Hey T, a few more things…


Dear Taylor,

I listened to the Roxy audio, and I’m so glad you engaged with the audience more. As always, you rocked it out. I’ve also been doing some thinking about taylorhickshq.com. I get the idea that the weekly blog isn’t going to happen as promised, since it’s been about a month since the last one. So, I have a new proposal.

Remember these?
Here’s Bill Will multitasking, on hold on the phone, and still pointing out the obvious to Taylor.

Once again, Bill on the phone, while Taylor eats…and then the flower discussion begins.

Taylor has a camera up his rectum?

Just passing the bongo around…

That’s what we be…real plain.

Those small clips of insight into your private arena were fascinating for the fans. We all know Bill is following you around, so just throw him some fresh batteries and the video recorder. Let him tape a little bit. Send it to HQ, or upload it to YouTube. It would just be a small way of letting your fans connect with you.

Speaking of connecting, remember when you created an account over at last.fm?  Well, if you didn’t, your former label did.  Stop arguing with me and listen!!  The good news is your page over there is very popular!!  Good for you, Taylor!!  It would be GREAT if you (or Bill) could go and upload the tracks off the new CD to your artist account.  If one of us tries to do it for you, we get a nasty message about copyright infringement.  Not that anyone tried to help you out with that or anything.  *ahem*  So, get on that for us, ok?

We’ll see you soon.  Keep up the good work!!

*This message is strictly of an imaginary nature. No actual Soul Patrolers were harmed in the making of this message. 😉


77 Responses to “Hey T, a few more things…”

  1. Very good Idea. Bill needs something else to do besides holding the flashlight and passing out the markers. LOL.

  2. fairhope Says:

    Those were so neat! Good thinking IAG! You so smart girl!

  3. Oh, I know Fairhope!!! What a cool idea!!! Great blog, Grey!!

  4. Well, of course, chill’s been looking for that “rectum video”, so let’s give credit where credit is due for the idea. Just a friendly reminder. 🙂

    These videos were so fun to see back in the day!! That’s what we need to see at HQ.

  5. Well, since I don’t read that blog, I had no idea that Chill was looking for that video.

  6. casualfan Says:


  7. Badfantoo Says:

    I have to agree, he should make some more short videos. They’re very entertaining, unlike the forced audio blogs.

  8. Ah, memories. Great blog. Thanks for posting!

  9. Redrosespeedway Says:

    I totally agree about last.fm. I love that place and I’d love to be able to hear Tay’s the Distance tracks on it. Great idea about HQ too. 🙂

  10. spinshack Says:

    Well they certainly read you. 😉

  11. spinshack Says:

    Fun videos and when you’re right, you’re right.

  12. Those vids are spontaneous and cool. RRS, I’m a big fan of last.fm too; love it. Great idea for Mr. Hicks to update that site.

  13. Love, love the short vids into Taylor’s “personal” life….they were so much fun!!! I remember them well… This made my morning IAG…thanks…….and who knew Taylor had hemmeroids??? Is that TMI??
    Oh..and I just realized that if I type fast, I call you AIG….. not popular at the moment!

  14. Playford Says:

    Love the audio from the Roxy….thanks for including those. Amazing quality.

  15. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I was gonna ask where my bonus is!

  16. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Thanks for the video’s, never saw a couple of them. It would be nice for him to do more vid’s like these.


  17. Given the professional level quality of a few of those videos – notably “Hal The Camera” and “Pass The Bong” (o), one would assume a team of videographers, titlers and editors was available during their creation. Capturing pure, poignant and emotionally stark moments like these is a difficult task at best and well nigh impossible for a tightly run team of independent musicians. I would surmise that it took someone with a Mac and a copy of iMovie well over an hour to produce the kind of craftsmanship we’re viewing here.

  18. Badfantoo Says:

    Oh get over yourself almighty Grey. 🙂

  19. Those vids really should have been up for some type of indie award. What’s the world coming to??!? There’s no respect for True Craftsmanship these days. 😉

  20. Oh, I don’t think it’s that hard. I have full confidence in Bill’s abilities. I mean, an eight year old could do it these days. 😆

  21. blueberry Says:

    Yes, I agree, these video clips would go a long way to satisfy the masses and from here, they don’t seem too obtrusive. (I can’t remember the specifics, but one time I watched one that made me feel like a voyeur. These don’t.) I haven’t renewed at HQ -the audio blogs were just okay for me, and obviously not enough to renew.

  22. Ok, it might be important to know which one made you feel like a voyeur and why.


  23. I agree. It took a brilliant mind to come up with these. There were probably storyboards and endless lists of questions created, considered and approved. And then the editting afterward!

    I know nobody here is going to know what I’m talking about *cough* but one night shortly before graycharles shut down, a video was shared in chat that I don’t believe was ever posted anywhere. The TH band was rehearsing and suddenly a light bulb when off in Taylor’s brain and he put down his guitar and started to tag…oh, what was it? …something about tea in china, dammit…I can’t remember. I watched it over and over because that clever Gray made the vid un-saveable. I had to turn off my computer eventually and it was lost to me forever. *sigh*

    Sure wish we could see it and whatever else he may still have.

  24. Snowstorm Says:

    Those vids are from ages ago. I would not hold your breath on getting something like that from him. There’s no Grey Charles to prod him. 😉

  25. Hmmm…what prodding technique do you think was most effective?

  26. spinshack Says:

    I think it was that camera up his rectum; an obvious effective means of deriving information – notably any inside scoop. I could be wrong.

  27. jerseyirish Says:

    Don’t think it would too much for them to do, even to put on his myspace candid video’s would be a nice touch.


  28. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    I vaguely remember that!

  29. spinshack Says:

    Chill was going to send you smoke signals about those videos Grey, but instead chose to create this picture; had to link it here, it’s really cute. Chill says “HI”

  30. blueberry Says:

    I don’t know why I felt like a voyeur – I believe the clip I referenced was for TV Guide (perhaps part of an interview) and he was dressed in white and posing. This could have been quite some time ago, it seemed to me he was uncomfortable, quite different than the clips above, maybe that’s why it felt weird watching. Who knows.

  31. Oh yes..the TV guide interview where Taylor was all in white. I remember that.

  32. Which video would that be?

  33. spinshack Says:

    Likely all of them but the convo I just read had to do the most with the up the rectum commentary.

    Seems she’s inviting you to say hello perhaps.

  34. Chill was looking all weekend for the one with Tay’s rectum but Grey got the first scoop . Share and share alike. Good funny one up above , Spin, (inside scoop). See you ARE POPULAR Ms Sunny…. and ballsy too.

  35. Were you in chat that night? Or was it posted somewhere?

  36. “*This message is strictly of an imaginary nature. No actual Soul Patrolers were harmed in the making of this message. ”

    Oh I bet a few heads exploded. hahahah!!

  37. I’ve never heard the word ‘rectum’ so many times in my life! And I just had a colonoscopy.


  38. David Cook has a segment on his site called ” Pork & Beans”. They’re short videos, basically him and the band hanging out day to day. I think there’s one that highlights the drummer one day.

    I’m not one to sit and watch videos all day, but an occassional one would be nice.

  39. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I mean, I’m not asking for his songwriting secrets or anything. Just some little snippets. He started a youtube channel and all it has is this…


    Some random vids, but there is one tour webisode.

  40. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, That was the spot I was thinking about, just if they updated with random candid videos it would be nice and would give folks a sense of whats going on behind the scenes.


  41. hicksaholic Says:

    I just had a colonoscopy too on Taylor’s cd release date. Still not sure of the correlation.

  42. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Ack, I don’t remember. Perhaps it was posted- I just remember seeing something like what you described.

  43. Redrosespeedway Says:

    The camera people snuck up behind him while he was posing and he looked back like” WTH?”

  44. littlewing Says:

    a longtime co-worker told me a few shots of whiskey every week keeps his system cleaned out…tmi, but still, food for thought.

    I recall those vids with fondness for GC was still open then. I wasn’t in chat that night, was too busy trying to keep up with all the metablog comments before they went POOF.

  45. Don’t go there!

  46. Was it Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey? I can’t believe it’s not saved anywhere.

  47. I remember that one! It was like they wanted to watch him change and he was all shy…and WTF? He was so polite and shy back then.

  48. These are the videos I ciited when Taylor did that great impression of Regis Philbin. Seemed like he was taking his cue from the David Cook Comedy show. Sorry, but DC wasn’t really funny in this one, in my opinion..Do like his attitude though.

  49. Sorry in advance for my ignance, but does GC post anywhere anymore? I saw him at the one and only TH concert I ever went to at the Beacon in NYC.

  50. Clearly a conversation stopper! Who gives a shite anyway? Would Love to see more behind the scenes videos. Listen up HICKS!!!

  51. There is so much talk about GC and his importance to Taylor and the fans. I’m glad I wasn’t reading the blogs back then and survived without him. Why should what one Man says about Taylor, his music or his fans have so much importance? Seems a bit nutty to me.

  52. Rosie, true that. I used to lurk then like I do on MJ’s now. GC’s site definitely seemed more erudite and ….stuff.. heh, heh…Not worth rehashing here though. Thanks.

  53. That’s it! Do you remember the vid? I can’t remember what they were playing, but Taylor was sitting down, playing guitar. Suddenly, he put it down, stood up and motioned to the band to keep playing. Then he picked up the mic and sang.

    I wonder if I’m thinking of a different video that Gray shared in chat? I don’t think ever saw it again.

  54. Like it or not, (and I did) there has never been much of a connection between Taylor and his fans since Gray Charles left. Don’t count on it starting back up. Those days are gone.

  55. spinshack Says:

    Like I say man, charcoal trumps gas any day. You know, when you’re really cooking out. 😉

  56. spinshack Says:

    He’s here and there momo. It’s complicated.

  57. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Well, GC wasn’t perfect, but his blog was a LOT of fun. 🙂

  58. spinshack Says:

    You just missed out Miss Rose. Gray was the bomb. Then he blew up. LOL

  59. spinshack Says:

    It’s all about the rectum today. Grey needs rewrite the post title. hahaha

  60. Yeah, but Charcoal burns out without enough oxygen if you really want to cook!;-0

  61. Pfft! If Charcoal is secretly GC, that there would be funny. Otherwise, I don’t even get what that means! Haha!

  62. Hahahahahhahahahhaha!!! Oh, no truer words, Spin!

  63. casualfan Says:

    You’re not missing anything Rosie. I never got into GC. I found him rude and an attention seeker. The allure there was the fact that Taylor, his friends and some of his family use to post there and that Taylor openly supported the blog. The posters there would preen their feathers over that fact. I think Taylor learned the hard way that he can’t do that in his fandom and that it’s best to admire his favorite sites from a distance.

  64. I don’t think you’d be wrong to assume there might be a bit more footage out there (you know, like in the next hour or so).

  65. And where would said footage appear? in the next hour or so?

  66. Not before I’m asleep. Depending on how the robot workers at Vimeo are behaving – an hour? Who knows?

  67. hmmm…it says your videos are all private.

    Does that mean if I actually stay up to see it, then I won’t be able to see it because it’s private?

    Damn..I need to go to bed. That didn’t make any sense.

  68. Virtual Speak Says:

    Too bad it’s private. 😦

  69. Virtual Speak Says:

    Cool vid! Thanks Charcoal! 🙂

  70. Redrosespeedway Says:

    Fantastic video! Thank you very much Charcoal! 😀

  71. Redrosespeedway Says:

    LOL! “I cheated in Fing Spanish”- HA HA AHA HAAA!

  72. Damn!!! That was sweet, dude!! Thanks, Gray.

  73. Playford Says:

    Awww, memories…..thanks for the peek.

  74. RedRoseSpeedway Says:

    Gray and Grey together and happy! LOL 🙂

  75. spinshack Says:

    Gray created a real presence for Taylor during AI, he was, with his site, instrumental in Mr. Hicks being as successful as he was that season.

    Hicks should have utilized his talents further, it would have benefited him in this long term “marathon” he’s running.

  76. spinshack Says:

    loved that one *giggles*

  77. Just wanted to add that Bill is Taylor’s paid personal assistant. All celebs have one. Bill does a lot to help Taylor and the fact they are friends from before AI adds to trust. B.W. is paid a salary by Taylor and it seems he earns it and does far more than any of us knows about. Just the vid of him on the phone, handling details, gives food for thought. Those details will get you every time. Life is detail and careers in entertainment require a trustworthy detail, in your face person. It is sad that a few fans even give B.W. a hard time and only a fan of an AI contestant would go so far as to try to latch on to a celebs assistant.

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