79 Responses to “Emotion”

  1. I would definitely appreciate hearing lots more music like Somehow from Taylor!

  2. taylorfan06 Says:

    These are GREAT examples of real “passion”. Very “heart” felt that are sung from their “soul”. Nice way to start the day!

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, They all show great passion for the music being sung, you can hear them singing from their hearts, Taylor included. Great examples!!! 🙂


  4. And definitely gonna get me some Will Hoge! Terrific!

  5. Will Hoge is absolutely fantastic!

  6. OK, now I’m bummed. I had to turn off ‘Bring It On Home’, because it hurt too much. Does anybody else experience that sometimes? Where the melody, the lyrics and the performance all come together so beautifully that you can’t even listen to it?

    Sometimes a song is so moving it makes me want to paint- and I’m not even a painter. (ha!) You creative people out there know what I mean- you feel inspired to move somebody the way that song moved you. I’m feeling that way now after ODing on these lovely tunes. (Alas, I have to work on my taxes today! Hmmm..did I just say ‘alas’?)

    Taylor definitely has it in him to hurt me so badly that I have to turn the song off. Wait a minute. Let me get that straight. Sometimes Taylor’s performance is so good that I can’t listen to it. Well, there’s the definitiion of irony.

    He’s not the only one who does that to me. Once in college, my music teacher walked into the lecture hall and without a word, sat down at the piano and started banging out some Franz Liszt. I burst into tears. (It was so embarrassing!)

    I wonder why some people are so sensitive to music? That should be researched. Somebody get on that and report back to us.

    ‘Why such a long post, Caryl?’ Weren’t you listening? I’m supposed to be doing my taxes! *pouting* OK, I’m going.

  7. Does he still perform live? i got confused result w hen I googled him. Hubby and I are going to Jazz fest in April. I looked for his name on the schedule but didn’t see it.

  8. Does he still perform live? I got confusing results when I googled him. Hubby and I are going to Jazz Fest in April. I looked on the schedule hoping to see his name but didn’t.

  9. http://www.willhoge.com/tour

    Yep, looks like he just kicked off a few shows.

  10. Yeah, I know that feeling.

    That Marc Broussard song, Gavin’s Song, is actually a song he wrote for his son. Those lyrics blow me away.

    I wish you freedom
    I wish you peace
    I wish you nights of stars
    That beckon you to sleep
    I wish you heartache
    That leaves you more of a man
    I wish I could be there
    But I can’t

    I wish you places
    That sit so still
    Where people never ever change
    and never ever will
    I wish I could hold you
    And make you understand
    I wish I could be there
    But I can’t

    Be good for your mama
    Cause she’ll need a hand to hold
    Boy, she loves you
    More than you’ll ever know
    There are rhymes and there are reasons
    And times when nothing stayed the same
    But you know my love still remains

    I wish you wisdom
    I wish you years
    I wish you armies
    To conquer all your fears
    I wish you courage for all that life demands
    I wish I could be there
    But I can’t

    Be good for your mama
    Cause she’ll need a hand to hold
    Boy, she loves you
    More than you’ll ever know
    There are rhymes and there are reasons
    And times when nothing stayed the same
    But you know my love still remains

    I wish we were together
    I wish I was home
    I wish there were nights
    Where I was never alone
    I know I’ve said it
    But I’ll say it once again
    I wish I could be there
    But I can’t

    I mean who hasn’t felt those things when you have a child…but it’s the way he delivers it and the melody. Damn, now that’s good music.

  11. OMG, tht’s beautiful. I couldn’t understand the words. I caught some here and there and thought it was a love song for a woman. Thanks.

  12. Looks like the closet to me would be Decatur GA but that’s too far. I think he should be invited to the Jazz Fest. He would be great there.

    Have any of you ever been? It’s worth a trip to New Orleans for it.
    There is a pdf of the stage line ups. If you see anyone you are familiar with that is a standout let me know. We haven’t decided which day to attend yet.

  13. I meant other than the big names like Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, Sugarland Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews Band….

  14. Well, look at this crap! I hate AI. http://www.americanidol.com/news/view/pid/1612 Not a mention of Taylor.

  15. spinshack Says:

    Now if Mr. Hicks’ “The Distance” was making music chart waves – in a positive manner – then you’d see him mentioned. The show is all about self-gratification and self-promotion. Hicks just isn’t what fits.

  16. jerseyirish Says:

    rajrae, That is an absolute slap in the face, they are so obvious about their dislike of Taylor, yet he never says anything bad about them, maybe they should follow Taylor’s lead.


  17. They are pigs.

  18. But they didn’t mention Fantasia, Jordin Sparks or even Carrie Underwood, so I’m OK.

  19. Most definitely.

  20. casualfan Says:

    No mention of Daughtry either and he does have a new release coming out soon. Looks like they only mentioned the Idols that have already appeared on this years show and the ones scheduled to appear.

  21. Do they all also have new cd’s out right now?

  22. Or if they were going to be making any money off it.

  23. casualfan Says:

    I’m from New Orleans…born and bred rajrae. Congrats on going to Jazz Fest. The city comes alive during that time and it’s awesome!

  24. 1. I can see how the publicity would be good but who the heck reads American Idol News?

    2. Taylor made a far superior album without their help. I think the farther he gets from the AI stuff the better he will do.

  25. casualfan Says:

    I thought Taylor’s cd was in the top five on the Indy Charts?

  26. casualfan Says:

    I completely agree Blue. The American Idol winner title is old news anyway. Move on is what I say…

  27. This is true. I went looking for the ad for the Distance that sometimes rotates on the top of the page. A poster from Canada in yesterday’s topic still has not heard anything other than WRIR, and I thought there might be some sample music in the ad she could lisen to (like there was on the Oprah page.) I caught that Idol News sotry and it just made me angry that they left him out but put in Mandissa (who I really liked) but she didn’t WIN or even get that close to winning.

    So blue and casualfan, do you actually think it would be better for him not to appear on the show this year at all? I wish he could just leave them in the dust too but the exposure for his record, and the possibility to draw in a new fan base seems llike a pretty big thing to me.

  28. You still live here? We moved here 33 years ago this summer from Houston. So H and I are transplants but our kids are all born and raised here. (But not bred. LOL) My son-in-law – yea, he was born and bred. There is a difference. 🙂

    We’ve been to the fest before, but not in a few years. I would love to go every year but it gets kind of expensive. We don’t actually live in the city but out by the airport.

  29. casualfan Says:

    rajrae, It’s my opinion that it wouldn’t do any good sale wise regarding his cd. Most people that saw Taylor on AI saw a different side of Taylor Hicks. The core of AI’s audience is for mainstream pop/rock and country genre’s. Taylor seems to have his own genre going on.

  30. casualfan Says:

    You still live here? We moved here 33 years ago this summer from Houston. So H and I are transplants but our kids are all born and raised here. (But not bred. LOL) My son-in-law – yea, he was born and bred. There is a difference.

    We’ve been to the fest before, but not in a few years. I would love to go every year but it gets kind of expensive. We don’t actually live in the city but out by the airport.
    No, I left the cresent city back in the late 90’s. I’m more of a fresh air mountain person.

    The Jazz Fest itself is pretty spendy but there are lots of things going on in the city during that time…or at least there use to be.

    I’m very familiar with the airport area. Vet’s Blvd and Williams Blvd use to be one of my favs.

  31. I lived in Lafayette for seven years. That’s where one of my babies was born. Loved it!

    Hey, you cajun and creole folk. Here’s a question. Taylor once said there was Zydeco on the new CD. Where do you hear it? WDB?

  32. OK rajrae, this is getting freaky. We moved from Louisiana TO Houston. But truth be told, I’m a Yankee. Born and raised in New York.

  33. But of course if Taylor can be on American Idol, he needs to do it. Millions of people watch that retched show. There could be fans of his who just kind of forgot about him. And of course, he could pick up new ones.

    It’s a safe bet he would perform his single, but what song do you all think would appeal to AI viewers?

  34. brightlite Says:

    I posted this on the other thread…
    I guess we all are entitled to our opinions.
    I was referring to the American Idol appearances, and I guess I didn’t make that clear enough.
    He was not “cool” on Idol, he was a cute and cuddly southern born man who danced a bit spastic, but cute all the same.
    But no one said he danced “cool.”
    Just reiterating what was said back then. Still today he has his own style, and no one dances like him, he is unique and that may be “cool” in my book, and in all of y’alls books, but in mainstream America, it isn’t necessarily “cool.” He is just different.
    I have seen Taylor six times LIVE from very closeup, and thought he was dramatic and mezmerizing in concert BTW.
    Not many men can move like him, no doubt, but the label we put on it is varied depending on the person’s perspective.
    Sorry to upset so many people.
    Carry on indeed.

  35. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Taylor does have a very unique way of moving to the music, he just makes you want to move right along with him. I thought his “dancing” on Idol was part of his charm and always enjoyed watching him.


  36. Thanks for the vids! I agree very passionate and emotional performances by extremely underrated artists.
    Will Hoge, never heard of him but after watching this I’m gonna check his music out.

  37. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’m with both of you, BL and JI. LOVE your posts!

  38. Redrosespeedway Says:

    I was just on HQ and there was a poster there who said at a meet and greet he looked straight at them and said that he hadn’t gotten the call yet from AI to appear on their show. What are they waiting for?

  39. I LOVE that song by Will Hoge!! Thanks for putting that up, IAG.

    I’m kind of on the fence about Mr. Hicks and an AI appearance. He should do it for the exposure factor, but he absolutely must make it a showstopper, and not for the Soul Patrol. It’s almost like a second chance for him, with an enormous viewing audience. He really ought to do SMB and blow the roof of the place ala “Tobacco Road”.

  40. Does anybody else experience that sometimes? Where the melody, the lyrics and the performance all come together so beautifully that you can’t even listen to it?

    Caryl, I had something very similar happen to me. I was actually at the Biltmore Estate (in North Carolina) around Christmas several years ago. It was beautifully decorated, and a group of Dicken’s style carolers came in and began singing hymns and such. I couldn’t control my emotions! Honestly, I’m not overly religious, so I know it wasn’t “faith induced”. I just think it was the holiday and my emotions…. oh, I don’t know. But I can completely identify with your embarassment.

    Sometimes a song is so moving it makes me want to paint- and I’m not even a painter. (ha!) You creative people out there know what I mean- you feel inspired to move somebody the way that song moved you.
    I know exactly how you feel. You want to find some avenue to express yourself!!

  41. I don’t cry and turn it off, but when I listen to IAOK there are parts where i feel a shuddering chill run through my body. Taylor makes you FEEL the emotion in your soul in that song. Me anyway.

  42. I see nothing wrong with his dancing. To me he feels the music and moves however the music moves him.

    Although I do like it when he rotates his hips and bootie around… I guess you call it gyrating!!

  43. I like to feel the emotion of the singer, but also I like to feel how their emotion singing the song makes me feel.

    I don’t know how many time I have teared up during “Nineteen” the words “he’s somebody’s son, in a hole with a gun, in a foreign land.” Just gets me everytime. I guess I relate to it because I have a 17 yr old son. Although he is not interested in the service.

    For me I guess it’s the lyrics, plus the emotion of the artist that gets me teared up.

    Hell… there’s been times at a pro baseball game during the National Anthem I’ve gotten all emotional. (I’m not a cry baby either)

  44. Now this is going to sound stupid but I went to the AI season 7 concert in Houston last fall (my sister twisted my arm to go with her). I don’t remember the name of the contestant. The pretty blonde girl who rode horses a lot. LOL Well, she sang “Proud to Be An American” with a big flag waiving behind her. It just happened to be the night before my son was shipping out to Iraq (the one that just got back) and I couldn’t control it, I was bawling out in public and I’m sure everyone around me thought I was a dork. I also cried when I first listened to Nineteen and then again when someone put that video up with it on Youtube.

    So I guess that is different. A musical performance can move me deeply but has never made me cry. Only the content of a song has. Not the same thing.

  45. I believe he did a short tour with Marc Broussard last fall. I think that was him. They were supposed to be in Lawrence, KS one night, and I wanted to go but wasn’t alble to make it.

    I did get to see Marc Broussard a couple months later at a Casino here in town…. he is awesome live!! He will be one that I see everytime he comes to town.

  46. More freaky – my husband was born in Brooklyn and moved to Houston as a kid, where I met him in our high school days. 🙂

    The Zydeco: I’m thinking it must be Keeping It Real. ?? Parts of that song definitely reminds me of south LA style music. I didn’t know how to describe it but yes, I would say it’s Zydeco flavored. The bell or xylophone sounding instrument, and then especially the harmonica solo in the middle. But Zydeco usually has an accordion and a washboard so I may be wrong.

    But what other song could it be? Wedding Day Blues is more bluegrass. LOVE that fiddle solo in the middle! Once Upon A Lover is Latin/salsa/Caribbean combination. Zydeco has Caribbean influence too, but I just think KIR is probably it. I’m no music expert though. (I really do like that song. I just listened to it twice listening for the instruments. )

  47. The first time I listened to ‘The Fall,’ I burst into tears. I mean, I SOBBED! Probably because I’ve been the girl who took the fall when my boyfriend moved on up in the world (the bastard). But it was more than the lyrics. It was the beautiful melody and the way Taylor sang it, quietly and honestly.


  48. (Maybe he was just talking out his butt. LOL)

  49. That’s really strange… Ryan said “ALL OUR IDOLS WILL BE MAKING AN APPEARANCE ON THE SHOW.” I was watching it myself when he said it.

    I bet it would KILL them to have him on. They aren’t making any money off of him, and the thought of giving him that kind of publicity and boost is probably like a splinter in their butts. But they had Ruben on, and he’s no longer on their label, right? How could they have them all on and not Taylor? It would be like saying “We don’t even acknowledge you as an idol winner any more.” IMO: They don’t like him because he didn’t let them pull him around by the nose. They don’t want to see him successful because they aren’t getting a cut of it. Sorry, this subject gets me really riled up.

  50. Sorry bl, I did not read your original post. Thanks for clarifying that.

  51. Ummm off topic but still Taylor related. So I just got crap from a Soul Patroller for putting Taylor’s songs on youtube. I’m a ‘bad fan’ or a ‘Daughtry fan’.
    My God, youtube is a way to get music heard. ELLO! -_-

  52. brightlite Says:

    American Idol probably won’t ask him back, as he is on an Indie label, his own record lable for that matter, and yes…if he were to be givena shot and sang The Distance, he would rock the house, boost his sales, and American Idol would see none of it. These people did not get filthy rich by providing a showcase for nothing in return. They don’t own him anymore, he escaped their clutches, and he walks alone through the jungle called the music industry. He has no parachute, no net or no free lunches. Taylor is on his own. It makes me sad to think this is the case, I get angry about it too, but then I realize that at least he has “something.”
    1) He owns his record label and it’s HIS. He is on the same level as any record label in that he can produce, and publish music, and market music …so he IS in the game.
    2) He has chutzpah, or as Rosie says Balls and he does have that going for him because you have to be fearless in that arena, and look these people in the eye when you talk to them, and make them know you aren’t afraid, intimidated, or willing to take no for an answer when it comes to business.
    3) He is is the Idol Champion and he has a name. Even if he isn’t respected by Idol PTB he is famous, and he is a celebrity, he always will be too, because he just doesn’t let up, he never, ever quits. That’s part of chutzpah (pronounced hootz-PA) in bullet 2).
    4) He will be okay without Idol to be honest, it would be a good exposure for him, and he deserves it, but when a door closes, you can either find another door, or bang down the one that closed. I think he likes to bang on doors even when they close, and don’t forget a very important saying…the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so maybe he should squeak a bit, and then that phone call will come somehow.
    5) Taylor is used to swimming upstream, nothing has ever been easy for him really, his whole life was a series of challenges and trials, and it is funny how once we set up in our lives how we are, well by jove that is how we be forever. This is just part of Taylor’s persona kinda, the whole let’s do it the hard way kind of attitude. It’s just the way he is kinda, if you know what I mean.
    If Idol snubs him well guess frickin what? I have snubbed Idol. I didn’t watch one episode this season, nor did I talk it up with my students like previous seasons. I don’t know, nor do I care who is in it or who wins or who goes home. I think the Season Five was the epitomy of the show at its very best, the core entertainment value righ there in the top four of Taylor, Kat, Yamin, and Daughtry. It doesn’t nor can it get better than that. It had all the elements of drama, suspence, intrigue, mystery, and yes…even music and great voices…the very best belonging to our beloved Taylor.
    Have a good night. I am trying to in the midst of the biggest stress I have
    EVER known, and it all came on last night, but with God’s graces and His wisdom I will make it through. Like someone said before me as God as my witness I will make it through this, and tomorrow IS another day.
    sorry for typos goodnight all

  53. brightlite Says:

    its ok. No apologies are needed.
    be well.

  54. Yay!!! Christa’s in the Bad Fan Club!!! Yay!!!

    Okay, for your initiation… say something about Mr. Hicks that REALLY bothers you!! Go!! Do it!! Do it!!

  55. brightlite Says:


  56. Oh God lol! XD
    Seriously though since when did people start getting categorized as ‘good fans’ and ‘bad fans’. We don’t have to worship everything he does and we certainly don’t have to NOT post his music on youtube. I say its a good thing to get it out more.

  57. I completely agree, Christa. I’ve gotten shit a few times for putting video/songs up on youtube.

    It’s called promotion.

  58. Yeah you posted Indiscriminate Act of Kindness right? Thought it was stupid how people accused you of being out to ruin his career or something. Very irrational accusations. One of the reasons why fans (Not SPers) tend to stay away from the SP boards.
    Exactly it’s promotion. Theres a huge amount of people who STILL don’t know that Taylor has a new CD out. Sad but true, so a bit of promotion here and there could help people know. Including youtube, which millions, maybe billions of people log into every day.

  59. I Recommend Says:

    Two must sees in my book:

    John Scofield & The Piety Street Band
    Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen.

  60. But why would anyone want to go buy it if they can get it for free off YouTube? Doesn’t that hurt Taylor? It already has Nineteen, ICOK, KIR, and SMB was free on amazon.

  61. There’s always going to be people who will illegally download an artist’s music one way or another, no matter who it is or where they get it from. I use youtube as a positive though to get people to hear an artists music.
    For Example, if you search for David Archuleta’s debut on youtube, there will be so many leaked songs from his album, that were uploaded around the week it was released.
    It’s nothing new really.

  62. I saw that on the BB today jersey! Pretty nice. I wondered what song he was singing. WRIR or BSD.

  63. Hey, I see Amazon now has Yes We Can as a download. I thought that was strictly an iTunes bonus.

  64. Ha ha! That’s the worst intersection in Kenner. 😀

  65. Thanks for the suggestions. You saw them on the jazz fest schedule, right? Did you notice which days?

  66. Well there is definitely rock and country on the album. And SMB is a combination of both. That’s why it would be great.

    Well, he’s getting pretty good publicity from Grease. I hope it’s enough if idol shuns him this season. I’ll stop watching the show if they have all the winners on but him.

  67. I Recommend Says:

    John Scofield and the Piety Street Band..Fri 5/1 at 5:45 at the Blues Tent

    Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen
    Fri 5/1 9pm at the Parish HOB
    Sat 5/2 11:30 party at the Maple Leaf Bar
    Sun 5/3 12:35 pm at the Gentilly Stage

    Jon Cleary will also appear with Bonnie Raitt, Fri 5/1
    Acura Stage 3:30pm

    Others on my list wourld be Marc Broussard, Robert Cray, Etta James, Doc Watson, Aaron Neville, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Buddy Guy and Wynton Marsalis along with the obvious headliners.

  68. Well, that’s interesting. I thought it was an iTunes bonus too.


  69. Exactly. And if anybody can get past the crazy responses from the SP, they can see that some people are actually buying the cd from Target because of that song.

  70. spinshack Says:

    I think that’s one of Hicks’ weakest special track offerings – I’m not interested in buying it but I have heard it. 😉

  71. Well, emotive singing is not all about the sad, pull at your heart strings, make you want to slit your wrist kind of emotion…

    Marc Broussard also does this…

    and then there’s the emotion of these:

    Born & bred in Lafayette (God’s Country)…

    Yes We Can is the “zydeco” track. With Ivan Neville, Delbert McClinton, and Stax legend, Steve Cropper as back-up on this song, it’s hard to mistake it for anything else. BTW, here is Marc Broussard’s recent version:

  72. oh, and for the record, “Yes We Can” is one of my favorites from the CD. It’s already on my Mardi Gras playlist.


  73. Yeah, the first link..I had just gotten done listening to on last.fm right before I took this out of moderation. ha..weird.

  74. “Yes We Can” was written by Allen Toussaint and originally recorded by The Pointer Sisters in 1973. Toussaint is the famous New Orleans soul/funk guru who wrote “Workin’ in a Coal Mine”, “Ruler of My Heart”, “Ooh oop pa doop”, “Ya ya” and “Mother in Law” among many, many others. He also wrote Glen Campbell’s smash hit “Southern Nights” as well as Boz Skaggs “What Do You Want the Girl to do” and produced Dr. John’s “Right Place, Wrong Time” and Labelle’s famous “Lady Marmlade. ”

    One of the royalty of funk.

  75. “Home” is a beautiful thing.

  76. brightlite Says:

    Yeah music maven…well that is a really great musician there…Jerry Lee Lewis. Watching him ont he piano with his hair falling down on his face, ferociously bang away with precision and passion wrapped into a bundle of energy and enthusiasm reminds me what I LOVE about music. If passion doesn’t come across, no matter the vehicle…voice or instrument, the artist does not stand a chance.
    Thank you for those vids and for those reminders of time long gone, and probably never to return.
    Hope you all are well.


  77. brightlite Says:

    Also, on a side note the video snd song Home underscores what the kids told me in their surveys…they want a clear and distinct BEAT.
    There is percussion in that song, and it DRIVES the beat. I hope that Taylor develops his music to include songs that have a driving beat, a rhythymic beat, or a constant beat the the listener can “attach” to. There is something to it.
    Oh and I am glad that you all seem to agree with what I said a few threads back that Taylor is an entertainer, and that musically he needs to work it out, shake it out so to speak. I am sorry if my comment about him as as musician ruffled feathers, but from where I come from, music is very serious, and the level of “musicianship” is very high in my background. Not with me personally I might add, just in my family. I can’t explain except to say that it is in my blood. Also, being that is so, I saw something in Taylor and I still believe in him as a musician, he is very talented and he has passion for making music, but finding the right recipe is sometimes very hard. He can do it, and he will do it, if he aspires to do so.
    Be well.

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