He’s doing something right…

What’s Matt Nathanson doing that Taylor Hicks isn’t?

Thanks to a wildfire word of mouth buzz, Nathanson has built a loyal and impassioned grassroots following that drives countless miles to see him play, tapes his live shows, keeps track of his witty bon mots on fan sites and debates the meaning of his poetic lyrics. His website logs well over a million hits a month.

A million hits a month? Wow..that’s impressive. I’d love to know how many hits Taylorhicks.com gets.

In the past two years alone, Nathanson’s played over 250 live shows, selling out rooms across the country and good-naturedly stealing audiences out from under such heavy hitters as John Mayer, Train, Howie Day, OAR, Maroon 5, Guster, and Five for Fighting. His music has been featured in Road Rules, Dawson’s Creek, and Smallville and he recorded a version of James’ song “Laid” for the American Wedding Soundtrack.

I really wonder what the process for getting a song on a television show entails. While checking that out, I came across this site, which lists the songs heard on different television shows. This would be a great way for Taylor to go. I have heard some great songs that way, and it could open him back up to a television audience, which as we’ve discussed before, has it’s good and bad points. But, hey, it’s publicity, right? But does publicity always equal sales?

Usually when somebody asks me “Where did Taylor Hicks go?” I begrudgingly tell them. But, nobody knows that he’s the Teen Angel. Nobody knows that he’s released a new album. All of the promo for this album has just become an afterthought during a Grease interview. You’ve heard them say that right? “Oh yeah, and you’ve released a new album.” I know I’m going to get the same argument about how Taylor needs to do Grease to tour, but I didn’t think Grease was going to be good for his career last summer, and that feeling hasn’t changed. Bottom line, the music is second. He’s in San Fransisco for three weeks. He’s having one shadow date. One.

Instead of using digital effects and studio tricks, producer Ron Aniello insisted on getting a live feel by letting the songs breathe. “We did everything by feel as opposed to messing with it in Pro Tools,” recalls Nathanson. “It was a great way to make a record. It was relaxing and fun because I felt like I could just be myself.”

That’s an interesting way to record an album. I think that’s what is missing on The Distance. The songs aren’t allowed to breathe. Even though there is less overproduction on this one than the TH one, Taylor is still learning how to record. In the studio, his vocals sound rigid and strained. But on stage, he takes those same lyrics and makes them sound loose and relaxed.

Oh, and it looks like Marc Broussard has a genre of his own too. Marc Broussard’s style is best described as “Bayou Soul,” a mix of funk, blues, R&B, rock, and pop, matched with distinct Southern roots.

Kind of sounds like Modern Whomp, huh?


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  1. Never heard of him. How many people can say that of Taylor Hicks?

  2. casualfan Says:

    Nice blog today Grey. It will be interesting reading my fellow posters thoughts.

  3. spinshack Says:

    One of the things I like about him is his humor. He doesn’t come across vain or egocentric either.

  4. spinshack Says:

    Here’s a vid from his Dallas show Gypsy Tea Room

    Typical rowdy Gypsy crowd. LOL

  5. spinshack Says:

    Not my vid BTW, but we were there. ha.

  6. While you may not have heard of him, plenty of people have, as evidenced by selling out 250 shows, his music’s on television and in a movie.

  7. Exactly. I’ve never seen him in concert, but I’ve watched a lot of clips from him. He’s actually pretty funny!

  8. OMG. I love that!!

    I guess this would be the appropriate time to say that as an adolescent, I had a huge crush on Rick Springfield. He was actually the first concert that I ever went to. I think I was 10 or 11. 😆

  9. That’s interesting. I don’t really know what to say. There are lots of talented people out there, I have no idea how you make this kind of success happen.

  10. spinshack Says:

    I have followed this guy for quite some time. Good to get out now and again. lol

  11. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Think he is very talented, nice personality, and good with the audience. I think Taylor is more polished as a performer. I believe I read that he recorded the way he did for The Distance by the direction of Simon. Taylor is a live performer he is at his best just letting the music flow, I think everyone agrees with that. I have read some musicians are great studio performers but not so good live and some are not so good studio performers and are great live. Tayllor’s studio work is very good, but he shines at his live performances.


  12. I know, right? I mean, sometimes it just all seems so random. I don’t know.

  13. spinshack Says:

    Here’s one of my new shiny things, interesting vocal treatments, completely a surprise to me: Twilight’s Pattinson. Takes a moment to get going, he wrote, plays and sings this song among others.

    Apparently he’s had musical interests for quite some time – hasn’t even put out an album yet to my knowledge although I’m sure that will be happening soon. 😉

  14. I think Taylor is more polished as a performer.

    See, this is where I think the musician vs entertainer comes in. Honestly, I don’t know if you would ever see Matt Nathanson on a Broadway stage. Hell, maybe it’s his life long dream, I don’t know…but I somehow doubt it. Taylor is a more polished performer and I think that comes from his desire to be an entertainer as opposed to just a musician.

  15. Yeah, I have a couple oh his songs on my iPod. I’m not really sure about him yet, for me. I’m still feeling him out, so to speak. hahahaha

  16. spinshack Says:

    I agree, well put.

  17. spinshack Says:

    hahahha! I love him. /fangurl

  18. I’m not making excuses for Taylor. Maybe he is doing something wrong but we also have to consider there is also an active base out there working against him. All the “Daughtry/McPhee/Yamin should have won” people; the biz not liking his independence and not promoting him like they should have; the continual negative press “dropped by his record company” giving the impression of a failure. You almost wonder if maybe Taylor should NOT have won AI at times. But how would he have ever gotten a “break?” How did this guy get his break? 250 sold out shows? I have not watched yet. Is he that much BETTER than Taylor to have gathered such a big fan base without winning a nationally aired tv show? ? I just don’t get it either. It’s like there is a cloud hanging over his head. Or maybe he really does have a smaller fan base because he just does not appeal to a whole lot of people? But SO MANY millions of people voted for him it’s very confusing…. Good questions….

  19. OK, let’s blame Simon Climie now. 😀 Just kidding!

  20. Hey Spin, you know Rob Pat has some other music out there under an alias, right?

  21. Maybe he is doing something wrong but we also have to consider there is also an active base out there working against him. All the “Daughtry/McPhee/Yamin should have won” people; the biz not liking his independence and not promoting him like they should have; the continual negative press “dropped by his record company” giving the impression of a failure.

    This just isn’t an argument that I buy at all. I can’t believe that the record label doesn’t have anything better to do than complete the downfall of Hicks. And what are the Daughty/McPhee/Yamin people doing exactly? Not buying his records? Neither are a lot of other people, obviously. An active fan base out there working against him? I don’t know, sometimes I think maybe Taylor works against himself.

  22. spinshack Says:

    I’m learning all about him, Grey. First I thought he was just a tweenie heart throb then I found his music. Just the right amount of angst there for me – *squee*.

    His Myspazz says he’s taken down the alias work and I can’t find it. :cries

    Interesting that Hicks runs about with his music for years in pubs and whatnot and then declares interest in acting; this guy, Pattinson goes first as an actor but really has a musician’s heart.

  23. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, Bah on that theory. The world is not all about American Idol.

    “An active fan base out there working against him?” Don’t agree with that either, no evidence of that and those folks not buying the records are not sitting around reading the AI Boards before they shop for music.

  24. Bobby Dupea


  25. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I agree I think it all comes down to presentation on stage, Matt is very good performing his music, Taylor totally entertains while performing his music. Wouldn’t know also if he has a desire to do Broadway, but I think his stage presence would not garner an offer, he seems happy doing what he does. Taylor on the other hand desires more and presents himself to get these types of offers.


  26. iag, I agree I think it all comes down to presentation on stage, Matt is very good performing his music, Taylor totally entertains while performing his music. Wouldn’t know also if he has a desire to do Broadway, but I think his stage presence would not garner an offer, he seems happy doing what he does. Taylor on the other hand desires more and presents himself to get these types of offers.

    I think it comes down to being sort of good at everything versus being really good at one thing.

  27. spinshack Says:

    I love that last one, hadn’t heard it yet. Love you! /fangurl rant
    *squealing like I’m 12 !!!111!!!*

  28. I chose my words poorly. I don’t think the record label is “plotting” against him. Or that there is an active fan base whose purpose it to bash Taylor Hicks. I meant active fans of other people who continually bash Taylor Hicks all over the internet. I see it everyday. I don’t think you can argue that the AI people have slighted Taylor and not done right by him. They are in the business to make money. he didn’t let them use him and I don’t think they liked that. But your right, it’s not all about AI. There is something else going wrong here.

    Grey you said “I don’t know, sometimes I think maybe Taylor works against himself.”

    How? Really interested in those theories.
    IYO, should he have just gone back to performing in clubs and bars after the TH tour ended instead of going on Broadway, the View, and R&K? Or signed on with another label? He obviously has a plan in mind but many here don’t seem to think that it’s what he should be doing, and that he should have found another way to make his record, and chosen completely different music, and that what he’s put out is not good enough to attract his pre and post AI fans back to him, or draw in new ones.

    I really DON’T understand it all either. When I watch the Somehow video, and Compared To What (HAVE MERCY!!!), and feel the intensity in my core being when I listen to IAOK (those are just three examples of many) I can’t figure out why he’s not a legend.

  29. spinshack Says:

    Same could be said about experimenting with different types of music on every record you put out.

  30. Has he been slighted by AI? Probably…but I bet Jordan Sparks’ fans think that she has, and maybe even Ruben’s. I mean, really..like you said, AI uses them and moves on. What I meant by Taylor working against himself is complicated. But really, like with AI, when we heard stories about how he wouldn’t sing this or do that, that’s the kind of stuff I mean. It’s ok to do that when you’ve been in the business for a while, but a newbie? I just can’t imagine that that went over well at all. I don’t know…

    But yeah, when he’s on, man, he is on. I get what you’re saying about those songs you listed, and I know he’s got it in there, because he’s obviously showed us before. But maybe he doesn’t want to bring it out again. I just really love his pre AI stuff and I don’t know if he’s ever going to go back there again. It’s too bad, really.

  31. Here’s why I think Taylor is not experiencing that kind of “cred” that artists like Matt Nathanson are experiencing:

    1) It would have been better for Taylor if he had not won AI. I didn’t feel this way when I was furiously voting for him. But in hindsight, I think he would be doing better right now if he had gotten kicked off before winning and relished in all the outrage that would have caused. Nothing to do about that now, though.
    2) Taylor somehow will not or can not — can’t decide which — connect with his fans through the power of the internet.
    3) Completely agree with you on the entertainer vs. musician, grey. Taylor has proven to me that he is more interested in being an entertainer than he is in being an authentic musical artist. Many of the inside Soul Patrol see this Grease thing as a “win/win.” But to others outside of this bubble, it is viewed as a desperate grab for whatever entertainment gig he can get. It hasn’t helped his career at all, imo. Except for the hard-core Soul Patrol, and musical theater fans, the Teen Angel role is a punchline.

  32. spinshack Says:

    Now I don’t think of myself as a Soul Patroller or whatnot, but did think this “Grease”gig good for Hicks on several levels.

    He needs income, hell he’s not going to be able to coast on what he made from Idol.

    Touring is an expensive operation. This gig offered mobility which cut costs for promoting an Indie label.

    He’s obviously interested in more of a Jennifer Hudson sort of career, or Beyonce – there was an article out about his saying something to that effect once I believe.

    Flipside and downside it does detract from the musician stand point and does look to many like he’s just wanting some kind of work in the spotlight.

    His on-line absence is truly unfortunate and short sighted. That part of his career promotion needs a lift and a make-over.

  33. I agree with all of your statements, onemore. I was there, too, furiously voting for him, because I was sure that if he won, everybody else would soon see in him what I did. Then came the TH cd. Ugh.

    As for Taylor and the internet…yeah, I just don’t get that. I mean, he’s paying people, one would assume, to run hq, as scary as that is. So, last night, he posts on his myspace that he’s twittering? I’m expecting as much out of that as I am the “weekly” audio blogs on hq. 🙄 So, is it that he just doesn’t want to connect? I don’t know.

    And this:

    Except for the hard-core Soul Patrol, and musical theater fans, the Teen Angel role is a punchline.


  34. I can see your point, spin, but if offers so much mobility, why isn’t he doing more than one show in this three week gig he just started? And where are the rest of the shows? I mean, is this what he means by “touring the album”? Damn, that last cd got two tours. 😉

  35. spinshack Says:

    I can see your point, spin, but if offers so much mobility, why isn’t he doing more than one show in this three week gig he just started? And where are the rest of the shows? I mean, is this what he means by “touring the album”? Damn, that last cd got two tours.

    Grey he may be having problems with securing venues plus he’s having to pay those bandmates, etc. Now since I have not one real clue to this answer that’s just one of my brilliant speculations. 😉

    So why is he branching out into Twittering if he can’t keep his Official site and that MySpazz more updated and interesting? Focus man. Focus.

  36. I always have a problem with the argument that Taylor needs to do Grease because touring is so expensive. I’m sure touring is expensive, but really — after AI, and the Ford commercial, and the land endorsement, and those doors he was selling, and etc, etc, etc. — do you really think that artists like Matt Nathanson have a bigger bank roll than Taylor Hicks? I don’t think so. There are many, many artists that are making a living out of touring their music that don’t have nearly the name recognition and money that Taylor has earned.

    No, I don’t think he can continue to travel in Kid Rock’s old tour bus with a musical director and full band complete with a back-up singer, and all that. But you can’t convince me that touring is so expensive that Taylor couldn’t make a good go out of it without riding on Grease’s coat tails.

  37. And since I’m new here, can you edit your post after submitting? I was going to take one of those “many”s out. 🙂 I’ll just say there are many artists touring successfully.

  38. casualfan Says:

    I have to agree with you on this One and that’s been my argument since the beginning. Taylor is the one who sold himself as a working musician during AI and convinced me and others that it was “all about the music”. He promised small venue shows, acoustic tour and instead bounced off to do Teen Angel in Grease. IMO-that if Taylor was really serious about being that working musician, he would have opted for getting into a van or a small bus and doing those small, intimate venues getting his music out there. I still believe that he would have benefitted more in the long run than doing Grease. He hasn’t gained any new fans doing this gig-as per his cd sales-and a ton of his fans have moved on.

    Though I can now understand why he’s doing Grease, there’s still a part of me who is still upset by the fact that he didn’t put his music first…as promised.

    Does this make ma a “bad fan?”

  39. I didn’t believe it was really him twittering, but you say it was announced on his mysapce page? Twittering doesn’t sound like anything he’d want to be involved with.

    First of all, he’d have to actually write something, even if it is just a sentence or two. Secondly, he doesn’t want his fans to know anything about him, what’s he going to say?

    His time would be better spent giving us some exclusive content at HQ. Hello? Taylor? Are you reading this? Drop Twitter right now. No, don’t give me a hard time, drop it. it’s not going to garner any big dividends. Now, go to HQ and write up a quick little blog instead.

    There, I feel better. Whew. Keeping his career on track is hard work.

  40. “Does this make ma a “bad fan?'”

    That depends on who you ask! 🙂

    But I’m sure Taylor believes anybody who spends money on him so that he can continue doing what he loves is a good fan. So screw the rest of em.

  41. spinshack Says:

    Or hell, if he doesn’t want to write anything, then have Bill Will and company record a song or two from the live gigs to post for those paying customers on HQ.

  42. “Though I can now understand why he’s doing Grease, there’s still a part of me who is still upset by the fact that he didn’t put his music first…as promised.”

    You would have to clarify that as “he didn’t put his LIVE music first…” Did he not spend all those months in a studio producing an alubm? It’s not like he did Grease and nothing else. He started his own record company and recoded an album. I would assume that is a LOT of work. He also brought in highly respected people on the project, hoping for a good quality project. That could not have been cheap. I think he has opted to take a shot at having a hit to jump start things for him again. I guess he chose that over “small venue shows, acoustic tour….”

  43. spinshack Says:

    Well since I don’t know what kind of money making venture his Idol association brought in I can only speculate. You guys have his check book handy and know for sure, fill me in.

    Considering Idol is in it for Their personal gain not the artists it is likely the show and all associated with it drew in a hefty percentile of the profits from the record (post Idol CD). Too if you think Ford paid just Hicks for that endorsement think again; Idol surely got their cut. Regarding the doors endorsement, how much seriously do you think was made on that deal? I’d not think all that much. Never hear of that anymore either and never did hear about it on my end of the globe.

    So granted he’s not living in a duct taped couch filled apartment anymore but when you want to live well money flies out of your pockets.

    Of course I will stress the point he’s not letting me balance his mutual funds or direct his investments so I’m not an expert.

    This gig could very well be just b

  44. LOL, no unfortunately we can’t edit and I’m one who always needs that option desperately. I just now tried to catch my typo for “album” but missed it before it went up. I consistently transpose letters when typing. That’s what the spell checker is for but I still miss things.

  45. spinshack Says:

    damn laptop… This gig could very well be just because he’s bored and / or wanting acting experience.

  46. casualfan Says:

    That depends on who you ask!

    But I’m sure Taylor believes anybody who spends money on him so that he can continue doing what he loves is a good fan. So screw the rest of em.

  47. “What I meant by Taylor working against himself is complicated. But really, like with AI, when we heard stories about how he wouldn’t sing this or do that, that’s the kind of stuff I mean. It’s OK to do that when you’ve been in the business for a while, but a newbie? I just can’t imagine that that went over well at all. I don’t know…”

    Well, he just can win can he? He gets criticized for being “too independent” or stubborn about what he would/would not sing, but then he gets criticized for the Idol TH CD. Imagine how much worse* it might have been if he hadn’t stood up to them a little?

    (*AND to clarify things, I personally don’t think it was a bad album at all. I still enjoy it a lot. I was speaking from the perspective of some of you who seem to have really disliked it.)

    OTOH, yea, maybe there is a point where you should just “go with the flow.” Could they have made his CD a big success if he had just done everything they told him to? Does anyone even REALLY know the circumstances with the making and promoting of the TH cd? Was he just too independent for an AI contract and like someone else said, maybe it would have been better for him (in hindsight) if he had not come in 1st? I thought he deserved to win. Too bad he could not just win the title and then not have to make a record with them. LOL Sorry, I brought it all back to AI but it was based you what you said about him being stubborn.

  48. omg, that’s even better!

    (Bill’s probably twittering anyway, dontcha think?)

  49. Regarding Idol snubbing Taylor, I would think that they would do everything they can to help every winner succeed because it’s a reflection on the credibility of the show. You know what I mean?

    Doesn’t it make sense that the folks behind Idol would want to be able to point to each and every winner of the show and say, “See? The process works! What a great show we have!” So they should have every past winner on the show, they should have commercials airing during the show that promote their CDs and they should have Clive sitting at a merch table in the Kodak theater lobby selling every Idols’ CDs.

    There. Another problem solved.

  50. rjcharris Says:

    Poor Taylor. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Someone is always ready to rip him a new one. Who needs the “haters” when he’s got his “fans”. I have no clue as to what his plans are or are what his reasons are for anything he does. I think he is a smart and talented man that is trying to make it … against all odds. I just know I love his music… I don’t dissect it… I just listen to it.

  51. Twitter? Oh yeah, I created an account and ‘followed’ him. I don’t get the big hype about the site. :S

    In regards to Grease, at first I wasn’t fond of the whole Teen Angel gig. Sure Broadway is great but.. Teen Angel… really? It turned out to be a more positive thing though, surprisingly.
    He did say he wanted to get into acting, nothing wrong with that as long as he keeps putting out good music and touring.
    Perhaps a small acoustic tour would benefit him more than a touring broadway show though. Hmm, the world may never know.

    Quote: “Regarding Idol snubbing Taylor, I would think that they would do everything they can to help every winner succeed because it’s a reflection on the credibility of the show. You know what I mean?

    Doesn’t it make sense that the folks behind Idol would want to be able to point to each and every winner of the show and say, “See? The process works! What a great show we have!” So they should have every past winner on the show, they should have commercials airing during the show that promote their CDs and they should have Clive sitting at a merch table in the Kodak theater lobby selling every Idols’ CDs.

    There. Another problem solved.”

    I somewhat agree with this. Who’s gonna wanna win this cheesy show if they always tag the winners as supposed “failures”? These people are talented, they deserve more credit.
    PS, Ruben’s new song is pretty good.

  52. spinshack Says:

    Well with the exception of Clive no longer with the show, perhaps Kara can fill that void since she’s really not useful for much else. 😛

  53. He needs a job.

  54. spinshack Says:

    Well with always another season to look forward to and more contestants to utilize for entertainment fodder, I guess the show may feel it just needs keep moving forward. Too, the commercial fees to advertise during the show are really ridiculous.

  55. (Besides, it’s a funny visual!!)

  56. Then they should tack posters of the CDs to Simon’s forehead.

  57. spinshack Says:

    That or make the judges start wearing gear like NASCAR racers.

  58. “Taylor is the one who sold himself as a working musician during AI and convinced me and others that it was “all about the music”. He promised small venue shows, acoustic tour and instead bounced off to do Teen Angel in Grease.”

    Weren’t there two years of small-venue shows before he bounced off to do Teen Angel? He decided he wanted to make a record. He decided he wanted to do it on his own. Producing and recording a record on his own without a major label is NOT abandoning his music. And it IS work. I think everyone needs to just see where this goes before writing the whole venture off as a failure. It’s only been two weeks! If this doesn’t work out, then he’ll try something else. (I hope)

  59. I hated the Grease idea but I admit that he did kind of have to do it. Taylor’s career took a big hit in 2007 after his first tour when he appeared on Idol the last time. From that point it went down as fast as it went up. I am realizing he to do Grease to put some attention on himself again. I guess its like stopping off on the road to get some gasoline and something to eat and then you keep driving forward to the final destination. Some statements he has made make me believe his focus is still making music. His career is not a typical one. I think he’s learning along the way.

  60. “Regarding the doors endorsement, ”

    What is that?

  61. Oh! I LOVE that! LOL

  62. casualfan Says:

    LOL Spin! I never thought of it that way….ROFLMAO. I do wish all the Twittering fans lots of luck. He’ll turn his Twitter off when he gets bored with it and stick it on Bill. 😉

  63. casualfan Says:

    Tall Tell signs of Taylor actually twittering are A) all lower case words B) lots of (cool!) C) every other words is (Ya know)….LOL!

  64. brightlite Says:

    I am wondering something…and if anyone knows please chime in.
    How many CD sold for Early Works? Was it 4,000 or 5,000? The reason I ask is that if that is so, if he sold 4K or 5K of Early Works than his new release The Distance has sold what? 15,000?
    Isn’t that a triple fold increase? Is it possible that the new sales, which cannot all be from “Soul Patrol” or fans like us, are from fans he garnered from Grease? I am curious of the demographics here, and how it breaks down. For instance where did Taylor see his sales numbers increase from Early Works to the The Distance? I compare the two Cd’s because TH was backed by a major label and the numbers cannot be compared.
    EW and TD are indie releases. I understand that many fans did not buy EW too. I recall some fans say “no I don’t think I will…” because it was his old stuff and they wanted something new…but that could not 10,000 people. I have a HARD time believing that the number of people who didn’t buy EW was that many. Where did these new hits come from?
    I am just curious and I don’t look at The Distance as a failure, like some are kinda hinting at. A release is a release, and if one release is 4000 and the next is 15000 I call that progress.
    Taylor is building his base again slowly and steadily.

    If you know any numbers and demographics, I would be interested to know what exactly is the actual numbers to date.
    Also, interestingly enough 25% of the students who listened to “19” called it good! They were ALL male students BTW. Not one female student liked the song, but 31 of the guys did, and there are only 48 guys in the study I did. That means that roughly more thzn half of the guys liked it, and that is good news. I am starting to figure out a few things like the demograohics that he might be marketable in, and it just mught be young men, not young girls who are more into the John Mayers of the world. Good job Taylor…”19″ is catching on at our school! One kid, Justin G. after listening to it, said he had trouble concentrating on his assignment, (they were given a problem set to work on while listening) because the story was interesting (the lyrics) and he wanted to listen to the ending to “see what haopened.” Still another guy, when asked about the song wrote “…i liked it, it was good, it was about football.”
    Oh my God the things that kids REALLY want to hear. I am uncovering it in my little detective ways.
    My life incredibly busy though so I won;t be around much to post but I wanted to share this.
    IT’S ALL GOOD! Except one girl said “I had trouble concentrating becasue the man’s voice was scratchy.” Sorry about that, but that is what she heard, and everyone has a different ear, and different sensitivity to sounds and pitch.
    Be well.

  65. When was he on idol last time? I saw when he did Heaven Knows. But I”ve seen a youtube video of In the Ghetto duet with Toni Braxton that was horrible. He was not horrible, she was. The whole thing was bad because she was getting all nasty with him while singing a song about poverty and tragedy. Yow! Did she not listen to the words at all? It as all about her.

  66. brightlite Says:

    I don’t think they a re tagging anyone as failures. Great post BTW. It’s just about the almight dollar, and that’s it. They don’t care or worry about appearnaces IF the outcome is bottom line BIG payoff. The producers do not sit there in say “We want everyone in Amercia to see how good our show is and how great we are at finding talent…” That would be the humanistic approach, and while I can understand that, it is not the economical approach, or the real world approach. Idol doesn;t care about the Idols. They don’t care about the contestants nor do they care about the people who work behind the scenes. like employees, or sadly even the judges, with the exception of Simon, since he is in on the whole thing. They care not for anyone there, for their feelings, for the success or for their failures. They care not about the starving kids in Africa, nor the homeless in Asia displaced from the tsunami in 2005. They simply do it all, not for caring but for lining their pockets. They have accounts. Major advertising accounts that hey care very much about, These accounts pay their bills AND make them into fat cats. Let’s not forget the roots of TV. It was then and is now all about advertising. Bottom line is advertising dollars makes the money for the producers. TV shows such as “soap operas” were built AROUND the Tide commericals, not the other way around. The TV shows were the fillers for each 30 second hit. American Idol answers to these advertisers. If advertiser express displeasure with any aspect of the show, they may lose the account, and that translates into multi millions. So who is running the show you ask? Commercial advertisers play a big hand in it, behind the scenes, kind of like an unwritten rule.


  67. brightlite Says:

    spin I just wrote an entire post about this. you are so right.

  68. brightlite Says:

    Onemore…I love your post, and just want to comment on something, you wrote and just interject if I may. Nice to meet you btw.
    Taylor won Idol three years ago, and with a milion dollar recording contract, and a Ford commercisl he may have made a good amount of money, something my Dad used to call a windfall when he was alive. After taxes are paid, and after Taylor bankrolled two tours, and after he paid for his tour bus, hotels, and meals, and band members…you get my drift right. While the windfall was huge and certainly padded his finances, hoefully he saved something for his future because living the good life costs a good penny. He doesn’t have royalties really as his stuff hasn’t caught on, (yet, just hang around) and royalties do provide an artist with income.
    I am just making the point that income sustains us, and he needs the income, he is no differen than us really. He is working musician.
    Be well.

  69. rjcharris Says:

    I see my comment is still in moderation. Delete it if you want. I just wanted to say how I feel about it all… maybe a little over zealous with my with stating my feelings. It is how I feel and I can’t apologize for that.

  70. spinshack Says:

    Hey Adam gLambert did Wild Cherry tonight. Remember when Hicks did that one?

    Off topic but hey, my attention span is short. lol No visual vid yet, Idol keeps killing them off, as fast as they go up. Here’s an audio: How to win Idol.

  71. spinshack Says:

    Hicks’ version: Funky Music.

  72. spinshack Says:

    I’m overusing ‘hey’ – will work on the vocab skillz.

  73. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Good points on the record sales. Glad your survey is turning out, interesting the boys liked “19” better than the girls.


  74. I didn’t think anyone could do Play That Funky Music well after Taylor did it, but I liked Adam tonight. Different arrangement but wow he has a crazy range.

    My favorite though was Danny, my heart broke for him. You could feel true painful emotion coming from him and the performance was brilliant but heartbreaking at the same time.

    Kris, Scott and Allison were also good, although Allison’s outfit was just umm…. a little odd.
    I think the stylists were smoking something. 0_0

  75. Wasn’t the duet with Toni Braxton during the finale of Taylor’s season? And ‘Heaven Knows’ was during the finale of season 6, right? I think that’s right.

  76. Some of Taylor’s fans didn’t buy EW because they already owned his earlier CDs.

  77. jerseyirish Says:

    Christa, Agree both showed different styles, but nailed the song. I loved Taylor’s version, but felt Adam did a great job also. Thought Kris was the other standout tonight.


  78. I don’t know who any of those people are.

    🙂 (I hate AI!)

  79. brightlite Says:

    I have to get on to bed, got school tomorrow…but what I find interesting is that the guys mostly liked it, had nothing bad to say about the song or about Taylor. The girls were more sqeamish if that is a good word. They did not like Clarksons song at all. Very few kids responded positively to it to be honest and I was surprised by that aspect. Many of the kids came in with borrowed ipods so they didn’t download the song, just borrowed a friends ipod to do the study. So I wasn’t happy about that but I guess them hearing it is good. One girl said “19” made her sad, and she didn’t like depressing songs. These are kids mind you and their brains are different than ours. Another girl wrote “19” reminded her of her brother’s friend who is in Iraq and it scared her. So the girls are probably not really that into “war” and the guys well are equipped or well uhh maybe even prepared for it to some extent. It surprised me how many guys actually liked it and said “that Clerkson song sucked” but were positive about “19”. I see a niche here with that song with young men. Also, from what is written here, I see a niche for middle aged women for 19 who have young sons. It might be a very prolific and foretelling song in the final analysis. I wish more girls liked it but hey the guys dug it, and the fact that they liked it as much as they did, more thanhalf said “thumbs up” well that is good news. I think it also opened up a bit of interest in his music in general amongst the young men. Most either did not know him at all (never watched Idol-29%) or have not heard anything he has done- 30%) I gather that with a clean slate or a fresh ear he can spark something in the listener. It is best if the damn Idol doesn’t follow him around like a black cloud. But if that makes him feel bad he can remember that even dark clouds have silver lining.
    Be well.

  80. Hey everybody….. I have been busy with the real world lately so I have not had time to check in.

    Interesting post Grey. Since I have spent a significant time away from the Taylor Hicks world I have realized some things. You ask why it is that Taylor is finding real success so elusive? I think a lot of what he is experiencing is a combination of him not really knowing where he truly needs to be musically therefore sending mixed signals out there to whatever fan base he has left.

    I have not watched Idol since Season 5, but my son was flicking through the channels tonight and stopped on Idol while that guy with the glasses was singing. Listening to him I was reminded of what I would call the Idol Syndrome, which I would describe as the dilemma that most winners and runners up run into, where their fan base is a mixture of both Idol fans and music fans. By this I mean Idol fans just being people who enjoy Idol, but do not relate into CD sales after the show is over. While the music fans are the ones who look at any particular singer from a more artistic point of view.

    I know that for me the fact that Season 5 was the one and only season that I every watched led me to believe that Taylor’s success would relate into CD sales. I finally realized that this was not true for him or most winners. As a music fan I waited patiently to see the artist, that I thought Taylor could be, appear. Unfortunately for me, that has not happened and I can assume that there are other music fans that may have found him, if his music had been more consistent in it’s style. Taylor has been sending mixed musical signals as far as I am concerned.

    If Taylor truly wants to go the route of being an entertainer over a musician, then so be it. I don’t really see him every being more than an act in a touring Musical Theatre production. If it is actually true that “The Distance” has only sold 15,000 copies, even as an Indie release, than Taylor Hicks is definitely doing something wrong and it is about time that his fans stop blaming the world around him and start thinking that he is making all the mistakes.

    It was great reading your post Grey. I will try to stop in when I get some free time again.

  81. brightlite Says:

    Caryl if you read my post I mentioned that I knew that fact. Do you think that thousands didn’t buy it?
    I am thinking there more fans than we think. It’s not earth shattering numbers but think about the fact there is very little promotion, not anywhere near a major label hype, and he still sold 15,000. It may grow from there too.
    My question: Is this new blood? The buying habits of most Taylor fans is to buy EVERYTHING he puts out.
    So if EW follows that assertion or (here we go…) assumption, than he had a few thousand fans. Or two thousand who bought two or three a piece of EW.
    Now he has sold 15,000…does that mean that the same 2000 fans bought 7 each? or is there an increase in fans, even a thousand more…? Is it Grease fans, like the young ones he impressed at the stage door? or the people he impressed in NYC?
    I just think he outsold EW by a mile, and there is a bigger fanbase out there than we know.
    Maybe more than he knows…it is all about marketing folks, it always has been and always will be.
    Maybe I am dreaming even though I am awake.


  82. brightlite Says:

    hey IAG…that guy in that video up there is more funny than anything. h eis hilarious, very at ease, very relaxed, and down to earth…I love how he curses, it is downright sexy on stage, in that way. His voice is very nice too, great smoothness, like butter. Wow! I never heard of him but he rocks!

  83. Yea Allison is my favorite but I had to take points off tonight just for the get up. But the judges focused on that too much and didn’t talk about her singing, which was fabulous as usual. Maybe not her best performance though. Last week was hard to beat.

  84. I didn’t like him as much tonight. He was too screechy in some parts. It sure was original though.

  85. casualfan Says:

    Adam was awesome! He hit it out of the ball park indeed!

  86. casualfan Says:

    Great post Willpen and you are right. But the SP will continue to dig up any excuse and blame everyone except Taylor for poor sales. I don’t blame AI, still like AI and love my Simon.

  87. Good to see you, Willpen! 🙂

  88. I just know I love his music… I don’t dissect it… I just listen to it.

    And that’s fine if that’s what you choose to do. All we’re doing here is talking music. Sometimes it’s Taylor’s music, sometimes it’s others. You can call us haters if you want, but then you obviously haven’t been reading this blog.

  89. I was away from the computer. You’re welcome to give your opinion here as long as you’re respectful of the other posters. 🙂

  90. taylorfan06 Says:

    RIGHT ON! CARYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. There is definitely something wrong and Taylor does have some blame, for sure. He needs to stop with the cheesiness because then people won’t take him seriously, just being honest. It’s okay to joke around and be funny but the whole “Soul Patrol” thing is too much.
    And hey acting would be great but playing Teen Angel is also a cheesiness factor. *Shrug* Broadway has been a bit on the positive side to him but how many of those that like him on Broadway will buy his CD?
    Love the guy’s music though, he’s very underrated still and needs to get heard.
    BTW I’m glad I can be honest without being called a bad fan by SPers.

    Another thing, it has been taken notice that according to schedules, he won’t be doing Grease 6/28-8/18. Possibly doing a little bit of touring of the album and the album alone?
    One can only hope. Fingers crossing!

    Off to bed, I shouldn’t even be up haha. Night all. 🙂

  92. jerseyirish Says:

    Christa, Noticed the dates on his myspace gone. I was hoping to catch him in Philly in July. Hopefully you are right and he is doing a tour schedule for the CD, we will have to wait and see what comes up for those dates now.


  93. brightlite Says:

    Well I think for the response I got up aways, that no one really gives flying f— about what younger fans think.
    I really thought that at least some of you might find it interesting.
    But, alas, no one cares one bit, except JI.
    The Taylor fandom does not revolve around us, as Snow always says….we can’t support him as a fanbase and still see him rise as an Indie. He needs other fans.
    The study I did is not so random. I started a music club last year, where we meet after school and let the kids jam in my classroom. It’s sorta like a pickup band. We call the club Open Door. Me giving a survey on music is not random, as my students know I head this club and love music.
    I just thought you all might be interested in what the kids think. I guess not and I WILL shut the hell up and take my study elsewhere. 🙂 I just wanted to see what the kids thought. I didn’t preach Taylor to them!
    LOL. I am not obsessing either. I am in the business BTW, on the lyrical side of it, and part of what I wanted from the study was to discover how important lyrics are to the listener. As I said, I found it was roughly equal, although more kids listed “beat” first as why they like a song.
    Sorry if I overstepped. I didn’t mean to. Virtual speak probably spoke for all of you last time she laid me out for doing the study, lol…and JI was only being nice, as she always is, she has a very kind heart.
    Be well and have a most beautiful day wherever you all may be.
    sorry for typos all the time. I do not proofread at all,

  94. brightlite Says:

    me neither caryl! I don’t watch Idol anymore. Faithfully watched everyseason except this one.

  95. Well, according to Gypsee over on the HQ, the dates just haven’t been put up yet.

  96. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    He seems to like to start a lot of things but then never finish them. “gets bored with them” as you said.

  97. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    LOL Caryl! I LOVE that visual! 😀

  98. BL, can I say something with love? 🙂 I really do like you and don’t want to insult you, I’m just offering constructive criticism.

    I don’t always read our posts because they’re so long. But I’ll go back and read what you posted about your study. I AM interested in what young people think.

  99. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I’ve loved all Adam’s performances but I didn’t like this one. Was just awful IMO. Especially when I compare how Tay did it.

  100. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I thought it was interesting that the boys weighed in higher than the girls. The only way that age group is going to listen to music such as Taylor’s is if someone like yourself introduces them to it. Doesn’t matter it was small scale they listened and formed an opinion, thats what counts. Thanks for taking the time to do this.


  101. suze4158 Says:

    Well, I can’t say that I enjoyed that clip of Matt Nathanson. There is very little appeal to me in that performance.

    I think the reason he sells out his venues and gets picked up here and there is a freshness factor…and a coolness factor. Which are saleable in a world that feels it has seen it all and done it all. There is a lot of value in just being you. And snark and profanity freely portrayed makes people think they’re cool, too. Whatever.

    My daughters would like this guy. But I agree with an earlier poster that his delivery is not as professional as Taylor’s…..and I find Matt N. boring, other than the humor, quite honestly.

    Taylor is about the music around him. I absolutely love seeing him interact on stage with the musicians and the music around him. While that is not a marketable skill in and of itself, his own interjection of raspy, soulful vocals and his physical dynamics onstage makes it a very full and worthwhile musical LIVE experience that I will buy a ticket for.

    And Taylor has to deal with the staleness of the AI thing. I would imagine that Taylor would either have to dress in drag or tatoo and pierce the majority of his body or have a tryst with Britney Spears to change his image.
    And how disappointed would we be if he did that?
    As it is, Taylor still looks like Taylor (although much hotter these days), and AI will remain his ho-hum mantle until the show ceases to be.

    And until he does such a kick-ass record that he makes everyone FORGET any cheesiness he has dished up in the past…well, I am afraid that he will need to rely on Beauty School Dropout and such to fund his musical ventures.

    The coolest thing about Taylor, to me, is that he is not giving up. He may not be doing this perfectly, but by dingys, he is still plugging away.

    This will sound corny, but it inspires me.
    I have also read reviewers that feel the same way.
    And there are salvagable moments in The Distance that I will put on rotation with my other favored artists to remind me that going the distance does not mean perfection, it means getting out there and doing what I love, no matter what.

  102. suze4158 Says:

    I have enjoyed reading about your research with the students, BL.
    I have also been a h.s. teacher and really enjoy the age group and their perspectives.

    I think you have gleaned some honest opinions about Taylor’s music that we certainly don’t get in most of the online groups that chat about him.
    Your research is of value…and it shows that exposure is the key to music and artists.
    I think the fact that the boys related to 19 and girls not so much reveals more than just demographic music research. There is a real psychological component that could be followed up on here.

    Subject matter of Taylor’s songs, though, don’t lend themselves to teens so much, IMO. On The Distance, these songs are of people who have been around the block a time or two…or had opportunity to develop opinions about life. Young folks seem to respond, sadly, more to songs that rev up their libidos, eh?
    Or represent an intellectual freshness that they feel they have a corner on. Or have been spoon fed to them by the media machines meant to milk them of their expendable cash.

    Would you agree that teens want to take ownership of an artist that their parents would probably NOT be attracted to? It is their “safe” statement of independence, no?

  103. jerseyirish Says:

    suze4158, Very well said, when one door closes for him he finds another one open and steps into, got to give him credit for not giving up on his dream. Thought Matt had a nice voice but no real stage presence, there is no comparison with Taylor in that aspect, Taylor just owns the stage when he is on.


  104. To be honest I’m relieved to find out that you actually have a music club with these kids and this was not just a ploy to try to gain some new Hicks fans. You know, forced them to listen to his music? Having said that, I do find the results interesting but not surprising. Boys are always going like something that has to do with football or the military. They tend to glamorize fighting and war and this song is about a hero, something many boys aspire to be. My own Marine started this at a young age so we weren’t a bit surprised when he upped at 18. The one girl did not like it because it is sad. My own daughter would say the same thing (my older daughter. My younger one would not even listen unless I tied her down and forced her to.) I am surprised they didn’t like his “raspy” voice, but then how much of that do they EVER hear? It’s pretty new to most of them I’ll bet.

  105. Snowstorm Says:

    Check out Ray LaMontagne performing “You Are the Best Thing” on The Late Show With David Letterman tonight at 11:30 PM on CBS.

  106. Snowstorm Says:

    All Taylor needs to do to change his image is to keep it real. People are turned off by fakeness. Stop being so mysterious and start communicating to fans.. it’s two-way process. That’s one of the reason so many fans have left.

  107. OK, i’m catching up on all this as newbie to the fan world. I see now what you all mean about his internet presence.-or rather his neglect of it. I went back and read the blog post about that subject and see that Taylor really is in trouble there. He needs to connect more but OTOH are most of his fans the type to follow FB, MS, or Twitter? If he is expanding a younger fan base he had better get his act together in that realm. I saw that Brittney has something like 650,000 people following her on twitter! If he’s not actually going to do it, he should not have signed up. That is worse than not being there at all.

  108. Should be, “I don’t always read your posts..”

  109. Taylor’s twitter from hollyb at boogie board:

    “I am in the cone”.
    “I am about to open the cone”.
    “I’ll be right back after I sing this song”.
    “I’m back in the cone. Crowd was great, man”.

    😀 😀

  110. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, As far as the dates on his myspace, they list the dates after 8/18 but it is that gap between june and aug the dates are gone. I guess we will just have to wait and see what comes up.


  111. Snowstorm Says:

    How is Tayor going to Twitter? He can hardly put up a blog? You’ll see – he will not follow thru. Taylor is the type of person that keeps to himself.

  112. Snowstorm Says:

    Is that vacation time? I hope not. That seems like a lot of time to be taking off.

  113. You would think that wouldn’t you caryl??? But I guess they just don’t want to do that because they don’t make money off those that are not the biggest stars or have gone indie. But does seem like it would help the credibility of the whole Idol concept if all the winners and runners up were super successful.

  114. Yea, I really like Kris a lot. I’m going to start voting for him over Adam.

  115. I hate it too but I still watch it! I’ll stop watching it though, if they snub Taylor again this year.

  116. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Thanks! I love that song! I’m still hoping to see Ray live when he comes to my town

  117. jerseyirish Says:

    ss, Just checked over there again the june dates are back up, but not the july.


  118. brightlite Says:

    This thread is called he is doing somethig right, and I guess I found that out actually. Thank you to the posters who responded, and I hope to open the discourse a bit on this very important topic..namely “where does Taylor fit in?”
    Yes, I have a club, it was started last year in February by a coupleof guys who wanted to play the blues on guitar but had no place to do so in school. I opeend my room to them and encouraged them to explore. Soon after that four guys from latino countries joined us with their acoustic guitars, and they formed a little circle. Shortly thereafter, students heard of it and showed up with thier instruments, and finding the open door, felt comfortable and secure. We have forged asome great friendships, and I love listening to them pick up and just jam.
    I give them my lyrics and they work with the words to compose music for the words or the poetry, and sometimes it it sounds awful but then once in while you hear something really catchy and in synch with the music and you go “Hey! That was it!” It’s very rewarding for me.
    Taylor has done something right with 19, it has a very distinct place in where it would be accepted. Guys relate, girls do not, that is what I found.
    We just had an assembly yesterday about drunk drivng and the teens that are killed due to drunk driving, is astounding. We lose one or twoa year sadly, so death is really startling to the kids, but especially the girls…they react to it, andcry, it’s hard to explain. These are teens now…not like us. 19 just makes the girls scared. But the guys like the football and sports aspect, and the war and the hero bit, real well.
    His voice is wonderful in it.
    I have to run!!!
    Be well.

  119. I never liked AI. I didn’t even watch Taylor’s season, though I did catch a song or two of his by accident. They exploit people in the name of entertainment (the poor, delusional folks at the beginning of the season) and use the better singers for their own gain until they can’t make money off of them anymore.

  120. suze4158 Says:

    Thank you, ji. You’re a peach for reading, as I get too long winded here.

  121. I read it! LOL Just took a while to think it through.

    “And Taylor has to deal with the staleness of the AI thing. I would imagine that Taylor would either have to dress in drag or tattoo and pierce the majority of his body or have a tryst with Britney Spears to change his image. And how disappointed would we be if he did that?
    As it is, Taylor still looks like Taylor (although much hotter these days),”

    I don’t think he has to do all that wild stuff to get noticed. If he goes on AI he just needs to show off his hotter new self, and do some music that the younger and young adult crowd can relate to. He’s not being heard. I want hm to go on AI so he can remind those millions of people that he’s still out there and remind them of why they voted for him – his voice and his exciting on-stage presence. No cheesy “Soul Patrol” stuff. Just rock it out and play his harmonica. I think a great performance could boost his sales and maybe get him more radio play that is so badly needed.

    Should we start taking bets on whether they will have him on?

    One more rambling thought – Maybe You Should could be a VERY popular song along the lines of “You’re Beautiful” (but a million times better.) Much as I love Nineteen, I think it would not not be a good choice for the show. Everyone will say “Oh, now he’s gone country. Where’s the soul?” MYS would showcase his beautiful voice and his song-writing ability if he chose to sing a slower song. I like WRIR but it’s so very AC. He’s got to be exciting. Just my HO.

    I don’t want to see him give up either. He just has too much to offer.

  122. Hey everyone, hey Spin you included, hey hey! I’ve been away since Saturday and from skimming the thread topics and comments since then it seems like 100 days in Tayland. I see some of the new posters are very vocal and BL did her experiment on her students. I need to take a hint from Taylor and bite my tongue and refrain from commenting on some of the comments I have read. I choose therefore to comment on something some of y’all were yaking about a few threads ago. That is Taylor being shy. The ballsy one is NOT SHY, PERIOD. There is a huge difference in being shy and private. Taylor is bold and brazen, anything but shy. In the June 15th 2006 People Magazine article, his 9th grade teacher, the lady who worked for Bush, stated that Taylor always wanted to be the center of attention. Shy people hate attention. Harrison Ford is shy as are some other famous actors and celebrities. I am not at all shy, but I am private. I do not blog about what I do for a living, my family, beliefs or reveal much of anything about myself. My childhood was much like Tay’s, but worse. That does not make one shy, just gaurded and private . One learns as a kid to conceal things from others. I just can not understand how anyone can think of Mr. Hicks as a shy person. The man is bold, confident and just out there seeking to entertain and make a connection thru his music. Shy people do not in any way live and seek and act like Taylor Hicks. Taylor said he not only knocked on doors, but kicked them down. Please guys, put to rest any notion that Mr. Hicks is shy. Hicks is still kicking down doors to be seen and heard and he won’t go away.

  123. Here I go making excuses again. LOL I agree that he needs to communicate more with his fans. It’s such an important aspect of being an entertainer. Wondering why he’s not doing it. Could it be that he has just been swamped with activities since they went out on the tour? If you follow the BB he’s been making a lot of radio and TV appearances, plus doing the Grease shows. Again, I’m new at “following” him, and I have gotten the impression that he’s always been like this…. not staying in touch with his fan base.. is that right?

  124. Redrosespeedway Says:

    I think you are right about that.

  125. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I agree, Taylor will not go away he will find a way to keep his name and music out there.


  126. spinshack Says:

    Exactly. Point made.

  127. spinshack Says:

    Ah, the fallibility of ASSuming.

  128. spinshack Says:

    Where’s Snow by the way? Miss her.

  129. spinshack Says:

    He’s bringing the “Little Richard” man, you guys remember him.

  130. spinshack Says:

    I love mean ol’ Simon too.

    Thing is it is easier to blame Idol than Hicks.

  131. spinshack Says:

    I’ve read your post Bright, good points made and interesting. I knew too you weren’t just pushing Mr. Hicks on the fans.

  132. spinshack Says:

    I missed you Snow. You’re right regarding that mysterious facade. Doesn’t turn me on whatsoever. lol

  133. spinshack Says:

    I agree Rose, Hicks is not shy. hahaha, I always get a giggle reading that as a descriptor, as you say, “shy people don’t seek the limelight”. I’m not shy either but am like you don’t care to share much about my ‘Big Real’.

    Don’t think Hicks should start sharing everything he does like he’s writing an on-line diary but there are other bits of news and info he could impart including taping some of his CD promo concerts.

  134. casualfan Says:

    Taylor is very assertive and determined as opposed to not being shy. I myself have referred to his shyness in terms of his person and not how he conducts business.

    I’m very, very shy but when I want something bad enough and have a deep passion, I can be very assertive and determined in getting it.

  135. spinshack Says:

    Good point.

  136. spinshack Says:

    Speaking of points, someone at another site wrote:
    “Maybe if some people on some of the various blogs would spend less time running their mouths about all he does wrong and more time helping him bump up his numbers he could have a little easier time of it.”

    Gosh guys, I didn’t realize we were like employees of Mr. Hicks. I mean if I have to spend my spare time doing ‘work’ concentrated for someone else I think compensation a necessity. Otherwise I’m just going to write about and do what feels good to me. What say you?

  137. spinshack Says:

    Rose I was about to send out APB’s looking for you – very happy to see you’re okay and you’re back!

  138. casualfan Says:

    Spin, No doubt that very poster hops on all the blogs and posts the same gibberish over and over again on how they are “true” fans of Mr. Hicks right? LOL!

  139. Snowstorm Says:

    Bobby Womack is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It would be so cool if Taylor could sing Woman’s Got To Have It at the induction ceremony. I doubt that will happen, since all the big name stars are at this event. Taylor just needs a break. His management needs to be aggressive and pull all the stops.


  140. spinshack Says:

    Yes they do. So what’s your opinion? Should we be just hitting that Myspazz play button and bumping up his numbers all day? 🙄

    Now, if I were receiving monetary compensation I’d perhaps concern myself with those activities, but hell I’m not.

  141. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, That is what Caryl and I sadi the other day. I am shy also, my son too but if he wants something nothing will stop him from going after it.


  142. I read and know who the bump up the numbers person is and she is a big fan who I happen to like and respect from her online persona. I haven’t engaged in the numbers/ pole type thing. I have been reading the BB and when Tay got into the top 8 on the Alabama greatest music legend, she suggested to felloww BB members to consider legends such as Hank Williams and that if they all kept voting for Tay, it may piss off country music fans. Some agreed and they stopped voting for him and then when Bo Bice got in the top 4 and Tay did not, some had second thoughts. We fans who post have no or very little input into how Taylor will succeed or fail. The intentions are good and admirable but his fate and CD sales are not in our control. Oh how I wish it were otherwise as I believe he deserves far greater respect in the music business.

  143. Christa Says:

    Taylor isn’t shy in my opinion, but rather humble. Plus I don’t think he likes to share his personal life with the rest of the world that much.
    When it comes to music, he isn’t a shy man at all; he’s very assertive in that respect.

  144. Christa Says:

    And to add a note on how an artist records music. Yeah he sounds a bit strained and like he’s holding back on the album. It’s still a good CD nonetheless. He’s one of the few artists that are better live, as opposed to the opposite for most.
    He’s still learning though as you said, and he’s still new to recording an album.

  145. Thank you! I never thought he was shy. A lot of people use that as an excuse for the times when we wasn’t super-friendly. But it’s OK if he doesn’t always feel like interacting with us.

  146. Badfantoo Says:

    The Alabama legends thing was a fun tie in to NCAA basketball tourney, nothing more. Why Taylor fans continue to think things like that poll matter is beyond me.

    Buy his music and attend his shows if you like him. That’s what matters.

  147. Hey, Rosie, could you shoot me an e-mail? It’s no biggie, I just want to ask you something: carylzimm@aol.com

  148. Christa Says:

    Agreed Badfantoo. Besides that’d be crazy if he went ahead of say.. The Temptations? That’d be so wrong.

    Polls aren’t what matter in the end. :S

  149. casualfan Says:

    Taylors not new in recording Christa. This is his 4th cd that he’s recorded. Taylor is more seasoned than what some give him credit for.

  150. casualfan Says:

    I totally agree with this Badfantoo. I never understood those poll things and know some posters go wild with them. They don’t mean anything and are for entertainment value only.

  151. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, Taylor is no Alabama Legend. Go to the AMHOF website for an education on who the real legends are. Taylor is simply a musician who happened to win a singing contest.

    Give the guy a break. I can’t help but wonder if all of this high pedestal stuff that some of the fans put on him actually hurts him. Doesn’t he have enough hype to live up to as it is?

  152. casualfan Says:

    Exactly Spin-Some fans have tunnel vision and always will have. It’s when one steps outside the box that one can clearly view the entire picture.;)

  153. spinshack Says:

    Fat Chance.

  154. spinshack Says:


  155. spinshack Says:

    Yeah, I have no idea why his recorded sounds are so weak compared to him live. Normally it’s the other way around. Just think what he might do if he could capture that Genie in the bottle and make it good all around.

  156. spinshack Says:

    Rose think what you want of that person, let me go with an analogy: Ever walked through a swamp on a dark night? I have. Word to wise, carry a flashlight.

    Polls are stupid wastes of time. Hicks should never best Hank Williams for that matter in any context. Also NEVER under estimate the Bo Bice fans either. ha.

    Hicks will get the respect he earns. Just like anyone else in the world in their line of work.

  157. spinshack Says:

    Humble? You have got to be kidding me. *snort*

  158. Badfantoo Says:

    Some musicians’ vocals, energy, passion, etc. just don’t translate that well to recordings.

    “In Your Time” was essentially a live album and it shows. I would like for him to put out a cd culled from various live performances. That would probably be the best way to “capture” the Taylor we all love.

  159. Taylor isn’t an Alabama legend, he’s still got a whole LOT of dues to pay. So people voting him on that is kinda ehhh.. messed up. I love the guy but legend right now? Nooooo.
    And yeah spinshack, its odd. Weaker in recording, but yet soooo great live.

  160. spinshack Says:

    I’m feeling kinda lethargic right now about any further Hicks’ recordings. I’m just not feeling it. It’s always, ‘maybe this’ and ‘maybe that’ and the snide beotch fans comments on other sites who think everyone should slave themselves to ‘up the numbers’ – seriously, I’m feeling the burn out maybe. I’m just needing something – some action from the Hicks’ camp that will give me a sort of vitamin B shot in the ass to get me excited. lol (let’s see how they run with that…)

  161. suze4158 Says:

    Agreed. I was taking an extreme to make the point, I guess, about getting Taylor noticed. Just not dissing him would potentially work, eh?
    Also, playing MYS on the radio and in an AI performance would do wonders for Taylor’s exposure and cred., not to mention, sales.

    Good points about 19 on AI. Naysayers would definitely jump on him with the “where’s the soul” commentary.

  162. I have such a hard time with. I’m listening to TH right now. Just finished JTFTW and The Maze and he sounds so great. I don’t at all understand so many of you not liking his albums. Sorry… Places I’ve been ….. I love this song!

  163. Hmm a little off topic, but for anyone who caught Idol tonight…

    SO glad Megan’s out, her voice reminds me of a bleating goat.
    David Cook is awesome.
    And the Idol group performance with Don’t Stop Believing… just don’t touch Journey again. Jesus that was BAD

  164. Spin, if you’ve got the notion, I’ll second that emotion!

  165. spinshack Says:

    You know they lip-sync that don’t you? Supposedly because the dancing is so choreographed. hahaha Choreography that consists of marching around back and forth. Real hard to master. 🙄

    I had a soft spot for Megan Joy – she sounded old fashioned, reminded me of 1940’s chanteuse – she was different anyway. VFTW couldn’t keep her in tonight, though.

    I thought Hokey Gokey was ridiculous in his monkey dance for not getting booted. Such a tool.

  166. Soul Thing…. The Deal… The Right Place. All such great songs! I can still listen to TH over and over again.

    So a live album would satisfy YOU but would anybody else buy it any more than TH or TD? The record buying public seems to want the Brittneys and Lady Gagas (GAGA is right!! Oh what a horrible site that was tonight. She might actually have a voice but who would notice with all that other stuff gong on?) And David Cook went platinum in 3 months. Is there that big of an audience out there for Taylor? Or do you think there would be if he just made a “better” album?

  167. Oh I concur on everything you said!! So happy Megan is gone. Did you see that little wing flapping thing she did? Don’t know how she got as far as she did in the first place. I think Simon had the hots for her..

    I love DC! Hadn’t listened to his cd in a couple of months and did after the show. Went to the AI tour in Houston last fall just to see him. And yes, the group number was as always, very painful to watch.

    You didn’t mention the Gaga chick. Wow, was that weird or what? But I think Britney is doing something similar in her “Circus” tour. Out of curiosity (because she has over 650,000 followers on twitter) I thought I would see what all the fuss was about and watched a video on youtube. VERY strange! Like a theatrical production. She walks around in a black wig in a S&M type getup. I thought I saw a live tiger and all. SO over the top. But GAGA was similar so that’s what they want today I guess. She looked like a bobble-head to me. You can edit that out if you think it’s being too nasty. lol Her fans would not like that any more than we like Taylor bashing.

  168. Well, I admit that last night I heard “something” in her voice once or twice during the song that was not as horrible as all her other performances, and I actually did like the song she picked. Still, I can think of several other people who were more deserving of her spot in the top 12. Overall I thought she was pretty bad.

  169. casualfan Says:


  170. casualfan Says:

    LOL-I agree Spin….now that Humble act I don’t buy. Shy-yes, Humble-NO.

    On a side note…watching this Lady Gaga-She’s a weird one for sure.

  171. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Lady Gaga just freaks me out hahahaha.
    And ehh I don’t get the hype about Britney either.

    Goodnight all.

  172. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I LOVE Simon’s face after Gaga finished her song…he was speechless…PRICELESS!!!!!!!

  173. casualfan Says:

    I don’t either Christa.

    LOL! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Oh no I missed that! I would love to have seen his face! I must have turned away. I get on the web cam with my sis over in Texas while we watch AI and I’m sure I was making faces at her and typing all kind of stuff. (Like she’s a bobble head, and I was just waiting for that wig to go flying off right onto the judges table… what did they do, staple it to her head?) We have fun……

  175. Badfantoo Says:

    I thought Cook’s voice sounded rough. That single is so boring. *ZZZZ*

    Lady Gaga’s performance amused me.

  176. taylorfan06 Says:

    The TH CD was fine. ENOUGH with thr ugh bullshit!

    Radio failed Taylor not the CD.

    I get so tired o f people trashing that CD when he had a VERY successful 2007 tour with the majority of those songs making the concert GREAT!

  177. taylorfan06 Says:

    Spin – I think you’re alone on that one. I look forward to “missing’ snow!

  178. taylorfan06 Says:


  179. taylorfan06 Says:

    TOTALLY AGREE! It’s a VERY good CD that receives aLOT of shit from “fans”. PIB is actually the most played track on my iPod from the CD. Why won’t he play it live? The song HAS substance. Be proud,of it, Taylor.

  180. jerseyirish Says:

    Thought Megan would be the one to go last night. I like Anoop don’t think he will last much longer, but I like his voice and personality. Matt really don’t care for either reminds too much of Justin T.

    Lady GaGa don’t get either she was a mess just like Brittney. Found the whole thing a train wreck.

    David C almost seemed nervous out of sorts to me last night. The single wasn’t anything to jump up and down about it was just OK for me.

    Wonder if and when Taylor will be on, that should be interesting how Simon reacts if he is on.


  181. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I love the TH album too. I always have.

  182. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    She sure frightened me!

  183. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Didn’t care for David Cook’s song either. Kinda boring. Taylor would have had the whole place jumping.

  184. Well, he’s doing something right…….

  185. LOL!

    What frightens me is that THAT is appealing to so many people. :0 And that is what “music” has become today??

    But, now that I think about it, is that any worse than Kiss or Alice Cooper? I actually never got them either. Even as a teen, a lover of rock music, I thought their theatrics were stupid and weird.

  186. In the past month since becoming a more “active” fan, I have seen it mentioned that he never plays PIB at concerts. I was surprised to hear it. Does anyone know the story behind that? It has been one of my favorite songs on the cd since I got it.

  187. The twittering thing makes me feel that way. I’d be more excited if he’d follow up on something else he promised.

  188. Snowstorm Says:

    Wow, how funny all these posts are! If you don’t like Lady Gaga, plenty of people do like her and she’s not losing any sleep over a few middle-age women not liking here. Hello??? She’s had two consecutive number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Obviously, this is the type of music America wants. If you like AC music.. that’s great, but the majority DO. NOT. WANT. Music is subjective, so stop you’re complaining.

  189. I like the TH album, too.

  190. suze4158 Says:

    I agree that DC’s single is boring. And I thought he was awesome on AI last year.

  191. spinshack Says:

    I liked her too, at least she wasn’t nap inducing. lol

  192. Snowstorm Says:

    Where’s the soul in the TH album? It was mostly AC/Pop crap! That’s the reason it failed! He advertised himself to being a Soulman…I don’t think so! Nobody knows what the hell he is!

  193. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I went through this weird phase of loving KISS, but once I got through it, I looked back and wondered WTH was I thinking? It was like a dark spell I was under- LOL!

  194. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Yeah he’s kissing AI’s butt

  195. I thought he seemed kind of subdued too but it could be because of his brother. I like that song on the cd. I thought it sounded good but he just didn’t seem very excited while singing it.

    It’s funny I got the same impression when Kelly sang her suck-ie song. I can’t imagine anyone being happy to have sing those stupid lyrics. I don’t know, maybe she loves the song…..

  196. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Wouldn’t that be hysterical if one of them didn’t sing when they were supposed to and their voice went on anyway? Would be a Milli Vanilli moment and I’d die laughing. 🙂

  197. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Twittering makes me feel like a twit.

  198. Platinum in 3 months……

  199. casualfan Says:

    David Cook’s Grandfather very recently passed so I’m guessing is why he wasn’t in top form last night. His segment was actually tapped and he flew out to his family right after. I give him credit for even showing in the first place.

  200. casualfan Says:

    How is David Cook going platinum kissing AI’s butt? AI didn’t buy all of those cd’s…the public did and still is.

    Why does AI continue being the Mantra of all evil? They have done countless good and have given these kids the tools they need to make themselves a success. The rest is up to the kids. KUDDOS to David on his much deserved success!

  201. spinshack Says:

    I thought her act was pretty fascinating last night; that violinist was smoking hot.

  202. “…she’s not losing any sleep over a few middle-age women…”

    Why do you always go there? We’re just having a discussion, sharing opinions. You don’t have to be so insulting.

    And BTW, why is being middle aged a negative to you? I happen to be fabulous. I’m smart, funny, I know my own mind, I’ve got some money and I’m cute as a button.

  203. taylorfan06 Says:

    DC is an ugly mf-er! The man is a TROLL – VERY homely.
    And there’s no originality in his music.
    Excuse me while I yawn.

  204. casualfan Says:

    Yeah Snow, When we aren’t glorifying murder, rape, shooting people or selling drugs in our music, People like GaGa swoops in to glorify the sex.

    They may be making money and blowing the tops off charts, but there’s no self-respect or talent…at least not musically.

  205. taylorfan06 Says:

    Big sales DOES NOT = A good product.

    There are many cases of that over the years.

  206. casualfan Says:

    wooohooooooo Caryl! And we are are much better too;)

  207. Snowstorm Says:

    How many times do I have to say.. your age group is not relevant when it comes to music. They will never, ever cater to you.

  208. Snowstorm Says:

    You don’t know crap about music. It has always been about sex…. ALWAYS!

  209. Snowstorm Says:

    The music business care how smart and funny you are..THEY DO NOT CARE! They are a money-making business..THAT’S ALL THEY CARE ABOUT! Your age group DOES NOT BUY MUSIC!

  210. spinshack Says:

    Caryl I have no idea why you always feel the need to answer Snow’s comments about middle aged women.

    I have no problem with her take on that since some of what she says is pretty funny and sometimes accurate. I never feel the need to substantiate myself when she writes those age related comments. I’m not 20 and don’t want to time travel… wait if I time travelled it would only be to nab Robert Pattinson.
    * /fanTard musing*

    By the way, where the hell is Grey anyway?

  211. spinshack Says:

    Can’t knock Cook’s success, he worked for it just like any other wannabe in the music biz. He’s garnered success through his talent, some of which seems to be knowing how to handle other people.

    Big sales may not = good product but it do = Moolah. (Granted the show gets a huge cut from that post-Idol CD.)

  212. Snowstorm Says:

    It’s all about $$$$$ and it ALWAYS will be. Spin got it right.

  213. spinshack Says:

    Figured you were just sick of us. hahaha 😛

  214. Spin, it’s because I’m tired of the label having such negative connotations. I’m in a much better place now than I was in my 20’s. AND I have more money to spend.

    We’ve quoted that line from an article back to snow a thousand times about how our age group is the one spending money on music these days.

    If she’s going to be a broken record, than so am I.

    I’m what every 20-something hopes to be one day.

  215. casualfan Says:

    You don’t know crap about music. It has always been about sex…. ALWAYS!
    OK, thanks for clarifying that for me.

  216. I’m sure she doesn’t care what I think. Just expressing my own opinion about it, that’s all. As I said before I think it’s pretty sad that that’s what America wants…. She looked and acted like a freak to me. When I closed my eyes while she was at the piano I thought her voice sounded great, but all that other garbage was just ridiculous and distracting from it. Sort of how Allison seemed to have lost some fans and cred because of her distracting outfit, but on a much more toned down level.

  217. casualfan Says:

    The music business care how smart and funny you are..THEY DO NOT CARE! They are a money-making business..THAT’S ALL THEY CARE ABOUT! Your age group DOES NOT BUY MUSIC!
    No need to shout dear-I may be over the hill at 43 but I can still hear;)

  218. casualfan Says:

    I’m what every 20-something hopes to be one day.
    Caryl, I couldn’t agree more. And remember, the 20 something men pursue US don’t they! LOL!

  219. Snowstorm Says:

    Then WHY didn’t the baby boomers buy the Taylor Hicks cd? Your age goup has sooo much money to spend. You are the biggest population in America. Taylor should have been a multi-millionaire just from cd sales alone.

    I have the answer. Some baby boomers do have musical taste and don’t like middle of road CRAP! Some baby boomers are ACTUALLY cool people and don’t obsess over a reality TV star.. and because Taylor has had no success in music.. that’s what he’s looked at and known for.

  220. Because those kids don’t end up reaping most of the rewards of all their hard work, AI and the labels do. And I think they basically make them sign their life away.


  221. I was going to object to the personal attack against DC, but I guess if I can call GaGa a bobble-head, you can call DC a troll.

    I only know what I saw of him in AI but he seems like a pretty decent guy. I can see how if someone actually likes the GaGa stuff they might find him boring and “unoriginal,” but I like his voice and at least 4 or 5 songs on his CD. I like Permanent. Was reading those lyrics last night and it’s a really nice piece.

  222. Well, I gotta say, when you’re right, you’re right, snow. The music biz doesn’t care how smart and funny I am (and cute, don’t forget cute!). But I enjoyed telling you, anyway.

    I DO have more money now than I did in my 20’s and I’ve spent a lot of it on music. Not just Taylor’s, btw.

  223. AMEN.

    But apparently someone is “doing something right” when they sell a lot of albums and have a huge following, and “doing something wrong” when they don’t. Wasn’t that the whole premise of this thread?

  224. spinshack Says:

    43 isn’t over the hill, who told you it was darling? 40 is the new 30 in my book. ha.

  225. But don’t ya know that when you hit 40 all your musical sense and knowledge flies out of your brain, and the fact that you’ve had decades longer to listen to, appreciate, and grow in your knowledge of music doesn’t matter any more? What a bunch of crap….

  226. Snowstorm Says:

    They don’t care! They only care about $$$$$$$!!!!!

  227. Snowstorm Says:

    They only care about what sells!!!! Middle of the road/AC music DOES NOT SELL!!!!!!

  228. Here we go! This could be the next blog topic…………. we’ve already been touching on some of this today.


  229. It’s really a good article but a bit disappointing that he doesn’t offer any solutions in the end.

  230. casualfan Says:

    That was indeed a great article and very true. I think the solution is for these musicians to walk away from these labels and start forming their own Indy Labels as many are doing. We are seeing an upward trend. As Prince stated in an interview one time: LET THE BAKER MAKE THE BREAD.

  231. So sad the the people whose main goal is to line their pockets are the ones feeding the masses the “music” today, and the true artistry is falling by the wayside. I think there are enough really great artists out there who do want to change it and are trying to draw attention to the situation, but the Mellencamp pretty much said it would be like “herding cats” to get artists and business men to work together. Everyone has to do what they can go get themselves a market. That’s what Taylor is doing or trying to do. The article said even Springsteen “sold out” to Walmart. They are all having to be realistic about it even if they hate what is going on. It’s a sad day in the music world….

  232. casualfan Says:

    Very sad indeed

  233. “Had the industry not been decimated by a lack of vision caused by corporate bean counters obsessed with the bottom line, musicians would have been able to stick with creating music rather than trying to market it as well.”

  234. “These days, some people suggest that it is up to the artist to create avenues to sell the music of his own creation. In today’s environment, is it realistic to expect someone to be a songwriter, recording artist, record company and the P.T. Barnum, so to speak, of his own career? Of course not. I’ve always found it amusing that a few people who have never made a record or written a song seem to know so much more about what an artist should be doing than the artist himself.”

  235. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Well then I am officially 31. Thank you *bows*

  236. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    LOL! You tell it!

  237. brightlite Says:

    An artist, if he’she is a true artis cares not for money, they care for creation. Most artist desire a stage or a platform however, as any vehicle that brings their work to the eyes and ears of the audience brings reward, if not immediately, then eventually if their works are true works of art.
    That being said, it is difficult to be seen and or heard in this world today, as what is immediately available (what the marketing powers that be deem worthy) is what is heard and seen. That is why it is important for the “little guy” to bring their works out in ways that others would not expect, or in ways that are unexpectedly creative. This is where it counts to be different. Different is noticed and remembered. Different shakes us up and makes us look longer. Different plays with sense of what’s common, and sets the work/artist apart. I am different. I always have been, and I always will be, and so in being different I am set apart in how I see everything, and how everything sees me. But in being different there is a certain amount of criticism, backlash, and sadly even rejection.
    If one is faced with that on a daily basis, they begin to understand that they are different and it’s that being different that can make you stand out and be heard. Taylor was different on AI, and it won him the crown.
    Now, in my opinion, Taylor has to approach his new Indie status, just like when he was on Idol. Dare to be different, dare to do things differently, dare to be out side the box where you find all the commoners, all the cookie cutters of the world. He works very hard, and it must be extremely difficult to be everything to everyone, and then still be faced with criticism when he isn’t exactly what everyone imagined him to be while he unveiled himself on Idol. But the game isn’t over for him. He is young and he has staying power, or he would have dropped out of sight a long time ago, when things got severed from the major label. He is hanging in there, and he knows instinctively what to do, his gut is his best asset. His survivor instincts, should guide him and tell him which way to go next.
    It’s all inside. It’s all there if he allows it to just be.
    I have to get on to work now.
    Have a great night all.

  238. brightlite Says:

    I agree with Christa BTW. Taylor IS new at recording. There is no comparison to way he recorded IYT and UTR to how he recorded TH and TD. I often think of Billy Joel’s first real record, Cold Spring Harbor and then Streetlife Serenader. They were rough in every way. And yet, these records did not catch until 7 or 8 years after he recorded them. Many times success is a process. He reminds me alot of Billy Joel, I have always said that. He will catch with listeners, he will connect, but it takes a pivotal moment where what he has done as an artist reveals how truly talented he is. It just takes something…one thing. And then the rest will just occur as naturally as the sun rises.

    Now I AM gone.
    hugs to all

  239. Snowstorm Says:

    bl, you are delusional! Taylor is nothing like Billy Joel! HAHA! Taylor does Country tunes and traditional Blues (old schooll. like Ray Charles) and Billy Joel does not do either.

  240. casualfan Says:

    BL, I don’t look at Taylor being new as a recording artist in the least. He’s new at mass media, and mass exposure but not as an artist. He has experience in the studio…it doesn’t matter if it was IYT or UTR. In fact-IMO, those 2 cd’s were his best work by far because those recordings captured the raw emotion of who Taylor really is. He was in control of those recordings and it shows.

    I think Taylor’s strong suit is being in the studio behind the scenes while still being a live performer. I think that is exactly what he will end up doing in the end.

  241. casualfan Says:

    I also need to add that “The Distance” I feel is also a reflection of who Taylor is TODAY as an Artist/Musician because he had more creative control over the recording process. Taylor is much more seasoned than some want to give him credit for. He’s already found his legs for his craft BL…now he’s just refining it. 😉

  242. casualfan Says:

    If it’s not realistic then why are more musicians taking that exact avenue? I think it’s very realistic and very, very common in today’s world. More tools and communication is available to these musicians and they have the experience and the contacts to go out and do that very thing. I think we are beginning to see a major turnaround in the way music is produced and distributed and how musicians are marketing their music. Musicians are gaining their experience and learning from the major labels then walking into their own ventures which I think is fantastic. We are seeing more and more small marketing firms that specifically cater to these types of ventures adding more tools for the Musician to work with. Same goes for radio stations who are now Indy, music charts being created for Indy labels.

    Same thing is going on in the literary world. More writers, illustrators are now going Indy to maintain control of their craft. It’s a wonderful thing and it’s called progress.

  243. OOPS. He didn’t use the words “sell out” to Walmart about Springsteen. He said “releasing an album at Walmart.” The phrase sell out was used in the next paragraph.

  244. Great response. I think Mellencamp was bemoaning the fact that they have, to but you are correct, that is what they are doing because they have to. It’s not impossible but it’s difficult. But that is the only way the good MUSIC – “street up” music verses “corporate down” music – will survive.

    I think it was in one of the Rehearsal videos I watched the other day (for the first time – I told you I’m years behind all of you in all things TH) and Taylor was talking about how you can’t just sit on your couch and sing and play, you have to activity get out there and take your music to others by any means you can, and you have to be creative. If it was somewhere else I saw that I’m sorry…. Was that even Taylor? LOL

  245. AIG,
    Few comments back, you mentioned Ray Lamontagne, one of my fave artists EVER. His voice literally “kills” me. Anyway, I remember awhile back a rumor that he bashed Taylor, calling him a drunk who wouldn’t leave him alone. I think I read this on the GC site. Anyone else recall??

    I so wished and hoped Taylor would record something similar to Ray.

  246. I kind of remember that. He did not have kind words to say about Taylor when he sang Trouble on Idol.

  247. casualfan Says:

    I googled Ray Lamontagne calling Taylor Hicks a drunk and from what I can gather, Ray mentioned that Taylor was the guy who would go backstage (somewhere) and sing Sam Cooke songs to him drunk…LOL!

    Ray strikes me as the type that doesn’t like his music copied, he’s a strange cat himself but I LOVE his music.

    Simon also referred to Taylor as being drunk a few times.

  248. What’s better than drunk Taylor???? FOR REAL? So, Tay stalked Ray?? HILARIOUS!! Makes me love him even more, Just pisses me off that Ray would bash him,cuz I do love Taylor so, even though he is a complete jackass.

  249. jerseyirish Says:

    I thought AI had to get the artists permission to use thier music on the show before the folks sang them. I remember they had to get Bruce Springsteen’s permission for “Dancing in the Dark” for Taylor. If that is the case why would Rayl complain?


  250. Christa Says:

    “she’s not losing any sleep over a few middle-age women not liking here.”

    LOL dude its not just middle aged women, I’m 16 and I freaking despise Lady Gaga and the type of sh!t on the radio today.
    Theres a lot more kids who like the oldies style then you think.

  251. “American Idol” must obtain permission from owners of song licenses before the music can be used on the show. While many love the exposure, some artists _ the Beatles, for one _ like to rigidly control use of their music.”

    So what the hell was Ray going on about??? He is an odd duck.

  252. casualfan Says:

    Good for YOU Christa! Use YOUR voice and tell it like it is!

  253. casualfan Says:

    Prince is another one. Yes, Ray is a very odd duck indeed.

  254. Christa Says:

    Agreed Ray is odd, obviously he was asked permission so I don’t know why he was bashing. Good artist though.
    And Taylor did Trouble well.

  255. Christa Says:

    By the way, Taylor will be singing the National Anthem, here..

    “On Tuesday, April 7, the Giants will officially embark on their 51st season in San Francisco, 126th campaign in Major League Baseball and 10th season at AT&T Park, when they face the Milwaukee Brewers at 1:05 p.m. In a game known for its on field heroes and their ability to provide fans with magical moments and memories, the Giants will pay tribute to a national hero whose instincts and talents resulted in the saving of 155 lives and countless more when he miraculously landed Flight 1549 in New York’s Hudson River earlier this year. Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, a resident of Danville, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch, and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks will perform the National Anthem.”

    ^^ Wooo.

  256. casualfan Says:

    He’s not arriving in that damn ice-cream cone is he?

  257. Christa Says:

    I hope not lmao!!!
    Although that’d be funny to watch, a giant ice cream cone floating onto the field.

  258. casualfan Says:

    Not a pretty site….

  259. jerseyirish Says:

    Christa, Thanks for your 16 yr old perspective. Everybody happened to come into the den when she was on, 22 yr old son “What a mess”, 19 yr old daughter “God could she get any trashier looking”, hubby picked up the remote and hit mute and said “train wreck, how can you watch this crap”. Did not like anything about her, don’t care how many number one singles she has, to me she screamed the song didn’t sing it.


  260. jerseyirish Says:

    Dr. Spin, Thats what I saei a little further up, what is he complaining about he must have given his permission to use the song.


  261. 3/4 of the crap that is/was on the radio the in past 15-20 years is hardly what anyone could call talent. Of course with some exceptions.
    Most of it is digitally mastered, anyhow.
    When I was growing up, I am in my late 20’s,I was lucky enough to have parents who were into music. the good shit, too. Beatles, ELO, Supertramp, Doobs, Allman Bros,Cocker,James Taylor,etc….God, I was weaned on this stuff, I think I would shrivel up and die if I was forced to grow up on Rhianna,50 cent and Fall Out Boy.

  262. Christa Says:

    “Christa, Thanks for your 16 yr old perspective. Everybody happened to come into the den when she was on, 22 yr old son “What a mess”, 19 yr old daughter “God could she get any trashier looking”, hubby picked up the remote and hit mute and said “train wreck, how can you watch this crap”. Did not like anything about her, don’t care how many number one singles she has, to me she screamed the song didn’t sing it.


    Thanks. Lol thats exactly how my parents and sister were, and the spazzing guys in the suits had us laughing. And was that a zipper on her eyelid?
    It was just a mess, I don’t get the big hype. Too much going on and wayyyy overproduced. What happened to good music? :S

    Yeah, there’s a lot of younger people that would rather listen to The (extremely legendeary) Beatles then say… the Jonas Brothers. *Cringe*


  264. She looked like an albino Winehouse.

  265. Snowstorm Says:

    Good! She’s still not losing any sleep!

  266. Christa Says:

    LMAO! Winehouse is another messed up one. :S

  267. Christa Says:

    “God, I was weaned on this stuff, I think I would shrivel up and die if I was forced to grow up on Rhianna,50 cent and Fall Out Boy.”

    *Goes into convulsions hearing those names* ahhh no!
    FOB is okay though, but JUST okay. Nothing special and Patrick is way pitchy and off tune live.

  268. Winehouse rocks!

  269. casualfan Says:

    She looked like an albino Winehouse.
    Ok, I’m done seriously laughing my ass off on this one and I swear I thought the exact same thing last night when I saw her….ROFLAMO!

    Amy Winehouse is seriously mucked up but she has an original voice and blows away GaGa and all the other wannabe’s IMO. That is one sad story there with what she has put herself through….what a waste.

  270. spinshack Says:

    She certainly looks like Winehouse, same profile too; that zipper face was a kick. I found her entertaining since Cook almost put me to sleep. Would I buy her music? Hell no, but I might watch her music vids just to see what the hell she was wearing.

    Good to see you over this way DrSpin.

  271. If you read the Mellencamp article he mentions country having “grabbed the heartland” of music (or something to that effect) when all these corporate changes came on the scene. Perhaps Taylor DOES intend to try to get his foot in the door in that market. I’m always surprised how well the country-leaning idols have done compared to many others who actually made it much farther on the show. It could be part of his plan. After all, he did put a few country songs on the CD. So if that is what he wants to do, who are we to argue about it? It could get the whole CD noticed more.

  272. OK, my 12 year old daughter is gonna go NUTS!
    Edward this and Edward that!
    Thanks for the links, it’s gonna be a long night! LOL

    I surprised her with the Twilight movie the other day, I told her my hands were too full and if she could carry my “thingy” for me, that was in the glove box of my car, whe opened the glove box and there was the DVD……she started crying! One of those moments I was happy to be a Mom!

  273. spinshack Says:

    /Highjacking thread a moment to talk to Barb:/
    Barb Says:
    April 3, 2009 at 9:22 am

    OK, my 12 year old daughter is gonna go NUTS!
    Edward this and Edward that!
    Thanks for the links, it’s gonna be a long night! LOL

    I surprised her with the Twilight movie the other day, I told her my hands were too full and if she could carry my “thingy” for me, that was in the glove box of my car, whe opened the glove box and there was the DVD……she started crying! One of those moments I was happy to be a Mom!

    Barb, hahaha she and I could sit together and scream. I went with my 10 yr old about a month ago or so and saw it, then bought it for her and re-watched it the other day. That sent me on this freaking google mission to catch up on the rpattz hysteria. Missed out completely while most was happening. Really funny stuff on the guy, he’s quite the comedian as well.

    Does she know he’s got a new movie out April 28th? Plays a heartbroken musician. It’s an Indie flick, called “How To Do”. Album out too, April 27th. Tell her I ‘get it’. ha. 😉

  274. All I have to say is if Lady Gag Gag is the new great music that I should be listening to… I’ll pass.

    That is not good music. She is one of the reasons I don’t listen to the radio.

    I don’t listen to the radio to find new music.

    I feel sorry for this generation. They will have no music to listen to when they get to be our age… oh my what will they do then? Pull out the Lady Gag Gag?

  275. brightlite Says:

    thank you suze. You are sweet to reply in kind like this. I agree that Taylor’s work is more mature than most kids can relate to, on the other hand, I see the evolution of kids every day, seemingly overnight, as they lesve the simplicity of life in the dust, when responsiblity finally creeps into their lives.
    What I ma saying is that the kids are not really kids when I get them, they are young adults in the fomrative years, and they are longing to grow up and longing to KNOW what it’s like to be accepted as an adult…it s hard to explain. They are willing to embrace to something deep and something real, if it has meaning and is pertinent in their life experience. Since Taylor writes alot of music about pain and some are very serious, this could be an inroad right there, a starting point.
    funny enough, the tables turned a bit by Friday. The girls who said they didn’t like 19 were saying that they liked it alot but they didn’t like to study while they listened to it, said it wasn’t motivating enough. But they talked about it, actually spoke up about the song, it was all positive and very insightful. I was surprised by it, how the class just sorts free spoke about 19. The consensus overall is that its a sad song, but the other aspect is that it is a song with impact. That is important. It will be pertinent very soon. No doubt in my mind, the song will move on its own and grow legs in the younger crowd.
    From my mouth to God’s ears huh? Yep.
    Now I am going to go to bed now.
    I am sure no one will see this respons to you, it is buried in the 1000’s of comments.

  276. brightlite Says:

    oh and one other thing…teens don’t really need much revving of their libidos…they are all revved up and ready to go…trust me on that one. 😉 They like songs with a beat though, that much I found out for sure.

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