Indie or Industry…Who’s Listening?


All this talk about gaining new fans, keeping the “old” ones (just kidding), and the success or failure of The Distance has got me thinking about the state of the music industry. I came across this blog and found this:

When an artist can accept the reality of their place in the music marketplace and build an audience that can sustain them and their musical endeavors (even if it’s just part-time) throughout their life, I believe they will be much happier and more “successful” than someone who has pinned their hopes on being nationally known and not knowing when that possibility is effectively gone. I think it’s fundamentally more important to do what you love no matter what, than just to be loved for what you are doing. And if you can do that, I think you are successful.

Taylor’s “success” in the music business is based on our perceptions of what goals we think he should be achieving. Yeah, he’s a former American Idol, but that was a television show, not a music show. After all, he won because as he keeps pointing out, he’s an entertainer. I hate it when he says that. I want him to be a musician. That’s it, just a musician. I know, there I go, pushing my own goals on him.

There’s another great website out there called are you listening? When you go there, watch the video and read the message. This site is trying to keep music alive, one fan at a time.

It is time for us as fans of quality, choice and trust to step up and say ARE YOU LISTENING? We need to say it to our friends who are jaded about music not being good anymore, because music is not only good, now it is better then ever, and you can find it through artist’s websites, download stores, live concerts, independent radio, media and record stores. We need to say it to radio, TV, press and record companies and also to bands, because they need to know you want music that speaks to you. Artists in this industry have been brainwashed more than anyone into thinking that they have no power without the corporate music companies. Those artists have forgotten that all the power is in the hands of the music they make and you, their fans. You can send a strong message to all artists that it is time to stand up for their music…and for you.

The artists that bring you quality, choice and trust are your partners along with the internet and independent companies. They are taking risks to give you more than the mediocre and we need to stand up and say yes, we are here and yes, WE ARE LISTENING. If we as the fans do not get involved we are the worst offenders. is just one part of the solution to a problem. We believe the most important thing is building back quality, choice and trust between artists and their fans and the way to do that is to bring them together and empower them to do just that. Our goal for is to be a portal for music fans to discover new artists and for artists to create a direct relationship with those fans. We all have a part in the solution and we are trying to do ours. This is just the beginning.

This site is where I found this guy, Will Hoge. What an awesome voice!

What’s so cool about this guy is how open he is up there on that stage, how vulnerable he seems, being moved by the music. Unfortunately, that’s just not something that fans get from Taylor all of the time. There are only a couple of videos that I have seen where Taylor lets us in, into his world, and lets us feel the music with him. Whenever I see Taylor, I can’t escape the feeling that he’s completely orchestrated. I’m sure he has his reasons for being guarded on stage, and maybe as he gets older, he’ll allow his fans to get a little closer. I was hoping to hear Taylor sing Indiscriminate Act of Kindness at one of these shadow gigs. But I bet I’m just going to be disappointed. I have a feeling that he won’t sing this in concert because the song is entirely too intimate for an audience, at least for Taylor. I hope he proves me wrong.


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  1. Great post.

    In some of my posts over the last few months, I indicated that I just wanted to like Taylor and listen to his music like I do John Mayer or Ray L., etc. I mean, maybe their also dissect all aspects of their music and lives, but I don’t see it. I just listen to their GOOD music.

    So much energy is spent on “he should do this” and the dissection of each little thing on the CD, his clothes, his TV appearances, etc., that frankly, it’s a turn off. It makes him more “idol-like” than “musician-like” and sorry, I do see a difference. As I mentioned in my previous comment, there is a “AI taint” in the music business and among the music populus who buy the lion’s share of music that AI artists are not “serious” artists. Taylor has a large elephant in the room and that is AI. Many people won’t even give his music a listen, so even if it’s the next White Album, it’s not likely to be accepted among “musicheads”. And, within the AI world Taylor is a very polarizing figure. There is no in between. You either loved him or hated him. That eliminates alot of idol followers.

    It does seems that Taylor has found a place where he is content. He’s making money, he’s performing and doing what he always wanted. Good for him.

    As for good music. It’s out there. People send me stuff all the time and I tell you, I’m impressed about all the great performances that go on every night. Check out Ellis Paul. Check out Lelia Broussard. Check out KJ Denhert. These are all artists that make a good living from music, just not fame. It is my fondest hope for Taylor. So, I vote Indie.

  2. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I’ve seen videos where he does let us share the music with him. When he sang “Happier With Him” -that was very vulnerable and intimate I thought. Also when he does the tags during the song “The Maze”- a lot of times I get the same feeling. I saw him live in Clearwater and the tags, the whole Maze song really, were very powerful that night. I think he does let us in at times.

  3. I completely agree that there is a difference between “idol like” and “musician like”. Just like there are a huge difference in the fans that are acquired both ways. I think some of the fans that any AI performer acquires are just television fans. Unfortunately, once that artist leaves the small screen, it doesn’t translate into sales. That’s part of Taylor’s problem. But the question remains, what did Kelly Clarkson do to shed her AI image? Or is it because that was so early in the game, before it got way too cheesy?

  4. He does let us in at times, but unfortunately, I can count those times on one hand.

  5. I was hoping to hear Taylor sing Indiscriminate Act of Kindness at one of these shadow gigs. But I bet I’m just going to be disappointed.

    Ah. reverse psychology. Very tricky…

  6. Hey, I try…ahahaa

    I don’t have that degree lying around for nothing. 🙂

  7. Never seen him live in person, but from concert videos, that is when he is at his best.
    Will he be a huge super pop star? Probably not, but he can still have moderate success. You’re right, he is AI tainted. People still portray him as the goofy white guy who can’t dance to save his life and doesn’t take music seriously.

    Who knows though? James Blunt’s album sold 500 copies in its first week, then “You’re Beautiful” went on the radio and well, you know what happened with that.

    Not gonna wear rose colored glasses about it though. As long as he keeps making music and performing for people nationwide, that’s alright.
    Taylor, if you read this, you need to come to west Texas. =P

  8. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I’m really hoping Nineteen will do it for him.

  9. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor is to blame for keeping the AI image alive and he clings to it desperately. He should have dropped the “soul patrol” shoutout cheesiness ages ago.

  10. Snowstorm Says:

    Everyone knows “the soul patrol” is a group of middle-age women. Nobody wants to be associated with this or join this group of women. I think it might be too late to reverse… too much to overcome. Taylor should have paid attention to his image.

  11. I was thinking about “You’re Beautiful” myself yesterday when listening to Maybe You Should. I thought, if THAT song could become such a huge hit, how much more so should/would/could MYS. It’s 1000x’s better. IF only they would play it. Ah, the big “IF ONLY.”

  12. Where is it written that you HAVE to become a member of the Soul Patrol to be a fan of Taylor’s?

    My life’s motto… I don’t join, I don’t follow and I don’t lead. It works well for me.

  13. Excellent blog and responding post.
    There are a number of musicians who make a good living that will likely never be heard on the majority of today’s radio stations . . can see a number of their names by looking at the shelf behind my desk.
    Guess a question for me is how “indie musician” and “entertainer” will blend in the long term.

    Off topic sidenote: “Check out Ellis Paul” . . seconding that suggestion.

  14. Are you sure you’re only 16? You’re very insightful.

    He needs to come to Texas, period!I know he’s doing Grease here, but I hope he can book a club date (or ten) here, too.

  15. Zzzzzzz………

  16. I am so conflicted when I read your posts, SS. I hate the negativity, but I can’t help but wonder if there is part of this that is correct.

    I probably wouldn’t say this anywhere else, but Taylor did do the image thing to himself on AI with his over the top persona and woo’s and soul patrol shout outs. He was out to win, and followed this game plan to do it. He did, but it cost him in cred.

    Started with SNL parodies…went to Weird Al. Pop culture “uncooled” him. His AI winning strategy did not translate, as it wasn’t embraced by those who would have bought his CD’s
    . As to whether he should have cut the cord from the SP…well….yeah, maybe.

    And I have wondered if all the talk about how wretched THHQ is, has been Taylor’s way of discouraging the SP? Just a thought.

    I do prefer to think that whatever negative association there is with Taylor clinging to the soul patrol is erased with one good radio hit.

  17. It’s a double edged sword. AI gave him a national stage. Not too many would have ever heard of him(myself included) if he had not been on it. I was sort of forced to watch it one night (hated the whole concept of an “IDOL”) and became an instant fan of his voice and singing style, even though I thought he acted kind of weird at times. LOL But the Idol TH is really different from the TH I’ve been discovering these past few weeks as I’ve delved deeper into the fandom world. I’m still sorting it all out. Been really getting “sucked into” it and am now seeing a lot of the obsessive craziness, pulling back and trying to find a balance. But I digress….
    He needs to use the AI machine for exposure, but “keep it real” – stay true to himself – when he does it. I honestly did NOT like the TH I saw on the Idol Tonight or whatever that show is. But I’m not sure he should cut his ties or burn the AI bridges. It’s national exposure for him and I think a good performance (if he appears) will really be a big boost for TD, and some of his “dormant” fans like me might just come out again. The other side of the sword is that the serious musicians detest the machine and that hurts his credibility in that realm. I only wish they could overlook the AI platform and see (or hear I should say) the indie TH and give him some respect. But again he has that “image” problem. I’m beginning to agree that the whole Soul Patrol thing IS hurting him more than helping him overall.

  18. Nobody says you have to be a member of the SP to be a fan. The problem with the SP is that is what Taylor is known for.

    Nobody wants to associate themselves with that kind of crazy. David Cook is becoming the same way.

    Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

  19. Snowstorm Says:

    I am correct about this and that’s the reason why radio does not play him. Of course, the music has something to do with it too… music for middle-agers is looked down upon in radio.

    His only hope of radio play is if 19 is released and Country stations pick it up. Some of the faster songs like Seven Miles and Women’s Got To Have It might have an outside chance. The rest of it is not radio-friendly.

  20. I think Maybe You Should has a shot, if it ever sees the light of day.

  21. Here is another thought – some people don’t respect anyone associated with Idol, yet I’ve seen highly respectable people in the music business appear on the show as mentors or in the audience. Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson last night. I myself have a love/hate mentality when it comes to that show. Love looking for the new talent but hate the commercialization and pop culture mentality. I watch for the music but the show IS basically all about the almighty dollar. I hate feeding it. Again, I think Taylor should use the show for exposure but BE himself when on it.

  22. Snowstorm Says:

    That is also a Country song. Mainstream radio would never play that song, unless is was crossover hit.

  23. hicksaholic Says:

    I have to agree that Taylor is at least partly responsible for some of the problems he is encountering being taken seriously. Although I doubt we “see” the real personalities of most of the AI contestants, I think the disconnect between the “real” Taylor and AI taylor is much greater than any other contestant AI has had. Taylor started AI pretty much as the “real” Taylor but as it went on he figured out what and who were getting and giving him votes and he played it for all it was worth. By the end of AI what we saw personality wise on that first audition was way removed from the personality we saw at the end. I still think it is hilarious that Tayloe did such a great job of playing the persona of the nice boy Southern gentleman, charming, wacky guy that some assn of cotillions named him the most polite celebrity of the year award. This going to someone who apparently says “fuck” 2-3 times in almost every sentence.

    Taylor knew when he played the game he was putting on an act and later after AI it was hard to change back to the “real” Taylor. Sometimes when he does it comes back to bite him.

    I also think(just my opinion-nothing but gut feel to back it up) that when he came off of AI he felt like he knew all the answers or at least most of
    them and this made a lot of people less likely to work with him on his public persona.

    I don’t mean to blame Taylor for any of whatever problems perceived or otherwise. It is what it is. Overall I am sure Taylor would do it all the same at least most of the way the same because who knows if he would have won AI if the “real” Taylor was on every week.

  24. taylorfan06 Says:

    What do mean by “letting us in”? Have you seen him perform in person? Taylor is so “on”, on stage, and is so mesmerizing in concert. I’ve seen the smiles he produces in the crowd as he sings with the band.

    I’ve seen many big names in concert in my life and, as much as I’ve enjoyed them, Taylor has that something extra that makes me say, I “HAVE” to see this guy when he comes to my town. Which I did recently at The Belly Up, The Roxy, and yes, also in Grease. He was everything I expected, AND more. I had a GREAT time, everytime!

    I also need to ask you, aig, what artists out there are “letting you in” to them? And what does their “letting you in” do for you? I’m just curious about that phrase. I’m not trying to be defensive, I just need some clarity to understand your point of view.

    I guess I just look at any artist at face value. With over 10,500 songs on my iPod, I enjoy many artists, besides Taylor, and their songs. I just like a good song, plain and simple. Taylor has many good songs and i just want to support him in return the joy he brings me. It IS fun to be his fan, That’s all.

  25. Snowstorm Says:

    David Cook doesn’t go around shouting “Word Nerds”. There are huge differnces between Taylor Hicks and David Cook. The only thing they have in common are obessive Idol fans.

  26. SS above said no one to be associated with or JOIN that group of women. I was only responding to her comment.

    Crazy is an understatement!

  27. I agree about MYS. Good song, good vocal….hits the heart. Why not on country for a crossover?…that is how Carrie’s done it.

  28. taylorfan06 Says:

    I agree about the image problem. He really does have an uphill battle – still.
    I hope ultimately that one or two of these songs from TD will get the exposure they deserve to help turn it around. He DOES deserve it.

    I’m liking the CD more and more and can only hope it gets more recognition in the end. I mean have you heard the crap that’s selling today in the Top 10?
    UGH!!! It’s a shame how this crap sells. It is what is, I guess.

  29. Snowstorm Says:

    His fans are known as the “Soul Patrol”, so it is what it is. Didn’t he say at one time that he wanted crazy fans like the “Parrotheads” or the “Deadheads”?

    I think it was a very bad decision to cling to this type of mentality. It is generally looked down upon by mainstream people.

  30. taylorfan06 Says:

    I agree 100%. Let a fan be just a fan. Period.

  31. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’ve never cared for “labels”.

  32. Maybe he would have been better off not winning.

    And I also don’t know this, but I remember hearing that he was an asshole to work with sometimes. Very stubborn, I guess.

  33. taylorfan06 Says:

    I think the result would have been the same. Taylor is still unique and different from the crowd. Seeing him LIVE sets him apart from so many others. The voice, stage presence, the unbridled talent. He is very multi dimensional which I really like about him.

    The guy is also fun to watch and he does deliver the goods. He deserves to be very successful on a bigger scale. It’s possible.

  34. I get the feeling he’s not going to be on this season. Again.

  35. I’ve been to several concerts, more than I care to mention, actually. One or two of them stand out to me as absolutely fantastic..the rest were good, but not up to that level. What made those concerts fantastic was that for those, he was “on”. He bantered with the audience, he just generally looked like he wanted to be there. And I’ve been some where you could tell he wanted to be somewhere else. Granted, everybody has an off day or two. There’s no issue with that. But, man, when he is into the music, there is nothing like it. But when it’s just a job to him, it’s ok.

    There are some artists that bear their souls on stage. They sing a song and you can feel the pain/sorrow/happiness/angst ooze out of them. Taylor is capable of it, I’ve seen it. But, because he is so reserved, it doesn’t happen very often.

  36. I was referring to the obsessive Idol fans.

  37. Ryan said ALL the former Idol’s would appear this season.

  38. brightlite Says:

    I am glad the discussion moved away from GC, I really could not contribute at all to that. If GC is charcoal, I wish you happiness and contentment, and encourage you to pursue your available avenues for written expression and interpersonal communications. Good luck to you.

    As for the above post, I was taken aback by the comment about doing what one loves as opposed to being loved for what one does. That has always been my philosophy, life experience has taught me that success is associated with passion, and passion has its roots in love, of course. Without love, we cannot find inspiration, and inspiration is the vehicle for not all of creation, but any creation that reaches and stirs the human psyche. IMO, love cannot be separated from creation, as man was created, through love by God in his image. Of course, that borders on religious talk, so I will stop.

    Taylor’s new CD is his creation or his labor of love. I get the feeling he was inspired, and if you were to ask me, I would say his inspiration came from a very interesting and common source…freedom. Recently I have come to know that myself. For years I was imprisoned, not physically but spiritually and mentally, by the very thing that is supposed to free us—love or the pursuit of it. I am free now, and as if I have been given a new life, I walk around seeing everything “new” for the first time! A flower looks brighter and song sounds sweeter, and the ocean bluer, all because I am free to see it through my own eyes and not the filter of eyes of another, who stands in judgment of my view. I think that was the impetus for New Found Freedom, and for Taylor to free himself from the chains of AI, from the constraints of his label and their judgment of his works, well I think he has found a great place to be finally. Freedom has its price though. I have suffered tremendous setbacks financially in my pursuit of freedom, as I no longer have the support of a spouse, and the loss of that support imparts a certain degree of fear into my daily life, and fear can and does impede growth, if it goes unchecked. Taylor’s Indie status is similar in that he does not have the support of the major label, and so his bad moves that result in losses are from his own pocket, and not the pocket of the label. THAT must freeze you in your tracks a bit. He is walking on new ground, unchartered territory, and each step he takes, leads him further into the jungle. Without reservation, I am sure he doesn’t want to end up naked in the jungle, no pun intended whatsoever. So he must look to those others who are walking the same road, and learn from them as much as he can. He has to see those who have cone and gone before him as Indie’s, and see what they have done, and take lessons from them. Last year’s Grammy winner, the Irish dude, forget his name but the movie they made, and the hit song, wow…that was like a documentary but man oh man it was good, and it was real, and it caught my eye, and the eyes of a nation. I think he was Indie right? That is impact. That is what Taylor needs to do still. He is making in roads, but his impact has not been felt quite yet, lol…it wasn’t AI that was his greatest impact, (cough), that was just his entre’ into the minds of the people, his impact has not yet been felt. He will eventually make it there because he loves performing, and I think he is finding himself as a musician. I don’t wantto burst any of y’all’s bubbles but Taylor is not a musician, at least not an astounding one, and he knows that. His talents are not really in music as much as they are in performing, he is a front man, not a backup, nor a band guy, he is a front man, a lead singer, a singer/entertainer, who can play the hell out of harmonica, and strum some very nice chords on a guitar, but he is not as trained musically as well as he should be to really catch the ears of the masses. THAT is why his band is so effing important! He has the voice, he needs the music to be powerful, and penetrating, but again, he knows that. He selected his band very carefully for the distance for a reason. IAG, please don’t wish for Taylor to be a great musician, he isn’t and he won’t ever be, his talents are in other areas, namely his voice and his ability to perform and bring it. I have always said to the people I meet and interact with day in and day out…better to know your self and be who that is, than to be someone else and forget who you are.

    As far as me, I am walking on sunshine…wohhh ohhhhhhhhh. Walking on sunshine! Seriously, it has taken me a long time to get to where I am today, as a woman and as a person. I saw briefly that Idletards made fun of me, and to that I say this…go fuck yourselves. There…I said it. I finally said the eff word in one of my posts. Snow should be all over me now, patting me on the back, and spin will be ROFL. Idletards can kiss my ass, although that is not likely to happen since I would not allow them the pleasure of seeing my cute butt. 😉 😛

  39. I don’t think that is is “only” hope. Granted, it would take is some open-minded radio people to cut through all the image crap and actually listen to the music with unbiased ears and preconceptions about Taylor Hicks’ music and his fan base. So maybe you are right – it’s unlikely to happen but it could. He’s building a new, younger fan base with the Grease thing. Maybe the radio people will realize it and actually give him a shot.

  40. brightlite Says:

    oh and the firs tof the results are in…
    I am compiling the results of an extensive questionairre about music likes and dislikes…
    After spring break, i will have the results of what the “listeners” think.
    I surveyed 64 students, male and female, between the ages of 15-18, and oh boy…it is EYE effing opening what I am finding out. Let me say this … NO ONE pays for music online, not these kids at least. They laugh at Itunes, it isn’t how they get music. It is all pirated and it is changing. But artists are really not in control of this any more than record labels executives.
    Just sayin…

  41. Seven Days Says:

    I haven’t seen a crazy backbend or heard a Soul Patrol shoutout since early February. Baby steps….. 😀

    Excellent blog post, by the way. It’s such a balancing act between artistry and the money making machine of celebrity these days, I honestly don’t know how any artist does it. But I’m glad the indie artists are out there giving it a go. Every day I log onto multiple music blogs full of artists I’ve never heard before who are out there making great music and never being played on the radio alongside the T-Pains and Britneys of the world.

  42. So much for “keeping it real.” LOL Will the “real” Taylor Hicks please stand up? I’m getting confused.

  43. taylorfan06 Says:

    So WHO’S bearing their soul on stage?

    “I’ve been to several concerts, “more than I care to mention, actually.”
    And Why The Shame?

    “I’ve seen it. But, because he is so reserved, it doesn’t happen very often.”

    Well, i guess you missed the Belly Up & The Roxy. His soul was “bared” at those shows. The man emotes and feels the music all 5 times I’ve seen him now.

    The bottom line – it’s just a fun show. Can’t that just be enough – good music, good time. No regrets here.

    Why the microscope???????

  44. “…the show IS basically all about the almighty dollar. I hate feeding it.”

    I agree! I don’t watch AI because of that.

  45. Good post, IAG, and interesting links. From firsting hearing Hicks back on Idol, I thought of him as more a niche artist, and therefore indie. Indie isn’t as indie as it once was, in any case.

    But Maven, your comment on dissection hit on something I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. As far as my listening goes, I only listen to the Hicks stuff I like, and that doesn’t include the new album. But I still felt a need to dissect, to listen closely for bits to like and be prepared to justify why I didn’t like what I didn’t like. Why is that? On a boring level, because as a blogger, I felt that I didn’t want to ignore the album, so I wanted to say what I thought. But also, I knew that, if I just said “not for me”, I’d be asked why.

    But also, maybe left over from old habits related to the game show. Hearing him first making music badly out of necessity (ridiculously short arrangments, chosen by theme rather than passion, no improv or interplay with the band, etc, etc) – from the beginning, I was used to taking what I heard and imagining what it could be when he had the chance to get real. And since I was the one doing the imagining, “real” was based on both what he was and had been doing, and on my imagination of what he could/would do, given the chance. Obviously room for error there.

    But I really agree that most of what fans worry about is irrelevant – the clothes, the nature and behaviour of the fanbase, the promotion strategy, etc, don’t ultimately matter that much. A good, really good album will get heard. He has that much visibility still that really good stuff would get whatever notice he needed as an indie artist. IMO, he hasn’t made that album yet.

    And IAG, regarding performance of “Kindness” – I have no prediction regarding whether or not he’ll perform it live. However, if he doesn’t, I don’t think it’s because it’s too intimate a song. I can’t imagine a performance more intimate(at least in appearance) than one he did of “Hope She’s Happier” on his last tour. He doesn’t seem unwilling to go there, even if rarely.

  46. Snowstorm Says:

    Taylor has always been an excellent performer. One of the reasons he won Idol.

  47. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Backbend? Doesn’t Taylor do a sidebend? It is different, I must point that out. I would love to see him do a backbend actually, maybe then he would get noticed by industry execs as a serious ummmm, uhhhh…hmmmmm, acrobat?

  48. So WHO’S bearing their soul on stage?

    “I’ve been to several concerts, “more than I care to mention, actually.”
    And Why The Shame?

    “I’ve seen it. But, because he is so reserved, it doesn’t happen very often.”

    Well, i guess you missed the Belly Up & The Roxy. His soul was “bared” at those shows. The man emotes and feels the music all 5 times I’ve seen him now.

    The bottom line – it’s just a fun show. Can’t that just be enough – good music, good time. No regrets here.

    Why the microscope???????


    And I know that Taylor can do it. Because he did it here:

    And the microscope? Seeing how it’s my blog, I guess I can use my microscope if I want to.

  49. bootz: Enjoyed your post, but I’m not sure I agree with this:

    “A good, really good album will get heard.”

    I know people who won’t even bother listening to Taylor’s music because of the stigma attached to his name. No doubt DJs and whoever else gets the music out there have the same prejudice, don’t you think?

  50. hicksaholic Says:

    Will you tell me what jungle he might wind up naked in? I wanna go see.

  51. jerseyirish Says:

    Don’t think Taylor will ever loose the Idol connection, it is part of how he got to where he is. He may cut back on the shout outs but I believe he will always be greatful for the folks that voted for him, and gave him the platform to grow, it may have never happened doing the bar circuit in B’Ham. Taylor is at his best live, I always sense him being so into he gets lost in the music. He may never have the billing of some of the greats but I don’t think most will ever forget him, due to his stint on Idol.


  52. I agree with Snow! He was at his very best performing on AI with one song, one arrangement, and all his concentration went into it. He can’t maintain that level of purpose during a concert, so there are peaks and valleys. I recall reading a review of his Balto. 2007 concert. The reviewer said Tay hed charm, but lacked the polish and spent too much time with his back to the audience and with band members. His stool sitting charity event performance in May 2008, New York State of Mind, etc, seemed heartfelt yet polished.

  53. Not had time to watch them all but the “Shelter” one is great. Ray has a new fan in me. Would like to check out more about Ryan Adams later too. The Taylor one is hard for me to get into. Just too much screaming and noise going on to appreciate it. I would love to see a version of it without all that distraction.

    On Indiscriminate Act of Kindness – I have been wondering myself if he could do the delivery of this song live. To me he goes the deepest on this song of all of them on The Distance. I would not want to see it live unless he could. I don’t mean note-for-note phrase for phrase. I mean the depth of feeling you hear in the recorded version of the song.

    I like most of the album a lot. I’m no expert when it comes to knowledge of music. I won’t have anything profound to say. I liked the post AI Cd but I do see a jump with this new album. I agree with those who say he still has room to grow. I like taking each song individually from The Distance. Well, you HAVE to because they are all so different and it’s only his voice that ties them all together. I think it’s a very well put together effort – great quality and I hope it meets his expectations as a “successful” project.

  54. blueberry Says:

    I personally love the indie thing, mostly because alot of what is on a label isn’t my cup of tea (and I’ve always leaned on the unconventional side of things). I don’t know how to reconcile that with Taylor being successful. Guess it depends on the definition of success. If doing what you love means success, I bet he strikes gold. On the other hand, if it means Brittney, no, that is probably not going to happen. The AI thing, well, he probably won’t ever shake that, but, like most things, when viewed in the rear view mirror, in time it might look different.

  55. suze4158 Says:

    Very good blog today, IAG.
    What caught me, of what you said is this…
    “Yeah, he’s a former American Idol, but that was a television show, not a music show. After all, he won because as he keeps pointing out, he’s an entertainer. I hate it when he says that. I want him to be a musician. That’s it, just a musician. I know, there I go, pushing my own goals on him”
    I think that is what we are all trying to figure out about Taylor…entertainer or serious musician…and it gets confusing for us.
    And we connote “entertainer” with Las Vegas or something cheesy, right?

    What we see on the stage at his concerts looks like a serious musician. What we thought we heard in the EW era looked something like that, too.
    What he did to win AI was NOT that, other than his music selections. What he does, now, to sustain his career is NOT that. As he sings about Keeping it Real…we are left wondering what IS real about Taylor.

    Maybe is it all of the above. And more that we don’t really know about.
    I sense a part of Taylor that IS fulfilled with a Broadway venture. He has a big hambone side that musical theater serves. He promotes himself endlessly in these tv and radio interviews, which I think part of him loves, too. Maybe “getting your voice heard” means getting the attention he craves, in whatever form that takes. That sounds harsh, but it is not meant to be.
    And no matter how much we desire for Taylor to say, “screw you” to AI and be a pure musician/songwriter, that is one tie that is not easily cut UNTIL he has broken through with his own hit. THEN, I think he can say that and do what he very well pleases and put out an entire CD with songs like Indescriminate Acts of Kindness, if he so desires.

    AI probably knows that, and may work to keep that from happening.
    But I am no conspiracy theorist.

  56. taylorfan06 Says:

    I guess your point is to have passion in your performance. I beiieve that Taylor excels in that category. Just stating the facts here. From pre-AI, to AI, and to as late as his Roxy performance, I bet the fans would agree that Taylor gave passionate performances.

    Talking with the fans after my recent shows, everyone seemed to be in agreement that Taylor is the genuine article and give 100% on stage. The man lives for the stage and “feels” the music, as well as having a hell of a time up there.

    Do these other performers always “bare” their soul like you think Taylor should? Some performances may be stronger than others, but the end result is they all have fan bases.

    Sometimes I think A LOT of (gray) hairs are split here. Just enjoy him.

  57. Seven Days Says:

    Wow, IAG, thanks for the Johnny Cash video of “Hurt”. I’ve been watching that same video quite a bit myself over the last week as well — it just rips me right apart. Now THAT’s baring your soul.

  58. Maybe that’s part of the problem, and honestly, I think that might be part of the problem regarding The Distance. I like it 4857473 times better than the TH cd, but it’s just all over the place. I realize Taylor has lots of influences, and he likes to highlight them, but man..he just seems a little confused on it.

    As for AI, I think it’s too late to cut ties, if he would even want to. What’s done is done. He used them to his advantage to get recognition and now, it seems like they want nothing to do with him. Even though AI is cheesy, Taylor could use the exposure. But, even the exposure might not be enough for him at this point.

    Gah. Just makes me all kinds of confused.

  59. I don’t think that cutting back on the shoutouts doesn’t mean he’s not grateful. I think he’s very grateful for the people who helped get him to where he is now, but shouting out Soul Patrol just doesn’t cut it anymore. He needs to try and get new fans without alienating his old ones, even if sometimes he wants to.

  60. Well, I understand that completely. BUT you missed two absolutely outstanding performances last night. Adam Lambeth and Allison Iraheta who totally slayed “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.” She’s only 16 but sings like she’s been singing for decades. I missed “country” week but every other time I’ve heard her she’s totally blown my mind. She is far above anyone else on the show IMO. I hope she doesn’t win so she doesn’t get “idolized.” Lambeth has talent with a capital T but I haven’t liked his OTT flamboyancy distracting from his performance. However, last nights rendition of “Tracks of My tears was more than amazing. He got a rousing standing ovation from the composer of the song himself, Smokey Robinson. I know this isn’t an Idol blog, but just so you know the show does have it’s moments. I never would have heard of TH if a loyal AI fan was not at my house one night and insisted on watching it. Taylor had some really great moments on the show too. So, this is why I love/hate American Idol. LOL I’m sure all they are looking at is the CHA CHING factor. Use t hem and loose them. But I still think they can help Taylor. I just don’t want to see him be that “Idol” guy if he goes back on. I want to see this other Taylor I’ve been discovering over the past few weeks.

  61. He has said in the past that he wished he could do AI all over again. (He hasn’t said that lately, so who knows if he still feels that way.) But I think he really dug preparing for a performance every week and doing the silly Ford commercials,etc…

    It may be that Taylor doesn’t even know what he’s really supposed to be doing. I’m with you, itsallgrey. I’m completely mesmerized by Taylor the musician. Not so crazy about Taylor the entertainer. But he’s the one who’s got to figure it out.

    I keep wondering if he’ll be better appreciated down the road. Something’s going to come along that just clicks. I have no idea what that will be, but Taylor will be great at it, America will love it and they’ll go back and discover his CDs.

    (Am I having a brightlite moment?)

  62. I wonder if AI would ever mount a tour with all the AI winners? Maybe when the blasted show is off the air for good?

  63. The show’s going downhill as it is, this season sucks. The only one that is a standout IMO is Allison.
    Didn’t Ryan say that all the Idol winners would be performing at some point on the show? Pretty sure I heard that.
    Here’s to hoping Taylor appears on the show and sings either Maybe You Should or Nineteen. That would definitely show the passionate artist he is instead of how he’s been portrayed. It’ll be a big FU to Idol and their remarks.
    And please for the love of god, no ‘soul patrol’ and leaning. Seems he’s cut back on that though.

    I don’t know, I’m pretty sure country radio would embrace him if he has the smarts to release the two above mentioned songs. Those are the best on the album, for sure.
    Random thoughts. Back to homework, lmao.

  64. Is it a breach of blogging etiquette to post a link to your blog on someone else’s blog? Whenever I do it, I think I’m adding to the discussion, but apparently other people think I’m trying to make it all about ME.

    I’ve been going back and forth about posting this link, but you see, I just think it’s all good fun. Give and take. A sharing of opinions.

    I blogged about the Two Taylors when I first heard about Grease and I want to share what I wrote. (I think it’s funny) So I’ll give you the link, but then you must come back here.

  65. How I love Taylor 1.

    And I totally think he should kick Taylor 2’s ass. 😆

  66. I think the reason those rumors got around was because he wasn’t 18 or 22 years old with no life experience, and idol couldn’t change him to their likes.

    Hey… everyone can be an ass sometimes. Especially if your standing up for what you believe.

  67. With the music business changing so much is there really a tried and true way anymore?

    If signing with a major label means they dictate everything you can do, I think I would run the other way. Taylor did say he had other offers. Now whether they were major, I’ve never heard him say. Mainstream pop music sucks. None of it will be around in 20 – 30 years and still be played on the radio. I also think that if Taylor wants his music heard, he’s going to have to release on the country side. Most country music today is a cross of pop/country or country/rock.

    I am a member of the Indie music site E-music. I have found sooo many new artist from that site that I probably would have never found without it.
    The radio in my part of the country sucks!!! That’s why I hardly ever listen to it. I also find a lot of new music from people I know. I recently found the band Anthony Gomes and the Soul Cowboys from a guy I work with. His parents listen to them and we were talking about music, and he says hey I think you might like these guys.

    I personally think the new cd is a good portrait of who Taylor is musically. I don’t know him so I can’t say anything about his person, if he is a clod or whatever. Even his early works, had a country twang, a latin beat, and soulful vibes. I don’t see this cd being that big of a change from the early stuff.

  68. I thought it was very relevant to this discussion and found it very interesting to see the reactions of fans back when he decided to take the part in Grease. I would be interested to read about how those same posters feel about it now, all these months later. My opinion now is that Taylor 1 is using Taylor 2 to get noticed, and I think it might have been a smart move after all. He is getting more publicity, and building a new fan base which everyone is saying he needs. He can’t make music if he can’t pay for it. And maybe Taylor 2 really is the dominant one? He OWNS that show and the audience. He’s brought his own personal touch to it and made it successful. I don’ think Broadway Taylor is bad, as long as he let’s Taylor1 out to play – make his music and do concerts.
    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed that.

  69. Thanks.

    I was dead-set against the idea of Taylor doing Grease when I first heard about it and I vowed to never see it. But I met some friends in Chicago who weren’t major Taylor fans. I wanted to go to Martyr’s and they wanted to go to Grease. I gave in and we did both.

    When the scene opened with the ice cream cone, I considered leaving because I just didn’t want BSD in my head. (I still haven’t seen any video of it) But I stuck it out and…it wasn’t bad. It’s cheesy, yes, but it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. Taylor nails the song and is really quite funny. And he hits a note at the end that I thought was mighty impressive.

    I can’t say that I love that he’s doing Grease, but I WILL say that he’s good at it. The audience loves him in it, too.

  70. Wow. I forgot about those comments at the end. Some of them are pretty brutal. I know that Julie did give up on Taylor, but Kenzie is still around. Most of us have accepted the whole Grease thing.

  71. quote Trixie”I personally think the new cd is a good portrait of who Taylor is musically. I don’t know him so I can’t say anything about his person, if he is a clod or whatever. Even his early works, had a country twang, a latin beat, and soulful vibes. I don’t see this cd being that big of a change from the early stuff.”
    Yes, 100% it is a portrait of who he is. It’s his baby from start to finish. Unlike “Taylor Hicks” there is surely not one song or arrangement on it that he wishes wasn’t. He made every decision. How each individual responds to the song choices and overall compilation is a matter of personal taste and preference, but I’m sure the cd is exactly what HE wanted it to be.

    I find what you said about the early stuff having country twang and latin beat interesting. I only got EW 2 days ago and only listened through once, but with distractions so need to hear it again.

  72. Mr. Hicks appeared very cagey on E News last night when asked if he would be appearing on AI this season? Why the secrecy? I’m thinking it’s not gonna happen.

  73. I don’t wantto burst any of y’all’s bubbles but Taylor is not a musician, at least not an astounding one, and he knows that. His talents are not really in music as much as they are in performing, he is a front man, not a backup, nor a band guy, he is a front man, a lead singer, a singer/entertainer, who can play the hell out of harmonica, and strum some very nice chords on a guitar, but he is not as trained musically as well as he should be to really catch the ears of the masses. THAT is why his band is so effing important! He has the voice, he needs the music to be powerful, and penetrating, but again, he knows that. He selected his band very carefully for the distance for a reason. IAG, please don’t wish for Taylor to be a great musician, he isn’t and he won’t ever be, his talents are in other areas, namely his voice and his ability to perform and bring it.

    BL, that is a very interesting statement. I have actually never thought of this aspect before re: Mr. Hicks. I see the points you’re making, and I’m thinking that I agree for the most part. VERY good points.

    And congrats, too, on YOUR own New Found Freedom!! 😉

  74. The Taylor one is hard for me to get into. Just too much screaming and noise going on to appreciate it.

    Totally agree!! OMG, so obnoxious. I’m all for getting crazy and feeling the music, but NOT during a piece like that. I think Mr. Hicks got everyone to sing along to shut them all up.

  75. Something’s going to come along that just clicks. I have no idea what that will be, but Taylor will be great at it, America will love it and they’ll go back and discover his CDs.

    I agree with this, Caryl.

  76. Oh, Caryl. It’s all about you and you know it!!! LOL!!!
    You crack me up, girl!!

  77. brightlite Says:


  78. brightlite Says:

    I was really being metaphorical in stating this. I was trying to say that I don’t think he wants to or aspires to lose his shirt in his ventures. But whether he is naked or shirtless makes no difference to me, either way…I wanna see it too.
    That was fangirly….eww.

  79. taylorfan06 Says:

    The videos don’t EVEN compare to being in the room and hearing THE voice and feeling THE energy coming from the crowd, and Taylor. Do yourself a favor and SEE HIM. You’ll have a real appreciation of Taylor the artist.

  80. ” Maybe that’s part of the problem, and honestly, I think that might be part of the problem regarding The Distance. I like it 4857473 times better than the TH cd, but it’s just all over the place. I realize Taylor has lots of influences, and he likes to highlight them, but man..he just seems a little confused on it. ”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    There is a saying that goes – Just because you can do everything well, doesn’t mean you should.

    I am not opposed to diverse styles on an album – I have diverse tastes – but when I buy the music of most artists I have an idea of what will be the predominant sound/style of the album . . a step out track or two is simply a fun diversion.
    Tend to wonder if the general music buying public has little idea what to expect from an artist – or is confused by what they do know . . how much it affects their interest in buying their albums.

  81. taylorfan06 Says:

    I heard the same about Daughtry. I think ALL artist are tempermental.

  82. taylorfan06 Says:

    Thanks for opening your mind, Caryl. Jeez!
    With fans like you…

  83. taylorfan06 Says:

    Me, not so much.

  84. Just because you’re a fan of the music doesn’t mean you have to be a fan of everything that the man does.

  85. brightlite Says:

    Thank you. I have found places inside myself that are resevoirs of strength and pillars of wisdom. I routinely resort to them both as needed, usually several times an hour depending on the circumstances. But at night, when the sun goes down, and the stars come out, I abandon everything, all things in my head…
    I let my spirit soar and find that strength and wisdom take a back seat to essence and fabric. I have found my self in those moments, and hopefully with time and more solitary nights, I will find that the person I am and have become through all of it is better than before.
    Be well.
    Be loved.
    I kinda like that. Be El. I have been awake way too long, I have to get to bed.

  86. brightlite Says:

    hey before I head off to beddy bye, I love driving down the highway heading east and seeing the sun set in my rearview mirror. Seeing it there as opposed to looking at it straight on is different, and in way it is almost like it makes it last long since you are moving away from it, and the light has ti travel further to reach your eyes! Maybe that is why we see things more clearly if they are in the past and we view them in retrospect…they come to us more slowly, the memories…it’s like life lessons are really sunsets in a rear view mirror…something that happened already but we run from it, go away from it hoping that in some way it will make its approach slower and we can view it and bring it more clearly to our minds.
    Just a thought.

  87. brightlite Says:

    So much I want to say here tonight…sorry…but I have the cpu up and running and I had an espresso, and the viruses are dormant for the moment in the cpu.
    The kids really opened up about everything musically. One of the things I learned is that they are fickle. 90% of the guys and 80% of the girls have changed their musical tastes in the past year. They stated that they changed their taste in the type of music (genre) and in artists. The main reasons are that they found the artist was 1. not current in their music (76%); 2. the genre isn’t current or trendy (popular) 65%; and 3. the artists music or songs do not apply or have meaning in their life. (48%)
    All in all I am finding that the kids in the 15-18 age group are fickle.
    They are going to hear “19” very soon.
    I am still doing the surveys to see what they like, and I am getting an education. I got a CD from a student, the name of the artist? Jack Johnson. Anyone ever hear of this guy? I listened. he was okay but Taylor is so much better, and more soulful.

  88. Jack Johnson is HUGE in an indie sort of way with the teen age group.
    My teen girls have several of his CD’s. His music is played as background in slideshows and presentations at school. Have no idea where he came from or when.

    I have listened some….and there is something about his vibe and delivery that is current to them. There is a simple, upbeat sound there with intelligent lyrics.

  89. With more research….JJ is from Hawaii…is on Brushfire records, an indie label that appears to be affiliated with Universal, now.
    He also did the sound track “Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George” for the movie/cartoon.
    He also played at one of the Obama Inaugural Balls in January. This is Wikipedia info.

  90. Yea, I heard one of his songs about 6 months ago? Maybe more. I think through one of my college sons… I liked the song a lot and bought his CD. I only listened to it a couple of times. I forgot about it. I saw him on a music link last night and said “Oh yea, I need to listen to that again.” Funny you should mention him tonight.

  91. I’ve been pondering this all day trying to figure out if I agree. I do understand what you are saying to a certain extent but I don’t think I agree. He might be self-taught vs “highly trained,” and unpolished sometimes, but I can’t agree that someone who has written and arranged the songs he has, and brought together the talented bands he has, and produced 3 of his own albums, is not a musician. Quality wise, TD is top notch and he used high-caliber people in the making of it. If that is not a “musician” what is?

    You did qualify it with “at least not an astounding one,” but I think he can be and has been astounding on plenty of occasions. I also think he’ll just keep getting better and better. Can you define the characteristics that make a musician an astounding musician in your opinion?

  92. Will Hoge is awesome!


    — Will Hoge singing “Ain’t No Sunshine”, it’s better than Taylor’s version.

  94. Jack Johnson was a professional surfer, before he made music his full time career. His CD “Brushfire Fairytales” came out in 2001, and is one of the most beautiful CDs I own. He has just a cool vibe, but is still very melodic. His subsequent CDs are all worth owning . . . and I do. His music sounds calm and effortless, but you still feel this energy coming from it.

    He has been friends with Ben Harper for a while, and they toured together in 2003, I think. It was a phenomenal tour, BTW. Ben Harper is another artist I really like.

    Sadly, I have nothing to add about Taylor. He’s going to do what he wants to do, and I have no control over it. I’ll either be part of the crowd of fans, or I will not. I’ve successfully managed to kick my “overly invested fanitude” to the curb. I am occasionally enjoying his music, but it is interspersed with so much other music that I love. I still follow his career moves with some interest and I still love much of his music, but he’s just not the be-all and end-all of my music loving life.

    Case in point, I read this whole thread, and was primarily inspired to reply about Jack Johnson. That says a lot . . .

    But having said all that, I am still pulling for him, big time. My wish for him would be that he has the kind of success he wants, and that he manages to make people realize that he really is a phenomenal talent, and not just the AI “loser” winner. That’s really not fair to him.

  95. I think I’m going to have to agree with that.

  96. Soulaz- I just recently discovered Jack Johnson and have been listening to him non-stop. 🙂

  97. Yeah, Jack Johnson is really good. And so is Ben Harper. Here is one of my favorite collaborations from them.

  98. soulaz, I’m pretty much where you are with respect to Taylor.
    I’m still curious about ‘the rest of the story’ and saw enough potential in 2007 to think there is more. Have said I’m waiting for another Cohasset and that is pretty much the case – there are moments like that in the audio of the Roxy show – enough to remind me to be patient.

    Re: Jack Johnson … discovered him in 2007 because of the Endless Highway album done as a tribute to The Band. The full album and bonus tracks can be heard on it’s own website – makes a great play list.

  99. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    That would be a show worth seeing!

  100. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I have to agree with this. I love Tay and his music, but I love a lot of other artists and their music too. 🙂

  101. 🙂

  102. Aw..I was trying to give Taylor a compliment! He’s very good as Teen Angel.

  103. Well I’m REALLY new to this “active fan” stuff – basically only for about the past month, and I’m already thinking how unhealthy a lot of this stuff is. I myself have been getting sucked into it more and more but I am now trying to put on the brakes and come back to reality. Do I really need to know TH’s everyday whereabouts, watch ever video ever made, download every photo and audio concert, fly all over the country and see him in every concert he performs? I’m interested because I think he’s a super talented guy, love his voice and listening to his music,LOVED him in my one concert, hope he comes back to my area, but like you think this it’s not normal or healthy to invest so much emotionally into one person. I’m going to probably listen to him every day for a while because of the all the new music I just purchased (TD & EW) but I’m also listening to other people and am pulling back big time form the boards and blogs and youtube. I find some of the stuff I’m reading on the boards alarming. I guess I’m struggling with figuring out how to be a supportive fan and still live a “normal” life. LOL Listening to other music is only NORMAL. It would be pretty odd for someone to never listen to anything else.

    RE: JJ – I mentioned I did buy his CD a while back and listened a couple of times. I did like it but I think “forgot” about it because it is so mellow. Though I like a big variety of music, (just about anythikng but rap and hip hop) rock and other upbeat styles is really my favorite and I have to be in the mood for someone like JJ. I’ll give him another try.

    I’m glad to see some other music discussion here besides Taylor. I’ve already heard about a couple of people I want to check out and have only read here for a few days.

  104. taylorfan06, it’s OK, really. I’m a huge supporter of TH. I’ve spent a lot of money on him and I RARELY write anything negative about him.

    I was just trying to be honest. I hated the idea of him doing Grease, but I saw it for myself and realized tht he’s very good in it.

    Even Taylor was OK with me saying that. I had a meet and greet after the show and I told him exactly what I wrote here. He appreciated the fact that I gave the show a chance and that I saw for myself how good he is in it.

    And if you must know, he called me a “true fan.” So relax, it’s all good.

    Now I’m off to watch the big guy on Regis and Kelly!

  105. Love it!

  106. taylorfan06 Says:

    My point is it’s just one song. Not every song need to be that way. Some songs can just be fun. It’s all about a mix of feelings.

  107. Yes, Ryan said all seven Idols would make appearances this season. I agree about Allison being the standout but think Adam is too – maybe. He needs to stop being so over-the-top theatrical. And I wouldn’t’ say all the others suck. A couple of them still on DO suck, and I can’t wait to see them go, but most of them have at least some talent but are not the good performers like Allison and Adam are. I think a few will get better each week as they get more experience and training.

    I hope Taylor either does The Distance, MYS, or Seven Mile Breakdown. My favorite on the album though is Indiscriminate Act of Kindness. I can’t see him doing that on AI. I hope he won’t. That audience would NOT. I love MYS and think it would be well received, but I hope he does something a bit more upbeat. TD would be great.

  108. Ryan did say that, but when asked in an interview the other day, Taylor was pretty vague about even appearing. I remember hearing either in the Roxy audio or another one that he said when starting Seven Mile Breakdown, “I want to play this one on Idol, if they’ll let me.”

  109. Sorry to dwell on the Grease thing, but I just read a review that rienforces what I said about Taylor being good as Teen angel:

    “In a rare bright spot, the personable Hicks lives up to his reputation as a silver-haired Southern fox. As Teen Angel, the velvet-voiced crooner gives the musical a much needed jolt of charisma.”

  110. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I appreciate your way of expressing yourself re: my comment that “…Taylor is not a musician, at least not an astounding one…”
    I can give my opinion on what makes a musician but I don’t think that is really relevant. I guess I am trying to point out that history is the biggest indicator of our passions and talents. Let me give an analogy here that might help explain my comment. Just because a person can do something doesn’t make them an expert. For instance, I can dive and dive very well, but I am not a diver. I was a gymnast, and I CAN dive, but I am not a diver. Musical talent encompasses many aspects including the ones you mentioned like having an ear for sound, knowing the art of arrangement, and then the obvious, more recognized and appreciated talents like playing an instrument or singing. Musical talent has many facets and I don’t see Taylor’s strongest musical ability in playing instruments. I know that he has stronger abilities in arranging and in singing of course which is related to his musical ear. He knows what sounds right, and what sounds musically pleasing, even if he himself cannot achieve it through an instrument or through his own voice, he knows from listening what’s right so to speak. I hope you don’t think I am saying he isn’t musically talented or inclined because he certainly is, I am just expressing that he has strengths in other areas musically speaking, and playing instruments is not his biggest strength. Also it is interesting to note that Taylor writes in his memoir, Heart Full of Soul, that his love for music began with an album, and Otis Redding album, that he lifted from a friend’s house. He wrote about how he could not stop listening to it. Again, the key word is “listening.” He had his ear to that platter, and by listening to Otis Redding, lending his ear to that voice and that message, he lifted his love to a higher plane and like the sun on a flower, it inspired his growth and fed his ailing soul. That instance or moment in time inspired Taylor to sing, first and foremost. It did not inspire Taylor to play the piano or guitar, it inspired Taylor to sing, really sing for the first time. When inspired we find ourselves, and through exploration of the self, we find our talents. Taylor continued to sing, and then one day, later on, found an old harmonica at a flea market, and that began his inroads as a ‘musician.” The harmonica, his first love and his first instrument remains his developed instrument. Again, I can’t emphasize enough that talents are expressed early on in most cases and the things we do as a youngster are indicators of those talents. That isn’t to say that we cannot develop a love for something later on, and become good at it, but it is in our formative years that we hone our truest and most basic skills that are God-given.

    I have seen Taylor demonstrate outstanding performances as a musician, and it is worth mentioning that he is multi-faceted in his ability to play both the harmonica and the guitar at once. I have remarked before that his ability to use different sides of his brain simultaneously, blowing the harp while playing some serious chords on the guitar is not only extraordinary but is also entertaining. I have watched Taylor evolve over the past three years from Idol to now, and I see tremendous growth, and he is teetering on something much bigger in the future as he continues to understand who he is. It is understandable that he struggles, when you think how he was catapulted into stardom, and along the way he had to turn from his development to being a “pleaser.” I mean that he had to please so many people, his fans, the producers of AI, his label, his sponsors, etc…he lost himself along the way as he put away his real self and let his “public persona” emerge. I just see him struggle to regain control of his life, and having his own label is a big step in that direction. I would like to say he is a musician, but I don’t see him that way. I see him as a singer and an entertainer. He is a message bearer. Why else would soul music stir him and bring his essence to life at such a young age. We all find our selves in times of trouble, and when his life took serious turns, he found his voice and little did he know that it was that vehicle, his voice that would eventually bring him to the place where he could and would continue with the works of those who have gone on. He can play the guitar and he can play the harp as well as anyone out there, but does that alone qualify him as a musician? Maybe it does. Or perhaps he is a voice that can play those instruments. I think by trade he is an entertainer and by extension of his trade he has become a musician, but he has long way to go to reavh the status of being called a musician. It’s hard to quantify my point I guess.

    Be well.

  111. mamaforpeace Says:

    Great blog topic, IAG. And interesting posts here. As far as “opening his soul”, I love when Taylor does, but I wonder how easy that is to do in front of a screaming, wild, often has been drinking too much audience? They don’t seem to know when to go wild, and when to just listen. It’s always bothered me! As far as ignoring the audience, turning your back to it, just relating to the musicians, Van Morrison is a master at that, but man, did I LOVE the concert I saw last year! I think Taylor is still trying to figure out who he wants to be. At his best, he is great, so I’m willing to hang in there, and appreciate those moments. Meanwhile, as many have said, there is plenty of great music to listen to!

  112. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I know weird huh?
    Such is the story of my life.
    I never heard of this guy but his music is kinda strange, it’s almost felt monotone in a musical sense. I was waiting for the change in temp but it never really came, only hints of chnage in tempo. I wasn’t blown away. His lyrics are great though, deep and meaningful.

  113. As much as I like Jack Johnson, I have a friend who calls him Mr Blahblahblah. She says it doesn’t matter what song he sings, they all sound the same. 😆

    Different strokes for different folks.

  114. Well, maybe Taylor expects people to buy it mainly for his voice (and song writing) and not so much for the genre? Personally I enjoy hearing a variety like this. On many cds every song ends up sounding like the one before, like Daughtry’s. I DO like several of the songs on it, but many are just not distinguishable from the others. You certainly can’t say that about The Distance. LOL

    Or, possibly, he put all these different genres on it to get a feel for what people want to hear from him on future projects?

    Or he just doesn’t care about genre labeling and put on the songs he loves and wanted to be heard?

  115. 😀

  116. IAG – I’ve lurked for awhile and I must say I am enjoying what I’m reading. I am nourished by the indepth discussions and POVs.
    The posts addressing Taylor opening his soul have intrigued me. I am part of the collective who think “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness” is the best thing Taylor has ever recorded. His commitment to it astounds me. However, I do not believe it should see the light of day in a live setting – not yet, anyway. His current venues are not conducive to such a highly intimate song. His audiences are not ready to shut up and just listen (agree mamaforpeace). Even his self-proclaimed most ardent fans can’t seem to control themselves.
    I also believe Taylor is not ready to publicly embrace that side of his performance personae. He seems to feed off the enthusiasm of the crowd. And, when it may be waning, he pumps up the volume/antics/frenzy to validate his affect on his audience.
    I know Taylor has it in him to be a great interpreter of song. The recorded version of IAOK is all the proof I need. When Taylor is ready to embrace the artist within he will become more than just a musical entertainer. He will evolve and I will be waiting. Only then will I accept IOAK in a live setting. Until then, the song that has touched me so deeply is only an ipod click away.

  117. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Maybe that is why he isn’t finding any real success. I compiled the results of the survey. I asked (now) 96 kids this question:
    What makes you like a song? What is important you in a goosd song?
    The answers were pretty clear
    74% of the kids said “the beat”
    About the same 72% said lyrics.
    There were also random responses such as “the way it sounds” and “instrumentation” and “meaning.” but only one student said “the singing.” So I surmised that the beat has to be good first and foremost to catch the ear of the listener, THEN the lyrics have to tell the story and seal the deal.
    Jack Johnson’s music had no beat really, so he is lacking that in his music and maybe that is why he stays Indie?
    As for Taylor? Hmmmmmm

  118. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Of the kids who are participating in the study, I have now 96 participants, they are going to download “19” this weekend and next week early on and then comment on the song. I guess Taylor might see a little surge in the number of DL’s on his stats. Many use limewire and something else called FDE, which I don’t know what that means. But some use ITunes, it’s like half and half really. One kid already knew of 19 and said “it’s a pretty good song.” It has a powerful message…”he could run, he could throw…” wow is that going to really floor these kids who are typical everyday guys…
    Let’s just see what they think of it, and then I will post it here somehow and maybe Taylor will happen by and read it, and perhaps it can help him think about how to market his best stuff.
    I guess I am doing a market research study in a way. I have done this before but it wasn;t for music, it was for something else entirely. Trick is to find out what people really want, then give it to them dammit. 🙂

  119. Arrow2Soul Says:

    Whose listening???
    Most popular female artist in survey: Taylor Swift
    Most popular male artist in survey : Lil Wayne

    How do most kids hear about a new song?
    95% said radio
    54% said “a friend”
    also mentioned was “online”, “youtube”, iTunes.

    Of the students I surveyed only a 9% reported listening to music via video channels like VH1 and MTV. I found that very surprising actually.
    They don’t really watch vids.

    Also of the kids who do use ITunes, the number one reason mentioned is that they think Itunes has a better selection of music, “they have everything” or “Itunes has it all” was said a few times.

    Another interesting aspect is that they don’t really buy CD’s, they burn them from Itunes or from their internet music source, i guess their libraries or catalogs of music they already have. Aand they like “mixes” of the favorite tunes. 81% said they burn them, and the others (19%0 purchase at Best Buy or Target.

    This must be killing the record labels, to not be able to control this kindof buying behavior (or non-buying behaviors.)

    There is a flow of music into and out of the conscience stream, and if you can get into that stream, well maybe you can get yourself heard. That’s all we want for Taylor, he deserves it.

  120. Arrow2Soul Says:

    My post went missing. 😦

  121. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I agree with rajrae. I LIKE all the variety. makes it interesting.

  122. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    You don’t like Danny at all? I love Adam- I just think he has the best voice.

  123. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Wow, Caryl that is wonderful!

  124. A2S, as for Jack Johnson staying indie (responding to comment up thread) and not having much success, I’m going to have to disagree with that. I think he is way more successful in the music industry than Taylor. While he may not be successful on a huge scale, like Taylor Swift or Lil Wayne, the artists you mentioned earlier, he does have success in the music industry.

  125. I can see your point on IAOK. And you’re probably right. It’s probably best if he doesn’t do it just yet. Plus, that song is in that recording seems so vulnerable. I mean, what if he can’t repeat that?

    That song saved the CD for me. That and Maybe You Should. In that recording, he’s not nearly as emotive, but I think it can be fantastic live.

  126. I think Adam has a superb voice, with an incredible range.

  127. Arrow2Soul Says:

    You are probably right, I just never heard of him but that means nothing. I don’t listent o alot of music myself, except the classics like Joel, Elton John, and some newer stuff like John Mayer. I don’t spend anything on music except for Taylor’s stuff, but I from what I can tell the kids do know who Jack Johnson is, and they do respect him if they like that kind of music. His genre is alternative I guess?? It’s kinda strange how someone like that could get more recognition than Taylor, since I think Taylor is more talented but I guess what I think makes no difference to anyone.
    Be well.

  128. mamaforpeace Says:

    Maybe You Should is the song I listen to the most. Love his voice on it more than the song itself. Would love to listen to IAOK, but can’t find it anywhere, except the Youtube version. I tried to order form Best Buy, but it didn’t have the extra tracks it advertised. Really pissed me off!!! I’m sending it back.

  129. Well, damn. I went to and it looks like they are out of stock. Nice.

  130. Arrow2Soul Says:

    I do see your point raj, he is a musician, actually this makes his fifth release right?

    I am trying to point out that playing an instrument is not his strong suit. “Musician” is a very broad term which implies the playing of instruments, and does not include people who sing only right? Maybe it does. I always thought that a singer alone would be an artist or entertainer, but I guess he doesn’t only sing, he plays guitar and harp, but his skills need honing on the guitar IMO. He is good but like I said, he needs practice and only time will make that happen. although if you make music, whether it be by singing/songwriting or by playig an instrument, that makes you a musicisn right?
    So in that respect, he is a musician, and I concede.
    Be well.

  131. Arrow2Soul Says:


  132. Best Buy didn’t have the extra tracks? OK, that answers one question I had.

  133. My sons also learn about music from myspace pages. For instance, they’ll go to an artist’s myspace page and check out who THEY like.

    And don’t forget Pandora. It’s a customized internet radio site. It “suggests” music based on what you like.

    Don’t laugh at me, but one of my sons also said he has discovered some music through Guitar Hero.

  134. Yeah, I thought that was nice. Thanks.

    I posted that to show that it’s OK to NOT love everything Taylor does. Even Taylor understands that. We need to not be afraid to have honest discussions. How is a person supposed to grow if everyone keeps saying, “You da man!” ?

    But, obviously, we need to be grown-ups about it and have intelligent conversations. Give reasons why you feel the way you do and don’t attack anyone. Including Taylor. He’s still trying to find his way and he’s only human.

  135. jerseyirish Says:

    a2s, My kids the same they download what they like my little one has over 5000 songs on her mp3. She named alot of what you did also. She will google a band she likes and will get names of bands with similar genres thats how she finds alot of her music. It is amazing what they can find and download from the internet.


  136. 1. WTF. I know I think Taylor’s made some bad choices in his career and maybe misled his fans in some ways, but to say he’s not a musician is a pretty big insult and its also not true. He’s a damn good musician actually who plays the hell out of a harp and is not so bad at strumming that guitar and who writes, performs, creates music. He’s a musician with a few different talents. He’s not just jamming in someone’s garage. He makes good money making music. That makes him a musician. His skill is irrelevant to if he’s a musician or not and every single musician is an entertainer on some level, front man or not.

    2. BL , I even think I’ve read you call yourself a writer, a teacher, a waitress, and probably 10 other things on this very blog. I guess according to your definitions you’re none of those things because there’s a lot of people more skilled than you at being a writer, teacher and a waitress?

    3. I think Jack Johnson is good but gets real boring real fast. Definitely all the same sounding. It’s good background music. He’s done pretty well for himself. Not as famous as Taylor or as talented but he gets respect.

    4. Will Hoge bores me. I don’t feel he’s that intimate. Ray LM is very intimate. He can do no wrong musically in my book.

  137. Adding to my thoughts above –

    I not only like the variety of styles but the excellent song lyrics. There is a positive theme through several of them (Yes We Can, The Distance, IAOK_, but they are very individual and unique songs, both style and lyric-wise. Same thing for the “love” songs (Battlefield, MYS, OUAL) I remember why I lost interest in the Jack Johnson Cd. I loved the first song, maybe even the first few. But it was one after the next of the SAME thing. Granted, I do like to hear something at least 3 or 4 times before giving up on it, and I will try again, but it just lost my interest.

    One more note about Daughtry compared to TH in the area of lyrics – I love the rock and his voice and I listen to the CD every now and then. However, in addition to the # of songs that sound too much alike, when I started reading the lyrics I found one cliche after the next. I couldn’t’ believe how bad it was. Taylor’s lyrics are a lot richer, original, and more meaningful IMO. I don’t mean to do the Daughtry vs Taylor thing. Honestly,l I was only using his CD to illustrate lack of variation and shallow lyrics in some music today compared to what is on The Distance. I like Daughtry. He should have gone farther. I would like to hear more variation in his songs.

  138. suze4158 Says:

    Good day on Amazon, too.
    Thank you, Regis and Kelly.

  139. Are you asking me? If so, I do like Danny but I don’t think he did very well this week. He seemed uncomfortable and a bit awkward IMO. I thought Kris, Matt and Anoop all outperformed him. Anoop sounded great but was a bit boring to watch. My take is that Allison is the top talent, with Adam close behind, but they leave the rest of the pack behind.

  140. I smiled because that is what I want him to play too. That or The Distance. I hope they let him do the one he wants. Why wouldn’t they? That would really piss me off (if I were him) if they wouldn’t let him do whatever song he wanted to do. I do hope he rocks the place out though!!

  141. Besides a crazy audience, you also have to take into consideration doing the same songs night after night after night. They not only perform the songs but REHEARSE them. I mean, do you think they “feel” a song as much singing it for the 100th time in row as the first few? I don’t see how. There are going to be nights when they just DON’T feel it and some when they do. I don’t think it reflects on their ability to “feel” their music. Don’t you get tired of something after to listening to it every day for 2 weeks, or hearing it on the radio 5 times a day? Even if it’s something you REALLY like? I’m already needing to give WRIR a break. I’m sure the same thing happens to live performers. I don’t think you can’t expect it to have the same impact every single time they sing it. They might have had a bad day. They might not even want to actually BE there that night. Maybe tired and needing a break? Now the audience expects it to be fresh and new and everything they hope for, but I can see this from the artist’s perspective too. It has to become monotonous the them to some degree.

  142. My kids have discovered songs through Guitar Hero too.


  143. QUOTE: “That was fangirly…. eww..”

    Yea, please keep your sleazy thought to yourself (like I do. 😀 )

  144. It is nice to see some new people on the blog. This has been a good thread.

  145. Not argueing, just thinking outloud….

    We also have to remember that a person’s voice is their “instrument” so that means Taylor, (even if he’s not Eric Clapton on the guitar,) is pretty darn proficient on TWO instruments. 🙂

    Also, if one qualifies a “musician” as needing to play instruments, and well, that would mean that Mick Jagger, Roger Daltry, Diana Ross, Julie Andrews, (those are the ones that popped into my head as being just singers or front men) are not musicians either.

  146. As I said it was my college son who told me about Jack Johnson but I don’t remember the circumstances or if he actually listens to him. I do find it surprising that younger adults or kids would be attracted to his music. I can’t for the life of me get my 17 yo daughter to listen to Taylor. Or ANY of my music for that matter. Yet she has been listening to some foreign (Asian) musician and seems to love it. What is surprising is how AC it is!! LOL I hope she’ll be more open minded later. I have found my older kids getting much more open minded about “old” music and learning to respect it. But that’s only if they hear it through sources other than me. (SIGH)

    OK, I was just driving and looking for a CD to play and found the JJ one still in my visor cd holder. I listened… same response as before! I loved the first song, and enjoyed the 2nd, The third one started and I said “no” and went to #4. It started off good but by the time I got home I was not even listening to it any more (but it was still playing). I tried! I’ll just have to listen to him in small doses I guess.

  147. RRS
    I like the variety too . . but we are already fans . . and chances are fans of Taylor Hicks are going to like that he does a mix.

    But not everyone does like it . . especially when they are just getting acquainted with an artist . . they like to have an idea of what they’re going to hear.
    Not just pulling this out of my hat . . have talked with people who work in record stores – not clerks in the big boxes – actual music stores like Bull Moose and a very savy young man in our local f.y.e. who will probably have his own indie store before too long . . and a coupe of other small owner operator places that have to know what people want for their business to survive.
    Diversity can be the proverbial double-edged sword.

  148. casualfan Says:

    Ok now I’m confused BL. I could swear you said in a post on another thread that according to your survey most of those kids didn’t use Itunes and that they bought cd’s. Please forgive me if I misunderstood. I’m also curious to know what the purpose of this survey is for. Are you planning on reporting your findings to Mr. Hicks or what? Just curious, don’t mean any disrespect.

  149. casualfan Says:

    Who said Taylor was a bad musician? Haven’t read this blog today. I may not agree with all he does, but I feel that he’s a damn good musician and awesome song writer. Hopefully he will expand on the latter soon. I think Taylor will do good service behind the scenes as well.

  150. Oh, and also play his harp like he does on Fishwater! (Was just listening to that again. I love it! Sorry, I only found that a few weeks ago. I’m two years behind everyone else.) Anyway, I think the younger crowd would be awed by seeing him really get down on the harp. He needs a younger fan base. Grease is making inroads in that area. AI is a fantastic platform for showing his stuff to everyone of all ages. My sister twisted my arm into meeting her in Houston to see the Season 7 tour last fall. The audience was everywhere from 12-60. Plenty of young adults in there too. So he really has a choice of which group to focus on. TD is sort of “in between” the rock of SMB and the AC of MYS, But I’m not sure if he could put the harp on TD. But I think any three of those songs would serve him well on AI.

    Sorry to ramble on.. I’m all alone tonight with no one else to talk to. 🙂

  151. brightlite Says:

    Oh I am a teacher, and I am a writer, although not by trade. I waitress but I don’t “call” myself one, it isn’t how I see myself. I waitress on the side to pick up quick cash.

    Back to my point. I am a teacher and I am in demand as one. I am so proficient at what I do, that I have the pick of any school, of any subject in science, and of any kind of classes I desire. As far as writing, I write not for a living, but for love. I am not asking anyone to pay me for it, as it might be awful writing at that. lol. I am not trying to make a living off of my writing nor am I using writing to get ahead in any way, it is something I do for release, therefore, I call myself a writier on this blog, and when I apply for copyrights, but if I were to be around other “writers” I would not call myself a writer in the arena of established writers. On here…yes, and in so much as you have all seen me write poetery which probably does suck, well I am a writer amongst you guys, but I would use that word very carefully if I was amongst people who actually carve their living out of writing.
    So, Blue…what is your problem? I merely make the point that Taylor needs to work on his guitar skills, a fact which he himself admitted, and I am agreeing with him wholeheartedly. He does need work, and he knows that. He is talented and diverse in many ways, but where I sit, and from where the listeners sit, he needs to up his game, hon. If you think he is where he should be, and that he is a top rate musician, well, I think you need a hearing aid. He has talents in many areas, but he does needs alot of work on his skills with instruments, with the exception of the haro which he is damn near perfect or an expert.

    No, I don’t think there are many people who can teach better than I can Blue. On that one I will defend myself. Just as I don’t think there are many people who can entertain like Taylor can, and crucify me if you want, but I see his skills in entertaining as his best strength. He is an entertainer/singer and that is his vehicle or his instrument to be quite frank. rajrae I think agreed with that, as did YKW, so sorry we don’t agree, but I guess we’ll just have to not agree and be done with it.

    Look at it this way…if Taylor lost his voice and had to make a living playing guitar…where would he be? How in demand are his skills on a guitar? On any instrument? he is not a musician in the sense of instrumentation. Get it? Case closed.
    I have to pack for Florida. Another thing that proves I am a teacher….spring frickin break on the beach!

  152. brightlite Says:

    I think I keep them in check most of the time.
    Welcome to the board btw, I am sorry for not welcoming you before.
    You have a nice way about you and it is pleasant to read your comments, even if I don’t agree with all of them…haha. Have you seen Taylor in concert? He really is amazing as a performer.
    Be well.

  153. Just to clarify, I agreed he’s not an Eric Clapton on the guitar, but I did not agree with your claim he’s not a musician because of that. I think that definition of “musician” is way too limited. By his voice, harp playing, song-writing, arranging skills, the fabulous bands he brings together he is in every sense a musician, and very good one IMO.

    Hope you have a great time at the beach! Sounds nice.

  154. brightlite Says:

    Absolutely correct. They are all entertainers and to this day they are in demand for that skill. I always though of Elvis this way too. I was a big fan of Elvis movies back in the 80’s, I watched them over and over ad nauseum. When I saw Taylor on AI I could not shake the thought of how these two men were so similar in their styles and in their appearance and in their talents.
    The frenzy that Taylor stirred on AI was nothing short of fanatical and again it spoke of Elvis to me, at least. Elvis was okay on the guitar, he wasn’t fabulous but he could bring a crowd to its feet and make women faint just by looking them, and all of that is just about having the “it” fsctor, and Taylor does have that in him. But he tries to bark up the wrong tree, and be something he’s not at times, like musically, he is working hard at that aspect but it only goes so far with listeners, then they say “so what” about him as a musician. Be what you are, and that will bring the rewards of fortune and fame. He was in his element on AI and it got him very very far with the audience, he did not play a guitar or a harmonica, and he won the hearts and minds of everyone. He played the only instrument that he needed too, his voice, as you said rajrae, HIS voice. The very first words he uttered on AI…”I have a voice and I want to it to be heard…” well that is grass roots right there…proof in the pudding, and he should stick to that and not try to be anything he isn’t absolutely great at. Notice he didn’t say “I ama musician, I play a mean guitar and I can sing…”

    You guys may hate me and diss me but I don’t give a shit really anymore. Nothing bothers me at this point in my life, I have bigger fish to fry. Also don’t hate me because I am beautiful. lol.
    Be well.

  155. brightlite Says:

    We are guitar hero fanatics here having four guitars, and all the programs, GH 1
    GHII, GH3, and the World Tour, and most likely others. They have alot of rock and roll, and my kids have an appreciation of that genre now. We have guitar hero parties for the kids. My daughter invites over a few friends, and they have contests, or “playons” (parody of playoffs) to determine the GH queen of
    Rock. It’s corny but all good clean fun, and I get to clean up the popcorn, pizza boxes and soda bottles. It keeps them out of trouble, and they are immersed in music. 🙂 My son is beyond expert, and has grown tired of GH recently as he plays the real thing now.

  156. brightlite Says:

    None taken. According to the survey, the kids use Itunes for songs they cannot find on limewire. I take it from the kids that limewire has alot of music, but it has bad files too, and can ruin their iPod or their computer. They all listed limewire as their primary download source for music, but many also included iTunes for songs that they could not find on LW. Most of the music they listen to is not paid for. lesser known artists cannot be found on LW , and then the kids have to and lesser known songs cannot be found on so they go to IT. Also I found out that FTE is a music store. It is the current HOT place for kids to go. If it is in there, then chances are it is something that the kids will go for or consider worth buying. Maybe Tay can get his music in there.
    Again, I am seeing streams or flows of music in a direction to the listener. I don’t have any plans of getting this study to him personally. I don’t think that what I am finding out merits his personal attention, although it might help if he knows what the kids think, the younger crowd that can really set him off. If something catches in this crowd, if one song gets their attention, it spreads like wild fire, that is how kids are. They talk. They share. They stick together. I would love to see 19 catch on a bit in my school, and all it takes is one kid to hear it and say “Cool.” and then it begins. I don’t know why I am doing this really, I guess, I have access to kids, and these aren’t listeners of the Jonas Brothers, these are mature kids, kids with goals and dreams. Kids that listen to Jack Johnson! So I think I can just allow them to hear it, not force it on them either, they have a choice if they want to listen or not. Let’s just see.

    I KNOW that he will see a surge somewhere this weekend as the songs get DL’d on LW or IT. Is TH on LW though? If not then they will have to get it from IT I guess. Hope that answers your questions. I am compiling all the data still, and it takes alot of time to put together the information.
    I know that idf Taylor is to be successful with a song it has to have a good “beat” and strong lyrics. THAT is for certain.


  157. brightlite Says:

    You said what I had trouble saying, he is not an Eric Clapton. His strengths are not in his guitar skills. What is so wrong with that?
    He is a musician, just not an astounding one as I said. I would like to see Taylor go on TV on the R and K show and claim he is an astounding musician…he wouldn’t because he isn’t and I am only saying what is true. No big deal.

    I am more than excited about Florida and my break. It’s me and the three kids. I booke a place to stay that has live music from 11 to 1 AM,on the beach! That was the ONLY way I could get my son to go, he hates the beach, and he refused to go. So i found this place in St. Petersburg, where they have music playing live on the beach and he drooled. Then he wiped his mouth off and said sheepishly…”alright I’ll go.”
    The thought of seeing guys jam, and of guitars blaring, and drums beating got him.
    Mommy smart. 😉

  158. Snowstorm Says:

    What a complete waste of time. Someone who looks like their grandfather will never be of interest to them. Teens will never be his target audience! What he needs is young adulst between the ages of 20-39!

  159. Agree for the most part but I think there could be a song or two the teens could connect with. Hey, if they like Jack Johnson, and my daughter likes this AC sound of her Korean singer, why not? You never know when something will “click” with them. But definitely the age group you mentioned is much more likely if they would only get that chance to hear it.

  160. Thanks for the welcome. The Charcoal videos brought me over here. Was not sure if I should just jump in but I do enjoy conversation and debate. Don’t get much of it here at home. LOL I probably don’t really have anything knew or exciting to say. I’ve now read some of the past entries here and realize so much of it has already been hashed and rehashed….

    I’ve seen one concert here in New Orleans at the House of Blues. I agree he is a great performer. It was fantastic. I hope he comes back to this part of the country again. Would love to see him live again.

  161. spinshack Says:

    Doesn’t necessarily mean Hicks. He’s often ignored by the show.

    This sophomore CD isn’t performing exactly stellarly so the show may very well ignore him again. I hope not, would be great if he was able to make a singing appearance. (and do IAoK) *outside reality right now*

  162. spinshack Says:

    Finally I got to watch some of the songs on Youtube, and yeah, Adam and Alli are the best.

  163. spinshack Says:

    Nice thought, Bright.

  164. Snowstorm Says:

    And that’s exactly the reason AI is going on a downward path. When the winner is not doing well, that says a lot. I think he probably will make an appearance.

    The reasons the cd is not doing well needs to be examined and Taylor needs to do a lot of soul-searching. Obviously, this is not the type of music America wants.

  165. spinshack Says:

    It’s what is fun about Bright, she rolls with her moments of intuition, passion and impressions. You just did the same and it felt kind of good didn’t it Caryl? LOL

  166. spinshack Says:

    Knowing Taylor’s MO if he does go on the show he’s going to stick with WRIR. I’d love for the AI viewers to see him pull off IAoK. That would knock them off their feet. *cliche moment*

    Yes, I’m still harping about that damn song, I know… haha

  167. Snowstorm Says:

    The music does not matter that much when the artist looks old and Taylor does look old. Taylor could easily be mistaken for someone in their 40’s and 50’s. He is almost completely GRAY! How in the heck is a teen going to relate to that??????

    You were once a teen! Did you like your parents music????

  168. spinshack Says:

    I agree, and as far as the guitar playing he’s said he needs learn to play better. For the most part it appears he just strums a few notes here and there, sometimes maybe with the guitar’s mic off. *ducking rocks*

    I’ve known some killer guitar players and for the most part, Hicks seems to utilize the instrument for for photo ops; he’s not really a guitarist. Strange because he likes to wear it, occasionally strum it a note here and there.

    Too, he is not a piano player – can’t tell you the times I have read gals going on about him and the piano – remember the AI promo pics? He doesn’t play but since he was pictured with it, automatically viewers assumed he played. Better to either learn to play the instrument or stop using them as props.

    *screaming and running for cover now*

  169. spinshack Says:

    I LURV Ben Harper. Jack Johnson I can take in small doses, I do like him but I can listen to Harper all day. That’s a great youtube of them Grey, watched it many times.

  170. spinshack Says:

    HI MN Sue great to see you here! I agree somewhat about what you’re saying about IAoK but the selfish side of me just wants him to do it. Man, if he pulled that off say on Idol folks would get off their asses and go buy that record.

  171. spinshack Says:

    Excellent thread and I agree Rose, nice crowd.

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