Tell me he’s not a punchline…


Watch the last 15 seconds or so. Seriously.


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  2. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh wow, that was funny, but so true. The American public played a cruel joke on Taylor Hicks. They said they like him, but when it came time to open their wallets, “um, I don’t think so”. But, it’s not fair to put all the blame on Taylor.. JRecords deserves half of the blame.

    Taylor was a complete dickhead to not work on his cd after he won, instead he went on a shadow tour with a bar band, who were NOTHING special, which resulted in a rushed and disjointed cd. Taylor was arrogant in trying to make a bar band famous – he should have been working on his own fame.. did he really think he had it made??? Perfect example of pure arrogance.

  3. Totally awesome to be even mentioned on The Daily Show. Sort of like SNL…it’s all good.

  4. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Crud I can’t watch the video. What did they say?

  5. Didn’t they like him during his season? Ah hell, I have so many other things to do today but now I have to go searching to see if that’s true. (Not that it matters now, but it’s going to bug me until I find out.)

  6. Snowstorm Says:

    What do you need to search for? He won, so, of course, the American public liked him! But, when it came time to purchase his cd, they passed.

  7. Well, I did what I could (in ten minutes!). Can’t find any video evidence. Someone else will have to back me up.

    Still, I understand – that’s not the point.

  8. It wasn’t that bad! Just a correspondent who said that Europe not endorsing Obama’s economic plan was like the “Taylor Hicks sydrome-they begged us to vote for him and now nobody is buying his record”, or something just like that. I’m so used to jabs at him that if it’s not really nasty, it doesn’t bother me! It was pretty funny!

  9. jerseyirish Says:

    I just took it as DrSpin did, here we go again, taking cheap shots at him, certainly didn’t take it as positive for him.


  10. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Okay, thanks for filling me in

  11. Snowstorm Says:

    What cheap shot? It’s the truth!

  12. blueberry Says:

    No one is sacred on the Daily Show. In my opinion, if they wanted to and felt he deserved it, he would have been served up on a platter. I took it as a okay thing that they even mentioned him at all. I don’t see these guys as Idol viewers.

  13. HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA,….*cough* Okay, I”m sorry, but that was funny as hell.

    But I can imagine the implosion it will cause. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA….

  14. Eh.. He’s had worse barbs than that.

  15. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    You are full of it as usual.

  16. onemore Says:

    I said it in another thread here the other day; Taylor Hicks has become a punchline to many.

    It may not totally be his fault, but he has made some decisions that make him an easy mark. You don’t see Ruben’s sales or Fantasia’s sales as the joke.

    Becoming the Teen Angel in a touring production of Grease (NOT Broadway) has not helped his reputation.

    I don’t believe that any publicity is good publicity. Jokes like this just reinforce his punchline reputation. But sugar coat it and say that it’s great that he’s getting mentioned, if it makes you feel better.

  17. Either Jon Stewart or Steve Colbert used to give Taylor plugs on thier show. I said it doesn’t matter, but I think it’s interesting.

  18. Thatslife Says:

    He will overcome any and all of the obstacles he faces. What is meant to be already is and what will be is already written for time is but a revelator.

  19. blueberry Says:

    I don’t think it is sugar coating – it really doesn’t matter to me one way or another – it’s just an okay thing. It didn’t make or break my day that he was mentioned on Stewart, it just is. He wasn’t mentioned in the same way they’ve mentioned
    Madoff, Spitzer or even Spears and those writers on that show are pretty wicked, so if they really wanted to, they could have had much more fun with him over the past couple years.

    I can’t speak to his reputation – don’t follow those things close enough to cast judgment. What I know of him won’t preclude me from listening to his music and that is my only interest in him. I haven’t seen him in Grease, nor do I plan to, but since he didn’t check in with me today to see if my career plans were to his liking, I’ll just have to give him his due and assume that Grease is what he sees fit to do right now for reasons that are actually none of my business. It might be a mistake in some way, we’ll have to stayed tuned because none of us know. It’s what makes a good story.

  20. RedRoseSpeedway Says:


  21. double uhhhh….?????

  22. I’m not talking about the American public, I’m talking about Jon Stewart (or it might have been Steve Colbert).

  23. jerseyirish Says:

    Doesn’t matter it is still a cheap shot at the guy, totally out of the blue and uncalled for.


  24. Perhaps I’m dense but my take is that nothing bad was said about Taylor. A comarison was made to giving the world Obama because that is what the world wanted and now some are not supporting his economic plan. The USA idol viewers, season 5 wanted Taylor as the American Idol and now the overwhelming majority of those voters haven’t bought his CD. Being mentioned as a punchline on a big show such as Stewarts in such a comarison to Obama is a good thing, not a bad thing. No one said Tay or his music sucked and it reminds people there is a new CD. Bad press has not hurt most celebs and it is good Taylors name gets out there. Rueben and Fantasia are boring and do not have the charisma or interest that Tay has, so no one mentions them. Taylor was controversial during AI., 2 SNL spoofs, WEIRD AL and ever since. Relax guys, this is good! (such a comparison to Obama)

  25. That should say A comparison, not comarison, my right p pinky failed me.

  26. Are you related to BL?

  27. casualfan Says:

    Well at least they didn’t crack a joke about the angel wings and ice-cream cone (that God for small favors)

    All celebrities get joked about. There’s no need to get all bent out of shape over it. Knowing Taylor, he probably laughed and said “well, he’s right”

  28. Not for anyone specific, but everyone in general….

    It’s Friday!!! SMILE. LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.

  29. Iag, I don’t know if you think the mention of Taylor was a bad thing, but the more I think about it I think it was great. It means Taylor Hicks is RELEVANT> They still quote the 63,000,000 plus votes, more than Bush got in 2004. Comparing a popular figure such as Obama, the USA president and World leader with Mr. Hicks, as in both not getting the respect they deserve for winning and being cool dudes is super. I just can’t see how anyone finds any negative in this mention on Stewarts show.

  30. onemore Says:

    MM, funny clip. Thanks for the laugh.

    Rosie, seriously? You thought that was great for Taylor? I don’t think it proves he is relevant. I think it shows he’s viewed by some as a joke. And where did they say they are comparing Hicks to Obama for being cool dudes?

    You said you don’t see how anyone can find anything in negative in this. Very respectfully, I don’t see how anyone can view this barb as great.

    But, as MM pointed out, it is turning into Friday evening, and I have some other things I need to do.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  31. Redrosespeedway Says:

    LOL! LOL!

  32. Redrosespeedway Says:

    It’s things like this that make me want to stay his fan, no matter what.

  33. Christa Says:

    Every celeb gets made fun of, nothing new.

  34. That’s what I thought too Rosie. I’m not saying it’s great publicity, etc. The comedian was funny as hell and nothing negative was said about Taylor himself. I almost took it as it’s just not fair that people don’t follow through with their devotions or fleeting fancies or something like that. No real damage there! And being compared to Obama, as facetious as it may have been, is all good!

  35. Arrogance??? Because he was trying to help his friends like he told them he would???
    I think the perfect example of pure arrogance would be-YOU!

  36. Christa Says:

    Yeah I don’t get why trying to help his friends is arrogant?

    And there’s a LOT worse things that have been said about Taylor. There’s negative things said about everyone in this business, and I’m pretty sure Taylor doesn’t care if John Stewart said anything about him.

  37. That is my take on it. The relevancy is relating him to Obama and them both being winners who are not getting respect at the moment. I also doubt the guy knows the names of some of the other AI winners. Perhaps I spin the positive.

  38. This is a perfect example of how Taylor’s fans can be more of a detriment to his career than a help. I don’t really think that the Daily Show thought more than 5 minutes about that joke. They just needed a pop culture reference that America could relate to and Taylor did the trick. Get over it Soul Patrol. In the big scheme of things it really doesn’t matter.

    I will bet the farm that the Daily Show is now going to get a barrage of irate emails from the SP telling them how rude they were.

  39. Christa Says:

    I somewhat agree willpen. And this is exactly why the SP are uhh… mocked.
    They jump on every negative thing.
    It happens, all the time and to everyone known in the entertainment business.
    Some like to act like they are his mom or something, lol.
    Let it go, I’m pretty sure Taylor doesn’t give a crap.

  40. charcoal Says:

    “The last guy was such a dick!” – classic

  41. Stick to the topic, dude.

  42. Charcoal! Hey! Didn’t Jon Stewart like Taylor during his season on AI? Back me up here!

    I know! Nobody cares! Why am I yelling?!!

  43. It was laugh out loud funny to me . . . but then again, just about everything on The Daily Show is for me. Why should Taylor be any more safe from their barbs than, say, the president of the United States?

    I know the president isn’t as important as Taylor. I mean one of them has the future of our country in the palm of his hands, and the other one hand jives eight times a week.

  44. Christa Says:

    I’m not sure… did Jon Stewart like Taylor?
    More behind than I thought, lol.

  45. Christa Says:


  46. charcoal Says:

    Sorry hon, Colbert liked Taylor not Stewart. He offered to give Bill O’Reilly a copy of DIMYP. And remember, Stephen doesn’t twitter but he was twatted –

  47. dg90001 Says:

    Funny you say this about Taylor’s fans.

    Two of the three Taylor fanboards I visit didn’t even mention the Daily Show skit. The one board that discussed it–many of the members found the skit to be funny. I’m thinking Taylor would find it funny also.

    I found the skit to be spot on! Taylor had over 60 million votes for him to win AI – those votes didn’t translate to millions of records sold. For Obama, he had a ton of support before the election; now that he won the citizens and other countries aren’t supporting his plans.

    As Snowstorm always reminds us – many of Taylor’s votes came from fans of the show AI. This never meant they would buy Taylor’s CD. For Obama most of his support came from people that were frustrated with the past Administration, their support never meant they supported HIS plan.

    The only board/ blog that is discussing this Skit to this degree, is this blog. But I guess it is what should be expected since this blog tends to discuss, ad nauseam, all the things Taylor did/ does wrong.

  48. Well, that was a pretty funny sketch, and he did say “Taylor Hicks ” and “album”. That’s a free plug!

  49. I knew it was one of those guys. Thanks!

  50. Oh…snap!

  51. (I think maybe soulaz just dissed Taylor more than the Jon Stewart show did!) 🙂

  52. Who me? *insert angelic emoticon here*

  53. So, the title of this blog post is, “Tell me he’s not a punchline.” I think the consensus is (…carry the two…) he is NOT a punchline.

    Next topic.

  54. Thanks, dg, for posting what I’ve been thinking.
    It would be nice if there were more blogs highlighting all the things Taylor has done right, as well. And to have those things discussed with the same level of intelligence and forethought as has been shown here by some of the regular posters.

    Unfortunately those of us who believe the right outweighs the wrong are often slapped with labels we neither deserve nor have earned. Apparently focusing on someone’s flaws, real or perceived, is the more popular past-time – even among his most ardent fans.

  55. Well, dammit, I have to go to bed. Gotta get up early. But I want to leave you with some random thoughts:

    1. It’s OK for us to gather and discuss whatever we want. No worries.

    2. I think soulaz is still a little peeved at Taylor for not doing a show in AZ. ((soulaz))

    3. It’s better to have twatted than never to have twittered at all.

    4. I’m a little giddy cuz charcoal called me ‘hon.’ *giggle*

    Now I’m off. Hubby is glaring at me. It’s his adorable way of telling me to shut it down. G’nite!

  56. Being mentioned on the Daily Show is huge. Mentioning the album – even better.

    Remember Justin Timberlake’s past? Can you say InSync and the Mickey Mouse Club. He was the biggest joke ever. He was mocked and mocked and mocked. He was only famous for taking Britney’s virginity away.

    Now look at him. The same people that mocked him were grooving to Sexy Back trying to get tickets to his sold out concerts. Being a celeb has its ups and downs. You can change your public persona. It happens.

  57. You know, for a lot of people Taylor IS the punchline.
    He’s been called the worst American Idol winner of them all.
    None of my family and RL friends like him or his music.
    I am mocked because it’s 3 years later and not only did I KNOW about his new album coming out, but I was in line to buy it the day it did.
    I’m ok with being the only one in my circle of friends to have “Taylor Hicks” in my shuffle.
    I’ve completely accepted the fact that Taylor is not some huge pop sensation. Or rock star. Or a wildly successful indie musician. Or… [whatever it is that you want him to be]

    Right now, he’s just not the “cool” thing to enjoy. I haven’t liked a lot of the decisions he’s made in his career. The ice cream cone…Gimme tonight…the side lean…taylorhickshq…

    …but you know what? None of that really matters because all I gotta do is put on my headphones and listen to some “Georgia” or some “Texas Flood” or some “Naked in the Jungle” or any number of his songs where he really had those “moments” and I’m right back where I was three years ago…ardent supporter…loyal fan…whether it’s the “in” thing to be or not.

    His voice…always brings me back.

  58. Who ISN’T a punch line on that show? Anybody famous is fair game. LOL I don’ think you can be in the public eye and not have really thick skin. All of these shows – Leno, Letterman, SNL, Daily – they make fun of people non-stop. Do you get all bent out of shape about it for everyone or only because it’s “Taylor” they used for the joke? Do you laugh at humor aimed at other celebrities? Of course you do. Good grief. Stewart might just have easily used Jordon or Reuben. I don’t know for sure, but did either of them have huge record sales after millions voted for them? Maybe mentioning that Taylor has a cd out will actually help.

    I was thinking earlier…. Everyone says “why aren’t the people who voted for him buying his record? (The punchline of the joke of course.) Here’s my take on it… Because they let people vote multiple times, we have to figure that the actual number of VOTERS was only a fraction of the total votes. Say 1/5 of 63,000,000? Maybe even a smaller fraction that that. Let’s round that to 12.5 million VOTERS. That’s still a lot. (I think it was probably much less. How many voted TEN times? Maybe even 100 times??) Now think, how many voted for him ONLY after their favorite was not there any more? I only voted for Jordin Sparks because she was the best one after MY favorite (Melinda D) went off. I never bought Jordin’s record even though I voted for her in the final round. You can’t expect every person who voted in the final to buy a records put out by the winner. Not only because their favorite might not have made it to the final, but because many people just watch and vote for fun, not because they want to buy the music.

  59. Yea, they leave that for his fans…

  60. So true!!! Now they will have more fodder to make jokes about.

  61. Actually, he WAS a punchline, but it seems the majority agrees it’s not a big deal.

  62. Whose quote it that?

  63. Raj –

    On your point about the # of voters for Taylor…
    Yes, there are power voters and such…Lord knows I had two phones going for two hours straight every week. LOL But even without all that I firmly believe he had far more fans than the others that year…He was #1 EVERY week at Dial Idol…EVERY week! (Go look, it’s still there to see)…and a lot of weeks he was ahead by far. A lot of people thought Chris was his biggest competition, but Chris was low on Dial Idol a lot and went home at top 4. Kat’s and Elliot’s homecomings PALED in comparison to Taylor’s. Thousands of people lined the streets for Taylor. I think there was maybe 20 for Kat. (j/k, but it wasn’t many…hehe) and I know things like post counts and google hits don’t really measure a person’s “success”, but he had faaaaar more than the other contestants that year. I’m just saying that like, in almost every facet that you can think of, Taylor was sooo far ahead of the others that year, not just by a little, but AHEAD. Ya know?

    Bottom line for me is no matter what the current state of his carrer might be, the fact remains that he was HUGELY popular the year he won and he DID have a huge following….

  64. Since I can’t edit…I brought up the “dial idol” history in response to this:

    “Now think, how many voted for him ONLY after their favorite was not there any more? ”

    That might be true, but he was #1 at Dial Idol every week, which shows a trend…not a sudden change because someone’s favorite is gone.

  65. Totally agree willpen.

  66. oh get off your high horse.

    The other reason people hate the “SP” is because nobody can just chit chat about bullshit….like what one might want to see Taylor do, without someone else…like idletard, or you, or that other crap fan board, for that matter, saying who are the bad fans, or jealous “fans”, or whatever. What is SO wrong with discussing Taylor Hicks and all his faults? Does it make you lose sleep at night? Do you cry yourself to sleep because of the things that are said here? I pray not, but I guess when it comes to the die hards, you never really know. ha!


  68. Badfantoo Says:

    Every time he gets mentioned makes him relevant. If it’s pro Taylor or anti Taylor, it still puts him in the consciousness.

    I would like for Taylor’s fans not to freak the hell out on bad pub, but they still do. *sigh*

  69. The Lurker Says:

    exactly raj, i always read that 30 some million people voted for him, it was America’s choice, but i read how people were voting 200-300 times a night
    one lady was paying kids on her street to vote as many times as they could, VFTW was voting there fingers off as well.

    The fanbase is obviously around the 10k mark looking at sales, and people having to buy multiple copies to get all the extra songs, because that s what a real fan would do to get those extra tracks;)

    i do like this blog, it’s a little more realistic then some of the “he is the re-incarnation of Elvis ,but only better”sites.

    keep up keeping it real IAG

  70. For Christa (and everybody else): Full Version Compared to What

  71. Thanks Rajrae, That was my favorite when I saw him in New York. It made me laugh because I don’t remember that much movement when I saw him. In the middle of this it looks like he’s gonna have a seizure! Ha,ha..gotta love the guy.

  72. It’s from the video from the Jon Stewart show. In reference to Bush.

  73. redrosespeedway Says:

    Wow, amazing performance!

  74. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor will have to do a complete 180 to change his public persona and much of it has to do with the Soul Patrol. He needs to do something to really piss them off to get rid of them, once and for all, otherwise he will never get rid of them and he will sink further and further into obscurity.

  75. Steve Colbert is my idol!

  76. Heh, heh, heh, heh, she said hand jive…heh,heh..

  77. Soulaz, see Urban Dictionary definition # 3…I wonder if anyone will get this? I doubt it!

  78. Not so tough to get. You go to urban dictionary and read definition 3 for “hand jive”. To quote Forrest Gump,” That’s all I have to say about that.”

  79. I was just having fun and wondering if anyone ever read what I said…I love the Urban Dictionary!

  80. Do you all realize we live in a Taylor Hicks bubble??? If not, why are you here??? Taylor Hicks is irrelevant to everyone else in the real world.
    You mention his name and people are like,

    “you know, the gray haired dude who won Idol a few years back?”

    “Oh yeah, that OLD guy,what kind of rock has he been hiding under?”

    And then your forced to defend like a mother bear, and proceed to explain wtf he’s been doing for the past 3 years and that he’s on Broadway….blah,blah,blah, (and they look at your an idiot for knowing soo much about him)

    No one else cares and I don’t think they ever will……3/4 of the people who watched the Stewart clip probably didn’t even get the joke.

    We all want him to succeed, top the charts, and all that happy horseshit, but hasn’t he said 100 times he was happy and satisfied with the way things are going?. Why can’t we just keep him to ourselves, and live happily ever after with our 10,000 in record sales,”butt of the joke”, ice cream cone riding jackass???

  81. Not that I’m a fan of JT but I do not recall him ever being the biggest joke ever??? I do believe he just was at the right place at the right time,
    “It’s not who you know, It’s who you blow”

  82. redrosespeedway Says:

    Yes, I know I live in a Taylor bubble and yes, I can be happy with him the way he is.

  83. Snowstorm Says:

    Right. Nevermind the fact that he successfully made the switch from boy band pop to a solo R&B/hiphop artist. That has nothing to do with it, lol!

  84. Is this kind of like the 30 Rock bubble?

  85. Snowstorm Says:

    I think you all need to face reality. If Taylor does nothing further with his music, I think in 5-10 years Taylor will be completely forgotten by most people. I think he will do an occasional gig, but most of Taylor’s work will be behind the scenes..songwriter, record producer and record label owner.

    Acting is a tough field to get into.. I don’t see a demand for gray-haired, Southern men, although Taylor might have some minimal success on Broadway (as in Constantine Margolis).

    He’ll always be the AI winner, but AI is in a down swing. I predict a few more seasons of AI, until that’s over too.

  86. LMAO! I “got” it without the UD#3, but just now got the double meaning… I forgot HJ is a song in Grease (UD#1). LOL!!

  87. casualfan Says:


  88. LOL! People are reading. LOTS of people are reading. 🙂

  89. Can you say double entendre??? I can’t ! Just having some fun, as this is the PUNCHLINE thread and just invites one-liners!! Come on folks, have fun!!! and I just love the Urban Dictionary!! Did I say that already?

  90. casualfan Says:

    No doubt their In Box was flooded with email on how well Taylor Hicks is really doing and how it’s AI’s fault for treating him so bad. How dare they mock an American Idol/Alabama Legend/Pop Culture Icon of the century!

  91. Can you say double entendre?? I can’t! Just having some fun..After all this is the PUNHLINE thread..Haha

  92. Damn! I thought the last post didn’t go through. Sorry about the repetition! Duh!

  93. spinshack Says:

    I just read this on an alert, I agree MM, exactly what I thought too.

  94. I can’t decide if I appreciate this visualization or not.

    Good fan – NO, have some respect!
    Girly fan – heck yes!
    Bad fan – GREAT JOKE!! Worthy of the daily show.

    We TH fans not only live in a bubble, we also suffer multiple personality disorder….

  95. spinshack Says:

    Ahahaha! like that blogger guy who listed his ’10 things’ – always the ‘hey just give him a listen’ assaults.

  96. Snowstorm Says:

    Exactly Spin! This hurts Taylor… does not help! It reminds me of weird religious cults who go on and on trying to sell people their weird beliefs.

    Please do not do this anymore – you know who you are!

  97. Ahhh thanks for this, I love it!

  98. Sorry, just thought this thread could use a little levity…

  99. Sorry, just thought this thread could use a little levity…

  100. ETA. DAMN!

  101. Back to reality…AIG, I saw Justin Nozuka opening for Missy Higgins a few weeks ago. The crowd was an average age of maybe 20??? While I loved him when I checked him out on your Last.FM page, he was terrible live! Sorry! No stage presence what so ever. I also saw Brandi Carlile last week, she was incredible! It just goes to show, to each his own. I think Taylor definitely has a chance with the right producer. Brandi had T-Bone Burnett produce her last album (The Story)and it was incredible!! Maybe Taylor just needs the right mix…and some time to mature. I don’t have all the answers, but I know he has the potential to hit it big…wouldn’t it be great if a T-Bone or a Mark Ronson could work with him???

  102. redrosespeedway Says:

    Yes! I will 2nd that! Well said.

  103. Thanks, dg, for posting what I’ve been thinking.
    It would be nice if there were more blogs highlighting all the things Taylor has done right, as well. And to have those things discussed with the same level of intelligence and forethought as has been shown here by some of the regular posters.

    Unfortunately those of us who believe the right outweighs the wrong are often slapped with labels we neither deserve nor have earned. Apparently focusing on someone’s flaws, real or perceived, is the more popular past-time – even among his most ardent fans.

    1. I do post positive things about Taylor. Of course, those go virtually ignored by the people who fervently believe that this is a hate blog.
    2. There are several other fansites about Taylor, where rainbows and unicorns abound.
    3. As for the labels being neither deserved or earned, I’m sure there are people out there who are normal about their addiction, however, those seem to be few and far between. Then there are those who defend his every decision while cheering every National Anthem performance. On this blog, both kinds are welcome.

  104. redrosespeedway Says:

    And the reality is- I’ll still be his fan. I’ll still support him because I believe in his talent- even if he never becomes a huge star.

  105. And thank you so much for making me feel welcome. I know I’m weird, nobody has to remind me of that…But I’ve never felt so welcome and comfortable enough to post on any blog but yours…I think I’ve hogged enough space for the day. Just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated for your honesty and humor!!!

  106. I was not saying he didn’t have a huge following when he was on the show. I know he did! I was saying that the “63,000,000 votes” figure is not an accurate indicator of how many individual fans he actually had. Even taking all I said into consideration, (multiple voters, choosing him after their favorite left the show etc) I think the numbers still had to be in the millions who wanted him to win it and were happy he did. He DID sell what, like 800,000 of TH? How many DIMYP??? I was not trying to take anything away from his win.. just saying be realistic about the “63,000,000” number.

    I do think the guy in the video has a point – where are all those fan now? I think many are pretty much in the dark about where he is or what he is doing. And countless other just enjoyed his season, but after that they didn’t really worry about it… it was just an amusing competition to them, then it was over. Kind of how I felt about season 6.

  107. What I have never understood is the need for people to come to a blog that they do not normally participate in and tell the blogger everything that’s wrong with it, without ever mentioning the things they get right . . .

    Poor IAG, do you feel like Taylor??? 😛

  108. I am Taylor.



  109. Damn, Taylor . . . I hope you have a sense of humor. That was my, ummm . . . evil twin, yeah, that made the hand jive crack earlier.

    Dagnabit, stop using my login faux-laz!

  110. These responses are a perfect example of over thinking something that should not even be thought about in the first place.

    It took me two years and the realization that I was seriously wasting my time trying to be a voice of reason in this fan community when all most people wanted was to either lead or be lead down a path where everything was about Taylor Hicks.

    Well I thankfully woke up out of my stupor and have regained consciousness and rejoined the real world. Now when I come back I can actually see why comments such as this are really just a general waste of my time. These are people that I counted amongst friends, only to come to the realization that when it comes to Taylor the only thing that certain people really want is any degree of separation that they can attain.

    Hallelujah….. and thank goodness I have been saved from this insanity. If you don’t like our discussions here then there are other places where you can talk about us that are closed to the general fan base. Crawl back there and leave us normal fans alone.

  111. Taylor, does this blog make my butt look big?

    (I don’t even know what that means…)

  112. Soulaz…have I told you today that I love you….

  113. Thanks for playin! 🙂

  114. Dayum…. I knew there was something up with you.. 😉

  115. I agree with you about the record producer thing. I have always thought that would be a good direction for Taylor. Good call Snow.

  116. Taylor said in a recent interview that that may be what he was meant to do.

  117. That ain’t happening anytime soon and the worst part is that there are more of the same joining ranks everyday.

  118. Do you think there are more joning the ranks? It feels like the opposite is true.

  119. Christa Says:

    Lmao he’s like a slinky at 1:06

  120. Christa Says:

    I wouldn’t say get rid of the SP, but rather something has to happen to make them CHILL a little. They keep jumping on every negative thing and it doesnt help.
    A fan is a fan. *Shrug* Even if they’re a little on the… irrational side.

  121. He has said a few times he’d like to do AI all over again. He liked being popular and a winner.

  122. Christa Says:

    He has said a few times he’d like to do AI all over again. He liked being popular and a winner.
    He’s gonna have to get a radio hit then if he wants more popularity. Something, because he is talented and deserves it. Drop Teen Angel and dive into it, I say.
    I got a good gut feeling about Nineteen. Country listeners and patriotic people would love it.

    Oh joy, Miley Cyrus will be appearing on AI apparently. The 12 year olds will totally tune in.
    More ear murdering, wasn’t Lady Gaga enough?

  123. “On this blog, both kinds are welcome.”

    That’s what makes it so fun and why I keep coming back. LOL

  124. LMAO . . thanks Maven ! !

    (Adds Stripes to the Netflix list)

  125. onemore . . are you a regular viewer of The Daily Show ?

    Nothing meant or implied by the question . . simply curious.

  126. You called ? ?

  127. rajrae Says:
    April 4, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    We TH fans not only live in a bubble, we also suffer multiple personality disorder….

    You say that like it’s a bad thing !?!?

  128. momo — I’ve been a Brandi Carlile fan since I saw her open for the Indigo Girls about a year ago. However, Brandi is certainly no “mainstream”. I would venture to say that Taylor has sold mor CDs than Brandi Carlile has. But that’s exactly the point. We see peeps like Brandi and except them as is, yet want Taylor to top the charts. Brandi Carlile has not had a chart topper, yet she is a great “draw” artist. You don’t hear her on the radio, but she is well respected for her music. Why isn’t the same accepted of Taylor?

  129. spinshack Says:

    ahahahaha! Nice one. ^^

  130. brightlite Says:

    Wow…I read this entire thread, and I don’t know where to start with a comment. I guess I’ll just say I agree with anyone who says that the plug Taylor got from the “punchline” was really a very good thing. Let me say, that for anyone, including you who are reading (or maybe not if you are Caryl :)) to be mentioned in the same sentence as the most powerful leader in the world speaks volumes right there. It says that Taylor does indeed have clout and name recogntion and status. The joke was poking fun at the President as well, so that goes to show that every one is fair game on that show. Fantasia and what’s his name…Studdard are never mentioned anywhere, as they really are forgotten Idols while Taylor remains, gaining ground, little by little. I don’t worry for him or for his career, he is going to be okay as for some of us…I can’t explain why either, the good Lord just smiles on some of us. That’s not to say that everyone isn’t guided or loved by the Almighty, it is a matter of allowing Him to take the lead, and Light your life. Taylor will be fine, he is guided and protected by a higher power, and that power is the true power that Be. The joke is really a plug, it is an affirmation that Taylor is not gone nor forgotten, in any way by the American people. I am happy that he is still in the game. Time will show that in the ultimate end , Taylor’s perseverence and talent will combine to sustain him forever.
    Go ahead snow…call me delusional. It is okay. I am quite alright with your attacks. One of the gifts I have been recently been bestowed with by Him is the gift of strength, and with this kind of energy I fear nothing anymore– nor anyone.
    I am however tired to my bones and in need of sleep.
    G’night all.
    Be well and peace.

  131. brightlite Says:

    IAG if I though this a hate blog, I would not be here. I am the furthest thing from a hater that can possibly be regarding Taylor Hicks and I would not post here or read if this was a hate blog. This blog takes some getting used to as it allows for all sides of exploration of Taylor and his career. Like you said, there are the unicorn and rainbow blogs, that have their place and are great blogs for people who dance to the that tune. I usually feel comfortable here, and know now, that the blog is just free. Freedom is what makes this blog happen. I like that aspect of it.
    I don’t recall my initial point, too tired but I think I am trying to write that whatever you do here, it has value and is making an impact. Good job.
    Good night.

  132. brightlite Says:

    Taylor will never be obscure, unless he wants to be. Only if he wants to be will he ever be obscure. As much as that pains you, I know, to understand that it is Taylor himself who controls his destiny. What you think and what is and will be, are two very different things…if anything, your verbage and opinions may just be a catalyst for Taylor to push harder and maybe that is your MO. Reverse psychology?
    We all have our way of supporting snow, and while I don’t agree with yur assertions, I can in some small way understand your points. Try a little tenderness though.

  133. Eve (aka rajrae) Says:

    LOL “Sybil” !!!

  134. alabamasoul Says:

    Newbie here – enjoying the blog IAG.

    willpen and soulaz
    I know I love you both !!

    Wonder – why do you even venture out of your own backyard?
    Lighten up or take a pill !!

    Taylor is a happy camper – he gets great press and response from Teen
    Angel. He sells his cd’s after the shows, and fans line up for his signature
    and smile. The music industry is a big wide world. At least he has his
    little piece of it. He may not sell cd’s or have radio hits, but he is something that can never be taken away from him – an entertainer and there will always be stages for him !!

    Ruben and Fantasia are also doing fine – artists do not die if their cd’s don’t sell. They do Broadway !!!

  135. littlewing Says:

    BL, just a correction on Fantastia and Ruben – they haven’t exactly fallen off the face of the earth…Fantastia was nominated for 3 Grammies for her sophomore album and has another in the works. Both were on AI last year.

    I had forgotten that Colbert liked Taylor. I agree with whomever said that Taylor would probably just chuckle at the Stewart quip, I mean, he is right after all.

    I was fortunate enough to hear for the first time “Yes We Can” over at Amazon (thanks to whomever mentioned it was there). Fantastique! Can’t wait to d/l it.

  136. Awwww . . . backatcha. 😀

  137. MM, couldn’t agree more. Brandi is played on indy stations in New York, not sure about her sales #s but I think they probably match Taylor’s. My 27 year old coworker loves her. To work with likes of a T-Bone Burnett must be the ultimate for an artist. She is an amazingly talented performer though. The “twins” also harmonize with her so well. This is what I wish for Taylor. Not the big bucks, just a little respect. Is that asking so much??

  138. hicksaholic Says:

    I paid for “Yes We Can” at itunes and can’t find it. I am obviously an idiot.

  139. brightlite Says:

    You are both most likely correct about Fanatasia and Ruben. What I stated was my persepctive. I guess. I do not hear the music of Fantasi or Ruben for that matter, on the radio, so for me, as a listener, they have fallen off the face of the earth. I think it s wonderful that Fanatasia had three nominations for her work. If I was able to I would shake her hand proudly and tell her so sincerely. My comment was directed more towards the overall impact the three have made. But its hard to assess that really as I don’t listen to either Ruben or Fantasia, although I liked them when I watched Idol those years, I never became a fan, like I di of Taylor’s. So fo me they have fallen off the face of thearth and yet if joke was made about either of them on the Daily Show…I think I MIGHT just get it, but it wasn’t a punchline about them becasue I, like Rosie beliee that Taylor has relevance, something I still think might not apply to the other two. I am not taking away however from their accomplishments in any way. I like them both. Sorry if I offended the fans of either artist. Hey, Rosie called them boring and something else….how does she get away with it?
    Be well. See you all in two weeks.
    I may be back briefly to read, but won’t have any comment or posting time.

  140. brightlite Says:

    REALLY sorry for all those typos but you guys get the jist of my post. I am in such a rush right now, I can’t even describe.
    Be well all, and have a beautiful break, if you are at all “breaking away.”


  141. What’s up with all this talk about relevance? It also seems to be one of the currently most overused terms on AI this year.

    Yes, I am watching it . . . so sue me. I dig Adam Lambert.

    To say something is relevant as a stand alone term is meaningless to me. Relevance as a descriptor only has meaning to me, if I know what it is relevant TO.

    If we say that Taylor has relevance in current R&B music and that Fantasia and Ruben do not, that would just be silly. If we say that they all have some degree of relevance in musical theater, that would make total sense.

    Now, if what you really mean is that Taylor has relevance in YOUR life, I can totally understand that. But without specifying it, it would seem that Taylor Hicks has relevance in all things in the universe.

    Taylor is WAY cooler than even I thought he was, if that’s true! I’m gonna go google “CD sales Taylor Hicks Mars” and then “quantum physics theories Taylor Hicks” and report back what I find. 😛

  142. Eve (aka rajrae) Says:

    Open iTunes then check in the left column if there is a folder called “Purchased,” under “Store.” It should be there. If not, then look under “Store” on the bar at the top. Click on “Check for available downloads.” If it tells you all purchases have been downloaded, it should be under that “purchased” label. You can also look in the “Library” of the iTunes software, also on the left column. Click “Music” and you can sort by album or artist. If you downloaded it after purchase it should be there!

    If you want to find it on your computer, look in your “Music” folder under “iTunes” and then “iTunes Music.”

  143. Eve (aka rajrae) Says:

    Yes, I agree. I love Taylor’s version of this song. (BTW, there is a great video of the Pointer Sisters singing it on youtube.) Taylor talked about this song in one of his interviews and it was interesting to find out that the instrumentation was recorded back in 1980-something, but a vocal was never put on it. It’s fabulous! You really hear his voice loud and clear and just love the way he sings it. “THUMBS UP!” I think so many of the songs on the TD could be hits if only they were being played and heard. It’s frustrating.

  144. I think she just meant Taylor still has relevance in the music and entertainment industry in her opinion. I would agree with that. Else he would not be getting invited on National TV shows, playing at events, interviewing on radio and tv stations, considered the “star” of Grease.

    If “relevant” means being played on the radio and selling tons of cd’s, then no, he’s not at this point in time, but that means most indie artists are not relevant either.

  145. Yeah, and that’s kind of my point . . . I guess I just don’t think that term has any relevance in anyone’s career. 😛

  146. I didn’t think it was a cheap shot at all. He was saying “HEY! You voted for this guy, Why aren’t you backing him up now?”

  147. Response to willpen just above me:

    Two years? Thank God it has only taken me about 6 weeks to get to that point where I’m letting my reason take back over (I think) and rejoining the real world. (Well, I’m working on it anyway.)

    I have this blog to thank for “saving me.” LOL

    I think if my family knew how much actual time I’ve invested in TH in the past month they would have me committed. As it is I’m seriously waiting for the intervention to start. LOL

  148. spinshack Says:

    I tried googling those topics, “quantum physics theories Taylor Hicks” – the most interesting link to come back had something to do with Kookaburras. Talk about a lack of relevance.

  149. littlewing Says:

    You didn’t offend me at all BL. Just pointing out that she’s still very much in the game. She’s just not on your radar, I get it. I like Fantastia and think she has staying power – just like I think Taylor Hicks has staying power. btw, Adam Lambert for the win baby!

  150. spinshack Says:

    Right on about gLambert!

    Really, what is on anyone’s radar? That’s dependent on what tickles your individual gray matter.

  151. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Have a wonderful relaxing vaction, enjoy the sun and everything around you. 🙂


  152. It has different meanings to different people, so it’s use needs to be defined in context, and by the the person applying it. If AI is using that word about artists, then I’m sure they are using it in context as perceived SUCCESS, as relates to popularity, record sales, position on the charts, etc. How much is that person being talked about? Bought? The size of their fan base? By that definition, then Britney Spears is “relevant.”

    Maybe my first definition is not all that different after all. I used examples of Taylor’s activities in the music and entertainment industry. It’s just a different set of statistics….. oh, well…..I guess there are degrees of relevance. I’m rambling – where’s my coffee?

  153. jerseyirish Says:

    Spin, I agree he is getting better and better each week, never know what he will do next. Like someone else, he takes to the stage and he owns it, still think Taylor had more stage presence but he is the first I’d say that even comes close. Really look forward to his time each week.


  154. hicksaholic Says:

    Thanks Eve I will try that directly. Speaking Taylor talk.

  155. OMG…i’ve never seen this before. I still have goosebumps. Can you imagine the vibe going through that place at the time. I wanted to get up and start jumping around here.

  156. alabamasoul,

    For a newbie you sure are smart. 😀 😉

  157. Kris sounded good on his recorded Aint No Sunshine, very clear and sounds marketable. Listen to Adam’s recorded Play That Funky Music and hear the screeches. Adam is fun to watch but he may not be commercial in the record business. Lil has become boring to me and Danny is hit or miss as is Allison.

  158. I spent two years on a fan board…nothing you say to me can hurt my feelers. Ahahaha…

    I’m here, having fun, talking about what ever I feel like. I don’t need separation from anybody. But if you knew DG, you’d understand what her comment REALLY meant. Good on you for not knowing. ahaha….

  159. Yes, I’m tired of the screeches already….. Lil reminds me of Syesha in that she has a great stage presence and is a really good “performer,” but not an overwhelmingly great singer. BROADWAY material, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way…..

  160. brightlite Says:

    Double 🙂


  161. brightlite Says:

    I am saying that Taylor still is relevant or else the Daily Show would no thave mentioned him. Plain and simple, no further proof or justification is needed. I know one thing…the Daily Show will NEVER say my name, in any context…I just am not relevant in the entertainment world. But I am mentioned alot around my house!
    Mom I need my laundry!
    Mom…I need my lunch!
    Mom…where’s my Uggs?
    Mom…get me the ketchup!
    Mom…I want to stay up late…

    I am relelvant in my own little world I guess.

  162. Rhonda

    In two posts you have come out saying things about me or my posts.
    “Oh get off your high horse.” And “But if you knew DG, you’d understand what her comment REALLY meant.”

    I have no clue who YOU really are. Maybe you know me from TMS maybe you don’t. But at least I have the balls to post under my ‘real’ screen name — unlike you.

    Anyone who really knows me KNOWS that I all meant was that skit was funny and 100% true. I am not sure what you think I meant.

    Straw apparently supports people posting with different views, which I did earlier on this blog. So I wasn’t out of line.

    About my comment about the tone of this blog — I do feel it always regurgitates the same things– Taylor in Grease, how he sold out, the age of his fans, how music is now his second focus etc. C’est la vie. I thought this blog was “all about vocalizing individual view points.”

    So Rhonda, I have played by the rules. How about next time you try to call me out -you give specifics and do it under your normal screen name. 


  163. spinshack Says:

    Wow, ^^ DG I have no idea who you are but I have seen your screen name in various places. I like the fact you don’t disguise who you are board to board.

    Just had to comment on that observation.

  164. suze4158 Says:

    The sentiment about there being a Taylor Hicks syndrome is so interesting.
    How there could be a reference after all this time on a show like Jon Stewart? That is amazing to me. Someone studies AI and noticed. And I think I saw referenced that Colbert was a Taylor fan while appearing on JS and on his own show.
    The fact that it was used to compare the lack of support of Obama following his big win ….well, that shows that Taylor is still in the consciousness of America through AI. And folks have noticed he’s been dissed.
    However, the nail is in the Taylor-AI coffin, IMO.
    He bucked their system, thinking he was too popular to fail.
    They made sure that he did not receive their support to make an example of him to others appearing on the show.
    He has found that you can’t fight city hall…..the machine is just too powerful.
    Taylor must now live with the consequences of being his own man too early in the game, and will feel the cut of the double edged sword of AI until that show is no more.
    And/or until he gets a radio hit on his own.
    Good luck with that, Taylor.
    You are living in the twilight zone. And you being a gentleman (at least publicly) through it all towards AI will hopefully reap you what you desire in the end, ending the TH syndrome.
    (I hate it when posters do that…talk like Taylor’s reading…lol)

  165. […] Recently I wrote a blog about celebrity. I stuck with Taylor Hicks and my new shiny thing, Robert Pattinson, as two examples. The topic utilized the types of media celebs endure and touched on one subject near and dear to the Soul Patrol faction – whether or not Taylor is alone in his persecution on-line. It’s well known by all of us who follow him, Taylor is used as the butt of many jokes in comparisons to being a ‘winner’ (Job Hunting Taylor Hicks Style) or a ‘loser’ per perception. It’s interesting how many Google alerts come through with Hicks’ name use him as a snarky punch-line. […]

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