Twitter, Red Bull and baseball…

Taylor Hicks

We now have officially TWO tweets from Taylor on Twitter. Awesome. We now know that he is “enjoying San Francisco” and that he’s “trying to get the hang of Twitter.” Um, ok.

In case this is important in the Taylor fandom, “Past American Idol champ and stage star Taylor Hicks was at the Redwood Room at the Clift early this week. He enjoyed a Jaeger with Red Bull….” So, it’s really not all that important, but the place looks really cool.


Here’s some good news. Releases on iTunes won’t be going up for Taylor’s songs. His is staying at $0.99, while titles of other artists are going up as high as $1.29. It’s definitely a double edged sword. There are three choices, based obviously on the popularity of the music. Guess Taylor’s is middle of the road.

Still no word from the Big Bad AI Machine on when Taylor will appear this season, but we do have Kelly Pickler next week.  And speaking of “no word”, it just strikes me as very strange that with the new CD out, we’re still not seeing more media at a national level.  Taylor’s done R&K, Ellen, and numerous local interviews to plug “Grease” and oh yeah, the CD nearly as an afterthought.  Where are the appearances on Leno, Letterman, Kimmel and the other late night shows that (dare I say it?) younger viewers stay up for?  How about guest hosting opportunities on VH1, CMT, or GAC?  Taylor has nearly 2 weeks in the San Francisco market and has done the obligatory round of local media outlets and has one shadow tour scheduled. I’m just wondering how long the shadow tours are going to keep coming, how long before Grease becomes his only job.

The True Fans are calling radio markets and hitting YouTube videos but why is it their job to promote Taylor?  Shouldn’t that be the job of Rocket Science? Do other fan groups feel the same need to sell, sell, sell?  Feel free to enlighten me…

Oh, and this sounds fantastic!! Damn, he’s good…


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  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’m not sure how to start this one. Taylor definitely need to promote “The Distance”. Word about a definite appearance on AI would be a good start. He shouldn’t let the CD just go dormant. I think it’s time for a new single.
    Oh, and he did do a great job on the NA, even though it was a bit slow.

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    Seems he is having a good time in SF, he moves me everytime I hear him do the Anthem.
    Not into twitter, ok if thats what you like.
    The AI appearance is important for him at this time, I think Idol needs to move forward and stop the cheap shots and give him some promotion for this CD, unlik the last.
    Don’t see it as promoting watching something I enjoy, if clicking helps him thats great. Taylor has not come out and asked anybody to do anything, you watch becasue you enjoy his work.


  3. I will touch on a few of these things. I have been watching WRIR 2 times a day the past 3 days and the views have gone from 2,000 some to almost 13,000. Views supposedly count for 5% of Billboard’s stats. It is a small thing to help Taylor and a fan thing, not management or PR’s job. Taylor keeps getting better doing the NA and yesterday he put some soul movements into the gig. Pickler will be on tonight and I am feeling positive Taylor will be on during the remaining 5 or 6 weeks and knock it out of the park. It is quite possable some of the late night shows did not want to have Taylor on at this time. I think he will release a new single within the next 2 weeks.

  4. I actually believe it is a scheduling issue at this point. With Leno doing the Toyota concert series I think he will have Taylo on and I think it will be when they (Grease) heads to Orange County which is a stone throw away from Hollywood or actually Burbank where Leno and Kimmel are shot! I also think that will be the time he appears on AI as well, though he may have no ties to 19 or RCA any longer his booking agent that is through CAA is the same he had through Idol and who still Reps many past Idols and past Alums. Believe me Mario has been in the biz a long time so don’t expect the shadow dates to stop anytime soon.

    I do think RS has fallen down on the job, lets just hope that BWR is still grinding out for our Silver Fox!!! As for fans promoting I think that is one of the best sources for artists many in this fandome do not believe that Street Teams work but SPST has sent out mailers with updated Taylor info, (so we don’t get those constant AI Questions) through email to many a media outlet personel before Taylor appeared on their shows to a consistant reply of “Thank you for the info, was really helpfull, and your team is a valued asset to Taylor and he is lucky to have you.” along with info on where to find the broadcast and print from the interviews themselves. So trust me fans can be a great resource and I as a fan do not mind doing it at all!

    Well my dream would be that Taylor actually releases two singles at the same time even though it is not my cup of tea “Keeping it Real” which I think will get some play on the commercial pop market because it is just so current to pop culture society (we all see how Chelsea loved it she remembered the Lyrics even!) that would also warrent an appearance on ON AIR WITH RYAN SEACREST on KIIS FM just to talk about it! Then release “Seven Mile Breakdown” and hit some country and contemporary markets because that would do well there…JMO

    We will see what the future holds based on that leg in Orange County.

  5. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Just a quick post. I am running around. Leave tomorrow and school is nuts!
    Hey, I just want to let everyone know that the kids love The Distance. The song left them uplifted and feeling positive! The students who heard it said the lyrics were great! They also said the beat was definitely there!
    both guys and girls thought it was a winning song. When asked what they liked about it, they wrote things like “it was really motivating” and “the song captured my attention and held it.” So i am encouraged that Taylor can fit into this market, if he can only get his foot in the door with them.

    Jaegermeister and Red Bull…never heard of that one before…LOL
    Now that doesn’t surprise me one bit. I hope he had fun!
    The Anthem looks great!!

    Be well.
    See you all when I return!

  6. taylorfan06 Says:

    I kind of hope that Taylor releases ILOAB as the next single. It’s upbeat and VERY catchy! It may seem outside the box for some, but I think it has the right vibe to fit in with today’s music.

    Sure I’d like SMB to be released also, but that may have a narrower audience. I see a later release date on that one, once the momentum picks up.

    Of course, MYS is also a great choice for a broader audience.
    Even WGHI could do wonders. A duet with EY on AI would be cool. Taylor does have a great choice of singles from TD. Which one will he choose? I hope he decides soon and makes it happen.

    Oh, Nineteen could be the one, also.

    I’ll still stick with ILOAB as my choice. I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!

  7. Since I see some of the more positive fans have posted first on this thread, I may as well get in another Taylor plug. When I was watching AI last night, I was thinking how when Tay was on he even made his walk part of his performance. He had more charisma and natural awareness of how to perform and caress the camera than anyone before or since. After it ended I watched the link Henry put up of his National Anthem performance. Not only was his voice great but he surely knows how to work the stage. Taylor just has it and as he said no one is going to change him. Yikes that charisma thing!

  8. I might have to say that Adam Lambert just might rival Taylor in the performance aspect. I hope the problem of albums not selling doesn’t transfer over for Lambert. It’s one thing to know how to sell a performance but another thing to sell an album.

  9. Honestly, I’m not sure any of those songs are going to hit the spot on the radio market. Not sure that even matters.

    Maybe Nineteen with the country/pop market, but I’m just not seeing the motivation from his companies. The ball was dropped on marketing, and now we’re expecting something else to happen?


  10. spinshack Says:

    Very good points, TF1. I too not a fan of “Keeping It Real” but you are right regarding the lyrics being current. Time line for appearances on AI would be good too.

    Regarding the numbers things on youtube, songs etc.. I’m simply not going to sit and hit those just to do it. Most celebs have ‘Street Teamers’ of some capacity and it’s known to be an effective marketing instrument.

    I think having blogger support important too, and not all bloggers need have a “Rah, Rah!” mindless cheerleading approach to be helpful.

  11. spinshack Says:

    Why does this sort of thing continue to happen – it’s mind boggling.

  12. spinshack Says:

    Adam was absolutely stunning last night.

  13. spinshack Says:

    This National Anthem performance is being called ‘flawless’ and it really was. He started a little slow but his vocals are perfection.

  14. Chelsea loved it? Huh. I thought she was just making conversation.

  15. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I certainly agree with you there! No one else on that show has ever moved me to vote for them.

  16. Well, he’s getting lots of practice at it.


  17. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, did not catch Chelsea saying she loved it.

  18. spinshack Says:


  19. spinshack Says:

    “Well, he’s getting lots of practice at it.


    Bwahahahaha! I almost went there…. *giggles*

  20. spinshack Says:

    Did you vote last night?

  21. Oh, you know me…can’t resist. 🙂

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Have fun in the sun, talk to you when you get back, enjoy!!!! 🙂


  23. I can’t believe the SP isn’t having a fit about the price of his songs only being 99 cents.

  24. jerseyirish Says:

    RedRoseSpeedway, Taylor was the only other one I voted for. I have been voting for Adam, his performance last night left me with tears straming down my face, was very moved by it. He has a different stage presence than Taylor did, Adam’s acting background shows in his performances he seems to know what will catch the audiences eyes/ears.


  25. spinshack Says:

    Likely they’re mulling it over. It’s a big decision to decide what would be the ‘good fan’ angle.

  26. spinshack Says:

    I mean, could be a slight, he perhaps perceived as being ‘bargain basement’. On the other hand they could think of him as being altruistic – keeping rates manageable in this economic downturn environment.

  27. Altruistic…yep, that’s totally what I think of when I think of Taylor. 😆

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I don’t care what the price is if I like the music I will buy it, the cost doesn’t make me want or not want to buy something.


  29. Adam for me or IMO lacks that ballsy confident swagger that Taylor had. I thought a few weeks his song choice was not the best. I did like him last night and on Tracks Of My Tears. The great news for ADAm is that he loves musical theater and it would not matter if he did not sell lots of CD’s. With his past experience and given how Broadway is hurting they will offer him a good role to draw in the crowds. Since I wasn’t on the boards, VFTW, etc. during Taylor’s run, I’m assuming many AI viewers refrain from same. Many therefore have not caught all the gay buzz, photos, vids etc. Last night they heard he liked play dress up as a kid and well only the most naive would not get his sexual orientation. I can understand women liking him for his talent and performance and personality, but why would gals lust over a gay man? This is the first year I haven’t as yet voted. I think we are seeing that a lack of a strong/good personality can hurt, eg Allison and Matt. Lil will be in the bottom 3.

  30. He likes singing it and enjoys being surrounded by a large captive audience. It keeps him in the public eye and shows his good boy all American side and that he can nail a hard to sing song. Have I mentioned the bama boy loves an audience??????

  31. spinshack Says:

    Trying to help the readers out, you know some are searching for that meaning, the answer and the reason.

  32. casualfan Says:

    No doubt the underground tunnels are buzzing with activity as we speak.

  33. What I read was that only the top sellers – like the top Billboard hits – are going up in price. Most will stay at .99, which they already are, and some will be sold for less (.69 I think.) If his stay at .99 that’s OK. Unless something makes it big as a hit, it won’t be sold at the higher price.

  34. “Adam was absolutely stunning last night.”

    Yes, He certainly was. I thought almost everyone did pretty well last week, or at least better than the week before. I’ve decided to only vote for my favorite three from now on. Allison, Kris, and Adam. Unless they go downhill for some reason…..

    I can hardly imagine them screwing up Adam if he wins but I guess it’s possible. I DO like the TH CD, but having listened to Taylor’s and Dareck Trucks’ live versions the past couple of days, I can see how they sort of messed that song up on the CD. I still love it, but it’s just not near as good as the live versions. I’m more and more agreeing that someone needs to learn how to capture that live affect in the studio for Taylor.

  35. That was supposed to say the live versions of Gonna Move….

  36. casualfan Says:

    I can see that happening rajrae and thanks for the info. With downloads gaining in popularity, it stands to reason the prices going up.

  37. I can understand women liking him for his talent and performance and personality, but why would gals lust over a gay man?

    Oh Rosie, there are so many things I can say about this statement.

    *tries to keep mouth shut*


  38. hahaa..only Taylor Hicks would not be able to figure Twitter out. hahah…

  39. HAHA!!! *bites tongue too*

  40. rosie said: “Last night they heard he liked play dress up as a kid and well only the most naive would not get his sexual orientation.”

    I know a few straight men that like to play dress up. If you know what I mean. *wink wink*

    But this day and age, you can’t know someone is gay simply because they like to play dress up. I mean, come on. I played dress up all the time as a kid…….and I’m about as straight as they come. (but I suppose it only applies to men, here, right? *rolls eyes*)

  41. casualfan Says:

    ***oh my*** So can I 😉

  42. jerseyirish Says:

    Rhonda, Think it goes back how people label folks, if you don’t do things a certain way you must be the other way. My son was never a sports fan just didn’t excel at them, however, he is quite the musican and wonderful with the laides.


  43. My personalities all agree on this one.
    I’m not trying to be mean, just honest. That comment is a very big part of why the talent coming off AI has a hard time being taken seriously by so many who love music for it’s own sake.

  44. taylorfan06 Says:

    In this day and age, sexual orientation should be no big deal.
    Next topic…

  45. Remind self to never pose a question such as why a woman would lust after a guy she knows is gay and thus not into women.

  46. Drinking Red Bull with all sorts of alcholic beverages has been the rage the past 3 yrs. with the under 40 set. Guess it is like countering a herion buzz with a snort of coke.

  47. Rosie’s got some street cred!

  48. No time to write today. Had to rescue my kid after his truck died in the middle of a busy street.

    Now I’m getting dressed for my very first Sprinsteen concert. We’re on the floor, GA, standing room only. I’m scared!! Are we in the mosh pit? haha (<–I think)

    Pray for me.

  49. rosie, you just keep saying things that make me want to say things.


  50. Right in the middle of the mosh pit!! ahahaha…

    Have a great time!

  51. casualfan Says:

    LOL! Yep, I’m with ya Grey…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. casualfan Says:

    Have a great time Caryl!

  53. so true…hahahahha

  54. That’s because AI is not about music. It’s a reality show…based loosely on music.

  55. thanks y’all! Caryl out…

  56. redrosespeedway Says:

    Sorry, I put my last post in the wrong place. I was trying to say that Taylor is the only Idol contestant that I have ever voted for. No one else has ever moved me to vote for them.

  57. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Have a wonderful time enjoy!!!! 🙂


  58. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Wow!!!


  59. casualfan Says:

    off topic….Simon Cowell has a profile on a singles website: LOL!

  60. ifyousayso Says:

    I don’t see why it should be an issue. I already bought the CD off iTunes, so whether the price changes or stays the same isn’t important to me. *shrugs*

  61. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Too funny, took a quick look.


  62. And did I REALLY spell Derek like that? LOL Must have been before my afternoon nap……

  63. LOL Grey! Are you implying a little TOO MUCH practice?

    Who is calling it “flawless” spin? I thought it was great too, just wondering if that’s his fans talking or others outside the fan base.

  64. spinshack Says:

    Well you didn’t mention how Ballsy he was for singing it….

  65. spinshack Says:

    Bwhahaha! Someone get the man some savvy.

  66. spinshack Says:

    My liking Adam has nada to do with lust, it’s appreciation for a guy who gets how to compete in a reality karaoke show.

  67. spinshack Says:

    hahaha. Not gonna say another word….on this topic.

  68. casualfan Says:

    LOL! Maybe I should give him an IM….LOL!

  69. Christa Says:

    Twitter is boring, I signed up and never really got on again. Looks like Taylor isn’t all that fond of it either, lol.

    Interesting drink mix there

    “Drinking Red Bull with all sorts of alcholic beverages has been the rage the past 3 yrs. with the under 40 set. Guess it is like countering a herion buzz with a snort of coke.”

    Rofl!!!! No comment on that. XD

    Taylor needs way more promotion. I hope Nineteen is the new single, that would do the best on the country charts. Of course, there’s other marketable songs on there, way more than WRIR. (Not that it’s a bad song, just not the best for radio.)
    And Rocketscience isn’t doing their job apparently. Gahhh. Someone knock some sense into them lol.
    Perhaps he will make an AI appearance, they showed Ruben, they should put Taylor on too. Kellie Pickler is on tonight and with her, it’s all about the personality because she can’t sing worth crap. 😡

    As for the National Anthem…. that was soooo awesome. It’s hard for a singer to pull that off and he did it flawlessly.

    Watching American Idol right now and oh God, Flo Rida just ruined a perfectly good 80s song. They seem to have the worst guests on the show this year.
    They had Frankie Avalon though! Unexpected hahahaha.

  70. Christa Says:

    Something about sales, I read that the CDs sold at Grease and shadow gigs aren’t counted toward soundscan numbers… damn.

  71. “Kellie Pickler is on tonight and with her, it’s all about the personality because she can’t sing worth crap. :x”
    I sure agree with you there Christa! Wow, she was bad. (But she LOOKED hot.) I was not that impressed with the “ROOTS” guy either. It’s all going downhill faster and faster. I think this will be my last season to watch AI. I just can’t stomach it all any more. I’m going to pay more attention to the indie industry….

    I didn’t pay that much attention at the end. Did they announce who would appear as a guest next week? How COULD they pick her for Season 5 Alum? UGH!! They BETTER have Taylor on!!

    I was just glad it was Scott to go and not Anoop. He’s boring to watch but I really like his voice. His turn later….

  72. Oh come on, Spin.

    It’ll be…fun. Yeah, that’s it. Fun. 🙄

  73. I don’t see anything but a front page?

  74. Couldn’t understand the words Flo sang. I need to be able to understand the words to a song but i still enjoyed him more than Pickler. That was not her best and I think she was cuter when she was on AI. Seems being a star has gone to her head a bit. Taylor will be on AI but they did not announce next weeks guest. That crap site VFTW bombed 2 weeks in a row with Megan and Scott and they need to get it they have no impact. AI is barely hanging onto their 1st place Neilson ratings but Flo Rida and other singers know it is the best show in town to boost CD sales. Are they still playing Underwood’s kiss off song when the contestant goes home? If so , it is such a dull song I haven’t even been aware of it. Sorry this is not at all on the twittering Red Bull topic.

  75. But really, how DOES one market an indie album?
    He needs a sponsor or a product or something.
    “Maybe You Should” condoms?
    “Woman’s Gotta Have It” sanitary products?
    “Yes We Can” pull-up diapers?
    “Once Upon A Lover” personal lubricant?
    “Keeping It Real” shampoo for gray hair?

    (I think I’m funny, but I’m really not, so I’m told)

  76. Barb Says:
    April 8, 2009 at 11:02 pm e

    But really, how DOES one market an indie album?
    He needs a sponsor or a product or something.
    “Maybe You Should” condoms?
    “Woman’s Gotta Have It” sanitary products?
    “Yes We Can” pull-up diapers?
    “Once Upon A Lover” personal lubricant?
    “Keeping It Real” shampoo for gray hair?

    (I think I’m funny, but I’m really not, so I’m told)

    See? Now that is funny!!

  77. Ahhahahahaaa!! Yes, that WAS funny… OK, keep it going…

    The Distance – Travel Agency
    Wedding Day Blues – Pre-nup specialists
    I Live On A Battlefield – Marriage Counseling

    Gonna Move – Fiber powder supplement…

  78. taylorfan06 Says:

    That FloR dude is the opposite of entertainment in my book. The song totally sucks, as well as him! And what’s with “we’ll be screaming”? Can the guy just speak regular english? He’s just too cool for the room, eh? And Seacrest sayin’ “my man”. Can hew just come out of the closet already? Thank God for my DVR so I can zoom right through this terrible show. Adam, like Taylor on AI5, is the only redeeming quality it has going for it.

    What is about that Gokey guy that bothers me? Can the show just end now?
    Adam is the best – the rest BORING AMATEURS!

    Did you notice that KP got a nice introduction (unlike Taylor when he returned before). What a terrible voice she has – UGH!!! She is BEYOND bad. The girl sings screechy, and flat. She needs to head back to the trailer. No accounting for taste. I AM JUST SICK!!! And she’s out of breath after one song? Taylor does 2 HOUR SHOWS! Such a travesty!!!

    One last thing, with all the money Simon must have, couldn’t he have bought better teeth. He has the worst smile on the planet. And blaming Paula for going over last night, WHAT A STOOGE he is!!! Why does he get all the power to make all the decisions? can those other judges get backbones> They’re just pathetic!!!! Paula, get help!

    It’s official: 2 nights in a row the show has run over. How “self indulgent, boring, unforgettable”!!!!!!! I’m DONE!!!!

  79. taylorfan06 Says:

    YOU’RE funny!

  80. Tighten Up – abdominal gym equipment
    Give Me Tonight – cologne
    Dream Myself Awake – sleep aid?

    It must be late!
    Back on topic, as for the National Anthem vid:
    How long would it take to fold that massive flag?

    As for his music being $0.99 cents, methinks there are pirate sites, arrgghhh, where you can get it all free.
    (Say it ain’t so! Oh, it be so!) I saw one!

    For some strange reason, I have a fear of Red Bull. LOL …….. So I’ve never tried it.

    I’m so old I mix my uppers & downers (John Belushi could have learned this) by washing my chocolate cake down with warm milk!

  81. What’s been going on around here? You all hitting the sauce?

    LOL, rajrae!

  82. hahaha, Barb!

  83. How was the concert? I watched videos of Bruce tonight in your honor! Saw him 4 times long ago. (’73, ’75X2, ’76) He was a pretty young guy then. Does he still do Rosalita? That was the highlight at the concerts for me!

    Here we go! This is the Bruce I saw in ’75…Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) . (See if you recognize the drummer at 4:43…

    Another favorite – Great video of Thunder Road: Wow, what a trip down memory lane…..

    Just found this of the actual concerts I went to at the Music Hall.

  84. casualfan Says:

    now this thread is funny ROFLMAO! Y’all are on a roll for sure! hee-hee

  85. casualfan Says:


  86. casualfan Says:

    “Seven Mile Breakdown”-T’s Friendly Tow Service

  87. jerseyirish Says:

    Kelly doesn’t even look like a young girl anymore what ever work she had done has aged her, not enhanced her. Always thought she was cute on the show never cared for her voice like it was said above she screches not sings.

    Thought it would have been really nice if Taylor would have been on with Frankie Avalon first Teen Angle and present one, that would have been something to see.

    I didn’t hear them announce who would be on next week, I said they probably won’t announce when he will be on until the day of the show, won’t give him any promotion at all.

    I would be very surprised if Adam doesn’t win this season, he has left them all in the dust, his performances are flawless just very enjoyable to see what he does next.


  88. hicksaholic Says:

    Just read on MJ’s that the guest on AI next week is Jennifer Hudson. I guess since they had three guests last night Taylor could still be on. I’m really getting pissed about AI not having Taylor.

  89. hicksaholic Says:

    Oh well I just read Miley Cyrus too for next week. The Taylor drought continues.

    I cannot imagine who is buying some of this music that I heard last night. Pickler is terrible even with the help of a Taylor Swift song. And I can’t even begin to explain my reaction to Flo Rider.

  90. Barb, I think you’re very funny!!! Keep em coming!

  91. jerseyirish Says:

    I didn’t get Flo Rider either, they used to have good performers on got nothing out of the performance went and got a cup of tea.

    So they have made an announcement for next week, oh well a few more weeks to go.


  92. Don’t ya have any tweens boppin’ around the house?
    FloRida (featuring T-Pain):

    “Shawty had dem apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club was lookin’ at her.
    She hit the floor, next thing you know, Shawty got low low low low low”.

    I like the part “she turned around and gave that big booty a slap”! LOL

    By the way, I took biology in high school and am not sure where on my body, I keep my “birthday cakes” ???
    I just may have 2 sets of birthday cakes on my body (not quite sure?)

    Catchy tune, I’ve got it on my iPod. I was hoping FloRida would have done this song, but my tween was happy enough for the spin me round song. I just may scare her and make her watch the original:

    2 more Boy Georges?!? I still get the heeby jeebies from this video!

  93. 😀 😀 😀 Good one!!

    (Are we being irreverent, bad fans??)

  94. Well, she IS seven years older now. Can’t expect her to look the same as she did that long ago. (I wish I looked like I did 7 years ago!) I don’t really know because I never watched the show until near the end of Season 5. I do think she seemed subdued and not very happy when she was on.

    How perfect would that have been, to have Taylor on with Frankie? But then again, I’m not so sure. I would rather they focus on his new music than his theater part.

    I don’t agree every one of Adam’s performances have been flawless, but definitely this week was, and yes, he does leave everyone else in the dust.

    They are putting these bad people on to promote them I guess. Does Kelly P have any connections to AI any more? Other than they can “brag” about her because she was on the show and is now a “popular” country music “artist?”

    And now I realize you meant Kelly P about the aging thing. Yes, she did look older but still very young and sexy. I still wonder if that “dumb thing” is an act. She did it again at the end. Could she really be that much of a bimbo?

  95. Well, what can we say about the Twitter, or the lack of Twittering?
    At t his rate, in a couple of weeks we might hear “I think I’m getting the hang of Twitter!”

  96. I don’t think they’ll put Taylor on with Hudson. They don’t usually put on two alum at the same time, do they? (Except for duets?)

  97. Badfantoo Says:

    There was a lot of talk about him being a guest on Idol last year too and it didn’t pan out. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he’s on this year, but I just don’t think Idol wants anything to do with him.

  98. I wouldn’t even care except I would like him to get the publicity for The Distance.

  99. jerseyirish Says:

    rajrae, I agree the publicity is what he needs most and an appearance on Idol would br great for him and the CD.

    Hey is he supposed be back on “The View By the Bay” show tomorrow? They said when he was on they wanted him back to sing before he left SF thought I read something about Friday, wonder if they will have Julie on again?


  100. Thanks for asking rajrae! OMG, it was amazing! I’m actually working on a blog about it as we speak (type). Bruce Springsteen IS rock and roll. He did 5 songs during the encore, including Rosalita. It was like he didn’t want to leave.

  101. Can’t wait to hear about it! Glad you enjoyed it so much! I guess the Boss still has it.. He always put on great shows. Was Clarence C playing sax? Was Max with him? I had so much fun watching those videos last night! There are a bunch more than the ones I posted. There was a Rosalita from 1988 concert that was really good too. It’s that early music of his that I loved so much. Did he do Born to Run? Thunder Road?

  102. hicksaholic Says:

    I hope Julie is not on with him. I thought he looked extremely uncomfortable. She actually seemed much more at ease than he did. I can’t figure out if just the thought of someone thinking he was involved with someone freaks him out so he tries to play standoffish or if he knows that everybody knows it’s a publicity stunt and he doesn’t know how to react. Either way if they do any more setting up dates for publicity in the future he may need some acting lessons. All this talk about Taylor taking up acting- can you imagine him in a love scene based on how he reacted around Julie. He kind of reminds you of a 12 year old kid not sure how to act around a girl( or at least that was how it came across to me)

  103. spinshack Says:

    I agree, he wasn’t no smooth operator – not on film anyway. lol

  104. I guess I’ll be in the minority here. I like Kellie. Her first cd is better then her second one. She has a song that reminds me of Taylors Wedding Day Blues. In the song she crashes an old loves wedding, and wishes that they could throw rocks instead of rice, wishes it was a funeral instead of a wedding. It’s actually kind of cute.

    The sound last nite on her song wasn’t very good. That song on the cd sounds way better.

    She’s sexy, young and revelant in the country market.

  105. PSSST. Taylor just tweeted twice from the ice cream cone. LMFAO!!!
    This could be interesting.

  106. casualfan Says:

    LOL! He’s probably bored to tears by now.

  107. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Didn’t she get a boob job? What happened to them? Where are they?

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