This has to be one of my favorite pre AI songs that Taylor had done, and this is the only version I’ve ever found.

Have a listen…here.

Oh, and Taylor’s singing the National Anthem today. πŸ™‚


98 Responses to “Southbound”

  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’ve had this one for a while now. Yes, it’s great and one of my favorite pre-AI performances. Taylor in all his glory, for sure!!!

  2. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’ll talking about Southbound, of course.

  3. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’m talking… Gotta love the harp! Go, Taylor, GO!!!

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    I’ll have to wait until my daughter gets home couldn’t figure out how to take a listen. Everytime I hear him do the Anthem I get chills, his voice just gets you right in the gut.


  5. I can’t get to the song either. 😦

  6. I downloaded it, then thought, hey this sounds familiar………..I already had it in my “Live” folder. LOL.
    Gotta love Brian Less on the ivories, too!

  7. While browsing other blogs here, I realised that Taylor’s extra track
    Yes We Can was featured in one of the best documentaries I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. (Actually I cried like a baby, cheered, laughed) OMG,……….if you ever, ever get a chance, do yourselves a HUGE favour and watch: Young@Heart.
    Here’s a sample/trailer:

    While you’re on youtube, it’s worth watching I Wanna Be Sedated and Road To Nowhere………..and Fix You videos.
    Just friggin’ AWESOME!!
    Hubby & I watched it this week-end, so I’m still really pumped over it.

  8. taylorfan06 Says:

    Great trailer. I need to pick that one up. Yes I Can Can!

  9. Wow, this is great. Fix you! So freakin terrific! I want to see this now. I’m checking to see if it’s on Netflix.

    Still trying to find Southbound.

  10. spinshack Says:

    That flick, “Young at Heart” looked fun – you know “Yes We Can” isn’t T’s song right, Barb? *giggles* just playin’ πŸ˜‰

  11. I found Southbound in the BB files under “Thanksgiving Set” from 2005 at the Workplay. Is that the same version as the link? I thought I typed this once already but I don’t see it.

  12. I just listened to ‘Southbound’ and feel a bunch of expletives coming on.

    What the f*ck is wrong with the American public? That was soooo good. Why aren’t more people turned on to Taylor f*cking Hicks? That’s the kind of thing Taylor should do on that f*cking show, AI. Here’s the scenario:

    He should come on out after his introduction, smiling and sweet. When the applause dies down he should say, “Hold on to yer ass,” tear off his Ray Charles-esque jacket and jump right into a song like that. When he’s done blowing their minds with the harp, he should throw it down and leave the stage laughing and waving as the music plays on (you know, like he’s done to us in his live shows.) Leave ’em dazed.

    That’ll show those f*ckers.

    (I never use language like that. ‘Southbound’ got me all worked up. πŸ™‚ )

  13. In my fantasy world, Taylor & Elliott would do their duet Women’s Gotta Have It (or whatever it’s called)……..they had M. Johns and I’ll Never Forget Her Name The Irish Chick With Tatoos on there together, right?
    ………….then if anyone boooos: the Soul Patrol can say they’re booing Elliott! LOL

  14. That would be pretty damned fun, too. I mean, the part about T & Elliot singing Woman’s Got to Have It.

  15. jerseyirish Says:

    That would be one show not to miss, they would bring the house down performing together.


  16. Christa Says:

    They should so have Taylliott (Lol, combined their names) on the show to perform that duet.

    Caryl’s idea of how Taylor should be on AI sounds fking good too, though =P

  17. I love this version of Southbound . . . it’s one of the pre-AI jewels I found early on that convinced me to actually vote for the first time in my AI watching history. Good times . . . πŸ˜€

    I only have one little beef with that song . . . it’s what inspired people to start calling him “Sweet Daddy,” which just makes me cringe. πŸ˜›

  18. Christa Says:

    And yes Southbound is greeat. πŸ™‚

  19. i don’t think I have ever heard that before. Wow…what a way to get the blood flowing. Thanks for the link.

  20. caryl . . . agree that is what Taylor excels at . . think he still does – when he’s on a stage.
    Despite what some seem to think there are artists / bands making a decent living doing that kind of music . . one young (30) artist is out touring his new album right now. Link is to a taper’s capture of recent show . . you’ll probably know him . . and his guest

  21. Here’s a favorite show from another band you might relate to the sound of Southbound . . this one Taylor went to see at the Roxy when he was in LA last fall . . and mentioned it in an interview.

  22. casualfan Says:

    Go to the home page. There is a great gallery of Idols faces being compared to celebrities…LOL! They didn’t compare Taylor’s looks to George Clooney, they have him paired with Micheal McDonald.

  23. taylorfan06 Says:

    Duh, Einstein!

  24. taylorfan06 Says:

    Bad comparison with MD. But it shows how gorgeous Taylor is X 10!
    (Even against Gooney) – no typo there.

  25. So, did anybody hear the national athem today?

  26. Yeah, that’s just f’ed up. Taylor looks nothing like Michael McDonald.

  27. Whoa bad comparison!! I wish they had used a more recent picture and done Clooney.

    Funny the first one was Daughtry/Vin Deisel. I’ve been doing a double take all week when noticing a Vin add that’s been everywhere. They REALLY could be twins.

  28. Thanks, AH. That was fun to listen to!

  29. Christa Says:

    I saw a recorded copy somewhere… don’t remember though. I’ll go look. He did pretty good.

    About the comparisons…

    Michael McDonald?? Okay MD is talented but Taylor is much cuter, lol.

    Michael Johns is better looking than Dane Cook too….

    And Kat is prettier than Katie Holmes.

    Justin Guarini and Will Ferrel??? LMAO nooo

  30. OK, finally heard it! yea baby! Do love that version of a great Allman Brothers Band song – one of their best! (I saw them live back in the day… of my favorite bands!!) Would love to see Taylor do this song!

    Hey, I just found it on AOL. Everybody go give it a listen there too. They are saying plays on AOL and yahoo help. WHo knows? I’m excited becuase i just got Workplay (LIMBO) in the mail yesterday. Have not even opened it and downloaded it to the computer yet but I’ll be happy if THIS song is on there.

  31. Oh man! You’re gonna love that CD, seriously . . . back when I was insane, I flew from Arizona to Alabama to go to that show. It was my first “full frontal Taylor concert” experience!

    Get yer mind out of the gutter . . . I just mean I was in the front row.

    I had previously seen him during an AI dress rehearsal and the AI concert, but this was my first true Taylor concert . . . and it was full frontal, hee hee.

  32. OK, now I’m officially confused. I DO see Southbound on the CD but it’s on Disc 1, and my understanding was that Taylor is only on Disc 2. Maybe it’s a different version of the song than the link…. I see Whipping Post on Disc 2….

    My son needed the computer a second ago so I didn’t have time to put up the AOL link.
    or maybe

  33. Wow, this is the 2nd time of post of mine didn’t show up tonight.

    I’m a bit confused now. I see “Southbound” on Disc 1 of Workplay but I read that Taylor’s only on Disc 2. Maybe it’s a different version than the link? I see Whipping Post on Disc 2! Another great ABB song. Can’t wait to listen. But hubby nabbed that comptuer when I got up for something and now I have to wait. I even put up the link to Southbound on AOL in the post that vanished. I’ll find it again later. I hate competition for the good puter!

  34. OOPS, and there it is. LOL

  35. Not yet. I’ll head over to BB to see if anybody nabbed it and put it up.

  36. casualfan Says:

    It’s a great video rajrae!

  37. jerseyirish Says:

    Didn’t get that comparison at all. I agree rajrae they should have used a more recent pic of Taylor.


  38. jerseyirish Says:

    rajrae, It is at the BB, and on a few other blogs, he sounded great.


  39. redrosespeedway Says:

    Wow! I’ve never heard that before either- FANTASTIC!

  40. What video?

  41. A few of those comparisons seems right on the mark but some were ridiculous. They should have done Danny Gockey or whatever his name is to that guy Seth. Taylor to Clooney…..

  42. Wow, sounds fun!! I’d love a full frontal Taylor experience. (ME BAD!!)

  43. spinshack Says:

    I talk like that on a normal day but then I’m not a well heeled lady. He isn’t going to be heard like that until he puts out a damn record that sounds like that. That’s based on simple math not simple emotions.

  44. spinshack Says:

    Wake up ladies, the dream is over. lol

  45. spinshack Says:

    My fantasy life I win the powerball lotto.

  46. spinshack Says:

    Dude, I love calling him that on a nice day. Sweet Daddy. It’s so Sweet. Seriously why would you not dig that? ha.

  47. spinshack Says:

    That’s pathetic, so 1980’s.

  48. spinshack Says:

    “rajrae, It is at the BB, and on a few other blogs, he sounded great.

    JI” Well hell JI send me that link on IDOL BLUES you’re like my only Taylor friend out of the hundreds that hit me daily who post. You lady are my contact for shit like this. ha.

  49. I couldn’t get the Workplay version of the song to play on the AOL player.
    Booooooooo! I really should just order the DVD, shouldn’t I?

  50. hello? πŸ™‚

  51. Oh crap, workplay is only a CD? I thought they video taped it!

  52. spinshack Says:

    You ain’t been postin in a while lady-girl. lol So whatcha mean, “hello”? ha.

    Speaking of IDOL BLUES, had over a couple hundred hits to the profile since I changed my pic. hahahaha. Interesting. I had to block my baby girl sitting in my lap. Don’t want her pic on the www world.

  53. spinshack Says:

    If they’d been smart they would have. You know if If and Buts were Candy and Nuts…. *cheesy grin*

  54. casualfan Says:

    rajrae, There’s a DVD of Workplay that is awesome!

  55. redrosespeedway: You never heard the song or just Taylor doing it? It would sadden me greatly to hear that some of you have never listened to the Allman Brothers Band!!

  56. Yea, it’s like gone now!! Weird. Hell of a Day is still there.

  57. LOL Caryl!!!

  58. Anyone notice that bit at the end of AI tonight? Seacrest pimps Kelly Pickler on tomorrow’s results show. I like her, but I cannot begin to imagine the implosion if she serves as the Season 5 rep for this season.


  59. casualfan Says:

    Adam Lambert kicked some a$$ tonight!

  60. You’re not kidding!!! He did not sing that song, he WAS that song. They might as well stop the show now. He’s already won it. I was getting tired of his over- dramatics and his screeching, but tonight was just awe inspiring. How many times has Simon given anyone a standing ovation?

  61. Don’t say that!!! UGH!!!!!

  62. Now it’s back…. More weird….

  63. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I was shocked when Simon did that! LOVED IT!

  64. casualfan Says:


  65. casualfan Says:

    I like the comparison of Liza to Adam Lambert LOL! ***R they saying that he would make a good ummmm drag queen?***

  66. casualfan Says:

    I know! That is freaky with Daughtry/Deisel. Those two should make a movie together. I totally see Daughtry in a high action film.

  67. Thanks for those links AH! Derek Trucks is the nephew of original Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks. I’m sure being born into the family he was, he has a lot of Allman influence in his music. I see they are still touring…. Wow….

    Looking forward to listening to these tomorrow. Wow, I’m so behind…. Spent all these year raising kids and didn’t keep up with the music world.

  68. Why would anyone boo??

  69. LOL Yea, that was funny! They had someone else – a guy – paired with a woman too. Was it Clay? Then, poor Kevin Cobias (?) with – oh, I don’t want to say it – it was just too cruel….

  70. jerseyirish Says:

    Adam was perfection last night, actully had tears in my eyes his performance moved me. Could not believe Simon stood up and gave him the standing ovation, he pretty much has wrapped the win as far as I am concerned, he has shown so many sides of himself and how he can do it all.


  71. I almost feel sorry for him though, when the AI Machine gets their hands on him. It’s going to be challenging taking someone THAT artistic and “molding” them for mainstream.

  72. Dereck Trucks is in concert in KC this week. I like their music.

  73. Well he can go the Taylor route. Stand firm, do it his way, then get totally chastized for it.

    Someone on an article comment says Danny Gokey needs to win. They don’t think he will sell many cds. That way AI can have a new punching bag and leave Taylor alone!

  74. Listening now while I have my coffee. Really like it!

  75. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Thought the same thing about Adam with his theatre background he is very artistic, would the AI machine try to mold him to their liking. I read that it was the show’s folks who talked him into wearing the suits and changing his style, so I guess they are already working on his image. He is very talented and presents himself well every week.

    Trixi, Thats a thought have Danny win then maybe they would leave Taylor alone. I see him falling into the same category as Taylor as far as the music, just don’t know if he would try and buck the system as Taylor did and not get the backing. It would be interesting to see what they do with him as a winner versus what they did with Taylor.


  76. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Sorry to sadden you. I’m really not into country very much. I admit that I don’t mind some of it, or if it’s country and rock or pop mixed together, but I’m really not a pure country music listener.

  77. hicksaholic Says:

    I think the bucking the system and not signing( or staying with AI management) cost Taylor more than he will ever know. I wonder if he would make the same decision again.


    When I look at this list, just of the artists coming to New Orleans Jazz Fest this year, it really makes me realize how much competition there is for attracting fans and selling one’s music. These are just the artists INVITED to JF. There are many times more who want to come perform but don’t get in. Yep, the chances of getting recognized are pretty slim in the music world.

    (Oh, and this reminds me to thank the person (“I Recommend”) who put up the suggestions for me. The thread moved on before I posted. We still have not decided which day to attend. Wish we could go to more than one.)

    AH, you have def found a new fan for Derek Trucks in me. I’m totally into it this morning. Trying to decide which of their CD’s to buy first. Will probably start with the newest, Already Here. If you are familiar, which is better, Songlines or Songlines Live? Oh, I see Gonna Move on the Live at Georgia Theater. Sounds really good. I was sort hoping maybe it was a Taylor appearance with them or something. LOL It’s not. But such a great song!

  79. OOPS, It’s called “Already Free” not Already Here. I meant to correct that before I submitted the post.

  80. RRS, I didn’t mean it that way! Sorry. I meant it’s sad to me to think that great bands like them are forgotten or never even heard any more. I am glad to hear they reunited and are touring again.

    I’m not crazy about “pure” country either. Some of it’s OK. It has to have a blues or rock flavor for me to like it.

    The Allman Brothers are not country. They were southern rock, and Southbound was one of their best songs (among many). It think it’s great that Taylor covered this song (and Whipping Post) on his tours. He has great taste in music and I think that’s one reason people my age are so into him. He really respects and pays homage to the great music of the past and present.

    And did I say I am REALLY loving Derek Trucks? LOL!!!

  81. I wasn’t fussy about Adam at first, I liked Gokey.
    Now Adam has crept up (and influenced my 12 year old to put Tracks of My Tears on her iPOD–!!)
    Tonight I also liked Allison and Matt………..I just wish he’d get rid of that thing on his forehead LOL

  82. jerseyirish Says:

    hicksaholic, You know I think the man caculated his every move, think he knew the consequences of not signing and doing his own thing. I think Idol thought they knocked him out of the game. I believe he went on the show to get his voice heard, name recognition and get that contract. He now has his own label which he could have never have accomplished without being on Idol, it has opened and closed some doors for him, but I don’t think he is out of the game not by a long shot.


  83. Are you going to see them Trixi? I’ve been listening to them through their web site all morning. They are really great live. I would go for sure if they came here.

    AH, I think I read DT is not the vocalist, is that right? He’s a great guitarist! Who does the singing?

  84. spinshack Says:

    He’s so far above the rest of the pack it’s not funny. I’ve never seen Simon give anyone a standing O.

  85. spinshack Says:

    Ahahaha. That’s a brilliant point.

  86. spinshack Says:

    Awe, he looks so pleased.

  87. Since we are talking about Taylor’s relationship to AI and what affect it’s had on his career, I thought I would bring this up. It’s just after his Idol win. I only saw this a few weeks ago for the first time. I’m sure many of you have already seen it before. I found it very enlightening, having not been a hard-core fan until recently. (I was a fan, just not one who paid daily attention to him.) I’m sure it’s this attitude is the reason AI has not treated him well. I think he DOES appreciate what Idol did for him but he chooses to be his own man. I respect him for that, even if it might have hurt his career in some respects. I don’t think he was dissing AI when he said about it “fizzling out.” I think he meant the boost he got from it was fading and he had to move on and make his way without them.

  88. I agree but I think Allison is close. DEFINITELY his equal as far as raw talent, but she does not have the performance experience he has.

  89. I think changing his style (appearance) will get him even more votes. There are a lot of “conservative” (I don’t mean political) people who like AI. They will find him more appealing when not being distracted by his image. He “looked” more professional to me last night. Allison should take note. (But she won’t because she’s 16 and wants to dress and look 16.) I think she would expand her fan base (on the show) if she changed her image a little too. Hair and clothes can really distract from the performance. That’s what happened with Lady GaGa to me. Whatever talent she might possess was totally lost in that freaky show she put on.

  90. jerseyirish Says:

    rajrae, I had seen that way bakc, the later interview he clarifies what he was saying and that his words got taken out of contex, he was new to all this media and they take what they want from what you say. Do I think it hurt him yes I do, Idol wants the folks to bow to them at all times.


  91. Here’s a question: Have you ever been a fan of someone that everyone else seems to despise?
    I am. Last year on Canadian Idol (insert punchline here) there was a young fellow named Earl Stevenson. A salty, gravelly voiced eccentric that I adored no matter what. Lucky for me, he stayed and made it to Top 4. Boundless energy, snowboarding freak, I simply LOVE HIM!
    He reminds me of Taylor (which has been debated, the good & bad)

    Joe Cocker’s version of Little Help from My Friends:


  92. I can see how he reminds you of Taylor..there is pure passion oozing out of him, and Taylor was that way on AI. He didn’t seem to care what anybody thought about him then.

    Earl Stevenson’s got a great voice! Wow…

  93. spinshack Says:

    Barb I totally dug Earl, wrote about he and Mooky.

  94. Hey Barb!! Thanks for that. Yes, I really do like him too! Great voice and performance. I’m a big fan of the JCocker version of LHFMF and Stevenson did it REALLY well. I thought there were a couple of parts where he could have taken it away it bit more, but it was still fantastic. The band was great! I loved his “unplugged song too. Yeah, he’s good! Enjoyed that. πŸ™‚

  95. redrosespeedway Says:

    Thanks for the links! I’m going to look them up on

  96. Joe Cocker – A Little Help From My Friends Woodstock 1969

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