The Music will set you free…

…at least that’s what Taylor says. I’m not sure that’s what happened with him, but ok.

Taylor put out a post now saying that it’s alright to tape his shows, audio or video.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Recording Policy- Solo Shows
In an effort to promote fan interaction, Taylor Hicks will now allow audience members to record most live solo shows and permits non-profit trading of the recordings. This may be done with non-professional handheld cameras and does not include any of Taylor’s Grease performances.

“In an effort to promote fan interaction”? Is that another way of saying “Why can’t you all just get along?”


Check out this great group, the Savannah Leigh Band. Fantastic song.


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  1. Yeah, I saw that and I’m glad he issued a statement. So, now I’m not ‘uncomfortable’ with the music sharing anymore.

  2. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Always thought the ban would be lifted once the CD was released, just felt he waned folks to hear the music as he presented it. Glad to see that he did lift it.


  3. I don’t think ‘promote fan interaction’ is about ‘can’t we all get along.’ I think it’s just fun to trade and share media from live shows, and so it is good for getting the fans engaged and interested and ‘interacting’. And if it’s good for the fans, it’s good for Taylor. If there is media to hear, aren’t we all more active, more ‘hooked in’…? Don’t we interact more, talk about the music more and just do more fan stuff if there is media out there? I think we do.

    The active, interested fans are spending fans.

  4. taylorfan06 Says:

    Imagine being 5 ft. (or less) away from Taylor as he sang “The Right Place”. That’s where I was at The Roxy and I was blown away by this performance, and the entire show. It was a GREAT one!!!

    The power of THAT VOICE – Heart AND Soul all the way, people. It gave me chills. Trust me, Taylor is a stellar performer who gives you something to talk about. He’s very mighty on stage – DAMN!

    I knew that ban would be temporary, after the CD release. With all that he gave to his fans previously, it’s a shame there were those who gave him so much Shit over the that short term ban. Give the man some slack already!

    Enjoy his music… sight and sound.

  5. Well I think I’ve seen Taylor sing The Right Place about 8 different ways, all of them good. This was a very nice interpertation of the song. Only a first rate musician/singer can change things up as well as Taylor. I didn’t weigh in on the thread where some said he is not a great musician, but yes he is. More goes into being adept at an instrument such as he is with the harp. His knowledge, arrangement skills, skill in using his voice as an instument being self taught, and perfect pitch are some of those things they make him a great musician. Thank goodness fans are so kind and skilled to share his concert performances. I understand why he needed the temporary ban but he was wise to lift it.

  6. mamaforpeace Says:

    T&J, that’s how I understood it.

  7. t&j . . now he just needs to get that permission letter to and reach out to the taper community and we’re golden. :]

  8. Thats good that he’s lifted the ban, had a feeling he would after the CD release. I can understand why he did that, so I don’t get why people gave him crap about it. Jesus.
    Now to enjoy some more live Taylor vids. Yesahhh.

    Speaking of live Taylor, I’ve seen a couple of vids of him performing Seven Mile Breakdown. He could really tear the whole house down on a TV appearance with that song. Guitar, harmonica, and of course his voice.
    And Rosie, agreed. The Right Place was the best off that post Idol CD, which really wasn’t much of a representation of who he was. Friggin AI tried to mold him into another cruddy pop product. =P

  9. The Music will set you free…

    …at least that’s what Taylor says. I’m not sure that’s what happened with him, but ok.

    Please explain….

  10. mamaforpeace Says:

    Wow! That was nice!!!

  11. taylorfan06 Says:

    I agree that Taylor WILL definitely tear it up when he performs SMB live. It would be great to see the live performance I saw (BU, Roxy) performed on Idol. A shortened 5-6 min. version could work and show people the real artist he is. “Guitar, harmonica, and of course his voice.”
    Eyebrows would raise! I would love that to be the next single. And performed on AI. (The only time I’ll watch.)

    Regarding the post idol CD, I think he represented fine. The Right Place was great and should have been a hit, but I found the entire CD enjoyable. The Maze is actually the most played track on my iPod. I’ve played that CD so many times over the last few years. And still do. I really love it!

    It’s comments like yours that make Taylor downplay how good that CD really is. I mean he performed the hell out of all of those songs (except PIB, which I also LOVE) during the ’07 tour and the audiences ate them up. Taylor can be, and should be, proud of that CD!!!

  12. Whoa sorry lol being honest here. Just didn’t care much for the post Idol CD, there were some good songs and some that were ehhh. Right Place definitely stood out though, and The Maze was alright too. I’ll admit though when he did those songs off that album live, it made them better. The Distance is better by many miles though, JMO.

    And Seven Mile Breakdown would definitely be an eye raiser for people to watch live. Thats a good one. Don’t know about it being a single though, its available for free on Amazon.

    Anyone catch Taylor on Regis and Kelly? WRIR actually sounds better live.
    And they brought up that date with that one girl he did on R&K. He was uncomfortable, funny to watch.

  13. taylorfan06 Says:

    SMB was only free temporarily. It’s .99 now. MANY people have not yet heard it yet. I hope that changes – soon! The live performance was (is) AMAZING!!!! It KICKS ASS!

    Taylor shouldn’t seem so uncomfortable when discussing girls. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

  14. Really? Oh I didn’t know hahaha. Okay so its not free anymore.
    SMB live really does kick major ass, he brings down the house. Then again most of the time hes great on the stage. That is where he is at his best- performing live.

    Yeah he seems kind of shy on that subject, especially today when Regis and Kelly both brought it up. Nothing wrong with it, he’s just a more reserved and private person I would imagine.

  15. Dont know where my post went. But was saying i saw the clip and yeah i think he seemed uncomfortable too but also not interested, meanwhile they’re pushing some girl on him. Must be awkward. She’s nice and all but you can tell this is just work for him.

  16. casualfan Says:

    OMG-When Taylor performed SMB at The Roxy, I cried when it was finished. All of his PR team stood up including Felix Pollard and someone who is connected with Ray Charles’s people were all right next to me screaming “Now this is how it’s done!”

    I have never been one to go nuts over any song, but Taylor took me to church with that tune and completely erased any doubts I may have had regarding him and his career. I listen to his new CD more each day as the songs are now growing on me. I’m in the middle of illustrating a children’s book and now use his CD as my Muse of Inspiration.

    If there is a vid of Taylor performing SMB at The Roxy I strongly recommend who hasn’t watched it to do so. HE KICKED ASS!

  17. jerseyirish Says:

    Did you see the interview with her father in law Spencer Christianson, they bought her out and had a clip with R & K, he seemed totally uncomfortable with the whole thing. she was sweet promoted him and the CD, but you could tell he was not at ease with it.


  18. This is what you opened the entry with, and I’m trying understand what you mean so the discussion can go there a little bit. It implies that you have doubts (or flat out deny) that Taylor’s music has actually “set him free.” I’m trying to understand your meaning.

    Is it that Taylor is NOT actually “free” yet, perhaps because (as discussed yesterday) he has put out this “Entertainer” persona, first on AI and now Grease and the TV appearances? And as an “entertainer” he has to maintain a certain image that is not really who he is, hence he is still not really freed by his music?

    Or perhaps

    You don’t believe he really exhibits freedom, letting go, really FEELING his music when he performs, or when he recorded he new cd? After you said what you did, you put up a performance video.

    Neither? Both? Something else entirely? Or maybe you didn’t really want to go there (since it’s pretty much what was discussed yesterday) but actually just wanted everyone to cheer the new recording policy. Just saying, I really enjoyed the “different” discussion here the past few days.

  19. Well, I actually really liked that interview but I agree he seemed pretty embarrassed. Who wouldn’t be? They’ve what, been out on one date (if you can call it that, with cameras in your face the whole time) and then R&K are talking about “sparks flying” and a wedding! Geez. I noticed he didn’t look at her directly very much. I don’t blame him for being uncomfortable. She does seem really nice. And cute. It’s just got to be weird for him. She might not be his type at all. If there is anything there, or if not, just let them be and what happens happens, or doesn’t.

    Yea, it could all just be work for him. More exposure and publicity for Hicks the “Entertainer.” But I thought he seemed pretty genuine. If not he would have played it up and not been so embarrassed by it.

  20. I totally enjoyed the Savannah Leigh Band. I liked the song on the video pretty much but several of them on their website even more. Thanks for the link. Canadian I see….

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    rajrae, I agree, things at this point should happen naturally, I felt bad for him looking so uncomfortable with it, I also noticed he didn’t really llook at her at all, who knows maybe it was set up and he knew or it could have been the kiss of death if he didn’t know it was coming, time will tell. I’m sure at this point he feels obligated to take her out and that just shouldn’t be, he should go because he wants to.


  22. I do think he now feels obligated to take her out, given that her step dad was talking shot guns and she was promoting him. Wonder if she attended Grease as his invited guest. Bottom line most guys like to be the one doing the chasing and it must be hard for him to trust her keeping things quite given her step dad is a tv guy. They kind of all made it seem like they are an item.

  23. Yes, and I think that is why he was uncomfortable. They can’t be an “item.” They hardly know each other. But he’s a big boy. If he actually likes her he’ll see her while he’s in town. Hopefully with no cameras. OTOH, I hope he doesn’t feel “obligated” to see her. Could this be one more situation he’s gotten himself into where he can’t be free to be himself? There could be a publicity backlash because of her connections if he blows off the relationship. That possibility could force him to act in a way he doesn’t really want to. Not good…..

    Also wondering, after seeing the behind-the-scene videos if she would fit in with that side of Taylor. LOL (Who knows and why do I care so much?)

  24. Snowstorm Says:

    I just saw that clip. This gets better all the time! So, the stepdad is friends with Regis Philbin? Julie is a plant and this was set-up from the very beginning. Taylor looks so completely disinterested and “put on the spot”. I feel so sorry for him, that this is what he’s forced to do to promote his album.

  25. taylorfan06 Says:

    TOTALLY!!!!! Taylor does have a knack for picking/writing songs that work well LIVE!

  26. taylorfan06 Says:

    It could be a LONG month for Taylor in SF.

  27. Totally agreed, they were just shoving that girl to him it seems. He must feel rather suffocated and obligated. And the step father into this as well, yikes.

  28. casualfan Says:

    Taylor is a VERY private person and I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate his private life (once again) being aired out for all to see. I don’t blame him for being uncomfortable but it’s not up to me to speculate the reasons. I say stick to the music and let him be regarding who he dates or doesn’t. But that’s just my opinion of course 😉

  29. brightlite Says:

    Shotguns? Is she pregnant?
    That is the only time I have ever heard of that term being thrown around. I didn’t see the episode, so I am commenting based on what you gys are writing.
    I say let them be, and she is cute and she sings too right? They make a lovely couple, and who knows why he was uncomfortable, maybe afraid fans will go nuts, he probably really digs her and wants to be with her but has to “justify” the relationship. Hey, if she was at Grease, it wasn’t because she bought a ticket. LOL. I am sure he is seeing her, and he should see her since he obviously likes her but he is very private too.
    Good luck to them. I wish them happiness like I do for all people who find love.
    Rosie you are right though about the chasing part. Men love the chase and if a woman is too easy to catch…well the chase just ain’t so much fun. I love the chase too…only I am the one always being chased, and I get out of breath sometimes…but so far, I haven’t been caught!
    A few times though, I was tagged but I got away! Right now, I am on base. So I am safe.

  30. casualfan Says:

    LOL! Do you honestly think that Taylor would get into this relationship especially now that the SP has it’s radar all over it! ROFLAMO!

  31. brightlite Says:

    I find it so weird how fans make excuses for his dating or having a girlfriend and are always discounting it. As if he can’t or doesn’t have “real” love interests. He does! It’s so strange how fans just take all of his relationships and make it seem like it’s not really there, like its an illusion. If it walks like a duck…
    Where there’s smoke…
    and you can fool some of the people of some of the time…

    You ALL know the rest.

  32. brightlite Says:

    Is he not human or is he not a man? The girl is HOT and well, read my post below…
    it IS what it IS even if he isnn’t quite comfortable with it. If he was in a relationship with her, we would not be seeing her right?
    Cmon. Taylor would NOT put a woman in front of fans, if he wasn’t seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY into her.
    I just say let them live.
    I think she is really cute and funny too, a little overbearing for my taste, but I am not tasting her. Eww!
    My bad. LOL

  33. brightlite Says:

    I meant to write
    If he was NOT in a relationship with her we would not be seeing her…
    sorry for the confusion

  34. brightlite Says:

    Please snow storm… forced to do to promote his album? OMG are you saying Taylor is a mamby pamby? A wimp?
    Taylor isn’t a little kid and he doesn’t have to date or see anyone because Regis Philbin knows her dad.
    That’s a crock and you know it.
    Don’t feel sorry for him, he is promoting his album just fine, and doesn’t need this date with Julie, he just wants it…that’s all.

  35. brightlite Says:

    Why are you calling me names? I disagree with your statement based on what I see and read. and you call me such a derogatory name. Face it hon, he is taken, by Julie. She is there isn’t she? Showing up on TV, at his concerts, with her step-dad, behind the scenes, and that is only the surface sweetie…
    The tip of the iceberg, and well it’s not all that bad…Taylor isn’t a baby, he can and will do as he pleases…retard? OMG I am lol.
    Don’t be so dramatic darling. 😛

  36. Well whether he likes the girl or not, and whether there are real sparks, Taylor likes to keep his private life well… just that. Private. And thats cool, I respect him for that; he’s not trying to throw his whole life out there like the desperate attention seekers in tabloids.
    He’s a traveling musician and I would imagine it being hard for such musicians to hold a relationship with the distance and such. Best of luck to him though whatever happens. 🙂

  37. And whoa no need to attack other posters. :S

  38. brightlite Says:

    Now I am heading out for a tan, not a real one mind you…a fake bake as I do burn easily and the Florida sun is going to turn me into a lobster! Then I am off to replant my flowers that I grew from seeds, they are all outgrowing their peat moss homes.
    I hope you guys enjoy your day and don’t stress over Taylor’s love life, and try to accept it as a reality and a normal thing for a guy.
    I have! And I have New Found Freedom now, which makes it all easier to swallow. LOL.
    I am putting on my running shoes if you know what I mean!
    Be well.
    That mean you too Snow…I mean that.

  39. brightlite Says:

    La di da di da….
    Singing in the rain…
    just singing in the rain…

    Such a testy little creature you are snow.

    You make me laugh so hard my sides are splitting…LMAO

    Why do you think Taylor is so desparate?
    Please stop before I pee myself.

  40. brightlite Says:

    Too late…
    Spill on Aisle 3

  41. Wtf, seriously? You know I like how everyone can post their opinion on Taylor’s ups and downs on his career, freely on this blog; it’s cool. But there’s no need for attacking other posters and calling them ‘retard’ or ‘idiot’ for disagreeing with what you have to say. 0_o

  42. brightlite Says:

    Oh snowy…it will be okay.
    We’re here for you in case you get the tremors. I never siad they would marry, I just said he is taken by her, and I guess I am right, since she is by his side huh?

    snowy snowy snowy
    Just let them be.


  43. brightlite Says:

    christa you are right, and for a young girl with a short span of time on the planet you are a voice of reason.
    But if you are new here…snowy is a bit…ummmmm, uhhhhhhhh
    off center? I think she has narcolepsy but that has not been confirmed. Ask her if it is so since she isn’t speaking to me in civil tones.
    But thanks for the vote of support.

  44. Snowstorm Says:

    Go consult your ouija board. They will give you all your answers, lol!

  45. brightlite Says:

    Yes I am a crazy mother fucker but I am a very nice and sincere crazy mother fucker.
    That’s where you and I differ… LOL
    I am having fun with you today snowy.

    Going away now snowy….don’t cry.
    I may be back.
    Later. 🙂

  46. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Hopefully you will get to see the video, Julie clearly states she went to see the show with a group of friends. So I don’t think Taylor was involved. If their had been a spark between them I don’t know if he was a part of this or not but it may have gone out with this. Let the guy make the next move, don’t bring him on TV and put him on the spot like that, he probably doesn’t want another CL eipsode again.

    Rosie, I agree that it could be very uncomfortable for all involved if things don’t work out. He deserves his personal time to be private when he is ready to introduce that someone speceial in his life he will, and not until then.


  47. Snowstorm Says:

    Seriously, go ask the ouija board if Taylor will marry this girl. Oh, the spooky ouiji board!!! I’m scared!!!

  48. brightlite Says:

    Just for YOU snow!!!

  49. Snow no need to react in that way, chill out a bit. Whether he’s interested in the girl or not is for people to guess if they want. Nobody really knows, as said before he’s really private about his love life, and I don’t blame him.
    You don’t have to call BL things for stating her opinion though. Attacking other people for their opinion isn’t necessary. People think for themselves and won’t always agree with you.

  50. brightlite Says:

    Oh I am rolling on the floor laughing over this one today!

    You crazy bitch!

    holy shit

    Ouiji and I consulting this afternoon and I will tell you what it says sweetie.
    But I will have to charge you, no more freebies.


  51. casualfan Says:

    BL, Taylor is NOT dating Julie. I have been silent on this, but I’m going to say it….he has a gf and she looks nothing like Julie, not even in the ballpark. She was up in VIP section next to me and she’s BEAUTIFUL and very, very sweet! Get over the thing with Julie, that was all PR.

  52. brightlite Says:

    Thanks Ji! I told the board I had not seen the clip, so I was just commenting on what I was reading. I just don’t see the harm in it, he should not feel embarrassed or anxious about dating for pete’s sake. What a shame that he feels that way.
    Whether or not it’s true or fals, makes no difference to us, he is entitled to a a social/personal life.
    I am trying to get ot but snowy keeps me engaged.
    But I think snowy is gone for a bit so I will sneak away.
    Watch my crazy bitch video clip, its so funny!
    I love that movie.

  53. Snowstorm Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! The ouija knows everything! 🙂

  54. casualfan Says:

    Stop spreading stupid gossip. You know about as much as the next person, which is zilch!
    Snow, I’m going to assume you are not talking to me but if you are, yeah actually I do know because I met the girl and standing right next to her when she was introduced to some of his friends.

    People get so bent out of shape when something is mentioned about Taylor and a woman. Geeesh……….

  55. brightlite Says:

    Well if that is the case why is everyone speculating then?
    I was not aware of any girlfirned, but if the he has one then why doesn’t someone come out and just say it, so there isn’t a thread liek this.
    I wasn’t aware but I don’t follow his every move. So then it makes sense that he would be uncomfortable.
    all someonehas to do is just say it plainly.
    it is so simple THEN!

    Thanks casual fan!
    snowy…did you watch my crazy bitch video?


  56. casualfan Says:

    Back on topic…..I’m glad Taylor lifted the ban. His live shows are forces to be reckoned with and more of the public should be exposed to them. Hearing his music live makes one appreciate the CD more.

  57. brightlite Says:

    Casual fan…I agree.
    Geeeeesh…… X2

  58. casualfan Says:

    And you know this to be a lie how? Sounds like you have real anger issues going on and I hope you find your way past them. Being angry that Taylor has someone to give him comfort in his life is just down right sad. Sorry you feel that way Snow.

  59. Well this all went to hell pretty fast. I wish I had not even commented on the girl at all now. Man I can’t imagine living a life where I had all these total strangers discussing my love life and making speculations, spreading gossip and rumors, yelling and cursing at each other over something they know nothing about etc….. Sad! 😦

  60. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, I think I was trying to say is he wants his private life private and not broadcast until he is ready. I am happy if Julie is who he wants to spend time with and nurture a relationship, it is wonderful to have someone special in your life. I wish them the best.


  61. Snowstorm Says:

    OMG, you just gave me a good laugh.

  62. Snowstorm Says:

    You are all from the AI boards, right? Everyday it was a new girlfriend rumor. It was so comical!

  63. brightlite Says:

    It is sad raj…I was just supporting his freedom to date and be with whomever he chooses and snowy got all batshit crazy on me.
    I am sorry youhad to witness this, but welcome to Taylor’s world.
    I wasn’t yelling, but I did curse…but in a funny way not a nasty way, so it’s just a little old sin, don’t evenhave to confess that I don’t think…but I might just in case. 🙂

  64. Snowstorm Says:

    No, not anger! Just laughing at all this silly nonsense you come up with.

  65. casualfan Says:

    And it’s best not too. People get way too invested in his private life and everything goes to hell.

    Back on topic…………..EVERYONE should see Taylor Hicks live!

  66. Snowstorm Says:

    BL, oh honey, please tell me you don’t believe everything on the internet? Please, aren’t you a grown woman? Please use the brain that the good Lord gave you.

  67. I’m rather enjoying this banter back and forth between SS and BL. Guess our esteemed IAG is out to lunch or she’d be chastising SS. BL you’d really have to see the R&K two clips and the SF studio one to get the drift about this. Just think guys how this all came across to the average SF viewer who did not know the morning R&K show was a taped Tay appearance. They saw him on R&K in the morning and hearing comments that Julie thought he was warm and gorgeous and R&K carrying on like it was a big romance. Then later in the day they see him in SF hooked up on TV with Julie, her dad talking shotguns and R&K doing a feed talking about wedding costs. Hahahaha, I can gaurantee he was thinking what the shit is all of this, how can I escape, and oh the SP is watching! Help! It is all too funny and sometimes I think Taylor lives under a cloud and would be better off with advice from BL’s ouija board.

  68. Well this all went to hell pretty fast. I wish I had not even commented on the girl at all now.

    Man, I can’t imagine living a life where I had all these total strangers discussing my love life, making speculations, spreading gossip and rumors, yelling and cursing at each other over something they know NOTHING about. Sad! 😦

    I was not just talking about the cursing and yelling. Read the whole thing….. I’m sad for Taylor, not the people getting yelled at… I’m out a here until this subject changes.

  69. brightlite Says:

    Hey guys…casual, JI, and christa, than you for shoring me up, and for trying to protect me when snowy came at me. I think that IAG’s job to moderate and hopefully she will delete the comments from snowy which are inflammatory.
    I have developed quite a backbone recently, something I never knew I had until I found the wolf at my door. lol.
    Life teaches us so many things and most of them we learn from, but the most valuable life lesson is survival. I have learned to fight and I have learned that I am pretty darn good at it.
    Haven’t lost a battle yet.
    New Found Freedom.
    Be well my friends…

  70. brightlite Says:

    don’t forget crazy bitch…my favorite!!

  71. Casualfan, I believe you and I assume Taylor will have to spill the beans to Julie before they both show up for his April 14th concert. Julie seems sane and I doubt she thinks anything would come of her R&K hookup. It has been fun discussing this rather than angsting over his CD sales and lack of national promotion. O’kay for me that it is not all about the music.

  72. Snowstorm Says:

    I like you Rosie! The ouija knows all… yes, it does? Spooky, huh?

  73. casualfan Says:

    No Snow, I haven’t been on the AI boards since season 5. I honestly don’t know what your problem is but this doesn’t help. Name calling is very inmature and childish. The only silly nonsense on this blog is coming from you with your childish foot stomping rants of jealousy.

    Put Taylor’s CD in your IPOD and DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!

  74. brightlite Says:

    Rosie just when I think I am going to leave….LOL
    I read tea leaves this week, the Ouiji is so yesterday.
    Who gives a flying rats ass who he is seeing is my point, and I think it s just a bunch of hooey is all. NO I believe nothing of what I see on TV but then again, I didn’t see it. Whatever it is, Julie, or anyone else, it’s his business and I didn’t start this fire, someone else did, I am just chiming in.
    I will read the Ouiji next week on the beach in St’ Pete’s in a red bikini, and you better believe I will charge for THAT!
    I suspect I am going to make a little bit of money for that not to mention my expert palm reading skills. Just kidding you know. I canhear snowy over there “She’s such a crazy bitch…” you got that right. This is the new BL, new and improved extra strength BL.
    peeing myself again.
    Now let me go
    My flowers are dying and need new cups to live.

  75. littlewing Says:

    tf06, your enthusiasm is encouraging:). I’ve only seen Taylor live once 10 months after he’d won AI. He reportedly had strep throat, so his voice wasn’t up to par. So, I look forward to seeing him again one day when/if he hits the Ryman. His excitement standing on that historic stage was palpable.

  76. Snowstorm Says:


  77. spinshack Says:

    I never was so I’m good either way. Argh matey! 😉

  78. casualfan Says:

    That’s the spirit Snow! ROFLAMO!

  79. brightlite Says:


    I love the way the sun shines today, it is so warm and makes me feel fuzzy all over. Maybe I am chiapet?
    Later dudes!
    The crazy bitch is finally leaving to find new homes for crazy flowers.
    Kisses, even for you snow, kisses for you too.

  80. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh, BL, please get help.

  81. casualfan Says:

    Ok Snow, Since you think I post silly nonsense I just won’t post anymore. I see how highly respected you are here and I’m sure IAG is proud to have you as a poster.

    Hope you find what you are looking for.

  82. casualfan Says:

    ok snow…be well

  83. spinshack Says:

    CF, That explains a great deal – as well as shedding some light on some other past issues if true.

    BTW how do you know that gal was his lady? Interesting.

  84. spinshack Says:

    This was suppose to land under Casual’s but WordPress bumped my comment up somehow. Must be the ouija magic.

  85. Snowstorm Says:

    I’m the best poster here and you all know it. I’m the voice of reality, truth and fairness. Yes, I am smart and you all know it. The harsh language is needed to get thru your hard heads. It’s only words anyway and it’s used to make a point. And remember, your Idol, Mr. Taylor Hicks, cusses all the time, so don’t be hyprorites.

  86. The AI boards suck. Anyway, enough seriously. If he’s dating someone or not, that’s his business. None of us know whether he likes Julie or not but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want people making speculations either. No need to attack others though, period. It just makes the attacker look way immature and bitter with your own life. <<< Learn a thing from this song, hahaha.

    Back to the main subject, yes Taylor’s music is aweeeesome. Got his stuff playing on the iPod way often, hoping to see him live in the future. That would be something! 🙂

  87. Whoa last post ended up somewhere up there, lmao.

  88. Whether Taylor is seeing Julie or someone else why is he expected to make any comments about it either way. Geeze. I hate when stars have a few dates with someone and the tabloids have them in a steamy relationship headed for marriage. Can’t they go out on casual dates like the rest of us? Why would he have to be tied to one gal. Maybe he’s had a few dates with Julie maybe not. Maybe he’s dating both girls. I certainly have dated more than one guy at a time before I was married. The fact that Julie was on the show means nothing it could have been just PR. She’s trying to get a career off the ground herself. They may really like each other too. Who knows. I expect no comment from Taylor either way.

  89. Knock off the bullshit, Snowstorm.

  90. Well darned if this hasn’t been one of the most pathetic conversations I have read in a long time. That takes some doing, here in Taylorland.

    Seriously, can we just have a BL/SS cage match to the death and declare the winner the “fan who knows the most about stuff about Taylor that is noboby’s fucking business in the first place?”

    The winner will get an autographed copy of the lab results from Taylor’s last physical exam. Then they can elevate themselves to the lofty position of “keeper of the truth about Taylor’s creatinine levels.”

    Because sooner or later people are going to get sick of talking about his private romantic life and turn their attention to his kidneys.

  91. Spin, I’m with you, I’d like more details from casual about the girl at the Roxy. No one else reported on noticing anyone there who they thought was his GF. He was only with Bill and the guys when MTZ showed up. Those who pretend they have no interest in who or if he is dating aren’t fooling me.

  92. Who knows where any of our posts land on here today! It is not only the content of this thread that makes us all look crazy, but the out of order ramblings .

  93. Snowstorm Says:

    I never claimed to know anything about Taylor Hicks, but I know bullshit when I see it and calling it out was fun. Thank you very much!

    Now tell me you remember the AI boards (3 years ago) and how much utter bullshit was on there about Taylor’s girlfriends? The fact of matter is nobody knows shit about this guy’s personal/romantic life and fans are not entitled to know.

  94. Snowstorm Says:

    Ro, trust me, it’s all in her head.

  95. LOL! 😀

  96. LOL was for soulaz! 😀

  97. jerseyirish Says:

    CF, I am glad he has someone special in his life, no one needs to know until he is ready to do so. Thats why I thought this whole Julie thing wasn’t the real deal, he just doesn’t seem the type to put his personal life in the media.


  98. Seven Days Says:

    IAG, I’m truly sorry to see what happened to your thread today. Sigh.

    I really did like that Savannah Leigh video. Have you seen her live?

  99. I don’t even know where to begin in terms of commenting on this thread/post.

    *Snow, sorry, you aren’t The Best Poster on here. You are quite self indulgent and not reflective in the least.

    *I highly doubt that Mr. Hicks is one to parade his personal relationships out into the media. Throwing my opinion into the ring, I do think he did R & K Dating with the Stars to get his name out into the media and public eye, setting the stage for the CD release.

    *Cool about the lifting of the media ban.

  100. Ummm, my post ended up halfway up the thread.

    Someone give me what WordPress is smokin’. LOL!

  101. Snowstorm Says:

    I’m the best poster here – just admit it. I’m really the only smart one here with the expection of Spin and Blue.

    Not only that but I know a lot about music and how it works.

  102. soulas, you gotta repost that one so it gets put down at the bottom. STILL LOL!! 😀 😀 😀

  103. I tried to mention that above myself. It got buried pretty fast. LOL I listened to some of the songs on their web site. They’re pretty good. A Canadian band.

  104. casualfan Says:

    Let’s just say that she was very well treated and had her needs attended to.

  105. Umm who dubbed you the best? Someone needs to get off the high horse, just sayin….

    Back to Taylor’s music, hmm anyone else think The Distance would be good to perform too? It’s got that southern rock/country vibe. Plus the lyrics send a good message in times like this.

  106. Wow whats up with the posts being all over the place, rofl.

  107. Snowstorm Says:

    I did.

  108. No. LOL!

  109. Snowstorm Says:

    YES, LOL!

  110. if you say so Says:

    SS, I am not sure why you care so much who believes whom. Personally, I couldn’t care less IF or WHOM Taylor may be dating. And I care even less than that about what other people believe about the topic, if that’s possible.

    Seems to me that you may be more invested in all things Taylor Hicks than you care to admit.

  111. Well casual was there as a VIP.

  112. Snowstorm Says:

    I just don’t like stupid bullshit on the net. I don’t like lies, gossip and trying to fool poor, naive women. I’ve been around this fanbase on and off, I can’t tell you all the stupid crap I’ve read.

  113. Snowstorm Says:

    How do you know she’s not lying about that? I don’t know this person and neither do you. Ro, I like you, but you gotta stop being so naive and believing everything total strangers on the internet are saying. Most of it is crap. Trust me, it is.

  114. if you say so Says:

    Too bad you can’t get paid to rid the internet of “stupid bullshit, lies and gossip”. You would have a full-time job for the rest of your life!

    Maybe you should spend your time on the Radar and Splash sites…you would have more fodder there.

  115. Snowstorm Says:

    You’re joking, right?

  116. casualfan Says:

    …at least that’s what Taylor says. I’m not sure that’s what happened with him, but ok.
    Grey, I find your comment interesting. I think his music has indeed set him free. His Roxy performance is proof of that. I am “almost” tempted to check out his Grease performance. SF is not too far from me. hmmmmm…..

  117. Snowstorm Says:

    I like to deal with facts, not rumor.

  118. That’s what I’ve been saying! The Distance or SMB. I can’t decide which one. Both would be great choices. Those two are most likely to appeal a younger crowd. Someone said Taylor told his Roxy audience that he would like to do SMB if Idol will “let” him. Guess they want some say over what he performs. I DON’T like that. Though I like WRIR and 19, I don’t think they would have as much impact as The Distance.

    Just in the time typing this I’ve decided TD would be better because of it’s positive message and great rock vibe like you said.

  119. If he wanted to persue a relationship with her, don’t you think a second meeting would have already been planned before he got to San Fran?

  120. casualfan Says:

    Thanks Rosie, I don’t see what the big deal is. Chances are Mr. Hicks has many gf’s stretched out from the West Coast to the East Coast, covering both the North Pole and South Pole. He has made it pretty clear that he has no time for a serious relationship. The only true love in his life right now carries the middle name of Monica. I think her last name is Music.

  121. “LOL” was intended for Rosie’s comment, not snow’s!

  122. casualfan Says:

    Christa, I agree 100% on The Distance and SMB as being both kid friendly and radio friendly. I’m in the middle of doing an illustration job for a client and often listen to those 2 songs as my inspiration.

    Simon would have to be peeled off the floor if Taylor performed SMB in front of him.

  123. What’s so fun about this thread is trying to figure out which comments are in response to other comments. It’s like a puzzle!

    btw, I believe casualfan. She was in the VIP section. Why would she make something up anyway?

  124. casualfan Says:

    He doesn’t or shouldn’t have to “spill” on anything.

  125. casualfan Says:

    ROFLMAO! Good one SoulAZ

  126. casualfan Says:

    Why do you need more details? Why is this so important? Y’all all sound like Taylor owes you all something and has to report each relationship in detail to his fans.

    Now back to the music….

  127. casualfan Says:

    Kind of like “Where’s Waldo” LOL!

  128. casualfan Says:


  129. casualfan Says:

    Well, now this was suppose to go under BL’s comment about her being a crazy motherf****! Grey, maybe you should call “Roto-Blogger”

  130. casualfan Says:

    BL, If the tealeaves don’t work you can read the ruines. I hear those are very effective. LOL!

  131. Oh, cool, we are going to take a vote on who the best poster is, and whose the smartest, and we even get to vote for ourselves! Whoopee! Sadly, I’ll have to abstain since I’m too new here to be an informed voter. I’m not sure whose side to be on yet.

    I actually came over here to get a way from some cattiness (and more)
    I had started noticing on a certain board, but I would say that today this place takes the prize. It was kind of fun though. I could really visualize the claws slashing through the air.

  132. This board needs serious degragging!!

  133. LOL and an editing function. DEFRAGGING……

  134. Virtual Speak Says:

    Snow… Coming out and saying your the best poster here.. Wow.. you seriously should work on that self esteem issue you’ve got. 🙄

    CF- I’ve seen the girl you’re speaking of also. Gorgeous, exotic type. Good for him. He was uncomfortable and appeared to be ambushed when Spencer introduced Julie. She PR’d him the way a domineering wife would try to talk up her husband.

  135. Virtual Speak Says:

    I’m convinced. WordPress hates me.

  136. casualfan Says:

    CF- I’ve seen the girl you’re speaking of also. Gorgeous, exotic type. Good for him. He was uncomfortable and appeared to be ambushed when Spencer introduced Julie. She PR’d him the way a domineering wife would try to talk up her husband.
    VS, yes she is indeed gorgeous and has very, very long legs. Her face glowed watching him sing “TRP” and glowed even more when he came back out.

    I haven’t seen the vid with Julie but I can understand why he would be uncomfortable.

  137. brightlite Says:

    This board is messed UP. What the hell happened to our posts? They are all mixed up. It might be Ouiji magic spin….you just may be correct.
    My spidey senses are tingling so it just might be…
    I just read the ruines and you are right, it was very effective. I can clearly see the future right there, it was very eye opening. Thank you.
    Now let’s have a seance…got candles?
    Just to clear the air and for the record….snow called me a crazy bitch, a retard, and an idiot, BEFORE I said anything in defense of myself. But the way this thread appears NOW, it looks as if I attacked her, which I didn’t.
    Just sayin…
    Now it is good night! 😉
    hey spin….you are the cutest on the board, and maybe the best poster too.
    I love you ya know.
    Spirit Bright Momma

  138. brightlite Says:

    Wow my post went way up there^^^^^^
    How weird is this board tonight. I will have to summon the spirits to fix this!

  139. brightlite Says:

    kisses to you spin

  140. Virtual Speak Says:

    My posts are lost in the wordpress abyss.

  141. Because WordPress is being a bitch tonight, I’m closing comments on this thread. Somehow, it got completely messed up.

    I’ve posted a new thread.

  142. Ok, really not working.

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