A look back to Season Five…

Since today is the finale of American Idol Season 8, I thought we could take a look back to Season 5.

I haven’t watched this in a really long time..and now I remember why. In the Ghetto is NOT a sexy song, Toni Braxton. Don’t try to turn it into one.

And this..wow. This is one of my favorites.

Then, the moment.

So, whoever wins tonight, whether it be Adam or Kris, do you think in three years their fans will be looking back at the finale wondering what in the hell went wrong?

Oh, and this little gem:

Spotted: American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, who currently stars as Teen Angel in Grease at 5th Avenue Theatre, attempting to go incognito in a baseball cap while crossing the sidewalk at 5th and University. Fans shouted his name and a very pissed off looking Hicks gave a half wave and kept on walking. Damn, Taylor. Be a little friendlier with your fans. They’re the reason you won Idol and got your current acting gig. Nobody likes an ungrateful tool. Xoxo, Gossip Girl


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  1. Concerning the “gem”. Come on, we all have bad days and times when we just want to be left alone. Poor guy needs a mask or something so no one will bother him. I was reading the comments and the one about “he had his usual bran muffin and then had to hurry on his way”- that cracked me up!

    I love those videos you posted- Tay’s win will always be super special to me

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    The video’s great memories. “The Gem” he waved maybe he was pressed for time, who knows just because he didn’t stop doesn’t make the guy a prick, sorry just not buying that one at all. With all the positves out there about him why pick up something so negative, don’t believe their is a rule book on handling fans, overall I think he does a great job!!!


  3. NolaMar Says:

    Yea, I posted here not that long ago what I thought about the In the Ghetto/Toni Braxton thing. No desire to watch that one again. Could not believe she’s in a mini-dress, rubbing thighs with Taylor in a song about poverty and hardship. I wondered whose idea it was to “jazz up” it up like that? It’s a great song, but a serious and emotional one. I was pretty disgusted. Taylor was pretty gracious towards her in his book. I lost respect for her, but maybe she just didn’t take time to actually pay attention to the lyrics? (That’s a stretch!)

    Oh come-on with the “gem.” It’s signed “gossip girl.” “Pissed off” looking? Maybe so maybe not. I wouldn’t believe a “gossip girl” about anything though. LOL He was probably just in a hurry and thought “Oh, sh–, they recognized me.” Ha ha.

    Oh, I forgot about that medley! Loved Tobacco Road. Completely forgot he played the harp on the finale. Have not seen it since that night.

  4. hicksaholic Says:

    I don’t believe Taylor would be purposely rude either. I often wonder(I’m sure incorrectly) if there is a media conspiracy against Taylor.

  5. A media conspiracy? Are you kidding? I’m pretty sure the media have bigger fish to fry than Taylor Hicks. Maybe he was being a jackass, maybe he wasn’t. The point is, he’s human and capable of having an off day…but for somebody who cultivated the “southern gentleman” image, those off days should probably be few and far between if he wants to keep what little fans he has left.

  6. Snowstorm Says:

    HAHA, Pissy Taylor strikes again! Something tells me they were not cute fans (just kidding!). I’ve always gotten the feeling from reading the boards, that Taylor is not particularily fond of fans and just goes thru the motions, but you can tell he’s not really into it.

    I still remember all the negative comments when Taylor went on the AI tour. There were lots of, “Taylor is quiet”, “Taylor does not smile”, “Taylor doesn’t talk”, “Taylor was rude”, “Taylor didn’t say hi”. I’m wondering how many potential fans were lost because it looked like to many that Taylor was aloof and not interested.

  7. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor was the BEST thing about Season 5. Despite your view of sales equalling success, Taylor IS the best Idol EVER!!!! He’s #1 in my book.

    And as superior as his music is, over the shit that’s playing on the radio today, I wouldn’t rule out some sort of twisted conspiracy regarding Taylor. He’s too good not to get more credit in the industry.

  8. Snowstorm Says:

    The only conspiracy going on, that I can see, is that the powers that be, just don’t like him, for whatever reasons. Nobody knows what those reasons are and it’s pointless to speculate.

  9. Oh, but Snow, it’s so much fun.

  10. taylorfan06 Says:

    I think Toni B was REALLY an embarrassment on that performance.
    Her only defense was that she was captured by the woo.
    (Yes, I said that.)

  11. I always heard about that Toni Braxton performance but this is the first time I saw it. Yeah, she completely ignored the meaning of the words. Her voice didn’t sound very good either.

    I don’t put much weight behind that story about Taylor in Seattle. He was probably in a hurry or distracted or whatever. I give him a pass on that one. It’s got to be hard to be Mr. Smiley Face 24/7.

  12. Snowstorm Says:

    I just read those comments and once again Taylor’s mommies come out in droves to defend him. No wonder Taylor’s a joke. Why can’t they accept that Taylor can be prick at times? We can all be a prick at times! Nobody’s perfect!

  13. casualfan Says:

    I don’t believe there is any conspiracy either. That seems to be the number one fallback within the fanbase as an excuse for why things haven’t worked out the way “it was suppose to” regarding Taylor.

    Season five for me was the best season because ALL of the contestants had talent and they were ALL very different in both personality and in their styles. Taylor did pop out more than the rest mostly because of his charisma and his quirkiness. He knew what he had to do to win and he succeeded. Season five also raised the bar on talent.

    But for me at least, this Season is the BEST as far as professionalism, control and individual talent. Adam is by far THE BEST contestant the show has ever had. What he did to “A Change is Gonna Come” is unbelievable…by far the BEST rendition to date. And I think that America is judging him on that talent and not allowing his sexual perferences get in the way. In that aspect….”A Change HAS Come”

  14. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor’s version of ACIGC was far superior to Adam’s. Taylor FELT that song, and it was a perfect fit.

    No disrespect here. I like Adam and want him to win, but the song was wrong for him. NOT his best performance. And yes, I believe a change HAS come also.

    Those judges though are just the worst. I STRONGLY dislike them all them all – Kara more than Simon even. Get her off the show! That song of hers is the kind of music that does NOT deserve to be played on the radio, even though I know it will. HUGE tragedy.

    Comparing SMB (or anything else from TD) with that wreck of a song… well there is no comparison. TOTAL INJUSTICE.

  15. taylorfan06 Says:

    I felt bad that the “boys” had to sing “No Boundaries” last night. A bad song for both of their styles. I also feel bad that views had to endure it – TWICE!!

    Heaven help us all!

    In a perfect world, “No Boundaries” would get “NO AIRPLAY.”

  16. I’m not watching the finale. I’m only aware of one of the guys because he’s everywhere (the gay one?). It has nothing to do with Taylor. I’ve been uncomfortable with that show since it first appeared. We tell our kids not to be bullies or make fun of people at school and then we sit and watch a show that revels in making fun of people.

    Ack! I need to just shut up. It’s a free country. Enjoy.

  17. casualfan Says:

    TF6-I have to disagree with that not being Adam’s song. Taylor did feel the song on his audition, but Adam took the song to a new level and made it almost-if not spiritual. The point is that he made the song his own and performed in a way that no one else has. That and “Mad, Mad World” are my favorites of his.

    “No Boundaries”…..ewwwwwwwww I do agree with on that. What I found interesting about Adam’s version is that if he does win and puts some guitar rifs in the recorded version, he can turn that into a rock tune. Lyrics are kind of lame, but potential is there if produced and arranged right. That’s my opinion at least.

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    taylorfan06, That song has to be the worst written for the finale. Agree it didn’t fit either of their styles and both seemed to sturggle with it.

    Taylor’s version of the song was the way it was written from the heart and soul and that is how Sam Cook performed it. Thought Adam’s version took the beauty away from the meaning of the song.

    I’m thinking Kris maybe the “dark horse” Taylor was talking about, am leaning towards him taking the title tonight.


  19. casualfan Says:

    caryl Says:

    May 20, 2009 at 1:35 pm
    I’m not watching the finale. I’m only aware of one of the guys because he’s everywhere (the gay one?). It has nothing to do with Taylor. I’ve been uncomfortable with that show since it first appeared. We tell our kids not to be bullies or make fun of people at school and then we sit and watch a show that revels in making fun of people.

    Ack! I need to just shut up. It’s a free country. Enjoy.
    But you watched Taylor when he was on right? So you made an exception to the rule?

  20. casualfan Says:

    Taylor’s version of the song was the way it was written from the heart and soul and that is how Sam Cook performed it. Thought Adam’s version took the beauty away from the meaning of the song.
    JI-You are right about Taylor’s version being as “Sam Cook performed it”. Adam took a chance and made the song HIS own which is exactly what he was suppose to do.

    Kris I believe is the dark horse and could very well win tonight. Either way, both are great and both deserve to be in the finals

  21. Ok, I am going to have to agree with CF here when it comes to Adam Lambert singing “A Change is Gonna Come.” It just seemed to me that that man immersed himself in that song. It did almost seem spiritual and maybe that was what he said at the end: “MY change is gonna come.” Maybe he finally feels accepted, whether it be in his community, his family, or even his country. He looked like he felt that song down to his toes. I’m sorry, but Taylor Hicks did not do that with this song. I’ve only seen Taylor get this personal with a song a few times.

    I was going to write a post up about Adam’s rendition of this song, but you guys beat me to it.

  22. casualfan Says:

    “A Change is Gonna Come” has always been one of my favorites and I’m passionate about it. Aaron Neville is the one who really nailed it for me.

    Taylor did mention in his book that during the first round of auditions, Simon Fuller and the others made the comment that he was mimicking the likes of Joe Cocker, Sam Cook, Michael McDonald and others and that when he went into the audition with Simon, Paula and Randy that he needed to make the song his own…which IMO he didn’t and that is why they asked him to sing another song.

  23. casualfan Says:

  24. casualfan Says:

  25. How was Carrie treated at the Season 5 finale ? How was Taylor treated on the Season 6 finale? That was unfair and it may have been the night Taylor realized he was still going to have some struggles in the music business.

  26. jerseyirish Says:

    I think Adam has alot of talent, he really gets into the songs he does. I don’t think it is a matter of acceptance he would not have made it to the finale if that were the case. I think America embraces him as a performer. For me last night audience reaction to Kris seemed a little stronger than for Adam, just going by my gut. Adam or Kris they are both great singers and deserve the title but it can only go to one, I will applaud for either, they both had a great season.


  27. casualfan Says:

    I totally agree JI about BOTH having it. Kris is a completely different entity in is own right and he will also be successful.

    Regarding Underwood…I’m not a fan of her’s but last night she was a rockin biotch for sure and I rather liked it!

  28. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    May 20, 2009 at 2:34 pm
    How was Carrie treated at the Season 5 finale ? How was Taylor treated on the Season 6 finale? That was unfair and it may have been the night Taylor realized he was still going to have some struggles in the music business.
    You think he even noticed? I think his mind was on hopping the plane to Maui with his hot little hookup and not caring what Idol thought of him. LOL!

  29. casualfan Says:

    Another soulful rendition of a beautiful song….

  30. casualfan Says:

  31. NolaMar Says:

    He should have worn that out fit last night on AI for “Change is Gonna Come!”

  32. jerseyirish Says:

    Just came across the full version Lola interview on the stations site. Its audio only they had trouble with the camera. Some great harp playing:



  33. NolaMar Says:

    LOVE the Playing for Change version! Vandross is great too. Has Taylor ever done the full version of this song or just the small clip he did in his audition? I’d love to hear him do the whole song. Thanks for the links.

  34. mamaforpeace Says:

    What I remember is that I had AI’s auditions on in the backgroung while I was doing some work, and hearing Taylor’s voice singing A Change Is Gonna Come stopped me in my tracks! I stopped and watched the audition then googled “grey haired guy on AI” and saw Taylor Hicks name for the first time. So, there must have something, something that made me stop. I didn’t always like what Taylor did on AI, I thought he was pretty cheesy sometimes, but it’s the only time I got invested in a contestant, mainly on the strength of that audition… then there were some great moments too, of course (loved Trouble the best).
    This being said, I think Adam is the most interesting contestant on AI since Taylor. It would have been pretty boring this year without him. He is not always my cup of tea, but I can recognize his talent. I loved both songs yesterday, the third one, well, there wasn’t much he could do with it.

  35. snow says: “I just read those comments and once again Taylor’s mommies come out in droves to defend him.”

    I’m not defending him, I’m just hoping he took a good warm sweater with him.

    CF: No, I didn’t watch Taylor’s season. I saw him sing “Trouble” by accident and was impressed.

  36. casualfan Says:

    NolaMar Says:

    May 20, 2009 at 3:53 pm
    He should have worn that out fit last night on AI for “Change is Gonna Come!”
    ROFLMAO! I have seen more than my fair share of Drag Shows down in NO, so that didn’t shock me much…although I would have paid big to see Simon’s face if he had. LOL!

  37. mamaforpeace Says:

    The original:

  38. casualfan Says:

    Or I should say “Glam Shows” I believe that’s the correct term now.

    Nola-Go to Bourbon St. often? go down towards St. Ann’s and check out OZ….Adam would be a perfect fit there.

  39. casualfan Says:

  40. mamaforpeace Says:

    So you know I don’t like the idea of Grease, but I found this interesting:

  41. casualfan Says:

    This video really makes me miss TAYLOR HICKS…This song is what Taylor use to be about…..Teen Angel wasn’t in the mix.

  42. NolaMar Says:

    CF, I’ve lived here 33 years now. I’ve seen as much of that as I want to. LOL

  43. casualfan Says:

    NolaMar Says:

    May 20, 2009 at 5:15 pm
    CF, I’ve lived here 33 years now. I’ve seen as much of that as I want to. LOL
    Awww…..but it’s colorful! I remember the first time during Mardi Gras when a group of “ladies” started throwing baby dolls under cars as they crossed Bourbon…I was horrified!

  44. NolaMar Says:

    cf, You know that’s not Taylor singing in Drift Away, right?

  45. casualfan Says:

    Yes, It’s Doby Gray….the point I was making is the video fits the song and music of what Taylor presented himself as on AI.

  46. casualfan Says:

    And I think this fits with what IAG has been trying to convey to everyone since the beginning of this blog. It’s about THE MUSIC and PASSION

  47. NolaMar Says:

    M4P I was listening to a bunch of Sam Cooke songs the other night on Imeem. Really recognized the influence in Taylor’s singing. (And I remembered my mom playing so many of those great songs. I didn’t realize how many of them were SC’s.)

  48. NolaMar Says:

    So had Taylor ever sung ACIGC at a concert? Just wondering.

  49. NolaMar Says:

    HAS he I meant to type.

  50. casualfan Says:

    If he had I’m sure it would have been plastered all over the fandom a thousand times over…you know that’s THE song that won us over. Taylor did a wonderful job with the song and I’m taking anything away from him with it. But in comparison to Adams, Adam made it truly HIS OWN which is what the judges were looking for and that’s is what America is voting on. It’s all about individuality and Adam nailed it. Taylor had individuality on his Season and that is why we voted for him.

  51. Christa Says:

    Taylor is by far the best winner. Loved seeing the videos, well except for Toni Braxton trying to get all up on him. Does she even know what the song is about?

    About that “gem”. Jeez, I didn’t know celebrities were supposed to be smiling all the time. They’re only human and sometimes just want to be left alone. People expect a little too much out of them when they meet them, imo. Not trying to mother him, but I’m just saying that if he did look pissed, he’s allowed to. We all have those off days.

  52. taylorfan06 Says:

    My thought about both versions of ACIGC – if you were to listen to them side by side, without knowing about either performer, I would put money on Taylor’s version winning out. It’s not a bias. I just think that there’s more heart and soul (no pun intended) in Taylor’s version that made such a strong initial impact on his future fans in that first audition.

    As much as Adam made it his own, I think it took away too much of the beauty of that great Sam Cooke standard. It has a definite R &B edge which Taylor excels at. Adam makes it something different, which isn’t bad, but for the people who already know the song, and love the song, Taylor’s version is best. I just don’t see Adam singing R&B covers in his future. I rather he not go that route. I like him as the glam rock entertainer he is. He is very versatile though, like Taylor. Same but different.

    I believe that Simon Fuller was trying to make some sort of statement with his song selections, but with all the great music out there, and the styles the final 2 have, these songs were definitely not the best fit for either one of them. For Taylor Hicks, well that would be a different story, as I think most of us know. I mean hello! He has sung both songs and he sold them both proudly.

  53. Remember Dave White’s take on the Braxton-Hicks collab?

    Hicks performs “In the Ghetto” with Toni Braxton. Toni’s parading around in her drawers, bumping and grinding and flipping her hair around and letting out little “whoo!” sounds. She thinks it’s a song about being in the Sex Ghetto. She backs her ass up to Hicks like, “Hey, white boy, you’re kinda meaty. Whatchoo got for me?” And then the song ends, once again stripped of all meaning.

    Dave White: one of the highlights of my AI experience.

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    Taylorfan06, Yeah thats what I thought neither of the Simon Fuller pickes fit them as singers, both did a good job with what they had to work with, but they fell short. I agree that Taylor’s version was sung from the heart and soul. Adam is a rocker and in his own way sang from the heart also just didn’t see the soul in it.


  55. NolaMar Says:

    Ha Ha. That’s perfect True! Wonder if that was all kind of a surprise to him or if they rehearsed it that way?

  56. NolaMar Says:

    Did I already say this??? Simon Fuller’s song choices D-!! (Great songs, wrong for the artists.) Kara’s song F-!!! The worst ever Idol song! (Well, I have not heard any others but Season 5-7, but the worst I’ve heard. LOL )

    See, I have been trying to figure out why I was not crazy for Adam’s ACIGC, and TF6 helped me there. YES, Adam did a great job (except I HATE THE SCREECHY SCREAM!!) but the true SOUL of the song got lost in his rendition. It was GOOD, better than good, another phenomenal performance by him for the most part, but it just bothered me for some reason, and that is it. You can make a song your own without loosing the true heart of it. And he did IMO. Kris made “Ain’t No Sunshine” his own, but was still true to the song itself. Fabulous as Adam’s talent is, I still see him as a stage performer. Win or loose he’ll be a rock star no doubt….. I just hope he finds a way to drop the OTT theatrics. But that’s what everyone wants these days. At least he can REALLY sing too, unlike many of the other pop stars.

  57. taylorfan06 Says:

    Oh, i forgot about “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Kris is a very talented guy on both the piano and guitar, but his version last night of AIS, again left little to be desired in comparison to Taylor’s version. It was a little too piano bar karaoke. Nice guy though. It was a bit sad that the judges kinda said that Kris would lose, without actually saying it.

    I don’t know how many of you have heard the TH version which Taylor sang in Oct. ’05, (7 minutes of heaven). His version has SO much feeling and heart. The pain in his voice and that “crying” harp are the Taylor I know that we all love hearing. (134 plays on my iPod and counting.)

    So anyway, I just thought it was funny that 3 out of the 4 songs sung last night (excluding that terrible Kara song – make her go away please) had a Taylor connection to them. He REALLY deserves more respect in his abilities.

    aig, can you find Taylor’s version of ANS so everyone can make their own choice on who really sings this song better. Taylor OWNS it, to me!
    Others CAN learn from him.

    Lastly, Dave White did read it perfectly on the Toni B performance.
    WHAT. WAS. SHE. THINKING. Has she done anything relevant since?
    Just curious. (Vegas doesn’t count.)

  58. taylorfan06 Says:

    “Ain’t No Sunshine” was the song I was referring to in the above post if I didn’t state that clearly.

  59. I changed my name here because I did not want to spook anyone out, hope there’s not an Oliver out there. (sorry scooter)

    That gem is just another example of crap that has been thrown Taylors way. I have heard other idols complain about the fans, but you do not see blogs being thrown out like this at them. We don’t even know if it is true but I guess someone with the name gossip girl must be like the pope.

    You know, if Taylors new cd was selling really well, we might be able to have the luxury of nit picking everything he does. But there are alot of people out there that want him to fail and I don’t think we have that luxury. It’s hard to be a Taylor Hicks fan. When I tell my relatives out of state that he is my favorite from that show, I get complete silence. Or if you say it to someones face, they look at you with that What the hell is wrong with you. Looks like the people that want him to fail are winning. It would be so cool if everyone that voted for him would buy his album just so we could all give them the middle finger. Well, this has made me a stronger person and that ain’t bad. Oh, I am over 60 but I think I can flip someone off with the best of them.

  60. I know people are pissed at Idol’s treatment of Taylor and for so many ohter reasons-I can think of many! But the finale is pleasantly surprising me tonight. I’m a bit behind on Tivo time, but the Queen Latifa and Jason Mraz numbers were so entertaining! This is certainly, for me, for you, the best season since my fave Season 5! 🙂

  61. NolaMar Says:

    I thought it was pretty good till that Kiss part! LOL Oh, and Boom Boom was a bomb… Other stuff has been pretty good though.

  62. So, I’m guessing that some people’s opinions are that nobody can sing a song as good as Taylor?

  63. NolaMar Says:

    Not me. But I think some people think they are being “disloyal” if they say they like someone better.

  64. Well, that’s kind of ridiculous.

  65. Wow. Kris Allen won! Amazing. I really thought Adam had it in the bag.

  66. That’s the problem with AI, it is always comparing, comparing and comparing. What’s the point, it is always going to be apples and oranges.
    I have tons of cds, from pavarotti to the eagles. I don’t compare, I enjoy them all for what they are. I quit that comparing stuff in grade school.

  67. So anyway, I just thought it was funny that 3 out of the 4 songs sung last night (excluding that terrible Kara song – make her go away please) had a Taylor connection to them. He REALLY deserves more respect in his abilities.

    At the risk of masquerading as Snow, I have to say something here. Mr. Hicks was on Idol THREE YEARS AGO. These performers sang these songs, not to emulate the sainted Mr. Hicks, but b/c they are imminently singable and open to interpretation. Adam Lambert made an incredible statement with his version of “A Change Is Gonna Come”. He didn’t sing it to garner the Danny Gokey/Taylor Hicks vote.
    Kris Allen can play guitar and piano many times over Mr. Hicks’ ability to do so. I cannot wait wait to hear some of his original music. Adam Lambert is arguably one of the best voices from AI. Mr. Hicks’ can in no way outsing him.

    Basically, I just want to say (in a nice, non-condescending way), get over yourselves. Time has moved on. AI has moved on. And I’m strongly feeling as if it’s time, too, for me to move on.

  68. Good news/bad news.
    Bad news is Adam lost. Good news is he doesn’t have to sing that awful awful awful awful awful song!
    So it’s a win/win!!

    Congrats Kris!

  69. So where are you going Ykw, and can I follow?

  70. NolaMar Says:

    Yea, I was gonna feel sorry for whoever won for having to sing it again too! LOL

  71. While I loved kris, Adam should have won. My 2nd grader came home today saying he thought kris should win. Now he was weened watching Clay & Ruben. I asked him why after not watching this season and he said that his friends thought Adam was freaky! I have an even more sad story of why Obama lost the elementary school election to be shared at a later date :-/

  72. I agree, Momo. I really think that Adam is a better vocalist and performer. There’s just too many Kris Allens out there already, ya know?

    Seeing Adam with KISS was awesome!!

  73. Think of how boring the talk-show interviews will be with Kris, tho.
    I bet he is not a good interview at all.
    Kudos for Kris saying that Adam should have won, he is a humble, polite young feller, for sure.
    “Always bet $2.00 on a dark horse!” INDEED.

  74. Grey, it’s sad to me. I feel the country is still so separated on political/lifestyle issues. Sometimes it feels like 2 countries. But anyway, congrats to a really cool guy Kris, all politics aside…

  75. And Grey,
    Adam singing with KISS was incredible!

  76. Simon looked pissed that Kris won, so I give him about 24hrs before he tells the press America got it wrong. Some people, including myself did not like the way Adam screeched and I do think Taylor overall has a better voice than Adam. Adam will have a good career and as we all know the winner does not always make the most money. I think Adam will do a rock CD to make big bucks but he would much prefer being on Broadway. If America was as homophobic as some of you implied then how do you explain Adam making it to 2nd place? It does seem that those who wanted Adam to win are now calling unfair just as many did when Daughtry was sent packing.

  77. Christa Says:

    Coronation song=awful. YAY KRIS!!!!

    Hey, I prefer Taylor’s version of ACIGC. And it has nothing to do with bias.

    Tatiana… jesus. Did you see Ruben’s face? That made me laugh.

  78. Kris was great with Keith Urban on Kiss A Girl.

  79. For me, FAlling Slowly was KRis’ masterclass performance. Sorry , can anyone post this performance for me? I’m stuck on the I phone. I know Nils doesn’t believe me 😉

  80. Best version IMO of Change is Gonna Come……the one and only Mr. Sam Cooke. I loved Tayor’s rendition..full of soul & emotion. Loved the first part of Adams’ rendition hated the last part. I loved Adam this season , but I have to admit that at the end I was starting to find he sounded the same on almost every song. Great voice though.
    The gem…I worked for years at a facility for private aircarft, we had a lot of big stars & entertainers in & out all the time. Most were nice, some super nice, some pretty miserable. But let me say that even when they came in and were talkative & plesant someone would tell their friends or who ever would listen ” Oh I met him/her.. what an a**hole” just to make themselves sound important and in the “know”. When I might have been standing right there and found the celebrity very nice. Guess they thought they were impressing their listeners. Some people thrive on negitivity

  81. You use that excuse a lot Momo….

  82. NolaMar Says:

    I do agree with Rosie.. Simon was pissed. He was not standing. I said to my sister (on chat) I wonder how long before he starts telling everyone “America got it wrong.” I see IAG is saying the same thing on the next page!! Have not read it yet.

    Actually, insteaad of repeating Rosie’s whole post I’ll just say I agree with everything she said at 10:36! AND about Keith Urban. I thought Kris sounded BETTER than Urban! Also agree with Anne’s opinion of Adam, which I have been saying the exact same thing for weeks now. Adam while phenomenally talented, stalled, while Kris grew IMO. Adam was GREAT just before he joined Kiss, but I’ve never liked them so did not enjoy that segment at all. Even as a teenager I thought Kiss was stupid. Can’t even start to appreciate the music with all that going on. It’s UGLY to me.

    Christa, Yes, I saw Ruben and was LMAO too! He was a bit slow in realizing it was part of the show. That was great, and I LOVED the bikini girl segment!! First, they had the camera on Simon when she walked out and his eyes POPPED open and you can see him go “WOW!” LOL Then when Kara crashed her song, and you could tell she was SO PO’d I loved it. I didn’t know Kara could actually sing. If you didn’t watch the show in the beginning with that girl, Katrina, (she actually was chosen to go to Hollywood!) then you might not appreciate all that, or the Tatiana thing but I did. I HATED Tatiana (even though I do believe she can sing) and could not wait for her to go. But I was glad to see her have a sense of humor about it tonight and play along.

  83. I really enjoyed Kara crashing Bikini Girl’s song too- that cracked me up! Tatiana was ridiculous as always.

  84. casualfan Says:

    itsallgrey Says:

    May 20, 2009 at 9:20 pm
    So, I’m guessing that some people’s opinions are that nobody can sing a song as good as Taylor?
    That’s what happens when blinded by the “wooo-dust”.

  85. taylorfan06 Says:

    I can only guess that you are referring to me with that statement.

    I was only talking about the one song. “Ain’t No Sunshine”, which Taylor did a great job with. I mean it has the elements that all those people like in AIAOK. I thought that was the Taylor you love? His ANS is in the same vein.

    Talk about splitting hairs around here.

    I felt I might be with the majority. Hopefully, some of you agree with me.

  86. taylorfan06 Says:

    No “woo-dust here.

  87. No, TF06, I was not referring to you. I was referring to some people in the fandom who get upset when somebody else sings songs that Taylor has…and nobody can do it better than Taylor, it seems.

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