Still sucking the soul?

This song makes me think of Taylor and American Idol. Do you think it’s still relevent to his career? Does Broadway just equate to more soul suckage?

Did you believe them
When they told you they discovered you
That everything is free
As long as you do what they tell you to
Think it’s true

But nothing could be further from the truth, my love
Did you even listen
When they told you to change your name

Now nobody wants honesty when looking at a perfect frame
Play the game

But nothing could be further from the truth, my love
And nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world

Play it girl
Play it girl
Play it girl

Does it make you feel good
When they tell you what you want to hear
And after they suck all your soul
Well that’s when they disappear
Disappear for ever, and ever

Like a prince in your little fairy tale
And you will find it
When they put your soul on sale

But nothing could be further from the truth, my love
And nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world


247 Responses to “Still sucking the soul?”

  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor Hicks will ALWAYS have “soul”. It’s in his DNA. You can hear the results in his performances – live and on record!

  2. haha…I read the title of this post and automatically started singing “Star Fuckers” (nine inch nails) haha….

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    tf06, I agree he will never loose his soulfulness, it is a part of him. He may go in other directions to keep his music alive but it will always be there.

    I don’t think Grease is sucking anything from him, I believe it is the reverse, he is gaining from it, slowly but gaining.


  4. Snowstorm Says:

    When are you all going to realize… “soul” was a gimmick to get your attention. Where was the soul on the TH cd? I sure did not see it. And, No, I’m not talking about the obvious Ray Charles rip-offs. The Distance only has one soul track and that would be, Women’s Got To Have It.

  5. if you say so Says:

    I think this song may be relevant to Taylor’s situation if someone else was making his decisions for him. As it is, now that he is free of the label, he is making his own decisions.

  6. I don’t think the question is whether or not Taylor Hicks has soul. The lyrics of this song seem to be about the relationship between an artist and the music industry.

    Did Taylor refuse to allow AI and it’s associates in the music industry to “suck his soul” any more than they already had? And if so, did that refusal seal his fate? Is he fighting an uphill battle against a big old machine with a chip on its shoulder against him?

    I think as far as Grease goes, the question is this . . . is his appearance in this show helping or hurting him in his fight against that big old machine?

    I do not have the answer to a single one of those questions . . . 😛

  7. Taylor has Soul no matter what he is doing. I never understood the thinking of “selling out” or it has to be “all about the music”. It WAS all about the music for 10 years. Taylor was barely making ends meet. How many of us would last that long? He’s at the age now where he needs make a living. Is his career as much about the music as he wants it to be right now? Maybe not but music is still a part of his life and always will be. He’s working and as long as he is putting music out there, there’s always hope that something will take off and sell millions. But whether he becomes a sensation or stays a journeyman I’ll be there to buy his music as long as he keeps putting it out.

  8. Some of our hearts were broken when we first heard about Grease. But unfortunately, and for whatever reason, the music alone couldn’t sustain Taylor’s career. I’ll bet nobody’s heart was more broken over that fact than his.

    I just can’t be so hard on the guy. He’s doing what he had to do, even though we all know he’d rather be back on Tommy Lee’s old bus on the Neverending Tour.

    It reminds me of stories you hear about classically trained actors who can only get work in TV sit-coms. Our culture doesn’t support or even give a crap about art.

    Our society is distracted by shiny objects, like Lady Ga-Ga. If she disappeared tomorrow, she’d be completely forgotten. And that would be OK because we’d all be on to the next flashy thing.

    That disappointment is probably keeping the soul alive deep down in some bruised and battered place inside Taylor. I really feel as though his best work is a few years down the road.

  9. Caryl, you write so well that you’re tough to follow! Maybe he needs to become more seasoned with more life experience to get to that deep place. Many of the best artists are tortured souls. I too feel his best work is ahead of him and I keep wishing for a producer that can bring out his best.

  10. Seven Days Says:

    T-Bone Burnett would be my choice for Taylor’s next producer, but I don’t know if that’s at all attainable. Burnett brings out the deepest, rawest, most organic sounds in the artists he produces. Just last year he produced three masterpieces by BB King, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, and John Mellencamp. I would love to see Taylor work with someone of that caliber to help him dig a little deeper. I know he has it in him.

  11. Felicia Says:

    Great post Caryl. So true! I don’t understand why people like such crap.

    Grey, I’ve never heard this song. Thanks for the new music. 🙂

  12. That’s what I said yesterday! T-Bone worked with Brandi Carlile too. Her album The Story is my favorite album of the last year. He definitely would bring that organic (overused term, I know) sound. My second choice-Marc Ronson. What an incredible job he did with Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black! What does it take to get either one of these talented fellows to work with Taylor?

  13. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor’s music is GREAT, past, present, AND future (my view). He will continue to be consistent in the song choices he makes. He has “something” that will continue to keep fans there for him.

    To discount his output of music that we all know, and the quality of those songs is a slap in the face to his talent.

    “I really feel as though his best work is a few years down the road.”
    C’mon Caryl, give me a break here. (And Taylor, too!!!)

    Taylor’s worst song (is there one?) is better than any of the garbage that’s heard on the airwaves today!

  14. Sorry, I have to disagree. There is so much more to come. I don’t love everything he does and I don’t feel it’s a slap in the face to Taylor to be critical. If I had to name Taylor’s worst song it would be Wedding Day Blues. It’s a rip off of Achy Breaky Heart. He can do waaaayyy better than that. I criticize him because I love his talent. Not a slap in the face at all in my opinion.

  15. I’m just curious here . . . to all those mentioning producers who they hope will bring out the best in Taylor in the future, I have a question.

    Didn’t everyone think that Simon Climie was going to do that? Maybe I am not remembering correctly, but I thought most everyone was pretty excited about him before the album came out.

    If you don’t care for The Distance, or if you do . . . is that because of Taylor Hicks, or because of Simon Climie?

  16. Haaha, sorry, Keeping it Real sounds like Achy Breaky Heart. I don’t like either of them. I LOVE IAOK, and Maybe You Should. I rarely like all the songs on an album.

  17. I think Taylor has a ton of talent that either he or a good producer has to tap. Hey, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t feel that Simon Climie did a great job on bringing out Taylor’s best. Just my opinion because I think so highly of Taylor.

  18. Christa Says:

    I too think that his best work is yet to come. The Distance is very good though, I enjoy the album. There’s a couple of songs I could take or leave though.
    Taylor will shine sooner or later, talent like this deserves to be recognized.

  19. I didn’t mean that as a diss to the music he’s making now. I like the TH CD and I like The Distance. What I meant is that as he matures, the music is only going to get better.

  20. Dee, I agree with everything you wrote.

  21. Caryl, Did Tay buy Tommy Lee’s bus for his 2007 tour? My mind always wonders to how much Taylor has spent on such things. He must be in the red for The Distance and I wonder if he even made a cent on EW.

  22. I obviously have no answers whatsoever, just based on the number of questions I have posted in this thread. 😛

  23. Haha, I just have seen little know artists blossom with great producers. It was just a speculation!

  24. caryl Says:
    April 5, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    I really feel as though his best work is a few years down the road.

    I agree with this to an extent. Have read a number of times that the best blues artists do not hit their stride until their 40s.
    My reservation with Taylor is that he keeps trying to do it all, and no, I don’t think he does “all” equally well.
    When he does music he loves you can hear him in the song . . when he does music for “the market” he does a good job technically but he ain’t in there.

  25. Taylor has not sold his soul or had his soul sucked out of him. He believes in short term soul leases which can line his pockets for his next soulful adventure. Bottom line is he seems to always keep his dignity with everything he has done so far. When he states in interviews that they gave him great leeway in Grease as long as Frenchie goes back to high school he sounds proud and cocky and I neither hear or feel any shame from him or for him.

  26. No, I remember in some interview he said he wasn’t at that point in his career where he could buy a bus.

  27. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, He is in Grease because that is where he wants to be. He wanted to try acting, this was offered and he flew with it. He has Taylorized the role made a bit part in the play the main event, he has made his mark. I think we will see alot more of this, music and acting, whether it be Broadway, TV or movies, he is ready to take off and allow himself to explore other possibilities.


  28. In case you didn’t read my ammendment to my comment, I didn’t mean to diss the music Taylor is making now. I should have taken the time to explain what I meant, but I was trying to wrap it up.

    I like the TH CD and I like The Distance. But I have this feeling that as the experiences he’s had in the past few years really sink in and he’s had time to process it all, he’s going to produce even better music.

    So, I don’t think the soul is being sucked out of him. I get the feeling he’s watching, learning, taking it all in and doing some soul SEARCHING.

  29. Ok, he keeps his dignity by leasing out his soul short term? Now, that’s a new one.

    Oh no, baby, it’s not for sale, it’s just for lease.


  30. The song is about what the music industry does to artists. Taylor did what he could to AVOID that. It seems like some of you will never be satisfied unless/until you get the EW Taylor back. He has moved on. If you don’t like the direction he’s gone then you should move on too and stop demanding he be what YOU want him to be. You can always HOPE you get your man back, but you set yourself up for disappointment. Plain and simple – if Taylor had wanted to put songs like EW on his CD he would have. He didn’t. I hear plenty of soul in TD. I like the album. I’m sorry it’s not what some of you wanted.

  31. brightlite Says:

    A little quickie here.
    Do you all think this is soul?

    This is from Seal’s new album/Cd/release “Soul.” I am just curious what you all think.
    Taylor has soul. Trust me on that one. I believe that we all have soul, as we are unable to sustain living without one, it is our fundamental force and it feeds us like air feeds out lungs and blood courses through our veins. So I will say again, Taylor has soul.
    Will he release it is the question. We have to live in truth and allow what is real to surface. That is what having soul is all about. It’s like being in the moment, and shedding fears and hangups, and just allowing it to flow. Revealing the soul is difficult for most. I reveal mine often and it gets me in trouble. But that is life I guess.
    Got to run!!!

  32. Soulaz, was Tay or the producer responsable for ‘Keepin It Real’, ‘Wedding Day Blues’ and ‘New Found Freedom’ being included on the CD? I would think Taylor is the one I would need to talk to about that. Taylor, by now should know a bit about producing a song for best results. Sadly I remember him saying he was so happy with the big label behind him as he could have anything he wanted. Remember his line, “in Alabama where are you going to get a tuba player.”

  33. spinshack Says:

    ahahaha! perfect.

  34. brightlite Says:

    I LOVE it!
    My favorite is Keepin It Real! It has RELEVANCE! lol
    Second Place goes to “19” It has RELEVANCE!
    Third Place=The resto the songs on the album. I love it though, so I don’t want EW Taylor back, he can’t come back…he has evolved and changed….that Taylor is gone forever. I can’t go back to hwat I was 10 years ago or five years ago or even last week…why would I want to? I want to go forward!
    Taylor most likely does too. Let’s all go forward and change for the better with Taylor!
    Good night!

  35. spinshack Says:

    “Our culture doesn’t support or even give a crap about art.

    Tell me about it. When I was in college, working my ass of literally, (maybe …hehe, dancing) I could not qualify for any financial support or assistance but loans. Now if I were a guy jock playing football that’s another matter, majority of scholarships are for the sports related not scholastic or artistic endeavors.

    Hey, I admit I have a my ‘shiny objects’ I find and love for a time, thing is Mr. Hicks is one shiny object I seem to have a long-term affinity and appreciation for.

  36. spinshack Says:

    “Didn’t everyone think that Simon Climie was going to do that?”

    Ooh, now soulaz that’s teetering into dangerous turf. But yeah that was the talk.

    I like some of the tracks on The Distance, but I must say with all respect, it’s still not what I’d hoped to find.

  37. spinshack Says:

    Now Grey, that’s something many won’t want to consider. Perhaps he merely bartered it this for that… oh yes, bartering the same as trade so that can’t be it.

  38. spinshack Says:

    That’s just it, Caryl you’re basing that on what you’re feeling. I have to go by what I’m hearing from the guy.

    The main saving grace for me with this new record, IAoK. Man, it’s in there.

  39. spinshack Says:

    Well actually I’m surprised hearing the “move on” speak from you rajrae.

  40. spinshack Says:

    Well actually I’m surprised hearing the “move on” speak from you rajrae.

  41. spinshack Says:

    I hear an echo….hahaha

  42. Hmmm…me too.

  43. JI, I know he is happy doing Grease and entertaining people. Had he sold 4 and half million CD’s as has Daughtry, and was still hearing himself on the radio and won music awards , he may not be doing Grease. While I find it sad he has not reached such financial and music success so far, I feel confident he will be around a long time. A kick in the pants now and then makes one move forward with gusto. I have no doubt he can do much bigger musical theater roles or straight acting parts. Soulfulness, empathy to not only give an emotional performance but to be connected to another actor, in the moment is what acting is all about. Just his life experiences alone , provide him the emotions to feel and act the 5 basic human feelings. Then there is his determination to succeed. I just hope he keeps on believing in himself.

  44. I am Definitely hearing and echo.

  45. Don’t you think he comes across in all his interviews and statement as dignified , proud and confident? I do and belive he should feel proud of himself. Taking a small role in Grease and by really working it, his words, “taylorizing it”, and doing that fresh and new 8 times a week, says so much about the man, the person. Iag, he hadn’t watched AI, yet he tried out doing his thing, his style of singing, his interp of a song. When he went to Hollywood and the top 24 he kept doing the same. He kept showing guts, talent and his confidence and it worked. He won. He still, IMO scores high on his confidence and self esteem.

  46. He didn’t ‘change his name’, he didn’t stop being ‘honest’, he didn’t change who he is. He didn’t let them ‘suck his soul’. He’s always done his own thing, his own way.

    And maybe he paid a little of his fame for that, maybe he’s making less money because of that, and maybe he won’t be on Idol this year because of it…

    But I, for one, am glad.

  47. jerseyirish Says:

    tandjam, I agree, he hasn’t changed what he is all about, he stood up for what he wanted. He may have lost a little by doing so, but I believe he has what it takes to be around for a long time.


  48. rajrae is going through the four stages of the Taylor Hicks fandom at an accelerated pace. (Just teasing you, girl! Telling people to move on if they don’t like what Taylor’s doing is a standard line from one fan to another.)

    I’m not sure which stage you’re at, but we’re here for ya. We’ll walk you through it.

    By the way, I really enjoy your comments. It’s nice to hear from someone who hasn’t been around forever.

  49. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree he seems very happy in all the interviews, that he is where he wants to be. If he were tiring of what he is doing it would show.


  50. EW is the past, Tay pre AI, pre fame, pre big time producers.

  51. Sorry everybody. It was because when I opened the new page and it was again something negative (yesterday he was a punchline), “goodfan” jumped out and got all defensive. It was my knee-jerk reaction. And I have a headache tonight and am grouchy and hungry (dieting) and really feeling like crap. LOL It just sort of ticked me off to see that “Taylor’s soul has been sucked out by Grease” when I don’t think that’s true at all. It’s people wanting him to stay like he was, but he hasn’t. There is a difference between saying he’s going in a new direction and the “soul has been sucked out of him.”

    Did anybody reading here see him in concert out in CA? Did it seem like the soul is gone? Some of you have been to multiple concerts. I’ve only been to one and it was fabulous. I never heard of TH until AI, and I liked him there (except when he acted goofy) and loved TH and love TD. I wish he had played his harmonica more on TD. Maybe he could have put more R&B/blues instead of the country songs, but he didn’t. But I like the songs. Even KIR. Even WDB. I’m not going to go song by song again, but to me many of them show that the man does truly still have soul and is a very talented musician. I enjoy listening to TD.

    I should probably sit this one out. I think I would rather talk about the lyrics of that song and how that is happening to so many artists today. I like hearing the creative ways the indie’s are getting their voices heard. Sorry.

  52. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Exactly he has grown since then, that Taylor is past, doesn’t have the same struggles as he did then, he see’s and writes how he feels now.


  53. rajrae, you go girl! Please keep saying what you think and feel. Freedom of opinion/speech prevails in Tayland. I’ve read several times posters advising others to move on if they find so much fault with Taylor. Don’t think I have done so but anyone who wishes to say that should. Some who oppose such comments or thoughts and opinions feel free to put down the SP or some positive posters. You are new to this and so was I not long ago, and HEY we count. We can speak our ideas and opinions. And so can THEY.

  54. LOL Caryl! I think I’m going through them all at at the same time. Thanks for understanding…. and for the kind words.

    This is all really weird to me. I’ve never been a “fan” of anybody. Not other than liking them and listening to their music and seeing concerts. Well, actually, I did get a bit obsessed with Bruce Springsteen when I was 18/19. But there was no internet back then luckily! Who knows what would have happened to me? I was as surprised at myself then as I am now. I thought it was weird then and I do again now. I keep meaning to read those links that were put up for me about fandom when I first started reading here. I find it fascinating and strange.

    We are about to have an invasion here over the next couple of weeks, Our Marine is on his way home, and other adult and college kids will all be home for Easter. It’s going to be crazy.. then DH and I go to AZ for a week. If you don’t hear from me much after tomorrow, that is why. I’ll try to at least read but probably won’t have much time to participate. I’ll be back when things settle down again.

  55. Rajrae, I hope nothing I said upset you. I like to speculate on things. It doesn’t mean I don’t love Taylor any less. I just love all kinds of music and don’t feel my favorites are beyond criticism. I love Taylor, even though I’m not always a “good fan”!

  56. casualfan Says:

    rajrae is going through the four stages of the Taylor Hicks fandom at an accelerated pace. (Just teasing you, girl! Telling people to move on if they don’t like what Taylor’s doing is a standard line from one fan to another.)

    I’m not sure which stage you’re at, but we’re here for ya. We’ll walk you through it.

    By the way, I really enjoy your comments. It’s nice to hear from someone who hasn’t been around forever.
    I second this Caryl 😉

  57. This wasn’t really supposed to be a negative post about Taylor, more about the state of Taylor and American Idol, and the music industry.

    Do I think he sold out doing Grease? Yeah, I do. That’s just how I feel. Can’t do a damn thing about it, though. I think Taylor still has soul, without a doubt, but I just don’t always see it. Doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  58. littlewing Says:

    The Soul hasn’t gone anywhere. The Broadway thing won’t last forever. I am not jumping up and down for every track on the Distance and agree with obsevations that other producers could have captured Taylor’s sound better. I was one who was teetering on the edge of the cliff of Taylor fandom. But I was so relieved just to hear that old soul that had been missing from TH was still there in spades, so that is more than enough to me to keep hanging on. I am also in the camp that things are just going to get better from here on out.

  59. Ha ha soulaz! Like me, you just have a lot of questions and no answers….

    Some of these are questions I WISH I knew the answers to, especially the ones about what happened between T and the AI people…. A few days back I was looking at another blog and went back a ways and saw a lot of pictures from that AI experience thing at DW. Taylor sure looked happy, and I thought the whole thing looked quite honoring for him and all of the past idols.

    With regard to Grease, I don’t think the question there has to do with his fight against the machine. (Well, maybe in a way – I would tend to say it is helping because it is funding his endeavors as an independent producer.) I DO NOT think Grease is sucking any soul out of Taylor. Not one bit. My question is weather or not it hurts his credibility in the music sphere I’m sure there are those who see it as NOT a good thing, but with the climate of the industry the way it is, and according to some of those articles I’ve read, they are all having to do things they never would have dreamed of or wanted to do in order to survive. I just don’t see how having a small part in a much loved Broadway musical, and getting rave reviews on it, and actually being the big draw to the show, is a bad thing….

  60. I agree too!!

  61. You’re welcome! Amos Lee is a great artist…he’s got some good stuff out there.

  62. I think Taylor picked the music and he had reasons for each song. If people don’t like it, it would be more because of his songs or his performance of them I would think. I don’t know that much (or anything really) about making records, but my guess is that Simon C’s job was to help him produce those chosen song in the best way he knew how. They are all technically really good IMO. I believe Taylor had a reason for those three songs mentioned, and it might very well have been a marketing one. It’s much easier to get your foot in the country door than any others. And then again, we have to remember Hick’s is a southern country boy. Including a few country songs shouldn’t be such a shock for everyone. (Notice how much I said “I think” or “I guess.” That’s all we can do. LOL)

    I actually did not like NFF at first but now it’s one of my favorite songs. I find the lightness of WDB and KIR amusing. IAOK and ILOAB are the best and the most bluesy/soulful, IMO, but I don’t mind that the whole album is not all like that.

  63. Yeah, you’re right. I reread my comment and I said, “I get the feeling” twice. Where do I get off assuming I know what he’s thinking? I’m serious, I’m not being snarky.

    But still, I have to believe that this guy whose passion his whole life has been to be a working musician must be doing a lot of soul searching and deep thinking about why he’s been more successful as an entertainer.

  64. rosie, sometimes I think I should wait a while before I make my initial post because I tend to over-react to things – one of my worst faults if you asked my husband. LOL I did mean what I said, just not so much as the way it sounded. I didn’t mean “Oh, you don’t like it? Then just don’t listen to it.” That really does shut down discussion…

    However, I do believe there IS a place where someone might need to do that – “Move on” if they have come to the conclusion that this artist just isn’t any more what they want to hear and they are tired of waiting for it. I mentioned Springsteen… I eventually got to that place with him. I LOVED him. Knew all his early work, saw him for the first time before anybody knew who he was in a small club-like venue in Houston, sort of like the HOB. Spent a lot of time listening to his music with friends. (I was high school but hung with a college crowd.) Then saw him again in 1975 just as he was making it big. Actually went two nights in a row! The first night – 4th row center, and it still remains one of my favorite EVER concerts, and I saw a lot of them back then. But then came his later records and I just could not stand him any more. It was too much of a change for me. I “moved on.” I now have his “best of” CD or whatever, but my favorites still remain the early stuff.

  65. OT – is it just me or is this font smaller now? I’m having a heck of time with it tonight….

  66. momo, dahlin, for the life of me I can’t find anything you wrote here that would offend me in anyway!

  67. Ummm. I’m a bit confused. You seem to be equating have “soul” with having “a soul.” Two entirely different things in my book…

    The Seal video didn’t do much for me. But I’m having trouble with my head tonight. I think I have fluid in my ears and a bad headache. The video froze half way too. I’ll try again tomorrow. I do remember the impression I got of him on the AI final last y ear when he sang with Syesha. That was a terrible pairing (not as bad as T Braxton and Taylor though LOL) He SOO dominated her in every way – talent (singing ability), stage presence, the professionalism of his performance compared to hers…

  68. Wow, Daughtry sold 4 million? I D) like him, and his voice but the Cd is not fabulous IMHO. I like some of it a lot, but not all. Many of the songs sound alike and the lyrics are just one cliche after the next. I wonder his he new one coming out will hit it that big again? I’m sure it will be heavily promoted. (sigh)

  69. taylorfan06 Says:

    raejae – you have NOTHING to apologize for. I love your last post and agree 100% with your sentiment. YOU ROCK!!!
    (And so does Taylor!!!)

  70. Little trick . . hold down your Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse forward. You should get a zoom effect. When you want to return to the regular screen push Ctrl and zero at the same time.

  71. taylorfan06 Says:

    Right On, JI!!! We like you!

  72. taylorfan06 Says:

    I did see TH at his CA concerts and the man has SO much “soul” in that “voice”! He IS awesome live (and on record). Some songs may be more easily labeled as having soul (IAOK), but it can’t be denied that the man is consistent in giving his ALL with every performance. (Live and on recored, again.) I likey!!!

  73. taylorfan06 Says:

    Oh it’s there. Maybe if you caught him LIVE in CA you’d know better!
    The man breathes “soul”!!!

  74. I believe I remember Taylor saying “soul music” to him is making the listener feel the emotion, not just the music genre.

    If that’s the case I feel several songs on TD have soul! Whether it has the country, latin, or R&B influence.

  75. spinshack Says:

    It’s not the genre that takes away any of the ‘soul’ regarding some of the songs on an album, this one or the previous one; it’s the recorded delivery.

    For others’ entertainment purposes let me just say those recorded versions that are delivered in the same intonation and tone just lack the emotional kick. Not all tunes are great on all albums, and I’ve rarely bought an album by anyone in which I liked all the songs on it.

  76. spinshack Says:

    You know we’re h8ters if we are not waving our sparkly pom-poms (click for how we should be expected to act at all times). 😛

  77. I believe that it was the fans that hoped Taylor would achieve “more” in his music career post-idol, but not Taylor himself. I think Taylor was just happy to be working. Period. After all, his father was encouraging him to take a job at the bank and give up his crazy dreams. LOL.
    Working = Good.
    I really don’t believe it is more complicated than that.

  78. Oh, and I think Grease is lame LOL
    (But I don’t believe I’ve ever liked any musical play)

  79. Thanks! Oh, yes, that helps! LOL

  80. IAG said “This song makes me think of Taylor and American Idol. Do you think it’s still relevant to his career? Does Broadway just equate to more soul suckage?”

    “This wasn’t really supposed to be a negative post about Taylor, more about the state of Taylor and American Idol, and the music industry.”

    Obviously from the first quote, you think AI sucked some soul out of T (like it does to the girl in the song.) Then you questioned whether Broadway is taking more. So my instinct was that is WAS negative. But all’s fair here and being able to express negative OR positive opinions is what makes this place special.

    To the question you ask, I and countless others, never would have heard of TH (or seen his “soul”) if not for AI. He might have even given up on his music after all those years on the road. I think AI was and will always be relevant to his career. Not as much as whatever he is doing CURRENTLY in time, but he will always be described as “Taylor Hicks, the Season 5 winner of American Idol.” He is proud of it as he should be, not embarrassed or ashamed.

    I keep hearing how he is not as good a recording artist as a live performer. Well, IF that is true, could that be because he had SO many MORE years of practice doing that? LOL I have to agree that this means he will only get better and better at recording the more he does it.

    Yes to what Barb said above! Taylor is happy to be working. He’s happy to have been able to put out his album. His next move hinges on what happens with it, good or bad. Just ONE hit song could make all the difference in the world for his future. Appearing on AI this season could have an impact. It’s way too early for him to make any decisions. He’ll just keep doing what he’s doing and see what happens. In the mean time we can just keep debating weather we like the place he’s at right now…. and enjoying the music of his that we DO like.

  81. “Not all tunes are great on all albums, and I’ve rarely bought an album by anyone in which I liked all the songs on it.”

    Very true spinshack. There are a few songs in EW that I don’t care for as much. When I first heard TH, I would skip over several of them. (But I have grown to like them now.) With TD, some days I can’t stand to listen to certain songs, then other days I like them. Some I didn’t like at first I now love, and vise versa.

  82. spinshack Says:

    Exactly. What Hicks wanted to avoid at all costs taking the ‘normal’ life route. Would have killed him to have to suit up every day and live the humble and drum lifestyle.

  83. taylorfan06 Says:

    I have to say that I love what Taylor is doing right now. He has a great CD that I hope will generate MORE buzz and get airplay for that next great single. Which one will he choose? The airplay factor is huge for him and I wish the best for him to get a that exposure on radio. It can happen!

    He also continues to get great reviews for his role in Grease. I think he can mix the music and acting together. This experience can potentially lead to more roles in the future, on Broadway or in the movies. It can happen!

    All I know is that I love his music and his amazing talent as a musician. I want him to go the distance in a career that he appears to truly love. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

  84. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Agree sometimes it takes listening to an album many times before the songs take off for me. Some I love at first listen others take time to grow


  85. jerseyirish Says:

    taylorfan06, Agree he has got what it takes to be around for a long, long time. He easily fits the role of an actor then can jump into his musician persona without hesitation.


  86. iTunes has replaced that wishy/washy review of TD by Billboard with a more positive one. 🙂 The only song he is negative about is WDB.

    I’m listening to WDB right now. Love this song! It makes me smile.

  87. And if anyone is doubting whether he still has “soul” go l listen to ILOAB, WGTHI, MYS, HNH, IAOK. YWC! Love it! I skipped listening to TD album the past couple of days, and now it’s sounds even better than ever. IAOK sends chills from the top of my head to my feet. Literally.

  88. spinshack Says:

    Hicks now at number 24 – just FYI.

  89. hicksaholic Says:

    Does the 1913 mean that is the number of albums sold last week?

  90. spinshack Says:

    It’s not the total so I’m thinking that may be it. *shrugs*

  91. hicksaholic Says:

    Which would mean he has sold about 20000 to date I believe. Wonder how that compares to expectations. It seems a lot lower than I had hoped for but perhaps being an indie album maybe it’s not that low.

  92. It is that low, it is Taylor Hicks and I never heard of most of those other people. He had a big drop from the week before. A turn around can come from an appearance on AI and from one of the songs getting a lot of radio play. Most of us have never heard any Tay song on our home radios except DIMYP. The AI guys need to show him some mercy and have him on to sing and do a little gushing over him. Good grief Pickler will be on Wed. for about the 3rd or 4th time. Hello, AI she came out 6th!

  93. spinshack Says:

    I’ve never heard him on the radio here, occasionally in a store on their music station.

    I did read where Pickler was going to be on again, but look at how well she’s doing in country music. Have you seen her commercial spot with Jessica Simpson and the other blondes yet?

    No word anyplace about Hicks being invited this year.

  94. I’m still counting on what I heard Ryan say – “All of our idols will make an appearance this year.” He had to have meant the winners because they certainly can’t have every past contestant on.

  95. taylorfan06 Says:

    Thanks for the update, rajrae. I also love WDB. I listened to it this morning.
    That CD is addictive!

  96. jerseyirish Says:

    My son heard 19 on a country station right after the CD dropped. I heard WRIR on a Philly station right after it was released, don’t listen to the radio much so it may still be playing but haven’t heard it.

    I think it is just wrong having Kelly on at least 4 times and Taylor just the one time for the finale. This appearance as Rosie said will help him, but I don’t think AI wants to help him in any way. Ryan said it a few times that all the winners would be on this season, so I guess we just have to wait.


  97. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor should be on the show. Time will tell. Because no one else will.

  98. spinshack Says:

    Considering Ryan said that and then the show had back Carly and Johns, not a good indicator that he’ll be included in ‘all the winners back’ spiel. That or the show has a different definition of ‘winner’. I would love to see him make an appearance this year.

  99. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Never looked at it that way, what their interpertation of “winner” you maybe right, and that is sad if that is the case.


  100. spinshack Says:

    Hang out on the VFTW site and you’ll “inherit” that sort of thinking. LOL Seems Carrie won the Country Music Entertainer of the Year award. Figured that was just a matter of time – bet Faith Hill threw her hairbrush over that little event.

  101. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, Didn’t Faith Hill have a fit when Carrier won another award awhile back? Guess she just doesn’t like her and that she has acheived so much.


  102. taylorfan06 Says:

    What is VFTW?

  103. casualfan Says:

    Why is having Kelly on many time wrong? She’s more than proven herself to be a real winner and is continuing on in her accomplishments.

    I’m sorry, but all this boo-hooing over Taylor not getting his “just due” on AI has passed the point of ridiculous. If you don’t like AI or the way Taylor is treated by them, then why do you want him on the show? At this point, being on AI is not going to help him with anything and will only cause more negativity within the fanbase on how he is treated.

  104. Christa Says:

    VFTW=Vote for the worst.
    A website against Idol.

    And yes I believe Taylor will shine in time and get more recognition. He’s truly dedicated and working hard; and as that one New Radicals song says, you get what you give. He’s got way too much talent to be overlooked.
    I wouldn’t count on him being on AI, he’s not under their label or management, so they’re not getting a single dime from him. AI is a money machine and yes its great that they introduced Taylor to us, but they’re still money hungry mainstream crap.
    Hopefully AI will let him on though, he’d bring the house down and people would remember him again.

    As for radio, there are some potential songs on there, but the most potential is Nineteen for country radio. It could cross over to other radio genres as well.
    SMB and Maybe You Should are other potentials as well.

  105. casualfan Says:

    I think Taylor has already went the distance…look at all he has accomplished since his win! I have come to the conclusion that no matter what Taylor does, it will never be enough to satisfy his fanbase.

  106. SMB is a winner with me. His voice is clear and beautiful and the background singer harmonizes so well with him and the musicians, the whole thing just works. That song shows he has soul. Christa, they, AI have had Elliott on twice and they get no money from him. They also had on Bucky and Ruben and they also are not with the label. They must know he’d add a new dimension to the show and bring in some viewers. Oh to know what went down behind the scenes. I would add the song ‘The Distance’ to your list of radio friendly songs. It is a catchy southern rock song,

  107. spinshack Says:

    That was the rumor, of course the Hill publicists said it wasn’t true. ha. There were some funny pics a while back about it though.

  108. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, point made, CF, Kelly has worked very hard to get where she is right now. I always had a soft spot for her.

    I obviously enjoy AI, I just understand what it really is, not what it’s fantasized about being. If Hicks is invited on the show I’ll be surprised, but if that does happen then his fans should be pleased not unhappy. There’s a lot of folks tuning into that show every week.

  109. hicksaholic Says:

    I want him on AI but for my own selfish reasons. The reality is Taylor did win but he chose to not be represented by 19, apparently the only idol winner not to be represented by them in some capacity. Because of that decision it may cost him a spot on a major prime time tv show. I don’t even know if an appearance on AI would do wonders for the cd unless the audience reacted wildly and the judges fell all over themselves after his performance. It seems the only time Taylor’s name is mentioned is in a negative comparison to a current contestant. I think the audience is conditioned to boo whenever Taylor’s name is mentioned because it must mean the contestant did poorly if they reminded the judges of Taylor.

    The lack of a connection to 19 makes perfect sense from a business standpoint as to why Taylor is the AI redheaded stepchild. But I often wondered if the bashing was possibly a message to future contestants that you play it our way or this is how it will be. Kelly Clarkson may have had a little taste of this from AI.

  110. spinshack Says:

    I really sort of thought with the radio interviews he’s sat in for that he’d get some play out of it for his record. Yes, I’m naive.

  111. jerseyirish Says:

    I had thought with all the good press and positives from Taylor about Idol maybe things would lessen a bit, I guessed wrong. It seems this season they are throwing more comments about Taylor than previous years.

    Rosie, Your right about others that have left the label and are still on the show and given respect. Maybe because Taylor nixed 19e right from the get go they are just unforgiving, who knows.


  112. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, You would thing that those interivews would have generated alot more airplay, most all seemed to enjoy the CD overall, just don’t get it, guess I never will.


  113. It is just sad and bad and I wonder if he regrets his decision. The big whigs should still show some compassion towards Hicks. Right now he needs AIAOK from AI.

  114. spinshack Says:

    They have no reason to show him anything, rosie. He’s taken such flack about poor sales, about being the butt of the joke. I’m like hicksholic, I selfishly would love to see him on that show again.

  115. I think the reason he is better live IS that he has much more experience as a live performer. He has said that he is still learning about being a recording artist, and I think that he has not come anywhere near the comfort level he has with live performance as of yet. I think he’ll get there, its just going to take some time. I think he is too concerned with trying to get everything right in the studio, as a result he tends to be too concerned with making sure he enunciates (is that spelled right?) correctly and he over does it in places and loses the sort of freedom he has live.
    That being said, I still like this CD a lot better than most of the crap that passes for music on the radio today! And I don’t care how many CDs Kelly sells, what the hell did they do to her on her latest?!

  116. Christa Says:

    The Distance is also radio friendly, agreed.

    Hm true. I don’t know why AI is like that then, and if something went down then can’t it be put behind? God lol. Yeah it might’ve had something to do with Taylor not going under their 19 management, it’s all about the dough for AI, not the artists. I give the show a couple more seasons before the plug is pulled.

  117. Christa Says:

    I don’t care much for Kelly’s latest stuff either… much less most music on the radio these days lol. My peers eat this stuff up though. :X
    This is when iPods come in handy, you get to listen to what you want.

  118. Snowstorm Says:

    I’ll never understand the logic of “crap that passes for music on the radio today”! You do realize that radio has different formats with different target demographics, don’t you?

  119. littlewing Says:

    When I think of the possibility of AI shunning Taylor, this the year that he drops his sophomore album, I could bite a nail in two. Maybe as hicksaholic said, they’re trying to make an example out of him. I have given up on them ever asking him back again. Their little power play is so pathetic. They should suck up their petty little vindictive stance and do the right thing by inviting him back to sing his new song. I don’t care what happened between them; it’s in the past and America did get it right. Power voters in the core fanbase may have played a huge part in getting him to the top, but he probably got just as many of the casual votes.

  120. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’d like to add “I Live On A Battlefield” for a single release, also. Very catchy. I think it has high potential to find an audience. Here’s hoping…

  121. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor’s falsetto on that song is like buttah!!!

  122. jerseyirish Says:

    littlewing, I agree they should put the past behind and move forward, he is still the winner of season 5 they can’t change that. Taylor always speaks highly of his time on the show, and how much the experience has helped him. If he wanted to be like them he could just as easily take cheap shots at the forces that be at Idol, but he doesn’t, he is grateful for what the show has done for him. They should show a little respect for him.


  123. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’m with you, lw!

  124. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor won because of VFTW and power voters.

  125. pearlpattie Says:

    My dream is Taylor on AI thru a satellite feed showing him right in the midst of one of his shadow gigs….SMB would be awesome and the world would see the Taylor we all know.

  126. hicksaholic Says:

    There is a thread on the boogie that states ALL other idol winners are represented by 19 either as management or some other capacity that I forget right now EXCEPT Taylor. That is where I am coming from on my earlier comment about making an example of him.

  127. casualfan Says:

    I obviously enjoy AI, I just understand what it really is, not what it’s fantasized about being. If Hicks is invited on the show I’ll be surprised, but if that does happen then his fans should be pleased not unhappy. There’s a lot of folks tuning into that show every week.
    Spin, I understand what the show is really about too. Sure AI wants to make money and gain a huge profit off the show and the contestants who get record deals…that’s business and AI is a big business.

    The point I am making is that these kids go on the show, they understand or will soon understand what goes on then hopefully take what they need and move on to be the best they can be.

    I strongly feel that is the road Taylor is taking and I honestly don’t think he really cares one way or the other if he’s invited on the show or not. He has chosen to look at his glass half full instead of half empty and I wish some of these fans would see it the same way. Taylor-IMO should stay as far away from that show as possible. The showed as served its purpose for him and now he is moving on…..

  128. casualfan Says:

    I would like to add that some of the music on his cd indicates that very fact….if people would just HEAR what he’s saying.

  129. littlewing, I’m with you and I feel like beating them up. Here was a 29 yr. old hard working 10 yr bar singing entertaining gray headed singer, who each week gave his best and got the most votes. He won the show and got his big break. If a few rich assholes are so vindictive that they wish to try ruin him because he made a few naive mistakes, then they are real low life slobs. Money surely can’t buy class and decency. Three years ago Taylor was good for that show and now that he is struggling with his indie 2nd CD and still working his ass off, they should be good to him. His sales would go up given 20 some million viewers as did Ruben’s after his appearance .

  130. hicksaholic Says:

    You may be exactly right. We wring our hands in worry over Taylor and it just may be Taylor used the show for what he could get out of it and realized he was unwilling to play their games their way and knew what it would cost him as far as keeping himself in the public eye.

  131. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, Unfortunately it is all about the money, they could give a rats ass about what the right thing is to do, like giving Taylor their season 5 winner stage time to promote his new CD. He bucked the system and they washed their hands of him.


  132. hicksaholic Says:

    I just thought of something that casualfan made me think of, probably crazy but maybe “Maybe You Should” is directed to the fans who are on the fence regarding Taylor.

  133. casual, I’ve heard what he has been saying as in he wants to appear on AI this year. He even mentioned it to Pauls. He would love to be on that big stage again and knock them out with a song and show millions of viewers his good looks, charisma and talent. He would sell more CD’s, make more money and be able to fill the gigs on his shadow tour. He deserves it and wants it and I don’t get your point of view on the matter. Huge established stars want to be on AI. AI is the boost he needs now!

  134. Ryan did not say “winners.” As I recall it, he said “all our Idols will make an appearance this season.”

  135. Sometimes it is not the individual DJ’s who make the decision 0f what songs to play. It is made by the program managers, and they are sometimes “corporate.” The DJ’s just play what they are told to play.

  136. spinshack Says:

    Aren’t you a sweet breath of air?

  137. I agree. And I think he will be on.

  138. spinshack Says:

    Dude, these are not all “kids”. Hicks was a full grown haired out man when he hit Idol. He freaking knew the score – now if he made Bad Decisions associated with folks way more powerful than he, then we cannot hold anything against this system really, can we?

    Perhaps he doesn’t even want to entertain the idea of appearing before a million odd viewers to sing his Indie songs; then perhaps he is way more optimistic than I ever thought him of being.

  139. jerseyirish Says:

    hicksalolic, I have often thought the same thing, did he caculate this right from the begining, get on the show go for the win and then do his own thing. Did he have his lawyers working over that contract right from the time he signed at the final 24. In his interviews he always says he is right where he hoped he’d be at this point, so maybe he rode the storm and now is rising again.

    I believe he would love to be on Idol if he has the chance to, soley for promoting the CD, he can’t get a much bigger audience than that. I think it would boost his sales to see him on the Idol stage again, may bring back fans that may have lost interest.


  140. jerseyirish Says:

    rajae, I hope so too, I’ll be watching Wed night to see who they say will be on next week!!! 🙂


  141. spinshack Says:

    Ok, to make sure this is not missed and you all can holler at me all you want, my thought on what has been said about “these kids” on Idol:

    These are not all “kids”. Hicks was a full grown haired out man when he hit Idol. He freaking knew the score – now if he made Bad Decisions associated with folks way more powerful than he, then we cannot hold anything against this system really, can we?

    Perhaps he doesn’t even want to entertain the idea of appearing before a million odd viewers to sing his Indie songs; then perhaps he is way more optimistic than I ever thought him of being.

    That’s how I think. Now throw stones, I’m a “bad fan”, but realistically in life, we can only look at ourselves for what we reap and sow.

    Perhaps I’m just bloody cranky at having to be tied to this damn machine all day today. *weak smile*

    BTW was the sun even out today? I have no idea. *grump*

  142. spinshack Says:

    And I like puppies.

  143. littlewing Says:

    You are right Rosie, class and decency can’t be bought. Maybe it is true as casualfan alluded to that Taylor doesn’t really care if they ever invite him back, and I would like to think that is true. Thing is, Taylor will be going strong long after AI is over.

    Snowstorm, I can’t prove it, but I don’t think Taylor’s win can be attributed to just the VFTW vote or the power voting fans. I firmly believe he pulled in a substantial number of casual/performance based voters, since he brought it on home each and every week. Would love to see the breakdown on those votes…yeah, like that’ll ever happen:)

  144. spinshack Says:

    What? Okay nice way to get folks to like you. Tell them to get on or get the hell away.

  145. taylorfan06 Says:

    Snow, where is your proof of how Taylor won?
    You are SO ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Attention whore!

  146. taylorfan06 Says:

    GET OVER IT!!! It’s been 3 years!

    HE WON. Period!

  147. taylorfan06 Says:

    don’t bow to snow. He won! End of story.

    It been 3 years. ENOUGH!!!

  148. taylorfan06 Says:

    I was gorgeous here in California.
    I think you need some sunshine in your life.

  149. taylorfan06 Says:

    …and it was gorgeous in CA.

  150. He wants to appear, he’s waiting for the call. He would certainly be a fool not to want to appear before a national audience of millions and tell them he has a new album out and give them a taste of it!! How could anyone question whether he wants to go on the show??

    I think everyone is bent out of shape about something that has not even happened yet. There are still 7 weeks left of the show. He has not been snubbed (yet). I’ll worry about it in about 4 or 5 weeks if they haven’t had him on. Then I’ll be disgusted and “never watch the show again.” (Like they’ll miss me. Ha ha!)

    They showed him respect as an “Idol” winner in Florida recently. I’m counting on that, and what I heard Ryan say. I think he will be on, though it might kill them to actually give him any help with his new CD. I will be mad as hell if he’s the only IDOL WINNER not to appear. But not until that has actually happened.

    Oh, and please don’t say you want them to show him some “compassion!” That sounds so pathetic to me. I think they should how him RESPECT.

    One more thing: I have no way of knowing, but I don’t believe VFTW has that much clout. If they did then Megan Joy would not have been voted off. (I assume the were voting for her??? I do hope she was their choice because she was definitely the worst.) Power voting DOES affect the outcome, but every contestant gets power voting. I think Hicks won because he got the most votes and he deserved it. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

  151. Snowstorm Says:

    If he’s going to be on Idol this year, time is running out. After this week, there’s only seven more opportunities left (Kelly Pickler is on this week).

    Oh, and VFTW certainly helped Taylor get the win, so don’t you tell me otherwise! It’s a well known FACT that he was their pick!!

  152. taylorfan06 Says:

    I agree with every word 100%. It’s like I have a twin.

  153. suze4158 Says:

    I think there are a lot of AI-type references on TD.
    1) The Distance: A reference to the comment from Paula following his “You Send Me” performance….now, Taylor, you are ready to “go the distance”….
    2) “19” – reference to 19 entertainment
    3) Keeping It Real – Randy to Taylor on AI, “keep it real, dog, keep it real”
    4) New Found Freedom- Getting loose from Arista/AI ties
    5) MYS- I love the reference above from hicksaholic about fence sitting fans
    I am sure there are more, just can’t pull them out right now.

  154. taylorfan06 Says:

    These 2 comments were for spin. Oh, hell snow could use some sunshine also.

  155. taylorfan06 Says:

    Snow, I have a 4 letter word for you – DEAL!

    Again, it’s been 3 years!!

  156. It doesn’t meant they had that much of an effect just because he was their pick.

  157. suze4158 Says:

    I read that stupid site stem to stern after I learned of them.
    They backed others first….then when it got down to the final three, they chose Taylor, true….but it was because he represented what they were about….they liked him, as he was the “anti-Idol” unabashedly, in their opinion. They did not back him snarkily, as they did most of the others. Whether it had a big effect, who knows? I don’t think there are statistics to back up conjecture about VFTW influence.

  158. It doesn’t mean…..

  159. That’s very interesting suze……. I never heard any of that before.

    I don’t think they have much clout but none of us will EVER know so it’s pointless to argue about it.

  160. spinshack Says:

    VFTW has a large number voting – they can’t compete though with the entire national contingency.

    You sound like an over the top fan who really needs footing in reality/ “He wants to appear He’s waiting for the call” WTF are you like his astrologer and know that is the real about what’s going on? Man, you are starting to sound like a real nutter.

    V-A-L-I-U-M. might be your friend.

  161. spinshack Says:

    Reality, it might work for you.

  162. spinshack Says:

    A-Men sistah.

  163. spinshack Says:

    Pointed at Snow but hey wordpress sux.

  164. spinshack Says:

    gal you don’t know jack about the machinations behind Idol. Pretend; it’s your friend.

  165. spinshack Says:

    There’s a mathematical method to the madness babe. It’s not simple arithmatic.

  166. Snowstorm Says:


  167. LOL Spinshack! I was quoting Taylor himself. It’s what he (reportedly) told a fan at a M&G. He said he was waiting for the call from AI. So, I guess I should have clarified that. I would never conjecture what he thought or how he felt about something without saying “I think……”

    When I said he would be a fool NOT to want to go on the show, that was my opinion, but I think that was pretty obvious.

    Maybe VALIUM is already my friend? 😉

  168. spinshack Says:

    Man that reads like an “X-Files” analogy.

    What say you, readers?

  169. spinshack Says:

    “Maybe VALIUM is already my friend? “ Now that was one of the best damn things I’ve read all day.

    Man, you get a total pass. Good stuff.

  170. Kids! Don’t make me come down there!

  171. I swear to God I will pull this car over.

    Not kidding.

  172. Whatever you say…..

    Why don’t you enlighten us with it?

  173. spinshack Says:

    I was a bad influence. *going to the corner*

  174. spinshack Says:

    I’m in mental anguish today. Locked at home. In my office. Work sucks. I was blocked. Agent did not care. I love Robert Pattinson now. Kill me with a sword… BTW updated my blogspot photo. Botox is your friend.

    (It’s like Twitter only here…)

  175. Taylor wasn’t a VFTW pick until wayyy at the end of the show. Fact.
    Sure they put in votes but casual and hardcore fan votes were a great impact.
    He won AI and deserved it. Really it happened 3 years ago, so why go against that fact?
    It’s really sad that the show has dissed Hicks a lot though, he’s said good things about them. But again, it’s all about the almighty dollah for them, not about music or creativity.
    If Taylor appears, it will definitely help him, a lot. There’s still like 7-8 weeks I think?
    3 more Idol winners to put on the show.
    Lets hope he’s one of them.

    Radio play would be great too, there’s radio potential songs as stated before. Country would be a smart move.

    Nighttt all.

  176. spinshack Says:

    Wow Christa for someone as young as you that was damn boring. Nightie night to you. *wallowing in boredom and angst*

  177. spinshack Says:

    I swear if this does not get more fun tomorrow I will torment others.

  178. Spin,

    Do you get to go out tomorrow?

    *crosses fingers*

    You know, just for some fresh air?


  179. spinshack Says:

    So you’re Mom in waiting?

  180. Well, if I’m so stupid and don’t know jack about it why don’t you spell it out for me? (Be sure to use simple terms so I can understand.) What is this insight about the machinations at AI that you know so much about, and how did you find out about it?

  181. spinshack Says:

    So you want me out? Fine Missy. Let me know when you miss me. *stomping from room in a pout*

  182. I’m trying to write something new for tomorrow and your’e being distracting, spin! I keep getting these e-mails with new comments and you’re running around here, pulling people’s hair just because you’re bored. Now settle down, young lady!

  183. Sounds like maybe you could use the V more than me! Sorry you had a bad day.

  184. Damn straight. Now, I want you to go and apologize to everybody. Right now, little missy!

  185. spinshack Says:

    Have you seen my hair in my new profile? It’s a bodywave. Smelled awful but I like it. Yeah I was a tormented soul all day.

  186. suze4158 Says:

    Spin…lol to your x-files analogy above. Also…shhhhhh….
    I see dead people.
    Hope you feel better.

  187. spinshack Says:

    And lonely. Where were you anyway and YKW and Grey?

  188. spinshack Says:

    hahaha If only.

  189. Well, I was reading the comments as they came through in mye-mail and I just didn’t feel like rehashing the whole Taylor vs AI thing.

  190. Checking in real quick cause insomnia sucks.

    And what am I supposed to do, a virtual dance to amuse your boredom? xP

    Okay, really out.

  191. “Paul is dead”

  192. PS sorry about your bad day, spin. Lol.

  193. I was trying to think of a way to neatly wrap up this thread and in answer to the question, “Still sucking the soul?” what popped into my head was a thought that isn’t meant as an attack on anyone. I mean, it includes me. Maybe what has sucked the soul out of Taylor (if anything) is us.

  194. I have been reading on other sites that NOW program directors are checking AOL , Yahoo and YouTube to see how popular artists are as a way to gage whether to add them to their play lists!!!!!!! NOW I am wondering if we have done Taylor harm by being so organized with all our fan sites and making it so convenient to view video, or music right at the fan site rather than visiting AOL, Yahoo or YouTube. Dang this pisses me off. I have for a long time posted about news aticles to make sure they give the site hits instead of just reading it in the thread BUT I never even thought about the ramifications of the other media.

  195. casualfan Says:

    Spin, It wasn’t meant to be taken literal.

  196. casualfan Says:

    I doubt putting his music onto the fan sites have any effect at this point Dee. His online fanbase is pretty gone.

  197. spinshack Says:

    So why was it your ‘job’ to neatly wrap up this thread?

  198. spinshack Says:

    thankx – we all have ’em

  199. spinshack Says:

    More ‘bitch’ in me to get out before the day is over….

  200. spinshack Says:


  201. suze4158 Says:

    O.k. o.k….

    I remember when Taylor toured originally after AI, each song that was added to the setlist was dissected and interpreted to mean something different about Taylor and his relationship to AI. I never thought of any of those….However, I did think of the ones above. Too long hanging around as a fan, I suppose…

  202. Yeah, I know! LOL!

  203. The ‘yeah, I know!” was in response to “So why was it your ‘job’ to neatly wrap up this thread?” That question crossed my mind, too. lol

  204. jerseyirish Says:

    Dee, Read the same thing, it amazed me that yahoo hits would actually help, but if listening to the video on that site helps him I see no harm in doing so, I love the video doesn’t matter to me what button I click to watch it.


  205. Sweetay Says:

    Taylor made AI fun. He was just being himself.. crazy, fun, and full of soul!

    Taylor on his post idol CDs is NOT crazy, fun, or full of soul.

    Calculating the reason for poor sales …pretty simple.

    Its not AI’s fault or anyone else but Taylor. First week sales of his AI album were great! The album was not. IMO Taylor is too stiff in the studio, trying too hard to be p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

  206. Wow . . . it’s always fun to read the same arguments over and over. It doesn’t really matter how or why Taylor won AI. The bottom line is that he did win and was presented with an opportunity to introduce the world to his music.

    And, unfortunately after exciting sales numbers those first couple weeks, the world just wasn’t buying. His current CD sales are not much better than the EW sales. He is a “working musician” with good bit of fame on his side and he is not selling CDs.

    You can blame the dreaded “PTB” or Simon Cowell or the media or whatever . . . but at the end of the day, the music is Taylor’s product, and he is ultimately responsible for it. If the The Distance had sold hundreds of thousands of copies so far, we would not be giving credit to Simon, or the media for his success, right?

    I like the music on The Distance, but I am not totally in love it. He has some shining moments on the CD . . . some songs that could possibly do something for Taylor’s career. Most notably, in my opinion, Maybe You Should.

    But since I have been known to be slightly critical towards some Taylor related things, and the hidden message of that song is that I, as an unsavory fan, should leave him tonight, and all . . . I’ll never know if it becomes a hit for him. 😛

  207. Some of his fanbase.

  208. hicksaholic Says:

    I agree with the trying to be perfect in the studio comment. I wonder if before a live concert he has had a few drinks or whatever and loosened up versus all business in the studio.

  209. jerseyirish Says:

    hicksaholic, Drinks maybe, but I think Taylor is in his element on stage, he takes off no matter what. Been in one recording studio many years ago, and it was a very structured enviroment as I remember. Taylor may just work within the confines of the studio, like you say keeping it very business like.


  210. jerseyirish Says:

    soulaz, I agree Taylor is responsible for what he puts out, and I believe he is very happy with the new CD and its contents. The only thing I hold against Idol was the lack of promotion/radio play he never received, that all other winners did get. Seemed like the CD came out and about 2-3 weeks later there was no more promotion for it. I think he did a great job promoting the CD and himself without their help.


  211. Just out of curiosity, I’m wondering how any CD sales are truly doing in this recession? I’ve heard some statitstics that people are just not buying/spending like they did before. Hard to buy stuff without a job, hard to play a CD without a boombox or car to play it in.
    Out of the gate his CD may well have done well with the ardent fans. (BTW the CD is not in other countries yet!!!!!)

    One thing though, liquor and beer sales are up! Just in case we need something to wash down our valium with. LOL

  212. jerseyirish Says:

    Barb, You are probably right, this economy crunch has hit hard and folks just aren’t buying like they used to. People always seem to find the money for their liquid beverage of choice!!


  213. “and the hidden message of that song is that I, as an unsavory fan, should leave him tonight, “

    Hmm…. maybe we should play it backwards for more hidden meaning too 😉

  214. Yea, no one seems to gotten my “Paul Is Dead” joke… 😦

    But seriously, I doubt Taylor wrote that as a love song to his fans…

  215. Excuses, excuses…..

  216. (Just kidding BTW. Sort of….)

    I think it’s more “who the heck knows he even has a new cd out”


    “it’s not being played on the radio so no one is hearing it.”

  217. Snowstorm Says:

    1. When you are your own label, you don’t get the leverage of big label support.

    2. Taylor’s management stinks. You need someone who will fight for you. Wasn’t he supposed to be on Leno? That never happened, did it?

  218. Gotta agree with you too Pattie! That would be incredible. Damn, I love that song!

  219. casualfan Says:

    Snow, Taylor has a very, very good management team AND he’s represented by a very well respected PR firm. He can have God himself representing him but if the mainstream public isn’t interested, it won’t happen.

    Regarding Leno….that wasn’t Taylor’s or his managements fault that he didn’t perform on that show. Try looking in Leno’s camp.

  220. Does anyone over the age of 30 listen to top 40 music? All my contemporaries listen to “classic rock” and that is it. Total music snobs.
    I’ve never heard Taylor on the radio and I doubt I ever will. Although I’ve heard him playing through the stereo system at WalMart LOL (I listen to the local station for bus cancellations and try to win a Big Mac in the mornings, for example………then back to classic rock for the rest of the day)
    OFF TOPIC: Does your local WalMart play the National Anthem throughout the day? Weird………I made everyone stop and stand at attention!! LOL Oh Canada, Our Home & Native Land………..

  221. casualfan Says:

    rajrae Says:

    April 7, 2009 at 10:42 am
    Yea, no one seems to gotten my “Paul Is Dead” joke…

    But seriously, I doubt Taylor wrote that as a love song to his fans…
    If you are referring to the MYS song on his cd, no-it wasn’t written for the fans. That song is very much a love song.

    I don’t think Taylor is sending out any “secret” mgs to any fans but I do think he’s telling us all how he now has the freedom to walk ahead and do what HE wants to do without being tied down to things he was tied to in his past, including loving someone and loosing them. I feel the cd is a wonderful self-explorational journey into what he has went thru since Idol and even before. I don’t care for a few of the songs, but overall it’s a good cd.

  222. Rajrae, I got the Paul is dead joke!
    I was going to ask what Tay’s album says when you play it backwards!

  223. It says, “I’m dying for a bar-b-que sandwich.”

  224. I listened, and it says “Josh is Dead” so that means that the guy playing with Taylor now is really just a look alike but not the REAL Josh.

    Just pulling everybody’s leg Ha ha ha … I didn’t really play it backwards. I haven’t quite figured out how to play digital music backwards yet.

  225. yes, casual, that’s what I was trying to say. LOL In my own stupid way I was trying to say that the idea that MYS has some hidden meaning to the fans is like the crazy “Paul is dead” conspiracy. Must be before everybody’s time. Gosh, I’m getting too old…… I’m one of those music snobs that likes to listen to Classic Rock.

  226. LOL!! 😀

  227. I’ll shut up now……

  228. “Does anyone over the age of 30 listen to top 40 music?”

    Only if I have to! Like when my 17 takes control of the radio in the car. But we sometimes find a happy medium. I DO like some of today’s rock music, but I never remember who the artist is after I hear it on the radio. Or if my daughter is playing something I like I’ll ask her who it is but then I forget so I never buy anything new these days. I did buy all of Taylor’s cd’s, and David Cook, Daughtry, and Melinda Doolittle but only because my sister made me a copy of hers and I don’t like that. I liked it enough to go online and pay for it but probably would not have sought it out.

  229. Snowstorm Says:

    As usual, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about! Why is it that most of the Season 5 contestants are scoring better gigs than Taylor? I just read the Kat McPee is going to be on CSI. Hmmm, maybe it’s because her manager is fighting for her. What is Taylor’s manager doing for him? I’ll answer that….NOTHING!

  230. spinshack Says:

    That sounds like a plan, Barb. I’ll have a glass of merlot with a Valium chaser, thank you.

    (now… wait for it…. Tappy will be calling me a sot again) Bwhahaha

    Seriously the economic times have squelched many people’s buying habits, time of uncertainly are historically marked by increases in alcohol consumption and decreases in consumer goods. I know my neighbor with a huge number of cars has begun selling down the herd. Opposite of how he operated just a year ago. 😉

  231. spinshack Says:

    So Leno turned him down? Where did you hear that or are you just speculating?

  232. spinshack Says:

    It’s so common for fans to work meaning into things like song selection, why the artist played this one or that one regarding songs. Sometimes they just like the song.

    That makes me think, is it bar-b-que, or barbeque? I can never decide.

  233. But that would require actually listening to what he says and hearing what he wants, as opposed to concentrating solely on what they want.

  234. BBQ

  235. casualfan Says:

    As usual, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about! Why is it that most of the Season 5 contestants are scoring better gigs than Taylor? I just read the Kat McPee is going to be on CSI. Hmmm, maybe it’s because her manager is fighting for her. What is Taylor’s manager doing for him? I’ll answer that….NOTHING!
    You are one hateful, angry and very sad poster.

  236. Bar-B-Que:
    see also barbecue, Bar-B-Q, BBQ

    Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.

    (I’m listening to “southbound” from the next thread, as I work on this important comment.)

  237. I know, right?

  238. spinshack Says:

    Ahaha, multi tasking – nice. Thanks for the barbeque clarification.

  239. casualfan Says:

    So Leno turned him down? Where did you hear that or are you just speculating?
    Spin, That is NOT what I said. Everyone is so quick to pin the blame on Taylor’s Management that they don’t look at other reasons why things don’t happen. But then again, I’m a liar and I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about as Snow pointed out.

    I don’t know if this is true or not, but a few SP’rs were there at a Leno tapping the next day after The Roxy and claim to have seen Taylor there.

  240. spinshack Says:

    Oh. I thought you had some inside… ;). I’ve been out of the information loop, chasing a sweet young thing I just found. grrrr (that’s my cougar growl) ha.

    Now Snow simply has a very direct approach which frankly is refreshing. At least you know exactly what she’s thinking. I get tired of folks who play games, talk one way then act another.

    They saw him at the Leno show? Well perhaps that’s coming up and we just haven’t the word yet.

  241. Snowstorm Says:

    At least I don’t come here whispering some ridiculous innuendo. You’re not fooling anybody, but hey, whatever gets you off, lol.

  242. casualfan Says:

    Snow isn’t refreshing. She’s rude, obnoxious and doesn’t know me or anyone else on this blog and has no right calling people liars and all the other negative garbage that tends to flow from her mouth. NO ONE deserves to be disrespected that way…NO ONE!

  243. casualfan Says:

    No, you are just a hateful, negative poster who gets off on critizing other people. You get your sick thrills on telling Taylor’s fans that they are too old and their voice doesn’t count for anything. Who the hell are you to make those judgement calls?

    You are a truly pathetic person Snow and I do feel sorry for you.

    Sorry IAG….

  244. Snowstorm Says:

    You are so full fantasties, psycho!

  245. spinshack Says:

    CF I am not prescient but do have a knack at seeing bullshit. I say Snow hit a nerve and you might want to own up to that.

  246. casualfan Says:

    LOL! Is that what it is Spin? Snow hit a nerve with me? ROFLMAO!

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