The Bamajam

I got an email the other day from Quinn Borland of Spoonful James, alerting me to the fact that they are going to be playing Bamajam this year “nestled in after The Truckers, right before The Crowes.” This festival is located in Enterprise, Alabama June 4-6th. I say if you’re anywhere close to Enterprise, try to go. Check out the great artists scheduled to appear. Here’s a sampling…

Spoonful James

The Drive By Truckers

G. Love & Special Sauce

And Spin…it looks like your boyfriend is going to make an appearance..ahahha

Looks like Charcoal’s girlfriend is going to show up too. Wow.


21 Responses to “The Bamajam”

  1. NolaMar Says:

    Looks like BamaJam is the same wekend as Wanee. DB Truckers and GPN are playing both.

    That’s cool that SJ will be playing! They don’t show them on the artist line up.
    I see Galactic, who we just saw at NO Jazz Fest.

    I see they added Buddy Guy to Wanee too.

    I would love to go to either. We were going to Wanee but now I don’t think so. Disappointed.

  2. NolaMar Says:

    Great samplings of the music IAG! Thanks. I wanna go to Wanee so bad to see Derek Trucks Band! Maybe if I show DH the GP video he will be more enthusiastic about it? LOL

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    Sounds like they are going to have a good variety of artists at this. Loved the Spoonful James, Los Loney Boys, and Grace Potter, the others were good just their sound better.


  4. I only have a minute to check in, no time to click on all the vids, but it sounds like a great line-up.

    Feelin’ blue concerning the whole TH situation. Do you think he’s continuing to do Grease because it gives him something to say when they ask him what he’s doing?

    Maybe I’ll become a SJ groupie now. Start a blog. Go to multiple shows. Call radio stations. *sigh* Or not. (sorry guys!)

    Maybe it’s time to give my OWN career a bit of attention. Yeah, I’ll start a blog about ME. Call newspapers and request MY column. Google myself. And finally, wonder if hanging out by my backdoor hoping to get my autograph makes me a stalker. Yes. That’s just what I’ll do. It’s all about ME now.

  5. Spin’s boyfriend?!? Charcoal’s girlfriends?!? Well, there’s something (or someone!) for everyone, it sounds like!!


    That looks like a rockin’ time, wish I lived closer!!

    Honestly, Caryl, you might find more fulfillment in being a SJ groupie. I feel much more comfortable with my current level of immersion in Mr. Hicks’ career, ie. the shallow end of the pool. 🙂

    It’s obvious to me, that what’s really important to him is the attention factor, as opposed to the music. Right now, the musical gig is bringing him the attention he craves; the music is secondary as can be seen in his “commitment” to touring the CD, one gig every 5 – 6 weeks. The acting bug is his thing now, he mentions repeatedly in interviews that he would definately be interested in doing more of it.


    You’ll see SJ on the lineup if you click on that link.

    I’ll tell you something…there is something that can be said for SJ that can’t be said for Taylor Hicks. Spoonful James is all about the music.

  7. Snowstorm Says:

    See, I’ve been telling you this all along. Taylor wants to be famous and since he got a big taste of it, he’s not going to let it slip thru his fingers.

  8. casualfan Says:

    I’m with Grey and everyone else as from the start. Taylor sold himself as a serious musician who only wanted to play his music. He’s coming across as a sell out, at least to his true music fans. Sorry for those who continue to worship everything he does, but I don’t, won’t and can’t. I didn’t come on board the Taylor Train for pimping Teen Angel…sorry.

  9. Grey, Snow, CF, and myself all agreeing.

    It’s the apocalypse!!! *Hides!!!*

  10. 5.0 quake in California tonight. I’m just sayin.

  11. What did I miss? He’s extending the Grease run again, is he?

  12. NolaMar Says:

    I have to admit I’m quite disillusioned myself since seeing the June 2010 date in writing. That’s another whole year of only a handful of concerts here and there. Don’t agree with the “sell-out” deal. He either needs or wants to keep doing Grease. It’s his life to live. Maybe his goals have changed. Maybe he still thinks this is the best way to get his music heard. But I’m definitely feeling blue with Caryl. Will be even more blue if he doesn’t do at least one concert in TX or AL. I can’t (and don’t want to) fly all over the country to go to one.

  13. NolaMar Says:

    Where was the quake True? Have not watched any news.

  14. mamaforpeace Says:

    I used to teach in Inglewood. Went through a few earthquakes there. It’s a fact of life if you live in LA.

  15. NolaMar Says:

    Mama! Hi. Don’t know why I’m up – not on CA time. (CST) but meant to tell you after you talked about Paris – was there for a week last year and fell in love -ABSOLUTE LOVE – with the city! Wish I could go back and spend a few months.
    Now to bed. DH goes under the knife in am (pretty minor) but have to be there at 7:00 am. Will go cry (or pout) myself to sleep over the June ’10 thing.

  16. JumpedtheShark Says:

    There are so many music festivals around the country. I don’t see why Taylor doesn’t play in some of those. Great music, great food, lots of people, lots of fun…….maybe not big name artists, but still an outlet to play his music. And he would certainly be a headliner.

  17. Very disappointed in hearing the June 2010. Are there any cities left that Grease hasn’t been too?

    If he would do more shadow shows, I doubt anyone would be so disappointed. There’s a big country festival in Manhatten KS that Taylor would fit right in to. Kellie Pickler will be there on Sunday night at the main stage.

    Come on Taylor….. We want music!!!!!!

  18. I really hate saying this, but I think music more his hobby these days, than anything else. 😦

  19. I did read about Taylor planning to join Kellie Pickler onstage during her tour and play his harmonica. Tho I would not go see Kellie- even if I knew Taylor would be there.

  20. NolaMar Says:

    JTS said: “There are so many music festivals around the country. I don’t see why Taylor doesn’t play in some of those. Great music, great food, lots of people, lots of fun…….maybe not big name artists, but still an outlet to play his music. And he would certainly be a headliner.”

    How could he do that when he has to be on stage nearly every day, sometimes twice a day for Grease? (Still pouting)

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