Yesterday, I was somewhat disillusioned by the Seven Mile Breakdown video. This morning, I sat down to my computer, checked my inbox, and found two videos waiting for me. (I heard Raj was the first source for these, thanks!) Taylor at a radio station, again? Oh alright, I’ll suffer through. I clicked on the first one, and wondered if Taylor was promoting The Distance or if he was promoting Early Works.

I watched, I listened. Once again, I’m impressed by his ability to take a song that I’ve heard probably thousands of times and make it fresh. Acoustic Taylor, there is nothing better. I clicked on the next video. Gonna Move? Odd song choice to promote The Distance, but ok.

I honestly have never heard him sing this song this way. For a fleeting moment, you might have seen a vulnerable Taylor, but in the end, he’s back to his old tricks by talking about FBI agents. *sigh*

Also, rumor has it that Taylor’s playing a solo acoustic show in Michigan. Finally.


93 Responses to “DAMMIT, TAYLOR!!”

  1. blueberry Says:

    Oh yeah! The “dammit Taylor” title is quite appropriate, I guess that is what keeps some of us coming back – the “moments” we’ve heard that are pure brilliance . That is why I give him a pass on some of the WTF stuff. Small price to be slightly annoyed when you just know somewhere this is in him and he’ll deliver.

  2. I have a copy of this song, sung in a little bar during his AI shadow tour in California……………..love this older version before the TH cd version!

    So glad someone captured this on video……..for me to shamelessly promote!

  3. This link may be better for the Gonna Move video as you don’t have to see my profile and pause the China Soul song first:


  4. Oh Wow Barb! That is so great! Nice way to start my day. Fabulous! (But I also really like the TH cd version.) Anyway to download that?

  5. MN Sue Says:

    Raj: Do you use Mozilla Firefox? If so, download their videodownloader software. You can easily grab the video.

  6. Say what? FBI agents? I think I missed that part…

  7. I have realplayer on my computer and a little box pops up for every video I play that asks: Download this video.
    Neat little function!
    I can email to Grey and she can share it out……..depends on her protocol.

  8. MN Sue Says:

    Hearing about the solo acoustic show in Detroit is intriguing. My brain is on overload thinking about a setlist that would translate acoustically and be a good fit for Taylor’s instrumental abilities.

  9. Yes, I use Firefox. Went to the video downloader page but it says its for older versions.

  10. jerseyirish Says:

    I was really impressed that he did these two songs on live radio. Just him, the guitar and harp. Thought he did an awesome job with both songs.

    Barb, Loved that version, thanks for posting!!! πŸ™‚

    The Soul lounge confirmed the Detriot date in June.


  11. Try this, raj:


    If you can’t get it to work, I can always download a video for you and then sendspace it. Just let me know. πŸ™‚

  12. Sorry, it had to be converted, too…so I just went ahead and did it for you.



    Thanks to you too, Barb.

  13. casualfan Says:

    Congrats on the Detroit date! I would LOVE to see T doing a live accoustic set in person. Hopefully more will be scheduled this summer.

  14. Drive by off-topic . . going back to NOLA Jazzfest in raj’s backyard
    there is really good read here if would like a “look” . . .
    So want to go next year !!!!

  15. Congrats on the Detroit date! I would LOVE to see T doing a live accoustic set in person. Hopefully more will be scheduled this summer.

    Certainly don’t begrudge any other areas of the country, but have been quietly chanting NewEnglandNewEnglandNewEnglandNewEnglandNewEngland ever since saw that announcement of an acoustic show.

  16. casualfan Says:

    That would be cool AH. I have friends in that area and may be tempted to go for a “casual visit” if that happened.

  17. Here’s a thought I can only share on this board. Do you think the audience will just shut the F**K up and just let him sing? I truly appreciate all the efforts fans go to to capture his shadow dates. However, I find more than one viewing of most captures highly distracting . Guess what? I actually want to hear him sing! I’m not talking about the spirited enthusiasm between songs. God knows I made enough noise at the HOB in Chicago. But, why do women feel the need to fill every special moment Taylor is trying to create with preorgasmic screams?? And don’t even get me started on those that think they can talk to Taylor while he is on stage!
    Maybe I’m a concert going prude and I should just lighten up. Afterall, fan support is fan support. Taylor feeds off of that stuff when he is with his band. I can’t help but think about what happened when the stool came out on his ’07 tour. Half the song was lost, not to mention the mood, due to fans who couldn’t keep their verbal girly goo in check. Just consider me a little nervous that his first solo acoustic concert is happening in a bar setting.

  18. Good point, Sue. We can only hope that people will capture this date…and that the audience would cooperate. I thought about going to this, but I’ll be halfway across the country on a vaca with the fam.

    Here’s hoping for more!

  19. I think he really likes “Gonna Move.” He performs it a lot. But I’ve never heard it acoustically. It sounds good.

    An acoustic show, huh? I can’t go to Detroit. New England is fine, AH (my sister lives in Mass.), but I want one of those in Houston. Maybe that’s the kind of thing he’d have to book here, you know, in some smoky little club. cool, man.

  20. Heh, caryl *waves*

  21. Oh you’re so right, MN Sue. I guess those idiots though a quiet moment was their perfect opportunity to be heard. They’d yell, “Taaaaaaaylor!!” And then he’d stop playing, look them in the eye with a smile and tell security to bring them backstage so they could ‘talk’ later.

    Or they were just drunk. Either way, it ruined it for the rest of us.

  22. *waving back* Miss seeing you at righthickssave!

  23. casualfan Says:

    Ive seen that look before. The stool translates to Zen Time for Taylor and it’s not wise to screw with the Feng shui that flows from him during those moments.

  24. MN Sue Says:

    On this I hope to be proven wrong: Taylor’s guitar accompaniment is not strong enough to sustain a full concert. He seems to have graduated from strumming a few chords during one song but is still miles away from enriching his performance in full concert. Casual listeners will not be impressed. What makes Taylor magical is his ability to get lost in a song – eyes closed, creative, spontaneous, gears turning. How can he do that and play? Why couldn’t Jon Cook join him. Now THAT would be memorable.

  25. hicksaholic Says:

    I was at the Orange Beach concert with Taylor and Jon Cook when they did Abraham, Martin, and John. That’s a great idea to get them back together for a concert.

  26. casualfan Says:

    I think acoustic performances is one of his strong points. He does have a beautiful voice and there are times when I love to hear just him and his guitar and harp and without the distraction of another person up on the stage with him. It’s a really intimate time between Taylor and his fans…when they behave. I always think of “Somehow” during those times.

  27. jerseyirish Says:

    hickaholic, Saw a video of that quite awhile ago they were amazing together, hope they can hook back up some day.


  28. MN Sue Says:

    That’s the one I was thinking of, hicksaholic! Fun, free and easy, Great symbiotic performance!

  29. MN Sue Says:

    Yes, cf. But not “band Somehow” I hated what he did to that on tour. YUK!

  30. casualfan Says:

    I like “somehow” with just him, guitar only. Same with “The Fall”.

  31. Perhaps his accoustic date is just “unplugged” and not a one-man show?
    Either way, can’t wait for the vids! LOL.
    Pre-orgasmic groaning, I like that analogy….too hard to keep a bar crowd silent, though.
    Taylor should do those living room/house concerts!

  32. An entire acoustic concert would not be my thing but I’d go if it was a 45 minute or less drive. Not sure if this is a good idea if he wants to fill the place or try to get some new fans who saw him on AI rocking 7 mile. But what do I know. His sales numbers are up, he sold 3000 + last week, up to 27,000 now. Hoped it would have been better but like I said before some Targets and Wallys didn’t have it the day after AI. Blame A2M for the distribution screw ups.

  33. casualfan Says:

    Ok, now I have visions of Taylor doing pre-orgasmic groaning….(is it getting hot in here? wooo!)

  34. casualfan Says:

    well Taylor just posted a new blog on myspace-hopping over to read

    PS-has he posted any blog on HQ yet?

  35. When I was watching these vids I noticed as I did on TCN San Fran video that his pecs seem to be bigger. He mentioned in a recent interview that he has been excercising. Could he be lifting? Damn if he now has great pecks with that slim waist, hope he goes swimming somewhere and Spash is there. lol

  36. CF, nope, nothing new on HQ.

  37. MN Sue Says:

    Oh rosie, dear sweet rosie

    Barb, the announcement said solo.

  38. casualfan Says:

    he runs rosie-always has been a runner

  39. IAG SAID: “”Sorry, it had to be converted, too…so I just went ahead and did it for you. http://www.mediafire.com/?zgwgzuzeigy“”

    Got it! Thanks IAG, and Barb too.

  40. jerseyirish Says:

    Running, lifting weights it all works!!! πŸ™‚


  41. casualfan Says:

    when I met Taylor in LA last month I noticed how thin he is. The camera is adding pounds on him that is not there. He’s always had nice thighs though. ***stopping now…don’t want to attract the infamous thigh thudder***

  42. MN Sue Says:

    Speaking of exercise, I need to get my walk in today. I don’t want to fit into Snow’s demographic. I’pod in hand, back later.

  43. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I need to upload my Ipod also and start walking. We are upgrading ourselves by moving into another city, county and seems like world in a few weeks but do need to start exercising again. Even have SMB and The Distance on my list of downloads.

  44. too hard to keep a bar crowd silent, though.
    Taylor should do those living room/house concerts!

    Think that would take a very brave fan to risk the Attack of the Jealous that would be sure to follow.
    Agree re: most bars . . a music room might work . . this is an excellent one in NH . . http://www.tupelohall.com/

  45. Wow, we are all so different. I think TH would be about the only person for whom I might buy a ticket to a full acoustic concert. But I was disappointed to hear it in a way. My only excitement about it was knowing that many of you would love that so much. I hope when he comes our way down south there will be concerts at all, and if so, they will be with his kick-a** band. Yes, give us a few acoustic songs but not the whole thing. I’ve “gotta move” with my music. LOL

  46. hicksaholic Says:

    Taylor has great legs.

  47. hicksaholic Says:

    I wouldn’t want an all acoustic concert. I like high energy Taylor too much. But I’d go if it was reasonably close if it was Taylor.

  48. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I love comparing the profile in the first picture in this blog against the still shot of the first video. Did you plan that IAG? WoW, he sure has come a long way.

  49. AW! AH!! Thanks for the link to the Jazz Fest recaps and great photos! It’s SO impossible to do it all, even if you went to all 7days of the fest. Loving reading through this and looking at the fabulous pics. I found the link to the weekend we went. They had some shots similar to mine of Corey Henry and Shamarr Allen (guests of Galactic) singing while crowd surfing, but mine of Corey were right over my head! Here are mine: http://s683.photobucket.com/albums/vv196/rajrae/

    Also, I love when other people come here for stuff like this. I met some out of towners at the Tedeschi concert and loved how enthused they were about their 3 days at JF. We have more fun at Mardi Gras & JF when people come here. We don’t even go to MG any more unless someone comes in.

  50. MN Sue, don’t play innocent girl; I remember you from that special RHS room. That was fun stuff and you were so witty. That is where I came up with my inches theory and sadly it is only a theory. BTW he mentioned exercising in addition to running, so I thought push ups , sit ups and lifting. Maybe BW is lugging weights in his back pack. Maybe Tay stays in places that have work out rooms. Nah too public for Tay to be seen working out.

  51. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Or maybe Tay just dead lifts BW, or BW sits on his back while he does pushups, or…..lol JK πŸ˜‰

  52. I’ve been walking and starting to run again a little too. MP3 definitely makes it go by faster and more enjoyable. Hope to build up enough to do the 10k Crescent City Classic next year with hubby and sons. I also exercise to music in the house. Mostly Tay but other stuff too. Tighten Up is a good one! LOL Two nights in a row when I got back from running recently the perfect songs came on while cooling down on the front porch swing. One night IAOK, and another MYS. Nothing better to just sit and close my eyes and calm down.

  53. He has nice forearms, nice hands and fingers and ears. The profile without double chins and with those long gray sideburns is the best. Done now with the looks talk, well at least for now. Am I the only one who thought his last week sales would be a couple of thou more?

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Right down to the little details, your great!!! Haven’t seen any numbers on sales how many sold last week?


  55. hicksaholic Says:

    I didn’t realize until I read it here that it was only 3000 but perhaps that’s an ok bump. I have just about given up on Taylor achieving massive success as a recording artist and quite frankly it would be hard to recruit new fans just based on his albums. Taylor is a visual performer and perhaps that is why he is pursuing tv and movies.

  56. hicksaholic Says:

    you forgot to mention his balls and I know how much you think of those.

  57. mamaforpeace Says:

    “Here’s a thought I can only share on this board. Do you think the audience will just shut the F**K up and just let him sing?”
    MNSue, hear, hear, and amen!!! And yes, I would be one of those that would go a long way to hear acoustic Taylor. I hope this one is successful, and he’ll do more of them.

  58. jerseyirish Says:

    hicksalhoic, Thought the numbers would have been higher. Your right he is a visual performer, nothing like him live!! πŸ™‚


  59. casualfan Says:

    raj-I missed those front porch swings! R U familiar with Loranger, LA? It’s about 60 miles from where you live not from the Mcomb, MS border. Anyway, my grandparents had a HUGE old house there with a wrap porch and a really nice swing on the porch. I use to sit out there when I was a kid and watch the Morning Glories pop open….OK, I’M GOING TO CRY NOW

  60. MN Sue Says:

    Back from my walk. What a glorious day! My ipod cooperated and the shuffle gave me Taylor, Sixwire, Dylan, Moody Blues, and Mozart, among others.
    I must say, “New Found Freedom” is a great walking song.
    Rosie, whatever do you mean? *bats lashes* I was nothing but genteel on the dark side. Perfectly innocent, prim and proper while everyone else salivated like Pavlov’s dog at the mere sight of … well…you know.

  61. MN Sue Says:

    The only number about which I am curious is the download number for SMB – country or cd version. To me, that is where Taylor should have seen the most increase. Anybody know?

  62. Christa Says:

    Not sure about the download numbers. Just downloaded the country remix yesterday on iTunes.
    He won’t reach super stardom by being a recording artist alone, his genre is just not as popular as bubblegum unfortunately. As hicksaholic said, that’s probably why he’s going into acting too. He’s a visual performer.

    About the videos, these are gems. The Fall is one of my favorites. Didn’t he write that at a very young age?

  63. I love those country Acadian houses with the wrap-around porches. Wish I had one of those myself. LOL

    This will sound fantardish I know, but when I read in HFOS about TH’s trying to get out town as Katrina was bearing down – he was fleeing at the exact same time I was – 3:00 Sunday morning. I left with son and his girlfriend for Houston so they could fly back to CO, and I would have gladly given them a ride and saved all that taxi fair. LOL , Of course I had never heard of him at that time. Mr. Hicks and GF were very lucky to get a Taxi so late, and get out period. But one thing reading that did besides giving me a fantardish moment, … I think in the future, next time we have to get out of dodge (which is often) I think I will offer someone stuck in our lovely city a way out. It was awful to hear about what they all went through in those horrible days after. Of course, the problem is where to take them. We did not even have a place to stay (except son’s college dorm!) when we evacuated for Gustav last fall. Hotels all the way to St. Louis were booked. But a ride to an airport in another city would surely help someone. Wow, was that ever OT!!!

  64. Forgot to say, what a nice memory for you CF! Wanted to raise our kids out in the country like that but it didn’t work out.

    Must add that Tay does look mighty fine in the KFOG videos as Rosie reminded us.

    SMB Video – he should have made out with that girl at the end and driven off with her! Did anyone see the David Cook “Come Back to Me” video? It’s a strange one, but pretty creative. Everything goes backwards but he’s singing the song throughout. At the end he’s kissing the girl goodbye in the airport. (Read the lyrics) Tay could have got all the young girls just swooning if he had ended his something like that. In my imagination only I guess….

  65. MN Sue Says:

    Raj said: “I think in the future, next time we have to get out of dodge (which is often) I think I will offer someone stuck in our lovely city a way out.”

    An indiscriminate act of kindness? Good for you!

  66. Raj, The girl in the video was just supposed to be a Hicks fan. Now we don’t want Tay to give the impression he hooks up with his fans. Being unattainable is rather sexy IMO. Speaking of Cook he hooked up with Kim right on Idol tonight and some of his female fans were pissed and started calling her a bitch. Gotta love all the crazy fans of these male Idols. Right now it almost seems impossable that we will ever see Taylor locked in an embrace with a woman on a video. Maybe he will someday in a movie given he knows he will just be playing a role.

  67. hicksaholic Says:

    As comfortable as Taylor is performing live, I really think he would be unbelievably uncomfortable kissing someone on camera. I don’t know why but that’s my opinion.

  68. He’s talking about possibly being an actor. I think kissing a girl in a video would be a good way to get his feet wet. LOL

  69. The dj’s on the vids really like Taylor. Come on dj’s talk to your programming directors, tell them to play Taylor!!

    I’m not sure if I would want a full acoustic Taylor show. I do like the way he makes me want to boogie when he’s in full swing singing and dancing.
    If he were to come any where near me, I’m sure I would go just because I’ve been craving “live Taylor”.

    Boy he sure knows how to keep some of us coming back, doesn’t he?

  70. Oh, Taylor as an actor? Hopefully the part won’t consist of many lines…since he can’t even remember lyrics to his own songs. πŸ˜†

  71. littlewing Says:

    Finally got to see the SMB video. I thought it was really done well and captured a good vibe from Taylor. He brings a lot of authenticity to the genre with his country-blues. It has the makings of a hit, and good to hear some DJ’s are liking it. : ]

    I honestly didn’t even notice his guitar strap at first, was too blown away by that voice, but I thought it looked pretty cool. Helped to complete the good ‘ol southern boy/musician vibe. I am sure nonfans will think nothing of it, that is if they even notice it at all.

    Thanks for the other vids, I’ll have to catch them later.

  72. Gotta agree with ya IAG, Taylor will never get a SAG card! πŸ™‚
    If you’re there YKW, sorry I missed your post last night. You are toooooo funny! and thanks for the honor of promoting my status. Now I have to say something completely obnoxious to lower my rank. Not so comfortable with being popular!! πŸ˜‰

  73. Oh, and for anybody who cares…


    There you can learn about the girl that Taylor didn’t kiss in the SMB video.

  74. Speaking of Taylor as the “actore”! For some reason, he always reminded me of the actor Dermot Mulroney, especially when he (Taylor) talks out of the side of his mouth. Here’s an interview with Katie Couric, et al. Anyone see the similarities, or am I just nuts!!???

  75. Filthy girlz??? Wha?? Well that must be why our saintly Taylor wouldn’t kiss that Thang! She’s just not pure enough for “Our Man”! *Puke*

  76. Well she has the body type he likes including the smallish boobs, but I don’t think she has a real pretty face. Perhaps international model is a stretch. Not his personality type. Gee isn’t it easy and fun to access these things!

  77. The girl is adorable! He just chose to make the video about the music, not the “hooking up”. Taylor definitely could have had more fun in the video, maybe he could have collapsed on one of the blankets at the end of a song with a big smile on his face, ala Play that Funky Music White Boy! and had the girls all swarm around him. That would have shown a playful, and not necessarily sexual side.. Again, I spend way too much time thinking about this shit! Back to reality;)

  78. I like Dermot he just kind of mumbles his way thru and often looks lost. He was lucky to get the My Best Friend’s Wedding role and his acting way real laid back, just lots of looking at the other actors. Tay would be more inclined to overdo it especially considering the film camera picks up everything and Tays experience is the stage. Tay has a good voice for acting, not too southern and those eyes express a lot. Just remember all he conveyed when he kissed Julie on the cheek. We could read his mind. Now if he could channel those emotions for a film role he might win an academy award.

  79. Oh yeah, I remember the look when he kissed Julie on the cheek. It wasn’t a happy look.

  80. Rosie, Dermot was just a quick association I made. Something really small just reminded me of T. Not so sure about the Academy award thing. You’re joking, right??

  81. Time for you Westcoasters to take over! Gotta catch up with Tivo 30 Rock! Night all!

  82. Rosie, I’d love to know how you know what body and personality types he likes. LOL She’s not a beauty, but cute. Seems to like to flaunt her a….. um panties… She’s a young thing too – 10 years younger than T, so yea I guess she’s a fan not a “girlfriend” in the video.

    I can’t see T doing acting of any kind unless he takes some lessons. He has virtually no experience – I don’t consider Grease “acting” experience, do you? I don’t know – have not seen it. Funny about the lines/lyrics IAG!

    Sent my daughter TD (song) and ILOAB to listen to. Trying to get her to listen to Tay and hope she likes something. She and hubby hate AI so don’t follow any of them. Emailed me tonight. She said TD was too “country” for her tastes but she liked ILOAB. (I NEVER thought of TD as sounding country. I guess in a way that’s good since he’s trying to get in the country market?) I’m excited she liked ILOAB! She liked 19 but that’s because her brother is a Marine. Then I sent her MYS. She liked the song itself better than 19 (she liked 19 because of what it was about) but said MYS was “sad.” I told her if Tay does a concert when he does Grease in Ft. Worth she is going to go with me. She said OK. I’ll keep trying but don’t want to pester her too much.

  83. Me joke, never ever. Think of him selling his AI5 ballads such as YASB, Trouble, Something, Try A Little Tenderness, In The Ghetto, that is acting. He not only has it in him but the drive to be seen heard, noticed and famous. So I think he could do one heck of a job in a movie or a more serious stage role and More importantly I think he thinks he can and wants to.

  84. Sorry roxie, while I have seen greatness in performances, without significant training and studying, he will never be more than a mediocre actor. And is this really want he wants? He’ll no, I say!

  85. Oops’ using I touch, I meant rosie!

  86. If you can stand to, go to the AI site and they have photos of Tay rotating under “Hot Pics” right on the front page. It’s nice to see them showing him a little respect for a change. http://www.americanidol.com/

  87. spinshack Says:

    Rose, he’s playing the guitar! I like both of the tunes, he did a great job. Stealing that Pena one. Never heard it like that before either, really like it. I want an album with some of this on it. *pouts*

  88. suze4158 Says:

    O.k., Taylor looked awesome at the Walmart gig. And there were a bunch of people lined up, according to reports. I know…Walmart….
    but it was still cool. http://julsmegill.smugmug.com/gallery/8138631_HcPtL#P-1-12

    I agree with MNSue on this point..
    “Taylor’s guitar accompaniment is not strong enough to sustain a full concert. He seems to have graduated from strumming a few chords during one song but is still miles away from enriching his performance in full concert.”

    Although I love hearing the purity of his voice with the acoustic guitar, I don’t think he can carry it alone without some back up, either.

    The gig he did in B-ham last year…the charity one where he did NYSOM, he did the guitar, Jeff Lopez on sax and Brian Less on keyboard. That was acoustic enough…and very nice.

  89. suze4158 Says:

    Oh, crap…the photos I posted I found in a later post/blog and I thought I was posting in a current blog post….
    ignore those and relish the intimate setting with Taylor in that vid….if anyone turns backt the pages and looks here….lol.
    I don’t mind having him in this one to myself… πŸ™‚

  90. suze. . sorry to disturb your reverie . . getting caught up but will just tiptoe in and out quietly πŸ˜€

  91. suze4158 Says:

    Here is more of what I was thinking of for the guitar plus a little back up.

    I really liked this little concert…

  92. This is my very favorite Taylor performance, those song at Hanna. It was just days before he announced Grease and I was just begining to read what fans were writing online. For the next few months I watched all his old video including his AI performances. I was in heaven.

  93. suze4158 Says:

    “keep on tryin’…put on a smile when you feel like cryin’…on and on. ”
    This touches me today as I hear that Taylor does not get played on his own recognizance in country. Must be “by request”. Damn, this isn’t easy.
    We’re hangin’ with ya, Taylor.

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