Is that the sunburn or are you just pissed off at me?

So, Cafe du Nord is over. Only six weeks to wait until his next concert gig!! So glad Grease isn’t getting in the way.

As for the month break from Grease, maybe the cone is getting refurbished. Might be going from sugar to waffle. Or maybe the shadow tour is taking too much out of him, and he needs to rest.

I keep hearing how happy Taylor is, because he’s doing what he loves. Hmmm, this doesn’t look like a happy man to me. Looks like Bill let the backpack get a little disorganized. Or hell, maybe he just read the blog. That would probably make him a little pissy.

Harp anyone?

Not really a fan of Give Me Tonight…but I’ll take this version..

Maybe Taylor’s been taking guitar lessons in his free time. Look at this clip…both hands are moving!!

And this? This clip is worth watching if only for the first few seconds of pissyness.

While you watch, contemplate this. Why isn’t Taylor utilizing sites like this, which offer streaming video free to fans? Or this? Now how can a simple fan find something like that? And Taylor is paying somebody to do this for him? I don’t know why he’s not using the same business smarts that he was using in his early twenties when he copyrighted his name.


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  1. When Taylor was on AI it occurred to me that this man was creating a public personna and promoting it right under our noses. I mean that he was not “just” a rollerskating waitress from Nowheretown saying “who me?” “Y’all really like plain ole me?”. We fell for it hook, line & sinker. “His” trademark (Ray Charles) sideways bow, Soul Patrol, all meant to keep his image in our minds, dialling fingers and with any luck, our wallets. I realised that Taylor took business in college and thought, what a brilliant thing to do! He seemed to possess a show business savvy that was lacking in the other contestants. IAG, you raise an interesting question, why does he not carry on that same self-promotion now? I understand he has contractual obligations, perhaps is not as internet savvy as someone his age aught to be (yes I used “savvy” twice/thrice now LOL)…….but I’m only offering excuses. We’ve learned to accept alot of excuses. Time to ditch the entourage (there’s a recession, you know!) lest he ends up like MC Hammer. Strike NOW, while the proverbial iron is hot. It’s not time for another vacation.

  2. hicksaholic Says:

    Thanks so much for all the videos- they are great, only thing better would be to see him live.

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    Thanks for posting the video’s, I guess I am seeing rainbows and puppy dogs but he didn’t seem “pissy” to me, just intense as he always is playing the guitar. Great harp playing!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I am loving these vids! Such great quality. Only thing I wish is it had the whole song- but they are great! I’m dying for him to do a shadow show when he comes to Florida- PLEASE God! I would so love that!

  5. HEY! Dudets! There is an AMAZING video of 7MB- the whole song at the Boogie and it is HOT!!! Check it out!

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    RedRosepeedway, Saw that earilier he was awesome!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for brining it over.


  7. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    There’s another incredible video on youtube- Woman’s Gotta Have it!

  8. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Has anybody heard how the attendance was?

  9. Badfantoo Says:

    It was about half full JTS.

  10. casualfan Says:

    JI, I don’t see it either. I only see an intense looking Taylor who is into the moment.

  11. Has anyone read Eliott’s interview ,given recently about the state of the recording business and how hard it is to get anything played on the radio. He would love to do Broadway and speaks to the issue of people “raging on Taylor for doing Grease. Very Insightful !!!!!

  12. pearlpattie Says:

    Maybe not sold out – but far from half full if the videos are any indication….

  13. pearlpattie Says:

    That interview is the truest thing I’ve seen in a long time….kudus to Elliot for telling it like it is….now HE seems a little “pissed off”…LOL

  14. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I’m with you IAG, I hate the Grease thing. The pay check must be good. However, I’d much rather see him playing small gigs in bars across the country.

  15. jerseyirish Says:

    pearlpattie, I agree, he has every right to to “pissed off”.


  16. casualfan Says:

    If he cared about his music as he claimed, that is exactly what he would have been doing.

  17. casualfan Says:

    Elliot has every right to be “pissed” off just as we, we have the right to be pissed off at him doing Grease. It works on both sides of the street.

  18. casualfan Says:

    sorry for the double (we, we) ooopsie….

  19. I agree. One woman’s pissy is another woman’s intensity.

    Aw..someone should embroider that on a pillow. *sigh*

  20. These are great videos. (I want to BE there!!) I’m getting the feeling that I won’t get a club show here in Houston. This damn town hasn’t been good to Taylor. No radio play (I never even heard DIMYP) and the show that was scheduled during his solo tour was cancelled.

    Guess I’d better plan a road trip. Somewhere. Anywhere.


  21. we we! *giggle*

  22. I don’t think he looks pissy, but I can’t believe he’s happy right now, either. I mean, generally speaking. I’m sure he’d rather be doing more of these shows. And to packed houses at that.

  23. mamaforpeace Says:

    Hey, come to Seattle! I’m thinking of doing that.

  24. Hmmm…

    Nah, can’t do it. My husband would never understand why I have to fly to Seattle, where I don’t know anybody, just to listen to music for an hour and a half.

    (stupid husband!) *pouting*

  25. Do we or anyone have the right to be pissed off about Grease or anything Tay chooses to do? My answer is no.

  26. BTW, I doubt Taylor is taking a vacation in July and the first half of August. I think he is doing something big and exciting during that time and many of his fans will be thrilled. Taylor keeps secrets well and info is currency!

  27. Yeah I don’t see why he’d just vacation, the guy is always doing something lol.
    He seems to be uhh… mysterious about that stuff. However you want to describe it.

    Love intense Taylor in these videos, too bad about Grease getting in the way of great stuff like this.

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  29. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Yeah he likes to spring things on everyone, that’s ok whatever he is doing during that time will be good for him and that is all that matters!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just kind of sad, he was supposed to be in Philly during that time he is now off, and I was planning on going and hoping for a shadow date.


  30. casualfan Says:

    Myself, along with everyone else, has the right to their own opinion and if that opinion is me or someone else being pissed off for Taylor doing Grease then YES-we do have that right.

    Your post is suggesting that I or noone else has the right to voice feelings or opinions which is not cool.

  31. casualfan, You have the right to wish he’d not do Grease and the right to express your sentiments. You certainly have your right to critique his music or anything he says or does. I equate being pissed off as being angry, not being disappointed. It is his life, career and choice to do what he wishes. Somehow I believe he not only thought long and hard and intelligently when he decided to do Grease in NY but is still thoughtfully considering his every career move. Be as angry or pissed as you wish. I don’t feel angry or pissed at Hicks.

  32. So, are we sure he’s off those dates?

  33. ANYWAAAAY, His Yhoo vid of WRIR is # 2 on most popular now, right behind the BGT 47 yr old new phenom. There are 28,281 views and it seems that matters. Despite less play on radio he moved from #26 to #24 on Billboards AC chart. Call it grass roots of the SP if you wish. Heck you can call it lame. However, for those who hate Tay doing Grease, you have the opportunity to enable him to get HIS MUSIC heard. People are going to Yahoo and Utube to see and hear the 47 yr old singer and some on Yahoo check out Taylor’s music since it is #2 on most popular now. Nineteen is also there and a slight buzz is begining about that song. Guess each person needs to decide how much they have enjoyed Taylor, what they hope for him and how they feel. I just felt a need to write this.

  34. casualfan Says:

    Of course you don’t Rosie and I respect and appreciate that fact. But your comment has the undertone that no one has the right to their feelings regarding Hicks unless it’s a positive reaction in what he does.

  35. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, I checked his myspace yesterday the dates were still gone.


  36. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, It is a pleasure to go and listen to the WRIR video, and if it is helping him that’s great, I’ll keep playing it.


  37. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I think it’s good we all have her own opinions about Taylor and Grease. We are fans, and the fans are what butters his bread.

    I mentioned way back in a thread that he seemed to have made a good living before AI. Let me elaborate: He was able to develop and produce 2 albums, play gigs all over the south, rent an apartment, own a van to transport his band equipment, etc. In other words, each night he played his music, his way….he didn’t emerge from an ice cream cone.

  38. casualfan, I also respect what you think and write. Heck my first major blog was Morph’s so I respect and accept the negative reactions. I just enjoy giving my thoughts. Don’t mean to have under or overtones.

  39. spinshack Says:

    Right on Barb.

  40. mamaforpeace Says:

    No, no, no, not pissy at all! Intense, yes! He would sometimes turn to the audience with a grin on his face, like “Did you guys get this?”, or “How hot was that?”, often when one of the other musicians had a great solo. Watching these vids make me wish I could do this all over again… which is why I hope I can make it to Seattle.

  41. casualfan Says:

    casualfan, I also respect what you think and write. Heck my first major blog was Morphโ€™s so I respect and accept the negative reactions. I just enjoy giving my thoughts. Donโ€™t mean to have under or overtones.
    Rosie, I’m sorry for jumping your case. I too respect your opinions and I hope you continue posting them. I feel it’s healthy to have a well balanced blog that allows diverse opinions. I’m the first to admit in having poor impulse control at times and also being very judgemental. For that I do apologize. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. casualfan Says:

    he can be such a lovable dork at times.

  43. TRUE, but his dad gave him money to help him finance one or both CDs. He said he was a broke singer and was about ready to give it up at barely 29. However, he could always go back to Ona’s, Marty’s, the FLBMA and other Southern venues and draw way bigger crowds than he did pre AI. Appearing on TV and radio and being in a BDway touring company with billboards and star status, beats the HELL out of them olden days. No more fugly shirts and high quality snake skin shoes, expensive haircuts, his own CD label, his entertainment lawyer, private accountant and being declared the winner of AI5 the 21st century hit show, well who in their right mind would want to go backwards. JTShark, did you happen to catch sight of that silver bullet tour bus at one of his 2007 gigs? I think he, his family and friends and I know I would as a fan would PUKE should ‘Seven Mile Breakdown’ lifestyle return in his 30’s.

  44. rosie,,,,I agree with you regarding Taylor going back to “the good old days”…I, for one, would be very disapointed if Taylor did not give it everything he is capable of to succeed in his chosen career…and I ‘m sure he knows better than I,(or any of us lay persons) what it takes to succeed. If it takes Grease…or standing on a street corner hawking his own cds, so be it. He has worked too hard to give up after 3 short years. He will bring the music he wants to make back but first he has to lay some ground work. Like Eliott says in the interview they are all working and in this financall climate and the uncertainty of business as we know it …that in itself bodes well for any musician.

  45. Ahhhhh.the harp.
    Taylor may not be pissed, but he does appear to be in a different mood, somewhat. Much less free-wheeling and yes, more intense.
    I am with IAG, here….I kinda like that. Smokin’.

  46. casualfan Says:

    I wouldn’t. That’s when T was at his best!

    I strongly feel that Taylor will indeed end up back on the bar circuit but on HIS terms playing because he wants to and not because he has to and he will be running his own recording studio working with other musicians. I also predict that he will have established his own music charity foundation working to put the music back into the schools. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    *** I have no inside, this is only my opinion of course***

  47. spinshack Says:

    He’d take more pains to learn guitar too. I really think it’s so faux rocker to stand and pretend to play. Vid three he’s basically seeming to take the credit for what his talented guitarist is doing. He’s just holding and strumming randomly.

    Last video he’s doing some playing, but is the microphone to the guitar on? That is the question.

    I heard the venue wasn’t half full but that is an optimistic view. He certainly is looking quite nice, though.

  48. spinshack Says:

    So now you’re French? lol Wait, that’s oui, oui.

  49. Like it so much better live. Thanks for these links, RRS.

  50. spinshack Says:

    I’m not mad. I understand the financial aspect he’s likely dealing with in this situation.

    That said, I also understand the view that this isn’t a great working relationship for Hicks to continue indefinitely.

  51. spinshack Says:

    Rose I love your equanimity.

  52. I doubt that Taylor would call the time before AI as the “Good Ole Days.”
    More like the school of hard knock days. I think he’s doing everything he can to gain enough momentum to maintain a career in this business. The market is flooded with singers. AI is now flooding it with more than one recording artist every year. They are pimping the contestants on ITunes in a way never seen before. Elliott said he can see a huge difference trying to get on the radio this year compared to a couple yrs ago. It’s a cold world out there if Taylor wants to take what opportunities are offered him to enable him to make a living why should we complain. I’m sick of hearing how he said “it’s all about the music” or how in a moment of exuberence he yelled he was going to ” Put MUSIC back in Fucking Pop music.” Give the Guy a break. The CD he put out is better than most of the Pop music out there. It’s not taking off right now.. it may never. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good. As far as a tour instead of Grease. Yes, I’m sure that’s his dream but you have to have the money and the fans to support that . Right now I think he’s still in that fan building mode. Essentually he is self employed and as a fellow self-employed person believe me most people have know idea how hard it is to go through life without the safety net of a regular steady job. Nothing he does career wise will ever disappoint me because he’s doing what he needs to do. I don’t expect him to starve for his craft or make a marginal living just so I can hear him sing what I want him to sing. Hope this doesn’t sound too pissy but I guess this is the night for Pissy. LOL.

  53. spinshack Says:

    We all get a little nuts now and then. It’s all good. Makes me feel better when I have a melty nutty fallout now and then. It’s cathartic.

    Not that you had that; just saying how much I feel better when I do. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’m glad you’re understanding Rose more, I found her delightful when I first saw her on Morph’s and I still do. We don’t always see things the same but I appreciate her heart.

  54. spinshack Says:

    The music industry is a sick business. Always has been, especially now. I really feel for artists trying to make it. That’s one reason I don’t hold “Grease” against Taylor.

  55. Even Taylor himself said at a concert that he doesn’t want to go back to playing the bar circuit. So yeah, those so called “good old days” won’t be happening. He was broke back then and had to ask his dad for dough for God’s sake. 0_o That isn’t something anyone would want to go back to.

    OT, anyone seen 17 Again today? Just came back from seeing it, ahhh it’s great lol.

  56. Agreed. That would be puke worthy if he just randomly wanted to go backwards.

  57. casualfan Says:

    I think Taylor what meant when he said that he doesn’t want to go back onto the bar circut is that he doesn’t want to do it as a way to make a living and he shouldn’t have to. He loves going into the bars and jammin’ and that’s what he excels in. He’s passed the point of having to do that for a living and he has the freedom to do that for fun now-IMO.

  58. hicksaholic Says:

    I think someone asked Taylor’s grandmother if she slipped him a $100 bill occassionally and she answered”$100, try $500. And Taylor had her American Express card. I think Joni said she didn’t expect him to buy her anything after he won AI, she just wanted her AE card back.
    I imagine Taylor enjoys not having to rely on his father or grandmother to keep him somewhat solvent. But I also think Taylor is fiercely competitive so I bet every career move is viewed as to how it will help his long term success in the entertainment business. Now it’s about more than the music.

  59. jerseyirish Says:

    hicksalholic, Have read the same thing that his Dad and Granmother paid his rent and living expenses many time prior to Idol. He may not have the kind of career some would like in the music industry, but I am very sure at this point iin his life he will always have a steady income as an entertainer.


  60. Kathy….very well said. He has put out a great cd. He’s working and making a living that sustains him well…I am not at all disapointed in his choices…and even if I was they are not my choices to make. Taylor is a true musician, a decent guy, I’m a fan for life. Love your last thought ..I also don’t expect Taylor to go back to the bars just to please anybody.
    “Do I Make You Proud”… bet your ass he does.

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    True, Taylor is getting a paycheck with Grease. But, if Taylor only sold 20,000 units of the Distance, I don’t believe he even broke even on that project. In fact, I’m pretty sure he lost money. Same thing with these shadow concerts. If they don’t sell out – he’s losing money on that too.

    You need an income to sustain a career in music and if you’re not getting it, you are in trouble. Taylor has a small fanbase… not enough to make a decent living.

  62. taylorfan06 Says:

    I think it’s aig is the “pissy” one.
    Open your wallet and go see him live!
    I have seen him twice live this past month, I saw “intense” and amazing Taylor up close and personal (pics and signatures too). Taylor is on fire live!!!!!!!!
    Definitely a good time!

  63. mamaforpeace Says:

    Now does he look pissy and unhappy here?

  64. Oh, my check out Woman’s Gotta Have It” from Cafe Du Nord on youtube… I now LOVE that song! It was my least favorite before I saw him do it live. Nice way to start my morning….. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I want more! I wonder why some of these are just clips instead of the full songs? SMB!! Full song is also fabulous…… How can he just keep getting better and better?

    I’m off on an excursion now out in the desert with my husband’s boss’s wife….

  65. hicksaholic Says:

    yea, he looks miserable. He’s probably been reading all our posts and it’s affecting his mood.

  66. jerseyirish Says:

    Again I don’t see a pissy Taylor I see a happy smiling Taylor enjoying the music.


  67. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Come to Tampa in August! I’d love to meet you Caryl!

  68. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    LOL! I hope he gave her the AE card back! LOL

  69. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Wow! fabulous! Thanks for posting that! LOL- what was going on at the very end when he kept looking at someone in the front row? That was funny.

  70. littlewing Says:

    But don’t most new businesses generally operate at a loss for the first few years? I know sales will be crucial in the coming months but I don’t think TD will disappear from the charts for a while; some of his old AI fans will be buying, I would think. Plus, he has the MW label to build and get some great talent heard and help out his fellow musicians as he alluded to earlier. I think this will be a big part of his focus that will help to grow his enterprise.

  71. hicksaholic Says:

    Did I read somewhere that the cd went from 26 to 24 on AC or whatever?

  72. I think What’s Right is Right went from 26 to 24.

  73. brightlite Says:

    Hey Guys I am back!!! What are y’all talking about? Taylor looks great! He looks handsome as ever and with that sunburn he looks cool even though his skin is probably burning. (Like mine!) I love the clips of Taylor for Du Nord. He was in his element, performing for everyone andmost likely for a special girl who is keeping him company in CA! I am NOT talking about Julie either. I think Taylor has had his fill of blondes, and brunette is his flavor this month at least. lol.

    FLA was divine. The weather was mid 80’s, sunshine and a breeze. The water in the gulf was a bit too cold for me, but I got to parasail, jet ski, drink plenty of fluids, and sample live music from 11AM until the wee hours. I met some really fun people down there!! I made several new friends, and one pretty special one that appears on TV nightly down there. In fact I am heading back to FLA to be his guest after school lets out!! The bands were great at night. I partied with alot of the band guys , especially the Jason Parker Band and 3 Peace was very friendly. These guys played some great music and their sets lasted 4 or five hours! They know so much music, I can’t believe anyone knows that many songs to play. My son joined in with JP band, and played lead guitar and really brought it home. The band guys loved him and at every opportunity they let him play. These guys were pretty much average bands but they had the setting sun and sparkling gulf waters behind them, and it made for a great mood. All in All a very nice trip.

    Taylor is doing fine all, why is there so much concern for him. He is not fussing or worrying over you guys, so I don’t see the point really. He is living the life on tour with Grease, playing music, and blowing off steam when and wherever he can…we should all take a lesson from him, and live life so frivolously. Why does he have to do anything to please any of you? You just all crack me up! Leave the pleasin and teasin to your husband or SO and let Taylor please and tease who and how he wants to! If you don’ like his music, then you really should find someone else to be a “fan” of since I don’t see why you all can spend so muc valuable time blogging about something that you just end up complaining about. What a drag that must be. Let me tell you that there is a whole big world out there with lots of people and lots of places and if you stop dissing long enough, you might actually find that there is a really nice-looking guy or girl there just waiting to catch your eye. I did! Now I am going to get going and in a bit I will report back to see if you guys have made any progress in carving out a life that doesn’t include bashing Mr. Hicks.

    (Dodging tomatoes) It might help to find that special guy if you are blonde and 119 pounds, and are able to serve a volleyball with one hand on the beach while drinking a pina colada in the other. Men see this as talented and associate multi-taking ability with this especially if the ball actually can’t be returned by the other team!
    Later gators,

  74. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Welcome back, glad you and the kids had a great time. Your son must have been in his glory up playing with the band, good for him!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  75. brightlite Says:


    JI I can surely serve and drink at the same time but being there playing VB in the sand gave a whole new meaning to “spiking it!” LOL

  76. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I am sure it does!!! Talking guitars my son bought a White Alpine Les Paul Epiphone today, he saw it on Craig list. It was less than a year old the price was right and his dream guitar, he is in seventh heaven playing it.


  77. Yep all the worthwhile intelligent successful men go for the gals who can hold a drink in on hand while volleying the ball! That is the good guys # 1 requirment when looking for a serious mate. Just kidding with you BL and glad you have a great vacation. You sound like you were a party animal.

  78. Tampa would be easier to swing since I have relatives near there. *wheels turning* Tampa was my very first Taylor show. It was during his solo tour. Very fond memories. Were you there, RRS?

  79. mamaforpeace Says:

    Yep, right at the end. It was the encore.

  80. mamaforpeace Says:

    And it was someone who had brought her birthday cake to the stage, which he shared with her later, then everyone had some. Yummy carrot cake!

  81. mamaforpeace Says:

    Hey, Snow, you know about the glass half full and half empty? I think you need a refill!

  82. casualfan Says:


  83. Brightlite Says:

    Oh rosie i know you kid. But there is truth in that sentiment. I think the stars allign at just the right time though. At least for the moment when life takes a turn for the better. I have a wild side and the side of myself which i show to only those i trust and love. I guess there was many lucky people in florida last week. They got to see the wild and fun side of my persona which did not detract from my attractiveness but enhanced it. And there are plenty of quality men who are looking for the right gal as you say but it helps to be at least a little fun. I was in the right place on thursday. Sometimes you just know and thank you for reminding my high mind of just that. i will remind all here that everything happens for a reason. I respect that mantra.

  84. Snowstorm Says:

    And you need a reality check.

  85. If you donโ€™ like his music, then you really should find someone else to be a โ€œfanโ€ of since I donโ€™t see why you all can spend so muc valuable time blogging about something that you just end up complaining about.

    I think we like most of his music just fine, BL, when he chooses to get onstage and sing it, every six weeks or so.

  86. Brightlite Says:

    Taylor is doing his best to bring his music to the forefront. He is independant and promotion costs money. We are his best chance of getting the music heard. It will be a long road for him but the road ahead is going to open up in many ways so hang in there.

  87. Agreed BL. Plus I think Taylor has what it takes to stay in the business for a very long time, because he’s unique and actually puts his heart into his music, instead of sounding like everyone else in an industry full of ‘frosted pop tarts’. Of course it’s not easy. All he needs is the exposure though and of course it’s pretty damn hard when you’re an indie. A lot of people don’t know what he’s been up to besides some really hard core fans.

  88. Brightlite Says:

    Taylor is different as an artist. Yes. But a look at the caliber of talent playing the bar circuit and it is clear that he is well beyond that in so many ways. Taylor is a star. Its like being a doctor kinda. He earned his degree and he cant in back to being a medical student. He graduated. He got out. He moved on. There is a bigger reason he was taken from the dark seedy stages to the bright lights like moses was pulled from the reeds. That reason both remains to be seen and heard. I still think his greatness is ahead.

  89. Billy Ray Cyrus was on a TV movie tonight and I could not help but think about that man’s career. He had a run away hit with Achey Breaky and then for some reason (maybe because he could not get another hit) he became the butt of jokes the way Taylor has experienced. To survive he added acting even before he started acting with his daughter. Even though he is successful he probably still has to put up with crap, because now he’s ribbed for the idea that he’s riding on his daughter’s coat tails. Whether you like him or not he didn’t deserve all the negativity that had been heaped upon him.

  90. Gotta agree with Kathy. I actually like Billy Ray, way more than Miley.

  91. casualfan Says:

    There’s a rumor running wild on myspace in Taylor’s last blog that his cd went platinum. I thought that cd only sold around 20k so far…

  92. I only see a couple of entries, and it’s one person who said it….. It can’t be anywhere near platinum. Someone (“Janice” or Janice’s friend) just got their info mixed up.

  93. jerseyirish Says:

    An interviewer said his new CD went platinum, but I think she was refering to his post Idol CD.


  94. JumpedtheShark Says:

    I haven’t bought the CD. I’m just not the fan I once was. Sure I read a few blogs to see what he’s up to, but traveling to see him in concert is not on my list of things to do.

    My final straw was the lack of communication with his fan base. He has run so many off. I’m actually surprised the new CD sold 20,000. Far cry from 700,000 though.

  95. My final straw was the lack of communication with his fan base. He has run so many off.

    I would add that it’s not just the ‘lack’ of communication; it’s the ‘miscommunication’. It’s all the hints of ‘exciting things to come’ that have never come to fruition, it’s the frustration of seeing other indie artists working their asses off ON THEIR MUSIC and seeing/hearing REAL results (I’ve heard Matt Nathanson on the radio!!), and it’s the disappointment of believing that you were on the ground floor of something that was going to be incredible and fantastic, only to find that all that momentum switched gears into a totally different genre, one that is somewhat the anti-thesis of “ground breaking”.

    It’s a big letdown. And the saddest thing? I still keep waiting to be proven wrong.

  96. Brightlite Says:

    Well maybe you just opened the door to freedom. Why does he have to communicate with fans. That perplexing statement just bewilders my practical nature. Why would he do that. He is about music not psycho analysis. You guys need him to communicate to remain fans. Them you are not fans ok his music. You are fans of the man perhaps. But you admit shark you didnt buy his work. So what do you want from him. He sells music. Maybe you think he is dr. Phil. I get confused by such posts as yours shark so excuse my vaguely worded conclusion here but what did you expect from an american idol.:)

  97. You are fans of the man perhaps.

    Maybe, maybe not. Some days not so much, but he can still fire up a stage, when he chooses to be that ‘american idol’ dude.

  98. Snowstorm Says:

    Let’s be realistic, shall we? Most of his fans just want to “thud” over him and most of the women are old enough to be his freakin mother! That was part of his downfall.

    I don’t blame Taylor for not communicating with his fans. What is going to say? He’s a young man and has nothing in common with fans who are mothers and grannies.

    It’s Taylor fault – he’s projected an “old” image.

  99. You have a good point Snowstorm. He really needs to find a way to expand his fan base to a younger crowd. Probably all it would take would be to hook up with a hot celebrity chick for a few months. LOL. His image has improved but more people need to see that his Dork has changed to HOT.

  100. brightlite Says:

    I don’t want to blog here too long and burn my pecan pancakes, so this will be brief…
    Did Taylor ever communicate at all with fans? It seems to me, and I have been there snce Day One when he walked throught those infamous double doors that lead to three skeptical judges that he has never eally communicated much at all, even from the beginning. He is a private person and when it comes to his career he is very closed mouth, but it is business. Some stars choose to communicate and others don’t, it depends on the person I guess.

  101. brightlite Says:

    I agree Kathy. It is an image problem. I watched Rock Star last night and it is ok movie based loosely on some rock star and his life on stage and behind the stage as well. His manager siad something like “if you want to be a success the “guys” have to want to be like you…” in other words if guys are imitating you, it is because you are getting the chicks. That is a good sign. I don’t know how accurate that is but t makes ense to me. Maybe a hot hollywood bimbo babe would do wonders for him. He is good looking enough but he has an older image. On the other hand you have to ask yourself is it him? Can he be something other than what he is? Is he THAT good an actor? Perhaps for his career he will do whatever he has to? Then he stands t lose many of the fans he already has and for what? A risk? The hot bimbo babe image might backfire and still he will gain no fans, and lose the ones he has as they see him as some sellout. It’s a hard call. I say he has to keep plugging away, make his music, spread his charm through channels that are suited to him, and one day he will catch another break.
    But the hot bimbo babe chick can still be had, afterall he is a celebrity and he probably already has plenty of those, he just doesn’t broadcast it. lol.
    Whatever you do Taylor…enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I agree, I think he has to do what is most comfortable for him as a person. He does come across as a very private man and there is nothing wrong with that, a little mystery never hurts either. I’m not sure the bimbo route would work either, I think most would be very accepting of a real releationship someone who makes him happy, we all want that in our life.


  103. I’m pretty sure he’s had his share of hot bimbos, lmfao.

  104. He certainly has the ability to communicate when it serves HIS purposes, like “I’ll be blogging weekly on HQ, so be sure to renew!!” or “Follow me on Twitter”, it’s the follow-up however that makes for a disillusioned fanbase, when we realize that Mr. Hicks isn’t “communicating for his fans”, but solely to increase revenue, such as the HQ bait.

  105. brightlite Says:

    This “mother” looks better than 98% of twenty something’s Stormy…so being a mother does not make one unattractive nor uninteresting. Leave the grannies alone too.

  106. Snowstorm Says:

    How is a hot celebrity bimbo going to help him? That will certainly backfire, as people will see him as NOT keeping it real. That Dating With the Stars, or whatever the hell it was, did not help him at all – nobody really cared that much. And most people liked him on Idol because he projected an image as someone who was real. There are ways to project a current and more youthful image and that would be thru his music and his appearance. Taylor does not need to go totally gray. Take some clues from George Clooney and add some dark to your hair color.

  107. Snowstorm Says:

    Came across some interesting information. Looks like Taylor is making another video on April 27. I wonder which song? I hope it’s Seven Mile Breakdown.

  108. brightlite Says:

    I think so Christa!! rofl. The entourage is always there in the henhouse. lol. He is a star and stars get star treatment.
    With enough makeup on I can look like a bimbo…
    NO ONE is worth THAT embarassment.
    Jersey…Taylor is a mystery and that is part of who he is…if we all just let him be maybe he can relax enough to really get down to his music. No expectations of him just let him do his thing.

    I am a fan of his music, and what his music means to me. I am not a follower of HIM. I joined twitter and found it to be boring so I never returned, not even for Taylor’s tweets. I find that if you look around enough there are plenty of people who are real and wanting to be communicative in real life, that I don’t need a celebrity to fill that void…jump in the line.
    I made several friends down south, and I plan to return and make more, and if I twitter or blog or play with FB, it will be to stay in touch with real folks like them and not a celebrity who doesn’tknow I exist. Get real folks. Look around you and see what you are really missing…the real world. Taylor’s world is not your world. and vice versa.
    Still I love you all and hope that we can coexist peacefully on this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Snowstorm Says:

    BL, Taylor is a human being like the rest of us. Don’t put him on a pedestal. Celebs do not get special treatment, not in my book.

  110. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Was just talking about that the other day wondered if he would do another video for the next single, thanks for posting.


  111. brightlite Says:

    YKW I agree that is annoying for fans who fall into the trap of joining then get disappointed when he doesn’t “deliver.” If you could look at his twets and HQ’s blogs as marketing and not take it personally it might help. He isn’t trying to get personal with fans, he is just marketing himself, and he makes use of the scarcity priniciple very well. He surely isn’t into over-exposure that’s for sure.
    Thi sure is fun but I have things to do today including shopping and mowing the lawn. I also have to change the oil in my car, and check the tire pressure as the weather changed recently.
    Enjoy blahhging… BBL.

  112. Snowstorm Says:

    Not in the music industry.

  113. The gray should stay! Lol but I certainly wouldn’t mind if he darkened his hair. *Shrug*

    Ooohh, new music video? Yeah either SMB, 19, or MYS.

  114. brightlite Says:

    Snow he is a human being, granted, but he is a celebrity human being. He does get “star” treatment, and he deserves that. Makes no difference to me whatsoever. Don’t know why you think he is not a celebrity. Were you ever on the cover of People Magazine? Did you ever appear on Leno? I don’t want to go on…don’t make me please. He can’t mingle with us, here, on Twitter, or anywhere for that matter, he is unable to ever do that. Accept he is not like us anymore, NOT on a pedastal, just beyond where we all are. We are not celebs.
    He molted when he won Idol. His old skin lay in a pile somehwere backstage at the Kodak Theatre.

  115. Snowstorm Says:

    You are so wrong. How many times has Taylor said that he is just a regular person and doesn’t like the “star” treatment. FYI, celebs do mingle a lot with their fans. You obviously do not know anything about Twitter. People like John Mayer, Demi Moore, Diddy are communicating with people on Twitter.

    You are just “old school”. It’s a different world.

  116. I just read that Taylor said yesterday he will be on American Idol!!!
    *dances a bit*

  117. Maybe he already tried that. (Hawaii?)

  118. Snowstorm Says:

    I hope it’s both Taylor and Elliott performing A Woman’s Got To Have It. The two of them will tear up that stage!

  119. brightlite Says:

    OLD SCHOOL. Try REAL SCHOOL. If Taylor loves to Twitter so much than why is he virtually non-existent on there and what are you all complaining about? If he wanted to communicate he would, but he doesn’t, so take that as a message…he isn’t into communicating with fans. If he did communicate I would not be in line that’s for sure, I am not a groupie and unlike you I DO see him as a regular guy and KNOW he would not really enjoy communicating that way. But out of obligation to complaining and whining fans he does it. Very sad.
    So in a way I treat him like he wants to be treated by not following him around like a desparate dog. I have a life and it doesn’t include any of this. But I had to carve the life I have and decide that fandom had no place in it. It seems I am one of the only ones, although there are a few independant and strong women on here, who has made that committment. I think it’s weird that people follow anyone with hopes that they will recognize or see you. I have way more esteem than that. I am recognized and appreciated EVERYDAY in person. I don’t need twitter. Please grow up.

  120. Yeah, he said that last year, too.

  121. I love, love, love Elliott but I’d rather see Taylor take the stage alone, otherwise comparisons will start again.

  122. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, boy, so do I! And as far as young fans, Snow, this may just be an exception, I don’t know (I’ve only seen Taylor live twice, in small clubs), but there seemed to be a fair number of “younger” fans at Cafe du Nord. I talked to 2 young women after the show while Taylor was “socializing”. Mid twenties I’d say, very pretty. One told me she was just into the music, but her friend had a big crush on Taylor. She was distraught that he was talking to the SF Treat and her friends. She finally caught his eye, but just got a quick autograph. So they are out there!

  123. mamaforpeace Says:

    I’d prefer 7 mile bd or battlefied.

  124. Wow, BL. Just…wow.

  125. brightlite Says:

    I am happy to say that I am leaving right now to spend quality time emailing a friend who is both real and worthwhile…ahem Rosie! Please don’t judge people you have never met including me. After exchanging pics and life stories we will chat on the phone and laugh until our sides hurt. THAT is worth a thousand “twitters” with any one, including Taylor. I suggest that you guys find time to admire and stroke real people in your life instead of playing silly teenage games with some celebrity who doesn’t care if you live or die. Be a fan, buy his music, spread the good word, talk him up to people, but keep it real…he is NEVER going to communicate folks. He may read but he doesn’t blog and he won’t. “Better to live endlessly in the real world of lesser known souls than to live anonomously in the virtual world of a well known enigma.”
    Hey I like that alot. It is a very good quote. Someone twitter THAT!
    Have fun all!
    leave Taylor alone. let him live and love in HIS world, and don’t try to make it YOUR world. The two shall never meet.

  126. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, as usual you completely misread me. I never said, not once, that Taylor loves to Twitter. I have no idea how he feels about it. I think, like most people, he’s trying to figure it out and how it can benefit him. He’s obviously trying to joke about being in a cone, so that’s cool…nothing wrong with that. I think his fans just like to get any little tidbit out of him.

    You also, obviously know nothing about Twitter. It’s a social network. So, what exactly is wrong with that? I personally have seen many great causes come out of it. Some of the grass roots efforts, where people get on board to defeat greed and other terrible things going on in the country, have been successful. So, you really should not be talking about something you don’t know anything about. It is not just about following celebs around, but even if it is, it’s really about sharing information. So, get educated!

  127. Actually, since none of us know the details of Taylor’s financial agreement with the Grease producers, none of us are in any position to have a valid opinion about whether this is a good deal for Taylor or not. We also have no clue about his financial situation in general, or about what other options were available to him. Therefore, although we can express our opinions about this business deal until hell freezes over, those opinions are not based on any factual information and are therefore totally worthless. The only people who can make a valid observation about whether this has been a plus or minus for Taylor’s career are those who possess actual factual information about the situation—-in other words none of us. We are all just spinning our wheels, because we apparently have nothing in our own lives to be concerned with.

  128. JumpedtheShark Says:

    Just checking in….and YES, Taylor should communicate and woo his fans. He hasn’t made it yet to the A -list status, and probably never will. He has run more off than he has made. It just makes me so angry. He had the golden opportunity and blew it!! I just don’t get it.

  129. He may read but he doesnโ€™t blog and he wonโ€™t.

    No, he’ll just falsely promise more blogging to drive revenue up on his pathetic “fan site”.

  130. JumpedtheShark Says:


  131. Yep. Totally agree.

  132. casualfan Says:

    Well when you consider there only being a few entries…..then that’s a rumor running wild…LOL!

  133. casualfan Says:

    Goes to show how rumors get started…like when someone went to the GF blog and posted that I said in a few blogs back that Taylor was going to Asia in July when off from Grease. That poster didn’t include the rest of the post where I said “Asia or SOMEWHERE else” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  134. casualfan Says:

    OUCH! But I have to agree 100%. However, they did promise more cone twittering on his latest blog entry which they seem to be keeping so far. LOL!

    **wonders if the morons who are still posting on Taylor’s myspace have caught on to the fact that Taylor himself doesn’t actually blog over there or reads the comments**

  135. casualfan Says:

    I personally think Elliott who over power Taylor on the stage.

  136. JumpedtheShark Says:

    LoL, good question Casualfan, I tend to wonder myself. I still think the posters on his myspace believe he checks in daily. Not sure why, but whatever rocks their boat. I’m sure his facebook fans think the same. Honestly??? I think Taylor hides in a corner and rocks back and forth when asked about his fan base.

  137. I think Taylor hides in a corner and rocks back and forth when asked about his fan base.

    AHAHAAHAHA!!! OMG. That is perfect! And so true!

  138. I have no idea why BL mentioned my name in her 1:57 posts. Say What! Is it another Rosie?

  139. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Yes I was there. Far away in the bleachers but I was there. ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember dying laughing when he did the woody woodpecker imitation!

  140. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Oh wait! That was the American Idol tour- sorry!

  141. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    WoW! Is that why he kept saying “Light my candle, light my fire?” LOL

  142. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Sigh, I wish it was true.

  143. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I agree. I’d rather have Tay on his own.

  144. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Awww, you guys that’s not funny. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  145. Snowstorm Says:

    OK, give me a break here. There is absolutely no way for fans to know if Taylor reads or doesn’t read his myspace – you are not privy to that information. As far as the blogs go, of course he doesn’t write them, but he is certainly aware of the content.

    There is no reason to call the myspace posters “morons”. They are showing support for someone they like. Get over yourselves!

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