Is it still all about the music?


Taylor’s run through Grease has been extended through June 2010. This news has not been welcomed with open arms by some members of Taylor’s fanbase, myself included. Why is he doing another year of the same show? Why isn’t he doing more shadow shows? How much longer can he keep up the facade of wanting to play music when all he seems to really want is attention? Granted, this is speculation, but why else would he sign himself up to take on another 13 months of touring city to city, singing the same tired song, wearing the same nudie suit?

Why? Well, I can only venture a guess, but I think Taylor’s moved on from his music and has gotten the acting bug. We all know he seems to have some form of ADD, so it only makes sense that he can’t keep focused on his music now that he has this shiny new job in front of him. How many times has he mentioned in interviews that he would really love to act? He wants to be in movies…and you know what? That’s his prerogative. But why even bother with a new album? Why go to the expense of recording one? Was that his last hurrah to see if he could make it in the music business? And now that it didn’t do as well as he liked, he’s added another year of playing a hopped up angel?

I remember Taylor recently posted a blog blurb on his MySpace or something that said something to the effect of, “This record will be toured.” I guess he forgot to mention that his version of a tour is one show every six weeks. I know, I know…superfans will say that he doesn’t have money to do it. I don’t pretend to know Taylor’s finances, his expenses and such. I don’t know how much Taylor makes, but these are the figures I found.

According to AEA, the minimum weekly salary for actors in Broadway productions as of June 2007 was $1,509. Actors in Off-Broadway theaters received minimums ranging from $516 to $976 a week as of October 29, 2007, depending on the seating capacity of the theater. Regional theaters that operate under an Equity agreement pay actors $544 to $840 per week. For touring productions, actors receive an additional $113 per day for living expenses ($119 per day in higher cost cities). New terms were negotiated under an “experimental touring program” provision for lower budget musicals that tour to smaller cities or that perform for fewer performances at each stop. In an effort to increase the number of paid workweeks while on tour, actors may be paid less than the full production rate for touring shows in exchange for higher per diems and profit participation.

Some well-known actors—stars—earn well above the minimum; their salaries are many times the figures cited, creating the false impression that all actors are highly paid.

I’m sure he probably has expenses we don’t know about, nor do we need to. But let’s not forget the book advance that he got for Heart Full of Soul, either. The point I’m trying to make is that maybe money isn’t the reason that Taylor isn’t doing shows. Maybe he just doesn’t want to do it anymore.

How many fans are going to hang out for the next year, waiting patiently for more music, while Taylor plays up his acting resume? As somebody mentioned in an earlier post, maybe this is Taylor’s way of purging himself from the crazy fans. 😉


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  1. Sweetay Says:

    I am sure if Taylor could book clubs and have people actually come to see just him.. he would do it! As it stands, Taylor is not that popular. I don’t think it is all about the money. I think it is about being appreciated and accepted. He gets that from Grease.

    Grease allows him to have his music heard.. the radio station won’t play the singles.

    Grease gives him a paycheck… so he can afford to travel and book a few clubs (only to give the tickets away)

    Ask yourself, who left first Taylor or the fans? I think without the lights of Broadway, Taylor would be in a dark place right now. Yeah, he would really be singing the blues.

  2. Sweetay, I completely agree.

    As for who left first, Taylor or the fans … it’s probably a draw. The music just wasn’t there, so the fans drifted away. There was a long dry spell between the mega tour of 2007 and the release of “The Distance” in 2009. The “Grease” gig on Broadway threw many fans for a loop, and I feel they started drifting away then.

  3. Well, sometimes I wonder what it’s like from Taylor’s perspective. The ice cream cone opens and he recieves wild applause (from all the reviews I’ve read). Then he books a show (The Roxy) and has trouble selling tickets.

    I think it’s all about keeping a career alive. And you know what? It sucks. Taylor’s music is good but the public has written him off because of his image.

    I twittered that I wrote a new parody song. I had a different song in my head but I decided against it: ‘Music Scene Drop Out.’ I don’t want to kick him when he’s down. I can’t believe Grease is what he REALLY wants to be doing.

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    Sweetay, I agree with you completely. I think its about acceptance the steady money coming in that Grease gives him. He can when possible do shadow dates, will it be enough to keep some happy no, but this should be telling of who sticks around and who doesn’t as far as his fans go.


  5. I would have a difficult time believing it too, Caryl, if it weren’t for all the interviews he’s had where he’s stated he’s definately interested in another musical/acting gig.

    And I agree with you re: the difference in crowd response between The Cone and the shadow tour. That’s why I agree with Grey that what Mr. Hicks really craves is the attention. I’m truly starting to feel that his music is just a hobby.

  6. spinshack Says:

    Indicators look as if he’s gearing for things other than singing in clubs and venues. It was hard to believe he signed to do the cone for another year + . I’m not sure what to say right now.

  7. Jenni Jac Says:

    Hmmm, of course he wants attention. All performers are performers because they want attention. He didn’t go on Idol so he could lead a quiet little life. Nothing new there. And as far as getting new music from him…we’ve gotten 3 albums of new material from him since 2005. I would say he’s well above the curve on outputting new material.

    The main challenge I see is not the number of shadow shows, but the scattered nature of his players. It’s hard to form a really cohesive band when they only play together once a month. That’s his challenge. We’ll probably get 10-12 more shadow shows over the remaining Grease run with good media, as well as many more acoustic performances from radio and TV appearances. If that’s not enough to keep the high maintenance fans interested, then maybe they’re the ones with ADD.

  8. Not arguing here, just discussing, but I’m not sure it’s about attention. It’s about being successful. We all make those choices. You long to be a writer, but since you need to pay the bills, you become a librarian or a teacher or work in f*ing advertising. (Not that I know anything about that!)

    Or maybe it’s all about pride. He did say in that goofy interview when asked to describe himself in three words: “funny, ___(I forget) and PROUD. Who wants to be the butt of America’s jokes? If he stays with Grease he’s that successful Broadway star.

    I’m defending his actions but I’m still terrifically disappointed. I’m just here for the music (did I just quote a Paula Abdul song?). This may be it for me.

  9. Taylor is not that popular because he’s too busy playing Teen Angel. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have said to me, “What’s Taylor up to these days? Haven’t heard anything from him for a long time.” IF he wanted the music to be heard, if it was streaming in his blood as he has often claimed, then he would be doing ANYTHING to get it heard, just like he was before Idol. No, he’s not selling venues out, not on the West Coast…he didn’t really do that when he was at his peak. Instead, he spends his days looking for cheeseburgers and walking around stage in a nudie suit. Yeah, that sounds like a musician to me. *rolls eyes*

    I wonder what would happen if Taylor would just let himself be himself on stage. If he would allow some intimacy in his music. There’s a reason that his shows are high energy.

  10. I can’t see how being in Broadway shows can drive the crazy fans away. As long as he’s in the spotlight the crazies will see and remember him.

  11. But Caryl, Taylor has prided himself on living his dream. So, when he was a poor musician playing in restaurants…I seriously doubt he dreamed of playing Teen Angel. And maybe part of the Broadway thing is that it’s Grease. Face it, it’s not exactly a highly touted, respected musical. Guess that kind of fits in with Taylor, though, doesn’t it?

  12. spinshack Says:

    You are exactly right Grey. I was going to write something similar. It’s easier for him to project that image than let any vulnerability show.

  13. casualfan Says:

    I agree with everyone and almost everything except for what Sweet Tay said about Taylor’s music being heard…Grease allows him to have his music heard.. the radio station won’t play the singles.

    His music isn’t being heard. BSD isn’t his and Teen Angel doesn’t fit Taylor’s persona…at least not what he has portrayed to his fans. Unless he’s happy with barking out one single at the end of every show.

  14. Sierra, I’m sure that’s not really the plan…at least I hope not.

    And Caryl, I’m not picking on you, just discussing.

    Or maybe it’s all about pride. He did say in that goofy interview when asked to describe himself in three words: “funny, ___(I forget) and PROUD. Who wants to be the butt of America’s jokes? If he stays with Grease he’s that successful Broadway star.

    But, doesn’t he get that by playing Broadway, he’s going to continue to be the butt of America’s jokes? I mean, you see it in print all the time…oh, Taylor Hicks couldn’t make it in music, so now he’s wearing a pompadour. Ugh.

  15. Iag, when I was reading your thoughts and opinions I was thinking well I’ll respond to this or that point. Sweetay just about covered it all and gave me more food for thought. As for the money he receives from Grease, I’ve always had an eight thousand a week figure in my mind. Remember he pays a lot in taxes and has had a lot of expenses and needs to pay musicians and cover his cost for doing the CD on his own. Must be hard to have finally made it big, be on top of the world, and then loose fans , acclaim, celebrity and be called by many the worst Idol ever. So far the Grease tour has only covered the big cities but I expect it will tour a lot in the south where he will draw fans for shadow tour gigs. They love him in the south, mid atlantic and northeast.

  16. And as far as getting new music from him…we’ve gotten 3 albums of new material from him since 2005. I would say he’s well above the curve on outputting new material.

    Jenni, we have gotten two CD’s with new music on them…Early Works was just a reworking of songs that didn’t need reworking. As for the material he’s given us on these two albums, they have definitely left some fans begging for better.

  17. casualfan Says:

    I think part of it is attention. Think about it….his music career has sunk and if he leaves Teen Angel he will not have that attention. Sometimes Taylor reminds me of a child…anything for attention.

  18. casualfan Says:

    They love him in the south, mid atlantic and northeast.
    rosie, If they love him so much then why doesn’t it reflect on his cd sales, and radio play? Why I agree that he’s more accepted in those areas, I don’t think it’s enough to sustain a viable music career at this point. Sales are showing this.

  19. I think part of it is attention. Think about it….his music career has sunk and if he leaves Teen Angel he will not have that attention. Sometimes Taylor reminds me of a child…anything for attention.

    Very good point, CF. I could go into a whole psychological conversation, but I won’t bore anyone with it. 😉

  20. It’s easier for him to project that image than let any vulnerability show.

    I completely 100% agree, Spin. Even with a song with so much potential for intimacy like “Let’s Get It On”, Mr. Hicks turns it into a “wooo-fest”.

  21. Casualfan, Grease does allow his music to be heard. Besides being able to have one of his song off the CD heard 8 times a week in the theaters across America, he goes on local radio and TV stations and sometimes sings and gets to pormote himself across the USA. Some Seattle stations have played SMB. Also most Grease reviewers praise his voice on BSD and he is invited to sing the National Anthem in the sport cities and has gotten good comments from that. If anyone has a better plan at this point in time for getting Taylor and his music out there before the public, I’m sure Taylor would love to hear it.

  22. Exactly, YKW. And that’s why I bet you’ll never hear him sing “Maybe You Should” or “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness”. Remember how fucked up he had to be to sing Georgia at Smiths? That’s nowhere near the amount of intimacy that a song he wrote, like MYS, would require.

  23. Snowstorm Says:

    I agree with all posts above, plus I think they (Grease) made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, lol!

    I was one of those people in the beginning who questioned his, “I’m serious about the music” crap. When he wouldn’t stop with the SP shoutouts, I knew it was all about the attention factor with him. Something that helped him get votes on the show was a useless ploy for attention. He had become a parody. Plus, he’s the 55 year old woman dream…that will kill anybody’s career.

  24. onemore Says:

    I’m beyond disappointed in this.

    Doing Grease to run off the crazies? Please! Those are the ones that are going to be “squeeing” with delight that he’s coming to their city!! Many of the current-minded, downloading, music-loving fans he needs are the ones that have been leaving, not the crazies. They’re hanging on for dear life.

    I have been a big fan of Taylor’s from the beginning, but this is the last straw for me. I’m not telling people I’m a fan of his anymore. I’m not following him anymore. My wild ride on the Taylor Hicks rollercoaster just ended.

    I think he’s shot himself in the foot with this stupid ice cream cone role. His reputation out in the real world is as the butt of the joke. How are fans going to hang around for another year with only shadow shows once or twice a month, national anthems, and golf tournaments?

    I sincerely do hope that he’s happy, that he gets what he wants out of his career, and finds whatever “success” means to him. He seems like a really nice guy, and he is very talented.

    I’m just really and truly no longer interested.

  25. If anyone has a better plan at this point in time for getting Taylor and his music out there before the public, I’m sure Taylor would love to hear it.

    Not sure that even if he heard it, that he would actually take anybody’s advice, anyway.

  26. Can you go into a small pshychological discussion? I would actually be fasinated.

  27. Hmm..a certain mysterious former blogger said the same thing to me: if Taylor wanted to tour his music (REALLY tour his music) he would find a way to do it. I have a hard time believing that. Maybe I just don’t want to. If Taylor just wants fame then that means I’ve been fooled.

  28. onemore Says:

    Oh, yeah. To answer your question, IAG……No, it’s not still about the music. Definitely not.

  29. Jenni Jac Says:

    [quote]Jenni, we have gotten two CD’s with new music on them…Early Works was just a reworking of songs that didn’t need reworking. As for the material he’s given us on these two albums, they have definitely left some fans begging for better.[/quote]

    Sorry for the confusion, I was actually including “Under The Radar”..I believe that was 2005? 3 albums in 4 years is a rather fast pace nowadays. I do agree he still has room for growth in his recording, but he’s getting there.

  30. I’m sorry we’re losing you Onemore, but it’s views like yours that actually make me want to stay with him. It’s like he’s the Underdog of all underdogs and I just can’t abandon him.

  31. casualfan Says:

    rosie, There have been LOTS of “plans” discussed on that subject. I’m feeling pretty certain that Taylor has heard them all. His attitude is “my way or the highway”.

  32. Sierra, I don’t know anything about Taylor’s childhood, but I could probably surmise that his mother was an alcoholic (I think that’s been documented). He craves attention as an adult that he didn’t receive as a child. Here’s a little something. NOTE: I AM NOT SAYING THAT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBES TAYLOR HICKS. IT’S JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT:

    We had come to feel isolated, and uneasy with other people, especially authority figures. To protect ourselves, we became people pleasers, even though we lost our own identities in the process. All the same we would mistake any personal criticism as a threat.

    We either became alcoholics ourselves, married them, or both. Failing that, we found other compulsive personalities, such as a workaholic, to fulfill our sick need for abandonment.

    We lived life from the standpoint of victims. Having an over developed sense of responsibility, we preferred to be concerned with others rather than ourselves. We got guilt feelings when we trusted ourselves, giving in to others. We became reactors rather than actors, letting others take the initiative.

    We were dependent personalities, terrified of abandonment, willing to do almost anything to hold on to a relationship in order not to be abandoned emotionally. We keep choosing insecure relationships because they matched our childhood relationship with alcoholic or dysfunctional parents.

    These symptoms of the family disease of alcoholism or other dysfunction made us ‘co-victims’, those who take on the characteristics of the disease without necessarily ever taking a drink. We learned to keep our feelings down as children and keep them buried as adults. As a result of this conditioning, we often confused love with pity, tending to love those we could rescue.

    Even more self-defeating, we became addicted to excitement in all our affairs, preferring constant upset to workable solutions.

  33. Thank you IAG. Now I REALLY can’t abandon him. I just can’t.

  34. Snowstorm Says:

    A lot of you are so delusional, it’s not even funny! Taylor does not have enough fans to support a music career. Bottom line…he’s needs fans who spend money on him!

    Even if some people like his music…Taylor has serious image problems with lots of bad press. A lot of it is his own fault! There’s no one to blame, but him!

  35. Sierra, Taylor isn’t your responsibility. While I admire your loyalty, I don’t think pity is a good reason to stick around.

  36. Wow IAG! I think you hit the nail right on the head with that analysis. And believe me, I know enough people in my life that fit that description above. There is nothing you can do to save them, they just have to do the “work” themselves. But what do I know???

  37. blueberry Says:

    Color me crazy and misguided, but I do believe it is, and will be, all about the music. The Grease thing probably is not the path we all would choose for him but it is what he is choosing. We all know and have seen and have discussed how music is his mistress – that can’t be given up easily. Unless he is the Don Juan of music.

    Absolutely no comparisons here, but I saw Springsteen Friday night. He’s been doing his thing for what, forty years. He has received the acclaim we hope for Taylor for much of that time period. Just my opinion, but
    I can’t see him giving up his music even if he had just 30 people in the audience, as opposed to the 30,000 present Friday night.

    To tie this to Taylor, to me it seems both have a passion for music that will never quit. There may be detours in the path, but music will prevail. If not, maybe he is the next Cary Grant! I know, I know that is a stretch. But even if there is not a new album out in a year, when it does come out, people will remember and find it – don’t you all do that with, say, a favorite author – they don’t pump out books every year usually, and even if they are not in the press, you remember them if they are important to you.

    Based on those off Broadway salary figures presented, I find it very hard to believe he’s staying with Grease for the money. Maybe it’s for the medical benefits and maybe not… Maybe someday he’ll choose to share his reasons with us.

  38. Being neglected by a mother and realizing at a very young age that she is not quite right, be it drunk, abusive or crazy is a hard thing. The child learns to keep family secrets by the time they are 5 and they also take on all sorts of responsabilities no child should have to take on. Tay’s saving grace was knowing his dad loved him and his grandma Joni. Some things in the your description of ACOA fit Tay but others don’t. He did mention faithfulness or un would be a relationship breaker with a woman. He must have trust issues due to his mom and the divided loyalities of his dad step mom and siblings. Guess I’m now as much, or even more of a fan of him than what he sings. Could be he doesn’t mind all the mother figure fans who so loyally love and accept him.

  39. Just my opinion, but
    I can’t see him giving up his music even if he had just 30 people in the audience, as opposed to the 30,000 present Friday night.

    See, that’s the thing, Blueberry. I am finding it harder and harder to believe that Taylor is in it for the music.

    And I’ve heard rumors that his salary is way higher than those listed.

  40. Snowstorm Says:

    Rosie and everybody else…read this loud and clear… when the majority of your fanbase is past the age of 45, there is no way in hell you will EVER be a success in the music industry. You can deny it all you want, but I happen to know.

  41. onemore Says:

    Blueberry, during the lean years for Springsteen, (and almost every artist with a long career has those) do you think he would have put on a sparkly nudie suit and done Beauty School Dropout for 2 years? So he could “get his music out there?” Do you?

  42. blueberry Says:

    Snow, this might sound harsh, but take it in the spirit it is intended (the greater good), since YOU happen to know, please do us all a favor and tell Taylor. Since YOU happen to know, I’m sure he will listen.

  43. Tom Jones? Engelbert Humperdink? Josh Groban? Celine Dion? dare I say Babwa Streisand? Cha Ching?

  44. Oh, and those artists cater to the over 70 crowd!

  45. blueberry Says:

    onemore, I honestly don’t know if Springsteen would have done that. People do a myriad of things for a myriad of reasons.

    I have no interest in seeing Grease, but I’m hopeful I’ll see Taylor on tour in the future. This is what he is doing now. I don’t have to like it, but it is what it is.

  46. Seven Days Says:

    This has been a very interesting discussion. I really appreciate the differing perspectives and that fact that people are respectful so far.

    As for me, I’m a fan of many different musicians that do things that I don’t like from time to time. Any time Sting makes a foray into opera or country music (his self-proclaimed favorite genre), I just turn him off for awhile. If he comes back with something I like, then I turn him back on. Sometimes the “turning him off” period can last for years. And yet, I still consider myself a Sting fan even in the “turning him off and not giving him a second thought” periods.

    Speaking for myself, I think that half of it is that Taylor is no longer 100% about the music (and hasn’t been for awhile), and the other half is my over-projection of him as a serious musician. For me, it’s important to take a step back and own up to my part of this as well. Then maybe I can strike a balance so that being a Taylor fan becomes more like my experience of being a fan of Sting. Re-adjusting my own definition of what it means to be a Taylor Hicks fan is probably a healthy thing all around.

    Thanks again for your points of view.

  47. Good News, The Triple Door has sold out and it is 9 days before the gig. A few standing room tickets will be offered for sale on the day of the venue. Some of you who hate Grease may find during the next year he adds a lot more shadow concerts especialy in the South and Southwest. I think given Taylor is the draw for Grease they plan on touring it big in the South. Having faith = Having fun! Besides given he will tour this CD for a year and a half by June 2010 anything could happen along the way with any of the songs.

  48. Snowstorm Says:

    Those people haven’t had hits on the charts for years and years! That is hysterical! Josh Groban is an AC performer.. he knows who he is! Taylor gives mixed messages… he doesn’t know who the hell he is.

    HAHA! Soul Patrol…my ass!

  49. Snowstorm Says:

    Sting was only good with The Police. After he went solo, he did the pop crap and his career turned to crap, as well, lol!

  50. Good point, Seven Days. I’ve been trying to figure out just what it was about Taylor to make me do several things. Before him, I had never voted on AI, never even been on a message board, and hadn’t been to a concert in years. One good thing he did was bring back my love of music, which kind of got lost somewhere during those early childrearing years.

  51. Snow, I was joking. But this argument is wayyyyy tooo old to continue. It’s just not fun anymore.

  52. Snowstorm Says:

    Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink, Michael Bolton, Donny Osmond = cheesy nightclub Vegas performers who fail!

    What the hell was Taylor thinking wanting to be like one the above performers? Nobody likes those people, except very old women! Taylor’s a sell-out!

  53. Snow, do you have anything else to add to this conversation? Besides what you’ve already told us 489574 times. But I will agree with what you said…that Taylor doesn’t know who he is, and gives mixed messages.

  54. Snowstorm Says:

    It’s not fun because you know it’s the truth!

  55. It’s not fun because it’s boring, Snow. Yes, we all know Taylor needs younger fans. We’ve agreed with you several times. Yes, we all know that you think you know everything. Good for you. Is there anything else that you can talk about regarding Taylor?

  56. Snowstorm Says:

    Hey, if someone chooses to argue with me, then I will argue with them back and prove to them that I am right again for 500453 time!

  57. Nobody’s arguing with you, Snow. Except maybe yourself.

  58. Snowstorm Says:

    “Tom Jones? Engelbert Humperdink? Josh Groban? Celine Dion? dare I say Babwa Streisand? Cha Ching?”

    What do you call this post? That is arguing!

  59. It’s called a discussion, not an argument.

  60. Jenni Jac Says:

    As an artist, you can delve into other areas and still be “all about the music”. Many, many artists have multiple projects going at the same time. If you have seen any of the Roxy or Cafe Du Nord performances, there is little doubt (at least for me) he is still totally into his music as much as ever.

    When did he ever say he was “all about the music” anyway? That seems more like a projection upon him by his “serious music” segment of his fanbase. The very first time most of us saw him on TV, this is what he said:
    ” My entire life I’ve been a PERFORMER..everything about music, about ENTERTAINING people you know…so that’s the reason why I’m here.”

    So in hindsight Grease and Broadway fits into that plan alongside his serious music endeavors. As said before, there is always the option to ignore Grease or walk away completely if he doesn’t live up to your expectations. But the key word here is YOUR expectations of Taylor Hicks, and not his own.

  61. I just can’t see how somebody who takes his music seriously could release an album in the midst of a cheesy off broadway tour, then re-up for another year instead of touring said album, especially when that somebody is at his best on a stage, playing his music.

  62. Snowstorm Says:

    It takes money to tour! It never crossed your mind, maybe Taylor doesn’t have the money to tour?

  63. Did I miss something? When did Tay say he wanted to be like Donny Osmond, Bolton or Tom Jones? When Lola asked where would he like to live, he said in a big tour bus. That sounds like someone who is thinking about music and touring first and foremost. One more time, Grease is not just allowing him to make good money to fund his own record company but is allowing him to tour the country, make radio and TV appearances, be seen and heard, promote his record in its entireity and song by song, but is allowing him to do concerts all over the USA to please those fans who only enjoy seeing him live. The promotion in cities is not just for him as Teen angel but to fill his concerts as he has just done in Seattle. I asked before what else would any of you suggest at this point in time he do to fill his concerts and keep his name viable and sell his CD………….

  64. Jenni Jac, I agree with all you said except for suggesting some walk away. We don’t make those suggestions on this blog. How about the fact we all saw him in his bunny suit, the 2nd week on AI. That guy liked performing or entertaining folks in the mall. The Easter Bunny did not get to sing and the pay was crap, but teen angel sings for big pay and great benefits.

  65. NolaMar Says:

    I think so many of you are just throwing a hissy fit here because you don’t like Grease and you want him to do what you want him to do. I think Tay’s realistic. He has a steady job. He could go on tour tomorrow and not pull in 30,000. You want him to go back and play with bands like SJ? I like them, but how successful are they in reality? He’s working hard to promote his album, doing interviews left and right, keeping himself in the public eye which he HAS to do since the radio won’t play him. Yes, the concerts are few and far between, but how many more could he do when he’s not selling out even those few? Maybe he’s evaluating if he really even should be a recording or concert only artist? He wants to take advantage of other opportunities open to him.

    If his “older” fans are indeed mothering him, that’s creepy! (That reminds me – did you read in that Idol Chat where Kellie P said she’s has women wanting to ADOPT her? EWW!) If that’s the case, he SHOULD throw off those fans.But I don’t think that’s the case in general. Older women have a healthy respect for the type of music he puts out and the influences he reflects. Maybe that is part of his problem with attracting younger fans. I think he’s pulling in newer younger fans with Grease. (Good point whoever said it, about other singers who have been successful on the stage.) I’ve never seen anyone making fun of him for doing TA except on this board. Am I disappointed about the 2010 date? Yes, but I trust and respect his choice to do it. I like Seven’s perspective – just turn him off for a while if you don’t like what he’s doing. Better that then continually bemoaning his every move. Come back when you like what he’s doing. AND I especially agree with Seven here: “Re-adjusting my own definition of what it means to be a Taylor Hicks fan is probably a healthy thing all around.” I mean how healthy is it for any of us to be so emotionally invested in the life of total stranger? I’m personally still trying to find a balance and an understanding of why I am so involved on a daily basis. I want to see him succeed. Mostly I want to see him able to keep making music. But we as fans should not take responsibility for his success. THAT is unhealthy.

    Sorry if I’m rambling. My hubby in surgery right now and probably not expressing my thoughts very clearly.

  66. Snow, do you even read this blog?

  67. Hope your husband is alright, Nola. 🙂

  68. Seven Days Says:

    IAG at 1:44 said this…One good thing he did was bring back my love of music, which kind of got lost somewhere during those early childrearing years.

    I had the same experience. In the days after Idol, Taylor’s mention of musicians that influenced him re-introduced me to artists I hadn’t paid attention to in awhile (blogs such as GC also widened my musical horizons). This in turn linked me to other cool artists (right now I’m really caught up in the music of people like Jason Ricci, Derek Trucks and Ben Harper). The other thing that happened as a result of becoming a Taylor fan was that I got really interested in seeing live music again. That was really nice and I’m grateful for it — this past spring has been especially fun with the number of concerts I’ve been able to attend by various artists.

    I still intend to pay attention to Taylor’s musical side, even if it happens fewer and farther between. In the meantime, he becomes a part of a wider musical mix of old and new artists. It’s all good.

  69. charcoal Says:

    Very roughly, Sting sold 22 million albums as a member of The Police. As a solo performer, his sales are somewhere north of 40 million. While I too like The Police much more than Sting the solo artist to say that his “career turned to crap” is certainly wrong from at least a monetary standpoint.

    Just fact checking ye who knows all.

  70. NolaMar Says:

    Rosie, that’s great news about the Triple Door! Very glad to hear it. (But I’m sure snow will find something negative to say about it…. )

    IAG, you call Grease “cheesy” but it does not seem like it to me when it’s bringing in pretty full houses with very expensive tickets. The show is a success. Seems to be so far anyway..

  71. Snowstorm Says:

    Ah ha! Where is Sting these days? Hmmm, doing more “celebrity smoozing” probably. HA!

    Same thing happened to Sheryl Crow. She was so cool in her early days, but as soon as got famous and started hanging around her celebrity buddies, it all went to crap. Her last cd did crap and was a disaster!

  72. LOL Charcoal! I for one love Sting, with the police and as a solo artist.

  73. NolaMar Says:

    Thanks IAG. He should be coming out soon. I hope! It’s past time…. I’m all alone here that’s why I’m blogging. Diversion!

    IAG and Seven – thank you for expressing so well what I also feel about the affect TH has had on me and my love of music. I too am expanding my musical interests, and also rediscovering some that I had forgotten about, plus getting back to the live music I loved so much when I was younger. Just the night before last I was listening to Sam Cooke on Imeem. I was surprised that so many of those great songs were HIS. I remember my mother playing those songs when I was growing up. Also other artists covering them later. I really recognized the influence in Taylor’s own musical performance. So much as we might throw tantrums and pout over not getting what we want, I think there is still a lot of positive things we can be reminded of. That must be why we stay.

    Yea Derek Trucks Seven! I’m really into them right now too.

  74. scooter Says:

    Yes, Taylor probably lost some fans because of Grease. But Taylor was starting to lose fans right after he won AI before Grease. Some people were mad that he won.
    When the group went on tour, Taylor seemed to be the one they slammed in their critique. Two years after AI, old Simon was still going around to shows, (like Oprah), making sure the public got the message Taylor should not have won. Did he ever do that with previous winners? I really don’t know. But I do know that was when people really started kicking him around. All the slams started right away after the win and just snow balled. Actually it seemed to be the cool thing to do to slam him. But, you know what. I am too independent in my thinking to be one of the sheeple and fall in line for all this crap. I am not going to listen to what Simon, the media and all the haters out there tell me what is good music. And I don’t give a rip about what the majority of the public consider good music. I would rather give my money to an older performer who is not in their prime any day then spend my money on popular singers out there that sing? (lip sinc), to blah so called music. As for Taylor, I am very proud of him. He is working so hard to fight against the crap that has been thrown at him. I doubt if most of us could keep trudging on if we were in his shoes. For whatever reason he is doing Grease, I will be supporting him, and I will always be a Taylor fan. I doubt if I will ever post again, (kind of shy), but felt like I wanted to jump in on this subject.

  75. Rosie and everybody else…read this loud and clear… when the majority of your fanbase is past the age of 45, there is no way in hell you will EVER be a success in the music industry. You can deny it all you want, but I happen to know.

    Do you seriously think Snow, that there is a reader on this blog who hasn’t heard the above message from you at least 60 times?

    Say something new. Please. Seriously.

  76. jerseyirish Says:

    Snow, Another thing what age group made the music industry what it is today, the folks that grew up in the 60’s, that really started to buy, buy, buy and they are still buying today. Don’t count any age group out!


  77. charcoal Says:


    wait, that don’t make no sense unless yer talkin’ zombies

  78. Aww, Scooter, don’t be shy. We don’t bite…usually. 🙂

  79. All caps, charcoal. Nice touch. And don’t be putting down Zombies. They’re still relevant, cuz they’re not dead. They’re the Undead, dammit! That means they can still fill a theater and stuff.

  80. Wow, am I brilliant or what? I just discovered an untapped market. I realize charcoal mentioned Zombies first, but filling theaters and stuff is all MINE.

  81. mamaforpeace Says:

    Hey, Ladies, did you know life is over after 45! If you are over 45, time to pick up needle point, sit in your rocking chair, and listen to elevator music (that’s all your poor mind and heart can take anymore)! Oh, and absolutely no sex… got to give that up the day you turn 45. No, really, I read it in Snow’s Big Book of Facts, so you know it must be true because she knows!

  82. Snowstorm Says:

    The Soul Patrol are Zombies, lol!


  83. Caryl, what about Vampires? Don’t they count for something?

  84. NolaMar Says:



    Define old –
    17 is old to a 10 year old.
    35 is old to a 20 year old.
    50 is old to a 35 year old.
    70 is old to a 55 year old.
    90 is old to a 70 year old

    Such a stupid discussion! At what age does a person wake up and is no longer allowed to enjoy music or be someone’s fan?

  85. casualfan Says:

    Seven Days….Jason Ricci is awesome! He not only plays the harmonica…he OWNS the harmonica when he performs. He has a true passion for music and is proud to work his ass OFF for both his music and his fans. Now THAT is a TRUE-BLUE musician.

  86. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Excellents points, I try to get that across all the time even if one is older does not say one can not enjoy all types of music and no age group should be counted out that they don’t matter. Anyone who listens and buys music matters!! 🙂


  87. mamaforpeace Says:

    No matter what, I will always be grateful to Taylor for bringing music back in my life, as others have said already. Didn’t even know it had gotten so far away from me and how much I missed it till Taylor came along. It was because of him that I got to reading blogs about music, like GC and C2What and IAG, and rediscovered and discovered musicians. Thanks to all of you in Hicks fandom that have shared music for all to explore:)
    I hate the idea of Grease, I’d never, never go see Grease, even if tickets were free! But I am taking 3 days off work to travel to Seattle. The optimist in me hopes there will be many more shadow tours. And I am very curious about the acoustic show! Will we see a more vulnerable Taylor? I sure hope so, though there is no way I can make it there (take good vids people!).
    Nola, I’ve been thinking about you and your husband. Hope all goes well.
    And I did read what you wrote about Paris in a previous thread. It is a beautiful city indeed!

  88. NolaMar Says:

    Remember that the 60 year olds of today were the ones dancing naked (some of them LOL) at Woodstock to many of the pioneers of folk and rock music. Show some respect man! That generation has more musical knowledge and experience in their little pinkies than the young people of today in total. I’m not one of them – I came of age after that, but I’m really sick of the age bashing that goes on here sometimes. (Sorry, I’m grouchy now. Been in this hospital room alone since 7:30 this am.)

  89. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Exactly that age group 50-60 yearl olds are the ones that caused the music explosion which made the industry what it is today. I was one of those at Woodstock not naked but dancing and sliding in the mud, an experience I have never forgotten. Tell my kids they don’t know what it is like to really experience music to absorb it like we did back in the day.


  90. Christa Says:

    I’m not so fond of the whole Grease till 2010 thing, but I don’t think he’s selling out either. Maybe he’s interested in branching into other parts of the entertainment business, that’s nothing new. Katharine McPhee did it. Actors sometimes crossover into music as do musicians crossover to acting. Plus, he has a contract from what I’ve read and I’ve also heard the Grease paycheck=big bucks. You know what probably most of that money is for? Recording an album to start off, booking concerts, paying his band, etc music related stuff.
    Of course he wants attention, he’s an performer! You don’t get into the entertainment business and put yourself out there just to hide in a dark corner like a hermit. Maybe he’ll get bigger opportunities in the future, maybe one of his songs will finally catch on the radio as they should.
    If not then, oh well. I’ll still be a fan. I don’t care at all if other people don’t like something I do, and I’m not one to jump on a bandwagon like a robot just because everyone else is. Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s good.
    Besides, if having to sing a song like Blame It (Jamie Fox) is what it takes to have a hit, then I’d rather Taylor never have a hit.

  91. dancingqueen Says:

    Damn! I just found out I’m dead, and I wasn’t able to rewrite my will to leave a Taylor fund, so 10 of every CD he ever releases are purchased in my name.

    Why is the thinking that he just re-upped his Grease contract? We’ve known about a shedule through December for ages, and have had Spring 2010 dates showing up for a few months. I think he just confirmed what most of us knew in our hearts, whether we wanted to believe it or not.

    Nola – prayers for your husband, and I follow your sentiment of taking breaks from my favorite artists, if I’m not into their present career path. There’s no way I can walk in any of their shoes or know what career decisions they’re faced with, so, I won’t second guess them or consider them sellouts. The choice is mine to support or not support their lastest endeavor, but, I’ve never stopped supporting or believing in them.

  92. Christa Says:

    And oh Lord, quit picking on people who are over 45. They may be older but it doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to like good music too. And my mom (who is 46) definitely ain’t a granny who sits in her rocking chair all day.

  93. Virtual Speak Says:

    Of course it’s about attention. None of us would have ever heard of him if he didn’t go on the biggest dog and pony attention getting show there is.

    I don’t know anyone that’s jumping for joy with the news of Taylor’s Grease renewal for another year.

    Maybe he looks at this Broadway gig the same way he does his “newfound freedom” (pardon the pun) that he has with his own record label. He can do some music, some acting, some whatever he wants with nobody to answer to but himself. God knows, he’s pandered to the fans for a long time.

    I only wish that he would add a few more shadow dates along the way, instead of doing several interviews a day and saying the same thing ad- nausem.

    As a parent of kids that are grown.. part of me looks at this situation from another perspective.. If I had a son in Taylor’s position who I sat back and watched blow a chance of a lifetime.. wasn’t selling records.. the phone stopped ringing.. he gets a call to star on Broadway.. what advice would you give him?

    Not even talking from a financial point of view.. because nobody knows what his finances are, and shouldn’t. There are no clear cut answers.

  94. Virtual Speak Says:

    Hmm..speaking of finances.. looks like he’s one of Idol’s Top Earner’s. According to Forbes.

  95. hicksaholic Says:

    Really pissed- I just wrote an epistle and it disappeared before I posted it. Some of what I said has been covered by Virtual Speak. Taylor is only 32. He has a lot of years of work ahead of him before he retires. He is likely keeping any option open. If I were in Taylor’s shoes I would too. You have to remember preidol Taylor’s dad was always on his ass about getting a real job and Grandma Joni was slipping him $500 at a time to help him survive. I think Taylor IS proud and he wants to be a success to prove himself to others.
    I have no doubt Taylor would rather be 100% a touring musician. But I don’t think he knows that that will provide him an adequate living for the rest of his working live.
    Plus think about it, with Grease Taylor gets to tour the country, do some radio publicity, learn a little about acting, make some good money and play some occasional music. It may not be a perfect choice but it may be the best choice available.
    I’m thinking if I was in his shoes I’d probably make the same decision he has.

  96. hicksaholic Says:

    I read that Forbes list. The $300,000 figure is interesting. I guess he has living expenses covered outside of that. But I am sure the shadow tours cost a good bit to put on so maybe that explains the shadow tours being few and far between. I doubt Taylor has the luxury of spending a bunch of money flying the band in and boarding them and playing to half a house.
    Really surprising that Pickler is so high. I can’t believe she is higher than Daughtry. Music sales success obviously does not equate to the highest earnings.

    Charcoal, thanks for your comments. My husband will be pleased to hear that people over 45 can have sex.

  97. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I need the cliff notes on this thread.

    My opinion?? Grease thru 2010 ugh!! But it is a steady pay check.

    SMB didn’t “break out” as we hoped, but deep down we knew. He “ain’t” gonna be played on the radio, nuff said. 😦

    I guess small shadow tour gigs cost money, and we don’t know Bill’s salary…

    The trips to Italy (or was it France), Asia, etc weren’t cheap, unless he was paid exceptionally well.

    My guess is no movie star agents are banging down his door. I don’t mean to be negative, but not gettin’ the track of his career.

    Lately AI has proven to be a field day of phone calls. Who can beat who in the numbers. Once it is over and done, so are the fans. They move onto the next season.


  98. Christa Says:

    300k last year was probably mostly for those 2 months of NY Broadway alone. Not too shabby.

  99. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Hope all goes well with your hubby, waiting in hospitals is the worst.


  100. Snowstorm Says:

    Perhaps JumpedtheShark said it the best…

    If you don’t make your mark, within the Idol timeframe, it’s too late. There are new Idols every year. It’s safe to say Taylor didn’t make the mark.

    Frankly, I have been very bored with Taylor. There’s really not much to talk about, lately and Grease is about as boring as you can get.

  101. Coming in 10th of all the first 7 seasons Idols is pretty good. All he did in 2008 was Grease so I knew he was paid big bucks for it. This year, 2009, he will earn much more and he earned much, much more in 2006 and 2007 with the book, tour CD, commercial etc. So you see right now he needs the Grease gig to pay his band and whoever he may owe for the Cd and his agent publicist and BW. He made more than Kat, Bucky, Elliott, Ace, Caldwell, Justin, Blake Lewis, Degarmo, Fantasia, Rueben, Melinda, Lakeisha, Bo Bice, Chris Sligh, Latoya London and well more than 60 of the top 70. Not too shabby given some refer to him as the worst Idol. Can you tell that I love numbers and stats!

  102. JumpedtheShark Says:

    LOL Rosie…..not bad and yes I love numbers too. 😉

  103. Daughtry sold 4 million cd’s but only made 2 million. Sounds like something is wrong there.

    So how is Archeletto more successful than Taylor, because he has music on the radio? He has only sold 700,000 cd’s. But on the other hand Taylor is a failure for selling that many?

    I don’t like that there is another year of Grease. But he also has to do what he has to do to make a living. I see Taylor as an entertainer. Never have seen him just as a musician. I’m a huge Taylor fan, but I have told lots of people that, “yeah Taylor wasn’t the best singer that year, but he was the best entertainer. ” I need to be visually stimulated along with the audio enjoyment.

    I went to see George Strait several years ago. Mind you he is the king of country. He has over 50 number 1 hits. I will never go see him in concert again. BORING….he stood in one place, strummed his guitar and sang.

    People keep bringing up what Taylor said about bringing real music back to pop. I took that comment for what it was. He had just won idol, was on the idol tour, doing shadow shows. He was on top of the world at that time. Yes he probably thought at that moment he said it that he could. I never thought that Taylor was going to change the musical world. I think the people that believed that were not being realistic, they were riding the wave too.

    I’m not giving up on Taylor. I haven’t seen Grease and I won’t travel to see it, but if it comes somewhere close to me I might.

    All I can say is Taylor is a survivor. He may not make it big, but I do think he will be around entertaining for a long time.

    Snow…. one day you will be over 40, I wish i could see what your doing at that time. According to you, you’ll be fat, and not buying cd’s anymore and of course just sitting at home, not out enjoying life. Feel sorry for you.

  104. Sierra Says:
    “Caryl, what about Vampires? Don’t they count for something?”

    Vampires are certainly a viable demographic but I don’t think Taylor is cool enough to pull them in. I think he could attract the Zombies, though and I’m sure snowstorm will say they would make for a better looking crowd than his current audience.

  105. Virtual Speak Says:

    Trixi et all;

    Pay no mind to Snow when she gets on her ageism thing. It’s her really “old” shtick.

  106. spinshack Says:

    Holy man, it’s taken me a while to catch up – really nice discussion. Told you this was a great post Grey. I took some notes, let’s see:

    “I mean, you see it in print all the time…oh, Taylor Hicks couldn’t make it in music, so now he’s wearing a pompadour. Ugh.”
    Seriously I thought he’d do this a short time like in NYC and be done. Then the National tour, I thought, well if he’s touring the CD with, then that makes sense but now until 2010. Wow.

    “They love him in the south, mid atlantic and northeast.” “They” must not be that big of love ’cause you don’t hear of it much anymore.

    “I completely 100% agree, Spin. Even with a song with so much potential for intimacy like “Let’s Get It On”, Mr. Hicks turns it into a “wooo-fest”.” ‘Cause we love each other hahaha.

    “Exactly, YKW. And that’s why I bet you’ll never hear him sing “Maybe You Should” or “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness”. Remember how fucked up he had to be to sing Georgia at Smiths? That’s nowhere near the amount of intimacy that a song he wrote, like MYS, would require.”
    Yeah, he’d have to be so drunk he’d be falling off the stool. lol

    Rosie’s point the radio promo has been a positive.

    “They’re hanging on for dear life.” wrote, Onemore

    I agree, that’s exactly what wer’re doing here. Me, I haven’t even been able to think what to write about him in a while now. Give it up for Grey to continue to have interesting thoughts to discuss. Great post.

    “Hmm..a certain mysterious former blogger said the same thing to me: if Taylor wanted to tour his music (REALLY tour his music) he would find a way to do it. I have a hard time believing that. Maybe I just don’t want to. If Taylor just wants fame then that means I’ve been fooled. “ That Mysterious former blogger is right, Caryl.

    Scooter, nice points. Stick around.

    “yer talkin’ zombies” I love “Zombies” – in that I mean the Cranberries’ tune.

  107. Trixi, Daughtry’s CD came out in Nov. 2006, so he sold the bulk of the 4 million by the end of 2007. The forbes earnings were for 2008.

  108. charcoal Says:

    I went for a drive in Alabama last week and came across a sign outside a Baptist church. “He Is Risen – He Walks Among Us”. I thought, “That would make a fantastic Zombie double feature.”

    The problem with all this analysis is that no one knows what the subjects “goals” are. Maybe the goal is to build up that elusive 401K? If so, excellent choices. Maybe there’s a different goal. Maybe there’s no goal.

    At the low end (with willing musicians in YOUR OWN BAND of course) you can tour on less than $500 a day. In fact, with merch sales, many bands would think that was wild success. Of course, that would mean going back to a thing you’ve already done after seeing it another way. I know my first job paid me about 1/8 of the amount of money I make now. As much as I loved that job it would be damn rough for me to quit the current one and go back there.

    Anyone else ready to do that?

  109. Snowstorm Says:

    Of course that’s his goal, charcoal . Suck as money as possible to build his 401K. He’s not stupid… he knows he didn’t make it. His opportunity came and went a long time ago. What else is going to do now?

    Edited by IAG

  110. jerseyirish Says:

    charcoal, Very well said. I don’t think any of want to go back to the days of struggle we have all experienced earlier in our years.

    Trixi, Like you I always remember him saying he wanted to be an entertainer not just a musician. I have also been to concerts where the performer just sang and didn’t perform there is a difference, Taylor has the ability to bring the stage and audience to life every time he takes to it.


  111. Seven Days Says:

    Charcoal said,….”I went for a drive in Alabama last week and came across a sign outside a Baptist church. “He Is Risen – He Walks Among Us”. I thought, “That would make a fantastic Zombie double feature.”

    Thanks for my laugh of the night!! Fantastic.

    Great food for thought in the rest of your post as well….particularly about trying to analyze “the subject’s goals”.

  112. NolaMar…loved the points in your post. And like a lot of posters I also am not privy to Taylor Hicks expenses and feel I have no need to comment on how he choose to make his money. I can only comment on how I choose to spend mine and that is seeing Taylor perform live at shadow gigs…buying his music….and yes maybe even seeing Grease AGAIN!

    I guess an old broad like me just likes to keep it simple.

    NolaMar…prayers & good thoughts for your hubbys’ speedy recovery.

  113. “Of course, that would mean going back to a thing you’ve already done after seeing it another way. I know my first job paid me about 1/8 of the amount of money I make now. As much as I loved that job it would be damn rough for me to quit the current one and go back there.

    Anyone else ready to do that?”


    I used to teach junior high students for about 1/4 what I earn now. I think I was pretty good at it and I loved it most of the time. For a number of years, I said it was my calling, that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

    And then I realized I had a calling to pay some bills.

    Go back? Sure. If I were independently wealthy, I probably would. Otherwise, having seen things another way, it’s not a choice I can reasonably make.

    I’ve never understood why someone in the entertainment business should be held to a different standard than the rest of us.

  114. Out of all of Grey’s blogs I’ve read and or took part of since last Dec. this one has been most like a Taylor Hicks fan group therapy. There has been lots of opening up about where peeps are coming from and their current thinking. It is also the one blog I hope he never reads. He is private and we have discussed him, his childhood and some of us have even done our amature psychoanalysis of him at age 32. Don’t know how Forbes gets their earnings figures but now Tay knows anyone can know what he made in 2008 and some are discussing it on the internet, including yours truly. Well, guess he trusts Lola as she said he gave her his private email. He can’t and won’t do what any one of us wants him to do or even what a group of us want. If he caved into some groups commands he wouldn’t be that ballsy guy we ALL once admired and enjoyed.

  115. And FWIW.

    I don’t think Mr. Hicks has moved on from the music. I think he poured his heart into this last album. I think he cared about it. And it appears to me he’s worked his ass off to try to make it succeed. I don’t know that he’s always *worked* in the smartest way, but I can’t question his sincerity or commitment. Despite all that, I think it hasn’t paid off for him. I was at Cafe du Nord. I was one in that (maybe) half full tiny club that saw a very fine show. A very fine show with some damned good music. But I don’t imagine that little club looked any more crowded from the stage. And I don’t imagine that’s very encouraging. I didn’t attend Grease in SF, but I imagine the audience was considerably larger and the paycheck considerably better. So I think it’s a business decision. I don’t know if it’s the right business decision, but how would I know? But I think to say it’s all about *attention*, is to over-simplify something far more complicated. I also think it unfairly discounts the heart of that guy who gave a 110% to that little crowd at CDN, as he has in so many other small venues.

    Finally, I will give you whatever odds you want that the shadow tour will continue and that the number of shows will heavily increase as Grease moves south and east. As will the numbers in the crowds.

    Taylor not want to do it anymore? No way am I buying that. No way.

  116. I hope you’re right, Robin. I hope the shadow tours do increase…because the number of people more than likely will. Like I said before, it’s no secret that he does better in the South and Eastern parts of the US.

  117. mamaforpeace Says:

    Robin said: “I also think it unfairly discounts the heart of that guy who gave a 110% to that little crowd at CDN, as he has in so many other small venues.” Having been there myself, Robin, I couldn’t agree more!
    I finally just got IAOK (had to purchase the cd through ebay and pay twice as much). Oh, Taylor, when you do this, you absolutely slay me! It is sooo good. I hope you find it in your heart and guts Mr. Hicks to perform songs like this one live. We will listen!

  118. Not only don’t we know the subject’s goals, as charcoal said, we actually don’t know any factual information at all which would enable us to reach any sort of informed decision about Taylor Hicks’ “success” or “failure”. We don’t know what he wants, we don’t know what his options are or have been since winning Idol, we don’t know the financial facts of any deal he has or has not made since winning. We don’t know ANYTHING at all. Except, apparently, that our great wisdom and knowledge of the entertainment business would have resulted in his doing sooooo much better if he had only listened to our collective advice! We are full of…..well its pretty clear what we are full of, at least to anyone who still has at least one foot in the real world.
    And as far as the amateur analysis of Taylor’s psyche….that is just wrong on so many levels. How dare we discuss the childhood and private life of someone WE DON’T EVEN KNOW. I don’t care if his career puts him in the public eye, he is still a human being and deserves to be treated with more respect than that.
    The next time anyone who writes on this blog is tempted to mention the terms “crazy fan” or “obsessed fan” they might want to take a good long look in the nearest mirror…..and then just shut-up! And before someone gives in to the temptation to write the usual response about how they don’t understand why people read this blog if they think everything Taylor does is wonderful and they don’t want to see him criticized and we’re all just having a discussion about music….no you aren’t. I don’t think everything Taylor Hicks does is wonderful, but I don’t feel compelled to spend my life nit picking to death every single thing he does. And really, why do you constantly criticize Snow for saying the same thing over and over? Because so do you IAG. But then, Taylor may not be the only one who is addicted to attention.

  119. Christa Says:

    Triple Door show…. SOLD OUT. 🙂 As of today. Full crowd concert, yeah baby.

    Taylor Hicks sings National Anthem from Ken Lee on Vimeo.

  120. mamaforpeace Says:

    msmxup, wow! You know if I find some people really offensive, I don’t go into their house. Just saying…

  121. msmxup, I know I’m overinvested in Taylor but I can see you are also or you would not have been motivated to post what you did. I don’t agree 90% of the time with IAG but neither she nor anyone else stops me from posting. Where else will you find such an open discussion about his music and career , such different viewpoints, and all on one blog with very few put downs. I was not around for the SP great divide or even for GC/charcoal. In fact all I know of charcoal is he is some guy who now and then makes some comment here but it is never about Hicks current music or about anything I find of interest. It is Grey, you, me and all the other posters, random or regulars that make this place breathe on a daily basis. Is that so painful for you? Did you read Heart Full Of Soul? Taylor discussed his childhood, his mom, dad, his struggles and even drinking and drugs for all to read. This is not TMZ or the National Enquirer. Just fans yaking about a guy whose music they enjoy and some including me like and respect the man and want the best for him. Perhaps he would enjoy way more folks posting here, including you on a regular basis.

  122. Taylor’s goal could be to become independently wealthy so he can do whatever the Hell he wants. LOL. It doesn’t matter whether he’s singing a song, acting in a musical, on TV or in a movie , I’m going to be there enjoying it. Why? Because I LIKE HIM. LOL. As far as missing out on music, well, he’s been in Grease and he still put a CD out so I don’t think that’s going to change. He’s doing a few shows here and there and I’m sure if the CD had busted out and sold millions he would most likely be in his own tour bus very soon. BUT it didn’t and he’s still on the uphill climb doing everything he can to push the CD. Trying to tour a CD that is not getting the radio play it needs or making headlines with it’s soaring sales numbers makes no sense. Considering the economy I think he is making the right choice. There are a lot of successful musicians doing some things they have never done before just trying to navigate these tough times. Some are going on joint tours, booking cruises, doing commercials and selling out to Walmart . If Taylor wants to keep his sweet deal with Grease a little longer I say more power to him. I think it will pay off in the long run.

  123. casualfan Says:

    Wow! This is a very interesting blog indeed!

    I think one thing we can all agree on is that Taylor is going to do what he wants but we don’t have to agree with it, which is ok.

  124. suze4158 Says:

    It was a bit disconcerting to read a post from “scooter”, a name I have used online a bit …lol…..maybe part of the zombie thing…. a reincarnation of a former self….*swelling eerie music* lol.
    Good discussion, here.
    I will cast my vote for the thought that Taylor is not going to leave the music behind….and that he is currently capitalizing on something that has been a good thing for him through Grease.
    I’ve said it before, but I see Taylor as a survivor. The fact that his music out of the AI gate has not been a “fit” in any genre, and therefore not heard or promoted is … well, just the facts. One has to deal with the facts in order to survive. He, indeed, was chomping on a BBQ sandwich back in B-ham when the call came to do Grease. Taylor was being pushed back into being a regional musician, but Grease has allowed him to keep a national exposure…even to the point of AI recognizing him again this year. And I consider that a good thing, as his chances of doing more with his life and his music are expanded with the national exposure.
    Also, I don’t think there is any proof that he is leaving his music behind.
    I heard him interviewed many times saying that touring Grease was a “cutting edge” way to tour his music. I don’t know that I agree with that statement, and I have not heard him say that recently, but it does reveal that he is thinking music while he does Grease.
    While it may embarrass certain parts of Taylor’s fans to have him strutting his stuff in a “nudie suit” (that is a term I have never heard, BTW), it is a vehicle for his survival on the national stage and will hopefully materialize into more opportunity to DO MUSIC, in the future.

    I appreciated NolaMar’s musings and thoughts about Taylor and being a fan. Prayers for your hubby. Hope all has gone well.

  125. was i ever wrong. i still listen to ‘the right place,’ ‘you are so beautiful,’ ‘ain’t no sunshine,’ etc. in that distinctive, hearttugging, southern voice, and i miss taylor. he filled the wee dark hours and the sunny upbeat days with music which i honestly thought would become a part of the sountrack of my life, always there.
    no idea of what happened. taylor faded away, and now i wonder if he was real. sad.

  126. mamaforpeace Says:

    This has nothing to do with this thread (sorry!), but I thought it was a very good article:

  127. NolaMar Says:

    I just realized I haven’t said anything since my grouchy post, (sorry) but this has been fabulous here today. Thanks everyone for your very thought-provoking posts and respectfulness for each others opinions for the most part! (Either that, or IAG for fantastic moderation. Probably BOTH.) Thank you IAG for this forum for us all to get it all out there. Too tired to even begin to comment on all the great stuff I’ve read here tonight, and agree with or don’t, but it’s been a great discussion!! (Also thanks for the thoughts for DH. It was a rough day. Got to hospital 7:30 am, home 8 PM. Thought we would be there 2 hours! Without going into detail, will be a few days of waiting for results, and it is a scary time for us. Appreciate the prayers.)

  128. hicksaholic Says:

    I will be praying for you.

  129. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, as much as we analyze Mr. Hicks I see the prospect of self-analysis just as interesting. I mean considering the lot of us have followed him since 2006 and yet still carry this much interest says something.

    I have to go now, it’s time to go get the bread the nice people are tossing into the pond. “Quack Quack”.

  130. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Exactly Taylor and his career have kept us all interested whether all agree with his moves or not, we are all still here, that says something for the man and his staying power! 🙂


  131. spin…. I know about Snows rantings. sometimes you just want to…….
    oh well not going there.

  132. Who knew a night of insomnia could be so stimulating? Thanks everyone for giving me a lot to think about. While formulating my own opinion on the priority of Taylor’s music in his career I dozed off. I’ll preface this by saying in the 3+ years of being a Taylor fan I’ve only had one dream about him…and it wasn’t about the music. Yesterday’s lively discussion provided fertile ground for my second.
    I was at the acoustic concert in Detroit. Relegated to a less than desirable Monday night due to weekend commitments, Taylor was only able to draw 200 of the capacity 300. While I hung on every note, every intimate interpretation of the familiar songs with a contingent of like minded music lovers, other reactions varied. Some occasionally stopped their individual conversations to intently listen and enthusiastically show their appreciation. A few were bored and left mid way through his set.
    One thing was evident. Taylor was focused on his music and performing wherever and for whoever would listen. After a touching delivery of “Maybe You Should” Taylor threw Brian a glance of personal satisfaction and a humble look of searching approval toward his audience that jarred me awake.
    I believe dreams are peppered with surprisingly stark reality and personal wishes. Interpretations may vary, but I am clear that it’s still about the music. Unfortunately, for now, it can’t be ALL about the music.

  133. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    MN Sue. Thanks for that mini recap of your Detroit experience. I’ve seen him play a few shadow dates as of late also, and one thing is for certain. The artist that people think is “formerly known as Taylor Hicks” is alive and well.

    He’s more polished, more mature, more seasoned and personally, I think the break from the constant touring has helped his confidence and energy level.

  134. suze4158 Says:

    MNSue said-
    I’ve only had one dream about him…and it wasn’t about the music.
    Hahahahaha! 🙂 Yeah.

  135. jerseyirish Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, he had never left the music behind, he is more seasoned and I believe enjoying this time out on the road going at a slower pace. He is a natural on the stage what ever stage he is performing on!!! 🙂


  136. I’m sorry..but when he signed on that dotted line of that Grease contract, he left the music behind.

  137. Just to clarify, ShadowlessSoul, that was a dream I had. The reality is I AM going to The Magic Bag show and I WILL see the music IAG thinks he left behind.

  138. Well, Sue, he finds the music every six weeks or so. 😉

  139. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, He has never stopped promoting or playing his music, like any other musician trying to make it they have a full time job and do their music on the side. He is no different he has name recognition now but not the overall acceptance of his music by radio stations, its gonna take time and he needs to do other things to keep the cash flowing in. See nothing wrong with Grease or any other project he may choose to do. Like everyone is saying he will probably increase the shadow dates in the East. He is not by any means out of the loop as far as his music goes! 🙂


  140. suze4158 Says:

    Posting way too much…but had to comment on mamaforpeace’s article link..I think that it feeds into the psychological discussion of Idol and what it means to those who follow its participants.
    The family concept.
    Ties in with Spin’s imprinting concept, obliquely. So much could be said about that, but no time.

    One more excerpt from the idol phone call /interview…
    Do you ever read about yourselves online?
    Hicks: Sometimes. Not all the time, though. I think it’s best if you stay away from that monster.
    Maybe he does think his fans are crazy.

  141. Sorry about my crankiness yesterday. Guess it was the Monday blues.
    I was thinking about how many really funny and otherwise talented people contribute to this post and enjoyed catching up. DH and I will be seeing the Proclaimers this week. Remember them? I’m Gonna Be (the 500 mile song) They were hugely popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. So they’ll be playing this tiny club near me and we’ll be right up front. Can’t wait! They can’t be making much money for this gig, but I’ll def. be buying their new cd. Why is this not a feasible route for TH? I just don’t get it! And I think it’s alright for fans to question motives. There’s no way in hell Taylor reads this, so I say blog away! And when you chose to put yourself in the public light and go the celebrity route, you put yourself out there for criticism. Not sure why some people are so insulted. It’s not like anyone is saying he’s a hack or untalented-we love him! Oh, and Nola, I hope you and your husband are getting some rest today. You’re in our thoughts.

  142. hicksaholic Says:

    You know if he’s not selling out the shadow dates he is doing, why would he do more? I know he could quit Grease and go to every town in the country trying to sell his music but does that make sense from a practical standpoint given where he is right now?

  143. Here’s the thing..why should Taylor all of a sudden be practical? He hasn’t been practical his whole life. He spent his 20’s in dirty bars and music festivals, barely scraping by (according to his book)…so why change now? Now he’s taking the safe way? Now when he has name recognition and could be hitting all these music festivals?

    There are hundreds and hundreds of musicians out there who would kill for the name recognition that Taylor Hicks has…and who wouldn’t throw it away on a Teen Angel gig.

  144. charcoal Says:

    Those music festivals are by invitation, not by choice. You don’t just call them up and say “What time can I play?”

  145. hicksaholic Says:

    Difference is now he has been exposed to the other side. Plus I think he worked so hard to get the success(and approval of those who said he would not make it) that he is trying his best to do what it takes to keep his name in the spotlight.
    I don’t think that makes him a sellout though. I think music is his love.

  146. hicksaholic Says:

    We will never know what might have happened if Taylor turned down Grease. I guess he would have been trying to drum up musical appearances.
    But I bet although he only had a few minutes to make a decision on Grease he looked at it from a lot of angles.

  147. There have to be tons of clubs, not dives who would love to book Taylor now. So he doesn’t sell out every club, I’m sure he would bring in pretty healthy numbers. Did something happen that bruised his ego, that he’s afraid to go the touring route. Damn Taylor, summer’s almost here! Why can’t you be touring like every other “musician” in the world?

  148. hicksaholic Says:

    Hell, my ego would be bruised if every time I saw an article about me it talked about me being the most unsuccessful and least deserving Idol winner.
    I might want to do something to turn that around.

  149. Good point Hicks, but I thought his skin was thicker than that. And if it was all about the music, you’d bust your buns doing anything you could to perform your “art”.

  150. NolaMar Says:

    IAG, forgive me but did you read your own blog responses yesterday? It sounds like you are trying to start the whole thing over again. Everyone pretty much already gave their responses to your questions. (Some really, really excellent and thought provoking ones I would add.) “SO why change now?” Some of the best posts I read yesterday dealt with that, from Charcoal (8:09) and Robin (9:56). Who wants to go back to what they were doing years ago, struggling and making a tiny fraction of what they were for more work? Let the man move on with his life. Not everyone has a problem with Grease, or think he’s “throwing away his name recognition on TA” like you do. (Great posts from them too.) It’s his name recognition that is making Grease such a success and allows him to travel the country and keep his name out there in the public eye, one city at a time. I hope you actually take time to read and at least consider those points of view. Everyone had a lot of good things to say on both side of it.

    I wonder if he has a “get out of jail” clause in his Grease contract, I bet he will take it if:
    1) the record takes off, and
    2) he keeps selling out and seeing more demand for concerts

  151. may I add:
    3) “Grease” runs it’s course and is no longer a financial draw for it’s promoters. How can it possibly last past the end of the year, let alone the end of the summer??

  152. So much seriousness here. Everyone’s discussed and analyzed:
    Taylor’ childhood, and psychological reasons for wanting attention
    Whether or not he actually still cares about his music
    At what age a person is still allowed to enjoy music, or sex
    How much money T makes and if he can afford BW
    Whether zombies or vampires make good fans
    Is Grease good or bad for his career and was it a sell-out?
    Who danced naked at Woodstock and who just danced in the mud?

    I propose that after all this heaviness, we need a fangirl day! Lets’ really let our hair down, and find the hottest, sexiest, thudingest videos and photos and share them with each other. We can all use our aliases and be as crude and nasty as we want. And charcoal and any other guys dropping by can post sexy pictures & vids of Grace Potter so they don’t feel left out. (That would be just about every one I’ve ever seen. 😉 )

    What do you say?

    (My feeble attempt to lighten things up a little 😀 )

  153. jerseyirish Says:

    Exactly Taylor is now securing his future, he is not 20 years old anymore and see’s things probably in a different light and see’s that he has to do things to secure his future. My son for example would love nothing more than to sit and play his music 24/7, but at 22 realizes he has to put his 40 hours in and have a steady paycheck to do what he loves. Nothing is handed to anyone you have to work/earn all that you have. If my husband stayed doing what he was doing in his 20’s we would probably not own our home or have the things we have today, he realized that music wasn’t going to happen for him and went into the business world, he needed to secure his future which eventually became ours! 🙂


  154. charcoal Says:

    What? Talk about something else and end this Sisyphean existence?

    I don’t know how you can stand the thought. Typing, typing, typing.

  155. You know I just had to check that word out. But for such a cruel and feared man, Sisyphus sure had a wussy name!

  156. My, for such a feared and cruel man, Sisyphus sure had a pansy ass name!

  157. Snowstorm Says:

    Let’s get down to the nitty griity, shall we? What is the REAL reason you want to see him tour? Let’s discuss this, honestly, shall we?

  158. I read on TMZ that Sisyphus’ mom was an alcoholic. And his dad was a Zombie.

  159. Damn, I hate when that happens!

  160. He’d make an AWESOME rock star then!

  161. I forgot to add that Sue can tell us all about he dream she had that WASN’T about the music. (DO TELL!)


    Snow can point us to some other entries in the urban dictionary that we might now know about… still daydreaming about #7….

    Now to go look up who the hell is Sysyphus?

  162. Well, I don’t know if Taylor is still all about the music, but I am! Come and sing my latest Taylor inspired song:

    (I apologize, iag, but I just HAD to!)

  163. Sweetay Says:

    I think Grease can last because it is a traveling show. Its all new to the people in each town it hits.

    Its relatively cheap.. Tickets at the Fox here in St. Louis can be as low as $25.

    And it gives Taylor the possibility of gaining new fans. He has been locked out from radio. And everyone believes the “loser” title he has been handed. In my family, I can no longer get anyone to go to a Taylor Hicks concert.. but all of them ARE going to see Grease. Kids, teenagers, adults, and grandparent will all be there.

    If there is a shadow tour, I’m’ going to be one lonely participant. Unless I can get someone to come with me (tears might work) and of course I will have to buy their ticket and assure them that no one will ever know they attended. Yes, it is that bad…

    I think no one knows better than Taylor how bad it really is. The fact that he is still holding his head high with all the put downs is remarkable.

    And forgive me for being just a bit pissed at some of you. You think Taylor has not given enough to his music?

    He made his own record label. He is pounding the streets going door to door to radio stations. He hitched a ride on Grease to be able to push his new CD. He books clubs and hires bands to try to get fans to come see him. He twitters, he blogs, he signs autographs at Walmarts. Plays his harp during charity golf. Sings the National Anthem at ball games. Take the razing from TMZ with a smile. AI constantly knocks him down, but he turned the other cheek and bounced right back with a great performance of SMB.

    Taylor has taken a load of crap form both his “enemies” and his fans. Sometimes it must be hard to tell them apart. And yet.. He just goes right on smiling and singing.

    What else can he do? Music is who he is. That’s my opinion!

  164. Sweetay Says:

    I just see the post that “The Triple Door” is sold out! Yeah! That’s what we need! If we want more of just Taylor and his music, we have to show him!

  165. ICantBelieveIReadTheWholeThing Says:

    Just put a bullet in my head. Now.

    BTW – Have you noticed who the Mod is on the “new and improved” HQ?

  166. Gypsee? She’s been the mod on HQ.

  167. ICantBelieveIReadTheWholeThing Says:

    All I know is the buzz online is about the relaunch and people are joining up today because they got e-mails giving them a free year. The hope of many was that with the relaunch, certain changes in government would be made. Apparently we hoped in vain.

    Edited by IAG

    “New and improved” my ass.

  168. If people are getting a free year, does that mean I get my $25 back?

  169. Snowstorm Says:

    I’m still not joining, even with free year. Promises were made and not kept. I’m not paying for a freaking message board and NO perks.

  170. charcoal Says:

    I created a website just for readers of this blog.

  171. charcoal, I can’t click on the link because of my arthritis.

  172. Snowstorm Says:

    charcoal, that’s funny, man.

  173. That was HYSTERICAL! *falls off chair laughing*

  174. Eyyy damnittt! My zimmer frame just went out on me!

  175. Eyyyyy damnittt! My zimmer frame just went out on me! Damn wobbly wheels….

  176. My old gnarly hands keep thomping those keys… Ok, I’ll stop.

  177. Perhaps I wasn’t clear about my Taylor Hicks inspired song. It may involve Zombies. Oooo…now you’re intrigued! But I won’t post the link again. I may be self-promoting, but I’m not an attention whore. *hmpf!*

  178. Charcoal…. Takes one to know one. LOL.

  179. caryl Says:
    May 19, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    Perhaps I wasn’t clear about my Taylor Hicks inspired song. It may involve Zombies. Oooo…now you’re intrigued! But I won’t post the link again. I may be self-promoting, but I’m not an attention whore. *hmpf!*

    😀 . . allow me to do it for you . . the lady has another Bottom Top 40 hit !

  180. hicksaholic Says:

    You said in an earlier post you were driving through Alabama. Don’t you live up north? You don’t have anything to do with the new improved headquarters do you?

  181. hicksaholic Says:

    I know- I’m probably stretching.

  182. I dunno AH. If caryl strategically places herself in the lobby of all “Grease” shows and accompanies her dulcet vocals with canned accordion music, who knows. She could get radio to notice her.

  183. And if that proves fruitless caryl could always set up an intimate night of music at a bustling A&W drive in every 6 weeks or so. Radio is sure to come calling then, yup youbetcha.

  184. AllEars Says:

    I’m into the lively discussion and the candor. I can totally see why some would be quick to assume that Taylor’s decision to do Grease was to gain attention, get rich, forget about music etc. These are logical assumptions.


    Did it ever occur to anyone that one of the main reasons Taylor did the Grease tour is so he could promote his music by playing his single at the end of each show with a built in audience of people that aren’t even really there to see him in the first place. In what other circumstance would this be possible? Where he can play to 2000 (mostly non-fans) each day (sometimes twice a day) and that is on someone else’s dime?

  185. Those ideas are all good. I’ve got a total of TWO-that’s right-TWO songs in my repertoire! I’m on a roll. And it only took about six months to write them. One thought, though. I can’t sing. Will that be a problem?

  186. mamaforpeace Says:

    Lots of good thoughts in this thread. It did make me think about what Taylor is doing from a different point of view. I still don’t like it, but some of you made some good arguments to defend his motives. Things are never black and white, are they? Shades of grey, or gray, or charcoal, maybe siver. That’s it… a siver lining!
    And then, most of all, thanks for the laughs:) But quit making fun of Sisyphus… can’t help his name, he was Greek after all! And he did come from a very dysfunctional family, so leave the poor guy alone!

  187. caryl Says:

    One thought, though. I can’t sing. Will that be a problem?

    Three (4?) words for you . . . Paris Hilton Auto-Tune

  188. Snowstorm Says:
    May 19, 2009 at 10:11 am

    Let’s get down to the nitty griity, shall we? What is the REAL reason you want to see him tour? Let’s discuss this, honestly, shall we?

    Have you seen even one of Taylor’s non-AI shows ? Watched any video from say Cohasset or Chicago HOB, how about Hannah’s BBQ ? or heard T&J’s audio from the Roxy maybe ? Believe it or not there really are fans of TH who are only along on this Mr. Hick’s Wild Ride for the music.

  189. “What? Talk about something else and end this Sisyphean existence?”

    I remembered that dude as soon as I saw the picture on Wikipedia, had just forgotten his name. Took me a while to get back here to say you sure hit the nail on the head with that one Charcoal! “Accordingly, pointless or interminable activities are often described as Sisyphean.” How apt!! We’re living in our own Sysyphean Tartarus.

  190. spinshack Says:

    Okay not to dis any of you but catching up this post is the Win:

    I created a website just for readers of this blog.

    Over analysis the curse of all that is wrong in the world.

  191. AllEars Says:
    May 19, 2009 at 3:55 pm e

    I’m into the lively discussion and the candor. I can totally see why some would be quick to assume that Taylor’s decision to do Grease was to gain attention, get rich, forget about music etc. These are logical assumptions.


    Did it ever occur to anyone that one of the main reasons Taylor did the Grease tour is so he could promote his music by playing his single at the end of each show with a built in audience of people that aren’t even really there to see him in the first place. In what other circumstance would this be possible? Where he can play to 2000 (mostly non-fans) each day (sometimes twice a day) and that is on someone else’s dime?

    Point well taken, allears. But it obviously isn’t working…so why keep doing it?

  192. AllEars Says:

    I suppose it depends on what the expectations are. If the expectation was that every theater goer would become a lifelong fan, no, it’s not working. If the expectation was to sell CD’s at every performance and expose the music to new people, yes, it’s working.

    Also keep in mind that he signed on till June 2010 when the tour began… so he’s under contract. Getting out of that contract would entail quite a bit. But, I get what you’re saying… but in the current environment it’s not that simple.

  193. He signed on until June 2010 when the tour began?

    You know, I get it. I get that he wanted to try a new way to get the music out there and to be able to travel the country all expenses paid.

    But we miss the shows. We’re sad and disappointed about that. We want more shows.

  194. AllEars Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 2:17 am

    Also keep in mind that he signed on till June 2010 when the tour began…

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen that stated anywhere before . . knowledge ? or interpretation ?

  195. Yes, AH, I was thinkring the same thing. Did you wonder if it was the cone ranger?

  196. The funny part?

    The “crazy” fans WON’T bail. They’ll be the only ones left.
    It’ll be casual fans, the people who are being patient right now and waiting for a REAL FUCKING TOUR, that disappear. Like me.

    If I have to wait til 2010 before he gets his ass back to music, then fuck him. hahahaa…..there are plenty other musicians I’d like to support. (yeah yeah yeah, I”m a bitch…don’t care..)

  197. rhonda,
    don’t know about you but there are a lot of artists and bands on my “A” list that I’ve never seen in concert . . I will if it is feasible to do so but if not I won’t drop them from my play lists.

    I didn’t wait around for Taylor in 2008 and I won’t be doing so this year either. Whether TH does a shadow show anywhere within a reasonable distance for me or not .. I’ll see whoever comes close enough that interests me.
    Suspect that’s what a lot of people who signed on for the music will do too.

  198. Well, yes. But what I meant was I’m not going to bother keeping up with him online if there’s nothing of interest for me.

    I came to the fandom, because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a show that would be near me…..because I was a little more invested in Taylor Hicks then I was with some of my other favorite musicians. If Maroon 5 played a concert near me, I’d go…but I’m not on their fansites keeping tabs on em. I did that with Taylor Hicks for three years now…..and I’m tiring of it. Why? Because I don’t get the vibe that he gives a shit anymore. (I’m not trying to put any words in his mouth, this is strictly my opinion…) So why should I give a shit? Ya know?

    I know most of you won’t understand me, that’s cool.

  199. I getcha, Rhonda. 😉

  200. Well, all you guys who are leaving….BYE.
    I’m still intrigued. He’s still got that mystery…for me.

    I am also one of those old crones following him around thanks to my S.S. The thing is folks my age have the disposible income the kids don’t have. I can fly, I can drive, there’s no job to hold me back. I’ve bought all his CDs and have tickets to his next shadow show.

    When I attended GREASE the show was heavy with really young kids—he’s big with 10 yr. olds–so I figure he’s growing his next demographics. In ten years I may be in a rocking chair but those kids will be grown with great memories of trips their families made to see TH. Makes ya’ll kinda obsolete about that time, too, doesn’t it? (Snowstorm?)

    Here’s to you, Hicks, you said it was a marathon, not a sprint, didn’t you?

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