Ron Pope

Wow. I think I’m in love with this guy. Ok, not really, but I am really digging his music. He’s so emotive…and…and it’s just really good music.


Where should I start…these stories, my music, it comes from all the places I’ve been, the people I’ve been blessed to play music along side, the way it feels to play my guitar until it bleeds or to bang on that old piano in my living room until my shoulders ache and my fingers won’t move anymore. From Georgia to New York, New York to the road; Charleston and Memphis, Vermont to Chicago. Turned 21, then 22…released my first record with The District…Maine and Boston and who knows where else…made love in the grass and meant it…walked down Wilshire, blinking in the Los Angeles sun… got lost in Delaware scrambling to get home to my family after too much time…swam in the ocean with the boys, thanking God for purple and orange Florida sunrises. Soaked up New Orleans…tried to become Levon Helm; realized I wasn’t much of a drummer……turned 23. Wrote A Drop In The Ocean with Zach Berkman and then put it away for six months because I didn’t get it…fell in love…drank whiskey from the bottle and howled at the moon…released Last Call…played the blues back-to-back with Buz in Charlotte and just about everywhere else along that godforsaken highway…the van broke down…we fixed it…the van broke down again. Got lost heading to South Carolina and ended up in Alabama…fell out of love and hit my head on the way towards the bottom…turned 24…made a Christmas album, because, damn it, I like Christmas albums. Played big rooms…played small rooms …listened to Van Morrison and cried…listened to trains scream somewhere off in the distance on ink-black sleepless nights… I traced the outline of a woman’s face on a piece of paper; someone I loved and didn’t want to forget once we’d put the whole thing to bed. The picture didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, so I took my ink-stained fingers and spelled her name out in big, smeared letters on my arm. I guess that’s all I’ve ever really had…my words. This music is the story of where I’ve been, who I am, and where I’m going…these songs are my life.


48 Responses to “Ron Pope”

  1. spinshack Says:

    Girl this is like some of what local boy Jason Castro’s doing. I know we make fun of him at Idletard because his mom’s a cashcowho but I always love hearing him sing. He put on a good show in Garland his last trip in. Fans were nutters but he was really good.

    I like this guy. Good for those soul moments. Thank you.

  2. spinshack Says:

    ^^guy as in Ron not Castro…

  3. spinshack Says:

    Really like that last tune. :cries.

  4. That bio alone… gah. Truth always makes a real connection, it invades the psyche, captures the heart.

    I’m going to look for more on this dude. Damn.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    Beautifiul just beautiful listening, the emotion alone, wow!!! Thanks iag.


  6. Well done! This young man is such a great find. His sound kind of reminds me of a young David Grey. He has a humble way about him (his bio) and has so much talent.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Also……..his website is super……what a self-starter!
    Advanced ticket holders of one show received a special accoustic show and meet & greet for them before the big show; free concert at the University……….ticket sales from about $14 to about $10.
    This guy knows how to connect with real folks.
    Taylor are you checking this out?

  8. Anybody who can write a bio like that has to be one hell of a songwriter. It’s like he lays it all out there. Fantastic!!

  9. I could seriously do this all day….

  10. Ooops, David Gray! I always misspell his name.
    Grey/Gray, oh well.

  11. Oh, my, what can I say? Sorry to say it but to be honest Ron Pope is definitely not my cup of tea. I’ll leave it at that.

    Castro – he has his moments for sure. Hallelujah was one of the few AI songs I ever bought. Loved his Daydream too. Saw the AI7 tour. LOVED how he sang Crazy. That song was so “him.” He reminds me of the kinds of guys I hung out with back in high school. No dreadlocks back then but the long hair, laid back type. I think he actually looks like someone I knew but forgot it was so long ago.

  12. My husband & I enjoy a nice romantic dance to this D. Gray tune, Be Mine….we had an unfortunate separation for about 3 years and reconciled about 2 years ago. This year we will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary…….sometimes you just have to grow the fuck up is the lesson we learned. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, but where you are going and we’re going there together.
    I hope you like this song, it means alot to me.

  13. spinshack Says:

    “Taylor are you checking this out?”
    As if it would make a difference. lol Love all these tunes. Feeling all angsty and wallowy (made that one up) – must be the full moon.

  14. Guess that is what it takes in these times to get one’s music out there, but few will find the success of Solja Boy or how ever you spell his name. I give Mr. Pope credit for his efforts and he ain’t bad.

  15. Like that song, Barb!!

  16. spinshack Says:

    Certainly doesn’t hurt he’s so gorgeous either does it? Wow.
    “I’m Yours” fits perfectly into a story line I’m working.

  17. spinshack Says:
  18. spinshack Says:

    that did not work. pffft. I was linking a pic. /idiot

  19. I think I need to start our own Ron Pope blog…:)

  20. Oh yes. I did. Because I don’t have enough to do with my life.

  21. “I’m Yours”………….I’m SOLD!
    The world needs more songs like this.

  22. spinshack Says:

    Ahahahaha! We have a new blog! yay!

  23. spinshack Says:

    OOOOOoooo. Have we heard this one yet?

  24. spinshack Says:

    Cat Stevens. That’s it. Reminds me of early Cat.

  25. Ron Pope sounds ALOT like Jason Mraz……..who incidently has a song called I’m Yours, too.

  26. He does sound a little like Jason Mraz, but maybe less “commercial.” Does that make any sense?

  27. Don’t mean to crash the Ron Pope party, but check out some of these Tay photos from yesterday – Yowzer!

  28. Yup, more “real” ………perhaps commercial success softens the artist a bit, makes them less gritty somehow?

  29. A red Lincoln Navigator………nice wheels. Thanks for the photos, Raj!

  30. jerseyirish Says:

    raj, Nice pics, thanks for posting!!! 🙂

    Spin, He is adorable.

    iag, another blog?


  31. Oh, why not? Why not piss off two fandoms at one time?


  32. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, hahahah!!! 😆

  33. raj: Taylor who? Sorry, j/k!

    I like this guy. He’s really talented. He makes my heart hurt, so I’m not going to listen to all of the vids.

    You know who he reminds ME of? My talented but practical son, Jamie. He can play the hell out of the guitar and has written some music but he’s going to college to study engineering. I asked him about it. Not that I want him to pursue a career in music, but I wanted to make sure he’ll be happy.

    First of all, he said he knew he’d never make a decent living as a musician. But secondly, he said he thought he could make a greater contribution to the world as an engineer. He’s interested in finding alternate sources of fuel that are more earth-friendly. He’s such a great kid.

    This isn’t entriely off topic. Here’s a kid with a lot of musical talent (Jamie), who recognizes that the world doesn’t value art. He would have to make major sacrifices, maybe even forego having a family if he pursued the life of a musician.

    Granted, the dreams he’s actually going after or more important but I hope he keeps up his guitar playing. Ha. That’s the same thing my Mom said to me about the piano and when was the last time I played? I think Carter was in the White House.

    I’m weird, I guess, because everytime I’m introduced to another obscure musician with real talent, it makes me sad. (Way to bring down a thread! Sorry!)

  34. You guys just like him because he wears a tobaggan like Taylor and does acoustical, JK. Gorgeous not, great voice not, but good poet. He will be surprised to pick a new but older gals fanbase.

  35. OT, You know Tay tweeted thanking fans for showing up at his Walmart signing and asked fans to request SMB on their country stations. SIGH!

  36. “”raj: Taylor who? Sorry, j/k!””

    LOL! Yea, yea, I’m seeing some serious unfaithfulness here… 😉 Such fickleness. Yesterday you were all agog at T’s acoustic work at the radio station, and today he’s totally forgotten. Tsk, tsk….

    IAG, why would you piss off the RP fandom? Sounds like a love fest so far. 😉 (Or have you started tearing into him already on your new blog? 😀 )

    Well, just to remind you all of your first love:

  37. No, I haven’t started “tearing into him”. I just have the ability to piss people off. It’s what I do.

    And last time I checked, Taylor and I aren’t married, so there is no “unfaithfulness”..;)

    You would be amazed what’s out there.

  38. Aw, raj was teasing! But we ARE enjoying other musicians behind Taylor’s back. We need to be more sneaky about it.

  39. I’m sorry..I know..I’m just a little oversensitive today. 🙂

  40. Pope, watch out! The quasi Soul Patrol is coming for you ready to cannonize you and build you your own pope mobile. You’ve made some of them cry with joy and passion. They feel your realness. They are bringing you Sunny days , Greyish hours and before the day is thru perhaps even a brief snowstorm. These, Pope are quite important Cardinals, blog owners who have written about Season’s 5 AI winner Taylor Hicks, for several years. Pope these Cardinals will bring other less important bishops and priest to help lift you and your guitar into your new Pope Mobile. Pope you have arrived in the big leagues, Amen……..

  41. Smoke is pouring from the Sistine Chapel and I hear church bells and smell incense. So why do I feel so devilish! hmmm

  42. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Too funny, that was great!!! 🙂


  43. Of course I was just teasing. Was just picking up on Caryl’s “Taylor who?” joke. No need to be sneaky about it. Hasn’t it been T’s goal all along to get people to appreciate all kinds of music? He’s always trying to turn us on to other artists, past and present through his music or just by talking about it. (So long as you don’t shut down the House of Taylor and go off and worship the Pope exclusively. 😉 I don’t know, maybe you should – then perhaps I’ll get my “regular” life back that I sort of abandoned about 3 months ago. LOL Did NOT intend to make a MYS pun there!!! )

  44. ….tried to become Levon Helm….

    That alone is sufficient reason to love him . . really like his voice and his songs.
    If use Rhapsody can find him here _
    If not a member can do their 25 free songs per/30days deal.

  45. Rhapsody is being a pain tonight – the main page list is frozen . . if do follow my link use the individual albums.

  46. My hubby decided Ron Pope sounds a bit like Jeremy Fisher, so I thought I’d post a link and y’all can decide for yourselves! LOL

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