Check out this sound…


Animal Liberation Orchestra. No, it’s not an animal rescue front. Here’s the lead singer from ALO singing one of their songs with Jack Johnson.

Seriously, who knew an accordion could rock out like that?

From their website:

On Roses & Clover, ALO explored new methods of collaborating, finding a richer, more mature sound built on their individual songwriting strengths. Recorded in a turn-of-the-century barn in the hills overlooking colonial Santa Barbara, the four musicians holed themselves up for two weeks with little more than their favorite instruments and 40 songs in various stages – 80% of which had never been performed on stage.

“We’re a band that likes to experiment live”, says Dan Lebowitz. “I have a feeling these songs are going to evolve a lot. They’re young songs, like little kids, who over time are going to grow and change. And that’s a really exciting thing.”

They have released an album on Brushfire Records, the label owned by Jack Johnson.


28 Responses to “Check out this sound…”

  1. Hahaha, I just totally spilled my guts as the last post of the last post….I hate when that happens!!! So looking forward to hearing new music! Thank you Iag!

  2. Love the guitarist on ALO. Never heard of them before. I like the first song with Jack Johnson the best, and a big Yeah to the squeeze box. I love that sound. Thanks

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Never heard them before, they were really good. Had to do a double take the guy playing the acoordian is the spiting image of my brother, called my hubby in to take a listen to the them, and he said “holly sh– the guy looks just like your brother”. He thought they were good also. Will take a look at their site. Thanks for posting.

    Had a guy I went to school with that played acoordian he could rock out some Beatles, Rolling Stones and others on it.


  4. Oh wow, never heard of them before but they’re good! Gonna check them out for sure. My cousin used to play the accordion.

  5. Really good! I like the 2nd song a lot better than the first.

  6. I really like a song of theirs called Ophelia. Can’t find YouTube for it though.

  7. I also finally had time to listen to Travis from the previous entry. I like them too. I didn’t care for the Britney song, but I did like “Sing” very much. (Not the video so much as just listening to the song.) It looks like they’ve around for a while. And that crowd was HUGE. I think it said it was in London. Gonna try to listen to more of them.

    Was about to try to listen to Los Lonely Boys when husband needed the computer. Will try later. I’ve heard OF them but never listened to them.

    So, if not an animal rights thing, where did ALO come up with the name?

    Here is an interesting clip someone sent me today… Just bear with it a few minutes, you will be surprised…

  8. I looked for a video too IAG, cause I would have loved to see them perfom the Band’s Ophelia. I found an audio version, but no video. They sounded great!

  9. Rajrae, I watched that too tonight and thought of posting it but I’ve done way too much of that tonight. I love her! She sooo reminds me of a female Paul Potts! What did you think of her?

  10. I was totally amazed, and just loved the looks on the faces of everyone when she started! It’s especially crazy that she’s just sort of been there with this awesome talent, and nobody even knew about it – not even here friends realized how good she was. It’s like she just decided one day to go out and let everybody know she could sing. LOL

  11. And are they just playing it up that she’s never been kissed? What the ???
    How much is that a possible reality. I mean the lady is 47…I really don’t care. I’m just glad her talent is open to the public. Sadly, I’m not sure the US would welcome her with such open arms.

  12. Check out Cowell’s face at 1:26 – 1:22.
    THAT is gonna stay stuck in my mind for a long time! LOL
    (Not in a good way, either……Simon, I mean).

  13. WOW!! So good!

  14. I think they are just emphasizing the fact that she’s basically a plain old middle aged woman, very unassuming, with a boring life…… etc etc. Yes, they are playing it up to make the contrast factor stand out even more. And think about it – if it IS true, that is pretty amazing in itself. Well, people aren’t going to want to buy her for her videos or dancing. LOL She sure can sing though! It will be interesting to see what kind of music she records.

  15. BTW, that was musical theater.

  16. suze4158 Says:

    As far as your clips of ALO…love them! I am a sucker for the /piano pretty much anywhere….and this is awesome.
    I miss the days of Brian Less playing with Taylor’s band….a great keyboard talent, IMO.

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    Wasn’t expecting that at all, she was very good. Simon’s face priceless.


  18. Wow . . . I also, had never heard of ALO before. I am definitely going to be checking out more of their music. I’m such a Jack Johnson fan, and an underground believer in the power of the accordian. πŸ˜›

    Rajrae, glad you enjoyed the Travis song . . . they have been around for a while and are very popular in the UK. They had a couple radio hits here, but never really had huge success in the US.

  19. I completely agree. He is amazing on the keys.

  20. Thanks for the link to ALO, I like it!

  21. ALO – Made me think of ELO πŸ™‚

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    rajrae, They were great, love elo and their sound, thanks for posting.


  23. Love the vid of “Maria”. It makes a difference to me when the band looks to be having FUN. I will never forget the first time seeing this vid for that very reason.. check out how freakin’ happy they are to be out there, livin’ a dream!! The exuberance, the enthusiasm, it oozes from the monitor!

    Or maybe I’m just catching a buzz from the flourocarbons in the hairspray. LOL!

  24. Finally had a chance to listen. I really like “Maria.” Thanks!

  25. Songs with deep meaning………..this one is particularly poignant:


  26. Hahaaha. God I love Hugh Laurie.

  27. OK, just one more, a nice Blues riff:

    Too Long Johnny

  28. Seven Days Says:

    Finally had a chance to check out the ALO vids today — thanks Grey! Their laid-back vibe made me smile and chair dance at the same time. Loved the accordion!

    It’s just great to see folks out there just making music for music’s sake.

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