This might be part of the problem…

…with Taylor’s reputation. I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed this guy talking about Taylor’s fans. Then I found the conversation.

twitter1 All you have to do is search on Twitter for Taylor Hicks fans. It’s pretty enlightening.

Then I found this from a Twitter. But be warned, there is harsh language in it…but part of me thinks that Taylor would love to write a column like this. 😆

But this made me laugh out loud just a bit…from a tweet from NowPick:

If Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken raised a child, it would be just like Adam Lambert. Campy and uncommercial.

I’m sure after this, I’ll be called a hater again. I’m not, I’m a fan, and being a fan doesn’t mean that I have to like every single thing Taylor Hicks does, plus it’s absolutely ridiculous that I have to defend the way I am a fan. He’s not perfect, neither is anyone else. One of the problems with the Soul Patrol is how serious everything is. It’s ok to make fun of Taylor. It’s ok if everybody in the world doesn’t like him. No amount of name calling, stalking or petitioning is going to change that. In fact, it’s just going to piss everybody off. Look at the reputation that his fans are giving him and don’t even get me started on what he’s doing to himself. I mean, this is just Joe Q. Public twittering. This is not somebody part of the fandom. This is what incessantly calling radio stations and defending him on EVERY blog/website does.

I just wonder how many fans have been run off by the Soul Patrol in their quest to get the big scoop.

This seems to be the perception of the general public. How did this start? And how can it be turned around to the positive for Taylor Hicks?


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  1. PortlandBD Says:

    Is that Portland Mercury article true? About being one of the first three in line I mean? ‘Cause if it is I’m camping out!

    “Something that rhymes with Soul” Patrol!

  2. Wow! That link to the Portland article was quite disturbing. I read like a 10-year old boy’s comments- and an incredibly untalented one at that! Yuk! Have to agree with these kids observations about Taylor fans having a reputation of being scarey! I’m afraid they’re up there with the Claymates! At least the girl wasn’t too intimidated to admit she’s a fan. I’m afraid many young people might be. Too bad :=(
    Maybe Taylor’s lack of correspondence is his attempt to quell the rabid SP!

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    The article was a little disturbing, not something Taylor would put out. Don’t care what he thinks about his fans behind the scenes just can’t see him signing off on something like that.

    I am sure some of the fans go way overboard, maybe because I don’t venture too far I don’t see alot of it.


  4. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL, the article was funny.. that’s called tongue-in-cheek humor. I’m sure some fans will be offended by that because they don’t get it.

    Yes, the soul patrol are exactly like the claymates. They just don’t understand that a rabid fanbase turns people off and against Taylor and the fanbase. They have definitely hurt Taylor’s career.

  5. hicksaholic Says:

    I feel sure Taylor didn’t sign off on that article. He might think it was funny if it was about somebody other than him. Not sure what the Portland Mercury is but it obviously must not be mainstream media.

    I agree some of Taylor’s fans are all about the rainbows and kittens but I don’t think overall there are many that would act inappropriately. I think it is more a mother protecting a cub attitude than totally wacko fans. I do agree Taylor has a lot of older women as fans but it is what it is and their money spends as well as anybody’s. I also think sometimes because there are a lot of older fans it somehow follows that they are to be ridiculed or pitied( something that never fails to piss me off).

  6. Snowstorm Says:

    But why do they act like they are his mother? Taylor is a stranger – nobody knows him personally. Fans do not know him. And why do they care so much if somebody doesn’t like him? I think it has a lot to do because they voted for him on AI. But, this is stupid reality show. Nobody cares.

  7. blueberry Says:

    As a fan who usually keeps her mouth shut, I think (aw man, I shouldn’t even go here) the twitter conversation captures quite well what is going on with Taylor’s reputation. When I introduce or reintroduce, as the case may be, Taylor to someone, his talent or his genius is never in question, but there is this perception out there that being a fan of his means you are somewhat off-kilter and quite possibly strange. To me, it would be like saying someone is a Pee Wee Herman fan and a fan of going to a movie theatre with multiple purposes in mind. The implication is not good. (So sorry Pee Wee Herman fans – I couldn’t think of anyone else as an example).

    I know I am in the minority, but I definitely will not be offended if Taylor does not Twitter, Myspace, Facebook -whatever. Frankly, I do not want to know anything about him except tour and album info. Although I do enjoy the photos his fans frequently take and share! I’ve been able to find album/tour info so far without having to get it directly from him. I get that his pr people have probably dropped the ball periodically, but, as with any new enterprise, mistakes happen and you learn from them. I don’t care if he does or does not go on AI. Actually, if, as the case has been made, AI treated him so poorly, why would he go on that show?

    I’m not sure what the answer to his fan base reputation is – I love when someone is passionate about something, but perhaps there is such a thing as too much passion! Or, perhaps this passion should be redirected somehow, so instead of incessantly calling radio stations as has been alleged, incessantly call all those people in your lives whose phone calls, tweets, emails you’ve been avoiding. Maybe we can still support him by attending shows etc., and at the same time, avoid giving the critics ammunition. Yes, I am a glass half full kind of girl…

  8. casualfan Says:

    Funny they mention Lake Oswego area…that’s considered the “high end” of Portland.

  9. charcoal Says:

    Back in March of 2008 Techcrunch estimated the number of Twitter messages per day to be almost 3 million for it’s 1 million registered users.

    Given, that Twitter now reports over 5 million registered users that “per day” number would expand to something like 15 million twitter messages.

    As you correctly point out a search for “Taylor Hicks Fans” returns a few results. Six.

    I can’t be bothered to divide 6 by 15 million any more than I care to divide 6 by the actual number of messages that Twitter has in it’s search index.

    Either way, the number of people who are talking on Twitter about “Taylor Hicks Fans” is, statistically speaking – zero.

    Just checking your math.

  10. Dammit, now you’ve pissed off the Pee Wee Herman fans. Maybe this will make them happy..:lol:

    I’m sorry…I had to!!

  11. Well, Gray, thanks for checking. However, Twitter is just a small sample of what’s out there in the big open regarding Taylor Hicks and his fan base. You of all people should know that. 😉

  12. hicksaholic Says:

    I agree that defending Taylor ad nauseum and repeatedly calling radio stations is not helping Taylor. But I think Taylor’s problem is more complicated than just an overly zealous fanbase. Taylor played the goofy guy9(at least to a degree) on AI and that’s the last a lot of America has seen of him. When you combine that with the perception of his fanbase and constant jabs by the media(perhaps partially caused by a lack of support from AI for whatever reason) Taylor has a big mountain to climb.

  13. Yep, I agree. I think he tried with this current album and video to drop the goofy persona. But, unfortunately, it seems to not be working. Short of coming back under an alias, I’m not sure what could be done.

  14. casualfan Says:

    Taylor should put some dark roots in his hair, put on a funky-hip tee with a cool jacket and tight jeans, boots and please burn the white shirts and the rest of the button shirts…makes him look too old.


  15. hicksaholic Says:

    So the dark roots would be kind of the opposite of someone dying their hair brown or black and having gray roots. Taylor would have gray hair with dark roots. That’s funny.

    I agree at least partially on the button up shirts. I think the shirts are fine- I just think he shouldn’t unbutton them too much. It makes him seem Tom Jonesish.

  16. JumpedtheShark Says:

    LOL, funny blog IAG. The article made me laugh *snort*

  17. Snowstorm Says:

    The button down shirts are fine if he wears it with a jacket, but I agree with hicksaholic, that he should button up the shirt. Showing your chest hair is very 1970’s and outdated look. Reminds me too much of macho Italian men… all he needs is a gold chain. *shudders*

  18. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I love the unbuttoned shirt with the chest hair, but have to agree with SS. Kinda Magnum PI’ish lol.

  19. taylorfan06 Says:

    I don’t think that Taylor’s main focus is to “hip.” He is who he is – an excellent performer who puts out great music and does Amazing live shows. Having seen Taylor in “Grease”, to what appeared to be a SOLD OUT show (among the many other performances I’ve read about), and the cheering he receives, I feel there is a good majority who likes what they see and hear. Maybe they’re not all buying his music, but just going to the shows that appear to sell well, shows their support for the man.

    What IS considered hip today (Lady Gagga, Blo Rider, Timberfake, etc.) worries me. I loathe the majority of the so called “songs” on todays charts. They just don’t appeal to me and I can only wonder where the direction of music is headed. *biting nails*

    Taylor stays true to who he is and if people “get” it, great, if they don’t, …oh. well! There is a originality to Taylor that separates his sound from those “hip” performers. I love him for that. I have enjoyed Taylor since AI and I enjoy him today. There will always be the naysayers with ANYONE, because no one is able to please everybody. Just because the music, sells, doesn’t mean it’s good or everyone likes it. I see too many “sheep” out there.

    I enjoy being a fan of Taylor’s, and after meeting him on several occasions, I find him to be very down to earth and just someone with a vision that loves music and performing. His hard work has paid off and will continue to do so.

    The bottom line is, I LOVE his intense, passionate, fun, Live performances, all his CD’s, the music of “his” heroes, who I’ve adopted into my musical life over the past 3 years, and his perseverance and tenacity to “reach for the sky”.

    I find him to be the real deal and I’ll remain a lifetime fan. Period. Hip or not.

  20. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’ve only seen that look at The Cafe (Grease doesn’t count), and I think it worked for him. But it’s not necessary everytime. Sexy is as sexy does. I bet if you were there, close up, you may feel a bit different though.

  21. taylorfan06 Says:

    Again, sexy is as sexy does. The crowd dug it!

  22. taylorfan06 Says:

    Magnum is hot too! Lovin’ the fur!!!

  23. There’s a part of the fanbase that feels that b/c Mr. Hicks won, based on their votes, that they are, indeed, responsible for him. They call radio stations incessantly, they bombard anyone with a view unlike their own (ie. completely hyper-positive), and they participate in any online poll they can find; the goal is to win, place, or show. Mr. Hicks has moved far beyond anyone they are merely a fan of, into someone they feel represents them to the world.

  24. How do we feel about back hair? Anyone??!?


  25. And how exactly do you know that the crowd “dug it”? Did you take a poll? Did they all tell you? Did you give them a survey as they walked out the door?

  26. Um, people don’t go to Grease just to see Taylor Hicks.

  27. He doesn’t have back hair or shoulder hair, just the right amount of hair everywhere. Enjoyed your positive post taylorfan06. I think the majority of people who watched his AI season like him but they just aren’t buying his music or following his career. I doubt that 50% who watch the show bother voting for anyone. I think he is a likable fellow.

  28. taylorfan06 Says:

    Trust me, aig – MANY do!!!

    If you’ve read any reviews, the praise for Taylor is ALWAYS positive. I seen MANY of those reviews. Maybe you need to see a show!!!
    He’s got something.

  29. The Grease audience does enjoy him IAG. You’d have to go to one of the shows to see and hear that and no poll is necessary. May I suggest that anyone who can do so see him in Grease before judging him for taking the part. Even the negative critics of Grease have all been positive about him. He definately can get other Broadway shows and steal the shows. I’m feeling a tad bit pissy as I am now taking codiene cough syrup. Felt too sick to comment on the tongue pix, but tongues are not my thing.

  30. taylorfan06 Says:

    The point of my post was that he does have supporters and being “hip” is relative. It was that simple. No need to disect everything.

  31. taylorfan06 Says:

    Always questioning EVERYTHING, don’t you??

  32. Rosie, I just wanted to let you know that this comment was my 10,000th.

    Yay Rosie!!

  33. taylorfan06 Says:

    Not the situation with Taylor.

  34. taylorfan06 Says:

    He is that, Rosie. I am also a glass half full person. Life is too short.

  35. Snowstorm Says:

    But, when are you going to realize he does need fans to keep going as an entertainer?

    And his role in Grease in nothing more than stunt casting. The role of teen angel is just for that purpose.

  36. hicksaholic Says:

    I guess you are a ‘balls” kind of girl right?

  37. hicksaholic Says:

    I am definitely going to see him in Grease as soon as he hits either Bham, or Atlanta or possibly Memphis. But I will probably only go to Grease once whereas I would love to hit several shadow dates if they are within a reasonable difference.

  38. To the tune of ‘Stand By Your Man’

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a Hicks fan
    Giving all her love to just one man
    She’ll have bad times
    While he has good times
    Doin things that she don’t understand

    Because she loves him
    She’ll forgive him
    Even though he’s hard to understand
    When folks make fun of him
    She can’t help but defend him
    Cause after all she’s just a fan

    Stand by your man
    And love his every decision
    Don’t let the bad fans hurt him
    With all their loud complaining

    Stand by your man
    And tell the world you love him
    Keep giving all the love you can
    Stand by your man!

  39. omg… The CoDependents’ Anthem. LOL!

  40. Yeah, I told y’all that I became less of a Grease hater after I saw it. Much as I love Taylor the musician, he’s good as Teen Angel. He’s got stage presence, charisma, comedic instincts and a gorgeous voice.


  41. Omg indeed! You ARE funny YKW! And SenoriTA, I hope you’re being sarcastic!!! Really, I do…

  42. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Not doing Grease. I won’t submit myself to 2 plus hours of Sha-na-na-nah for 5 minutes of *gulp* Beauty School Dropout. I just can’t go there.

  43. casualfan Says:

    Taylor does need to attract a younger fan base TF6. Every teen ager I have spoken with doesn’t care for his image because he reminds them of their grandpa’s…that’s a direct quote. My tee shirt comment is also a direct quote from a teen ager.

    It’s all in marketing oneself and that is Hicks’ main problem.

  44. Well, when you make statements that generalized, yes, then I question them.

  45. Me either.

    *shakes head*

  46. casualfan Says:

    I’m with you JTS. I don’t give a flying fig how good he is I just won’t go there.

    The AMERICAN IDOL WINNER title is what’s driving up those sales and not Hicks himself. IF it was Taylor driving up the sales, they wouldn’t be putting that title in front of his name.

    It’s called MARKETING

  47. Fifty’s music gives me nightmares! Maybe it’s the Frankie Valle falsetto, but I can’t stand it. Hey, musical taste is, IMHO, genetically wired. Clearly, truly great musicians technically, both vocally and instumentally, are god’s gifts…but as far as the every day pop stuff, really, it’s all up to personal taste. Taylor clearly taps into something in most of us posters here and that’s our link or else we wouldn’t be her, I hope!

  48. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’m not in the least surprised by your comment, aig.
    I knew you never saw the show or planned to go.

    Your loss, I say. At the very least though, if you did break down your wall of everything Grease, you would most likely get to meet him to probe about decisions he’s made.

    …C’mon, take the dare.

  49. taylorfan06 Says:

    That’s go for any of you here. (You know who you are.)

  50. taylorfan06 Says:

    That’s for the update, Professor Einstein!

    Regardless of what you say (all knowing – yes, that’s sarcasm), the ROAR for Taylor’s performance, especially his intro and finish is DEAFENING!!! They really love him. And i think they know who he is, regardless of the AIW title.

    Taylor Hicks IS a household name and isn’t that great for us fans here! Quite heavenly!!!

  51. spinshack Says:

    Not to mention, YKW hitting his vids repeatedly too – what did I read? Something about doing this will boost sales numbers (or something) I can’t see how that affects sales, but Okeedokee. LOL

  52. spinshack Says:

    One thing, why would anyone much be focused on Taylor Hicks Fans anyway? Seems like in the scheme of the Big Real to just not be a thing, you know. I’ve been on twitter, having some fun, but haven’t seen much on Hicks at all.

  53. spinshack Says:

    Ahahaha – Man that might be the thing he needs RE: reinvention. Like the Witness Protection Plan. He could die his hair, change his name and who the hell knows what might happen. Wait. There’s always Bill. He’d need a disguise too. 😎

  54. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, with the hair and then my Dad’s clothes it does makes him look older.

  55. spinshack Says:

    Hell at least there were no gold chains swinging.

  56. spinshack Says:

    Back hair – bet he has a little. *grins*

  57. spinshack Says:

    So Rose, when the last time you’ve seen our man nekkid?

  58. spinshack Says:

    Is that you Charcoal? LOL

  59. I’m sure if you were to investigate other artist fan bases, you will see the same thing. David Cook just had to post to his fans to back off. David does have young fans, so the middle aged cougars arent all the problem. We all know about Daughtry fans. This isn’t something that is just limited to Taylor.

    IMO it is a small group of the fans that are totally into, “Taylor can do no wrong.”

    For most of the fans I think this is the first time they have ever followed an artist so closely. I know for me it is. But I don’t have the need to know when he shits, who he did last night, what he had for breakfast.
    I think it is human nature to want to defend something that you are passionate about. You do have to admit that it does get old hearing snarky remarks about Taylor all the time. Maybe he is deserving of some, maybe not.

    I don’t believe that this blog is a “hate blog”, but what would someone who is searching for Taylor info think? They would be..” wow even some of his fans think he is a dipshit.” I don’t always agree with some comments on here, but it’s a free world. Just because I don’t agree doesn’t mean that it is wrong, after all it is someones opinion.

    I believe that it is Taylor that draws people to Grease. Why is Taylor known nowadays….. American Idol…so why wouldn’t they put that out there?

  60. And Taylor needs to stop sitting on me everytime I lay down! That ‘once upon a lover’ joke is getting old!



  62. taylorfan06 Says:
    April 20, 2009 at 6:23 pm e

    I’m not in the least surprised by your comment, aig.
    I knew you never saw the show or planned to go.

    Your loss, I say. At the very least though, if you did break down your wall of everything Grease, you would most likely get to meet him to probe about decisions he’s made.

    …C’mon, take the dare.

    See, that’s where you’re wrong. I did plan to go to Grease. I went to the city, I stayed two blocks away…but when it came time to go, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I couldn’t watch him like that. It makes my stomach hurt.

  63. taylorfan06 Says:

    Get over yourself.

  64. I totally get that. It just doesn’t jibe with the image of gritty bar Taylor.

    Don’t fret over it, tf06, we can agree to disagree.

  65. hahahhaaha…oh my.

  66. oops, I mean, si bueno. adios again.

  67. Brightlite Says:

    Twitter is a board to say what you are doing at the moment. Right or not. Didnt know it was a stage for bad comedy. Again i ask who in their right mind is searching taylor hicks fans. What purpose does serve. Life awaits. Get away from the keyboard and try looking up old friends or find that ex you truly wish you didnt leave and see whats going on there. But consider how twitter just a waste of brain cells. And consider what obsession means and how detrimental it is to the people around you. Loved ones. I learned the hard way. Just trying to help some of you. In your quest to find the elusive taylor hicks you may only find everyone around you long gone. I am saying be a fan but keep it real. He is not real. Know whats in your world or face losing. Caryl called her husband stupid recently. Be careful is all i am saying. Know what is real. Sorry to be a stick in the mud but this thread poses no redeeming value. Sorry iag. I like you but what is the point here.

  68. oh, senoriTA, you’re so wise. Tell me, has Taylor gained any weight recently? Figured you would be the first to know, since he’s on you all the time. 😉

  69. You just proved my point. Life is not so serious!! It’s ok to twitter. It’s ok to play around on the computer…Believe it or not, I have a family, friends and a job. And oh yes, wow, I have a blog. It doesn’t mean I spend every waking moment thinking about Taylor, that’s for sure.

    Everything in moderation, BL. I have this blog to talk openly about Taylor Hicks and the state of his career/fandom/or anything else I can think of. I also have this blog and like to share new music that I find. I can guarantee you that I am grounded in reality, without a doubt.


  70. Muy bien SenoriTA!! Que tal? Esta bien? No esta el senor negro??? Si es la verdad, lolololol…

  71. taylorfan06 Says:

    The horror of it all! Po-leeeeze

  72. I think I love you SenoriTA!

  73. taylorfan06 Says:

    Not into labels here. I call Taylor “entertainment”. I haven’t been disappointed yet!

  74. What the What????Don’t be dissin Grey like that!

  75. Lighten up BL, no one here needs a sermon.

  76. taylorfan06 Says:

    Keep telling yourself that!

  77. taylorfan06 Says:

    Keep telling yourself that!

    I find this site to be “serious”ly judgmental A LOT!

    I stop with the “reality” card.

  78. taylorfan06 Says:

    And stop… I meant to say.

  79. He was a mall Easter Bunny while playing those bar gigs, so why not teen angle for the big bucks and his name in lights, and good reviews.

  80. Bwahahahahaha
    Your twitterer HipHop144 is Secret Stare.

  81. Brightlite Says:

    Taking the time and energy to search taylor hicks fans on twitter them writing about it is grounded. Ok he you say so. To an observer it is over the top fan investment. I did a study to uncover what kids look for in music to gain or lend insight. Maybe that was nuts too but it had an outcome. Information. I apologize for saying anything. I have a fever and cough and i need to just abandon this for a while. I got ill in florida and cant shake this. Feel better rose.

  82. I too have grappled with spending less time on the as BL has mentioned. Having two younguns, I’m so fortunate to have a hands on partner. Really BL, that last comment came across as very judgemental and cold! Even though this is a place where people disagree with each other’s political, religious, and musical beliefs, I hope it continues to support its followers. Stating that the last post has no redeeming values is just downright mean! Lets keep it real!

  83. Feel better BL, though I hardly know ya! :=)

  84. Brightlite Says:

    Rose you need not tell me to lighten up. Last time i looked i was holding at a lean 119. Sermon who. Try just looking out for the gals.

  85. All facetiousness aside, back to IAG’s original question, how do we change the perception of the general public and turn it into a positive for Taylor? My guess is to listen to your favorite artists and follow course. What does Ray LaMontagne do? How about the “cool” non commercial artists we all enjoy. How do they market themselves?

  86. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Hope you start to feel better soon, sometimes these colds hang on forever.


  87. Yes, the time and energy to type three small words into the Twitter search engine. I just don’t know how I’m still awake.

  88. ☆ fan (fan)

    a person enthusiastic about a specified sport, pastime, or performer; devotee a baseball fan, movie fan

    Etymology: contr. < fanatic

    Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.
    Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    Hmm, enthusiastic about a… performer. Nope, nothing in there about tearing them to shreds on a daily basis.

  89. Mmmmkay, Bingo, nowhere in your def does it describe a mindless drone who will drool at every word the so called “specified performer” has to say. Just not feelin it…and who is tearing this so called performer apart and who is drooling nonsensically??? Seems like the 2005 version of Websters is a weeeee bit behind the times..

  90. Some people’s “tearing them to shreds” equals other peoples “opinions”.

  91. Hmm, enthusiastic about a… performer. Nope, nothing in there about tearing them to shreds on a daily basis.

    *BINGO !!!!*

    zi don’t think Taylor’s fans think he is perfect….but ,boy, most days here he can’t do anything right.

  92. Snowstorm Says:

    BL, this isn’t your blog and IAG can blog about anything she wants to. She made a point on how over-invested and scary fans have turned some potential fans away and this particular fan is now bad-mouthing them on Twitter to someone who is not part of the fanbase. So, face it, you hate that the finger is pointing in your direction. This is really what your’re mad about.

  93. momo…so let me get this straight….the positive posters are merely mindless drooling very self righteous of you.

  94. OMG. Yep, you’re right. Most days, nobody can do anything right enough for me. It’s how I roll. Here’s what I really want to say:

    First off, he’s a man, so he’s already got one strike against him. Secondly, he can be an idiot. Strike two. The only thing saving him right now is his ability to blow on a harp and carry a hell of a package around.

    It’s really the package and harp I’m a fan of anyway. I’ve never said one bad thing about either of them.


  95. No Habla Español

  96. Hold up, wait a minute!! I didn’t call my husband stupid. I said ‘stupid husband’ as a joke, like a spoiled child might say, ‘stupid homework!’ It was totally a joke. I was saying that he would never let me fly out of town just to see a Taylor show. I have a great relationship with my husband. We tease each all the time and laugh together a lot.

    Just had to make that clear.

  97. Yeah, Ann that’s what I meant…notice the very obvious sarcastic eye roll…Please, stop taking yourself and me so seriously!

  98. Gotta love the package and the harp!/I get it too;=)

  99. You sexist!!! You’re disgusting sexualization of him is just sexually sexalicious!!!

    Umm, I mean …. No!! Stop it!!
    He’s just ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC!! He’s a southern gentleman with a grandmother, for God’s sake!!

  100. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor is a good boy. He’s saving himself for marriage, you know. And he’s looking for a “good girl”.

  101. Thank god, Snow. You’re a TRUE FAN!!!

  102. I’m a good girl.

    wait…define “good”…….. >:)

  103. Snowstorm Says:

    well, if you are not a “goody-two-shoes” you are not eligible. Sorry rhonda! 😦

  104. He’s lost weight. Very nice. But he still eats too much chili which is when he thinks the ‘once upon a lover’ joke is especially funny. I don’t.

  105. Noooo! I am NOT sexualizing his manliness man sexy man thinginess! Someday I hope to be a grandmother!!!!Maybe? or not???
    And I’m soooooo all about the music toooooo. Sorry for being so disgusting:=P You’re right, I’m wrong, I’ll change!

  106. But!! but!!


    Fine, I’ll just have to go find a bad boy to go do bad things with….I guess.

  107. rhonda, you really should change your ways for Taylor. 🙂

  108. I can dress up as a good girl….if he’d like. hehe…

  109. TayTay doesn’t even know what a “bad girl” would do.
    He’s INNOCENT!!! He can’t even spell the word “bad”!!

  110. Noooo! I am NOT sexualizing his manliness man sexy man thinginess!
    LOL, momo!!!!

  111. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, rhonda, because Taylor is good and pure, then his mate must also be good and pure.

  112. Damn it.

    I hate pussy boys.


    Oh wait, this is supposed to be a SRS discussion. 😐

  113. Right back at you YKM! i’m using my I touch, so I feel sort. Of slow..haha Reminds me of Steven Hawkings. I feel so bad for hisfamily! Me feeling big thumbed and awkward must be one million times easiervthan his life “on a daily basis” . Reality check?

  114. mamaforpeace Says:

    The thing is FAN=FANATIC, which implies over the top. Maybe some of us are just appreciator of Mr. Hicks!

  115. Good Lord, if the likes of Britney can make a comeback, then Taylor certainly can. Tide

  116. Ugh…this computer replies before I finish…
    Meant to say, Tides can turn….

  117. Badfantoo Says:

    BL is talking about who is or isn’t grounded? Are we in some sort of bizarre parallel universe?

    senoriTA es una mujer muy gracioso. 🙂

  118. momo Says:
    April 20, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    All facetiousness aside, back to IAG’s original question, how do we change the perception of the general public and turn it into a positive for Taylor? My guess is to listen to your favorite artists and follow course. What does Ray LaMontagne do? How about the “cool” non commercial artists we all enjoy. How do they market themselves?


    Not sure “we” can do much of anything … think the effect of the SP on the general music buying public is virtually non-existent … or about what Charcoal pointed out upthread – seriously over-inflated as a place to point a finger. I’ve made it a point to ask people who are fans of the AI show how much music they buy . . very few buy any at all. Non-AI people who do buy a lot of music don’t know and could care less about some group called the Soul Patrol.
    Think it is pretty much up to Taylor to help Taylor.

    An elder statesman of the blues, Charlie Musselwhite, told someone who asked how he chose music that if you play what you love your audience will find you.

    Along that same idea . . a local DJ who did a lot to promote Taylor for the last album has lost interest in him because of the blatantly commercial shotgun approach of Distance. His feeling is that Taylor has to establish a musical identity that people can relate to, and that he will continue to struggle to find an audience until he does decide who the hell he wants to be as a musician.

    Think about the reason most of us relate to SMB . . isn’t it because we can truly hear Taylor in that song ? Maybe you Should has broad appeal for the same reason IMHO.

    Do what you love and your audience will find you . .. a wise man is Mr. Musselwhite.

    Sorry for intruding on the fun and games . . . . returning the thread to it’s regularly scheduled programing . . .

  119. mamaforpeace Says:

    That’s the way I feel!

  120. Why should we do anything to “change the perception of the general public and turn it into a positive for Taylor?” Is that our job as fans any more than clicking on his videos throughout the day or any of those other things? Is it even possible for “us” to do that? I doubt it….

  121. mamaforpeace Says:

    that was meant as a reply to having Taylor do Grease make my stomach hurt!

  122. casualfan Says:

    Taylorfan6 wrote:
    That’s for the update, Professor Einstein!

    Regardless of what you say (all knowing – yes, that’s sarcasm), the ROAR for Taylor’s performance, especially his intro and finish is DEAFENING!!! They really love him. And i think they know who he is, regardless of the AIW title.

    Taylor Hicks IS a household name and isn’t that great for us fans here! Quite heavenly!!!

    Wow! I’m impressed of the fact that Taylor is a household name TF6. These elusive households must be located in the community of Soul Patrol Land in a quaint subdivision called Fantasy, right?

  123. casualfan Says:

    I agree AH. Taylor once made the statement in an interview that a good song always finds it’s way to the radio….given the fact that he isn’t getting much if any radio play, that’s a prophetic statement coming from him.

    Since everyone is stampeding into Civic centers across America to see Taylor star is Grease, perhaps Taylor should consider doing a single of “BSD” and making a video. Afterall, he IS a household name. 😉

  124. Caryl, you don’t need to clear up any statements obviously made in jest to us. The posters on this blog who know you of course knew you were joking. I think it’s sad that someone is trying to attack you personally.

    Context is everything, BL. That’s what “keeping it real” means.

  125. Take a right on Delusion Drive, cf. 😉

  126. How about the “cool” non commercial artists we all enjoy. How do they market themselves?

    Gee, IAG, I think you’ve probably answered that very question yourself, when you’re not busy tearing apart Mr. Hicks reputation “on a daily basis”.

    They market themselves through the internet, by focusing ON THEIR MUSIC, and using the myriad of websites out there that music lovers flock to:, Pandora, among the most popular. And no, at last check, Mr. Hicks has yet to update those sites with his new music.

    They promote themselves through interaction with their fans, offering performance and song clips ON THEIR OWN WEBSITES. They don’t have their fans do their promotion for them, instead they offer their fans a place to enjoy the music these artists are so invested in.

    They concentrate their energies in touring, touring, touring, THEIR MUSIC, not loping along singing the same single from an outdated musical. They don’t promote their new CD with a “shadow tour” event every 6 weeks or so.

    They work their asses off, getting their music heard … something that Mr. Hicks used to do.

  127. casualfan Says:

    One can travel down Delusion Drive till they come to the fork in the road near the ocean that says: Fanatic Pkwy turn left, Reality Pkwy turn right…I chose to turn right even though the scenery is not as pretty and traffic is light.

  128. casualfan Says:


  129. I think the SP (and I was there and guilty of it too, during AI5) got caught up in a form of mass hysteria. Taylor was likened as the second coming of Elvis Presley. Impossible shoes to fill. Just plain impossible.
    I think alot of the knee jerk comments come from the SP’s perception of Taylor being the butt of the joke or that the SP themselves are the butt of the joke. Fans are fickle creatures and can turn on the artist or on each other when things don’t turn out as planned. I’ve been guilty of trying to “protect” an artist from bad & distasteful comments, but if you’re on an official board (American or Canadian Idol for example), where opinions for or against are all welcomed, you have to learn to grow a thick skin or get banned. Sometimes by trying to defend the artist, a fan can end up attacking a fellow poster…….I see it time & time again. It’s time to defend the poster’s right to an opinion. Hicks has thick skin, show business is full of “NO”s with maybe only one YES in a hundred. The artists are used to it. I thik the SP are getting a reputation as a mob rather than as a fanbase. It’s sad, really.
    We no longer have the right to offend here in Canada……..the Political Correctness Squad have the law on their side and it is getting really scary up here.
    Here is an article about it, not sure how relevant it is on this particular thread, tho, but food for thought.

  130. ooooops, the last link was a tongue in cheek site! THIS is the link showing the idiocy of the Canadian Government:

    Sorry folks! Some weeks have more than one Monday!

  131. ……….OH, and if you follow the George Carlin link of him responding to a hekler, please make sure there are no little kiddies in the room……….I’m just sayin’……pretty brutal, funny but mean and BRUTAL!

  132. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I think it’s extremely hot.

  133. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Haven’t you seen the beach pix? No back hair.

  134. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    No comprendo nada

  135. Before I head off to work……..UGH ………. I thought I’d share this funny little reality break with you all.

    Have a great day everyone!

  136. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    You mean you bought the ticket and everything?… That sucks. 😦

  137. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Oh my! LOL!

  138. That is fantastic!!! Love it!

  139. spinshack Says:

    Random much, henry8? Wha…?

  140. spinshack Says:

    Let me elaborate – A.)Iinteresting you’re so vested you’d know that and B.) Who cares?

  141. spinshack Says:

    Bwhahahaha! It is a wearing out process.

  142. spinshack Says:

    I see no shreds on this blog Bingo. Just dialogue.

  143. spinshack Says:

    You forgot his tongue. 😛 Big fan here of that. haha

  144. spinshack Says:

    Now there’s a thought, especially since he’s obviously quite happy with that role in a nudie suit. LOL

    Wait. That probably won’t work either. *sigh*

  145. spinshack Says:

    Straight into the dead end street called Anonymity Lane.

    (couldn’t stop myself)

  146. spinshack Says:

    I recall those days from That Board which shall be nameless (ssshhhhh) we were both on. (I only lasted a short while – hahaha)

    It got pretty rabid at times, we were pretty pumped about the guy.

  147. Snowstorm Says:

    I was there at the beginning too I honestly could see this coming. How could poor Taylor ever live up to that hype? Impossible! Even Taylor was believing his own hype. He’s going to change “fucking pop music”??? Yeah, right! The Soul Patrol didn’t help because they were almost as famous as Taylor. I really think the Soul Patrol ended up being a curse for Taylor.

  148. spinshack Says:

    We know, Snow. lol

  149. spinshack Says:

    I love him. So true about that flight story. ahahaha!

  150. casualfan Says:

    My guess that Taylor not shouting out “soul patrol” any longer is telling in itself. Seems like he’s tired of it also…hopefully it will catch on

  151. spinshack Says:

    Flitting around this morning and read where 7Mile the choice for the AI appearance. Of course this is rumor, but would be a great choice.

    BTW we’re all morons. 😛

  152. Wow. That’s it? Just morons?

    Has this AI appearance been confirmed by AI? Or is everybody all in a flutter just because Taylor said he was going to be on? Man, please don’t tell me this is everybody relying on Taylor’s word again.

  153. spinshack Says:

    “Unnamed Source” cited. 🙄

  154. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Well IMO he still working very hard.

  155. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I believe every word Taylor says. 😉

  156. It’s not working because the album doesn’t work . . it’s all over the place. That may work for those who are already fans but for the general public maybe not so much. Like the DJ said . . Taylor needs to decide who he is as an artist . . would go out on a limb and suggest it ain’t Pop 40 !

  157. casualfan Says:

    It will be interesting to see if T does appear on AI and what his actual song choice is. I think he’s coming back this way in a couple of weeks so he will be in the neighborhood of AI.

  158. I’m pretty sure he’ll do SMB for American Idol. It’ll showcase not only his awesome vocals, plus he can play guitar and harmonica. Plus it’s so him.

  159. brightlite Says:

    Snow…I came back to read a bit since I last posted and had to laugh at your response to my post. Firstly, this may be IAG’s blog but I am entitled to my own opinion and I still do NOT see the merit in researching or following the fans of Hicks. That was the pointof my post. I see that at obsessive behavior. While I can justify being a fan of him, as he is the AI winner and celebrity, I am aghast when people get involved in fanwars and seek and find information to feed it! If I post here I am considered on your side of the war and sometimes you guys war with chill and I like chill and was a fan of her blog, but then I go over there and they are talking about you guys…its just so weird. It’s like high school and I work in one for God’s sake and they don’t act this bad! The post from IAG just proves that Twitter is another Internet rat hole which I said earlier in kinder, and gentler words. It is another place to post anonomously so that you can spout about anything and anyone you want without responsibility. So when you replied that these fans are pointing a finger at me, the ones on Twitter I have to just “guffaw” at that! I am not a member of any boards, blogs, or any undeground or above ground chat rooms that are protecting Taylor Hicks. I do NOT defend him for everything he does, nor do I profess he is the second coming. I think he is talented and I like him personally, but I realize that he is not exactly who he claimed to be on Idol, and that was that. I see people in person, and when they look at me, in my eyes, they know I am real and for some reason, when I saw Taylor in Sayreville I didn’t see a bar Taylor or a gritty Taylor on stage that first time, I saw a light that was trying to shine and just needed some encouragement and some fuel for his fire. I was that kind of fan for two years, the kind that gave the encouragement and provided light in a dark and dirty world entertainment world. In return I was treated like dirt here on the Net, called terrible names, insulted and maligned. I ended up protecting myself not protecting him, I abhor people who lose focus on what is really the issue at hand, that being Taylor and focus on fans, other fans, they are either intimidated by or jealous of for some reason. So I don’t think the Soul Patrol is responsible for drivng fans away, it is fans like you, and fans of your kind, who hate and who are spiteful and who lack any sense of dignity. Why last week, you called me a crazy bitch, and IAG let it go! I don’t need abuse, I am a good person, and I do a decent living with children which I do very well, and in turn I have a good life. I am not the kind of fan that the Twitterers are speaking of, since I am not on any sites, so don’t clump me in there. But I do care about people and try to help others and THAT may be my biggest down fall here on the Net and in the Taylor fandom. THAT aspect of me, my goodness and my abilty to see into the hearts of others is where I am failing to fit in on any blog. But I don’t want to compromise so I won’t change. I am what I am. Sorry you guys cannot appreciate that I have lived through alot and have seen alot and know when things are about to change. Hold on tight to what you got. A change is gonna come. Mark my words. Time is of the essence.
    Good luck Taylor with everything! Your video and your new music and all that you do. Keep your chin up and know who you are, you KNOW I was on your side like no one else, I am sorry that you have lost your biggest fan, or lost her Internet presence. JI-I love you girl…but this is all too over the top for a girl like me. We will stay in touch. Spin…you know where to find me chica. Everyone else I wish you all well and hope you all live a blessed life.
    I won’t be posting here or anywhere anymore. I have just had enough of the games that people play. This blog is no different than any other blog.
    It’s all posturing folks. Admit that.
    Brightlite is burned out.

  160. For the record, just wanted to point out that I personally have never “warred” with Chill.

  161. jerseyirish Says:

    BlL, Be well stay in touch.


  162. Snowstorm Says:

    Why don’t you just admit that you are an obsessed, over-invested fan. You pretty much just wrote a book here! Anybody reading that would think you have lots of time on your hands.

    My only problem with you is that your opinion is always right and everybody else’s is crap and you just go on and on and on and don’t know when to shut-up! So, the millions of people using Twitter are all wrong and you are right? Where the hell is the logic in that? You do amuse me at times. But, you also remind me of someone who is very uptight, rigid and lacking a sense of humor.

    whatever. Good luck to you.

  163. I admit I’ve had my goofy moments here. It makes me sad to see someone’s feelings get hurt due to the spirit of the moment. I also don’t think the large majority of posters here say things to intentionally hurt others either. It’s frustrating that a person’s emotions are difficult to read in an often hastily written post. I’ve even caught myself wondering, “what did they mean by that”? But you can’t dwell on these things or you’ll go nuts!

  164. spinshack Says:

    Adios Chica, life moves on and so do we sometimes.

    Twitter is not what you think at all it’s fun. You in fact can’t read all the comments from other folks like a blog. Folks can hit you but read your outgoing not what you’re reading from others so very different. Don’t judge until you try it.

    Grey has never ever disrespected Chill and vice versa. The shit being talked is only by henry8 and Tappy. Chill stays out of it so don’t err by disrespecting her. She’s not in this to fight like a High Schooler as you put it.

    Where the name calling comes in and all that – nobody on this site, Grey or anyone, call anyone names or refer to anyone on other sites in a derogatory manner. (I may note time to time when we’re being called morons, or whatever henry8 and Tappanga feel the need to dish out that day in their dismal boring world.)

    So, Bright, as much as I like you don’t go there and do that unfair generalization. It’s not accurate. A complete misrepresentation of what this site is about.

  165. spinshack Says:

    And she’s never said anything about you. It’s always your former pal Tappy and that amazing insightful genius henry8 doing the snidely talk. lol

  166. spinshack Says:

    I’m as goofy as anyone on this site so I know sometimes misinterpretations occur. Sometimes though I think posters use an issue to make it into The Thing to get off the bandwagon. Nothing really to do with a site, more to do with their own lagging of interest.

  167. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, BL should talk about the name-calling. How many times has she called me evil? Oh right, I’m evil for expressing my opinion over an entertainer who is a complete stranger to me? She is laughable!

  168. Welcome to reality-based blogging.

    Unfortunately, Taylor’s report card has far more C’s than B’s, and few A’s – across the board. Those fans who think otherwise have a vast number of sites from which to choose. They come here in the arrogant belief they have the right to inflict their Tay-morals on others. Spare me.

    Asinine behavior from Soul Patrol people played a part in turning me off Taylor Hicks. But Taylor himself did at least as much. But that’s OK. Could be he’s perfectly happy with the way things are. His call.

  169. Brightlite Says:

    I an not rigid but i have standards so i act according to those. I have a great sense of humor but not at the expense of others feelings which some cant understand. Spin i know henry and i like her as a person. We have had ups and downs online but you are wrong about tap. I foot know her nor have i ever communicated with her to my knowledge. Please do not call her my old pal. This site may not accept blame for my departure. Spin is correct. I have had enough of the entire taylor fan world. Its all been down hill on fault of any one site it is just the net. It sucks for people like my type. I seek sensitive interaction and the net removes that for the most part. Please do not delete this post. But i cant be myself here. I have to be some tough version of who i was made to be or get trampled so i tried but i find that i dislike any other version of what my true self is. So snow i truly wish you well and peace even though we are opposites. Keep writing all. Be well all and all have well being. With that i end hopefully on a bright note. michelle

  170. Point taken, momo. “Hearing” someone’s intent in written form in difficult when you don’t know their character and/or motivations.

  171. Brightlite Says:

    Foot is dont up there and on fault should say no fault so now i hope my post is clear.

  172. spinshack Says:

    Michelle, I was talking to Grey not you about Tappy. That was under Grey’s response not yours.

  173. spinshack Says:

    Nyquil? Or have you taken my fave cold remedy dear lady? Or done what I do, take both? hahahaha

  174. For what it’s worth, BL, I think Spin was refering to “Tappy” being IAG’s former pal, not yours.

    I do thank you for validating that you changed your writing style. It was something I had noticed. I have to say, I miss the old winsome Brightlite. You’re right, the hard boiled poster is really not you. Take Care.

  175. Great minds, Spin. 😉

  176. spinshack Says:

    It’s a mood swing, I’ve seen it before with her YKW. She’s not feeling well.

  177. spinshack Says:

    The mixing up of “foot” and “don’t” cracked me up.

    How does one write ‘foot’ when they mean ‘don’t’?

    C-O-L-D M-E-D-I-C-A-T-I-O-N

    Occasionally I type entire words in a row completely backwards. lol It’s likely a brain tumor but I am afraid to go get checked. lol

  178. foot and don’t may be a Freudian slip……….like “I’d like to put my foot up your *ss”, but self censored to “Don’t go there”
    Happens to the best of us.

  179. Yes, morons doing “more harm than the law allows” ROFL
    I need that on a T-shirt!
    oh well, c’est la vie……….or rather c’est la guerre.

  180. Wow, this is all a little too heavy for me tonight. Can’t think straight enough to respond. I guess maybe I had too much wine at the farewell “Gala” evening. Goodbye Tucson in the AM – sad…..

    But it was NOT enough wine to make the act that played anything more than cheesy, really BAD Las Vegas entertainment. It was sort of an Elton John/Billy Joel review. SO BAD! LOL It was only fun because we drank lots of wine and the songs were great, even if performed poorly. Only the sax player was decent. Well, one of singer/piano players had some good moments too. He did the BJ songs. Piano Man was actually pretty good. But the EJ singer – oh man, he needs to find another line of work!

    Guess I need to finish packing and get some sleep. Up at 5:30! Yuck!! 8am flight out of here. See you back in New Orleans…

    PS Who is chill?

  181. spinshack Says:

    She has another blog that has been around a long time.

    Read this alert a little while ago that had this:

    “And what about Taylor Hicks, you ask? Hicks fans need to manage their expectations. He is not the star of the show. His one musical number appears in the second act; but here’s the good news, he’s well worth the wait. The trimmed down, quite handsome winner of season five of American Idol does a campy and ever-so-slightly gay number that brings a needed boost to the production. And, if you’re a Hicks fan, don’t be the first one out the door, there is a bonus musical number at the end of the staged performance.

    And if you’re seriously a fan, Hicks will be in the lobby signing copies of his CD at the end of the evening.”

  182. That might be the best review I’ve ever read. 😀

  183. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Saw that thought it was good gave Taylor credit for bringing the show alive.


  184. spinshack Says:

    They obviously liked him. Nice write up with humor.

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