Adam Lambert…a new kind of Idol?


I have started watching American Idol again this year. Honestly, I haven’t watched it since Season Five, for some reason known only to my inner fantard. My journey as an American Idol fan ended when Taylor won the title, and I watched the aftermath. How could these people treat Taylor this way? Well, once my rose colored glasses came off, I realized that there was probably way more to the Taylor/Idol debate than any of us know. So, I decided this year I would watch, but only from a distance. I dvr the episodes and I skim through the people I don’t want to listen to, and head straight for the good ones. Who are the “good ones”, you ask? Well, I started out as a Danny Gokey fan, but as the season as gone on, I’ve become less and less impressed with him. Adam Lambert and Allison are the ones I have to hear every week.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I got this article in my google alerts for Taylor. Then I read it. This is definitely something that I’ve been watching regarding Adam. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s obvious to everyone what his sexual orientation is. The question is, why does it matter?

The big question in my mind is will an openly “out” contestant be able to win? Or will Idol pull off some behind the scenes magic to make sure he doesn’t? And is winning AI even a good thing for this undeniably talented artist?

And when a man can sing like this…do I care who he sleeps with every night? Not that it matters anyway.

If you want to see pure, raw emotion put into a performance, watch this.

Absolutely amazing. The control, the tone. Everything.



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  1. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Started watching Idol Season 5 and have watched since. Adam is the first since then that I have voted for, he is an amazing talent. Listening to those videos gave me goose bumps. I don’t care about anyone’s sexual orientation the man’s voice moves me, but I do have my doubts whether Idol will allow him to win and that is just sad. The judges have not said anything negative about him, seem to enjoy all his performances, either way I’m sure he will get signed even if he doesn’t win.


  2. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I agree- it would be really sad if they didn’t let him win just because he’s gay. That’s just crazy and stupid IMO. I read the article that IAG posted, and I hate what they said about Taylor. Level C performer? Bullcrap! That just made me mad.

  3. AI isn’t going to do anything to derail Adam. They’ve put him in the Top 12, they give him the beautiful lighting and good placement in the show, the judges rave over him, etc. Why do people think they wouldn’t want him to win? Doesn’t make sense to me.
    Love Adam, love the show. Tonight they’ll put Quentin Tarantino in the mix. Bring it on.

  4. I just have a gut feeling that 19E will f*** up any chance this kid has with a crap-ola pop album. That is the real tragedy.

  5. I have to admit, I’ve just been skimming Tivo this season. How have Adam’s votes been week by week? I think people in the US are capable of accepting a gay AI. Hey, with the new president, I’ve been riding a wave of optimism lately! Adam is leagues ahead in talent than the others and he seems so incredibly comfortable on stage. The only think that bugs me is when he sticks his tongue out when he sings. Kind of creepy. If he stops doing that, he’s my man FTW!

  6. I think you may be right about this. I’m thinking 3rd or 4th place may be better for Adam, but I don’t think that’s how it’s going to happen.

  7. Rumor has it that the reason Clay didn’t win was because of his sexual orientation. I mean, it’s just rumors, but I always wondered why Ruben won.

  8. I’m not an American Idol fan. I didn’t even watch Taylor’s season but I don’t want to bore you all with my feelings about the show.

    Because I like this blog, I gave the two videos a listen. I thought he was off key a few times on “Mad World.” Sorry, not impressed. The second video was better. In fact, really nice. I think he’s got stage presence, too. They could sell him.

    I’ve never understood why anyone would care what somebody does privately. Who the F cares if this Idol contestat is gay?

    I get pretty angry on this topic because a close friend was gay and was shunned by his church because of it. He was one of the first people on the east coast to be diagnosed with HIV and when he ultimately was dying of AIDS none of these ‘Christians’ would visit him.

    I’m remembering what it was like to see him and how he stiffened up when I kissed him on the cheek. I guess he wasn’t used to it at that point. And then to speak to his Mom on the phone while she sat with him in his last hours. She brought him into the world and gently guided him out without any support from her church.

    It makes me sad an angry. But that was the late 80’s. Do you think we’ve evolved? I think the entertament industry is certainly more tolerant, but what about among the general public? Do you think coming out hurt Clay’s career or was he already on a downward slide? I really don’t know.

  9. Clay had a lot of fanatic female fans that were crushing on him and/or thought he was the all-American boy. These fans would have been disappointed (read: not purchased his stuff) if it was discovered that he was gay.

    Adam is not hiding his homosexuality. People are voting for this idol knowing full well that he is gay.

    That makes it a different deal altogether.

  10. I get pretty angry on this topic because a close friend was gay and was shunned by his church because of it. He was one of the first people on the east coast to be diagnosed with HIV and when he ultimately was dying of AIDS none of these ‘Christians’ would visit him.

    Caryl, I have some pretty strong views on modern church, and if you ever want to post on your blog about this topic, I will happily come over and post there. ((( hugs )))

  11. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    All I can say is they weren’t real Christians if they shunned your friend! That is totally AGAINST everything Christ stands for. I’m sorry that happened.

  12. OK.

    I don’t want to turn this thread into a religious thing (I’m not saying that you are, YKW), so let’s not go there. I was just using that as an example of how narrow-minded people can be about homosexuality when a person’s private life has nothing to do with them!

  13. Right. Jesus would have been there.

  14. I just went back and read the article that iag gave us a link for and I see that I’m alone in my critique of ‘Mad World.” lol.

    “…his rendition of “Mad World” (sublimely tortured and appropriately haunting)…”

    Guess I should listen again.

  15. It’s 2009. Why are we talking about somebody’s sexual orientation as if it has anything to do with anything? Still, we obviously can’t support this artists because he does regularly practice the ULTIMATE sin: musical theater.

  16. It’s because you’re not watching the show, Caryl. If you were watching, you would’ve been sucked in like the rest of us.

  17. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    There’s a thread on the Boogie where they posted all of Adam’s studio versions of his songs- IMO some are better than the liver performances! Listen to them here:

  18. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    LOL! Good one! 🙂

  19. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Whoops, meant to say “live”, not “liver”! LOL!

  20. “ultimate sin” … LOL!!

  21. … as one friend in San Francisco said “this is what we’ve been reduced to: level C performers, Hicks, at the singalongs at the Castro Theatre” …

    And that ^^ is just … ouch. See? Punchline… again.

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Sorry for the loss of your friend. Had a friend in the early 80’s too that passed from HIV, for him the even sadder part is his family turned on him, he passed with his friends around him, no family.

    I hope Adam can win based on his performances and not held back beacuse of his homsexuality it shouldn’t be an issue. Like Simon’s says its a singing competition and Adam without question can sing.


  23. spinshack Says:

    He’s damn attractive but seriously are we really concerned about his sexual orientation? He’s one of the most vocally talented people to ever be on this show.

    Off topic, was reading some seriously funny shit at another site. Inspired me. XD

  24. spinshack Says:

    YAY JI, good post.

  25. spinshack Says:

    I like it when he does that. 😛

  26. spinshack Says:

    Right on, I mean look at all the fans who for so long vehemently denied Claylene was gay. It was epic.

  27. spinshack Says:

    Typical hypocrisy found in today’s mass religious environments. Folks look at attending church as a networking social environment anymore, for the most part.

  28. Ok, I’m not concerned with Adam Lambert’s sexual orientation, or anybody else’s for that matter.

    I don’t care who he sleeps with. All I care is that he gets on that stage and sings every week.

    I was just wondering out loud whether or not America would vote for him. So far, so good.

  29. And oh yes, he is damn attractive. 🙂

  30. blueberry Says:

    I don’t know the demographics of AI, but I would think that if there would be any hint of scandal pertaining to vote tampering against Adam, their (AI’s) ship will be sunk. Of course, I thought the same thing before seeing O’Reilly and his obviously fake concern about Adam’s chances. While whomever he sleeps with should not be an issue, the pessimist in me knows there will be those who will vote/not vote based on that issue. The optimist in me believes that there are enough people actually listening to the guy sing and they will silence and outnumber the others. This guy has amazing talent – I’d pay to see him – whichever path he chooses.

  31. casualfan Says:

    I downloaded the MP3 version of Adam’s “Mad World” and it is awesome! The control he has over his voice is a refreshing change. Part of me doesn’t want to see him win because I don’t want to see him exploited but Adam comes across as a strong-willed personality and he knows how to play the game.

    Now he is a well rounded entertainer-IMO and is perfect for a Broadway stint.

    Grey, thanks for doing a blog on Adam Lambert! 😉

  32. What do ya mean? Is there a new blog post coming our way?

  33. I got the point of your post. 🙂

  34. casualfan Says:

    most of them are…(slumps head)

  35. casualfan Says:

    double ouch!

  36. casualfan Says:

    I remember there was an issue with Clay’s votes “accidentally” routed to another number by mistake. I always said there was a problem with that win. Clay should have had that title and I believe to this day that something went wrong-votes were too close.

  37. spinshack Says:

    I just completed the edits. I’m sure you read the alert that inspired my rambling.

  38. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, with him I’d have no issue for the Broadway deal. It’s a completely different situation that with you know, What’s His Name. 😉

  39. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I hear ya. Some are born entertainers and some are musicians. “what’s his name” is a musician…Adam is an entertainer.

  40. Haha, but Ewwww!

  41. casualfan Says:

  42. I’m sorry too Caryl. My cousing died of AIDs in the late 80s too, but fortunately he had a loving family and wasn’t involved in a church.

  43. casualfan Says:

  44. Snowstorm Says:

    Off-topic, but just read that Taylor will not be appearing in Grease on May 6. May 6 is on a Wednesday..could that be the date he’s scheduled to appear on AI? We’ll have to wait and see, but I think that’s the date!!

  45. I got a laugh out the most recent response to Adam’s video: “My god that was positively pornographic… and I loved it. ” He certainly works his sex appeal! I think Spinshack would like this video :=P

  46. His orientation won’t matter, only the number of votes matter.
    So let’s see what the USA thinks.
    Last season’s Canadian Idol, Theo Tams is openly gay.
    Americans are “pretty close” to Canadians, I think (hope)

  47. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, Sounds good to me, thanks for the heads up.


  48. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    And totally untrue

  49. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I sure hope you’re right!

  50. SS, hope so as he will not be far away from LA on that date.

  51. oh, and I like the Bill O’Reilly comment on that link. The man is Satan.

  52. you guys, it is too early to declare Adam the winner. There are seven people left and anything can happen, but I’m sure he will do well tonight.

  53. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Nice videos, here is doing one of my all time favorites, “Dust in the Wind” :


  54. spinshack Says:

    Please Rose, he’s in a league of his own on that show.

  55. spinshack Says:

    I don’t know about that Barb – in some areas we’re still in an evolutionary thought process. There are many in certain regions still remember Anita Bryant and her theories.

    BTW Grey, told you he was special. nah, nah, nah.

  56. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that Adam’s my guy this year. I saw that video for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it’s the only time he’s made me cry. The rest of that explanation is he’s the only Idol contestant that’s ever made me cry. period. I love Taylor, and after I got to know more about him, I could see things in his eyes and hear things in his voice that brought me near tears when he sang, but I was injecting those things. This performance from Adam made me tear up just from the raw emotion of his facial expressions and tone. He’s the best contestant I’ve ever seen on the show and I wish him the best. Does that mean winning? I don’t know. I do cringe when people won’t let their children watch him just because of who he sleeps with.

  57. spinshack Says:

    That’s a feasible date, considering geography.

  58. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, I agree, season’s 6 & 7 were ok, nobody really thrilled me, but Adam’s talent takes it to a level the others can’t compete against. He like Taylor caculates his every move and knows how th get the audiences attention.


  59. spinshack Says:

    See what I’m saying, Barb? It’s not uncommon for folks to still think in those terms. My kid came home today talking about one of her buds saying at lunch her family doesn’t like Adam. Apparently it’s the sexual issue; she wound up going into great detail about her “Uncle” Todd and his “husband” and how there’s nothing to hate anyone about. Seems she caused a stir. lol Todd’s no real relation, he’s been a friend of mine for 15 years.

    Wonder if I’ll get a call from the school. ha.

  60. jerseyirish Says:

    That is sad that parents won’t let them watch, kids need to be taught tolerance from every aspect of life. We had a teacher a few years back in a neighboring community left school at the end of the year a man came back the following year female. Some were outraged others explained to their kids she was still a good teacher her skills didn’t change just her appearance, and those kids had no problem with the change, it just comes down to attidudes and how the parents present these difference in life to their children.


  61. casualfan Says:

    I’m sure Taylor was declared the winner the day he auditioned. Adam is still “the winner” even if he doesn’t make it to the final 2. He’s blowing everyone else out the water this season. The man has TRUE talent!

  62. Where did you read that? It’s not on any of his sites.

  63. littlewing Says:

    I haven’t been this interested in an AI contestant since Taylor (with the exception of Chikezie Ezie from AI 7.) Lambert never fails to put a smile on my face with that vintage rock scream. I think he is just too big for the Broadway stage. He needs to be frontin’ his own very own rock/funk/r&b/whatever band, IMO.

    The gay thing has never been an issue for me. But Spin is right, though the country as a whole has generally become more tolerant, one would be surprised at the number of people in my neck of the woods (Bible Belt) who find “a man laying with another man” a complete abomination. However, I don’t think these people are the type to be voting in an AI contest anyway, so I don’t think it will ultimately affect the outcome of the contest.

    Thanks to Redrosespeedway for the mp3 link at the BB….love PTFMWB!!! It rocks!

  64. Adam is so far above the pack it’s not even a competion. I’ve taken to just turning on the TV as background noise and only going to the TV when Adam comes on. LOL. If he doesn’t win I don’t think it really matters. He’ll be filling arena soon enough on someone’s label.

  65. jerseyirish Says:

    Adam took off and never looked back at the rest, none can compare to his performances weekly. It seems no matter what he does he nails it. Thought Anoop was very good tonight and Allison, the rest did ok, nothing to get excited over.


  66. After I saw his performance tonight, I was DONE. I literally turned AI off, nothing could be better than that.

  67. spinshack Says:

    Adam just shut the rest down tonight.

    Gokey looked more hokey than ever, Anooop! was just boring and Lil, well how she got this far I have no idea, although tonight not that bad. Kris – any other year than this one and he’d look better. Matt dressed like he was ready to be in a Western or something, i.e. a gambler Vocals were not good. :roll.

    I do like Allison, final two should be she and Adam. Who wins? I don’t really care.

    I hope they fire DioTardi though, can’t stand her.

  68. I just adored the song Kris sang tonight and he did it right! I think he’ll be in the top three with Adam and Allison. The rest were not very memorable. Adam did sound a bit Rocky Horror-most of the time Simon calls them right. But no tongue thrusts-so that’s good!

  69. spinshack Says:

    Damn and I like those tongue thrusts.


    So did you be good and vote for Lil?

  70. spinshack Says:

    Off topic- did you know we’re ‘demonizing’ poor Taylor over here. That’s the word. *snort*

  71. Sadly, I have not yet been inspired to vote. Re Taylor demonizing: Is that a pun in regard to his Teen Angel role? If so…..* puke *

  72. spinshack Says:

    Along those lines momo – only in terms of we that should never, ever, ever say a disparaging word.

    I put out a number of votes, as is in my ‘contract’ with Deb and Dave. Dave had up a good post on the recap.

  73. I swear on this stack of holy bibles that just happens to be by my bedside right now, I shall never, no NEVER, say another doubtful word about ” our Man”…. how’s that??
    Oh, I haven’t lurked at that other site much lately. Maybe I’ll have to check it out :=)

  74. I thought last week was the ultimate in Adam performances. TOTALLY AMAZING. Tonight was too much like when he did “Satisfaction”. Some amazing moments and some horrible moments. I didn’t vote for him tonight. Nothing to do with his sexual orientation. I think he is an amazing talent but I don’t like his over-the-top theatrics most of the time. He does have the most talent, I just don’t like how he uses it some of the time. My three favorites are Allison, Kris and Anoop. When Anoop does it right, it’s right! Even when he was “boring” to watch a couple of times his voice was always great. Last week and this he was really good. Allison has been my favorite since I heard her do “Alone.” Kris is just cute. 🙂 No really, I like his singing too. I agree – Danny and Lil have both been pretty disappointing. Matt – Nothing exciting most of the time IMO.

    I was going to say on the previous blog entry that participating here is going to break me! I have several albums in my iTunes shopping cart (2 Derek Trucks and an ALO. I want to also get some Travis. LOL I still have not had a chance to listen to Grace Potter or Los Lonely Boys.

  75. I didn’t like Adam that much tonight. Lil was better but I still don’t think she can sing that well. At least she made the song more her own for a change. I think Lil, Danny and Matt should go home, in that order……

  76. Oh no! Then we’ll have to listen for the next five years how “(Winner’s name here)” cheated Adam and “Adam should have won!”

  77. For anybody who wants to use the Bible as their argument against homosexuality, they need to watch this clip. This is one of my favorite moments from West Wing…

  78. Damn, we’re moving up then, because I thought we were just haters.

    Wow. 😐

  79. I miss The West Wing SO much. But I don’t need it the way I used to all those years, when it used to serve as a stand-in for America having a real President. Now it’s just fun. We watched CJ doing The Jackal just the other day.

  80. casualfan Says:

    Is that a “sisterly” term Spin? 😉 Shall I break out the holy water?

  81. suze4158 Says:

    Romans 1:26-32 is the actual scripture to argue against homosexuality.

    That clip uses scripture ignorantly and out of context.

    The writers artfully make an ass out of the Laura S. wannabe by twisting the intent of the Levitical scriptures. Those were the ancient rules to the Jews that showed the beginning of God’s revelation about His great righteousness. When Christ came much later, he simplified all that, because he fulfilled it all before a righteous God…. but it did not change God’s attitude about what He, the Creator expected of his creation.

    We deserve squat in this world from God…because we crap on His word to us. But what we get instead from Him is grace. The grace to choose to either honor Him or not. How to honor him? By obeying what he has said and revealed.

    He plainly says in the Romans verses that homosexuality is uncool to Him. I rather agree with the One who made me vs. what people seem to think is ok because of their feelings, etc.

    Do I hate homosexuals ? Au contrare. They are like me, only different in that they are in a different sin than mine like when I overindulge or lust over non-hubby guys, etc. (yeah…Taylor, Taylor….have I lusted over him…duh, yes)
    God made us so that we are most at peace when doing the stuff He says is cool.
    I don’t most of the time, so I don’t enjoy the peace, either.
    But I believe that Scripture is true…yet you have to truly understand it to not twist it to say what YOU want it to say….which is what the West Wing piece did.

    That being said….the AI contest is about talent. And God happened to give a lot of talent to this homosexual, Adam. Let America vote on talent. The vote for his standing before God is another topic entirely and should be left out of the talent show.

    Now, there, I am out of my closet.

  82. suze4158 Says:

    Actually, the scripture makes more sense if you begin at verse 18….

  83. I think the live performance o Mad World” was better than the studio version.

  84. We deserve squat in this world from God…because we crap on His word to us. But what we get instead from Him is grace. The grace to choose to either honor Him or not. How to honor him? By obeying what he has said and revealed.

    Okay, so we’re “going there”.

    How many times has the Bible been translated? Retranslated?? How many words did the ancient Jews use, that our modern language does not have an accurate match for? How much $$ do churches beg for? How much corruption is those $$ ? How many poor and starving still exist in our world despite people pouring said $$ into churches??

    I was raised in a church environment, and I get very little spiritual substance from it today. I think it is disgusting the prejudice we find today, in the name of Jesus. To view homosexuality as “sinful” is narrow minded and wrong. It’s a biological predisposition. Are diabetics sinful? What about the mentally ill? How about those born with congenital heart failure?


  85. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Very well said, people are who they are, and the Bible and its teachings can’t change that.


  86. …….and yet Sean Penn won the Oscar for Milk.
    Are people just pretending to care I wonder, just to be “politically correct”?

  87. ……anyyyywayyyyyyyyyy,
    I was laughing and screetching out loud for Adam’s over the top version of Born to be Wild last night. I’ve never seen such energy on that AI stage! Bravo, Adam. Allison, however, I found to be relly pitchy. I didn’t like her song at all. Normally I just love her, but I didn’t hear what the judges heard at all. There were just too many ballads last night. Once Adam came on, he blew the house down! LOL
    I didn’t like Adam at first, his register was too high and I actually preferred Gokey, but as the weeks progressed, as most of you agree, Adam left the rest in his dust.

  88. suze4158 Says:

    Well, we must disagree…and that is o.k.
    If you study up on the Bible, you will find it is the most substantiated piece of ancient literature that exists. To say that the translations don’t match is a cop out because you don’t like its content.
    “Church” is not spirituality. The church , as in anything run by humans is corrupt. If you allow your own thinking to be influenced by the wrongs of others, then you have ceased to think about what is true/truth.

    It is not what I think…and it doesn’t matter what you think about what I think. It is how it is viewed by God. And if that doesn’t matter to you, then that is your business.
    It does to me and will to everyone one day when they pass on from this world.

    Also, there is no proof of biological disposition for homosexuality.
    If you have that documentation from a medical journal, I would like to see it.

    Sorry to have brought this here, as it is the music discussion that should be the focus. I just had to react to that West Wing piece.
    It is nothing personal to IAG, etc.

  89. suze4158 Says:

    That is a st

  90. My favourite responses from Utube:
    “Itsallgrey – the criminal element of the Taylor world. ”
    “Itsallgrey is stealing from Taylor’s sales is not good is against the law. ”

    They’re coming for you IAG! Time to take a collection to bail her out !!

  91. suze4158 Says:

    Sorry…it posted before done.

    JI states humanism. What God has said just is not important anymore.

    The church of humanism is the church of the USA/world nowadays.
    You guys are in the majority.

    Take care, all….I have branded myself here and will move on.

    It is fine, and an o.k. price to be paid for standing for what I think is right. And, I am not a hater. I like most folks that treat others decently. I have gay friends that will tell you I am just as warm to them as anyone. I am entitled to a viewpoint based on what I believe to be important and true.

    And to relate to the discussion…I think Adam Lambert is talented and will have an amazing career. The world will embrace its own.

  92. I missed Allison last night.

    OK, don’t start throwing stones at me, but I didn’t LOVE BTBW last night. While I agree that Adam can be a genius with is voice and song delivery, I don’t like it when he’s so over-the-top. He borders on getting kind of freaky when he screeches and puts on his “act.” It’s not as extreme as with Lady GaGa, but it is the same phenomena for me – the theatrics distract from the talent. His talent is not as totally lost in the “show” as with her, but it DETRACTS from it IMO. “Mad World” and Tracks of My Tears were pure genius. He was above and beyond any one else on the show, but did it without the theatrical performance. I don’t mean to say that he should just sit there and sing every week. I just think he goes a farther than he needs to and it lessens my opinion of him as a singer/performer when he does.

  93. What I find interesting is that you seem to know how everything is viewed by God. Now, I’ve been in church for my whole life, and I won’t even pretend to know what God is thinking. As for the Bible being the most substantiated piece of literature, I’d like for you to read the actual text that was written down. But it wasn’t written down by God, it was written down by men. Men, who through no fault of their own, somehow surely must have put their own interpretation on it, without even knowing it.

    As for medical literature, honestly, for every article I bring you saying it’s genetic, you can bring me one saying it’s not. I’m in the medical field, and whatever study might be the latest greatest thing now will probably be obsolete in a couple of months. You know why? Because as much as we like to pretend we know the answers to everything, we don’t know anything. Look how we’ve treated the mentally ill or how we used to manage simple things such as fevers. Even though we think we are so advanced now in the medical field, I bet that in 100 years we will be laughed at.

  94. Suze..there is no need to “move on” unless you really feel it’s necessary. We are all adults here who are capable of having a discussion without someone needing to leave.

  95. I get where you’re coming from, rajrae..and I tend to agree witih you a little bit on this point. It was a refreshing performance, but he’s done musical theatre for a long time now. I think it’s probably in his blood. 🙂 His voice is so good, that the theatrics aren’t as necessary for him as they are for the other performers.

    But damn…he’s so far away and above everybody else on that show.

  96. I’m sorry this thread has taken a religious turn, I simply don’t know what to believe but I know that it saddens me that people put so much faith in a book that, by all accounts is incomplete and was edited by a Roman Emperor (Constantine) in order to further his political agenda.
    There are alot of missing gospels. I just prefer to keep my mind open and am thrilled with the archaeological findings that may, one day, make the Bible whole.
    An interesting site for those curious is here:
    Most notably the gospel of Mary M and the gospel of Peter.

  97. Barb Says:
    April 15, 2009 at 7:56 am e

    My favourite responses from Utube:
    “Itsallgrey – the criminal element of the Taylor world. ”
    “Itsallgrey is stealing from Taylor’s sales is not good is against the law. ”

    They’re coming for you IAG! Time to take a collection to bail her out !!

    I really want to use that first one on my the signature or something. That is one of my favorites. 🙂

  98. It’s a funny thing…..the “over-the-top” critique. It was the thing I hated about him at first, and is now what I love. Go figure, I am fickle. LOL
    Tracks of My Tears was so inspirational, my daughter went straight to iTunes and dowloaded the original to her iPod. Go Smokey & The Miracles!!
    Adam certainly appears to be the most versatile.
    ……….and he looks so great with the slicked back hair, nice to see his purdy face! He is an attractive young man under all that stage goo.

  99. spinshack Says:

    No! No Holy water! *running screaming!* (or rulers)

  100. spinshack Says:

    ahahahah! “Criminal element” that’s so great. No pot o gold for you Grey.

  101. spinshack Says:

    Look out for the rainbows. That’s a good read. 😛

  102. spinshack Says:

    “God made us so that we are most at peace when doing the stuff He says is cool.

    Scripture 1:23-32 Sunny: I say I am most at peace when doing stuff I say is cool.

  103. spinshack Says:

    “If you study up on the Bible, you will find it is the most substantiated piece of ancient literature that exists.”

    So, that dude really built a ginormous boat and rounded up all those animals two by two. Wow. That would make a great movie one day.

    The story about the other guy who made the seas part was really cool too.

  104. spinshack Says:

    I was screeching with him ahahahah! All the others were pretty blase’. Really had hoped he’d so do “Purple Rain” but perhaps wasn’t on that craptastic list.

  105. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, Suze, don’t leave, we’re just playing.

  106. spinshack Says:

    Man you so need to do that. I love the first one. *cheering*

  107. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Suze, you are a brave and sane person and I applaud you

  108. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I agree with and stand with Suze.

  109. hicksaholic Says:

    I think Adam is very talented but thought last night’s performance seemed like a drag queen performing. Too over the top and screamy for me.

  110. Adam took what easily could have a been a kareoke moment, and turned it into a show stopper. Even Mr. YKW said, “He reminds me of Mick Jagger.”

    He’s a ’70’s era rocker, crossed with a the sentimentality of *dare I say it* Josh Groban. He is in another league than the other contestants.

    /tardish blathering

  111. jerseyirish Says:

    I tend to like the more mellow Adam singing from his heart. Drag queen is a good description, he is very artistic and his performances show his artistry. Even looking at some of the youtube vid’s he is always very expressive when he sings, thats just part of his personna.


  112. spinshack Says:

    *clapping* exactly!

  113. Wow, in no way was I saying Lil was “better than Adam” if that’s how that looked. I meant she performed better than her previous weeks. She still is not all that great IMO and needs to be the one to go home this week.

  114. I’m no expert on theater but it seems to me that theater acting is way more “exaggerated” than regular acting, and this is what is coming through TOO much in Adam’s performances. (IMO) Great for the Broadway stage, but how will that translate to records? I want to hear/see him SING on the AI stage, like he did with Mad World, not act out a song. He WILL make great record (I hope) but I just wish he could perform more like an artistic singer than a musical stage actor/singer/entertainer on the show. I don’t vote for him when he does performances like last night.

    And I do think it’s funny how many here positively HATE Taylor being in a musical theater performance, but now are flipping out for Adam’s theatrical performances. LOL Maybe (hopefully) this will make some of you more “tolerant” of Taylor being in Grease? 🙂

  115. I thought it was kareoke, and so was “Satisfaction” when he did it.

  116. Well, not that it matters, but it won’t make me more tolerant of Grease. Ok, everybody, put away your shocked faces. The difference is that Adam came into Idol already in theatre. Taylor came in to bring real music back. Now, since Taylor obviously isn’t bringing “real music” back, he’s gone on to Grease. It’s kind of like…well, I gave it a shot. Now I’m going to do Grease.

  117. So it’s OK for someone to go from theater to artistic recording/performing but it’s not OK to go from performing/recording to theater…..

  118. And I know this is repetitive, but you ignore that he MADE AN ALBUM while he was doing Grease! I know you don’t like the music he put on the album, but you continue to imply that he gave up music to do Grease….. that’s not the case….. he wrote and recoded music while doing Broadway….

  119. And I think there were about a million BETTER songs he could have picked to perform. I do love BTBW but it was a weird choice for me.

  120. rajrae, that’s not even true re: the music on The Distance.

    Personally, I love SMB, MYS, IAOK, and even the title track. And I think if you go back and read IAG’s review of the CD, you’ll find she actually had some positive things to say.

    Is the CD one of those where I love EVERY song? No, and many worthwhile CD’s I own are indeed not of that nature. It isn’t his music, it’s “Grease” that I just find so distasteful. Someone said earlier, that it’s “Grease” and it’s just so cheesy, and I find that to be how I feel. Honestly, I WOULD probably feel differently about the Broadway bit if it was a production with some crediblity, like “Les Miserables” or “Rent” or even “Showboat”.


    And I think everybody here knows how I feel about IAOK.

  122. spinshack Says:

    “Taylor came in to bring real music back.” This is the phrase that says it all – the guy came on the show stating he was going to do something and well, hasn’t. This is something we’ve all talked to death but it’s true.

    That’s the main sticking point with Hicks and some of us having a big question mark when it comes to his music and the drive behind artistic integrity.

  123. Oh yes, artistic integrity from the cone. 😐

  124. spinshack Says:

    Heard Hicks’ gig in SFO didn’t do so hot regarding attendance. I’m out into the Big Real today but will check into that later. You found anything on it?

  125. I hung out on the BB cellcert thread last night (tried to listen but couldn’t get the phone headphones to work so really didn’t hear it well). Someone kept asking about the crowd, and someone at the concert said it was about 2/3 full. I have such a hard time with that! How can he not fill a small venue like that in a huge city like SF? It bothers me a lot, especially considering that live performance is really what he does best. How can these people not realize what they are missing? Or do you think he’s loosing his live “umph” factor now too? Or is it because he’s giving the concerts late at night on weeknights? Whatever – I’m baffled….

  126. Or maybe people are just not taking him seriously any more because of Grease. 😦

  127. Well, 11pm on a Tuesday probably didn’t help with ticket sales. Just goes to show how Grease is getting in the way.

  128. hicksaholic Says:

    I highly doubt Taylor is losing his live “umph” factor. Not even sure that would happen if he tried. He could be a thousand times worse live and still be great IMO. How much were the tickets? Probably a combo of Western US tastes(or lack thereof) weekday night performance, ticket costs and lack of proper promo. I doubt even if you gave away tickets in California for a Taylor event a lot of people would come. His lack of talent seems to have been widely documented by the press there. Oh well being from the south I look forward to venues in our area taking the place of those he can’t seem to fill in California.

  129. Snowstorm Says:

    There are a lot of factors, but that’s one of them.

  130. Tickets were $35.

  131. I sure hope there will be plenty of concerts down here within driving distance of me (New Orleans)!! I have family in Houston, New Braunfels, Austin, Dallas – all places he will be in or close to with Grease. I’m also close enough to drive to Birmingham or Atlanta. Know people in both cities too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for lots of concerts down here. 🙂

  132. jerseyirish Says:

    Just don’t understand why he is not well received in Calif., the only negatives press wise have been since he has been there. When I went to see him he didn’t come out until almost 10 that night, the opening act got on late which made him later also, it was a Tues night and the place was packed, this was during the 07 tour. I don’t think time is a factor, alot of folks stayed up and listened to cell certs of the show last night, I’m sure if they were close enough they would have been there, I just think it maybe his music is not liked there as in other parts of the country.


  133. Well, I think things were different during the 07 tour. He was coming fresh off of Idol, and people were still wanting to see the American Idol. Then he oversaturated himself by doing two tours…then started Grease. And now? Now, it’s anybody’s guess as to what’s going to happen next.

  134. There is nothing wrong with being an awesome bar band, too.
    The Rolling Stones always come to Canada and chooses a bar to test new stuff or just tighten up. Lucky bastards getting the $5 -$10 ticket for cover charge and then getting the Stones, live and up close, imagine a shock like that! How envious I am.

  135. casualfan Says:

    He’s obviously not well liked in other parts of the country either JI. His cd sales reflect that.

    People who are expecting a huge shadow tour in the south are in for a not-so-pleasant surprise.

  136. I’m upset he did not sell out a 250 seat venue. He had the press including being on local TV. I wonder if he is worried. Crossing my fingers he will be on AI and sell some CD’s.

  137. casualfan Says:

    I hope you are right Rosie, but I doubt going on AI will help him with any CD sales at this point.

  138. casualfan Says:

    Taylor hasn’t lost his “umph” live factor. If anything, he’s more seasond, tighter sounding and totally kicks ASS on stage. I find it really a shame that more folks don’t go to his concerts and actually see him perform live. He’s a naturally talented live musician.

  139. casualfan Says:

    That’s cheap!

  140. casualfan Says:

    I don’t think that’s what anyone is implying here rajrae. Adam was doing theater long before AI and Taylor was busting his ass playing in bars as a working musician before AI.

    Adam is being honest and what you see is what you get with him and his past utube vids reflect that. Taylor Hicks has shown his “Three faces of Eve” persona and a good portion of his fandom has left because of this.

  141. From the other boards, it seems like people are relying on AI to be the savior of Taylor Hicks. I’m sorry, I just don’t see that happening.

  142. casualfan Says:

    I agree IAG-what’s left of the fans are searching for anything to pull Taylor into safe waters which it’s too late. What’s interesting is those same people are the ones who trash AI, accusing them of conspiracy wrong doings, making wild accusations about AI dissing Taylor and anything else they can throw at them. NOW they want for AI to save Taylor. It’s not going to happen…damage is done.

  143. It has helped everyone else including Kelly Pickler last week. His appearance will remind some that he won AI and let millions know he has a new CD. There are some who may not have even seen him thin and handsome. The amt of CD’s sold as a result would depend on what he sings. Give him the stage to knock Nineteen out of the park with soulfulness and things could turn around for him.

  144. One appearance on AI is not going to save his career, and what the hell does him being “thin and handsome” have anything to do with his singing?

  145. Some AI, but non Taylor fans, are wondering what AI has against Taylor. Someone on MJ’s asked if he pissed in someones cheerios. I don’t think there was any conspiracy to keep him from succeding, but should he not be asked to be on this season, tons of people are going to say WTH happened.

  146. Don’t you think part of Adam’s and Kris Allen’s appeal has to do with their looks? Good looks are an asset in every business, in life in general. Who knows, maybe looking thinner and dressing well gives him confidence which could help him sing better.

  147. Sure, but as for Kris Allen…eh. He doesn’t really impress me. See, that’s the difference once again between tv audiences, who are worried about the looks, versus music fans, who really don’t care what they look like. Obviously Taylor selling his good looks isn’t doing much for his music career.

  148. casualfan Says:

    same old argument Grey and it won’t change. “Thin and Handsome” has NEVER been a factor with me re Taylor but seems to be the standing factor among his die-hard fans.

    To the poster who questioned what Taylor did to AI….Taylor did PISS OFF all the wrong people during his stint on that show and I believe it has come back to bite him on the ass with AI. He basically tried to boycott the show and get all the top 12 and their families involved in that which failed. No one in their right mind would be silly enough to rock the boat like that in that stage of the game. Read his book…he admits to part of what happened. There is more to the story than he will ever admit too.

    Taylor can sing “Nineteen” all he wants, but it won’t help and IMO-that is not the best track on that cd.

  149. casualfan Says:

    rosie, Adam’s lure is that he’s keeping it real on who he is up there and hell yeah-he’s drop dead gorgeous!

  150. littlewing Says:

    I don’t think one AI appearance would necessarily be a career saver, but to appear on a national stage and once again grab em by the balls would create a nice spike in sales, which may even be sustained over time.

  151. I’m feeling really sad now. I know that we already heard about orders for WATW with Amazon being cancelled, but I guess I was holding out hope that the issue was with Amazon (I know, I know, that was way too optimistic). I ordered through Suncoast months ago but got a message just now that my order has been cancelled, too. Looks like that project has been scrapped.

    I feel bad for Taylor. It seems like it’s one disappointment after another lately.

  152. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I think the appearance on AI will give him the larger audience and possibly spark some interest in him again from folks that may have walked away. I know I read both Kelly and Ruben’s sales increased after their appearances, so it is possible that it could happen for Taylor.


  153. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, The same could be said for Idol the rude comments about Taylor on the show have been totally uncalled for. It works both ways, yeah folks get upset when they hear the comments and lash out, however, Taylor has yet to trash Idol or any the comments they have said about him publically. IMO he always talks highly of his time on the show and he deserves a spot on like all the other winners.


  154. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Me too got the message it has been cancelled. I’m really sad for him that this didn’t work out.


  155. He sure is working hard with little to show from it. His MWR label is incorporated . It being April 15th, I bet with all his write offs, expenses and business losses, he did not have to pay much to Uncle Sam. Perhaps his accountant got a headache along with his hefty fee. Taylor is having a rough time yet still smiling and talking positive in public. I just love the guy and wish him well. He has given me so much enjoyment.

  156. hicksaholic Says:

    I would love to have a real tell all book about what happened during and after Idol. He was probably at the all time high for winners coming off idol. He got the Ford commercial and the people cover for Batchelor of the Year or whatever. Then he headed up the most successful idol tour to date. After that it seemed to head south.

    I’m sure he didn’t make any friends with the top AI brass when he tried to organize the top twelve. But they let him continue competing when they could have come up with some reason for him to leave. I heard he was difficult to work with but that could be a creative difference of opinion. It is odd that he was on top of the world coming off Idol and now he can’t seem to catch a break.

  157. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m with you about the enjoyment Taylor brings us. I can’t even describe how he makes me feel when he performs live. I am definitely in a happy place. If I never see him perform again I will be grateful for the times I have seen him.

  158. casualfan Says:

    CF, The same could be said for Idol the rude comments about Taylor on the show have been totally uncalled for. It works both ways, yeah folks get upset when they hear the comments and lash out, however, Taylor has yet to trash Idol or any the comments they have said about him publically. IMO he always talks highly of his time on the show and he deserves a spot on like all the other winners.

    JI, I agree about the comments being uncalled for and I’m not justifying them in any way. I’m referring to them allegedly not showing him support and not promoting him as per the fan base claims. Bottom line is that we don’t know the full story of what actually happend between T and AI and we won’t ever know.

  159. Casualfan, My favorite tracks are the same as yours ‘The Distance’ and 7mile. I don’t think 7 mile would be a good one for him to perform, should he get the chance, on Idol. Hearing that song just 1 time poses the problem of complicated lyrics, the audience trying to figure out what it is about instead of listening to the melody and his voice. I said Nineteen might be a good one because of its meaning and he could use his passion to bring it home. I think ‘The Distance’ could also work due to the lyrics combined with the catchy beat.

  160. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, I agree we will never know, but for me the bottom line is he won season 5 they have to accept it whatever went down between they can’t change the fact that he won. Do I think they tried to ruin him, no I don’t I just think they threw him out on his own hoping he would sink, but Taylor is still keeping his name alive in the entertainment world and I think that is killing them that he is seeing any success.


  161. Rajrae, I agree with you that Adam’s OTT screaching is distracting. I predict Simon will change things up and give Adam a negative criticism about this in the next couple of weeks just to cause “controversy”. If he brought the screaching down just a notch, it would be so much more enjoyable IMHO. I’m surprised that none of the judges have touched on this yet. While he seems to need no pimpage, he sure is getting plenty!

  162. My favorite (nonbonus) track is Maybe You Should. I think he could perform a really heartfelt version on AI. While it’s similar to WRIR and as a result’ is an improbable single, I doubt he’ll sing it if the AI performance ever happens…..too bad:=(

  163. Unfortunately, I feel that 19 is a bit dated due to the twin towers reference, etc. I lost friends and live close both geographically and emotionally to that event, so I’m not sure how people will react to a song that would dig all that up again. While the war is still so relevant, the timing would have been more emotional and had more impact when the old (cough**f**k*ed up*cough *) administration was in office.

  164. Suze, I agree. You were very eloquent. I don’t agree with you, but that’s OK. Really. Don’t leave.

  165. You may have a point about the 9/11 2001 date, but there are still American soldiers dying and wounded. There has not been as I recall a song performed on Idol about real American patriots and the sacrifice for freedom some of our women and men freely give. Most songs involve romantic love. It just would be different to hear such as song as ‘Nineteen’ on such a popular and American show as AI. He can do that song justice. It is a song that both the pro Iraq war folks and the anti war folks could relate too. Last I heard Americans are still supporting our troops. It seems Taylor has supported our soldiers for real. Those who think he is just a goofy singer/dancer would see him in a new light. As always this is just my thoughts on the topic.

  166. spinshack Says:

    Exactly. And this is one of his promote the CD tour stops. Not working.

  167. spinshack Says:

    He hardly sold the venue from what I heard.

  168. spinshack Says:

    LOL Barb! ack. 😛

  169. spinshack Says:

    Rose he’s not “caught fire” so this isn’t looking real positive but hey, if he gets a spot on Idol could help.

  170. spinshack Says:


  171. spinshack Says:

    OMG you just crossed the MFOYA line. See, that was the entire SP thinking! *laughing my ass off*

  172. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree, my son’s friend that just returned from Iraq was only 13 on 9/11/01, but it made enough of an impact on him that he enlisted during his senior year of high school. We sent him the video that is up on youtube and he said hearing the song with the video was powerful.


  173. spinshack Says:

    (It’s the entire ‘conspiracy’ issue. Like X-Files. )

  174. spinshack Says:

    You have to have a freaking VIABLE product.

  175. spinshack Says:

    Bottom line, don’t be an idiot and don’t ever bite the hand that feeds you.

  176. spinshack Says:

    That surely won’t mean a hill a beans if he can’t get or gain venues because of a lack of draw. Think of it.

  177. spinshack Says:

    You are a sweet person , JI – but man that won’t float the guy’s lacking in his career efforts.

  178. spinshack Says:

    Oh yeah, like this new *cough* admin *cough* is any fucking better. Damn, I was at a biker Tea party today. OBambi is not impressive at this point. Sick of seeing his ass on the tele talking about his dog and whatever. NOT A FAN of socialism.

  179. spinshack Says:

    Idol is escapism tele, they don’t want to address this type of thing, Rose.

  180. mamaforpeace Says:

    I was at Cafe du Nord yesterday, and Taylor kicked ass, I’m telling you! Really bonded with the audience, while staying very tight with his band. He seemed very happy to be there. I figure maybe 150 people, many young. Some very entusiastic men, though not as many as women. Now, I’ve been very unhappy with Taylor doing Grease, feeling like he was not being the artist he can be. There was no ice cream or grease left on that man last night. Intense, real, it was all about the music. He did hang around for at least 45 minutes after the show, taking pictures, signing autographs, talking to some friends. I don’t really care if Taylor becomes a big star (maybe he does, but I don’t). I just hope he keeps doing what he did last night, just more of it. I think small venues fit his style better anyway. And for those of you who worry about him, I can only repeat, he seemed very happy.
    My only regret was that he didn’t do a slower, more intimate song. IAOK would have been too much to hope for, but Maybe You Should would have been nice. Best for me was 7 Mile Breakdown. Great, great, great!
    It would be nice to hear impressions from anyone else who was there.

  181. spinshack Says:

    Well thank you for your recap. Nice for a real positive experience.

  182. spinshack Says:

    BTW when I use tele it’s pronounced Telee, and means television. Clearing that aspect.

  183. Lots of men, really?

    Well, that’s different.

  184. Yeah Spin, it wouldn’t take much for this administration to be better than the worst in American History. I’m not a fan of socialism either. And I don’t expect him to right all the wrongs of the previous fuck up in just a few months. But clearly this is an escapist board and I’m free to disagree with you, tea bagger and all.

  185. Thanks for your recap but I still will worry about his future in the music business and I bet he does also. One hundred fifty people at $35 a person, will not enable him to travel/tour and pay his band members. He will come out in the minus column. This is the beloved guy from AI5, who Bucky said, “you ain’t seen Taylor Hicks unless you see him live”, and went on to say he’d go to see him in Vegas over and over. Given the win and hype and his talent and performances, Vegas was a possability. The present situation, regarding Tay’s career, to me almost seems surreal. That is why I have no problem with Grease or any career move he makes. He should be seen and make a good living because he has talent and seems like a good hard working guy.

  186. spinshack Says:

    (It’s San Fran…) A-hem…


  187. spinshack Says:

    Uh, without the anonymous blonde….

  188. spinshack Says:

    Momo I love you – all of you, you sad and twisted beyotch. *lauging*

  189. spinshack Says:

    Rose so who do he need start relying on with getting his word out? Think.

  190. mamaforpeace Says:

    I didn’t say lots, I said very enthusiastic.

  191. I was just out running with The Distance on my Mp3.. So good! I think it would be a perfect choice for AI. I do love 19 but then I have a Marine and a son in the Navy. And I just think the positive lyrics and the beat of TD would come off really well on AI. And Taylor’s voice in it! I would love to see it live.

  192. Is anyone but me wondering why he’s holding off on MYS at concerts?

    Enjoyed hearing your recap MFP! I tried the cellcert but had trouble. Maybe next time. How does The Distance come off live?

  193. mamaforpeace Says:

    Well, lots of artists aren’t huge or doing Vegas, but they manage to keep going. I love John Boutte. Traveled twice to New orleans to see him. First time, the second leg of my flight got cancelled, so I didn’t make it. Second time, drove all the way there from CA, made it just in time for the show at this little club he plays at, and he’d gone to do a gig somewhere else, for an actual pay check. So I still have to see him live, but I’ll try again. To me, he is that good, yet lots of people don’t even know who he is.
    Check him out:

  194. mamaforpeace Says:

    That was the first song he sang, kind of a warm up. Not one of my fav. But it was up from there for me.

  195. Thank you Spin! I try to avoid religion and politics here, but I’m glad you responded. All this spending and the bailouts are pure insanity! I would have been at a tea party if it had not been so crazy around here for 2 weeks, and we leave tomorrow for a week in Tucson. (I should not even be on this damn computer now, but organizing my stuff!)

  196. I’ve been trying to figure out what the deal was with WATW. I have a notification order at amazon for when it becomes available. Was it EVER available? Does anyone know the story behind it, as to why it’s not being distributed any longer or in the first place, whichever is the case??

  197. spinshack Says:

    OMG you have fracked the freak flag on your next post.


  198. Obama sucks as prez.

    Adam, I like him. He’s really interesting to watch and is way more entertaining than most of the people this year. Danny and Allison are also good but Adam is a league of his own in performing.
    It’s really sad that people don’t like him because of his orientation or appearance. What does that have to do with anything? I believe in God and I love Jesus as much as the next person, but come on! We’re not supposed to hate on someone for that, whatever happened to “Love your neighbor”?
    Either way, that has absolutely nothing to do with his vocal and performing ability. Dude can definitely sing and entertain and that’s all that matters. Plus he seems likeable. If America has a brain, he’ll win or at least be the runner up.

    As for May 6, God let it be true. They need to respect their winner. We won’t know till about a week before though, they like to keep the guests a secret it seems.

    Speaking of guests… Okay, I don’t get the Miley Cyrus hype. That was just awkward *ducks from tomatoes being thrown from 12 year olds*

  199. *collapses in a blind stupor next to Spin*

  200. Yeah, Christa … I’m with you on the Miley Cyrus thing. WTF? Too bad she couldn’t have performed last week with FloRider … half the audience would have been slain in culture shock induced whiplash!

  201. casualfan Says:

    I thought it had something to do with copyright material. He had issues obtaining permission from the tags he included in his songs that belonged to other artists. This is what I heard, but I don’t know for sure.

    If this is the case, that issue should have been cleared up years ago.

  202. casualfan Says:

    R U referring to my post Spin? How did I cross the “MFOYA line”? MFOYA was full of it.

  203. Well, I was actually kind of shocked by it. She SANG, and you could hear her voice, and there was not a wild freaky show, or back up dancers, or so many back-up singers you could not hear her voice, and she looked so “womanly” compared to the little teeny-bopper I was expecting!

  204. I would say Miley is growing up. I just pray she doesn’t turn into another Brittney.

  205. America Idol and Disney are connected so they have had Miley on twice to get the bucks. They also were promoting Zack’z new movie with Disney. Guess it doesn’t hurt to appeal to the kids and teens and present some family friendly singers.

  206. Ah, that’s right. There is a connection with the “AI Experience” now open. Good point, rosie.

  207. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    But is it his fault that it didn’t happen? Blame the American public. They didn’t buy his album.

  208. Probably because his album isn’t exactly like he marketed himself on AI. His first album was pseudo pop ickyness.

  209. suze4158 Says:

    *sneaking a furtive peak back in*
    well…thanks for that.
    You are all brave for your tolerance of said Bible-thumper.
    Very encouraging.
    I come here for a music discussion, and there I will try to leave it.
    I would be reading anyway….:-)

  210. suze4158 Says:

    Woah…like mindedness. Cool. And thanks.

  211. YES….first religion, then politics! lol.
    I love Spin on this one…

  212. Good to see you!

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