I swear to God, Taylor…


I guess it’s been confirmed from the mouth of Taylor (rolls eyes) that he is going to be on American Idol on Wednesday singing Seven Mile Breakdown. Well, not really his mouth. Just his phone. He actually twittered it!!

I’m going to be on American Idol next Wednesday performing ‘Seven Mile Breakdown.’ Don’t miss it!

Because I like to give advice that he will ever see, nor ever use, here’s my list of things I do and don’t want to see.

1. Grab Ryan Seacrest by the back of the head and kiss him full on the lips. Then point at Adam Lambert and say “You’re next, hottie.”

2. Don’t dance.

3. When you make your way out onto the catwalk, pull Kara onto your lap and fondle Paula.

Simon is going to look at you with that disgusted, pathetic look on his face. When he does, jump onto the judges table and “accidently” kick him in the face.

5. Wear boots.

Get a haircut in makeup. Do not let Bill use the Flowbee again!!

7. As the camera zooms in, go down on the harp as only you can do.

8. Shout out “Yo, dawg!” to Randy before he can shout it out to you! Or you could jump into Randy’s lap and say “What up, Papa Bear?”

9. Do not, under any circumstance, do the lean. I know it’s still in your blood, and I know you have to stop the “soul patrol” from coming out of your mouth, but for the sake of everything holy, do not do it!!!

Bring Spoonful James on stage as your accompaniment. It’s time those dudes got a little love.

I know you’re going to dance, but please, keep it…calm?

Remember, this quote from Apollo 13:

NASA Director: This could be the worst disaster NASA’s ever faced.
Gene Kranz: With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.

Please, Taylor…make this your finest hour.


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  1. hicksaholic Says:

    This is hilarious!!!! I just came from The Boogie and someone posted instructions to Taylor and got lamblasted for trying to be his mother. These are so much funnier.

    I added bring Wynn on the Boogie- that would help Taylor’s nerves assuming Wynn didn’t get nervous.

    I have one to add to your list though. Under NO circumstances let the tv cameras catch Bill lurking behind the curtain watching. It comes across as a little creepy.

  2. Excellent post AIG!! You had me rolling with the Apollo 13 quote! Where do you get these ideas??? I too am waiting for the other shoe to drop and feel nervous for the dude (and not in a motherly way!). Have to get back to work. Looking forward to reading the many additions sure to be elaborated on by you snarky folks later today 🙂

  3. hicksaholic Says:

    On a different note Spoonful James played at the Florabama a couple of weeks ago and my mid twenties daughter was there and said they were great. I wondered if they might be there this weekend as it is Mullet Toss- something Taylor has numerous memories of I am sure.

    I think Spoonful James might be better than LIMBO, although both are great assuming T is the lead singer.

  4. hicksaholic Says:

    If number one happens that’s probably the time the tv cameras will show Bill watching in the background. That would make an unforgettable TV moment.

  5. Damn, once I got past that hot picture . . .

    Excellent post as always, IAG! 🙂

    just my 2 cents here —

    Dear Taylor:

    Pay attention to the above list, as it is good advice. (funny, too). Especially take heed of #5 and 9. Also what hickaholic said about Bill.

    Yours in,
    Looking forward to seeing you and hoping it IS your finest hour,

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Funny, somehow I think the bend and SP shout out will happen, it may reconnect him to folks and remember why they loved him so much on Season 5. I have no problem with it, I know alot hate it, but I have always been ok with it. Maybe you can “twitter” him your list little at a time!!! 🙂


  7. hicksaholic Says:

    There is a great discussion on mj’s blog about Taylor. Do you care if i copy your list over there?

  8. I’m sure he’ll do fine!
    I like the Ray Charles lean! just sayin’.
    Awesome advice, IAG, you should have an advice column!!

  9. Muahahaha kick Simon kick him!
    Hahaha can you imagine, with his snakeskin boots?

    And ah he’s dropped the soul patrol thing, so he probably won’t be doing that. But I really wouldn’t mind either way.

    This performance is gonna knock people off their feet.

    Taylor on American Idol… did hell freeze over?

  10. spinshack Says:

    JI it’s too dated, so 2006. He needs move on and show the Idol folks he is a real musician not a reality show contestant. Bending and woo-ing was for the show. He’s not like that in real life.

  11. spinshack Says:

    No Christa, pigs took flight.

  12. Yea, yea… that picture!!! Oh, wait, there is something to read here??? Oh, OK….let me rip my eyes away for a minute………

    OMG, this is all hilarious! All this advice and worries… We are the ones who are all nervous about it. LOL. I’m glad we’ve only been give one weeks notice. My stomach is already in knots – sort of like when one of my boys was pitching the championship baseball game. 😉 I think Taylor is just going to go out there and have fun and show em what he’s got.

    I just want him to do the song like CdN – play the hell out of that guitar and harp! And I hope his voice is loud and clear over the music. No running out in the audience or on the catwalk where he’ll get too busy dancing and forget to sing the song. (The kick would be great though…. ) No, just rock it up there on the stage with Josh or Wynn or whoever is going on with him. (I think he’ll bring the guys he’s currently performing with.) I wonder how much time they’ve given him. What would happen if he just did that full 8 minute version? Think they’d notice? 😉

    OK, now back to that picture…. (Thanks IAG – a new one for me…..)

  13. spinshack Says:

    We can only hope he doesn’t go dashing all around the stage. 🙄 I’d like an acoustic moment, like on that show the other day. Minimal production, just Mr. Hicks and his guitar, squeeze in harmonica.

  14. NO!!!! NOT with you on that one spin, sorry! He’s gotta rock it…. No acoustic moment PLEASE!! He’s gonna tear the house down and be on his way.

  15. See now I wasn’t particularly fussy about the accoustic version.
    Music, eh? Can’t please everyone! LOL

  16. …………about that picture: What’s on the floor beside Taylor?
    A bunch of panties?

  17. Love the suggestions. Hilarious. But, JMO, he needs to stick with Josh Smith et al for his band. I’ve seen SJ twice with TH. They’re a really good regional band, but they’re simply not on the level with the pros Taylor’s been playing with lately.

  18. OK, you gotta go see this…. I went to Blue Historian to see ILOAB and he has now put up a couple of Janis Joplin videos. What a treat! Such an f’in waste…. her an Jimi both. I was a young teen when they both OD’d within in weeks of each other. Only good thing that came out of that was it made me keep my head in that department….


  19. spinshack Says:

    It looks like potatoes. Not panties. hahaha. Maybe I’m hungry.

    I am reading the general consensus that most want rocking Taylor and likely that the best and most flashy choice for the show. As long as he doesn’t glue a zipper to his face I’m good.

    Later, off to do whatever it is I do.

  20. My thoughts exactly Robin…

  21. One looks like a flower to me…. right by his foot – a rose?

  22. Ahhh, Janis! THE best primordial rock & roll scream EVER!!!!
    (Take another piece of my heart!)

  23. hicksaholic Says:

    I am sure you’re right and Taylor can’t afford to f*** this up (not that I think he will) but this is a major opportunity for some great promo so the better the musicians the better it will be. Maybe Wynn and Bill can be in the audience rooting for him.

  24. Can I just say how glad I am that THIS is the song he’s chosen to sing on AI and not “What’s right is right” or “the distance”? It’s arguably the best song on the album, in my opinion.

    I am much looking forward to what has been a long time comin’…

  25. No, I don’t care…go ahead. 🙂

  26. Yeah…they are roses and rose petals.

  27. I just came from The Boogie and someone posted instructions to Taylor and got lamblasted for trying to be his mother. These are so much funnier.

    As if his mother would tell Taylor to kiss Ryan on the lips!! 😆

  28. Agreed. He needs to bring his serious musician side out if he has any hopes at gaining new fans from this appearance.

  29. Amen! I’m glad it’s this song. This one is probably the most marketable, outside of the country genre.

    I wouldn’t be getting your hopes up too much yet. Let’s see how he does!!

  30. hicksaholic Says:

    Did you see my request to post your list of advice to Taylor over at mj’s blog. I think they will love it.

  31. hicksaholic Says:

    Oh didn’t make it clear- I would copy it over there since I’m a member

  32. Yep, I responded.

    That’s fine. I’m sure they’ll have some things to add!! ahahaha

  33. hicksaholic Says:

    I was just thinking- that picture would have made a great album cover or at least inside the album picture. Every time I see that picture of him walking down the road with his head hanging at an angle like he’s just been hung inside The Distance I shake my head and go WTF????? with allthe incredible pictures of Taylor out there.

  34. OMG. I agree. My friend opened up my cd and said “Seriously? That’s the picture they chose?” She’s not even a Taylor fan. Geez.

  35. jerseyirish Says:

    Agree that picture would have been great for the CD cover or and inside pic.

    I know he will have fun being back on the Idol stage next week, however he decides to do the song!!!


  36. That’s a great photo above. Yep- shoulda been on the CD jacket somewhere.

    SMB is the most “Taylor” song on the CD. (I hate when people say that! But I’m in a hurry.) He’s comfortable with it and I think it was a good choice. You don’t suppose he’s been listening to his fans, do you? That can be dangerous.

    Hey, as long as we’re ‘tearing Taylor apart’ again and ‘dissecting his every move,’ what do you think about wardrobe? I think he should dispense with the homage to Ray Charles. Namely, the jacket. He shouldn’t be all buttoned down for this tune, right? But I’m not sure what he should wear.

    Boots, of course (as itsallgrey already mentioned). Jeans, yes. But what kinda shirt? Decisions, decisions. Just hang on tight, Taylor. We’ll figure it out.

  37. Wow, I agree with that…that CD picture is so wierd.

    And the one on today’s blog makes me melt….good Lord. Not many things make me feel that way. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…wise up with the photos!

    Funny suggestions for AI, iag.

    You know, I requested to fox for him to appear.
    They listened. *cough* 🙂

  38. LOL…darned it! This always happens to me here.
    I was playing with a new name, and clicked before I changed it back.

  39. suze4158 Says:

    Most potent suggestion: #7. *still staring at the photo*

  40. I for one have never liked any of the photos of him, not in either CD. With all the zillions of hawt pictures of him out there to pick from, too.

  41. Yes, I agree 100%! I hate the pictures on the CD so much that I printed my own and covered them up. LOL (How’s that for FANatical?) Did any of you see “Lauries” recap of CdN? She spent some time after the concert with Taylor and the band and actually took the opportunity to tell him how bad the photos are. LOL The nerve!! I’m glad she had the guts to say something to him about it. I never could have done that. I still don’t get it – WHO took those photos and choose them? WHO could have ever thought they were flattering to him? I hate to be nasty about anyone, but the art director should be strung up as far as I’m concerned. Didn’t do him any favors that’s for sure.

  42. Always the skeptic, ha ha!! (But you’re right! 😉 )

  43. So grey, you think there are going to be plenty of fans of “serious musicians” watching AI that night? LOL Just kidding.. I think this song is a great choice because it will show his “serious musician” side to the more artistically mature viewers, but also appeal to the younger pop-loving crowd at the same time… IF he does it well, like you said.

    Maybe he should not be quite as intense as he is in the CdN video of SMB – he would most likely put some people into shock. :0
    I only wish he could do more than one song. Maybe You Should!!! Or WGHI! How about all three? AI could just let him do a little mini-concert. 😀 (We can dream…)

  44. To clarify my earlier post, it’s only the CD pix I don’t like . . .

  45. Um, some stubble, some really messed up hair…tshirt and torn jeans and boots. Yes.

  46. jerseyirish Says:

    I agree his CD photo’s are just not ever good shots of him. Maybe he does it for a reason, who knows.


  47. My biggest wish is for him to rock this song as only he can do and for the studio audience and everyone at home to say out loud “WTF that’s Taylor Hicks?” LOL. I’ll just be sitting at home with a BIG smile on my face thinking you’re damned right that is F…ing Taylor Hicks. LOL.

    As for what he wears….. as long as he doesn’t wear guy liner and have a chain hanging out of his pocket I’m good. LOL.

  48. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!

    LOL, sorry I had to do that. Yikes!

    Does anybody have or know where I can find the lyrics to SMB?? I watched the video, but honestly can’t understand a word he says. I did love the video, so you think he’ll have the AI band playing the music? Like last time he was on?

    And yes, or no, he doesn’t need to dance. He was so out of breath when singing Heaven Knows 2 years ago.

  49. JumpedtheShark Says:

    My post didn’t show either.

  50. JumpedtheShark Says:

    OH there it is. Weird.

  51. “Unforgettable” is right!! LOL!!!

  52. *tries to believe*
    *tries to believe*

    omg… I feel like little Natalie Wood in “Miracle on 34th Street”.
    “I believe, I believe. It’s stupid, but I believe.”


  53. stubble! Oooooo! Looking like he’s been partying all night? Looking like a badass? yeah!

  54. Aren’t the lyrics in the insert? I have to run out to the store, but if nobody answers your question while I”m gone, I’ll get those lyrics for you later.

  55. You all are sending my mind places it’s not supposed to go……

  56. Lyrics below for JTS….

  57. The lyrics in the CD are wrong in a few places. I changed them to what I think the are but I could be wrong too. I know he says “I wound up on the wrong side of Mississippi” not “left side.” And I’m pretty sure he says “You gotta hate being down before you love being up.” I changed that… And “waste your mind” instead of “lose your mind.” ?
    (The ILOAB lyrics are not accurate either.)

    Well sometimes I get lonely, and that’s a hard thing to say
    We wound up on the wrong side of Mississippi, a little more than a getaway
    Don’t talk to yourself, cause after a while you might find
    Those empty fields and flat lands might make you have to waste (?) your mind
    I feel the heat in the cold, cut the air with a knife
    But you’re just passing through it—you haven’t been there your whole life
    Well don’t you know we’ll get through it, baby, but I just don’t see how…
    You know it’s written on the face of every little passing town
    The sun is sinkin’ down on the delta
    Seven Miles is the only sign that lights our way
    I hope someone is thinking about me
    I’m gonna tear this old place down and I’ll be on my way
    Yea, well let me get right down to it— I just can’t get enough
    You gotta hate being down before you ever love being up
    So come on Mississippi, don’t point your finger at me
    Just put me on your straight and narrow just as far as my eyes can see
    I’ll be on my way, etc..

  58. Well, I think the line is either “you know you hate being down before you ever love being up.”

    “you gotta hate being down before you ever love being up.” I forgot the “ever”.

    That’s what I think I hear… the 2nd one.

  59. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Thanks raj! *running to listen to video again*

    You to caryl.

    The post orders here are confusing me.

  60. Feeling any pressure Mr. Hicks? The soul patrol and non soul patrol are all a twitter over Tay’s twitter and expectations seem to be sky high. He will do fine and sell some CD’s and even Simon will give him a smile.

  61. spinshack Says:

    She was amazing. :cry

  62. spinshack Says:

    Black shirt and jeans, boots. Black would make him look long and lean, more current. Besides I just like black. lol

  63. littlewing Says:

    Allright!!!! Man, it’s just got to be live. Surely it will be and with his own band. Can’t wait to see what this does for sales…good for him.

  64. spinshack Says:

    ahahaha! Yes no chain…

  65. I wonder if Simon will like the song? Taylor has said in interviews that Simon isn’t hip to Amercan music and I agree with that. BUT Simon will surely be impressed when Taylor works the crowd into a frenzy. But who cares what Simon thinks, right?

    Taylor needn’t be nervous (needn’t? Don’t believe I’ve ever used that word before! lol). He can do this song in his sleep. He should just relax and have fun with it. If he’s having fun, the audience will have fun. And they’ll remember why they loved him.

    He’s a pro. He’ll do great.

  66. Ut oh. The comments are getting mixed up again. I just posted something that showed up up there^^^^out of order. If you think your post is not showing up, it may be way up there somewhere.

  67. Snowstorm Says:

    I think Taylor should pull all the stops. Nice jacket with a nice shirt, jeans, boots and clean shaven.

    I agree he should use his own band and not the AI band. On the CD, there’s an awesome female back-up singer…I hope he uses her. I hope he skips the dancing. The focus should be on the awesome song and his awesome voice. PLEASE – NO. SOUL. PATROL. SHOUTOUT.

  68. The posts seem to be getting mixed up.

    But yes no SP shout outs, people don’t like that lol. I doubt he’ll do it though, he dropped it a long time ago.

    If he does what he did in that R&K vid with SMB, he’s gonna tear the place down and be on his way.

  69. hicksaholic Says:

    If you are talking about the backup singer on SMB I think it might be Donna Hall(part of Wet Willie) There were pictures of her doing some recording(or practicing) with Taylor in Mobile a few months ago and she is part of the thanks group in his album notes. I’m pretty sure it’s her. She actually graduated with me from high school.

  70. hicksaholic Says:

    Ok raj I posted this forever ago but it didn’t show up- Where is Laurie’s recap? I love living vicariously.

  71. hicksaholic Says:

    Something weird is happening with when and if things are getting posted.

  72. casualfan Says:

    I’m sure that Taylor will want the most professional band up on that stage with him which IMO is the currant band he has.

    I just hope that everyone enjoys the performance and not disect every gesture, movement or attitude from the Judges or Ryan. ***not going to happen I know***

    I want Taylor to perform SMB just like he did at The Roxy. It’s obvious that he enjoys performing that song and should go with his feelings.

    Too bad Simon hates country…LOL!

  73. Is this allowed? I hope so….

    Cafe du Nord recap:

  74. I just searched Taylor’s name at that site and came up with a bunch of nice articles about him. Maybe you all have already seen these….. I had not.


  75. Black button down? I was thinking about that. That would look good on him. leaving only ONE button undone, not two.

  76. Ok, I deleted a couple of posts hoping to fix the thread. I guess we’ll see if it works.

  77. Oh…I think it works!!

  78. Please correct anything you think I got wrong. Like the “lose your mind” or “waste your mind.”

    And now I’m thinking, maybe he DOES say “left” side of Mississippi. ???

    Maybe the insert is correct after all. I keep hearing it different in the different versions. (The CD, CdN, and R&K)

  79. But this is not really county – I call it Southern Rock. 🙂 “Country” is twangy…

  80. Well, that’s an…interesting read.

  81. casualfan Says:

    I agree-but Simon will consider it country. I personally think the song is country blues. I don’t see it as being southern rock. And not all country is “twangy”

  82. casualfan Says:

    Actually, it falls under the genre of Americana Roots 😉

  83. or not? You hesitated.. problem with that?

  84. It’s official, SMB will hit country radio May 5th.

  85. casualfan Says:

    Americana Roots music is a very viable market and SMB fits nicely into it. SMB is Taylor’s niche and I hope he does more of this type of music in the future.

    What’s funny is that Taylor’s close friend Wyn wrote that song and it very well may become THE HIT on the cd. He had it all along in his own backyard and didn’t see it till now. Stick with what you know Taylor!

  86. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thanks RJ for posting this. It was a nice recap for me to read since I was there, had birthday cake, etc… It was really an incredible show that night!

  87. Taylor should just go on the show and be Taylor. Doing that he should blow the roof of the f*#king theatre!!

  88. hicksaholic Says:

    I think it would be wonderful if Wynn’s song does become a hit. Also Taylor keeps saying now he wrote it with Wynn but before I always heard Wynn wrote it.

  89. Yeah, me too. I had never heard that Taylor wrote any of it.

  90. What’s up Tweeples..in cone..excited about the Idol show next week..T

    Seriously? Tweeples? ahahahhahaha

  91. jerseyirish Says:

    I thought I read they wrote it together.


  92. jerseyirish Says:

    Thought it was cute, at least he is tweeting!!! 🙂


  93. Oh, I think it’s cute, too..

  94. Both of their names are on the credits in the cd. I have no idea if T actually helped write the lyrics or music, but he probably did the arrangement for the album.

  95. Tweeples? Sounds a bit to “Britney-ish” to me…. Maybe it’s just general twitter-speak but it just doesn’t sound like something Taylor would say.

  96. Oh, it sounds like something just dorkish enough for him to say. ahhhaha

  97. Does anyone have the Spoonful James SMB CD? What does it say in there for the song credits?

  98. I do. But I have to find it. I uploaded it to my computer…it’s probably in my car. I’m going to take off for a bit, so I’ll check.

  99. Yes, dorkish is the word I was looking for. And it just seems like something a girl would say, not a guy. It’s a bit too “cute.” LOL

  100. From the Wikipedia article on SJ: “That year, Knorr left the band and was replaced by current drummer Patrick Lunceford. This version of the band then recorded a three-song demo tape at Sarcophagus Studio in Opelika, AL, in December, 1999. One of the songs was “The Mississippi Song”, written on a run the trio made through the Mississippi Delta to a show in Cleveland, MS. This song would later be renamed “Seven Mile Breakdown”.”

  101. SMB could be THE breakout song. Video might do well also. Better choice then Nineteen for me.

  102. Tweeples is the correct ‘twittering’ terminology. I’m impressed!

  103. Tweeples is the correct terminology? Man, Bill must be doing his homework!!

  104. I agree. SMB has a more current feel to it.

  105. I’m pretty sure Taylor was not credited for the song before the current album. I think I verified that on SJ’s myspace page a while back, but I can’t access it at work right now to be sure. Anyway, it’s certainly widely known as Wynn’s song. In fact Taylor himself called it Wynn’s song and had a lot to say about what a great songwriter Wynn is when he, Wynn and assorted SJ/LMBO band members performed at Smith’s in Atlanta in September 2006.

    I had raised similar questions elsewhere when the album was released and I saw the writing credits. Apparently slight changes to lyrics or music can result in a partial writing credit. It seems a safe assumption (but that’s all it is) that TH’s writing credit comes from some tweaking done for the album version. Or maybe over the years as they performed together, he had made or suggested changes. It would be interesting to know how the writing credit came about. I think such credits are often negotiated among artists.

    I will say this. I think it’s extremely important that Taylor be seen as giving proper credit for this song to Wynn Christian. Much of his image is based on being a stand-up guy when it comes to band members, fellow artists. Clearly, TH takes great pride in being a songwriter. I hope he’ll be careful with his choice of words when he’s interviewed about this song. I think if he were perceived as claiming that he *wrote* it without further explanation, that would do hella damage to his image, because so many fans are well aware of the roots of this song.

  106. haha!

  107. Someone said that in the credits, the order of the names indicates how much input the songwriters had. In the insert for TD (Oooo! I just discovered a photo I didn’t notice before. I like it! If I scan it and post it, will I be arrested? lol)

    Anyway, in the credits after SMB, it says:

    ‘Written by: Wynn Allen Christian/Taylor Hicks
    Published by: Wynn Allen Christian(BMI)/Modern Whomp Music (BMI)’

    Just FYI. Just avoiding actual work. Just better go before I just get yelled at.

  108. I think too much emphasis is being put on this. Most artists use songs on their albums written by other people. They don’t make a huge effort every time they talk about or perform a particular song to give credit to the songwriter. Someitmes they mention it and sometimes they don’t. I’m not saying he should not credit Wynn with the song, but you seem to think he has to go really into it every time the song is mentioned. I just don’t think it’s done that way.

    I really see some over-protectiveness regarding this particular song. Do you feel that every time he sings or talks about 19 he should be mentioning the song-writer? How about What’s Right is Right? That song was written by Simon Climie and Denis Morgan. Does Taylor need to mention them (give them credit) every time he sings the song or talks about it in an interview? I hope you see the point I’m trying to make. I don’t think people should be worrying so much about it or make a big deal about it. It’s almost like some of you are on the verge of accusing Taylor of trying to steal credit for a song he’s not entitled to. Taylor and Wynn both have credit for the version of the song on the CD. As his friend I’m sure Taylor is not trying to take credit for something he’s not entitled to or to slight WC, any more than he would for any other song he co-wrote or covered.

  109. No, they are listed alphabetically.

  110. OK, nix the alphabetical! That’s what someone told ME when I bought this up before on BB, but I see now that it’s not the case on The Distance credits. For instance, NFF: Taylor Hicks/Simon Climie/Dennis Morgan.

    Maybe you are right – listed in order of degree of contribution to the song…. That’s what I thought too until someone had told me it was alphabetical.

  111. To further my point:


    Do ALL those people mention Dennis Morgan every time they sing a song he wrote for them? I bet most people couldn’t name the songwriter for most of their favorite songs. I just think people need to back off this a bit with SMB. If Taylor mentions him great, if not don’t make a big deal about it. JMHO

  112. I really don’t think anybody’s making a big deal out of it, rajrae. Just having conversation and trying to figure out who wrote the song. Nobody is accusing Taylor of doing anything.

  113. These must be the “bosses” Bill was referring to in that recap over at the Boogies.

    If you click on artists, Taylor is on the list.


  114. I understand IAG, I too am curious to know who wrote what, how much, and when. But I see hints of “worry” that Taylor is not giving credit where credit is due and it bothers me. I’ve seen posts in other places that imply it. I guess I combined all that together with what Robin said above about how “important” it is for T to give WC credit for the song and am over-reacting to it. I re-read the above posts and see that you are very correct, no one is accusing Taylor.

    Did you find find the credits yet on the SJ SMB cd? If the actual lyrics are also in the CD you can see if they have changed from when SJ recorded it. I think the song has morphed over the years. T is probably responsible for the newer arrangement.

  115. Very interesting! But is sounds like they work for Taylor, not the other way around. LOL

  116. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I agree with the poster a few back. If you write and arrange the music for the song, then you are listed on the credits.

  117. hicksaholic Says:

    Can’t believe Eliot Morris is on there- I had no idea he was that big.

  118. Whatcha all talking about? I don’t have time to read at the boogie.

    Am I allowed to say that it was someone from CAA who connected me with T when I won that prize that I don’t want to mention? Does that tidbit add anything to the conversation cuz I don’t know what you’re talking about. Or am I just trying to draw attention to myself?

    *turning on spotlight*

  119. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Watching Robin Thicke on Oprah singing the oldies. These things I just don’t get. Sorry. 😦

  120. I guess the newest news is that Obama might give a speech on Wednesday night, preempting Idol. The conspiracy theorists are sure Idol knew this and that is why they invited him on that particular night. *rolls eyes*

  121. Who’s Eliot Morris?

  122. What prize?

    *brightens spotlight*


  123. Oy. *puttin on sunglasses and a hat*


  124. Oh, come on, don’t leave us hanging like that. LOL 🙂

  125. SexySapphire Says:

    They will run it in it’s entirety.

    But not liking Obama right now. Do it Monday night for goodness sake. Oh, not love How I Met Your Mother and Two and Half Men, what about Tuesday night???

  126. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Won’t happen. It’s a go.

  127. Fairhope Says:

    Will someone please remind Obama that the election is over. He won. He doesn’t have to campaign anymore so get off of the TV every friggin second!!!!!

  128. American idol is too popular a show. He must know his approval rating will drop if he preempts it!

  129. You ARE a newbie, aren’t you? haha. Send me an e-mail if you’d like: carylzimm@aol.com

  130. But he has before. They had AI on different night not that long ago when he gave the speech to Congress. I’ll be SO bummed!!

  131. JumpedtheShark Says:

    The posts are screwing up again lol

  132. hicksaholic Says:

    Sorry, Elliot Morris is a singer from Mobile- my girls liove him. I had no idea he was big enough to be represented by CCA

    Please tell me Obama is not preempting Taylor.

  133. hicksaholic Says:

    “Won’t happen. It’s a go.”

    Does that mean Taylor or Obama?????????????

  134. Well, it’s fact that on occasion Taylor has said, ‘Here’s a song I wrote’ and then has launched into SMB… I agree he should be careful about that. It’s important.

  135. JoeyTribbiani/Dr.DrakeRamore Says:

    Yeah, that didn’t work out too well for me.

  136. Fairhope Says:

    I wish Obama was a go. As in GONE!

  137. Regarding Taylor giving credit where credit is due—-

    If there’s one thing Taylor HAS done (right) during his career )Pre AND Post Idol), is give credit on the songs he performs…I think I’ve listened to every live set out there and he’s always mentioning some band, or songwriter, or musician that might be behind whatever song he is about to sing…even giving “extra” bits of info like WHERE a song was written or first performed, etc…..

    How many times did he give a song credit at the Roxy alone? I know he did before singing “Nineteen” (written by Jeffrey Steel) and “The Right Place” (written by Bryan Adams) and “My Sweet Lord” which is a Billy Preston version of a George Harrison song…One of the times I saw him live he gave credit to numerous songwriters (rob thomas comes to mind)

    Now, don’t get me wrong…I’ve done my fair share of “worrying” over the last few years of my “fantardom”…what song will he sing? What will he wear? will he pull it off? will he sell out? blah, blah, blah… but worry about HIM–Taylor Hicks– taking credit for a song he didn’t write/create? Nope. Can’t say I ever worried about that, because he’s never given me reason to.

  138. fairhope Says:

    Sexy Sapphire! I left you a message over at Neverland.

  139. I’m not worried about Taylor giving proper credit for the song, btw.

  140. spinshack Says:

    I’m beginning to think the only reason he ran for Prez was for all the TCV exposure. Damn he’s on all the fucking time. haha

  141. spinshack Says:

    I was just thinking that. He’s just another Fame whore. ha.

  142. Heh. To tell you the truth, when I saw Leno was canceled yesterday, I thought that Taylor must have been booked to appear. That guy’s not conspired against; he’s snake-bit.

  143. Sojie!! How nice to see you.

  144. Off topic, but since we seem to be nearing the end of this blog…I really don’t like this nested-comments thing. It is (for me, at least) tedious trying to track conversation in an non-threaded format. Kind of turned me off the place, to tell the truth.

    It’s your place iag, and this is strictly a personal preference thing. But thought I’d ask – Any chance that nested comments are being reconsidered?

  145. Yeah, I’ve thought about it. I think I miss alot of comments because of it. What does everybody else think?

  146. spinshack Says:

    What True said, you miss some plus you have to scroll back to catch up on others.

  147. Plus I think that’s why the posts keep screwing up. 😦

  148. I’ve not been a regular, but FWIW, I agree with True. A threaded format is easier to follow.

    Great place, otherwise. Thanks for asking.

  149. But for the record, I want to use that picture on every post from now on.


    There’s just something about it. The harp, Taylor on his knees, the rose petals.


  150. I like the reply being under the actual statement being commented on, but I agree that you can miss stuff if a reply is made “up there.”

  151. Love it too! Where/when is that from?

  152. I think it’s from the American Idol tour.

  153. Ok, so I fixed it. No more nesting.

    Now, this thread is really messed up. I’ll have to post a new one.

  154. Well now how do we reply to a specific comment?

  155. Well, you can copy/paste it…or blockquote it.


    Shows you how to do it there. Very simple.

  156. casualfan Says:

    Heh. To tell you the truth, when I saw Leno was canceled yesterday, I thought that Taylor must have been booked to appear. That guy’s not conspired against; he’s snake-bit.
    LOL! T does seem to be plagued with bad luck doesn’t he?

  157. iag: “Ok, so I fixed it. No more nesting. ”


  158. “The harp, Taylor on his knees,”

    To each their own. For me…I’ve never cared for that move, myself. I really enjoy his REAL physical response to music. But this isn’t that. This is just a less embarrassing variation on the “lean” or the SP shout out in that it’s a gimmick. He’s pandering to and manipulating the reality-TV fan.

    That’s my take anyway.

  159. I like the change. Thanks.

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