I need Bill!!!

Ok, I need a picture of Bill at the Regions. It’ll make me feel better. For your trouble, I give you this (courtesy of TML at the BB):


And, from what I hear, Taylor doesn’t know how to spell dumb. Ironic much?

And this cracks me up! Taylor is dissing Charles Barkley’s swing. You can catch a glimpse of Taylor playing the harp, too.

large_Taylor Hicks 0514


59 Responses to “I need Bill!!!”

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    Saw that video got a kick out of it. Did you hear the interview with Taylor, Charles and Speedy on Rick and Bubba yesterday was pretty good!! Were there any Bill sightings at the match? I’m sure a pic would have shown up by now if he was.


  2. NolaMar Says:

    Bill seems to be MIA lately…

  3. casualfan Says:

    Rumor is that Bill has a new “distraction” these days. It’s his turn now. 😉

  4. hahahhahaha..CF. It’s ’bout time.

  5. Awww, I hope Bill does have a new distraction. Poor guy. I heard Taylor spell “dumb” correctly.

  6. So nobody remembers that interview Taylor did with the gay guy in 2007? (from previous thread.) Now I need another video. I need one of Taylor rapping. Can anybody hook me up?

    Thanks all y’all, youse guys. (<—I’m a Yankee living in the south. I get confused.)

  7. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I remember the interview with the gay guy Caryl, but don’t have a clue where to find it. I loved the look on his face during the interview…..hilarious.

    Yall has no apostrophe. That is how I could always tell whether Taylor did his written blogs or somebody else. Sometimes they would be “yall” and others “y’all”…..lol.

  8. Yeah, I remember the interview. The guys name was Billy Franscesca. Yep, useless information running around in this head.

    Rapping? I think he did that in one of those vids from Marty’s, didn’t he? Otherwise I know he rapped in one version of Naked in the Jungle, or I guess you could use the Snoop video.

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I was going to mention the Snoop video, he rapped there a little.

    So rumor has it BW has someone of interest in his life, if its true thats great for him.

    Did you guys see the interview from this morning the interviewer is a fan and she was all flustered, he kept telling her to calm down.


  10. Bill says hi.

  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^
    I think I’m so funny.

    ANYWAY, the proper spelling for Y’all is yall? No, that can’t be right. It’s short for ‘you all’. An apostrophe replaces the missing letters.

    Oh geez, sorry. I’m getting nitpicky! But since I’m not a southerner I could be wrong. Gotta go make dinner.

  12. NolaMar Says:

    I thought it was ya’ll. And I grew up in Texas..

  13. NolaMar Says:

    So, you and Bill Caryl? Ha ha!!

  14. JumpedtheShark Says:

    LOL, yes Y’all is you all, but most southerners just ignore that and say yall. It requires less effort. 😉

  15. JumpedtheShark Says:

    OK, so my TN born and bred hubby begs to differ with me on the spelling caryl lol. 😉

  16. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Nola, I’m a South Carolinian and spell it yall, but my TN husband insists on ya’ll. I guess it’s a preference.

    Didn’t mean to stir the pot on this one, but it does interest me lol.

  17. OMG! (said in a valley girl voice*) We northerners spell it, y’all. We are a f*cked up nation, aren’t we?

    *I don’t really have multiple personalities, but some things I type require an accent for full effect.

  18. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I was just going to put that up that we spell it y’all. I was laughing at all the talk about it.


  19. It could be true about Caryl and Bill because yesterday she was offering up her hubby’s thighs. I viewed all the golf pics of Tay posted by 2 BB members and the official press ones. Taylor looks trim, fit, handsome , happy and really into his game. But that gray hair sure makes him look like a handsome 42 yr old dude, not 32. I have to keep reminding myself he is only 32. Wonder what he shot for his 27 holes. BTW he told the interviewer which JI mentioned, that he loves to dive and that he wears briefs, wants a cancer cure, world peace and his goal is to own a tour bus and park it wherever including Beverly Hills. Maybe he will get his wish for a big fancy tour bus such as Kid Rocks’. That’s all I got Y’all.

  20. Oh they teach contractions now in the 2nd grade and I think I didn’t have them until 4th grade. A second grader recently showed me a list of all the contractions and there were about four of them which I’d swear no one uses. I think thigh rubbing is still saved for high school learning.

  21. Thanks for the link Nola. The interviewer was totally awe struck! Two things initially struck me about the interview. A. Taylor sounds kinda wasted! Ha! and 2. He’s been playing for 4-1/2 years since Idol! lololol! What a sense of time this guy has!

  22. NolaMar Says:

    JI: “Did you guys see the interview from this morning the interviewer is a fan and she was all flustered, he kept telling her to calm down.”

    That’ had to be the strangest interview of all! By strange I mean “different.” Not your usual questions to be sure. And the interviewer doesn’t usually get so flustered that they can hardly talk. LOL I loved that he got his Ray doll back. He was moved.

    Lets see: He likes to dive. He likes to think of himself (or hopes others think of him) as funny, energetic and proud. He can’t stand to be without toothbrush and toothpaste. He doesn’t have any tats but is thinking about it. She’s adding him on the air. Pt. 2 coming later….. He sang and played the harp I think. Something about a duet? With who I don’t know….

  23. Oh yeah, the diving answer sounds so cliched, but if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have realize the Zen of diving…it’s the most incredibly surreal experience if you’re in the right mind set for it. So, GOOD ANSWER Taylor!

  24. NolaMar Says:

    Ha ha! Yes, I left out the briefs (I thought he said boxer/briefs, not just briefs,) world peace, and the tour bus as where he would want to live if he could live anywhere in the world.

    LOL Rosie on Caryl’s DH’s thighsl!!! Makes sense…She want’s someone else to take him off her hands so she can have BW.

    OK, did no one read the WIK article I posted about “ya’ll”??? We are ALL right, since it’s not even a real word. LOL

  25. NolaMar Says:

    His looking at the camera repeatedly sort of got to me…………..

  26. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Hope they get part two of the interview up soon. The schedule he keeps no wonder he looks a little out of it sometimes. I thought he looked and sounded good for hardly any sleep.


  27. Nola, the interview you posted with Lola has to be my favorite ever! He’s so relaxed and charming! I’m only half way though it too. Love the faclempt. I know I’m gonna get hell for this, but he seems like he just smoked a bowl and wants to spill his guts!! Haha! I know you’ll all hate me now!! Yikes!!

  28. NolaMar Says:

    Ha ha! Why would we hate you for that? I’d love to share a bowl with him. 😉 (Just kidding… maybe…I’ll never tell….)

  29. Oh, I’ll have to watch it in a bit..

    Did anybody see this? http://www.stltoday.com/blogzone/culture-club/culture-club/2009/05/fox-announces-2009-2010-season/

    Looks like the Grease gig will continue on into January.


  30. Nils, even though it’s been years, I would so do that! What
    Are we talking about???

  31. Sorry Nola I can’t type for shit when I’m on iPhone!

  32. jerseyirish Says:

    NolMar, Here is the video of Taylor with Snoop Dog:


  33. hahaha Momo…I was wondering who Nils was…

  34. NolaMar Says:

    “Grease” (Jan. 12-24) (BOO! SAD!) When will it end and the tour start?

  35. NolaMar Says:

    Me too – Who’s Nils? I think maybe it hasn’t been that long momo…. 😀

  36. I just hope he’s still doing shadow tours by then…and maybe he’ll have one that I can catch.

  37. Haha! I’m such a dork Nils! Back on the laptop. Yeah, it’s been that long Nola..:=) Now I just blame on pre-senile dementia! :-\

  38. Caryl, I’d settle for a picture of your hubby’s thighs… Do I sound desperate yet?

  39. Jersey, is it just a coincidence that you posted Snoop Dog right after I mentioned Taylor doing a bowl…Sometimes I miss the elephant in the room! Doyyyy!!! (favorite expression of mine as a pre-teen)

  40. And, Booooooooo on Taylor doing Grease into 2010! Is there a loop hole out of that????

  41. NolaMar Says:

    OH, I don’t even know what to say about that video! LOL!! It’s like mixing Guacamole and cake – the harp and rap. Sort of made my head spin. Overall it was pretty cool, just sort of threw me off balance. Ha ha!

    I wish the sound was a bit better quality so I could hear their voices better. BUT wow, LOVED that hip action he got going there a few times. YOW DADDY!! Maybe I’ll watch a few times with the sound off? After I have a bowl of course. 😉

  42. Good one Nils!!!

  43. NolaMar Says:

    I hear ya Grey. I’m sort of about to give up on ever getting to see a live Tay concert again. So far I see no sign of any in Texas. It would be weird for him not to do one in B’ham. I’ll definitely go over there for it if he does. All the locations in FL are too far for me to drive. Atlanta is a possibility but that is coming up even sooner than Texas and still no concert announced.

  44. mamaforpeace, if you’re lurking, DH and I are going to catch your man at d.b.a. tomorrow night. Thanks for the reminder in yesterdays blog.

  45. “Cone Ranger Rides Again!” Ain’t that cute….

  46. Here’s hoping Taylor has no need for spoons, bowls or many bottles or a pill or Bill Will. I’ll toast to that!

  47. Sierra, I meant to tell you several threads ago that my favorite bird is the Eastern Bluebird. They seem to follow me wherever I go in Maryland yet I have so many friends who have never seen one.

  48. mamaforpeace Says:

    Nils, that’s great! You’ll have a great time I bet. Let me know what you think:)

  49. casualfan Says:

    And, Booooooooo on Taylor doing Grease into 2010! Is there a loop hole out of that????

  50. Yea, Bill was not at Regions but he was in Birmingham talked to a close friend of his at Open Door on Wednesday night when I was shooting Cleve Eaton’s Jam session for the benefit for Cleve at Ona’s room on the 28th. He was not at Marty’s with Tay either…maybe he has moved on. or just on vaca; I wish him the best.

  51. Taylor rapping skip to 7:21


  52. some at 10:10 also…

  53. Yea, Bill was not at Regions but he was in Birmingham talked to a close friend of his at Open Door on Wednesday night when I was shooting Cleve Eaton’s Jam session for the benefit for Cleve at Ona’s room on the 28th. He was not at Marty’s with Tay either…maybe he has moved on. or just on vaca; I wish him the best.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe.

  54. Re: Billl—I don’t think he was with the Grease bunch in Portland!
    Re: Lola—yeah, Taylor wasn’t quite awake…or somethin’.
    Re: Y.A.L.L….I’m a born and bred Texan (currently displaced) and I’ve always written it “ya’ll”.
    Re: Local dates—I warted the everlivin’ out of everybody I could find to get M&G’s scheduled for Portland and the squeaky wheel got the GREASE, alright. And he was goooooood lookin’, ya’ll!!! Almost too thin.
    Re: His schedule—he hinted about some news might come out soon. My guess is, he’s hoping for some new offer (s) to gel. So you can figure things are definitely set….until it changes!?!? He’s a regular Energizer Bunny….going going going.

  55. NolaMar Says:

    Ha! I did say above that as a born and raised (also displaced) Texan I spell it ya’ll. 🙂 Thanks for confirming me Linn. LOL

    Now my interest is really piqued about this “news” that might come out soon! Let the speculation begin. (For me, I don’t have a clue…)

  56. Christa Says:

    Isn’t it y’all? Texan here too.

    Oh geez I still have an assignment for guitar class lmao. We have to compose our own music. *Goes back to work*

  57. NolaMar Says:

    Oh well, I guess even Texans can’t agree on how to spell yall-y’all-ya’ll. LOL

    Christa, you need to get Caryl to help you with the lyrics. She really has a way with words. 😉

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