Random updates…


Here’s the happenings:

1. HQ has been updated…finally. Well, not by Taylor, but there is a new look to it along with a new message board. Want to be on the ground floor of something big? Start posting there….um, ok, kidding. But it did get updated.

2. Taylor’s on the top banner here. That’s good, huh?

3. Taylor’s going to be in the Regions Golf Tournament in Birmingham this week. I’m sure Bill Will will be there to be his caddy..carrying his clubs and balls and all that.

4. I saw one of my friends tonight, who said…”I saw Taylor on AI last week…and I actually thought he was good!!” hahahahah…trust me, that’s an improvement. 😉

5. Taylor was on Rick and Bubba today.

And this…is good:

And this…just because it brings back memories. I remember seeing this over and over on television, and I couldn’t wait until the promotion was over. It was on all the time!!


54 Responses to “Random updates…”

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    Loved the Rick and Bubba interview! His performance of “Run Baby Run” was fantastic. The Ford commercial was great. Have also had friends say they saw him on Idol and thought he was awesome. I’m sure Bill will be at the Golf Tournament doing what who knows. Wonder if he plays golf?


  2. I just got feedback from the program director at one of the country stations here in KC. He said he just got the single in the mail Monday and would give it a listen and see if he could get it on the air.

    Well at least he’s going to listen to it. Where as before with the AC stations they would give you the answer, “not until it’s in the top 20” or something like that.

    So maybe that’s why it’s not getting air play. Not all the stations have it yet? We know Taylor’s people can be slow about things!

    I’m staying optimistic!!

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    Trixie, One local station here in NJ had the single and played it on Friday. My son’s boss likes Country and I asked him to call it in on one of the stations he listens to. One station said they have it but haven’t put it on yet, the other said they haven’t gotten it yet, but will listen when it comes in. So like you , think it may take some time but have hope that it will get the airplay. Just don’t understand some folks have said stations by them say his people are not pushing the single, whats that all about?


  4. NolaMar Says:

    Warning for #2 above – the whole site is being hijacked to an advertisement page when you click, so don’t bother for a while. I hope they fix that.

    LOL! Loved seeing the Ford commercial. I had never seen it before. (Not a big TV watcher.) Guess after AI5 was over I just sort of forgot all about it. Just waited for the CD to come out. Hadn’t seen the Run Baby Run performance either. Thanks IAG.

    I’ve done the media-based request a few times for SMB to my local country station, which I do play in the car now and then. I included my email address but so far no one has responded to me.

    Speaking of “Run Baby Run” I had better go do just that. 😉

  5. “Run Baby Run” should have been featured more prominently in his ’07 tour. Stunning vocals. Except for “Compared to What” it’s my favorite cover.

  6. Wow IAG! So you think Bill will be carrying Tays Balls and his Club? Lucky BW….

  7. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    May 12, 2009 at 10:07 am
    Wow IAG! So you think Bill will be carrying Tays Balls and his Club? Lucky BW….

  8. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, You have such a way with words!!! 🙂


  9. Virtual Speak Says:

    I’ll take one for the team and gladly hold his nine iron and balls if Bill is otherwise occupied.

    Thanks for putting up that “Possibilites” commercial.. it took me three years to rid it from my brain, and now it’s back.

  10. NolaMar Says:

    Crude, ladies, crude…….. 😉

  11. casualfan Says:

    The Ford commercial-hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Run Baby Run-was there up to the stage. I had the awesome opportunity in having Taylor’s DNA sprayed on me during When the Saints Come Marching In. – unforgettable experience.

  12. NolaMar Says:

    Another Tay interview in B’ham this morning. Have not listened yet, but now SS should be very happy to see that Tay does not discriminate with his photos.

    Sure wish all these radio stations would play the hell out of the record! I read one “country” station has Elliot as a feature artist today. Nothing against Elliot, but I watched his video and that song is SO far from country. SMB IS country and they don’t seem to want to touch it. Frustrating…

  13. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Nice interview thanks for posting!!! 🙂


  14. suze4158 Says:

    I could take this performance of Run Baby Run intravenously. 🙂 There is a masculinity to his voice and delivery that is moving. Thanks for posting. CF, I am totally jealous of the DNA thing.

    Elliot is being featured on a country station?
    Explain that to me, someone, please.

  15. casualfan Says:

    Elliot has good PR backing him obviously

  16. littlewing Says:

    “I read one “country” station has Elliot as a feature artist today. Nothing against Elliot, but I watched his video and that song is SO far from country. SMB IS country and they don’t seem to want to touch it. Frustrating…”

    Wow, really? Thats nuts. I hope the DJ mentioned above gives SMB a good listen…he’s bound to like it!

    That Ford commercial brings back the memories. I actually thought it was a good song, that is until they ran it in the ground. Taylor was on top of the world then, good times.

    TOT, but last night our community college played Do I Make You Proud during the Nurses Pinning ceremony. I always loved that song. It was perfect for the occasion as I was there to see my daughter pinned and it evoked a few tears from me and I would bet a few others.

  17. suze4158 Says:

    Well, I am glad that Elliot is so lucky.

  18. casualfan Says:

    I really hope the fandom doesn’t start comparing Elliot to Taylor because there is no comparison. Same goes for the Daughtry vs Hicks nonsense.

    SMB may fall under country, but Hicks does not.

  19. Elliot’s new CD is occupying a prime lacation in the super Walmart near me but they have never had Taylor’s TD and in fact have nothing of Hicks. They have Kat’s latest, Cook and Jordin are under country and other places. There is Reuben, Kerry, Kelly, Clay, Archie, Mandessa and Melinda and Michael Johns. I’m just not liking A2M. BTW, Taylor called a gay newspaper in Seattle and they did a great and interesting interview with him. Now I just noticed some other gay site has posted the SMB video. So Taylor is busy making the calls and doing the rounds and the video is hugely popular. So maybe things will pick up and I hope he has sold over 1000 this past week. I think someone will post the figures late tonight or tomorrow.

  20. littlewing I think your DIMYP story is on topic. That song is one of the most used for special occasions and perhaps the TH CD would have sold many thousands more if it had been on there. D Jays brought up DIMYP in the two most recent Tay interviews.

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    littlewing, What a proud moment to see your child graduate into the profession they choose, I wish her much success!!!

    Rosie, Have been trying to find numbers but haven’t yet. Did find the billboard numbers that he jumped after his appearance but thats it so far.

    Taylor and Elliot have two different styles, Taylor likes to shake it up while Elliot is more of a ballad guy. Realy know comparison.


  22. casualfan said, “SMB may fall under country, but Hicks does not.” Who are the people then behind the almost 84,000 views on the link Grey posted of the video? T’aint just the SP! Some country station played it last night and the regular country station fans gave it a 3.3 out of 5. Pretty good score considering the SP did not know about it ahead of time.

  23. Just a quick FYI here.

    I happened to watch Good Day Alabama, FOX 6 Birmingham this morning. Janice Rogers announced that Taylor will be on the show / in the studio tomorrow morning. I’m not sure if they do any live feed, but they have been good to post interviews with Taylor in the past.


  24. suze4158 Says:

    Not comparing Elliot and Taylor…comparing the promotion they get.
    Good grief. I thought Elliot was “indie”, too. It is disconcerting to see him “featured” on a country site.
    Which I found was affiliated with a huge syndicate of 750+ stations. http://www.iheartradio.com/main.html
    They have as part of their top “on demand” a listing of songs/albums….included in the top 15 are Daughtry, Yamin, along with Seal, and Star Trek. Help me understand this. Who takes these artists under their monied wing?
    Oh, I also learned there on their “news” for country that a Snow Patrol artist is doing a country crossover album. Ain’t that just peachy.
    Sorry, this ticks me off. I want to understand it, and I can’t.

  25. This might be a better link, although I see no mention of tomorrow’s appearance right now.


  26. jerseyirish Says:

    suze4158, I get so frustrated when I see things like that, I wish them all well, but why doesn’t Taylor get some of this. Seems the poor guy has to fight for every step he takes.

    Robin, Thanks for the link, I’ll check tomorrow morning.


  27. Danny Gokey will be singing ‘You Are So Beautiful’ on AI tonight just as Taylor did when he was in the top 3. This I gotta see and hear and I expect there will be comparisons. Top 3 night was when I fell in love with Taylor’s talent in song presentation and his voice. DITD and especially YASB and TALT just about did me in and I voted and voted and well you all know the rest. I’m just a certifiable Hicks nut.

  28. Has anyone else had problems logging into HQ? I emailed them this morning and got a reply ” We are currently looking into the issue and should have it rectified shortly. We appreciate your patience.


    Taylor Hicks HQ

    Good thing I have patience. Who has put the voodoo on Taylor? Does anything go right the first time?

  29. suze4158 Says:

    O.k., now that I have ranted…
    seems that station with Elliot featured on country WAS a jazz station until May 1st. Brand new country station now.
    They are in transition, obviously. Worked up over very little.
    This stuff pushes me over the edge…
    Will be interesting to see Gokey do YASB. He obviously doesn’t mind getting associated with the winner of Season 5, even if just through song selection.

    Thanks, again, IAG, for the memories through the vids today.

  30. NolaMar Says:

    I absolutely can not stand the comparisons between Gokey and Hicks! I like the guy OK but he’s just not talented enough to be in the top 3, and NO comparison to Taylor as for personality or showmanship. OR VOICE!! Only ONE time have I been excited by one of his performances. And now I’m mad that he’s doing YASB because they are already comparing him to Taylor and this will make it worse. How much you want to bet Tay’s name comes up tonight, and it won’t be positive? I hope I’m wrong.

    I also saw the AOL (or was it Yahoo?) American Idol Video Station, and saw EVERYONE but Taylor there. I just don’t get it either. I looked for a place to comment or email but didn’t see how to do it. All this stuff really gets me PO’d. (Deep breaths, realax…….)

    Yes, Trixi, HQ has said they don’t have me in the database either, and I only joined April 29.

  31. NolaMar Says:

    Rosie asked: “Who are the people then behind the almost 84,000 views on the link Grey posted of the video?”

    That is at muvids. I think it must be connected with popeater because those numbers just went crazy insane during the period that AOL had Taylor on the FRONT PAGE and linked to the popeater article. Now the the article is getting older, the number of hits is slowing down. That site is now hijacked again. (Unless they are doing it on purpose….)

  32. casualfan Says:

    The purpose of the video is for people to like what they hear then purchase the cd. Did he get an additional 84,000 unit sales out of those hits? I hit the link for Lady Gaga at least 10 times watching out of sheer horror…doesn’t mean I’m buying her music.

  33. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, I think you are right alot of folks just give it a hit to watch and not buy the CD. I did the same thing with the Lady GaGa video couldn’t believe anyone thinks thats talent.


  34. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I feel the same way. It was too funny to NOT watch.

  35. Nola – the comparisons are strange because they aren’t similar at all. In fact I would say Lambert and Taylor have more in common because they both know how to put on a damn good show. Gokey is not terrible but I don’t think he has star quality. I think he’s pulled on peoples heartstrings because of his personal loss. My money is on Lambert winning without a doubt.

  36. littlewing Says:

    Thanks, JI! Proud of my little RN. Yeah Rosie, I saw after I posted Taylor’s interview where DIMYP was discussed…I am not a fan of ballads, but the lyrics of this song are so beautiful.

    It makes more sense now knowing that the country station has just changed from jazz. Even if I were not a Hicks fan, I would like SMB, and based on the video, I would be completely sold on this hot new artist making waves in the country genre.

    I saw AI tonight, and can’t imagine who is going home. I’ve been voting for Lambert and the lines have been busy SOLID. I thought they all did good tonight, but can’t imagine Lambert is going anywhere.

  37. jerseyirish Says:

    littlewing, Saw the show also, they were all good tonight. Still liked Taylor version of YASB. Noticed Danny didn’t have his weding ring on tonight that is a first. Think Adam will be safe it will be between Kris and Danny who goes, but I think the vote will be tight.


  38. NolaMar Says:

    Congrats LW! What was a special day for you! I know you are very proud. Yes, DIMYP is used A LOT at graduations, and kids tend to use it for slide shows and stuff. It’s not really a very “Taylor” song but he sings it great and I do like the song.

    Adam finally impressed me again with his 2nd song. Didn’t care for the 1st. His “scream” has just gotten old to me. I’m loving Kris! How brave to do an acoustic song at this point in the game. I loved both his songs. I’ve been voting Kris (and Allison until this week) almost the whole season. Danny’s YASB started off bad IMO, but then he really pulled it out and did a unique and really great version. I was impressed. Still not voting for him but think he CAN sing.

    IF ONLY those video hits did translate into record sales! LOL I hope at least some of them did. At least lots of people who did not know, NOW do know that a Taylor has a new CD out.

    LGG – once was enough for me! LOL

  39. NolaMar Says:

    Uhg! Chatting with my sister. Said Danny won’t sell any records and Adam will be a star no matter what. She said “Why won’t Danny sell any records? He sounds like Taylor Hicks!” NOOOOOO!!!

  40. spinshack Says:

    Holy crap I love that “Run Baby Run” that’s brilliant. Putting it out on twitter etc. Love it. Thanks Grey!

  41. casualfan Says:

    I agree with Adam being like Taylor in the aspect that they both have that “X” factor which IMO Danny does not. Danny is good but he’s like every other Artist in today’s market. At least that’s the impression I get from his performances.

  42. littlewing Says:

    Thanks NolaMar!! Was an emotional evening, and Taylor’s song didn’t help matters. :]

    I think Gokey’s version of YASB was good (not as good as Taylors tho). Gokey has been taking a lot of flak. If you read MJ’s Big Blog, he seems to evoke a lot of hatred and disdain. He is such a polarizing figure. I kind of feel sorry for him and don’t think he deserves all the vitriol. Plus, I find him kind of sexy, lol.

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    littewing, I agree Danny has been taking alot of flak. He kind of turned me off when he mentioned his late wife was a Taylor fan then the next week he comes out dressed like Taylor. Create your own image he has a nice enough voice but needs to define himself. His voice will not carry him he needs to create a stage presence that folks will remember.


  44. This is just my opinion but it seems somehow the judges were brainwashed into liking Gokey’s singing and then they brainwashed many of the viewers. I thought he did great on one song all season. Guess I’m just not into his voice but loved Taylors voice. His version of YASB was just too far off the original for me.

  45. casualfan Says:

    Just watched AI and I’m not impressed with Gokey. Chris to me shined tonight along with Adam. My gut tells me that Gokey will most likely take this competition but I would LOVE to see Adam and Chris in the finale.

  46. casualfan Says:

    Oh, Taylor mentioned somewhere that he thinks there’s a dark horse in this competition. I feel the “dark horse” is Chris 😉

  47. NolaMar Says:

    Yes, I thought all along that Kris was Taylor’s “dark horse.” I liked everybody OK tonight, but especially Kris. Hope my 200 votes helped out a little. LOL 😀

    Danny really can sing when he has the right song and arrangement. 2nd half of YASB was great. Can’t compare it to Taylor because he did it so totally different. Gokey’s voice just doesn’t do for me what Taylor’s does. Don’t want Danny to win, but can’t stand the absolute nastiness/hatefulness displayed toward him, even to the point of mocking the loss of his wife. Talk about some crude, unfeeling, despicable people They are lowlife pond scum IMO, to say some of the stuff they do. I have a perfectly fine sense of humor, but find no humor in mocking the loss of a loved one. Rant over….

  48. jerseyirish Says:

    I liked Krsi from the get go, he has a quiet style all his own always look forward to seeing him perform. Maybe Kris is Taylor’s dark horse. It should be interesting to see who leaves tonight, I’m thinking it maybe Danny.


  49. Kris’s contemporary sound is what I would put on my ipod. Danny’s soul (?) sound is what I would use to sandblast stubborn wallpaper. I would lend Adam’s rock sound to my local severe weather warning siren system.
    Guess who I’m pulling for?

  50. I really do like Gokey, and yeah, he’s cute. He’s definitely no Taylor however. I also do like Kris. There is a Boogier on the BB who is Kris’ cousin, and I enjoy reading about her excitement. I hope, merely for her sake, and because Kris did so well last night that Kris is in the top 2. I think Adam should win with no problem- he’s just too good.

  51. MN Sue – you are hysterical!

  52. NolaMar Says:

    Spin: “Holy crap I love that “Run Baby Run” that’s brilliant. Putting it out on twitter etc. Love it. Thanks Grey!”

    Have to totally agree with you Spin. In all the videos I’ve watched of Taylor over the past few months, this is the first one of this song. I’m revisiting it one last time (well, a couple 😉 ) before moving on to the next thread. Sexy, sexy vocals! (As usual…)

  53. casualfan Says:

    “Run baby Run” is also one of my favorites.

  54. spinshack Says:

    NolaMar I’m listening to “Run Baby Run” again. Really like this song.
    Checking next thread.

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