Taking a look back…

I have never seen this before, and it was interesting to listen to two plus years later.

And this…this just reminded me of a really great time…

Here’s a few pics that I took that night…





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  1. Ya want me to leave a comment?
    Okay then: YYYYYUUUUUMMMMMY photos!!

  2. Chicago’s HOB. What a great night! Stage right, second row, standing for 3 1/2 hours in 3″ heels just to get a good look at Josh and Al. Oh, and Taylor, too.
    Seeing Keb Mo was just icing on the cake.

  3. Seven Days Says:

    Thanks for bringing back great memories of that Chicago HOB show. Definitely in the top three of all the shows I saw in 2007. Great pictures!

  4. I remember hearing T was going to be on Dr. Phil…..WTF??
    OK, people that want instant fame,…………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. OK.
    Nice pics from the HOB………mmmm Sweet Home Chicago!

  5. Really nice photos, itsallgrey. Gorgeous!

    I remember when we were anticipating Taylor’s appearance on Dr.Phil and someone (a fan) posted a link to the Dr. Phil website. The producers wanted stories about how Taylor had inspired us. And then they didn’t go with that angle on the show. Guess they didn’t get very good stories. lol

    I actually wrote up a little something for them because I WAS inspired when Taylor beat the odds and won AI. *sigh* good times.

  6. NolaMar aka/raj Says:

    Taylor is on the front page of AOL.com! It links to the popeater article, which is very positive. SMB video there, AOL Sessions video of DMA, AND 40 pictures, many from the Roxy concert and the RFTC appearance. This is all good……

    Love your photos from HOB IAG! How fun to take some like that yourself. Hope I get the chance someday. Can’t believe TH was on Dr. Phil. LOL Can’t watch these vids yet. Hubby dug in the yard and I think he cut the phone/dsl wire. 😦 On an old laptop he uses for work with a network card but no sound. I’ll be in withdrawal soon if we don’t get the internet fixed.

  7. NolaMar aka/raj Says:

    Since you are reminiscing, it is “Homecoming Week” on AI this week. Here are two from Tay’s homecoming week. I watched these for the first time tonight. I don’t remember watching them back in season 5 for some reason. But I know I watched the top 3 perform so I must have seen them. I also realized I watched more of Season 5 than I thought. Remember now seeing Pickler and Paris both perform at least twice, so that had to be much earlier. Also, “You Send Me” was probably my first Taylor episode and I realized that was earlier than I thought. That is what hooked me on him. Didn’t watch every show though.

  8. jerseyirish Says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom’s!!!! 🙂

    Remember the Dr. Phil interivew and the one after the show at the hob, nice memories.

    iag, Great pics thanks for posting!!! 🙂


  9. moonpie3 Says:


  10. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor is a douchebag and not very smart!


  11. casualfan Says:

    caryl Says:

    May 10, 2009 at 12:46 am
    Really nice photos, itsallgrey. Gorgeous!

    I remember when we were anticipating Taylor’s appearance on Dr.Phil and someone (a fan) posted a link to the Dr. Phil website. The producers wanted stories about how Taylor had inspired us. And then they didn’t go with that angle on the show. Guess they didn’t get very good stories. lol

    I actually wrote up a little something for them because I WAS inspired when Taylor beat the odds and won AI. *sigh* good times.
    They got some very, very good stories actually and my roommate was one of them. She was going to appear on the show with Taylor but for whatever reason, they decided on another format. She has perhaps THE MOST inspirational story in the entire fandom.

  12. pearlpattie Says:

    I also wrote my story to Dr. Phil at that time…I still think there’s alot to Taylor’s story, especially after Idol and why he was not promoted, that would make a great show…. and why he inspires so many people.

    Happy Mother’s Day !!!!

  13. Do you care to share the story, cf? I need some inspiration today.

  14. spinshack Says:

    Nice photos, love the look back vids. One of the main things I adore about Mr. Hicks, he is inspirational on several levels.

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone, I’m exhausted from concert yesterday, and an extensive all night convo with a *friend.

    Had to pop in before I’m hauled out to you know, celebrate giving birth to a bouncy baby mini-me.

    Cheers and love.

  15. NolaMar Says:

    Would love to hear that story too CF.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. Mike the Tiger just showed up at my door with flowers! LOL Very nice surprise. They wanted to take me out to eat. I love eating out but NOT on MD. Not worth the 2 hour wait. We’re going to Star Trek tonight instead. Been a Trekie since the 1st episode I ever saw on TV. Kids saw it last night and actually WANT to go back.

  16. CF, I’m so glad to hear that. I always thought Taylor’s story was inspirational and I wondered why they didn’t go with that angle. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t because there wasn’t any good feedback.

  17. That’s so nice, NolaMar!

    Did any of you see my tweets yesterday? I’ve always been supportive of my son’s guitar talent, so just for me, he auditioned for America’s Got Talent yesterday. I didn’t know anything about it until he called and asked me to meet him there.

    What a fun experience! He says he choked the audition, but he didn’t get an answer right away. They’re going to call by Tuesday. I’m going to write about it. Right now, actually. That’s my other Mother’s Day present. I get to write without being interrupted. Wow!!

  18. Happy Mothers’ Day!!

    Spin, “bouncing baby mini-me” cracked me up.. LOL! Went to the beach, fell asleep in the breeze, saw a baby wearing bling, and met Led Zeppelin roadies… Hahahahaha! “Rock on, dudes!”

    Also, thinking back to this anniversary, one year ago..

  19. casualfan Says:

    We’re going to Star Trek tonight instead. Been a Trekie since the 1st episode I ever saw on TV. Kids saw it last night and actually WANT to go back.
    NOLA-So am I! I was just looking at the trailers for that movie..can’t wait to see it. I’m also excited about the new Harry Potter movie coming out in July. I’m a HP fanatic thru and thru…LOL!

  20. casualfan Says:

    Lots of good things happened on May 10 of last year. 😉

  21. hicksaholic Says:

    Every time I see anything from that HOB Chicago concert I get so disappointed I missed it. I have seen some great ones but that is one I missed I would love to get back.

  22. “Every time I see anything from that HOB Chicago concert I get so disappointed I missed it. I have seen some great ones but that is one I missed I would love to get back.”
    A little OT, but that is exactly why I have decided to go to the solo acoustic shadow show in Detroit. I don’t want to regret missing something that has the potential to be special.

  23. YKW: I saw your tweet about today but wasn’t sure what to make of it. “Met Led Zepplin’? (Guess Gray Charles has trained me to look at everything with a double meaning!)

    What a cool day you had! I wonder how one becomes a roadie? Now that my boys are grown…aw…nevermind. My husband would never let me go. But maybe I could look into the life of a groupie. You set your own hours, decide which artist you want to follow, don’t have to travel unless you want to. Hmm…might be more doable.

    Just considering a career change.

  24. casualfan Says:

    MN, Taylor doing an acoustic show IS something very, very special. I would LOVE going to that myself. I know some don’t care for acoustic, but I will take Mr. Hicks on stage by himself anytime. For me at least, that is a music intimacy between Artist and audience.

  25. Snowstorm Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 11:42 am e

    Taylor is a douchebag and not very smart!


    What’s this about, Snow? Her tweets are blocked.

  26. YKW: I saw your tweet about today but wasn’t sure what to make of it. “Met Led Zepplin’?

    Hahahhahaha!! We were down at the beach, parked in a private lot across from the Hilton. There was a tour bus, trailer attached, and there was a chick moving suitcases, unloading laundry from a sack, putting away a jug of Tide (ahhh, the mundane life of the road…. 😉 ).
    Me: “Hey, you’re not leaving so soon, are ya’?”
    Chick: “Just for a couple weeks, we’ll be back down this way soon.”
    Me: “Where did y’all play last night?” (Just had a vibe she was with the band… LOL)
    Chick: “The Jewish Mother.” (ahh, I know it well…. )
    Me: “How was the crowd?”
    Chick: “Ahhh, less quantity, but great quality. We’ll take quality over quantity anyday!!”
    Me (turning to leave): “What’s the name of your band?”
    Chick: “Led Zeppelin.”
    Me: “SHUT UP!!!! *sputters* Well, hey… rock on!!!”
    Chick: “Rock on, sistah!!”

    So, I’m thinking “DAMN, How cool was that??!?”

    Come home, check the Jewish Mother website.
    Apparently my hearing is heading south, along with some rather important body parts…. LOL!

    This is who played at the JM last night…. hahahahahhahaha


  27. Snowstorm Says:
    May 10, 2009 at 11:42 am e

    Taylor is a douchebag and not very smart!


    What’s this about, Snow? Her tweets are blocked.

    They weren’t blocked earlier. She probably got blasted by the Faithful SP.
    She said how she was in line for the Wal*Mart CD signing, and while the “skinny, blonde girls” ahead of her and behind her got pics with Taylor, when she tried to get her CD signed, she was told ‘no photos allowed’. Her comment was “Guess he must not like us big girls. What an ass.”

  28. Well, isn’t that interesting…

  29. Happy belated Mothers Day to all the moms. Thursday Taylor tweeted for fans to request SMB on their country stations. It seems Taylor is admitting he needs and wants our help in his own proud always confident and positive manner. In May 2006, he achieved fame and success beyond his dreams. In 2007 Dr. Phil, the down home folksy witty psychologist used Taylor as an example of someone who achieved sudden fame. I can’t explain what it is about Taylor that inspires me to want to do my part to help him get this song on the radio. Maybe I need a Dr. Phil to explain it.

  30. Just FYI…changed the name of my other blog to themusicspeaks.wordpress.com…gonna make it an all purpose music site. 🙂

  31. My experience is his photo policy is all or none. Gee a fan calling him a douchebag and a dumb one at that on a blog. The average size of women is size 14 but Walmart shoppers are size 20 on average. Fans of Tay come in all sizes and ages and so do the non fans. How many photos have you seen of Taylor posing with all sizes and ages? She should take her whining to Idletard.

  32. TA-DA!!! The Faithful SP to the rescue!! LOL!!

  33. Rosie, what amazes me is your ability to come to Taylor’s defense so quickly. Neither you or I know the whole story…or what really happened. But to just go ahead and dismiss this fan tells a story of your own.

  34. Snowstorm Says:

    That’s funny that she blocked out her tweets. The crazy SP was probably going after her.

    That woman is not a crazy fan… she looks like someone who just wanted a photo. That is a very douchebag thing for Taylor to do and I doubt very much that she is lying about it. I’ve read other similar posts like that.. Taylor will take a photo with an attractive fan but with a “big girl” he turns them down.

  35. casualfan Says:

    ok, I’m lost now. I leave for a few hrs and come back to someone tweeting about Taylor being a douchbag….LOL! Taylor may be a “douchbag” but he’s ours and we love him. 😉

  36. casualfan Says:

    At least they allowed pics with him at this recent Walmart signing. There didn’t allow any to be taken at the one here in LA…didn’t matter if Barbie herself was standing in line.

  37. Who said I’m the SP? From my personal experience a body guard dictates the rules. There are many blogs that call Taylor a fail, a looser, the worst winner ever. Why would some heavy set so called fan go online to relate such a thing? You tell me, as I don’t know the answer. Do you wish me to say that I believe Mr. Hicks discriminates and only has his pics taken with young or slim women? The photos out there show that is not the case since the fan photos I’ve seen show more 40 plus women and some grannies. I tend to visualize things. Call me nutty or visual but I even visualize fan sites. I’ve always thought of The Unofficial Soul Patrol blog as being way out there, in that part of Alaska where one can see Russia. Those that post there call themselves fans but damn it is so COLD, isolated and lonely there. I see the BB as the heartland of the USA, all patriots of Hicks. I see his myspace as the backwoods of America. This blog I see as the voting booth on election day, every four years. Some are for this one or that one and this or that amendment and some are against the same, but they all gather and vote and accept the outcome.

  38. casualfan Says:

    My question is how the hell does anyone know about her tweets to begin with? is there a function on Twitter that allows for Tweeps to search for tweets about Taylor Hicks?

  39. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, the posters on the Unoffical soul patrol blog are all shit stirrers and you know that. Three posters there have caused more crap in the fandom than everyone else put together. What a serious waste of space.

  40. Christa Says:

    I’ve seen loads pictures of him with overweight people and grannies… huh strange…..

  41. Snowstorm Says:

    “How many photos have you seen of Taylor posing with all sizes and ages?”

    Rosie, are you forgetting about the paid meet and greets. If you pay him $100 or whatever the cost is, he will gladly take your money, whore himself out and take a picture with you. Before the paid meet and greets, didn’t you have to be a member of HQ to get a meet and greet? A picture with your highness, comes with a price to pay.

  42. I’m not buying this one because he’s taken so many photos with the ugliest of ugly – I don’t see why he’d ban one particular fat lady. Sounds like she was projecting. She probably didn’t get to take a photo because time was up, or whatever the reason was, and assumed it was because she was fat.

  43. Casualfan, I know those three put me thru hell and lied about me and just about drove me away from posting on line. They did so all in the name of being die hard fans. And one day I woke up and realized I’m rather nice and fair and easy going and knew I was 100% sane. It is they that are liars and real fruitcakes and mean vindictive people. They have had to have driven away droves of Hicks fans. I’m a strong person and they just about drove me away from ever posting another word. Funny thing is they are way behind when it comes to the latest on Tay news and his career and so delusional about his current status and other AI 5 contestants careers. Then also one has to pour thru their boring bragging about their lives. Honest to God, I tried to be friendly with them and get along and that is impossable. I feel so relieved getting this off my chest. I may have to pay hell for this post since they say they don’t read the HATE SITES, but their so called friends email them the posts. So I have no clue as to what the Walmart fan said was true or false. But I have personal knowledge that the so called bestest die hard Tay fans , who say they are the SP and Tay loves them, are truly fruitcakes. I also know for a fact that while they were falsely accusing me of using several name tags when I only used Rosie they were each using 3 or 4 names on one blog to try to make it seem it was a popular site. I have never come out and said this before but feel only a huge release for doing so now. I know I have some on line buddies elsewhere who like these three and will be upset by my posting this. You know what I say to that? Oh well…..

  44. Rosie, you go girl! I love when someone speaks her mind. I’m fuzzy about who you’re talking about but I think you’re very cool even when we dont agree.

    Hey- I really enjoyed your assessment of where differrent blogs are in the world. Dare I ask where my blog would be? Maybe it’s a small (but friendly!) town somewhere off the beaten path?

  45. YKW, Lez Zepplin! omg, that’s funny.

    That’s ridiculous to say Taylor refused to take a photo with somebody because they’re heavy. It could be that the girls who took a photo with him just did it before someone could tell them not to. At the book signings, we were told no photos, too. I gave my camera to my sister and had her snap a picture whiile I got my book signed. She got yelled at by the bookstore Nazis, but I still got my phtoto. I showed them.

  46. casualfan Says:

    Well said Rosie…;)

  47. NolaMar Says:

    Maybe he recognized her as one of the nutters? This is all so stupid sounding…. fan wars! All I know is I’ve seen tons of photos of him with women of all shapes and sizes and ages, so I don’t tend to believe this “report. “

  48. NolaMar Says:

    PS LOVED Star Trek! They did a great job on this one.

    I too was confused about the Led Zeppelin roadies! LOL That’s funny!!

    CF yes, you can search on Twitter.

  49. casualfan Says:

    neither do I Nola. When he was at the first Walmart signing, he didn’t allow any photos till after the signing was over with and everyone who was in line got a pic with him at that point. From what I’ve experienced with him, he does try to be fair and I don’t see him picking and choosing who he will photograph with.

  50. casualfan Says:

    NolaMar Says:

    May 11, 2009 at 12:30 am
    PS LOVED Star Trek! They did a great job on this one.

  51. Rosie, I give you credit and props for speaking up. Sounds like you were cyber-bullied, and that is completely unacceptable. It’s disgusting to attack someone on a personal level b/c of their POV, whether it’s re: gay marriage, politics, or even Taylor Hicks. It’s crazy to me that people have so little in their off-line lives that they even have the time and inclination to despise a poster they don’t even know.

    Re: the Twitter fan, I’m inclined to agree that perhaps something happened which caused her photo op to “not be allowed”. Did she want Mr. Hicks to hold her toddler? Did she want him to pose with a Daughtry CD, while foaming at the mouth? LOL! We just don’t know.

    CF, re: Twitter and searches… Yes, you can search for all tweets on specific topics. After a certain number of updates on your own Twitter account, you get an expanded sidebar with trending topics and a search box. You enter the search subject preceeded by a “hash mark” = #. Searching for “#Taylor Hicks” would bring up all public tweets about our hero. LOL!
    Also, you can post your tweet using that function, ie. “#TaylorHicks is a soul God”.

  52. I saw Star Trek too and fell in love with Mr. Spock. 🙂

  53. Snow just how much time do you spend each day looking for anything negative about Taylor? It must be exhausting. In the words of William Shatner “get a life”.
    IAG, thanks for the video and pictures, checked out your new blog cool beans.

  54. Star Trek was great! The casting was superb……..I really like the guy who plays Dr. McKoy………being an old Trekkie, the new time-line has me scratching my head…….I need to see it again to get it all in my old grey head.
    Those “other” sites are nothing but a playground where the uber posters (those with thousands of posts saying “me too”) bully the not-so-frequent posters………I couldn’t stand it any more and quit with about 2 other gals at the same time over a really stupid issue……..but an issue that got one gal publicly reamed out because she made a phone call to artist 3 market wondering why there were no CDs at her walmart. Hey, if you want to buy something that was promised to be at a certain place at a certain time, it is totally within your rights to call……….the gals on the site basically called her a stalker fan and that she went too far. I didn’t like the name calling and left. I’d been there since the early days (I was actually member #80 and it apparently had 25 thousand members…….only a handful that actually posted tho! LOL)
    I won’t take bullying by anyone, especially one under a disguise of a grey-haired church lady!

  55. obviously should have said artist 2 market!

  56. NolaMar Says:

    I think I’ll call a2m today and ask why there are still no TD (OR TH of any kind) in MY Walmart. 😉 Are all fandoms as seemingly nutty as this one is at times? What a lot of craziness. I don’t think I would have lasted 3 years.

    Thought the actors did a great job portraying the younger characters in the movie. After the movie, spent some time explaining to son about Cpt Pike, the “green” chick (Orion), and some other references he didn’t catch. Need to dust off my old ST VHS tapes and make them watch. Or better yet, buy them all on DVD. 🙂

  57. NolaMar Says:

    The new blog look really nice IAG!

  58. NolaMar Says:

    About to perform live…………

  59. NolaMar Says:

    Sang SMB acoustic. Now doing H&S….

  60. spinshack Says:

    Been listening with NolaMar.

  61. spinshack Says:

    Did you all know Taylor has a magic harmonica? He just said so.

  62. NolaMar Says:

    Ha ha. Not the harmonica. The using it… wonder if that story is true.

  63. NolaMar Says:

    Rick and Bubba are kind to TH. Now if they would all just play his dang song on the radio!

  64. NolaMar Says:

    He’s still working the room, taking pictures with the people in the studio.

  65. jerseyirish Says:

    Missed the broadcast was in the office.

    I agree with Rosie and YKW about the twitter photo thing. something more must have happened then the person is saying. Taylor seems willing to take photos with anyone when time permits.


  66. Snowstorm Says:

    HAHA! Do you know how easy it is to search for subjects on Twitter? It’s not like Taylor is a popular subject cause he gets very little tweets about him, and yes, most of them are negative, except the crazy fans who try to defend him.

    Keep on defending him, even when he’s an ass. Most of those photos you see him with women who are all shapes and sizes are paid for. Hey, he’ll take a picture with an alien from Mars if you pay him!

    And that women sounded really upset – she said he took photos with the cute women in front of her and the cute women in back of her, but he skipped her and she even bought his cd to stand in line. She did not sound like a crazy fan.. she just wanted a picture!

    Wake up to reality and STOP defending him!

  67. Snowstorm Says:

    I love Twitter cause it reveals ALL! HAHA!

  68. Snowstorm Says:

    This person has blocked her tweets, but her original tweet is still on there and here it is:

    was having the perfect ending to my bday celebrations when Taylor Hicks had 2 be a complete ASS & take pictures w/all pretty girls but when

  69. Sweetay Says:

    Snow.. What do you care? Even if it were true (which I doubt) I should think that you would be on Taylor’s side. I remember just the other day how you were slamming people about their weight. So what’s up with you? Do you really have an opinion on anything… or do you just take the side that allows you argue and be a Bitch?

    This is a really good site. But you are like the noisy static on the radio station that stops me from tuning in and enjoying the fun. Why don’t you just shut the f up?

  70. Snowstorm Says:

    I’ve been on realities side. I always have – I see the good and the bad. See, I hit a nerve with most of you, because most of you want to think he’s some sort of saint and he’s not. Most entertainers just want your money and they do not care one bit about fans.

    Taylor is an entertainer and that’s it and like most entertainers, he can be a real prick. He does not love you!

  71. jerseyirish Says:

    Hey Snow, Paid meet and greets only started this past summer, how do you explain all the fan pics before then?


  72. Snowstorm Says:

    You have to be a member of HQ to get a meet and greet. You have to pay to be a member of HQ. No membership, no meet and greet, no photo with Taylor.

    Unless, you are cute, then he will apparently take a picture with you for free!

  73. NolaMar Says:

    Taylor’s SMB video has taken nearly 82,000 hits since Friday according to muvids! He is now on the banner at the top of the page of the top country music videos.

    His stats since Friday are higher then most of the people on the list so I don’t know why he’s not in there…

    WRIR video hits upped by several thousand since Friday too. No way this is due to SP. I think this is all due to the AOL from page headline, and the popeater article.






    WRIR up to nearly 4600. It was only 850 or so when I first found it on Sat. It’s under POP, SMB under country.

  74. NolaMar Says:

    Well, my post wont go through. I had all these links to the muvids site. Taylor is on the banner on the top of the page of the “Top Country” videos. He’s not on the list but should be since his stats are higher than most of them. Nearly 82,000 views since Friday! WRIR (under POP) had only 850 or so views since February until Friday, but is now up to almost 4600.

  75. NolaMar Says:

    Yea, I found it amusing that Snow was so derogatory of Tay’s “Fat and old” fans the other day and is now so defensive of this one. This woman may have felt slighted but I think it was most likely a misunderstanding of some kind. Either that or he KNOWS her as one of the crazies? If what she claims is true it would be pretty crappy behavior by Tay indeed. I have no idea, but I don’t believe your take on it snow. You do seem to just like to stir things up a bit when you get bored.

  76. taylorfan06 Says:

    Hey snow – I was at that CD signing and believe me, TAYLOR took pictures with EVERYONE, the pretty girls and the not so pretty girls. But pretty is a relative term anyway.

    All I know is that one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl.

    I am keeping it positive, iag?

  77. taylorfan06 Says:

    I meant, AM I…

    (Snow can get me flustered)

  78. When everybody stops responding to Snow, then she’ll stop too. I think sometimes she gets bored and needs attention.

    I do have her posts in moderation, so all of them aren’t getting through, trust me.

  79. jerseyirish Says:

    Snow, Prior to Grease Taylor took pics with fans I don’t believe they paid for them. Also I have seen pics with fans outside of Grease that were not M & G’s how are those explained. At a Cd signing there are no paid M & G’s also. I tend to agree with NolaMar and Taylorfan06. TF06 witnessed him taking pictures wih all types of fans.


  80. Snowstorm Says:

    I read all her tweets before she blocked it. She went to Grease, not the cd signing. He must have come out after Grease and take random pictures (but not with the “big girls” apparently)!

  81. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh please, stop defending him. I have read other posts like this in the past. Are they all lying? I doubt it.

  82. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor is not popular enough to have people out there lie about this.

    Trust me, he’s not popular enough!

  83. Snowstorm Says:

    I don’t stir up anything. I tell it like it is. But, if you choose to put on blinders, go right ahead.

  84. suze4158 Says:

    I remember seeing that Dr. Phil show when it was broadcast.
    I was so nervous about him singing JTFTW that I could hardly focus on his interview.
    There is irony in it after two years, which is your point, I am sure IAG.
    There was a poignancy in his answers, even though he was still experiencing the top of the fame game. Retropectively, I can somewhat tell that he knew he wasn’t being promoted and the TH CD was struggling. He was going to ride the fame wagon as long as he could, and I remember that Dr. Phil show was on the downward slope.
    This is NOT the story we wanted to write for Taylor. We wanted more…(and is why Snow is so cantankerous so often…she wouldn’t care if he had been a superstar she could have touted amongst peers.)

    I revel in the pictures, Grey. They depict that soul man time during which we gave our souls, in part, to him.
    I saw an old online buddy in that HOB vid, too. *sigh*

    There is something about the Taylor Hicks story that is revealing about pop culture.
    Maybe someday we will know the whole truth….

  85. Sweetay Says:

    I wish I could tune out the snow. I am trying, but its a shame that we have to put up with his/her constant crap.

    A little story.. During his solo tour after Idol, Taylor was performing in Kansas City at the Casino. My three friends and I were there to see the show. It was early so we went looking for Taylor and found him! lol He was in a bar getting a drink and some food to go. The four of us set across from him at the bar and began to silently swoon. Much to our pleasure Taylor smiled back, and told the bartender “Change that order I will eat it here” He stayed and we enjoyed our drink and the fact that Taylor Hicks was right there with us! After he was finished he came over .. He asked if we were going to the show.. signed our tickets.. and personally looked into my eyes and said .. goodbye, see you later.

    I did not pay one dime for him to go out of his way like that. Taylor loves his fans. Maybe some of them scare the hell out of him. Maybe sometimes he runs out of time. Who knows?

    But there is no way I am going to agree that Taylor is rude. In my book he is the best. I still get warm fuzzy feeling when I think of him looking directly at me and speaking so sweetly…

  86. Snowstorm Says:

    One more thing before I have to go. When this girl asked him for a photo, Taylor said “it’s not allowed”, yet he took photos with the other pretty girls. So, how do you explain that?

    Sorry, but you cannot explain that away.

  87. jerseyirish Says:

    sweetay, What a nice memory of Taylor. I hear more positives like your story than negatives, actually really don’t read any negatives, just what snow has to say. I have never read anything other than him being pleasant and a getleman when greeting fans.


  88. NolaMar Says:

    Got my regular internet back and finally watched the Dr. Phil and HOB vids. Really, really good to see him from a time when I was not paying much attention, just like all the other vids I’ve watched over the past few months. I too can’t help but think – what went wrong? Is it all because he did not sign the management contract? I guess the suits keep their name out there front and center and the artists pay big bucks for that. Do you think it’s worth it to the artists? OR is Tay better off now, still being his own boss but without the huge “fame” and publicity he had for a while? It’s hard to know. I think he’s happy where he is but would like to see better sales. I think he’s working his butt off to make it happen on his own terms. Those muvid statistics are encouraging. Just hope it translates into sales for him.

  89. Sweetay you are so lucky! 🙂

  90. Sweetay Says:


    82,190 times since Friday.. WOW!

    Looks like people are interested to me. Now if the radio will just give us some Taylor love.

  91. JumpedtheShark Says:

    The explanation is: “boys will be boys” 😉

  92. taylorfan06 Says:

    James Brown sang “It A Man’s World”, which I love. Maybe he knows something…

  93. hicksaholic Says:

    I would love to hear the real story of Taylor from AI forward. I am betting it would make an incredible movie. I am guessing there is a lot of things we have no idea about. I think it would be interesting to hear. I even wondered if there might be an attempt by TPTB to bring Taylor back into the limelight. Everybody loves a comeback story and Taylor was wildly popular on AI. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

  94. jerseyirish Says:

    hickalholic, One could only hope that that might happen!!!


  95. NolaMar Says:

    Yes, a tell-all book about AI would be great. I think people had hopes that HFOS would give more of a look inside that whole thing. Did you read that article about the show X-Factor? It’s very similar to AI. Illuminating to say the least. I don’t think they are “allowed” to bad-talk the show. And even with viewing down, AI is raking in more money than ever. I’m not watching any more after this year.

  96. I watched a bit if the clips of the current top 3 homecomings and all of Tay’s from 2006. Taylor mentioned his homecoming in his book and on Leno. Hope this years top 3 are realistic about where they might be in 3 yrs. Snow is wrong more often than right, but she does help some of us to try keeping it real as to Taylors current popularity, # of fans and radio play.

  97. I like the line on the CD version of SMB, “you hate being down before you ever love being up”. Wonder where Taylor thinks he is in the up and down cycle?

  98. Christa Says:

    “A little story.. During his solo tour after Idol, Taylor was performing in Kansas City at the Casino. My three friends and I were there to see the show. It was early so we went looking for Taylor and found him! lol He was in a bar getting a drink and some food to go. The four of us set across from him at the bar and began to silently swoon. Much to our pleasure Taylor smiled back, and told the bartender “Change that order I will eat it here” He stayed and we enjoyed our drink and the fact that Taylor Hicks was right there with us! After he was finished he came over .. He asked if we were going to the show.. signed our tickets.. and personally looked into my eyes and said .. goodbye, see you later.”


    Lucky!!! Lol thats awesome!

    Yeah I’ve noticed the views on that video have soared up. Sweet, might be getting some interest. There’s mixed reactions in the country area, some are interested and willing to give it a chance and some are blowing it off. We’ll see.

    I’m wondering what will happen with Maybe You Should. That is the best track off the album.

    It would definitely be interesting to see the full story of what went behind the scenes after AI. I’ve read that he didn’t sign onto 19 E, perhaps some bitter feelings? Something happened, someone got pissed off.

    Star Trek was AWESOME! I’m not a trekkie (though my dad’s a big fan… he has like 10 different star trek ship models) but it was a very enjoyable film. I love Spock. 🙂

  99. NolaMar Says:

    Rosie said: “I like the line on the CD version of SMB, “you hate being down before you ever love being up”. Wonder where Taylor thinks he is in the up and down cycle?”

    That’s my favorite line in the song! And I think Taylor said long ago that winning idol was the TOP so he realized that he wold not be “up” there forever. Now he just wants to do enough to be able to keep making music. But it’s going to be up and down I’m sure. He’s got to keep his name out there somehow. That’s what the record companies are good at. But then they take all the profits! I hate them!

    Well, the people I’ve shared songs with from TD keep telling me he sounds country. And some of the songs on EW are also VERY country sounding. I don’t know why the country folks would argue about it. LOL

    I just sent my sister TD after waiting to see if she would buy it herself (she didn’t.) She told me last night she likes it. Made me 🙂 Want’s to listen to it again to get to know some of the songs better. (She thought KIR was kind of strange.)

    Liked your story Sweetay. It would be hard to look into those eyes in person. I can hardly stand it in the photos sometimes. LOL.

    Christa, your generation seems to really be taking to this new Star Trek, and I’m glad. Maybe this will start a whole new series of movies and a new young fan base. I’m sure it’s because now there are younger characters who you can relate to more than the older Kirk, Spock, Bones, etc. For my 17 yo to have gone back for the 2nd time last night says a lot.

  100. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    May 11, 2009 at 5:10 pm
    I like the line on the CD version of SMB, “you hate being down before you ever love being up”. Wonder where Taylor thinks he is in the up and down cycle?
    SMB wasn’t written for Taylor but I completely get the meaning of this line.

  101. Iagreewithyou Says:

    SnowStorm , I thought you were always talking about how smart and always right you are?? I read this tweet…the lady attended Grease, bought a CD and got in line to have it autographed. Now, I don’t think it would take “A SnowStorm” to tell us that anyone and I mean anyone, much less an entertainer, would choose to sign CDs and make pics with everyone but ONE SINGLE GIRL !!! She was in the CD signing line and not outside as you would want everyone to believe. Obviously, the lady has a problem or does not understand that Taylor does not get up and pose with fans while signing but that fans can have others make pics as he signs. Come on SS.. your eagerness to jump Taylor gets old …very old.

  102. jerseyirish Says:

    Just saw this Elliot Yamin’s new video nice song cool video!



  103. taylorfan06 Says:

    Iagrewithyou, yes, idoagreewithyou!

    Some people are just NEVER happy, and they can do is complain.

    I’ve seen Taylor many times in the company of fans and I’ve always seen a very gracious, even shy gentleman who appreciates the attention he receives. My WalMart experience was golden. VERY fun day!!!

    I always go with the first hand experience over the “hear say’ experience.

  104. spinshack Says:

    O.T. are you still tracking Ron Pope, Grey? This nonsense about Mr. Hicks did he or didn’t he pose with some fan is boring and pointless. Really.

    Let’s think of something fun this week people, to talk about and not bog down in supposition that we really know nothing about. Hell, we don’t know if this woman was wacky or rude, or what the circumstances in this event ever were. Besides it is the man’s prerogative on pics, etc. He doesn’t have to allow any.

    Let’s think of something else. Meanwhile I have 24 recorded (been working out) and am going watch that. Adios.

  105. Well how about that one rumor started right after Taylor won AI in which some un named stage hand or some anonymous person connected with Idol said Taylor was the biggest Diva ever. The Tay haters were off and running with that rumor, calling him a prick and everything else. Yet Mandisa wrote about how nice he was and Kat seemed to like Taylor and the other four male semifinalist all like him. People see and especially believe what they want to believe. Perhapse SS chose to believe Tay was an ass and looks high and low for confirmation of same. I go by my personal experience of meeting him and how he talked to me and others that night. Elliott, Ace Bucky and Chris seem to like him and many TV and radio people have spoken about how nice and genuine he is after having met him. Snow can just as well go seek some positive comments about Taylor and report back to us. Spin is right this is old and boring and Grey was right for once again saying don’t take Snows bait.

  106. SMB got 21 spins on radio the week following his Idol appearance, but only 4 spins this week. The video on one site has 80,000+ views since Friday. GO FIGURE!

  107. NolaMar Says:

    Taylor was on the Rick & Bubba Shoe (radio) in B’ham today. Here is a link to the audio, and there is a computer generated transcript. He sang acoustic SMB and H&S and sounded fantastic. Hope they put up a vid later. They were really nice to him and he seemed to be very relaxed interviewing with these guys. Hope they are giving SMB some play!


  108. NolaMar Says:

    Oh gosh, forget the transcript. It’s totally worthless! LOL The audio is good.

    Yes, rosie, the video news is good – no GREAT – but he REALLY needs those spins. I don’t get why they won’t play it more. I just don’t understand the music business. They seem to play the same artists over and over and over on country just like they do the pop music stations. Guess it’s always been like that. I used to get sick of songs I loved because they played them TOO much. How about more VARIETY Mr. Radiomen?

  109. Yeah, Spin..still tracking Ron Pope. He is awesome. Although I try to stay a few steps back from musicians these days…don’t really want to get involved in another fandom.

  110. casualfan Says:

    rosie, Taylor can be a pistol at times but I don’t see him being a Diva. I think Taylor was probably misunderstood if anything. He’s rather shy around people and was probably just focused on winning the competition. If I’m not mistaken, I recall Taylor saying that he was there to win and not to make friends. Business is business…..

  111. Oh, you know he’s a diva. That’s why he keeps Bill around…ahahhaha

  112. Oh dear God . . like being on Twitter makes someone a bastion of truth and sanity !

    Heard the interview on another site and thought TH did a great job . . he has always seemed very comfortable with those ” good ole boys. “

  113. casualfan Says:

    He keeps Bill around because Tay can’t tie his own shoe strings. 😉

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