Front Wheels


Last weekend, I took a short getaway to Atlanta to visit some friends. As luck would have it, Front Wheels was having their CD release party for “In Motion” while I was there. So, Friday night, we went to watch Clay Connor and Brian Less, along with Shane Sasser and Brock Barackman, play some of their new music. I got some video, too. I’m sure most of you remember Clay, who helped Taylor out while he was on tour, and Brian, who was Taylor’s long time keyboardist.

Here’s some video I took:

Very cool guys…and great music too! If you like what you hear, you can go here to hear more.


15 Responses to “Front Wheels”

  1. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Nice very nice listening. I love Brian on the keyboards, hope someday he hooks back up with Taylor, they really had some chemistry with music. Couldn’t get into the myspace page froze my puter, how long has Brian been with these guys, they have a really good sound.


  2. I don’t know the whole story of when they hooked up, but I think they’ve all been around each other for a long time, in and out of various bands.

  3. Wow, Brian has a really nice voice. I know he sang back-up with Taylor but I never heard him sing by himself before. That must have been a fun time! I enjoyed listening. Sort of a dumb question, but did people dance?

  4. Thanks IAG, that was great! Love Honky Cat… Old Elton John.. Is Brian Less doing the vocals? Nice voice! Tell me who is who in the video. Remember, I’m new – I don’t know who Clay is…

    Speaking of Elton – I heard Tiny Dancer in the car today and wow, forgot how much I loved that song. I remember seeing it either on one of my new cds (Workplay maybe?) or some files I downloaded. Have to go find that now.

  5. a

  6. Yeah, they actually did. 🙂

  7. Brian Less and Clay Connor do the vocals.

    Brian is on keyboard, and you can’t really see him on two of the vids.

    Clay is in front, playing guitar.

    Shane is playing guitar also. Brock is playing drums.

  8. hicksaholic Says:

    I know Brian and Clay as far as their association with Taylor but I’ve never heard of Shane or Brock.

  9. Christa Says:

    This is cool

  10. Seven Days Says:

    Thanks for the vids, Grey. I enjoyed hearing these guys play together and I hope they were able to sell some albums. I think Clay might be on bass guitar? (I know he was the bassist for Taylor’s band EZ Widerz but that he does go back and forth between bass and guitar from what I’ve seen of other videos of him.)

    This was at Smith’s Olde Bar, right? I hope to make it down there someday myself. Hearing Brian’s keyboards on Georgia put me in mind of Taylor’s performance of that song back at the Atlanta afterparty. One of my favorite loosey-goosey-taggy performances of that song ever!

  11. Okay, I love this sound. Their music has an infectious quality, that’s instantaneous for me. There’s no listening again to have it “grow on me”. It’s just a really good, knee slapping sound.
    And I have to say, THIS is what’s missing from Mr. Hicks’ CD. A spontaneity, an innocence, a sound that reaches out and immediately makes me smile. Yeah, I like the new CD all right, but I can’t help but recall when Mr. Hicks’ music made me feel the same way… instantly.

  12. Yep, Clay was on bass.

  13. littlewing Says:

    Dang, I am not able to watch the vids. I always loved Brian Less and miss his sweet organ tones in Taylor’s music. Is Mitch Jones still on bass guitar? I always thought he was outstanding and as much as I loved Al Carty, Mitch’s work on Naked in the Jungle was far superior.

  14. littlewing Says:

    oops, just noticed IAG’s comment that Clay was on bass…I’ll have to try and check these out at work tomorrow.

  15. hicksaholic Says:

    I was at Smith’s for the afterparty that Taylor did. That was a great night! It was unbelievable to be in such a small place hearing Taylor perform. Only comparison is Workplay and that was amazing too. Wish Taylor would get back down south.

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