Tales from the Cone

In my recent travels, I came across a co-star of Taylor Hicks’ and he was gracious enough to allow me to interview him for the blog. Faced with this once in a lifetime opportunity, I quickly scribbled some questions down on a napkin and the following is the result of that.

Me: Thank you so much for meeting with me like this.

The Cone:
No, it’s fine. I love when I can get out.

Me: First off, how is it working with Taylor on a nightly basis?

The Cone: Well, Taylor is actually a deep thinker. I mean, when he’s standing inside me, waiting for his bright and shining moment, he doesn’t make a peep.

Me: Lately, Taylor has started “twittering” from the cone. How is that experience going?

The Cone: Um, off the record?

Me: *surprised* Um, sure.

The Cone:
That bastard keeps elbowing me everytime he pulls out that Blackberry. I mean, I’m trying to move to where I’m supposed to be, and he’s in there twittering away, whatever the hell that means. No respect for me at all. *ahem* Back on the record? Isn’t that a wonderful marketing tool? I mean, he’s taking those few minutes which could be totally wasted and turning them into invaluable marketing time. Genius, pure genius.

Me: Okay.  Do you have any insights any Taylor’s “game plan”, such as what he’s planning on after “Grease”?

The Cone:  Well, usually it’s T, and me, and Bill squeezing into a cab heading uptown on “Cheeseburger Patrol.”  Sometimes, if T gets too drunk, he screams “Cheeseburger Paaahtrolll” out the window.  TMZ oughtta’ get video of THAT!  Uh, you’re not going to print that, right??

Me:  I was kind of thinking “long range”?

The Cone:
  Oh, yeah.  Sure.  Well, he’s real close with the details, but he’s got some big surprises in store for the fanbase!  They’re going to love it!!  He’s going to start blogging on his site, for sure.

  Any talk of you going on the road with Taylor in the future?

The Cone:
  Oh, I see the writing on the waffle iron, believe me.  Once he’s twirled and twittered his last, after the wrap party, we’ll all say how “we’ll keep in touch”, but you know how it is.  But at least I’ll have the memories, and the all those damn rhinestones that have dropped off.  They fuckin’ itch.

Me:  Did you have any advice for Taylor on his debut in the role of Teen Angel?  You are a seasoned veteran of Broadway, after all, and he’s the new kid, so to speak.  Any sage words of wisdom from the pro?

The Cone:
  I told him “Always keep your fly up.”  Hey, I gotta go.  I’ve got a re-sprinkle/glitter job later, and I don’t want to be late. When Seacrest is in town, these appointments are a bitch to get.

That concludes my interview with Harry. He’s a gracious performer, even though he’s never given the credit he deserves. I mean, really, where would the Teen Angel be without the glittery cone? I guess you could call Harry the unsung hero of the show. They just don’t make ’em like him anymore.

He even posed for a picture for me. This is Harry without stage makeup.


What a great guy!!


61 Responses to “Tales from the Cone”

  1. OMG, was that the REAL Harry Cone-ick Jr.?

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, One question did he let you take a “lick”? That was cute.


  3. and so cone-siderate to grant you an interview!

  4. spinshack Says:

    Grey, one of the dairy best interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of dipping into! Creamy yet not too sweet and news crunchy to the last bite.

  5. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Haha!!! That was good!!!


  6. “dairy best”?? Hahahahahhahahaha!!!

    I bet Harry thinks Mr. Hicks is one of the best “cone – stars” ever!! Ha!!

  7. Yeah, I figured we needed something light after last night.


  8. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Too funny!

  9. Snowstorm Says:

    Maybe that should be Tales from the Crypt.

    About last night…maybe I’m the only one brave enough to say that woman is not all there.

  10. Yeah, seemed like this place really stressed her out. Maybe taking a break from blogging will be good for her health. No sarcasm intended.

  11. Seven Days Says:

    Hahahahaa — thanks for the laugh today, Grey. Nice to see a lighter mood. I laughed out loud at “..oh, I can see the writing on the waffle iron..” 😀

  12. blueberry Says:

    Well played, are you for hire to diffuse potentially volatile situations?

  13. casualfan Says:

    Best interview yet! Great job Grey….yummy!

  14. casualfan Says:

    Grey, Do you happen to know if Taylor tickles Harry when he twitters inside him?

    ***not sure if that sounds right***

  15. I thought Harry would have a cone-acopia of info. Maybe some things better left unsaid.

  16. Oh my! Thelma Houston looks like a chicken. God love her!

  17. That was funny! I scream for….Harry?

    I guess nobody knows Taylor like the cone. He’s got inside information. REALLY inside. No, wait. TAYLOR’S got inside info about the cone. Hmm..

    Now you’ve got me wondering all about that cone. Wonder if Taylor ever took a date in there? Is there enough room for two? Oh, man! You had such a great opportunity to ask these questions. Now we’ll never know. The cone is elusive.

  18. spinshack Says:

    XD mental image. ha.

  19. spinshack Says:

    It was return of the Disco Zombies tonight. Wowser.

  20. Grey, Do you happen to know if Taylor tickles Harry when he twitters inside him?

    ***not sure if that sounds right***



    Holy crap Thelma does look very zombie-like.

    And David Archuleta… I adore him but wow he sounded way off and out of breathe, especially during the high notes. =\

  21. The rumor is Taylor is taking a day off from the cone on April 29th which is next weeks AI elimination night. We already knew he was taking off the 6th. It seems very inconsiderate of TPTB to wait until almost the last minute to invite the former idols.

  22. You are right in the middle of the rumor mill, aren’t you Rosie?? Gotta love that!!

    I haven’t watched it yet, but did Ryan say who was going to be on next week?

  23. Harry wasn’t very forthcoming with details…something about being a guy thing..trust. I don’t know. 😆

  24. And I think he’s taking off just to mess with us.

  25. spinshack Says:

    Rose is a quiet one, Grey, you know what they say about them…lol

  26. Not a word! Maybe that’s a good sign?

    Sweet interview Grey! So sexy seeing Harry Au Natural…. pretty “yummy” looking. 😉 And thanks for the inside “scoop!” Taylor is going to start blogging to his fans when Grease is done! Yippee!

    Ya’ll are so funny – Harry Cone-ick, cone-siderate, dairy best? Love it….

    Back in NO. Getting ready for the Jazz Fest Saturday. (H’s birthday.) Very tired tonight after only 3 hrs of sleep. Tucson was awesome. Always loved that town…..

  27. Now, would our sweet boy do that?

    I saw last night that May 6th is still listed as a Grease night on his MS page. Actually, I looked again just now and so is next Wed. But I see May 13th is NOT listed. Hmmmmmmm. They sure like to keep us guessing!

  28. Snowstorm Says:

    Some things like disco need to be left in the past. It reminded me of disco night at the senior citizens home.

  29. So sad Anoop is gone. Thought he had such a sexy voice! Matt should have gone first. But Anoop’s time was gonna come anyway. I actually missed the performances last night. (Had to go to that horrible Elton John show. LOL) Was anybody but me holding their breath that the now QUITE older disco queens were going FALL dancing around in those heels? They would have been OK to just stand there and sing their songs. And yes, that yellow dress was totally ridiculous. Was never wild about disco anyway, though there were some songs I liked. (Listened mostly to rock.)

  30. Aw, come on, show some respect to the disco queens of yore! LOL

  31. I like a few songs on his cd, but that’s not one of them. I think he was nervous. I think being back on that stage brings back post-traumatic stress or something, even when they aren’t in the competition any more. It’s like they are just waiting for Simon to tear them to shreds again….

  32. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor just tweeked this…

    In portland mounting cone…

    He’s mounting a cone? Huh?

  33. spinshack Says:

    ahahahah! Like a stallion. The cone is his mare. Now you know what he’s doing in there. 😯

  34. Well, I guess I’m just feeling chatty tonight. Your fun little diversion put me in a good mood. This should go in the previous post, but here it is.

    BL seems to think Twitter is a waste of time but I find it interesting and fun. There are two aspects – You can follow people (celebrities) you are fans of, or just your own personal connections (or both.) I’m hoping more people I know get involved. I like FB. It’s like the next step after email because you can communicate to a lot people at once (vs individual emails), and keep up with your friends/family quickly and easily. Photos too! Twitter is like the next step after that. I like getting little messages here and there from the people you know without actually having to make a phone call or connect through an email or a computer page. It’s a great way to keep you connected to people you care about and want to know what they’re up to. Plus the fun aspect of “following” celebrities. (Thanks whoever put me onto Brent Spiner. He’s pretty funny and yes, you don’t know weather to believe half of what he tweets about.) It’s just amusement BL, just like any other form of amusement. We don’t have to be serious ALL the time. Let’s have fun but keep our heads.

    And (sorry IAG, but) I do have to agree with BL and Charcoal (was it?) that we don’t need to worry about what other people are twittering about Taylor Hicks or his fans. Unless there was a HUGE percentage of negative stuff going on, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  35. AND one more thing – did anyone read the recap about the Cafe du Nord concert “after birthday party?” Just left me feeling really good last night after reading that. Much as we find fault and criticize TH, you can’t help but love the guy when you read stuff like that. No pedestals please, but hey, he and his band seem pretty cool and down to earth.

    OK, one more “one more” thing. I’ve read comments that TH is not really a “nice southern gentleman” or whatever (I hate that term) but he drinks, curses and is pretty crass at times. Well you know, my son is a Marine, and I can tell you these guys can be heavy drinkers, and about as course and raw as you can get. Yet they say “ma’am” and “sir” and show respect to everyday people and it’s genuine. So don’t think it’s an “act” when he acts one way in certain situations and another way in others. It’s possible to be both and not be a phony or just putting on and act. OK, there, I said my piece…..

  36. Gee, get your mind out of the gutter! LOL Haven’t you ever heard the term “mounting the stairs?”

  37. spinshack Says:

    I tweeted him (you know – Taylor…) Or more correctly I twittered him. lol Sent him a song too and one for you Grey that Wade sent me.

    Did *off topic* /do you know of Wade in B’ham? He and I blogged fast and hard (ha) for Hicks in season 6. Had been out of touch with him for a while and found him on twitter again. He’s really smart. (techno wise) Lovely looking man as well. lol

    He was coaching me through the twitter music site a moment ago and that damn site went down. dammit. It’s like a hosting category.

    Did you know they (twitter) have a photo host too? Stuart (my new shiny thing this week) was showing me how to host pics earlier. It’s very interesting how Twitter is evolving.

    Loving it!

  38. spinshack Says:

    Hey I am loving Twitter. I’m Suns39 – find and follow me! I’ve been having such fun on that site.

  39. spinshack Says:

    Oh, name, Sunny Richardson. BTW

  40. spinshack Says:

    Not to be a downer but someone’s tagging you chica – check this: (alert)

    Blues Historian: Taylor Hicks: I Live On A Battlefield
    By Blues Historian
    Tales from the Cone – In my recent travels, I came across a co-star of
    Taylor Hicks’ and he was gracious enough to allow me to interview him for
    the blog. Faced with this once i… 14 hours ago …

    You hit his site and nothing about you or a link. That’s not cool.

  41. So where is that alert coming from? (Teach me – I’m still new at a lot of this stuff.) I see the Battlefield video at the link but nothing about Grey’s blog….

    Also, what about a Twitter music site or photo site? More info please…

  42. I’ll go follow you but you’d be totally bored following me so don’t bother. I mainly put up trivial stuff for family and friends, and even then I don’t know if the few who follow me are actually getting it. I get NO tweets from any of them. I think they signed up, then didn’t know what to do with it. LOL I’m hoping more and more will give it a try.

    I can’t get my tweets to come to my phone. (From Taylor or Spiner) I must have something set wrong. I’m also now following the guy who’s making the SMB video. Looks like we’ll get more info out of him than the man himself….

  43. Had you never heard “Joy to the World” by 3DN before? God, I’m old…..

  44. Taylor just tweeted he’s gong to do SMB on AI next WED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Snowstorm Says:

    That is GREAT news!!! Yaaayyyyyyyy!

  46. See IAG, I told you that it was good sign when Ryan didn’t announce who would be on next week! LOL He had announced it every other week I’m pretty sure. When he didn’t say anything, I said to myself – it’s going to be Taylor! 😀

  47. spinshack Says:

    Mounting stairs? hahaha Get a sense of humor.

  48. spinshack Says:

    Google alerts.

  49. Hey, I laughed gutter girl…. . 😀

  50. Ha ha – make that “coarse” not “course”….

  51. spinshack Says:

    Got you raj! Yay! Asked Hicks to add me who has money he won’t? hahaha

    Sent him a Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” tune as well. ha.

    Excited he’s going to be on the show. Knew there had to be a reason I had insomnia tonight.

    Nite all.

  52. So, what do you do spin? Sign up for alerts for anything about Taylor Hicks? How do I do that?

  53. Fine twittering Spin and Rajrae! Thanks for the scoop! Think I’ll have to go re-register there. I’m so excited!!!

  54. jerseyirish Says:

    rajrae, My son not a Marine but a musician and when him and his boys get together they can be quite crude. But it never fails folks stop me and tell me what a polite, helpful young man he is, just nod my head and smile!!! 🙂 So yes you are right I always say we have our at home behavior and our outside of the home behavior Taylor is no different then anyone else.


  55. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Really getting into this, enjoy!!! 🙂


  56. jerseyirish Says:

    rajrae, Saw that, its great he is going to be on. Knew they wouldn’t announce ahead of time for him. I’m waiting to see if Ryan spends some time with him after he performs like he has with all the other Idols that have been on. We’ll see.


  57. Wow… I just keep thinking, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m a jaded, doubting Thomas, I guess. Not the naive, trusting AI voter of 3 years ago! Makes me a little sad and nostalgic… *sigh*

  58. Hahaha! Me too YKW! Those were the days….My how times have changed. But for some reason my skeptical self has a feeling this one is legit. There’s still a little naivite you can see in me if you squint real hard and turn your head to the left 😉

  59. Mine is a cautionary tale of innocence lost, momo…

  60. Awwww! I’m crying right along with you babe 😉

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