snow’s case too often. Can’t you recall when you would not have looked at a man with gray hair without thinking old, and no thanks? SS attemps, in her way to point out existing or potential problems that may hinder Taylor’s career. Taylor is a handsome guy but we have all read the old man thing. Sure it has nothing to do with his great voice, knowledge of music, love of music or his performances, but the hair does make him look older than his years. Should he dye it for a movie role or any reason he would get press as no longer the “silver fox”. Snow throws things out there such as his older fan base, his mix bag of CD songs and his hair color and I enjoy her doing so. I also am appreciative of those who travel to see him in concert and make videos, give recaps and those who request him on their radio stations. Most of all those who put the time into having a blog or forum or moderating one, and working on writing a blog topic deserve credit from from fans and from Taylor.

  19. I can’t go to the Detroit show. I’m lucky I got to go to Chicago. *weeping*

    Rosie says: “Most of all those who put the time into having a blog or forum or moderating one, and working on writing a blog topic deserve credit from from fans and from Taylor.”

    I’m gonna jump right in here and blatantly grab this compliment for myself even though I know I don’t spend as much time on my blog as others do. Still, sometimes it’s easy to feel unappreciated.

    I used to write blog posts that took research and lots of rewrites until I finally realized…well, nobody cared. (haha!) And that’s OK. The fans didn’t care, Taylor certainly didn’t care. Nobody said they had to! So now I just have fun with it and have found I’m spending less time online. It’s all good.


  20. NolaMar Says:

    More vids going up as I type!! 😀

  21. NolaMar Says:

    The Deal and another WGTHI

  22. Where, NolaMar?

  23. NolaMar Says:

    Ragsqueen’s page at Vimeo. But they are still processing….. It will be a little while I think. And here comes HNH! Whoopee!

  24. NolaMar Says:


  25. hicksaholic Says:

    Been spending a lot of time at mj’s checking out the Adam Lambert news.

    Thanks for the videos. I can’t wait til I have a little time to watch them. They always make me a liitle sad wondering when I can see him live again. He’s got to get back south for me to go. Or if I could just win the lottery.

  26. blueberry Says:

    What’s not to love about these? He looks good, the band is good, he sounds great and I’ve been waiting to see what he does to these songs live. No disappointment here – in fact, I can’t wait to go to one of his shows again! This is what makes me a fan – simply good music.

    Thanks for the videos, they are wonderful.

  27. spinshack Says:

    The person who shot these whether 4Tay or Ragsqueen, all look really nice, good captures.

    Finally, this a.m. I had time to just sit and watch them. While it looks like a good show for him, still the same vibe as in the other shows he’s put on in this tour.

    I’d love to see him slow it down and do “Maybe You Should”, IAoK, but apparently that’s not going to happen.

  28. mamaforpeace Says:

    Some acoustic Taylor:

    There are others I would have loved if the audience had been able to shut up and listen! Maybe when we are ready to do so, he’ll incorporate more of these in his shows.

  29. mamaforpeace Says:

    One more that didn’t copy the first time:

  30. Mama, I love those videos and acoustic Taylor. Thanks! Does anyone know if he’s ever performed Maybe You Should yet? Now that’s a great song. Iaok might just be too long to fit in a set, but I’d love to see him try.

  31. Momo . . am curious . . how do you mean that IAOK might be too long ? from the pov of TH’s comfort level maybe ?

    mamaforpeace Says:
    There are others I would have loved if the audience had been able to shut up and listen! Maybe when we are ready to do so, he’ll incorporate more of these in his shows.

    Have had that conversation a few times – mainly after shows where the set list showed a slow song was cut – opinions tended to agree with your thought.

  32. NolaMar Says:

    He has not performed MYS live yet. (That I know of) It has been requested at M&Gs and he teases and says “Maybe I Should” but has not. I think he either has special plans for it or just does not want it played or taped yet because he plans that to be a single. Just guesses on my part… IAOK would be hard to do live. So long, and SO many lyrics. 🙂

    He did sing The Deal with an acoustic guitar at the Triple Door. I think he’ll do that and The Fall at the acoustic concert. I base that on that he did The Fall at one of the radio station appearances. It’s perfect for an acoustic concert anyway.

  33. NolaMar Says:

    Was trying to embed but it didn’t work. Sorry. Last try….

    The Deal – Triple Door – RagsQueen from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

  34. “There are others I would have loved if the audience had been able to shut up and listen! Maybe when we are ready to do so, he’ll incorporate more of these in his shows.”
    I wholeheartedly agree. If any audio/video surfaces after the Detroit acoustic show I would like to go on record as NOT being responsible for any mid song outbursts. I can suppress like a hooker on a busy night.
    Now, if we are treated to MYS or IAOK I may have to apologize for the opening notes brief gasp and the claw marks on the person standing next to me. Otherwise, I will quietly absorb all there is to see and hear and at the end erupt with great appreciation.
    Commit to it Taylor. Take the next step in live performing. You will be rewarded beyond your expectations.

  35. AH, while it’s no Alice’s Restaurant, IAOK is a 7-1/2 minute song and I thought it would be hard, time-wise. Now that I think about it, those would be a lot of words to memorize, and we know how Taylor is with words 🙂 He’d Definitely need a teleprompter!!!

  36. MS Sue: “Now, if we are treated to MYS or IAOK I may have to apologize for the opening notes brief gasp and the claw marks on the person standing next to me.” Hahaha!! good one.

  37. mamaforpeace Says:

    MN Sue, I’d take the claw marks if it meant I could go to THAT show! I hope you have a good recording device, do you?

  38. NolaMar Says:

    Now that I think about it, IAOK is NOT “too long.” He’s done 8-11 minute versions of 7MB in the last three concerts! But, like I said before and momo just mentioned, it’s the lyrics that could be a problem.

  39. mamaforpeace Says:

    Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse… practice makes perfect! He can do it!

  40. I don’t know, I almost DON’T want him to perform IAOK live, because I KNOW someone is going to ruin it. The beauty of that song is it’s quietness, like you’re having a very personal conversation with the singer. If the people around me aren’t paying attention, it’ll just piss me off. One word: bloodbath.

    (If you knew me, you’d know how funny that is!)

  41. Frankly, mfp, I’ve never tried to record anything. Silly me. I actually took the “No Recording Devices” rule to heart when I attended the Chicago HOB. Just as well. I was packed in so tight I had to dance with my elbows glued to my sides. I accidentally became “very familiar” with a stranger for a brief moment. Not that he seemed to mind.
    The Magic Bag is another limited seating/pit standing venue. I’ll probably bring my camera and a couple of memory sticks just in case.

  42. RE: Taylor, lyrics and slow tempo songs . . .
    I was fortunate to be at the show in Concord, NH when Taylor did the surprise ” sit on the stool and sing the song” performance of Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne”.
    When the rest of the band came on stage it seemed highly likely TH had done it at Felix’s request. Taylor said he hadn’t done the song in a long time – as in never.
    Was it technically perfect ? – no . . but for once everyone STFU and listened. So if he could do what he did with that song with obviously minimal rehearsal . . then yeah, I do think he could do IAOK live . . . if he wanted to.

    Same Old Lang Syne

    Met my old lover in the grocery store
    The snow was falling Christmas Eve
    I stole behind her in the frozen foods
    And I touched her on the sleeve

    She didn’t recognize the face at first
    But then her eyes flew open wide
    She went to hug me and she spilled her purse
    And we laughed until we cried

    We took her groceries to the checkout stand
    The food was totalled up and bagged
    We stood there lost in our embarrassment
    As the conversation dragged

    We went to have ourselves a drink or two
    But couldn’t find an open bar
    We bought a six-pack at the liquor store
    And we drank it in her car

    We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now
    And tried to reach beyond the emptiness but neither one knew how

    She said she’d married her an architect
    Who kept her warm and safe and dry
    She would have liked to say she loved the man
    But she didn’t like to lie

    I said the years had been a friend to her
    And that her eyes were still as blue
    But in those eyes I wasn’t sure if I saw doubt or gratitude

    She said she saw me in the record stores
    And that I must be doing well
    I said the audience was heavenly but the traveling was hell

    We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now
    And tried to reach beyond the emptiness but neither one knew how

    We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to time
    Reliving in our eloquence, another ‘auld lang syne’

    The beer was empty and our tongues were tired
    And running out of things to say
    She gave a kiss to me as I got out and I watched her drive away

    Just for a moment I was back at school
    And felt that old familiar pain
    And as I turned to make my way back home

    The snow turned into rain…

  43. Caryl said: “I don’t know, I almost DON’T want him to perform IAOK live, because I KNOW someone is going to ruin it. The beauty of that song is it’s quietness, like you’re having a very personal conversation with the singer.”
    I’ve gone on record as feeling the same way, caryl. It is a precious song that deserves respect from its listeners. However, I’ve decided the cd recording, my headphones and no life interruptions are as intimate a feeling as I can realistically expect. From a purely selfish standpoint, if IOAK is going to live and breathe in a live setting I sure as hell want to be there to experience it’s debut. Warts and all.

  44. Celestial Soul Says:

    If I were him, I wouldn’t do MYS or IAOK live either.

    The crowd does nothing but cattle call him, and both songs deserve the respect of watching and listening to him open a vein and take you to the same place the songs derived from.

  45. NolaMar Says:

    Yup MNSue, I only listen to IAOK on my headphones, and tell others to listen that way with no distractions. I just get pulled into that song. He makes you feel the emotions. LOVE the way Caryl described it “…like you’re having a very personal conversation with the singer.” Wish he would get recognition for it. An award worthy performance IMO.

    I understand what you mean Celestial Soul. ANY shouting out during IAOF or MYS would just piss me off. I hope the crowd at the Magic Bag will be on good behavior for the acoustic concert.

  46. NolaMar Says:

    Wow AH, Taylor sang Same Old Lang Syne?

    I do love that song. RIP Dan F. Thanks for putting up the lyrics.

  47. casualfan Says:

    NolaMar Says:

    May 30, 2009 at 9:39 am
    He has not performed MYS live yet.
    It would surprise me if he does. Both “Maybe You Should” and “Places I’ve Been” which was written for him that is on the “Taylor Hicks” cd have very personal meanings for him.

  48. “Places I’ve Been?” Special meaning? I could be daft but I always thought PIB was the song Clive …um…”convinced” Taylor was a must for this cd. Didn’t the EvilC have a deal with Diane Warren that every Idol winner would record one of her songs? I don’t think Taylor had any choice but to include it on the cd. However, singing it by choice in concert? THAT he could control. The fact that he’s never sung this song live is all the proof I need.

  49. NolaMar Says:

    That’s what I had “heard” Sue, but does anyone really know?

    I was disappointed when I heard that because I LOVE that song on the TH CD, especially the way he sings this part at the end…

    “And after everything thing that I’ve done,
    And after everyone that I’ve loved,
    The only thing I know is true,
    The only place I want to be is with you.”

  50. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything indicating what Taylor thinks about Places I’ve Been . . but mandatory Diane Warren or not – she did good by TH . . it was the song many of the “civilians” I gave the CD to liked the best. There were many comments on TH sites about it being a perfect wedding / anniversary song. If it was a choice then it may have been what my dad used to call a “cut off your nose to spite your face” decisions.
    There didn’t seem to be much doubt about Clive being behind JTFTW though. At the March 07 Myrtle Beach HOB Taylor said something very close to : when the boss says sing the song boy – you sing the song. I already disliked JTFTW (ducks tomatoes) . . pretty much tuned it out completely after that.

  51. NolaMar Says:

    AH, JTFTW is one I skipped over all the time after I first got the CD. But after my road trip in March, where I listened to TH again and again, it grew on me and I like it now – sort of. I love the middle of the song – the chorus, but hate the way it starts and the way it end. LOL

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